• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 131 Translation

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    Hurrem wakes up and goes towards her terrace and there she looks down to burning and destruction. She falls down...Of course it is just a dream and she wakes up in distress. She really goes to the terrace and finds that all is calm and normal in the world and she is somewhat relieved. Then it look as if she has some pain in her neck. She returns to her room  and looks at her shoulder in the mirror.

    In the morning Sumbul is with Hurrem and he says that they should not trust in such a bad dream and that since the time of Cihangir's death she has not slept peacefully he asks her to tell him about the dream, but she says that she is afraid even to mention it, as she does not know whether it is a nightmare or a sign of things to come. Then she prays for God to protect Suleyman and her children.

    Meanwhile, the  box containing the head arrives and Lala asks what is going on and who has sent the box. The agha says that they do not know what is in it, but that it has come for Shehzade Selim. Lala asks to look inside and is disgusted.

    Nurbanu is with Selim and asks if there is any news. Selim says there is not, but that he has sent his most trusted men to Kutahya and that there won't be any problems hopefully. There is a knock and the aghas bring the chest inside and the Agha tells Selim that it has arrived for him. They think it is the chest full of gold. Nurbanu" What smells like that?!" When they see the head they are disgusted Nur: ""Whose head is this?" Selim: "The agha I sent to get the gold." Selim grabs the letter and angrily unrolls it. Nur: "Who has written?" Selim: "Beyazid!" Nur:"What has he written?!" She reads Beyazid's letter: "A brother would not do this to his brother. He would not do things behind his back. He wouldn't set his eyes on his property. He would not dress up as a bandit and cause problems. If I call you a brother what do I call Mustafa or Cihangir? You have broken the ties of brotherhood. From now on you are not my brother anymore. An eye for an eye. Blood for blood."
    Meanwhile Beyazid is seated and speaking with Atmaca: "Since our childhood, Selim and I have always butted heads (not gotten along) we have always exchanged bad words to each other and have been jealous of each other. But we never, ever forgot that we were brothers." Atmaca: "Shehzadem, Sh. Selim had also worked behind your back with the matter of the imposter Mustafa. I did not want to say it, but he threw away your brotherhood a long time ago." Bey: "But there were other factors Atmaca, there was Kara Ahmet, who showed him the wrong way. I said at that time my brother had been played and he wouldn't do it again. But this time it is different. This time he personally set a trap for me." Atmaca: "What will happen from now on then?" Bey: 'We will have to wait it is up to Selim. I hope Selim learns a lesson from this. Otherwise he will have to pay for it in the heaviest way. My actual concern is how Selim knew about the gold that Mihrimah sent me. I trust everyone in the palace. But at the capitol, there is always someone who cannot control their tongues."
    Then Beyazid's little daughter arrives and he greets her. Defne arrives "My Shehzade, she wanted to see you and I could not prevent her no matter what."
    Nurbanu says: "At the first oppurtunity he will attack." Selim: "You are the cause of all this. If you had not sent that cariye to Kutahya, today none of this would have happened. You poisoned my thoughts. You fanned the fire of my fears." Nur: "You should be afraid so that you can take precautions, what did you expect? That Beyazid will hand over the throne to you with his own hands. This is a war my Shehzade and it's laws are clear. Only one of you will stay alive. When Caesar was marching to Rome, he said that the "die have been rolled" For us it is the same. Just the other day Kara Ahmet was executed, and today one of your guards. Before it is your turn we must act. You can put an end to your fears. The cariye in Kutahya awaits our orders, with one word, Beyazid will be finished and your era will begin.Just one word from you." Selim: "What does this mean?" Nur: "Nobody can stop Beyazid from now on. He will do whatever is in his power to take your life. With one word from you, we can win the war before it begins. Before Beyazid takes your life, you take his." Selim: "Nurbanu! Have you lost your mind! How dare you suggest this to me! Get out! Return to your room! GET OUT!"
    Sumbul is walking with Hurrem and tells her that she should feel a bit better now since Mihrimah is a little better now as could be seen. They notice the fortune teller downstairs and Hurrem asks what business she has here and Sumbul says he has no idea.
    Nurbanu enters her room and Canfeda asks what that chest was and that everyone in the palace is in uproar saying that there was a head inside. Canfeda asks what it means and Nurbanu replies that Beyazid sent it and that it means in one opportunity  Beyazid will take Selim's life and that she tried to tell him but Selim doesn't want to hear about it. Canfeda says that they must find a way to make him see it. Nurbanu says she is right, and that since his eyes are closed to the truth, she must open them.

    Hurrem asks the fortune teller who is now in Hurrem's room what she wants. Creepy lady: "You called me Sultanim. You called me to find a meaning to your nightmare. Do not forget that dreams are a mirror, sometimes they show you what is inside and sometimes it shows the future." Hurrem: "How do you know all this?" Creepy: "I feel what is in the hearts, Sultanim, now tell me everything that you saw." Hurrem: "I heard a disturbing noise initially. I went to the terrace and looked. Istanbul, the palace, the world, it was burned and ruining. There were dark clouds in the sky. Is something going to happen to my Shehzades or our Hunkar? Is that what all this means?" Creepy: "Doomsday Sultanim..." Hurrem: "Only God knows when that is and about it." Creepy: "Each person's own death is their own doomsday. If something happens to you, doomsday will come, and Sultan Suleyman Han will be buried into darkness and then your Shehzades shields will come out. You rule the world, if you fall, the whole world will fall." Sumbul asks the woman if she has come to make Hurrem upset and tells the aghas to send her away and never let her in the palace again. Hurrem is uneasy by these words.
    Rustem tells Mihrimah that Pedro has prepared the ointment and that he does not think it will be effective, but that he looks more like a conjuror than a doctor. Mihrimah says that it is as if the female doctors were able to find a cure and she did not like it! "I do not care who it is, Pedro or someone else, as long as their medicine works! Call him (she says to the cariyes)" Rustem calls him himself. Pedro arrives blindfolded and Mihrimah asks why he is in this condition and Pedro explains that Rustem has ordered it and Rustem says "It is more proper this way." Then he tells the woman to prepare the ointment as Pedro kneels down. Rustem stops him and Pedro asks how else he can do it unless he uses his hand? But Rustem tells him he must find another way. So Pedro finds a paintbrush!  And when his hand starts moving down cause he can't keep his eyes off her face, Rustem tells him to move up.

    In private, Rustem asks if Pedro is sure if the wounds are not a sign of another illness. Pedro replies that Mihrimah's illness has rapidly spread because of the wrong diagnosis and time lost due to that, because of the other doctors and that with his ointment she will recover. Rusty says that the doctors that Pedro refers to have as many years of experience as he (Peddy) has had living! Peddy says that years do not give experience and that experience can only be gained by reading and experimenting, otherwise even the donkeys who pulled the grinders would be more experienced than the doctors. Rusty replies that Peddy should pray that his ointment works otherwise he will be thrown into the dungeons on the charges of being a charlatan. Then, Hurrem arrives and she asks how Mihrimah is and Rustem says that the medicine has been administered and they shall see. Hurrem says hopefully she will recover soon. Peddy says he will do the best he can and she should not worry.
    Hurrem asks Rustem if there is any news from Suleyman. Rustem responds that he is resting in Edirne. But from what he has heard, he has called the Jewish woman there. Hurrem asks who the woman is and why she would come. Rustem responds that she is Gracia Mendez, and that she is a merchant who was being held hostage in Venice. "She is strong woman who is a trusted friends of kings and our Hunkar invited her."
    Meanwhile, Gracia's maid named Sara says "I have never seen you like this Signora, even kings have never made you this excited." Gracia: "Sultan Suleyman is not a king, Sara. He is a King of Kings!"
    Hurrem visits Mihrimah and asks how she is. Mihrimah says hopefully Pedro's ointment will work and then she asks how her mother is. "After the last incident, why did you leave the palace, I would have come to you." Hurrem: "Do not be afraid my daughter, the person who had arranged that was Fatma Sultan and she is gone and after that no person can do anything to me. All my worries are for you all."
    In Edirne, Sokollu informs Suleyman that Gracia has arrived and is waiting to be accepted in his presence. Suleyman motions for her to be accepted. She enters and says "Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri, and then kisses his robe, "You do not know how happy I am to be able to meet you." He corrects one word she says wrong. "I have eaten at the same table with kings from all over Europe. But I was never this much in excited suspense in my whole life. Forgive me, emperor of of emporors!" Suleyman: 'How did your trip go. Sea trips are always difficult." Gracia: "Due to you all my difficulties have flown away. With a single word of yours you saved me from the dungeons. You saved me. I am indebted to you." Suleyman: "I didn't feel right having such a valuable merchant such as yourself in prison."
    Hurrem looks at her clothes and asks Sumbul where her blue and red dresses are. Sumbul says he does not know, as she knows she hasn't worn anything except the darker dresses for years now. Sumbul asks her what the preparation is all for. Hurrem says that Mihrimah is getting better and that Selim and Beyazid are hopefully well also, and that Sumbul should write to Lokman and Fahriye to send letters every week and she tells Sumbul to prepare because they will be going to Edirne "I must go be with our Hunkar. No one should get in between us. It never has. Our love has been tested many times. We have always won and it will be the same this time as well. Sumbul says hopefully and "remember how fast he came that day (when the people were attacking her) to come rescue you? I swear he was so afraid of losing you ! I saw it in his eyes!"
    In Edirne, Gracia says to Suleyman: "It is very difficult to present a gift to you. All types of jewels and even the silver rivers of the new world would be as dull as a single olive next to all your wealth. Hunkarim." She presents a book to him. It is "The Divine Comedy" Suleyman says he has read it before years ago, but I have not touched it in a long time. The book came and found me, because clearly I should read it again from the beginning. Signora I heard you have two names. One name Beatricia, one Gracia, how should we call you?" Gracia: "I have for years have to hide my religion, and Beatricia is the name I had to use. It gives me pain. If you call me Gracia I will be very happy." Suleyman: "Everyone is free in my country to live their religion, Gracia Mendez, You should have no doubt about that." Gracia: "I hope I can always benefit from these rules (of your land)."
    Hurrem is dressed in her red gown and Sumbul tells her that her clothes look so nice on her and praises her, but then she winces in pain from her shoulder. Sumbul asks her what is wrong, and she says it is not important, that an ulcer has appeared probably from worry. He says he can call a doctor at once. But Hurrem says no, she wants to leave at once and be with the Sultan.
    In Manisa, Fahriye speaks to Lala about the chest with the head in it. She says "It is obvious Sh. Selim is at fault somehow, otherwise he would have already made a big deal out of it. He does not leave his room. Nurbanu is walking around all secret and hush hush doing things. Things are heating up, Lala." Lala: "I am aware of everything. The bad incidents are on the horizon and it would be blind to not see them." Fahriye: "What should we do, say something." Lala: 'Whatever we do would be pointless. Only Hurrem Sultan can get in between our Shehzades and stop them. Only she can stop them."
    Then we see Lala writing a letter: " Felicitous Hurrem Sultan Hazretleri, unfortunately I cannot give you good news. Even though I don't know the specifics of the situation, but I know it is serious. So much so that Sh. Selim's guard's head came. Our Shehzade's fight is going towards the point of no return. It is obvious I cannot handle this trouble on my own."
    The flashback is over and Fahriye says: 'You have done very good Lala Hazretleri" Lala: "If Hurrem Sultan does not intervene, this matter will go very wrong. God Willing today tomorrow this letter will reach her and she will help it before this reaches to the level of blood spilling."
    Gazanfer is with Nurbanu: "My mind is always with you, Sultanim. When I think about all the things happening, I lose my peace." Nur: "I had given him the idea. Beyazid is stronger than my Shehzade. I wanted him to confiscate the gold so that Beyazid could be in a difficult situation. But the winds did not blow in our favour. We wounded the sleeping lion, from now on in the first opportunity he will want to take our Shehzade's life. I am afraid Gazanfer. That head he sent enters my dreams. I see Selim's face. Murad and my daughters and their future. Allah please save us." Gaz: "From now on I am always with you." Nur: "If you weren't with me, I could not handle it anyway. There is a difficult war up ahead. Our Shehzade needs to know the danger that awaits him. We will remind him of his life being in danger." Gaz: 'What do you have in mind Sultanim?" Nur: 'You will fine me some poison."
    Beyazid meanwhile is in the hamam with Defne telling her that Defne really loves her a lot. Defne responds that she honours her, and that hopefully she is successful in deserving his love as well. He sits her down and says that he has lived through very difficult days and that Mustafa and Cihangir's grief has followed him like a shadow. Just as he was recovering from that, his children's mother died. He says "Then you came along and you made me smile. I thought a flower would never bloom again. My mother has done a very good thing by sending you." Defne: "For me to be a healing for your wounds makes me so happy."

    Mihrimah is with Rustem saying that her rashes look better don't they? Rustem says that " thankfully they are healing and that the head doctor said it would pass and that it was from the weather." Mihrimah: "What weather? Signor Pedro's ointment has worked on it and you know this very well too." Rustem: 'So in that case there is no need for him to return again." Mihrimah: "We cannot leave the treatment halfway. Signor Pedro will come, until I am recovered he will come." Rusty: "I will not allow it Mihrimah. Your wounds are healing what else do you want?"

    Hurrem is then seen in her carriage with Sumbul, reminiscing about Edirne, which she calls her exile palace. Sumbul says that she has been exiled so many times, but has always returned stronger, and he even forgets how many times it happened. Hurrem: "Do you know about the Zümrüdü Anka, Sumbul? We call it a Phoenix in the lands where I am from." Sumbul: "You are talking about the Simurg... Of course I know, its eyes are as bright as the stars, its colour is the colour of gold and emeralds... You are a Simurg, Sultanim... You keep getting burned and coming back alive from your ashes." Hurrem: "I died each time, and I was reborn each time stronger, and more bright... Perhaps my dream was alluding to this... I need to create a new life for myself, and regain the heart of Sultan Suleyman..."
    Beyazid then asks Atmaca what the situation is with the soup kitchen. Atmaca: "Everything is going well, the people are praying for you..." Two merchants are arguing about how much space each one should get in showing their products. Beyazid tells the older one to leave the other one be. The older one says that the younger one is selling random herbs, and he is possibly a magician. The younger one swears that the herbs have healthy properties, and that he has cures from Doctor Lokman, and from the far east, including China. The younger one says that if the older one had taken a memory enhancing herb from him, then they would not have problems. Beyazid says that if the younger merchant is not bothering anyone, then the older one has no right to block anyone's earnings. The older merchant tells them to bugger off, and Atmaca informs him that Beyazid is standing in front of him, and Beyazid says that they will both be selling at this location. The younger one thanks them and offers Atmaca an elixir that promises to give him the strength of 10 oxen. Atmaca says that they do not require anything like that. The younger one tells him that if he ever needs anything, that he should come looking for him by the Aynali Meyhane. 

    In the next scene, Hurrem asks how the Hunkar is doing, and Sokullu says that Edirne is treating him well, and that he is sure that he will be better once he sees her. Hurrem asks about Gracia, and if she is still there. We then see Gracia explaining to Suleyman that King Ferdinand's palace is filled with flowers everywhere, inside the palace, and she asked one of the servants there why, and was told that they did not have washrooms at the palace, and to prevent the smell from spreading, they had to place flowers everywhere, and when dignitaries come to the palace, they have to plug their noses. Hurrem then arrives and is welcomed by Suleyman, and Gracia introduces herself and says that she has become very pleased to meet the extraordinary woman whom all of Europe is discussing. Suleyman: "Why did you come without informing me? I hope nothing happened to Mihrimah..." Hurrem: "Thankfully she is doing better, Mehmet Pasha's doctor has started to treat her." Suleyman: "Excellent..." Hurrem: "I was wondering about your health and well-being, but I see that you are doing well... With your permission, I am going to rest, as you know, I came from a long journey." She then leaves and looks back at Suleyman. 

    We then see Nurbanu asking Selim for his forgiveness, as she is worried about his and their children's futures, and that she is doubting everyone, and is afraid of everything. She says that he has been drinking a lot lately, and Selim says: "This is the only way I can distance myself from the smell of death..." Nurbanu stops Selim from drinking his drink, and says that the cariye should drink it first, as she looks fishy. Selim: "What are you saying??" Nurbanu: "Drink this!" She takes a sip and is then sent away, but falls down to the ground, dead. We see a flashback of Nurbanu pouring a poison into the drink container, and says: "I hope this works and I hope he understands the grave nature of the situation.." Gazanfer: "Sultanim, what will happen to the cariye?" Nurbanu: "I need to do this... If I don't take a life, our lives will be taken!" Back to Nur and Selim, Nur says: "Oh Allah! What if you drank this??? Shehzade Beyazid is behind this! He wants to kill you!" Selim: "Enough! Be quiet!"

    PART 2

    Suleyman is in his room reading the Qur'an while his dinner is being laid out on the sofra. Ferhat asks the Sultan if he would like for Hurrem to be called. Suleyman replies "not right now" Ferhat: "Hunkarim, it will be good for you, it will give you healing. But you are refusing to take it."
    In her own room, Hurrem is sitting alone when Sumbul arrives, informing her that Signora Mendez wishes to meet with her. Hurrem allows it and the Signora enters. Hurrem: 'Come Signora" Gracia: "Sultanim, you have gifted the worlds to me by accepting me in your presence." Hurrem: "I heard that our Hunkar was involved in your situation (freeing you from prison)." Gracia: "Sultan Suleyman has helped me out a great deal. The good things they say about him are not enough, none of the kings that I know can be compared to him, in truth, being in front of you gives me as much excitement as it does for me to be in front of him ." Hurrem: "Really?" Gracia: "For years ruling the world, you are the one behind Sultan Suleyman. You know what they say, men rule the world, but women rule the men." Hurrem: "I had heard that you were an expert in your field of trade, but I was not aware that you are highly intellectual. Signora Mendes."
    Selim runs out of drink and calls for the aghas. He then recalls Beyazid's letter in which he says "You have broken the ties of brotherhood Selim, from now on you are no longer my brother. Eye for an eye, blood for blood." Nurbanu enters and tastes the drink. Then she seats herself next to him and tells the agha to go away. Selim says that will he be living like this from now on, waiting for death from every corner. Nurbanu replies that she is very afraid of losing him and her children. Selim says that he will protect her and his children. Nurbanu says that if she had not noticed that cariye then he would have been dead from the poison. Then she says "you see what Shehzade Beyazid will try - you still smell the stink of the head (from the box). Open your eyes Selim, like it is written in the letter - you two are no longer brothers. This world is too small for the both of you. If you want to win and stay alive, we must act." Selim: "I won't live with this fear...with the fear of death. Send word to Kutahya. That cariye should do whatever is needed to be done to Beyazid." Nur: 'You are doing the right thing Selim, they haven't left us any other way."
    Defne meanwhile speaks to Beyazid: "I saw the latest china plates you made...they are so lively and beautiful." Bey: "You are saying that I have made great strides? But if I work a little harder it will be nicer?" Defne: "No...no that is not what I meant to say. I am just saying whatever is in my heart." Bey: "Where did you come from suddenly?" Defne: "I am actually from Venice. My name, Louisa. Pirates attacked our ship. The rest is obvious. I was captured and sold as a slave and found myself here." Beyazid: 'My mother, Hurrem Sultan was also brought here as a slave. She had a favourite saying 'Sometimes the greatest calamities are felt after a big joy' - she has transformed her unlucky past into a fortunate one and everyone in the world is jealous of her power. What is making you sad?" Defne: "Nothing, what sadness. I am very happy with you." Bey: "Even if you are hiding it behind your smile I can see your sadness, tell me, what is it." Defne: "When our ship was attacked I had my sister with me, her name is Ana. The pirates took her away from me." Bey: "Did they kill her?" Defne nods, and Beyazid tries to comfort her. Bey: "I know the pain of losing a sibling very well. Nothing can fill the void left by it. Nothing. But there is another pain - when you lose your sibling while they are still alive."
    In Manisa, Selim awakens with a big headache and he recalls what he told Nurbanu while he was intoxicated. Selim says to himself "Oh Allah, what did I do?" He goes to Nurbanu's room and tells his son to go to his room. Then he moves forward and says "You didn't take the things I said last night seriously right? You did not send word to that cariye did you? Answer my question Nurbanu, you didn't send the word to her right?" Nur: "No I have not. But it is not the time to be regretful. You made the right choice. Give us  permission so we can do what is necessary." Selim: 'Never! Beyazid is my brother. No matter what, I will not order his death!"
    Gazanfer is out in the hall and Nurbanu meets him "Did you send the messenger to Kutahya?" Gaz: "I sent word a little while ago? Is there something wrong?" Nur: 'My Shehzade has changed his mind and he said we cannot kill him." Gaz: "Then we have to send word to stop the agha." Nur: "No need. Because I lied to him. For my children and him, I lied to him."
    Defne meanwhile is feelign like throwing up when the kalfa tells the other girls to hurry up and there is the Shehzade's rooms to clean then she notices Defne and asks what is going on and Defne responds that she feels nauseous. The kalfa asks if she is pregnant and Defne looks surprised and the Kalfa suggest they tell the doctor but Defne that there is no reason to, because there is no possibility of pregnancy.

    Mihrimah meanwhile is looking at her marks and then she says "Look at my condition! I could not get rid of this illness, just when it was getting better, it started up again." Cariye: "Pedro's medicine had actually helped." Mihrimah: "It did, the places that he put it on healed,  but then more marks flared up in another spots. Call Signor Pedro again." Cariye: "Is it not needed to send word to Rustem Pasha first?" Mih: 'Do whatever I tell you to do." The cariye leaves to do as she is told.

    In Edirne, Suleyman is reading the book he was gifted when Hurrem enters the scene. She approaches cautiously from afar and Suleyman nods his approval for her to approach closer. She goes and greets him and he motions for her to sit. Hurrem: 'I came here to leave everything behind Suleyman." Suleyman: "Big pains have come between us Hurrem.  Cliffs, wounds" Hurrem: "Every darkness carries within it the seeds of light that will brighten it up. Is that not what Dante says?" Sully smiles. Hurrem: "The reason of my life, my life, my heaven, my drink of kauthar, my spring, my joy, the reason of my days, my light, my love who has become imprinted onto my heart, my smiling rose...do you remember? You wrote these." Suleyman: "Many years ago." Hurrem: "Whether it be thirty years ago or today, it is love that causes a person to write poems like this Suleyman, does it ever get old? Even if a heart stops, love will continue on with the poem. Forever. Let years pass, even if pains come in between us, as long as love stays enduring then who can separate us?" An agha arrives informing Suleyman that Gracia has come and Suleyman allows it.
    She greets them and she says "I see my gift in your hands, how lovely" Gracia: "Am I disturbing? Please forgive me." Sully: "I invited you Signora, welcome."
    The cariye gives Pedro the blindfold, and he wears it and she lets him enter and guides him in. Mihrimah calls out "Signor Pedro, come closer. Open your eyes." Pedro: "How is it possible...Rustem Pasha." Mih: "He is not here, if I follow his way then I will die from illness. Take off the meaningless blindfold." Pedro takes it off and of course stares. Then he bows before her Mihrimah says that the wounds on her chest and neck have passed but it is now on her wrists. He says "So it means the ointment has been of benefit. If you rub it on the other spots it will work." Mih: "Will this illness ever end? Will it keep transferring from one part of my body to another?" Peddy: 'It will pass...it might be something you ate that has affected you, or some drink you took, or some smell that you put on, or an oil. She says the other doctors said the same thing but she couldn't figure out what. Peddy says that he will make another big batch of ointment and that unfortunately he does know any other way. Mihrimah tells him to start. He starts using the paintbrush to put on the medicine.
    Meanwhile, Gracia, tells Suleyman: "I am getting news that King Charles V's situation is getting worse. If we take what they say, his intention is to leave his throne to Ferdinand and his some Philip." Sully: 'I am aware of this. He controls a large portion of the Christian lands. It has surprised me to hear that he is planning to leave his throne in this manner." Gracia: "It must be difficult to manage a large nation, not everyone is as powerful as you, additionally, he (Charles V) is sick. He has gout. His hands and feet have swollen and they say he cannot sit comfortably, or get on a horse." Sully: "After Charles, clearly Europe's fate is going to change." Gracia: "Yes, if it continues like this, then the Hapsburg empire's territory will be divided. The religious movement that Luther has started has changed everything. Your power will gain more importance in Christian lands." Hurrem: "Signora Mendez it seems you have a great interest in politics." Gracia: 'This is the first rule of this men's world Sultanim. Starting with politics one must be aware of every matter." Hurrem: "If we women are going to talk about politics like men and sit in the same way, then there is not much meaning to that. We also speak of politics with our Hunkar, but we never do it at the table (dinner or snack)." Gracia: 'Forgive me then. Have you made a decision about me Sultanim? My only wish is to be under the protection of a great emperor like you."
    Zal is telling Rustem that Lala Mustafa has written a letter to Hurrem Sultan and things could be going wrong in Manisa. Rustem: "Letter? Why am I just hearing about this now?" Zal: "You were busy with Mihrimah Sultan's condition. I ordered the letter to be sent at once to Edirne." Rusty: "How is Mihrimah Sultan?" Agha: "She is inside being examined by Signor Pedro."
    Suleyman meanwhile tells Gracia: "As long as you conform to our laws, you can stay as long as you want in the Capitol and do trade. Additionally you will be given a place to stay at Galata, and hopefully this will be for the best." Gracia: "I am so grateful, I am at your service with all my wealth and property." Sumbul arrives and nods to Hurrem who takes her leave and reads the letter. Sumbul asks what is going on. Hurrem says "My Shehzades are about to attack each other. I must do something."
    Meanwhile, Rusty enters and sees Peddy where he shouldn't be. Rusty: "What business do you have here? Did I not warn you to inform me before coming?" Mihrimah: "Pasha Hazretleri." Peddy: "Mihrimah Sultan had called me urgently, there was no time to inform you." Mihrimah: 'Yes he speaks the truth, when these wounds came on my arms, I did not know what to do." Rusty: "Why aren't your eyes blindfolded?" Mih: "I ordered it. These are wounds Rustem. If he can't see them how can he heal them? Signor Pedro, I thank you, you may leave now." When Peddy and the cariye have left, Rustem turns to his wife. Mih: "When the matter is about my health, you are getting jealous for no reason. If my mother and our Hunkar were here, they would give you the answer you deserve."
    Suleyman is with Sokollu and Ferhat. " Signora Mendez has also said that Charles V's health is not good. It means what we have heard is correct. I want you to look into this matter, get in touch with our spies in the Christian lands and they should let us know of any updates." Sokollu: "As you order Hunkarim." Hurrem arrives and Sokollu takes his leave. Hurrem: 'I got news from Manisa, my grandchild Murad is not well, and according to the reports it is serious. If I do not go see to it myself, I will not be rest assured. Anyway, there is no meaning for me to be here. It is obvious me being here is not enough to melt the ice between us." Sully: 'There is no problem in you going to Manisa, as you know what we have lived through."
    In Kutahya, Defne asks an agha if there is any news from Manisa. The agha tells her Nurbanu has sent him and hands him poison. She asks what that is and he says she understands what it is, she will put it in the Shehzade's food. She says she cannot, and that she only agreed to send news to them, not do something like this. The agha tells her that she will listen and she will finish the matter tonight and that Nurbanu has given her word that if she is successful, Nurbanu will send her and her sister to their land and if she does not, her sister will drink the same poison. The agha says that after the night prayer he will come get her and to be careful.
    Defne takes the poison and recalls her words telling Nurbanu that she will do whatever she wants as long as her sister is not harmed. Defne passes Atmaca in the hallway and then tells the Kalfa that she will personally prepare Beyazid's dinner table at night and Kalfa asks why and Defne says that she has very good news to make Beyazid happy and that she wants to give him the good news. Kalfa asks if she is pregnant and Defne nods and Kalfa says basically that she told her so and congratulates her telling her that once she cuddles her child in her arms she will be better off.

    Mihrimah finds the marks have worsened and calls the cariye to call  Pedro and the cariye says that is it appropriate to call him at this time and what will Rustem say and Mihrimah tells her to do as she says. Pedro arrives and Mihrimah allows him to enter, he rushes in and they greet each other and the cariye goes to stay behind the door. Mihrimah tells him to get closer and he says he must start the routine of ointment newly again. She tells him to do it the proper way without the brush. So he does it with his hands. She tells him to sit next to her. Obviously it is a dream, and she wakes up and Rustem asks if she alright, and that she must have seen a bad dream. Well guys,at least she moved closer to Rustem, she felt bad for her dream :)
    Defne recalls the agahs words, she is crying. She goes towards Beyazid's room and looks around and then continues until she enters his room and places the plate on the table. Then she recalls Nurbanu's threats and then the aghas words again that her sister will be made to have the same poison if she does not do as she is told. Beyazid meanwhile is about to enter, talking to Lokman and asks him if he has heard anything from his mother because he has not heard anything from her for a long time. Lokman responds that she must be doing well, and that she'll write soon but she is definitely receiving letters (from Bey). Defne eyes the plate. Beyazid enters the room and she is about to run away and he says "where are you going, we will eat together." Defne: 'With your permission I am going to check on Ayshe Sultan and then I will return. Beyazid says his daughter is well and her duty is to make him happy.
    Yessif Nessih meanwhile is with Selim and tells him "Through your efforts, Gracia has been saved from captivity, my Shehzade. You did us a huge favour. From this point onwards, we will both be your most loyal servants in your path to the throne." Selim: "God Willing." Nessih: "Your beloved Cyprus wine...it just arrived at the Izmir port." Selim: "I don't want it, the last time I drank it, I lost my mind." Nessih tries to influence him to drink saying wine brings out a man's true desires and Selim agrees to drink.
    Beyazid meanwhile is taking bite after bite of the pilaf and says "I ordered new colours for the China. They should arrive soon. Maybe you can help me this time too. I will see your skills too." Defne: 'As you wish." Bey: "My brother Cihangir taught me the secrets of how to do China-work. My dear brother he could do many beautiful things. May Allah give him heaven." Defne is crying and Beyazid says "When I spoke of Cihangir you remembered your sister right?" Defne nods. He says "Let me go." Bey: "Not before you get happy." He says: 'It is very tasty" after he takes a big bite of meat. Defne cries.

    Atmaca meanwhile is with Hassan and says "Whatever happens, either one of us should always be beside our Shehzade." Hussain: "You are right." They see an agha waiting around and Atmaca asks who the man is and Hussain replies he does not know, but it doesn't look good. Hussain runs after the man and Atmaca runs to go to Beyazid.
    Beyazid does not feel well and he says "You haven't touched any of your food yet." He lifts his cup and then he asks Defne what is happening. She stands up and she says "Forgive me, I didn't want it to be this way." Atmaca rushes in and Defne runs out and he shouts for the aghas to catch her. Then he calls for a doctor. Lokman orders the aghas to throw her in the jail.
    Atmaca tells Beyazid to hold on and Atmaca prays for God to save him and tells Lokman that he should help, that Beyazid must throw up and throw out the poison from his body. The doctor comes asking when he got poisoned how long, and Atmaca says not long and she needs to find a way. The head doctor comes and asks what he has poisoned with. Atmaca thinks quickly and asks where Defne is. Lokman replies in the dungeon. Atmaca asks Hussain if he caught the man who was loitering and then Hussain said he lost his trail and asks what has happened. Atmaca tells him Beyazid has been poisoned and that he should stay and he runs down to the dungeons.

    Atmaca asks Defne what she poisoned Beyazid with. Defne: "I am going to tell you." She shows him the poison. Atmaca: "This prison is going to be your grave."
    Lokman tells Beyazid to keep holding on and tells the doctors that he is not throwing up. Atmaca shows the poison and the doctor checks it out and says it is "dark frog poison"  and Atmaca asks what the antidote is. Lokman: (this is as close as Husband could translate, this is nearly impossible to translate there is simply no English equivalent) "Sealed soil (a soil that comes from Limni that was used during Ottoman times to combat many illnesses). We always had some in Topkapi Palace." Doc: "We don't keep that here." Woman doctor: "It comes from Limni, and it is prepared specifically for our Hunkar in his palace, but if you were to try to go there and come back our Shehzade would not survive."
    We see a seen where Selim says Beyazid and says "we are brothers, do not forget that" and hugs him and then stabs him in the back (this is metaphorical). Beyazid: "My brother?" Beyazid wakes and throws up. Bey: 'Selim? My brother." Everyone praises God. The doctor wonders where Atmaca found the Soil from Limni and Atmaca smiles. Atmaca went to the bazaar and asked the merchant from the bazaar earlier if he had any of the soil and the merchant says no, but then he says "wait do you mean the cure for all illnesses?" Atmaca smiles...
    Lokman thanks Atmaca...Beyazid says "Selim?"

    PART 3

    Hurrem wakes up in the carriage and Sumbul asks "Sultanim are you alright? Did you see a nightmare again? You didn't sleep this night, you should have at least tried to rest (before setting out)." Hurrem: "No, it was not possible, it is necessary for me to go to Manisa at once." She complains about her shoulder and Sumbul asks if it is troubling her and is stiff. Hurrem replies no, that she has something on her shoulder and hopefully it won't last long. Sumbul says there is the woman doctor with them she should look at it. Hurrem says she does not want to, she must first get to Manisa. Sumbul is worried.

    In Kutahya the doctor says thankfully Beyazid is out of danger, but he must rest for a while. Defne is in the dungeon. Atmaca enters: "Who sent you here? Who ordered you to poison Sh. Beyazid?" He slaps her and takes his dagger out. She says "Nurbanu Sultan." Atmaca asks if Selim is in on it, and Defne nods. Atmaca is about to kill her, but she says "Wait, wait I am pregnant, I have the Shehzade's child in me, wait!" Atmaca recalls his own child and wife, and then Mihrunissa when he was going to kill her and she had told him she was pregnant. Atmaca tells an agha to take Defne to a room and to have her examined by one of the female doctors.
    In Manisa, Gazanfer is ordering some cariyes around when Fahriye shows up "Gazanfer agha, so you've taken to your duties as soon as you recovered." Gaz: "Yes, as you know our Sultana is sorrounded by hyenas...but from now on I will always be with our Sultana. Whoever dares to attempt on her life, will find me in front of them." Fahriye: 'Are you threatening me agha?" Nurbanu arrives "what is going on here?" Fahriye: "Gazanfer has forgotten who stands beside him...shameless." Nur: "The real one who doesn't know her limits is you, Fahriye. Gazanfer agha is my head agha. From now on disrespect towards him I will know it as disrespect towards me. Now return to your duties! And you (to gazanfer) come with me."
    Mihrimah looks much better and Rustem approaches "Thank God the bad days are behind us." Mih: "Signor Pedro's miracle ointment" Rusty: "From now on I do not want to see that man here" Mih: "Is there any word from my mother Rustem?" Rusty: "She decided to go straight to Manisa from Edirne. It is obvious something has happened that she needs to scold Sh. Selim about. " Mih: 'What could it be? Why didn't you find out about the matter?" Rusty: 'Don't get worked up right away, it is not important, perhaps it is exagerated." She looks over at a vial on her dressing table.
    Nurbanu is with Gazanfer. "Is there no news from Defne still?" Gaz tells her that he trusts Defne fully and that hopefully the news will come of Beyazid's passing and they will then be relieved. Nurbanu asks what if Defne is not sucessful and tells on them and she says "no one in that can save Selim from Beyazid and I would have put my own Shehzade in the fire with my own hands in that case!' Gaz: "You keep your heart rest-assured and hoepfully we will be victorious. What will happen to Defne hatun's daugher Ana?" Nur: "I do not know about that."
    Atmaca returns to Beyazid who is awake. "Thank God, after days you have finally come to." Beyazid: "Who was behind it, did you learn anything?" Atmaca: "Unfortunately, Sh. Selim. Your gozde Defne hatun relayed everything. They sent the agha and the order came from Nurbanu Sultan. Shehzade Selim knew about what was going on." Bey: "Was the woman executed." Atmaca shakes his head: 'The woman is pregnant." Bey: "Is it true?" At: "We sent her to the doctor and unfortunately, from the woman who was sent to kill you, you will have a child."
    Mihrimah is walking through the gardens and she is daydreaming about when Pedro saw her. Her cariye tells her not to stay in the sun too much as it might have been because of the sun that she got ill.
    Pedro meanwhile is daydreaming about Mihrimah. Beyazid visits Bey: "On the day you give birth to my child, afterward you will be executed." Defne: "My neck is lowered Shehzadem. Whatever my punishment I am willing." Bey: 'Why did you do this, why?" Defne: "I was forced for my sister." Bey: 'What sibling, you told me she was dead." Defne: "My sister and I were both sold to the Palace at Manisa. Nurbanu Sultan used my love for her. She is still small..she is too young." Bey: "If this is a lie hatun..." Defne: 'i do not have anything else left to lose." Bey: "Speak." Defne: "Nurbanu Sultan said if I did not give you that poison, she would kill my sister." Bey: "If that was the case, why didn't you just speak of it, or ask for help this whole time?" Defne: 'While my sister was under a knife hanging over her head, I could not take that chance." Bey: "And where did you get that you could trust Nurbanu? She and Shehzade Selim are two sneaky snakes!" Defne: "You know sibling love very much shehzadem, if you had even the farthest hope/possibility to save their lives, what would you have done?"
    Mihrimah is being bathed in the hamam and her cariye comments on how she has been restored to her former beauty (before the marks) and prays for her and Mihrimah says that yes, thankfully everything has passed and then tells her cariye she can leave. Once she is gone, Mihrimah takes a vial and puts it all over her body.
    Beyazid is still in some pain as he walks with Atmaca and then he stops and says "my brother has come to the point where he will use an innocent child's life to threaten a woman. Shame on him." At: "In truth it is a very serious situation." Bey: "Get prepared Atmaca, get the soldiers ready, my patience is done, we are going to take Selim to account for this." At: "Don't shehzade, this can't be right..." Bey: "My silence made him think I was weak. Without objecting do as I say."
    Atmaca follows Beyazid to his room and then says "of course I will carry out your orders, but first you must regain your strength. Afterwards we can act." Lokman: "Act? What action are you talking about Atmaca, what is going on. Get some paper and ink ready Lokman, start writing. Hunkarim, the son who is the jewel of your crown on your head, the one who you see fit on your throne, Shehzade Selim the low one, " Lokman: 'but Shehzade forgive me -" Bey: "Don't ask questions just write man! - sent a spy into my palace, tried to have me killed...tried to hit me in the back. But he was no successful. Know that in the face of this situation, I will not keep quiet and sit and to even ask for your help, for this treacherous backstabbing, I will give the best answer. I wanted you to hear the news from me."
    In Edirne, Sokollu tells Suleyman that he has investigated the matter as per his orders and that the news is true, and Charles V has left the throne to Ferdinand and is about to join a monastery. His son will be taking control of Spain, Belgium, Sicily and Milano and Ferdiand will be taking control of Austria, Germany and Bohemia." Suleyman: 'How many years has he been ruling?" Sok: "It has been about forty years. He ascended to the Spanish throne before your ascension." Suleyman: "You may leave Sokollu."
    Sokollu leaves and Ferhat pours Suleyman some water. "Hunkarim, for so long now you are troubled. If you smile your heart does not. It is not hard to see I can see it. Look, how time passes, eras pass and eras begin. Each and every single breath we take is precious.  And it's amount is written in the Divine Tablet. There is no way to circumvent it. Hunkarim, your cure is Hurrem Sultan. By staying away from her, you are not hurting her but you are hurting yourself. Has not the time come to end this pain?"
    Hurrem continues on her way and the carriage stops and Sumbul takes Hurrem out for a breather, she does not feel well. She says she cannot bear it and Sumbul says that they should call the doctor.
    Gazanfer enters Selim's room and says: 'Shehzade, how do I say it, Shehzadem, news has just arrived. Shehzade Beyazid is getting close to the Palace with five thousand soldiers." Selim: "How is this possible?"
    Beyazid rides forward with his men and has come upon Manisa palace. Atmaca says: 'There is no return from this way Shehzadem." Bey: "Whatever happens happens Atmaca, I have taken everything into account." They move forward and Selim can see Beyazid and his men approaching from the horizon. And behind them the thousands of soldiers...
    Hurrem and her entourage have camped to let the doctor examine Hurrem. She asks Hurrem when the boil or mark had manifested. Hurrem says she does not know, but at the most, since one month. The doctor asks if she has any other complaints, but Hurrem replies that other than the pain, there is no other complaint.The doctor has a serious face and when Hurrem asks her to say something the doctor says it would not be right for her to say anything right now "if your pains increase, we'll cauterize it.Hurrem says alright, and the doctor looks troubled. Sumbul later huddles with her and asks what is wrong with Hurrem and tells her to speak! The doctor says: 'Our Sultana's condition is terrible. She has caught an illness with no cure. It is such an illness that i have neither heard nor seen anyone recover from it. Our Sultana's time is little Sumbul agha. God forbid, her death is near."
    Hurrem looks on from her tent...

    THE END.

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