• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 132 Translation

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    Beyazid approaches Manisa Palace with his men alongside him and his soldiers behind.

    Selim and Nurbanu. Selim: 'Has he lost his mind? How dare he come here?! Nurbanu there is nothing you are hiding from me right?" Nur: "No, what could it be (that I could possibly hide)?" Selim: "Or is it because of that spy hatun, did he find out about that?" Nur: "I am not sure, but he could have made this an excuse. I told you he wants to take your life. We must do something right away. Let's leave from here, and go right away." Selim: 'Return to your room and be with my children." Nur: "For God's sake Selim, while there is still time let us run away from here! Let us go please! We will seek protection from our Hunkar!" Selim: "Nurbanu do as I say!"

    Beyazid is approaching.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is in her carriage resting and Sumbul watches her with worry. The carriage stops. Hurrem: "What happened Sumbul, why did we stop?" Sumbul wipes his tears: "I swear I don't know Sultanim, we will find out at once now." He steps out and sees that one of the guards has just come back and he asks them what is going on. Hurrem watches curiously. When he returns he says: "The messenger we sent returned. Shehzade Beyazid has gathered soldiers and is marching on Shehzade Selim. if what he says is true, he has gone straight to Manisa and is closing upon it."

    Beyazid has come upon the palace. His men have formed lines and he rides through with Atmaca and Hussain. We see some guards in front of the walls. Beyazid dismounts and walks forward.

    Selim is being dressed in his armour. Gaz: "We will leave through the back gates. There is a home in the forest, we can hide there until this is over and - " Selim: "What are you saying Gazanfer! I am not about to run and hide like a woman!" Gaz: "Never, Shehzadem -" Selim stops him. Just then Lala arrives. Selim: "Finally you came Lala." Lala: "I just found out now, what did you do that has angered Shehzade Beyazid so much?!" Selim: "I am not about to give account to you Lala!" Lala: "I would not dare my Shehzade, I wanted to try to figure out the true reason behind the matter. Otherwise how can I help you?" Selim: "You want to help me? in that case you will go out in front of Beyazid. You go and stop him. I will try my best to speak to him, but a Shehzade who has already worn his sword and come to our gates do you think that he will listen to me?" Selim: "Lala, did he not send you here? You are still his trusted man! If something happens to me, Sultan Suleyman will first take you to account for it!"

    Hussain Cavush announces Beyazid and he goes forward and a guard comes to meet him. Beyazid: "My intention is not to hurt any innocent people. I will send word to Shehzade Selim and he will come here. Atmaca: Go and tell Sh. Selim. If he has any courage, he will come and face me. Otherwise I will come to him!" Atmaca goes. Lokman approaches Beyazid and says: "Shehzadem, it is not too late, I beg of you, let us go away from here..." Beyazid gives a look and silences him.

    Selim waits in his room with his sword. Meanwhile Atmaca tells Lala that Beyazid has ordered that he wishes to see Selim and that he is waiting outside. Lala "What have you done, Tugrul Bey? Why did you not prevent him from coming here? Do you not know that at the end of this business everyone loses?" Atmaca: "Most of the blame is on Shehzade Selim. If he had not attempted on Shehzade Beyazid's life, none of this would happen." Lala: 'Is that true?" At: "He sent a spy to the palace and they poisoned our Shehzade. If I hadn't reached on time  we would not have been able to save him. And the woman admitted later, she said that Shehzade Selim and Nurbanu sent her. And when Sh. Beyazid heard this, we could not stop him." Lala: "We must convince him! Otherwise blood will spill Tugrul Bey! Blood!"

    Beyazid meanwhile asks Hussain: "Why is there no news yet?!" Hussain: "Maybe something happened to Atmaca?" Just then the gates open and Lala and Atmaca come. Lala: "Shehzade Hazleteri. I heard all what has happened. Shehzade Selim has done a great mistake. But, what you are doing now is not right either. While you are in the right, do not do something wrong, you must go back at once." Bey: "There is no return Lala. Today everything will be taken to account, and this account will be closed! If the flood gates open, let them, I am not afraid of anyone anymore."

    Just then the gates open and Selim goes out. Nurbanu looks out and Murad comes and says: "Father! Mother what is going on. Why did my uncle Beyazid come here? Is he really going to kill my father?" Nurbanu: "God forbid!"

    Selim and Beyazid look at each other and then move forward. Beyazid: 'Shehzade Selim. You weren't expecting me right?" Selim: "What do you think you are doing? What is your purpose? To make war?" Bey: "You lied about me in front of the Hunkar with the matter of the Imposter Mustafa. Then you eyed my property (the gold) and tried like a thief to appropriate it. As if that was not enough, then you sent a snake (spy) to my palace and had me poisoned. You ordered that woman to poison me. Now without shame, you are asking me why I came here? " Selim: 'What poison are you talking about?" Bey: "Be a man and be responsible for what you have done! Don't deny." Selim: "I did not give that order! And I won't! You are the one who has tried to poison me. You put poison on my table!" Bey: "You fool! Do not confuse me with yourself. If I had tried to attempt on your life, then just like right now, I would come personally to take your life." Lala: "My Shehzades! Stop! For God's sake don't!"

    Swords are drawn and Beyazid says: 'I am in front of you here. Fight with me like a Shehzade!"

    Nurbanu says: "God save us!"

    Selim: "Beyazid I am telling you for the last time. Go back!" Bey: "It will no longer be us, but our swords that shall do the talking!"

    Just as things get heated, Hurrem is announced. Hurrem: "What do you think you are doing?! Are you going to take each other's lives?! While our Hunkar is alive, will you spill each other's blood! Who are you! Are you the Shehzades of this nation or are you bandits!" Bey: "Mother, the situation is not as you think. Shehzade Selim tried to kill me in a despicable way." Selim: "He is lying mother!" Hurrem: "Come to your senses! You who are Sultan Suleyman's shehzades! How can you come to this situation!" She can't breathe and the boys rush to her. She faints and Sumbul catches her.

    Meanwhile Suleyman is walking with Gracia. "Is it true you sent Charles V a small bundle of gifts?" Suleyman: 'So you know the reason in that case." Gracia: "He ran away from you like a shy woman who hasn't seen you in months. After he got the gifts, I wonder what his face looked like. This is a story that will be talked about for hundreds of years." Suleyman: "I want you to know this Signora. I don't look down upon the power of women. I have been witness to some women who are much stronger and more courageous than some men."  Gracia: "Like Hurrem Sultan? I am amazed by our Sultana. She is just like all the other women in the world. She is the possessor of an unparalleled beauty. I can't even imagine what she was like in her youth! Her amazing intellect. An Empress like her befits an Emperor like you." Suleyman: "Signora, I have ordered that a house be given to you. If there is anything else you need, let me know and it will be taken care of."

    Mihrimah looks at herself in the mirror seeing the new marks. Rustem arrives: "Our Hunkar has returned from Edirne and I am going to visit him now." Mihrimah: 'Thank God..he stayed too long there. I will go visit him as soon as possible." Rustem leaves. Mihrimah calls for her cariye and tells her to call Pedro and bring his ointment and the cariye asks if Rustem knows about it and Mihrimah says no and that he won't find out either because if "he can't carry comments that are too heavy for him, then he should not be troubled by this."

    Hurrem is lying down but is awake. Sumbul: "Sultanim. How are you now, hopefully you are much better?" Hurrem turns to the doctor: 'What is happening to me hatun? What is wrong with me?" Sumbul: 'When you saw our Shehzades like that, you could not handle it Sultanim. It is all from worry and sadness." Doctor: 'Sumbul agha is right, Sultanim. It is all from sadness and worry. You have not been eating properly either." Sumbul: "I am going to get the table ready now for our Sultanim, and if you are finished with your work hatun, go now." Doctor: "I will get some syrup ready, you do not tire yourself, just rest."

    Beyazid is with Lokman and Selim is there. Bey: 'If something happens to our mother I will take it out on you Selim!" Selim: "You are the one knocking my door with your sword in your hand! You are dragging us all, along with yourself to destruction. You should have thought of that first before you tried to kill me!" Lala sneaks in between: "My Shehzades! Don't do this, please stop, you saw the situation of Hurrem Sultan have some mercy." The doors open and the doctor exits. Bey asks how she is and the doctor says she has woken up and is better and Selim asks what is wrong with her and why she fainted. The doctor says "she was already tired from her trip and when she saw you guys like that, she didn't have the strength to bear it. If you permit I must go prepare some medicine."

    Hurrem is standing and tells Sumbul to tell her sons to come to her. Sumbul tells her not to hurry and that she heard that the doctor said she needs some rest and sleep. Hurrem says " It is not time to sleep, if I had not reached then only God knows what would have happened. Tell them to come at once."

    Sumbul opens the doors and they enter. Selim: "Mother, mother you frightened us." Bey: "Mother you are well, hopefully? I hope you have no pains." Hurrem: 'While I have children like this, how can I be alright? Look at your conditions...If I had not come on time what would have happened? Was I going to receive the news of your deaths from the Capitol? Were you going to make me go through the pain of losing a child once again?" Bey: "Mother, I did not want to upset you, but Selim did not leave me any other choice." Hurrem: 'What does this mean?" Bey: 'First he tried to steal the gold Mihrimah sent me. I tried to warn him. But he did not have the capacity to perceive it. He sent a spy to my palace. That spy tried to kill me, poison me." Hurrem: "Selim is all this true?" Selim: "They are all lies. He is the one who tried to poison me." Bey: "Fear God Selim! As if it is not enough for you to lie, you are slandering me!" Hurrem: 'Selim. You wait outside."

    Meanwhile Pedro says: "I don't understand Sultanim, how these marks are showing up on your body again. Have they been giving you your medication?" Mih: 'Of course." The cariye says: "Aren't you going to find a solution for our Sultana's problems? It is obvious the ointment is not the solution. There are other solutions which are available as well." Mih: 'Like what?" Peddy: "We can use leeches. They will suck out the bad blood. Or we can spread mud." Mihrimah: 'Leeches, mud...I would rather live like this." Pedro: "There is another way. But I do not know if you will agree to it." Mih: 'You say it first, and then we shall see if I agree to it or not."

    Meanwhile Beyazid is explaining to Hurrem: 'He sent a cariye to my harem. The woman admitted to everything. Selim ordered her to add poison to my food. I almost died, mother. You know the rest anyway." Hurrem: 'These can't be real..Selim wouldn't do such a thing. I don't even believe it possible for him to steal the gold, and he definitely would not have ordered your death. He doesn't want your death." Bey: "There is more to it than what I have even said, mother. Ask Lokman, the whole harem is witness. Maybe an enemy set a trap and wanted to set you against each other." Bey: 'There is only one person who sees me as his enemy, mother." Hurrem: "We will forget these Beyazid. This enmity will come to an end." Bey: 'This is impossible. Before coming here I wrote a letter to our Hunkar explaining everything, including the fact that I would give Selim his punishment personally."

    Hurrem: "Beyazid what have you done. If our Hunkar hears of this, it will be calamity for both of you! Don't you know that his anger can burn the whole world!" Bey: 'I came here taking everything into account mother. Everything." Bey: Mother are you alright?"

    Nurbanu speaks with Canfeda: "Hurrem Sultan will not leave this amtter alone. Hopefully I don't get the blame." The door opens and Selim tells everyone to get out. Selim: 'Nurbanu what have you done?! You lied to me." Nur: 'What are you talking about Selim?" Selim: "The spy in Kutahya poisoned Beyazid! You did this didn't you? I had stopped you, I told you not to, but you did not stop, and you did it! You openly lied to me! You looked into my eyes and lied to me. Shut up! From now on you will not get involved in this matter from now on! If you try to say another word, know that I will kill you with my own hands."

    Gazanfer arrives and informs Selim that Hurrem is waiting for him.

    Meanwhile, Sumbul visits the doctor and says: "For God's sake, say something good, give some hope." Doctor: "I have seen similar patients like this before, Sumbul agha, unfortunately our Sultana's days are numbered. We cannot hide her condition for much longer. She must learn the truth at once." Sumbul: 'No, don't you dare, her problems are already too many, and if people find out then things will get out of hand. We shall wait for now and then later we will take care of it."

    Hurrem is with Selim: 'Is what Beyazid says true?" Selim: "He is lying don't believe him. He tried to poison me. Nurbanu saved me at the last moment." Hurrem: 'In that case why did he come all the way here? Why did he draw his sword on you?" Selim: "That has one explanation, he could not handle the fact that our father chose me as the heir. He tried to find a solution, he would get rid of me, and become the sole heir to the throne." Hurrem: 'Everything your brother has said is untrue? Right? What about the gold that you tried to have stolen that Mihrimah sent? Was that also a lie?" Selim: "Clearly my words have no value to you, because he is the Shehzade of your heart. One word from him is enough." Hurrem: "This is not the first time. This is not the first Selim. You had earlier gotten together with Ahmet Pasha and then looked into my eyes and lied to me. I did not forget. The cariye you sent to Kuthya admitted everything. Do not deny further. " Selim: "mother -" Hurrem: 'Enough. Enough. Your tongue lies but your eyes are screaming the truth. Sad. When did you become like this? Sad. Leave me alone."

    Suleyman meanwhile is with Rustem: "How is Mihrimah?" Rusty: "She is much better. She sends her regards, and she will come visit you as soon as possible." Sully: 'Great." Rusty: "I heard that you came with Gracia Mendez. It is clear you value her. You have ordered that a house be given to her in Galata and have given her permission to conduct trade. I would like to also meet this person that you value so much." Sully: "Sokollu is taking care of it. She is a very experienced business person. And you are right, I do value her. We will take advantage of her experience and she will provide benefit for this state." Rusty: "You know the best Hunkarim"

    Hurrem is speaking with Lokman and Fahriye: "You have both disappointed me, I sent you both here to protect my children from going down wrong paths but you have no clue. If I arrived a little bit later, only Allah knows what I would have come across." Lokman: 'Forgive us, I tried to calm our Shehzade Beyazid, but you know his nature, it is impossible." Fahriye: 'I did as much as I could Sultanim, our Shehzade Lala had already sent you a letter." Hurrem: 'You don't speak at all...when I sent you here, I told you to take care of Nurbanu. You could not even handle that. You fumbled everything. Don't think I forget." Lokman: "Sultanim, are you aware of the letter our Sh. Beyazid wrote to our Hunkar. I tried to convince him so much, but he did not listen to me." Hurrem: "In that case why didn't you prevent that letter from reaching the capitol." Lokman: "He was holding on to the reigns tightly. If I tried to prevent it from going, he would have definitely sent another one. I took a different precaution. I sent word to Sokollu Mehmet Pasha not to let the letter reach our Hunkar. He will do what is necessary." Fahriye: "What did you do, my agha, I wish you sent it to Rustem Pasha." Lokman: 'i did it on purpose. Rustem would have been biased, and he would have personally relayed the letter to our Hunkar." Hurrem: 'What if Sokollu fails and the letter reaches our Hunkar?"

    Sokollu is looking at documents with Gracia when Rustem arrives. He  introduces Rustem to her. Gracia: "I am so pleased to finally meet you, I have heard about your reputation from the other end of the world." Rustem: "It is very natural for you to hear about the grand vizier of the most powerful nation in the world." Sokollu: "I was describing to Signora Mendez, the nations customs and laws on how to conduct trade." Rustem: "Signora Mendez." Gracia: "I am very pleased to meet you, Pasha Hazretleri. If you permit, at a suitable time, I wish to meet with you." Rustem leaves. She asks Sokollu if Rustem is always like this. Sokollu says: 'He is temperamental."

    Rustem meanwhile speaks to Zal: 'I was not impressed by the woman. Our Hunkar has accepted her application for patronage. I want to know every step she takes. Keep your eyes on her."

    Meanwhile, Hurrem sees Lala Mustafa. "Thanks to you we have avoided a very big calamity. But the danger has not yet passed. My Shehzade Beyazid has written a letter to our Hunkar telling him of everything. Hopefully that letter will not reach our Hunkar's hands." Lala: "God Willing Sultanim...Lokman agha has told me everything. Mehmet Pasha is a smart Vizier. He will do whatever he can." Hurrem: "Lala, all these things Shehzade Selim has done - is it true?" Lala: "I have spoken to everyone in the palace. The person who has sown the seeds of discord into his mind is -" Hurrem: "Nurbanu!" Lala: "She sent the cariye to Kutahya. It is not hard at all to think she has ordered the death of Sh. Beyazid." Hurrem: 'How sad that I put the snake into the arms of my son. My son has not tried to stop that snake. That is the worst thing." Sumbul: "Sultanim be calm, we think of your health." Lala: "I could not ask about your health yet Sultanim, I hope it is not a serious condition?" Hurrem: "I am okay, I just went through an episode this morning due to worry and sadness. That is all."

    Fahriye walks up to Nurbanu: "The time to be taken to account has come Nurbanu hatun, Hurrem Sultan is waiting for you." Nurbanu enters with her children. "You asked for me Sultanim. They wanted to see you, as you know they missed you very much." Hurrem: 'Sumbul, take my Shehzade Murad and my little Sultanas to their room. We shall meet later." Nurbanu: "I don't know what you are thinking about, but I am innocent. If I made a mistake, I did it unknowingly. I ask your forgiveness." Nur: "Sultanim, I beg you for the sake of my children. Believe me, I am not at fault." Hurrem: "Each time you always went a little bit further. With each step you sank a little bit more into the quicksand. But you have always somehow escaped. But this last doing of yours...there is no forgiveness for that." Nur: 'Please Sultanim don't."  Hurrem: "They say that the damage that one does to oneself, cannot be done even by their biggest enemies. You drew the ending for your own path.You signed your own death order."

    Gazanfer tells Selim that Hurrem has called Nurbanu to her and that it doesn't look to be a good sign.

    Nurbanu begs, and Hurrem says: "Don't cry hopeless tears, there is no point." Selim enters: "What is going on mother?" Hurrem: "Do not try to defend her." Selim: 'Go to your room Nurbanu, mother." Hurrem: "She is behind everything. She is the devil that is poisoning your mind. She crossed her limits a long time ago." Selim: 'She has one reason mother, she wants to protect her children's future. You know the best that this is what a mother must do" Hurrem: "I prohibit you from holding me at the same level as that snake. She will pay with her life for all she has done." Selim: 'I cannot allow that. She is the mother of my four children." Hurrem: 'What she did will not go unpunished." Selim: "Of course, I will do what is necessary, permit me."

    Meanwhile Suleyman cannot sleep. He goes to a large chest and he picks a letter and unrolls it slowly.

    Hurrem's letter: "Suleyman. The mighty king of my heart. My fortunate Sultan. Will this poor servant of yours ever be able to see you again. I wish I could once more rub my face on your feet. Then at that time I will the world's luckiest person. The one fear that shakes my heart is you forgetting me. If this fear of mine becomes reality, and I am thrown out from your heart, I will be like a tree that has been left without water, and I will wilt and die." He goes to her room and sits on her bed.

    Meanwhile the doctor is measuring the lump on Hurrem's shoulder. "What are you doing woman?" Woman: "I measured the lump and I am going to record it. I have to keep track if it is growing or getting smaller. If it gets bigger, I will have to resort to another medication. God Willing you don't have pain Sultanim." Hurrem: "Not right now, but it is like inside me there is an ugly, frightening creature inside me sucking all my strength slowly. I am so tired."

    Sumbul arrives to where Fahriye is and Fahriye asks him what is wrong, why his face looks so sad. "Is there something you did not tell me." Sumbul: 'Leave, leave me alone." He has tears in his eyes as he recalls his conversation with the doctor: "Our Sultana's condition is bad. She has a ruthless illness. This is such an illness that I have never heard or seen anyone survive it."

    Beyazid and Atmaca are walking in the gardens in Manisa. At: "Hurrem Sultan's surprise arrival is confusing me. Did Lokman agha tell her?" Bey: "No. Lala Mustafa. He probably had doubts about Selim and sent word to her. He has more experience than everyone." At: "Do you think his new duties could have confused Lala's loyalties?" Bey: "He is irritable, and sharp tongued, however he represents the will of our Hunkar and is also loyal to my mother. I don't see any reason to be suspicious of him Atmaca: "When the letter reaches our Hunkar everyone will be hurt. Hurrem Sultan will of course want to hide her children's fault."

    Selim meanwhile speaks to Lala and asks when Beyazid will return to his own Sanjak. Lala says that Hurrem has asked him to stay for a while longer and that is obvious she wants his anger to subside and that she will want to have some treaty of peace between them. Selim asks how this can be possible and that the letter will reach Suleyman sooner or later. Lala says that the letter will not reach, because there is no possibility for it to. Selim asks how he can be so certain. Lala says that "a good statesman has eyes and ears everywhere, he knows everything going on, good and bad but if he does not have good intuition, then what I just said is meaningless." Selim: "I cannot deny that you saved me from a big disaster by calling my mother here. But I also know you have a deep love for Shehzade Beyazid. Lala, I ask you to forget the past and forget your loyalty to Beyazid, for your eyes to see for me and your ears to hear for me. I want a strong Lala like you backing me with all my heart and soul." Lala: "You honour me Shehzadem. But do not wait for me to pick sides between you. I have no choice as per my duty to serve you both equally. With our permission."

    Gazanfer: "Shehzadem, what if he exposes your proposal? We cannot trust him" Selim: 'It is not necessary to trust him. It is enough for him to work for me. In the end, just like all our subjects, he thinks of his own benefit. If he sees his own benefit in my future, and I can convince him of that, then things will change."

    In the Capitol Sokollu is in his office when a letter arrives. Sokollu reads it and tells him "You did well Ismail agha...there is just as Lokman agha has said. If this letter had gotten to our Hunkar's hands, Shehzade Selim's situation would have been terrible."

    Rustem is reading something when Zal arrives. Rustem: 'What happened Zal is there news about Gracia Mendez?" Zal: "A letter came from Sh. Beyazid my Pasha. The agha took the letter not to our Hunkar, but to Sokollu." Rustem: "What are you saying Zal? How dare he?!"

    PART 2

    We see Mihrimah by the water with Pedro. Mihrimah: "This salt water is going to be a cure for my condition?" Pedro: "Do you know about illness of depression Sultanim? It has to do with a person's gall. If the gall is ill, then they will get depression. The body and the soul is actually one." Mihrimah: 'So if a person's body is sick, then their soul will also be sick." Pedro: 'If those souls go through pain then so will their bodies. And this is your condition Sultanim. Your symptoms are trying to tell you something perhaps." Mihrimah: "Hopefully I will not catch another illness now that you have brought me to this sea." Pedro: 'Water is good for your health, clean air, sunlight, you have become deprived of these as a princess locked away in a tower by a dragon." Mih: "I am not a princess, a Sultana, and who are you calling a dragon like that?" Pedro: "You know this very well."

    They walk towards the waves and then the cariye arrives saying: 'Sultanim, you'll catch a cold we have stayed too long anyway." Mih: "You are right, let us go."

    Rustem meanwhile goes to see Sokollu: "Where is the letter?" Sok: "Which letter are you talking about my Pasha?" Rustem: 'I am talking about the letter that came from Sh. Beyazid. Where is it?" Sok:"I am not aware of a letter like that my Pasha." Rusty: "And why would it be here anyway?" Rustem: "Do you think a bird would fly in this palace and I would not know about it? Whatever you are hiding know that it will come to my feet, pray that it won't be something that will make me very angry." We see Sokollu burn the letter after Rustem has left.

    In Manisa, Hurrem: "Thankfully as there has been no noise coming from the Capitol, Sokollu must have taken care of Beyazid's letter." Fahriye: "Thanks to Lokman agha. He did his job properly." Hurrem: "From now on we must all be careful." Beyazid arrives: "Mother, I do not want Lokman agha alongside me anymore...he has prevented that letter from reaching our Hunkar. I cannot keep somebody like this anymore." Hurrem: "Come sit my son, be calm. Beyazid, Lokman did the right thing. That letter would have first burned you. Selim could deny everything, but you came to your brother's sanjak with soldiers. There would be no explaining or denying this. Whatever both of you have done, you are both part of my soul. My biggest prayer is to not go through another loss of a child. My whole heart and strength is with you, but do not ever expect me to take a step that would endanger Selim's life. Ever." Bey: "In that case, allow me to return to my Sanjak mother. First you are going to sit with Selim and we are going to solve this issue amicably." She suddenly feels pain.
    Meanwhile, Sokollu is with Suleyman. Sully: "What is the condition of Signora Mendez?" Sok: "She has moved into her home, she is very thankful to you. She has started trading, her ships will be here within a few days." Just then Mihrimah arrives with her daughter. They all greet each other. Mihrimah: "We missed you very much Hunkarim." Sully: 'Seeing your smiling face brings joy to my soul. I pray that you have recovered your health"Mih: "Once in a while it comes and goes. Thank God Mehmet Pasha's doctor Pedro is involved and I am able to recover." Sully: "Great." Sok: "Hunkarim, with your permission I would like to grant Signor Pedro to our Sultan as a gift. Moving forward he will be a doctor in our Sultanas employment." Suley: "It is suitable."

    Selim is on his terrace when Nurbanu arrives. Selim: 'Didn't I tell you not to leave your room?" Nur: "Please don't do this Selim. Don't fall into the traps of our enemies. Would I ever want bad for you? My only wish is to protect you and our children." Selim: 'Nurbanu, return to your room." Nur: 'If that is the case then give me whatever punishment you have in mind already. If you want take my life, I am willing. Just don't keep me away from you. Don't punish me with your absence." Selim: 'Nurbanu return to your room."

    Lala meanwhile speaks to Beyazid: "Shehzadem, if you had gone to our Hunkar instead of coming here, then Shehzade Selim could not have saved himself from this matter." Bey: "Don't talk ignorantly. Selim would have denied it and our Hunkar, as usual would have believed him. Anyway my real worry is my mother, the doctor said it is not serious, but I do not see her looking well. Look into it."

    Pedro arrives in chains to Sokollu: 'My Pasha, what is going on? I got worried when you called me suddenly." Sok: "You are no longer my doctor, Pedro" Peddy: "Or...have you freed me?" Sok: "What freeing man? I gave you as a gift..as a gift!" Peddy: "Did I do something wrong? Who did you...gift..me...to -" He sees Mihrimah. Sok: "Sultanim, Signor Pedro, is from this point on in your service." Mih: "Thank you Mehmet Pasha." Peddy's chains are unlocked. Mih: "Signor Pedro you are my personal doctor. Are you not happy?" Peddy: "I have always been honest with you...being purchased and sold like a slave, or being gifted to someone doesn't make me happy. But being with you, being close to you, is the biggest wish of mine. At least I have gotten away from Sokollu Mehmet Pasha."

    Meanwhile Zal is with Rustem who says: 'Are you certain about this?" Zal: "Sokollu personally gifted him" Rusty: "They say that the dog whose death has arrived doesn't care anymore."
    Meanwhile, Mihrimah arrives and the cariye sees. Mihrimah tells her: "He is gifted by Mehmet Pasha, whatever the customs are, see they are established." Cariye: "How can this be Sultanim, Rustem Pasha will burn the palace down on our heads." Mih: "Our Hunkar knows. You show Pedro where he is gong to stay don't interfere in the rest.

    Meanwhile, Gracia is with Sokollu who explains to her that the location for her ships will have to be found at the pier and they will have to wait in open water for a few days and then they will dock. Gracia says that she would prefer that her ships dock at the harbour as soon as possible, because time is money and she has no time to lose. Sokollu says that this time it will be done as she wishes. Rustem walks in, and she quickly says that she wishes to meet with him, but he brushes her off "later Signora, please get out."

    When he is with Sokollu, he says: 'What do you think you are doing, with what purpose do you gift my wife that lying servant?" Sok: "Our Hunkar saw it fit too, and what could the problem be, I don't understand? He has been her doctor for quite some time anyway." Rustem: "You know I don't want that man in my palace Sokollu! You are doing this on purpose!" Sok: "I gifted him because I thought he could benefit our Sultana. Our Hunkar and our Sultana were very happy with this gift." Rustem: " You always hide behind our Hunkar and our Sultana's back everytime. But it cannot continue this way. It won't! You are swimming in dangerous waters. I will start such a storm that, you won't even be able to find protection in a single harbour."

    Gracia is grumpy and she says to her companion: 'This is not good at all. My relationship with Rustem Pasha should have been much better. I am also receiving some of his hatred that he shows towards Mehmet Pasha." Companion: 'Do not be sad Signora. I have gotten some news that will make you happy. Your ships are about to reach Constantinople."

    Pedro is being shown his room, and he asks for some bread and fruit as he hasn't eaten since morning. He  thinks the agha has returned so he says "It is a beautiful room here." But it is really Rustem who slaps him. And then he starts beating him. Meanwhile the cariye arrives to inform Mihrimah.
    Rustem: 'Why have you come! Speak!" Peddy: "Sok Pasha has gifted me." Rustem: 'His turn will come too, I will rip out both your livers!" Just then Mihrimah arrives. Rustem: "You should not have done this Mihrimah." Rustem pulls a knife and then Mihrimah says "I freed him! I freed him!" Rustem: 'You freed him is that right?" Mihrimah: "He is free now, if you harm a hair on his head, I will report you to the judge. You will be judged like a criminal. If you kill him, you will never be saved from our Hunkar's anger." Rustem releases him. Rustem: "Since he is free, as per our rules he cannot live here. Aghas! Take this dog out and at the soonest opportunity he will leave the Capitol!"
    Beyazid is with Lokman and they are watching a girl. Lokman: "From what I have learned, this is the girl you were looking for, Defne hatun's sister Ana." Bey: 'She looks like her sister. I will never forgive Selim Lokman. Especially since he used an innocent child and a hopeless hatun. No war no end could justify this."

    In Kutahya, Beyazid's daughter tells an agha she wants to see Defne and that she orders them. the Kalfa says that she has viewed the traitor as her own mother, and comments about her unluckiness for being motherless. The little girl keeps telling them to open the door. The kalfa arrives and tells her that Beyazid, her father will not allow Defne to see anyone. The little girl asks why not and asks what she has done. The Kalfa says she cannot tell her and then asks a cariye to take her to her room. The door opens and Defne asks if there is any way she can see Ayse Sultan. The kalfa says no and that the only reason she is alive is because of the child she carries. Defne tells her that she had no choice but to do the things she did because of her sister. The woman tells her Nurbanu must have already long taken her sister's life. She hands her the tray of food and leaves.

    Rustem is yelling at Mihrimah: 'With what mind would you accept that devil as a gift? Don't you know that I would never give permission for something like that? Look at me, look at my face!" He has tears in his eyes. Rustem: "I have always always been loyal to you. A single word of yours was worth more than the rest of the world for me. But you have always pretended like I wasn't here. Most times you have even forgotten that you are my wife. Mihrimah. But now everything has changed. Everything. With this document of freedom (for Pedro), I am also freeing my love for you. Today is the day that my weakness and love towards you ends. From now on, our marriage is just an agreement. Do not do anything that will make me look bad. I will ruin your reputation (if you do that). Even if it costs my life, I will do it. Know I will do it."
    Rustem tells the agha outside to give the document to Pedro and that on the first ship out he will be leaving the Capitol.

    Meanwhile Pedro awaits outside and is given the letter by the agha who says Rustem has sent it. Pedro asks if with this document he is free and the agha nods and says that Rustem has said that he must leave the Capitol at once.

    In Manisa, the doctor is examining the bump on Hurrem's shoulder and says that it has gotten smaller and that clearly it is going to be better. Hurrem is happy: "I knew it anyway, it is all from stress and grief." Sumbul brings her some milk and she tells Sumbul that the bump has gotten smaller and that as she had guessed it is nothing important. Sumbul looks at the doctor and recalls the doctors words to him in a flashback: "I have given her medication, it will reduce the swelling. To the point where she will even think she has recovered. But it will not last long Sumbul agha."
    When the doctor leaves, Hurrem says to Sumbul: "Now there is only one thing that is bothering my soul. My shehzades, if I can end the enmity between them, then I can leave here in peace." Sumbul: "God Willing Sultanim"

    The doctor goes to her office to find Lala there. Lala: "What is Hurrem Sultan's illness? Hopefully it is not something bad?" Doctor: 'Our Sultana is very well...she has a lump on her body, just a benign lump (boil). It is not important." Lala: "Then why are you putting so much importance on this illness? You have even drawn the shape of it. You have written pages about her situation. It is obvious you have hidden something." Lala: 'Clearly they have warned you. Do not worry, I will not tell anyone. Look hatun, I represent our Hunkar's will in this palace. If our Hunkar thinks something is hidden from him, first your head will go." Doc: "Sumbul agha told me to hide it. Hurrem Sultan does not even know about it. She has caught an ruthless illness. She does not have too much time."

    Lala is in the hall and comes across Beyazid: "I was coming to see you too Lala, have you asked around. What is my mother's illness?" Lala: "Thank God it is nothing serious my Shehzade. I spoke with the doctor, our Sultana is well. She is feeling overwhelmed with the latest incidents." Bey: "You have made me feel a lot better. Some distance has come between us. Selim must have tried to brainwash you. But I have full trust in you. I am not mistaken right Lala? I can trust you?" Lala: "Do not doubt Shehzadem." Bey: 'Great. I know I neglected you, I did not listen to your advice, but from now on, I will make more use of your experience."

    Mihrimah is with her cariye/kalfa. Cariye: "I don't want to overstep my limits, but it was obvious that Rustem Pasha was not going to allow him to stay. Thankfully Hurrem Sultan is not here, if she knew what would she say about this?" Mih: "For all these years I lived as my mother wanted. I married the man she wanted me to marry. That is why I put up with Rustem for her and Beyazid's sake. I wanted to get a divorce but I was never taken seriously. After all these years, I was able to enjoy someone's company...I was not expecting anything of course, I just wanted him to be near me that is all. What was so wrong in that?"

    Hurrem is seated at the table when Selim arrives. Hurrem: 'Be seated. Mother, I wish that there was a way to erase the scene that you saw when you first arrived." Hurrem: "I wish Selim. I wish." Selim: "Our Hunkar doesn't need to be made aware of all of the negative things that have passed. Right?" Hurrem: "There is no way I can approve of what you or Beyazid did, but you are right. Our Hunkar will not learn about happened. Only, from now on, you will listen to everything I say from now on and you will not be doing things on your own." There is a knock and Beyazid arrives. Selim: "I understand why you called me mother." Bey: "If I leave it will be good, mother." Hurrem: 'Enough. Sit! Do not try my patience. I am tired of your enmity. Selim: You will apologize to Beyazid." Selim: 'I did not do anything to ask forgiveness mother. But for peace, for you, I will ask forgiveness." Bey: "There is no bounds for your hyprocrisy right Selim? Mother, you are trying for no reason." Selim: "Mother, I am doing what I can, but you can see, Beyazid does not change." Hurrem: "Enough. Be silent and listen to me. Come to your senses. If I am Hurrem, this night peace will be made here.
    We see Gracia and her people skullking in the dark by the harbour.

    Hurrem continues: "It is possible to live in peace and happiness. Many enemies end up becoming friends with each other. You are brothers." Bey: "Mother I understand you very well. But, if somebody loses their trust it is almost impossible to regain it. But still, for your sake, I will ignore what Selim did this time. But if he does not stop, then only God can stop me next time." Hurrem: "Your brother will not do anything wrong again. I guarantee it." Bey: "One more thing. Selim's spy he sent to Kutahya has a sister here...she will come along with me." Hurrem: "What is your purpose with this? When the woman gives birth she will be executed right?" Bey: "I have no intention of forgiving her. But that poor girl was a sacrifice...she had done everything to save her little sister. It is her right to see her sister in her final days. If she stays here, her outcome will be obvious anyways." Beyazid leaves.

    Selim comments: "Beyazid and his mercy..." Hurrem: "Come to your senses. Do as Beyazid wants. Send the child." Selim: "Mother, I will be a worthy son to you. But if Beyazid doesn't stop, then that is another matter." Hurrem: "I do not have a single doubt in Beyazid. He will stop. As long as you control that devil. Get rid of the devil from your harem at once."

    We see Gracia and her companion sneaking on a ship and there are people under the blankets. "Welcome my brethren. There is no more slavery for you from now on. No more Pope, no more inquisition. You are free and safe in the Ottoman lands. One of the girls thank her. As she is walking back on the shore, we see that Zal peeks from a corner.

    In Manisa, Hurrem is ready to leave. Hurrem tells him to be careful and that every wrong step he takes can only hurt him and not Selim. She turns to Selim who kisses her hand and hugs her as well. "Selim, do not forget my words, next time I will not forgive you." Selim nods. She looks back at her boys and then at Lokman and Fahriye and then climbs into the carriage.

    Nurbanu meanwhile enters her room with Gazanfer, and she says: 'Finally she is leaving. And our Shehzade will be out of her influence of course." Gaz: "Do nto be this certain about it Sultanim."
    Sokollu and Gracia are walking down the corridor towards the Sultan's room. Sok: 'Why has our Hunkar called us both Signora?" Gracia: "I do not know my Pasha." Rustem exits and greets them. Suleyman is in his room and the two of them enter. Suleyman: 'Mehmet Pasha do you have word about what has been happening?" Sok: 'Forgive me Hunkarim, I do not know what you are talking about?" Sully:"Signora Mendez has, without my permission, brought her people onto my soil and has been carrying people instead of goods." Sok: "I did not know about this at all. Signora what have you done like this?" Gracia: "Sultan Suleyman, please let me explain." Sully: "Speak. That is why I have called you here. I hope you have an acceptable reasoning." Gracia: "Hunkarim, I beg your forgiveness. Hundreds of children and women's lives were dependant on this. Your mighty forefathers have always welcomed the Jews escaping persecution from Christian lands. I did this thinking you would also be on this path. I am submit my soul to the "Grand Turk.""

    Suleyman: "Your co-religionists had sought refuge and shelter with me, and I had warned the Pope that they were under my protection." Gracia: "Unfortunately my co religionists were not thrown into prison for being Jewish, but rather for leaving Christianity. They were exiled to Malta to row boats, twenty four people died. The Christian world means death for us. Your lands are the only place where we feel safe. I was afraid that you would send them back. I was afraid of the death that awaited them." Suleyman: "How can the Pope dare to do this? Does he want me to destroy his palace on him? It was a big mistake for you to not inform me of the developments. Especially since I have been so benevolent to you." Gracia: "Forgive me Hunkrim, forgive me. My neck is lowered to your decision. If you send them back, then I will go with them. Please know if we go back our fate is sealed. Death will await us."

    Meanwhile Hurrem is experiencing pain in the carriage. She cries out and Sumbul rushes.
    Suleyman is with Rustem who asks if he is certain about the decision he has made about Gracia and that it is not acceptable what she has done. Suleyman says "the path she has followed is incorrect but we are not going to send the Jews who have come, back. We are also going to get in touch with the Pope for the Jews who have been imprisoned in Venice. If he does not listen, then that would be his choice, but the Jews who live in my lands will live freely and have the right to folllow their religion and speak their language, Rustem." Rusty: "Forgive my insolence, Hunkarim, but this could have serious implications for the future. The coming Jews could cause trouble." Sully: "How are these flowers Rustem?" Rustem: 'Extremely colourful and a sign of Allah's Grace." Suleyman tells the aghas to some of  them. Suleyman: "Now what do you think about them?" Rustem: "The old way (with the different flowers) was better, Hunkarim." Sully: "My Lord loves variety Rustem. Otherwise He would have only created one type of flower, one type of bird, one type of man...but look, we are all different. This table was beautiful before, because all the different flowers were all together on one table. On the lands I rule over, people can speak the languages they want freely, and the Muslims, Christians and Jews can live together in peace. Just like these flowers. Having harmony and agreement is the best type of wealth."

    Meanwhile Hurrem is resting as they have camped for the night and she is not feeling well and dreaming her nightmare again of the world being destroyed and she's falling. She wakes and calls for Sumbul and he looks as if he is about to say the secret but he rushes out to grieve away from her.  She follows him: "Sumbul. Why are you crying?"

    Meanwhile, Suleyman goes again to Hurrem's room along with a letter in his hand and he goes to her bed and palces the letter there.

    Meanwhile Hurrem is running and we hear a monologue: "Just the other day I was a little girl and it as if the seed grew in one day. The flower bloomed and is wilting. The Sun got cold. The colours faded. All the wars finished. The fights stopped. The longing and reunions ended. There is no more ambition. Nor the brightest crowns in the world. Everything that was unsharable, things that caused jealousy, and pain, became silent. When its name was heard, all meaning was lost - death has opened its dark doors in front of me. Death is calling my name."

    In Kutahya, Defne is in her room when suddenly the door opens and Beyazid enters. He says: "My decision is still final, you will be executed after you give birth to my child." Defne: "I don't have any meaning left in my life." Beyazid: "At least you won't die for no reason. Your sister is safe now." Ana enters and hugs her sister. Beyazid leaves.

    Nurbanu is in her room when Selim enters. She tries to hug him but he stops her: "I am not about to forgive you Nurbanu. I have informed our Hunkar that the time has come for Shehzade Murad to go off for his sanjak. He has seen it fit and he was appointed Sanjak Bey to Aydin. You will go along with him." Nur: "Shehzadem do not send me there, they will kill me, won't let me live." Selim: "Nurbanu my mother wanted your head, I saved you this way. After everything that happened it won't be right for you to stay with me. This is the best for everything." He hands her a letter.

    Outside in the hall Lala has come to see Selim and he asks if something is wrong. Lala replies tha the has something important to discuss with him." Selim: "You stay here Gazanfer. Okay Lala, I am listening to you." Lala: "Shehzadem, you had asked me to forget the past, and cut all my ties with Sh. Beyazid." Selim: 'Yes, this proposal still stands. if you stand in line with me, you will recieve your reward in return." Lala: "I thought very hard, my Shehzade, it is not easy to abandon Sh. Beyazid, but, it is not impossible. The latest incidents have made me think once again. From now on, my eyes will see for you, my ears will hear for you. If God permits, I will do whatever is in my power for you to ascend the throne." Selim: "You made the right decision Lala, if I ever get on the throne, you will be next to me."

    Hurrem is in the carriage with Sumbul who cannot contain his sorrow. Hurrem: 'What are you doing Sumbul, come to your senses. I am not about to trust the word of the doctor. Surely there must be a solution...can you can't how many times I have almost died? You are witness to how many times I have been poisoned. I am Hurrem Sultan. I will overcome this sickness." Sumbul: "You will of course Sultanim."

    Suleyman is being dressed admiring his beard in anticipation of Hurrem's arrival. Poem:

    "The candle suddenly started to burn with the fire of love. The smoke rises from my head, and sighs. The tears fell from the night all the way until the morning, crying. The candle had actually become aware of my deep pain. As the fire burns for love the heart is the one that smiles. Likewise, the candle also laughs every moment at it's own suffering. Brighten up the ruins of my heart, O my moon-faced one! As the candle always finds itself in ruins. O adherent (Muhibbi, i.e. Suleyman), do not deny or say no, your beard will burn! It burned onto its chest the lovers, because of its devotion to Allah. They saw Muhibbi burning in my heart, lamenting. They said it is strange, that the wind and the candle had become companions (on this path)."

    She goes to her room and sees the letter, which contains the poem he has written for her above. She goes to her balcony and is reading it and holding it to her chest. Suleyman watches from above. As he is watching her Sumbul arrives. "Speak" Sumbul is quiet. "Speak Sumbul" Sumbul: 'Hunkarim, Hurrem Sultan does not want anyone to know but, I cannot carry this burden any longer. You have the strength and the cure, help! Our Sultana has an incurable disease." She looks up at his face, full of worry, but she smiles so he smiles too.  :'(


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