• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 134 Preview Translation

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Suleyman starts to prepare himself to say farewell to Hurrem. Mihrimah becomes destroys when she learns the truth about Hurrem's situation. Selim and Beyazid, who have come to the Capitol for Hurrem, declare a ceasefire between them.

    Hurrem finds out the truth about the secret that has been kept for years. She visits her arch-enemy Ibrahim Pasha at his grave, to clear the accounts between them.

    Hurrem, who sees Nurbanu’s over-enthusiasm for the throne, orders her to be put to death! The Suleymaniye mosque, which is the symbol of Suleyman's rule, is completed! Hurrem's last wish of Suleyman causes confusion. Hurrem Sultan, who ruled the world, faces death in the arms of Suleyman.

    As time comes to a halt at the palace, a final winter season begins for Suleyman... Suleyman is very aware of the fact that death is approaching the love of his love, the one who he has captivated himself with. Suleyman buries his pain into his heart and does whatever is in his power to make Hurrem happy in her final days. Hurrem only wants her loved ones to come together.

    Beyazid, who has returned to the palace, learns that Defne has given birth. As Defne is waiting for her execution, Beyazid is faced with a choice to choose between his mercy, or his anger.

    Selim, who cannot get passed the shock that he has gone through, finds solace with the arrival of Nurbanu. The news that Selim and Beyazid receive from Suleyman shock them, and they decide to declare a ceasefire for the tranquility of Hurrem.

    Hurrem is fully aware of the storms that will take place in her absence. She makes Rustem take an oath to do what is in his power to prevent war from breaking out between the Shehzade's, however, it will not be possible to stand against fate.

    When Mihrimah finds out about her mother's illness, she tries to take comfort in Rustem, but she is heartbroken to see that Rustem takes a nonchalant attitude towards her.

    A surprise makes everyone happy, especially Mihrimah and Rustem. Suleyman's heart opens up to the Suleymaniye mosque. As Hurrem breathes in her final breaths in Suleyman's arms, life starts to lose meaning for Suleyman.

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