• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 134 Translation

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    Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 134 English Translation

    We see Hurrem enter the Sultan's terrace and we hear her voice: "Every year of my life, I jumped through circles of fire. I died and I was resurrected each time - stronger than before. More powerful. My head held high, I became the fire itself. The price to pay for power is great, I learned. Dagger, poison and betrayal and the weight of many years are turning into a sickness and is taking over my body. I, the unbeatable Hurrem Sultan. I am the Zümrüd-ü Anka (Phoenix). I am dying for the last time." We see the phoenix in Hurrem's eyes...

    Hurrem is with Suleyman on a ship, moving towards Istanbul. She looks out from the other side once again like the first time she arrived as a slave. Suleyman has pain written all over his face.

    Mihrimah and her daughter join Rustem and Gulfem to greet the Sultan and her mother. Mih: "Where were you all night Rustem?" Rusty: "There was an issue with the funds that came this year from Egypt. I worked late with the treasurers. Then I stayed at the palace." Mihrimah nods sarcastically and says "I suppose my mother has recovered, I though that they would stay longer in Bursa but they have returned early." Rusty: "God Willing Mihrimah." 

    Hurrem is joined by Suleyman to watch their beloved Capitol. Hurrem: "Years before when I first arrived to this city I asked if we had arrived to the Ottoman Hell. But this palace, this city became my home. It is the heaven on earth! You are my heaven!" 

    The carriage arrives and Suleyman and Hurrem exit. Mihrimah greets her father welcoming him and he says "mihrimah, my moon my sun, thank you." Mihrimah: "How are you mother?" Hurrem: "I have seen you now and I am much better, Sultanim" She grabs Suleyman's hand and he says "Your mother is tired from the journey, let her rest you can catch up with her later." 

    They enter the palace and Hurrem holds herself upright as everyone watches. As soon as she enters her room she sits down wearied and in pain. We hear from the door Sumbul saying "Our Sultana has come? Open the door!" She greets him with a smile. He welcomes her and she says "Sumbul, I have become so happy to see you, I broke your heart right? I am regretful of every word I said." Sum: "What words Sultanim, I swear I recall nothing. And is it my place to be upset with you? Like all your servants my heart beats for you Sultanim. You focus on getting better that is enough, I am willing for the entire earth to crush me." Hurrem: :"I won't heal any longer Sumbul." 

    Mihrimah is with the Sultan. Mihrimah: "Hunkarim, what is happening? It is obvious something is wrong. Or is my mother -" Suleyman: "Nothing can help from anyone except to pray and beg God for your mother to be cured." Mih: "Father, why are you speaking like this?" There must be a solution to this." Mihrimah cries and Suleyman says: 'My daughter, Mihrimah, the time will come of course to mourn over your mother and cry, even if we don't want it will come, but your mother has gone through a lot of pain. I want her to be happy and in peace from now on. Everybody will do whatever is in their power to achieve this, starting with you. Do you understand me my beautiful daughter? My Mihrimah, my shining sun. For your mother's sake, you must be strong."

    Rustem arrives to see the doctor who greets him. He asks what Hurrem's condition is. "I hope you are not hiding anything from me." Doc: "There is nothing left to hide pasha. Soon everyone will hear about it. Our Sultana's illness has progressed quite a bit. The situation is bad." Rusty: "How? Is there no treatment for this illness?" Doc: "Unfortunately my Pasha, we need to prepare ourselves for that solemn day." 

    Sokollu is outside and Rustem says "They say that hyenas are the first to smell blood." Sok: "What did the doc say, will she recover?" Rusty: "No Sokollu, our Sultana's condition is bad. She could die at any moment." 

    A pigeon flies over Hurrem's head and she jumps. Sumbul says that he had ordered the surroundings to be cleaned but they still come. Sumbul asks her what is wrong. Hurrem says: "If I knew I would tell you, but at night time I hear a noise that disturbs my sleep. I hear the sound of wings. But when I look around me, there is no bird or animal to be seen." Sumbul mumbles a prayer and then says he does not know what to make of it, and if she wishes he can call the head astrologer but she replies "There is no longer any need" Sum: "I swear Sultanim, these words are not of the Hurrem Sultan that I know. You are the Sultana that overcomes all obstacles in a strong way." Hurrem smiles at him.

    Mihrimah enters her mothers room and does not find her there so she goes out to the terrace. "Mother - mother, our Hunkar has told me about the grave condition -" Hurrem silences her and hugs her "Sultanim" 

    Suleyman is in his room with Ferhat agha who shows him a letter "This is the letter to be sent to Sh. Selim, Hunkarim" Suleyman looks over it and then Ferhat hands him the one to be sent to Beyazid and then Suleyman says " They are acceptable, tell my messengers to take my fastest horses from my stables and to ride them at break neck speed. I want my Shehzades at the Capitol as soon as possible. Only Allah knows how much time we have remaining...Despite the fact that it is always waiting above our heads, how is it that we always forget about death" Ferhat says "If we did not forget, how could we live? How could we continue Hunkarim...It would be beneficial if you busy yourself with state affairs Hunkarim, you must keep your mind busy." Sully: "Call Mehmet Pasha and Rustem pasha, I want them to come immediately. " Ferhat: "As you wish."

    In Kutahya, Beyazid arrives and is greeted by his children. Osman tells him that they were worried and finally he came. Beyazid replies that there is no need to worry anymore since he has returned. He then turns to Gulshen Kalfa and asks where Ayshe is and she replies that she is in the hospital. Beyazid asks what is wrong again, and Gulshen says Ayshe is fine but Defne hatun has gone into early labour and that Ayshe is waiting behind the door anxiously not leaving for a moment even. 

    Beyazid goes to see his daughter who says that Anne was telling her that when the baby is born Ayshe will be killed. Anne adds that her sister has made a mistake a big mistake and she will be punished. Atmaca tells Gulshen to take the kids away. Beyazid comments that there was time left, why is the baby being born so soon. A doctor goes in and Beyazid catches a glimpse of Defne.

    In Manisa, Selim returns and Lala who is there asks if he is well. He stops Gazanfer agha and asks him to explain what has happened. Gazzy says that Selim barely got away alive and that Beyazid's men were tough opponents. All the precautions (that Lala had set) went to waste. "You are giving wrong advice to our Shehzade" Lala: "I was against our Shehzade facing Shehzade Beyazid. Don't come to judgments on issues that are beyond your brain." He walks away and then Nurbanu arrives. 

    Selim is in his room when Nurbanu enters, he thinks it is Lala so he says he is not in the mood to see anyone but then he sees it is Nurbanu. Nur: "Thank God you are alive - Selim, what happened to you?" Selim: "What are you doing here?" Nur: "When I heard about the Beyazid matter I immediately set out at once, I know I am going against your order, but I couldn't just sit there not knowing what happened to you. Please understand me. Let me take a look at your wound. Does it hurt a lot?" 

    Suleyman is in his room when Sok and Rustem arrive. Sully: "Soon it will all be clear. Maybe you heard long before, Hurrem Sultan's condition is not good but I don't want people to treat her like she is ill. And I do not want to talk about this matter any further. Rustem Pasha, are you looking after the Jews who emigrated?" Rustem: 'Do not worry Hunkarim, I am in touch with Signor Mendes, we are overcoming the small issues that arise here and there, everything is happening as you ordered." Suleyman: "Mehmet Pasha, what is the situation of my head architect Sinan? For seven years the construction of my complex is continuing. It is not clear when it will be completed." Sok: "As you know Hunkarim, Sinan agha is very detail-oriented. He spends days and months on every corner. Due to this it is going slower than expected." Sully: "Speak with Sinan agha and find out when it will be completed. You may (both) leave." 

    Mihrimah is with her mother, there is a knock and Sumbul enters "Sultanim, our Hunkar is awaiting you in for dinner in his room." Hurrem: "Mihrimah, send word to Humashah, she can come to and we can all be together." Mih: "You be with our Hunkar alone tonight mother. From now on I am always here with you." 

    Outside in the hall Mihrimah asks Sumbul what can be done, are they merely going to sit around while her mother is dying and Sumbul responds that whatever is written that it is fate and that other than praying what else can they do? Then Mihrimah asks if the Shehzades have been informed because they should all come together and Sumbul responds that this was Hurrem's wish as well and word has been sent and soon they will all come and the noises of the children will give life to the palace and that Hurrem will gain some energy with this.

    Defne is in the throes of labour and it is a difficult one. Defne calls out for her baby and asks what is wrong with it and the doctor says that the baby is very small. Defne asks why no one answers and calls out for her baby, the baby finally cries. 

    Beyazid is speaking with Atmaca about Selim: "Do you think I made a mistake Atmaca?" At: "I hope you won't regret your decision one day and say to yourself that you wish you had thrust your sword (into Selim). As you know, they say malady grows from mercy." Lokman: "Allah does not show compassion to those who show no compassion themselves Tugrul Bey. I think our Shehzade did the right thing. God forbid, if you had taken Sh. Selim's life, how would you look at your mother Hurrem Sultan's face? More important, how would you have answered to your own conscience about this issue? You are a merciful Shehzade, this is what separates you from Sh. Selim." At: "No Shehzade got on the throne based on their mercy, Lokman agha. Also, mercy is not a one way street, in order to deserve mercy you have to earn it." Just then Gulshen kalfa arrives and says that Defne has given birth.

    We see the baby and Defne nearby who is asleep. Beyazid arrives and goes to his child. The doctor: "You have a son Shehzadem. Defne Hatun is well, we have given her medicine to keep her calm. But the baby is breathing with difficulty. He has been born too soon. If he lives it will be a miracle." Bey: 'Oh Allah save me. Shower your mercy Oh Lord." Beyazid: "Do whatever is needed" Doc: "We are doing as much as we can. From this point on it is up to Allah, we must just pray. God Willing our Lord will accept our prayers." Beyazid peeks at Defne then looks back at his baby and leaves.

    In the hall Lokman asks if he is still decisive on punishing Defne. Beyazid asks if this is the time and place to be talking about such things. Ayse and her new friend Anne arrive. She says her little brother has been born and she wishes to see him. Beyazid responds saying not yet because he is struggling for his life and that God Willing he will stay with them. He looks guiltily at Anne..

    Nurbanu speaks to Selim: "How could you go? How could you throw your life in danger, I cannot understand it. If I was here I would not have sent you." Selim: "I had to Nurbanu, Beyazid stomped over my pride. I couldn't let him get away with it." Nur: "How could you trust Lala Mustafa? Maybe he wrote that letter to have you killed!" Selim: "It is not like it did not pass through my mind...but I trust him. He chose the right side when he saw that he couldn't get anywhere with Beyazid. He is on my side." Nur: "Whatever you say must be true. But I beg you still be careful. If he is able to switch sides today on Beyazid, he will be able to do the same tomorrow on you. And while there is no reason, why did he even change his allegiances?"  Selim: 'Lala does whatever benefits him. Like most statesmen. Maybe there is a reason we do not know." Nur: "I thought about a lot on the road - I remembered what happened to your brother Mustafa's wife and her son. If something happened to you, I would not await anyone I would have killed myself and Murat." Selim "Shh, don't say such things." Nur: "I have a burning question: if in your place, it was you who had the sword on Sh. Beyazid's neck, would you have shown mercy like him or would you have taken his life?" Selim: 'I have thought of this also - our Hunkar is merciful too. But when the matter is about the throne, he does not even show mercy to his own child...because the one who shows mercy is the one who ends up needing mercy." 

    Lala is walking down the hall and comes across Fahriye who asks him what is going on and that she has heard the two shehzades had drawn swords against each other and that Hurrem had not sent him to make fights between the two brothers but to stop Sh. Selim! Then she adds that if something happens to one of them, he will not be able to answer to Hurrem Sultan. Lala says he has done whatever was in his power, and that she should not scold him and should take care of Nurbanu who has broken all rules and returned to Manisa. 

    Meanwhile Hurrem tells the doctor that she wishes to spend the night with Suleyman and that she wants to be free of any pains. The doctor gives her something to drink and tells her that it will lessen her pains. Hurrem drinks it and then the doctor leaves. Sumbul gets closer and Hurrem tells him: "In Bursa I met Mahidevran." Sumbul asks if she did anything crazy and Hurrem replies "I was expecting her to, but she surprised me. She met me peacefully. Seeing her after so many years and closing the accounts between us was good for me. There is one more account to settle - you will help me." Sumbul: "I swear Sultanim, whatever I can do, I am ready." Hurrem: "I want you to uncover a secret hidden for years. If you want, you can even find the silver feather behind the mountain of Kahf (The cave of the seven sleepers mentioned in the Qur'an located near modern day Amman, Jordan.)" Sumbul: 'Sultanim, what do you want from me? What do you want me to find?" Hurrem: "I want you to find Ibrahim pasha's grave."

    At night in Kutahya, Beyazid paces his room and then abruptly exits and visits his newborn. He asks the doctor how the baby is, who responds that unfortunately it is the same and that if they get passed the night then there will be some hope (for the baby). Beyazid asks Gulshen who the woman is and she answers they found a milkmaid for the baby and that hopefully Allah will save the little Shehzade. Gulshen says that the mother's end is obvious (Defne and her impending punishment). Just then Defne wakes up asking for her baby. "Be calm hatun" Defne: "What is wrong with my baby? Sheh...shehzadem...just for once may I hold him. Let me suckle him just once. I beg you Shehzadem, after that you can kill me." Beyazid allows her and she rushes over and holds and feeds her baby. Gulshen comments that hopefully the baby's mother's milk will be a cure for him. Defne looks over at Beyazid and says "May Allah be pleased with you my Shehzade."

    Hurrem goes to see Suleyman. Ferhat tells her at the door that Suleyman awaits her on the terrace. Suleyman is standing waiting for his wife with arms open. She happily goes towards his embrace! Hurrem: 'Like old times...you are looking at me again like old times." Sully: "Know that the love in my heart for you has never decreased Hurrem, just like a jewel that has been uncovered from beneath the earth, we dusted off the soil. I want every day and every night of mine to pass like this (together). I want you to stay in my room. Sleep beside me. It is enough for me to hear your breathing. Now no moment of mine should pass with you :') 

    Mihrimah is in her palace eating with her daughter Humashah, who asks what is wrong, why she did not even taste the food, and Mihrimah replies that she is not very hungry. Humashah tells her she is full and she wishes to return to her room. Mihrimah allows her and then her servant arrives. Mihrimah asks if Rustem pasha has not yet arrived and Hatice hatun, her servant says he has not, and he has not sent word either. Mihrimah wonders how in such a time he can leave her alone. Hatice hatun says that perhaps because of the stuff with Signor Pedro, Rustem must be still angry with her and that she does not want to say it, but that could it be that Rustem is seeing that Jewish Merchant? Mihrimah tells her to come to her senses and how dare she speaks like that, and has she heard or seen anything or is she simply slandering? Hatice Hatun says she has not seen or heard anything of course, but that she is just talking about a possibility and asks Mihrimah for forgiveness. Mihrimah says that Rustem could pay attention to that woman just to make her jealous, but that he won't go further than that because everyone knows about his loyalty to her. 

    Meanwhile, shock of all shocks, Rustem is with Gracia Mendez, who says that they (the Ottomans) always prefer wooden homes and that either a fire engulfs them, or termites infest them! Rustem asks her if this what she thinks about. She says that no, she is curious as to what he thinks about. Rustem says that the homes that live longer than them do so without their will and that they want the homes to die when they do. Gracia giggles and says she wants an answer to her second question: that his body is there but his mind is occupied elsewhere, and she wants to know who he thinking about? Is it Mihrimah Sultan? Rustem replies that he is thinking about Hurrem Sultan. She asks how Hurrem is and that she heard Suleyman called doctors from all over the world. Rustem replies that the docs could not find any solution to her illness and that he won't think they will ever and that they are all hopeless. Then he adds that "Our Sultana can die at any moment." Gracia: "Oh my God! So does this change things for you?" Rusty: "Not just for me. Hurrem Sultan's absence will change the fate of the world. She is such a Sultana that she carries within her such qualities in a harmonious way...She acts with her mind and her heart. She is conscientious/merciful and ruthless. She is both the most beautiful woman that this world can see, and she is also the possessor of courage that is rarely given to any man. Signora, after Hurrem Sultan, nothing will be the same!"

    PART 2

    Hurrem and Suleyman are on the terrace. Suleyman: "I am afraid Hurrem, for the first time in my life...meaning my fear in life is to be helpless." Hurrem: "I had fears too - of my hair turning grey, of my face showing wrinkles, of you not thinking I was beautiful anymore, of you not loving me. But I did not see any benefit in fearing...Suleyman, we are together now...this moment is eternal. Let us talk about our happy days. The day I first saw you. The time we first got to know each other. Life's most eternal, most beautiful moment." Suleyman: "I have known you since all the souls were created. I chose you as my mate even then, and we came together in this world." Hurrem: "Tell me. How did we get to know each other?" Suleyman: "Allah, the Lord of the worlds, when there was nothing on this earth, and even when there was no earth, created our souls. then he collected all of the souls in one location and asked: "Am I not your Lord?" The souls answered: "There is no doubt that you are our Lord!"
    We see Suleyman's Mosque and complex and he recalls it when it was in  it's beginning stages and he had Ibrahim's book buried. Suleyman: "All souls gave an oath at this point in time, up until the time where they came to this earth, and were given a body, so that they would not go back on their oaths. Those who were side by side in that time without a beginning, those who were friends, those who were enemies, and those who fell in love, when they arrived on this earth, they search for one another. Some will find each other, and some will continue to search until the end of their lives."
    Hurrem meanwhile is with Sumbul and they are in the forest. Sumbul says: 'I swear Sultanim, this is such a secret - I found one of Matrakci Nasuh Efendi's servants, and gave him lots of gold.." Hurrem: "Is Ibrahim here now?" Sumbul points forward.
    Sokollu says to Suleyman that he has told Sinan to hurry it up  but that his words did not have such a big effect on him, and that Sinan said that everything has a time and that he needs the time to make something worthy of Suleyman. Suleyman asks where Sinan is and Sokollu responds that he is not aware of Suleyman's visit and that he can go tell him if he wants. Suleyman steps forward and there is OH MY IT'S SINAN! who is beating a drum inside the prayer hall. Sokollu rushes inside and then he comes out to where Suleyman is waiting. "Hunkarim" Sully: "Sinan agha, what is this? Now I know why my complex has not been completed for years." Sinan: "Forgive my insolence but you are being unjust to your servant Sinan, my only concern is to make it beautiful. I am working night and day." Suleyman: "What I saw that nothing is being done and that on top of that you are sitting in a holy place and beating a drum! How dare you?" Sinan: "Hunkarim, permit me so I may explain. I was using this to see how the acoustics are inside. It is for me to get an understanding of whether or not a believer who is praying even at the back row can hear the voice of the Imam, who is leading the prayer in the front row. Even the whispered prayer (noise) will be lifted up."
    Hurrem says to Sumbul: "Unfortunate, he does not even have a tomb." Sumbul: "One who does bad deeds will find a bad end. Ibrahim Pasha found his appropriate end. He made you go through a lot. Let him see his punishment. You and our Hunkar will forever be remembered, but Ibrahim Pasha will be buried into the dark pages of history." Hurrem: "You think Ibrahim Pasha will be forgotten? If we are remembered centuries later, then he will also be remembered." Hurrem: "Ibrahim, Pargali Ibrahim. My mortal enemy Ibrahim. So you have become one with the earth, and your soul has joined the unseen world. I pray that you are hearing me now. I wanted to say these words when you were alive, while looking into your eyes but it was not destined. I have a debt to thank you, Ibrahim. I have lived a life that no one was destined for. And you had a great hand in this too. I am not going to deny this and become an unscrupulous person. You chose me for our Hunkar, even if you regretted it later, this is the truth. You and me Ibrahim, we were really the moths fluttering by the fire. That fire which is Sultan Suleyman. I stopped and knew my limits and my place. But you did not know your place. You went closer and closer, and then you burned. Souls are eternal. I know, that not today then tomorrow, the unclosed accounts will come out in front of me and we will meet again on that day Ibrahim."
    Sinan continues to explain to Suleyman, Sinan: "I have placed 256 empty large jars into the empty dome, and I plastered in between them with egg whites. I envisioned a room above the middle door. The soot that comes out from the candles will be gathered here, so that the rare porcelain motifs and calligraphy do not get damaged. We will also gather ink from this soot. I also placed ostrich eggs between the bowls of the candles, in order to keep insects away." Suleyman: "I have heard about your meticulousness, but it cannot continue this way Sinan agha. How much longer do you need? Six months, one year?" Sinan: "With Allah's permission, it will be completed soon. I would not want to extend it any longer and be ashamed in your presence.- Suleyman: "If you cannot finish on time, you should know that I will not only fire you from your duties, but I will make sure that you won't even hammer a nail."

    In the palace, Hurrem returns and Gulfem watches her as she walks by.
    Sumbul and Hurrem go to her room. Sumbul tells her she is tiring herself out and what is the need to tire herself out so much. He pours some medicine for her in her drink and prays for her. She drinks it and then Sumbul asks if there is any wish, or anything she craves to eat or drink that he could bring for her? Hurrem says she does crave something. Sumbul says that she should order him and he will get it. Hurrem replies that no one should hear about it though, especially the Sultan... then she says coffee. Sumbul smiles.
    Beyazid is lost in thought, his children in front of him. Gulshen arrives and says that God has answered their prayers. Beyazid thanks God and holds his son. Gulshen says as all the children gather round - "our little Shehzade is small but strong. His mother's milk helped. Gave our Shehzade health." Bey: "My little Mehmet...my tiny brave shehzade of mine!" Beyazid says to Lokman that he can let for now that his son grows stronger, and then later they may punish Defne.
    Fahriye is speaking with Selim: "My Shehzade, it is not right that Nurbanu Sultan is found here. She must be with Shehzade Murad. I am reminding you about Hurrem Sultan's final decision." There is a knock and it is Nurbanu who says "It is obvious you came here to cause unhappiness or unrest, what is your problem?" Fah: "I was reminding our Shehzade that it was not suitable for you to be here. You came here without permission." Nur: "Do not trust Fahriye's words, my place is here next to you. It is obvious all the things that happened while I was away. Do not permit to send me away, it is better if I die." Selim: "Nurbanu Sultan will stay here with me along with her daughters. My son Murad will be accompanied by his Lala. Nurbanu you can go and visit him from time to time." Fahriye: "And the rules Shehzade?" Selim: "Those rules are not written in stone Fahriye...at one time my mother did not go to Mehmet's sanjak but stayed with our Hunkar."
    Hurrem is with Gulfem. Hurrem: "I consider myself fortunate to be able to walk towards death in this manner." Gulfem: "Allah forbid! What does that mean??" I was poisoned many times. Daggers, rocks. and so on...I was saved from all of it. But, what no one could do to me, my body did to me." Gulfem: "The Hurrem Sultan I knew, for all these years fighting in order to get her sons on the throne will certaintly see that day when it finally comes." Hurrem: "I fought that war to protect my children. Not so one of them could get on the throne because that would mean me losing Sultan Suleyman and the meaning of my life! Thank God that my Lord will not show me the pain of losing him!" Gulfem: "You say that but this time our Hunkar will taste this pain." Hurrem: "That is why I called you. I am entrusting our Hunkar to you when I am gone. I have no doubt you will look after him very well. Never leave him alone. Stay next to him, give him strength with your presence." Gulfem: "Be rest assured Sultanim. If you are gone then I will do the best that I can do." Hurrem: "I wish to rest for a while." She is in pain but refuses Gulfem who leaves.
    Rustem is in his room when Mihrimah arrives. He greets her. "Hopefully you have a good explanation Rustem. You weren't around last night." Rusty: 'I was in the palace." Mih: "Because of my mother's condition, I am not making a sound, but these doings of yours are unacceptable. From this point on if you are not home a single night, the doors will close on you and you will stay outside." Rustem: "Since you have ordered me like this, my neck is lowered for you Sultanim." Mih: "Are you joking with me?" She is dizzy and he rushes to her. "are you okay, are you ill?" Mih: "Don't be surprised after all this sadness and grief" He hands him something and she says she doesn't want it as her stomach is nauseous. Rustem: "Your doctor Pedro isn't here unfortunately and your other doctors unfortunately can't and other than praying you can't do anything." Mih: 'It is cause of Pedro isn't it that you do not come at nights? You want to get revenge on me because of Pedro." Rustem calls for Mihrimah's servant telling her to take her Sultana and tells Mih "go to your palace and rest."
    Hatice hatun asks Mihrimah what is wrong and what has happened. Mihrimah says: "Rustem Pasha thinks that I am trying to attract his attention, but even the water I drink makes me want to throw up." Hatice Hatun: "Something has happened to you  Sultanim...when you eat a morsel, you throw up. You are always tired. I am witness." Mihrimah: 'or am I ?"
    We see Yakup in the market and he is so happy to see Sumbul and they hug and greet each other. He asks what this all this is. Yakup says he is trying to do something new. Sumbul: "You have not learned anything from me! Have you? Is this the business lesson I left to you??" Sumbul: 'I have something to ask you...I need coffee...only you would know where to find it." Yakup: " Sultan Suleyman banned it, Ebu Suud Efendi had all the coffee shops closed, why are you asking me?!" Sumbul tells him to be quiet. Then a woman comes and she says had ordered some coffee from him, and Sumbul realizes he has been sneakily selling coffee and commands him to take him there.

    He makes them wait and then he goes inside. The woman says: "Have you also become addicted to coffee? They say that it became famous because of Hurrem Sultan!" Woman 2: "She is the one that got us addicted to it. Our Hunkar then banned it... Do you know her?" Sumbul: "How could I not? I am her closest servant, Sumbul agha." Woman: "Ohhh, then please, they say she is very ill, is it true?" Sumbul: 'If you say a single bad word I'll -" Woman: "Oh no, do not look at what the insolents say! May Allah be pleased with Hurrem Sultan. She has really helped us women. If we have a morsel to eat it is because of her!" Woman# 2: "This world has never seen such a woman, nor shall it see from now on! Good on her! She did what no one else before her could do!" Woman 1: "It is true by God! She came as a Russian slave, but, she became Sultana of the Sultans and ruled the world!!" Woman # 2: "Men don't love her because of this!" Woman 1: "Since I was young, with my sister I was in her complex, we ate a lot of her bread, we pray for her everyday because of this. Tell her please." Sumbul: "I will tell her. May our Lord spare our Sultana for her loved ones!" Yakup comes and hands them the coffee and says that no one must know he is part of it or he will be in a lot of trouble. Then he gives some to Sumbul. Yakup: "You forgot something agha...money!" Sumbul: "You rude person! You sold my belongings and made a fortune for yourself and now you want money from me?" Yakup: "I am joking, the store is yours. May this be for our respect to Hurrem Sultan...on the house :)"

    Zal goes to Rustem and says "Pasha Hazretleri, Hurrem Sultan is waiting along with Mihrimah Sultan in the garden."
    Rustem arrives to the gardens. Rustem: "Sultanim, you called me?" Mihrimah: "When I was with you my condition...you thought it was just me being whiny right?" Rustem: 'It is true isn't it? Your purpose is to make me upset and unhappy right?" Hurrem: "What is going on with you two like this? What is this animosity between you? Mijhrimah has a happy news for you, that is why I called you." Mih: "I am pregnant Rustem. We shall have a child." Hurrem: "I do not know if I will be destined to see it, may it be for the best, May God let it grow up alongside it's mother and father." Mihrimah waits for a reaction from Rustem.

    Meanwhile, Lokman arrives with Gulshen and Defne says: "Do you think we should wash Mehmet?" Lokman: "You will come with me hatun. Has the time come Gulshen Kalfa? Is it today? Speak?" Gulshen: "I don't know anything about this matter hatun, don't ask me anything." Her sister and Ayshe hug her. She goes out. Gulshen tries to comfort the children.

    Beyazid waits in his room and there is a knock and Defne enters, and says: "So the time has come. Please look after my child well, please don't raise him in anger because of my mistakes and I beg you to be wary of your brother and his devil wife. Save yourself from them." Bey: "Enough hatun! Don't cry. I am forgiving you for the sake of your son." Defne is relieved and falls at his feet. "I swear to you my only fear was to be separate from you, my son, and my sister... My only wish was for you to accept me." He caresses her face and then leaves...
    Sumbul has made Hurrem the coffee and she says she had missed it and Sumbul tells her not to drink too much it might harm her. She is shocked and gets up as Suleyman is announced. He asks what is going on and if something happened. Hurrem says that nothing has happened, that she was talking to Sumbul. He sees the coffee equipment and sits down motioning for her to sit. Suleyman: "I went to the construction site of my complex today. Sinan agha is quite an expert. He has taken into consideration such things that I was in a state of shock -" Hurrem: "God Willing, we shall pray together." Suleyman: "God Willing...what is that sound?" Sumbul: "I will find out at once Hunkarim."
    Outside we see women have gathered: "Aghas, please permit us, I we have come to see our Sultana, believe us we have no bad intention." Sumbul says: "I have never seen such a thing before I swear." Then he calls out and Hurrem and Suleyman step out onto the terrace. Sumbul: "Sultanim, come look" She sees all the women. The woman start shouting "Long live Hurrem Sultan! May Allah be pleased with you! Get well soon!" 
    They line up to see her and kiss her robes. one says  "We will never forget you or the way you helped us." Another says: "(she mumbles something I can't hear) May God be pleased with you." And one by one they all kiss her robe and express their love and gratitude for her.
    At night, we see the pheonix wings reflect against the walls and inside Suleyman and Hurrem are asleep. Hurrem wakes up from the noise of the fluttering of wings and Suleyman wakes up too. They sit on the terrace together. Hurrem: "I wake up from my sleep with it's screeching. A bird is calling. A violent bird  but I am not afraid of it, it is as if I know it. Then I hear its wings flapping, wings that cover the span of the entire sky. I have not seen, but I know it. It is the phoenix that is talked about in stories. It is calling me." Suleyman: 'Do not take everything negatively. Perhaps the phoenix is a sign of you being reborn (in health)." Hurrem: "Perhaps death is facing me in the form of a phoenix." This troubles Suleyman...he recalls Cihangir asking  for the "girl who brings the roses"  and Ferhat's response that there are those who the angels take their souls peacefully and in a happy state. It shows itself as to good people in a beautiful way and to bad people in an ugly way. Suleyman repeats Ferhat's words and Hurrem nods and says: 'Thank God in that case it means my good deeds must be more than my bad." Suleyman: "My son Cihangir in the last days of his life, at the army base, was experiencing the smell of roses." Suleyman: "Death met my son as a beautiful heavenly girl" Hurrem: "Suleyman, let us make a mosque in Cihangir's name, and let our son, who is walking in the gardens of heaven, let his name be remembered. Let people pray for him." Suleyman: "That has been on my mind for quite some time." Hurrem: "Let us build it in such a place that whoever looks at it from wherever, let them remember his beautiful rosy face." Suleyman: "I know exactly where to have it built Hurrem."
    In the morning in Kutahya, Beyazid tells Atmaca that the fact that he was called with his entire family means that the situation is serious and that they are being called immediately. Atmaca asks if it might be about the incident with Shehzade Selim. Beyazid says that that is the only thing that comes to mind and that most likely Selim described the situation in his own words and blamed Beyazid. Atmaca asks where this issue will end. Beyazid says that they will see and that he has nothing to hide.
    Selim has also just read the letter and Nurbanu says that if they have called them about Shehzade Beyazid, then why have she and her children been also called. Selim says that he knows only as much as she does and that when they go they shall find out. Nurbanu says that if Beyazid described everything then they cannot just sit idly. Selim says that Nurbanu is right and asks Lala if the chest that Beyazid sent is still there, the clothing and the letter. Lala says yes and Selim says that when they go they will also take those with them. Lala says this is what he thought also and that those items will explain everything to the Sultan a lot better than words will and he tells Selim to be certain that the Sultan will make Beyazid pay for it (be punished).
    Sumbul is with Hurrem. Sumbul: 'It is all here Sultanim. The gifts sent from all around the world, including from the Polish princess, the Venetian Dogde and many other noble families. On top of this, the Austrians, Russians and Persians have also sent gifts. Then he points to some other stuff and says "and these are the gifts from our Hunkar to you." Hurrem: 'Leave only this box here (the Hunkar's gifts). This ring...I want to be buried a testament of my love." Sumbul: "May Allah prolong your life." Hurrem: "We can give out the rest of the precious jewels...send some of them to my charity complex, hand them out to the poor and needy women. Some of them hand out in the harem...the aghas and cariyes...let them be happy too. Don't forget about Lokman and Fahriye." Sumbul: "As you order Sultanim, they are all coming with our Shehzades anyway." Hurrem: "I wish to leave some memento for you too. More accurately I want you to protect something." Sumbul: "Sultanim, please don't do this..."

    Hurrem: "Listen to me. My life...everything I went through, whatever I lived through, I have written here. Whatever about me, known and unknown is written in these pages. Inside, there are also some documents. Including my documents of freedom and being a free woman. Also my charity work...I don't want to be forgotten Sumbul." Sumbul: "What kind of words are those, Sultanim, how could you be forgotten? As long as the world stands, people will remember you and pray for you." Hurrem: "Not everyone will. Some will curse me. They will say I am a witch, and will use words that cannot be spoken. For this reason this diary is important. Guard it in the nicest place in the palace, let everyone know,  especially my grandchildren should read it. Let them describe me from generation to generation. Let them know that a Hurrem Sultan lived in this palace. I ordered Sinan agha to build a dervish lodge in Cihangir's name. I transferred the land near it to you." Sumbul: "Sultanim don't...you already have given me the world." Hurrem: "It is important for people to have mosques and lodges for their worship, but for women, for the women's happiness I want to do something. I wish to have a hamam built that would suit my name. They will visit it to forget the sorrows of the world." Sumbul: "Sultanim I swear the women will never forget you and will always be in your debt." Hurrem shouts in pain. She tells him not to worry but to take her to to the sofa.

    The next day Hurrem is walking through the gardens. Her situation is deteriorating. We see her on the terrace and in the bed taking medicine. Then on the terrace in Suleyman's arms.
    In the morning Suleyman is in his room with Hurrem and Ferhat arrives telling them that their sons have arrived. 
    Beyazid and Selim dismount and walk together. Beyazid: "You didn't stop, you have complained about me haven't you? There is no other explanation for us to be here at the same time." Selim: "Beyazid, if I had complained about you, you would not be alive right now. I also do not know why we have come here." They see Mihrimah who greets her brothers and hugs them and welcomes them. Selim: "Why has our Hunkar called us here, do you know?" Mihrimah: 'Come with me"
    The boys enter their father's room and kiss his hand. Selim: 'Mother, why did you not say you were ill before? How can you hide this?" Bey: "What is happening to you mother?" Hurrem: "While I thought they would hug my neck and we could catch up, I am hearing scolding." They kiss her hands. Hurrem: "My lion shehzades. I have missed you so much. Selim, what happened to your face?" Selim: "Nothing important mother, I was practicing and it was a small accident." Hurrem: "My grandchildren, have they come as well? For long I have missed them!" Selim: "They have come mother, my Sh. Murat is here too. He joined us on the way." Bey: "My children are asking for you." Hurrem: "I heard you have had a new son..." Bey: "It is true, I have given him the name of my deceased brother Mehmet." Hurrem and Suleyman smile at each other. Hurrem: "May Allah grant Mehmet a long life."
    Sumbul has heard about what has happened from Lokman and Fahriye. Then he asks what the outcome will be and Lokman says that perhaps Hurrem will speak to them and will make sure that they smarten up. Fahriye says they will listen to her last wish of course. Sumbul says no way, and that they shall not sadden Hurrem for no reason and that no matter what she did it did not work, she even traveled to Manisa and it did not work. He adds that now everything is left up to the Shehzade's consciences and that Hurrem wants to spend her last moments in peace, and he warns them not to speak a word of it all because of this!
    Nurbanu is saying: "I left here with bad memories last time. May Allah not let us live through that again." Canfeda: "Amin Sultanim." Defne has also come and meets Nurbnau: " What are you doing here? Did Beyazid not order your execution." (sorry but right now I can't really deal with Nurbanu she is annoying me!!!!!) Defne: "He understood that I was innocent and he forgave me. He knows I became sacrificed to a devil like you." Nur: "Insolent. How do you speak to me like this?" Defne: "There is no cariye standing in front of you. I am the shehzades favourite and the mother of a shehzade. Don't forget that we both come from the same lands. I will read what is in your mind and act before you. From now on, if you try to harm a hair on my Shehzade's head, I won't have mercy, know it."
    Rustem is in his office and Beyazid arrives. Rustem: "Welcome my Shehzade, I wish we did not have to meet under such terrible circumstances." Bey: "Our pain is indescribable. It is difficult to say goodbye to my mother. When I saw her in Manisa she was not doing good. But the doctor had said it was nothing important right Lala?" Lala: "At that time, they were not properly able to diagnose her. When I found out of our Sultana's condition, believe me I was shaken up."
    Rustem: "In these times I do not want to speak of it, but these last few incidents between you and your brother are extremely disconcerting." Bey: "When was it not disconcerting? Neither the oath he made to my mother, nor the blood that he carries in his veins can stop Selim. He is always after treachery." Rustem: "Seeing as how he even took Hurrem Sultan against him Allah forbid who knows what he will do in her absence." Bey: "This is not the time to speak of this. My mother will recover, this is my hope." Rusty: "Be rest assured Shehzdem, under all circumstances you will be able to trust us." Lala: "I will continue to be your eyes and ears in Manisa, Shehzadem. I am always at your beckon."
    In the next scene, Sokullu is telling Nurbanu and Selim that everybody has been shaken to the core. Selim: "I still can't believe it... My mother, and death, I thought these two things would never come side by side." Sok: "The absence of our Sultan will cause such a earthquake that it could possibly destroy everything. But life will continue on.. We will feel our pain and live through our mourning, and we will prepare ourselves for the future." Selim: "Allah is Great, Sokullu. My mother might get better..."

     Nur: "Allah willing, Shehzadem. It would be good to listen to Mehmet Pasha's words. Hurrem Sultan's absence will change all of our lives." Sok: "We are both thinking of your future, Shehzadem. I must take all precautions for you." Nur: "Hurrem Sultan was standing in between you and Sh. Beyazid. From now on you will be head to head. Soon there will be no strength to keep you both apart from each other." Selim: "We will discuss these when the time comes." Sok: "Whenever you wish, Shehzadem."
    In Hurrem's room, Hurrem tells Lokman and Fahriye: "So he forgave that hatun... Beyazid... If I called him bewildered, it would be accurate." Lok: "Our Shehzade gave into the needs of his child, if you saw our Shehzade, he was so small and weak. If it was anybody else, he would have definitely taken her life, but our Shehzade has a heart of gold." Hurrem: "Why did Nurbanu leave from Aydin?" Fah: "She was not able to resist her longing for Sh. Selim. He decided that her staying with him would be fine." Hurrem: "Call her immediately." Fah: "I wouldn't want her to disturb you..." Hurrem: "Immediately!"
    Mihrimah is speaking with Beyazid and Selim in the garden: "Our mother tried to stay alive for our sake for years in this palace. She has sacrificed a lot! She went through so many dangers to make sure you were both safe. Despite this, you have both upset her more than any of her enemies could. What is up to us now is to keep our mother very happy in her final days... I don't want any fighting, otherwise you will find me in front of you." Selim: "I will do whatever is necessary." Bey: "Be calm Mihrimah, our mother is more important than anything else..."

    PART 3

    Nurbanu is with Sumbul and he warns her not to speak of the latest incident because she does not know about it. Nurbanu tries her "how dare you" with Sumbul but he silences her and says that he is in great pain and he will take it out on her if she is not silent. Nurbanu enters Hurrem's room.  Nur: "I was intending to come and wish you well. Hopefully you will recover." Hurrem: "I called you here because I thought you would want to know why you are still breathing, because of my Shehzade Selim's love for you. Just for him not to be sad. I allowed that you be sent away. But you took this as me being weak is that right?" Nur: "No Sultanim, I have done some bad things in the past it is true, I am living the life that you chose for me.You chose me Sultanim. Whatever I did, I did it for Shehzade Selim and my children. It was for the man who I loved to stay alive. Your story has always lightened my way. But there is a difference between your story and mine. When you won our Hunkar's heart, he had already gotten on the throne. In front of our love there stands a huge test." Hurrem: "You think you will see that day?" Nur: "Don't doubt it. One day this palace will become my home. One day I will stay in this room. You know very well, eras change and my era will start." Hurrem stands and faces her. Hurrem: "I came here by passing through fire and coals. I did not sit at the table of kitties, but at the table of lions. Since this is your intention. Then get ready to  burn." Nur: "I am ready Sultanim. I have taken everything into consideration." Hurrem: "great. You may leave." When Nurbanu leaves she says: "This time I do not want mistakes. This hatun will die." Fahriye: "Be certain I will take her life."

    Outside there is announcement that Sultan Suleyman that the first prayer to be prayed in Suleyman's Mosque will be prayed on Friday and that on the same day, there will be meals for the women, children, poor and needy people.

    Sumbul has arrived on the terrace and tells Hurrem that Rustem has come. Hurrem asks if Suleyman is in the gardens and Sumbul replies that he is with the Shehzades. Hurrem tells him to let Rustem come.

    Rustem enters and greets Hurrem. Hurrem: 'The time has come to speak to you Rustem. It is obvious what will happen when I am gone. Even while I am here they cannot stop going at each other. My absence might be the reason for a huge calamity." Rustem: "God forbid Sultanim, and God willing what you said will not come to pass." Hurrem: "This relies on you more than anyone else. You will prevent this war. You will protect my shehzades from each other as well as the wrath of Sultan Suleyman. " Rustem: "I will do everything within my power." Hurrem: "You will swear to me. You will put your hand on the Quran and swear an oath." Rustem kneels, kisses the Quran three times and then pplaces his hand on it "Allah is my Witness, that I swear to do whatever is in my grasp to prevent the Shehzades from fighting, and to protect them from our Hunkar's wrath. I promise." Hurrem: "Great. You will be by their side in my absence, and you will guide them, especially Beyazid." Rustem has tears and he kisses his mother in law's hand.

    Suleyman rides out with his sons to his grand Mosque. Hurrem and Mihrimah ride in a carriage. Then we see him and his entourage walking through the entrance gates. We see Hurrem's tent as she watches. Suleyman is presented the key by Sinan. Suleyman: "Your efforts in this mosque are huge Sinan, your night and day got mixed into each other. I spoke with Ebusuud and he approved, as much as this mosque is built in my name, it is your legacy. Your work. Your handiwork and your soul are in this Mosque. It is your right." Sinan: 'This is a great honour Hunkarim, if you permit I would like this key to stay with Calligraphy master Kara Hisar. While he was working on the unmatched beauty of the calligraphy in the Suleymaniye, he lost his eyes (he became blind). If you see it suitable, we should give the keys to him. " Suleyman: "It is suitable." The calligrapher is presented the key for safe keeping. Suleyman looks at his mosque says a prayer under his breath and enters along with his sons. The doors are opened. It is magnificent like him.

    Hurrem is in her tent when Suleyman arrives. Hurrem: "These eyes didn't close without seeing such a beauty, thank God." (doesn't she also look quite beautiful here guys?) What else could be more beautiful to carry your legacy than this?" Suleyman: "This is now my heart Hurrem. Years will pass and my heart will continue to beat here." Hurrem: "If that is the case, if this is your heart than accept my last wish. Let them bury me here in your heart."

    It is night and Hurrem lies sleeping in Suleyman's arms. She wakes to the sounds. She gets up and goes towards the terrace doors. She sees the phoenix again. Suleyman finds her on the floor in the morning. Hurrem: "Suleyman, today is my last day. The sun has risen for me for the last time. I am not afraid anymore. I am not afraid of death. I am ready to face my sins. Whatever my punishment is let me face it. If it is my right, I am ready to meet my Lord and be reunited with my loved ones in heaven. Suleyman?" Suleyman: 'Tell me" Hurrem: "I want a huge table to be set and I want all my loved ones to come together."

    The table is set in the gardens and the servants are placing all the plates. Hurrem is getting ready, she looks at her ring. She is announced in the harem and all the cariyes bow to her as she looks down from the balcony, then she walks past them and they all look at her.

    Outside everyone is standing waiting for her arrival, including Suleyman, standing for his Queen. She arrives and they bow. She smiles at her grandchildren, her children and then reaches her husband and bows to him and he takes her hand and leads her to his throne to sit next to him and she does.

    He motions for everyone to sit and start eating, Suleyman can't take his eyes off her. Hurrem watches her children and recalls her words: "Mihrimah, do not ever forget, you will be responsible for our Hunkar and your brothers from now on. You must be strong. My beautiful angel. You already have what you need."

    Mihrimah smiles at her mother who smiles back. Then Selim looks at her. She recalls her words to him: "Be purified of your fears. Fear invites anger and bad things. When the time comes be brave. You can only achieve the things you deserve with bravery." Then she looks to Beyazid: "Do not lessen the mercy that is in your heart, but also give your decisions like a ruler. In order to stay alive and to achieve victory, there will always be times where you ignore your merciful side. The most important, Beyazid, is to stay alive. Whatever happens stay alive." She is smiling but her smile fades.

    Hurrem has also said to Sumbul: "I have prepared these chests for my shehzades. They will go with Selim and Beyazid." Sumbul: 'What is in them?" Hurrem: "Do as I say, but not right now. When I have died and gone from this world, then you can send them. After my funeral."

    Hurrem's monologue: "Everyone's death is in its own colour. My death is one that is wrapped in a scarlet coloured fire, of which the ground is blue and with an emerald sea. Everyone's heaven is with them. Mine is a the eternal stage of flowering and emerging. It is a fruitful garden  that has devoted itself to love from head to toe. I am Alexandra La Rossa. A Ukrainian slave that was sold to the Ottoman Palace. A slave that was taken from the Dinyeper River (Dnieper River) to the Black Sea. A slave whose mother, father and siblings have been killed. Every moment I pray on top of these massive waves to go to heaven and be reunited with my family. Alexandra, who at seventeen years old, learned the grief and oppressiveness of this world, and who aged one thousand years in one day, and who gave up on living, the one who had no one, Alexandra. 

    "I am Alexandra la Rossa, I have never shared my grief with anyone. I threw my pain in a deep well. I dumped them into the sea. The wave came and took them away. I answered all the things that hurt me with laughter. I only cried my tears for my family. I created a Sultana out of this slave girl. And now, I am in the place where my life and my fate changed, in Sultan Suleyman's Palace. The Palace I had wanted to destroy on their heads is now my home. How could I have  known that my heart that stopped for revenge, would start to beat again for love? I am Hurrem. Sultan Suleyman's slave. His cariye. His Sultana. The mother of his five children. His lawfully wedded wife Hurrem. I was loved and I still gained the hatred of my enemies. I gave life (bore children)  and I took it. I am the one who rose from being a slave to the top of the world. I am the one who passed through fire and ambush. I burned and I put fires out."

    Suleyman is helped by Suleyman down the hall with difficulty she falls into his arms like the first time they met and she says his name in that same fateful hallway :'( and smiles and then he takes her hand and leads her forward. 

    Down the hall they go until they come to the corridor outside his room. He yells for help and they take her to her bed then he yells for the doctor. But she whispers his name. "I am leaving. Do not take your eyes away from my eyes. Do not let go of my hand. "

    Continued Monologue of Hurrem: "I am Hurrem Sultan.  I am the soul of all the women in the world. And all of my being is hidden in the love of the ruler of my heart."

    Hurrem: "Suleyman" Suleyman: 'Tell me Sultanim" Hurrem: 'Years ago you wrote a poem for me. I want to hear that."


    "My musk, my amber, my being, 
    my love, my shining moon,
    My closest friend, the one I share my secrets with, my being, the chief of beauty, my beautiful sultana.

    My life, my existence, my wine of Kevser (a river in paradise), my heaven,

    My spring, my happiness, my love, my rose, oh my rose that smiles.

    My sycamore tree, my orator, the one that I look at,

    My vegetable garden with roses.

    My wish, my most valuable pearl,

    My morning, my conversation, my evening!

    My happiness, my celebration, my amusing council, 
    My resin, my sun, my candle!

    My orange, my pomegranate, the one, who in the evening, is the light that I reunite with lovingly in my chambers,
    My intelligent one, my efendi, the one that is hidden away, the one that is clear.

    My counsel, my Sultan, my Padishah, my leader, 
    My life in this worldly nation!

    My plant, my sugar, my treasure!
    My happiness in this world! 

    My beloved, my Yusuf (Prophet Joseph, who is considered to be the most beautiful human being ever created)...

    My life, my existence, the home in my soul,
    My Istanbul, my Karaman (another province in the Ottoman Empire), my love that is worth more than everything contained within Rome.

    My Badakhshan (Afghani/Tajik province), my Kipchak (a Khaganate), my Baghdad, my Khorasan,
    My love with beautiful hair, bow-shaped eyebrows, eyes that burn and are mischievous, I am addicted!

    If I die, you would be responsible for it, because you tormented me by entering by blood, help me, oh my unbelievably beautiful love.

    At your door, I constantly compliment you, I praise you, it is as if I have been assigned the duty of constantly flatter/praise you.
    My heart is filled with grief, my eyes are filled with tears, I am Muhibbi (literally meaning the one who loves), I, the man who loves..."

    He can't take it. How can he? "Hurrem?" He calls her name over and over and then lifts her up and holds her close and cries. 
    Suleyman continues: "My heart is filled with grief, my eyes are filled with tears, I am Muhibbi (literally meaning the one who loves), I, am happy."
    THE END.

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