• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 133 Translation

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    Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 133 English Translation

    Hurrem and Suleyman look at each other and they smile and then Hurrem leaves to meet him and he does the same. They find each other face to face in the hallway. They embrace. Hurrem: "I have been waiting for such a long time." Suleyman: "I do not want a single day of mine to pass without you. I don't want my life to pass by without you." She looks at him and realizes and pulls away "you know, Suleyman" He hugs her tightly.

    They are together. She says: `'Sumbul told you didn't he?" Suleyman: 'Whatever this illness is, with Allah's Will you will overcome it." He sits next to her and he says: "Even if the cure is beneath the earth, I will do whatever it takes and cure you Hurrem. And I will not let go of your hand for a single moment, I will always be beside you." Hurrem nods, then she says "Let whoever say what they want, this illness is not remaining, it shall pass. My Lord Who gives afflictions also provides the cures, I won't succumb to death, I want you to know this. But I want something from you - do not tell anyone this, specifically my children. " Suleyman: "Of course no one will know about it. But we will do whatever is necessary to find a cure, we will find the cure." Hurrem: "I only have one cure" and he looks at her with anticipation of what he is sure she will say next - Hurrem: "Your eyes." He smiles, he knew it! But there is more, she says: "And unfortunately even they are looking at me with pity. With your permission." And she leaves...He goes out after her, slightly limping. He does not say anything as she turns the corner and is out of sight, but he turns to Ferhat and says: "Send word to the doctor woman to come, and the head doctor too, whoever is in the hospital should  just all come." 

    Hurrem enters her room and finds Sumbul there. She pauses, then turns: "I had warned you many times - no one must know - " Sumbul: "Sultanim, how could I have continued to hide it and additionally, the person that I informed is not a random person, he is our Hunkar!" Hurrem: "I especially asked you to keep it from him" Sumbul: `'The things the doctor woman said caused a negative whisper inside me...I thought I would tell our Hunkar..that he might find a solution. Sultanim, please don't, I could not have just watched..." Hurrem: "Who cares what the doctor said...how could you expose my secret...because of you look at the condition that I have befallen to..Everyone will find out. I don't want you in my palace anymore. Get lost. I do not even want to see your face. Get lost." Sumbul leaves.

    Suleyman is in his room when Ferhat arrives and informs him all of the medical personnel that he requested have arrived. Suleyman orders them in and asks for the doctor woman to report what is afflicting Hurrem Sultana. He tells her to speak up, and tells the other doctors to listen carefully, so that they can find a cure for the illness. Doctor woman: "I have been looking into our Sultana's situation for about one month, since she went to go see Shehzade Selim in Manisa. Initially, a dark boil formed on her skin, just underneath her neck."

    We then see Sumbul in the hallway, hobbling along in a state of deep sadness, he is naturally crying...

    Back in the room, the doctor woman says that she has seen similar situations before, and that whatever solution she has tried before, have never worked, and all of the patients passed away. Suleyman: "Who are you to decide on who passes away and who lives? Is it your place??" Doctor woman: "Never! That is up to Allah to decide! I just wanted to get across the seriousness of the situation..." Suleyman asks the head doctor if what she is saying is accurate. Head doctor: "It is difficult to say anything concrete without doing an examination, however, if the illness is as she describes it, then the end is always grave." Suleyman: "Don't even bring this to your mind as a possibility! This cursed illness is an enemy! We will definitely overcome it in the end! Call all of the most qualified and experienced doctors, immediately! All of the major names in the science of medicine will meet here, and you will all consult with one another and will find a solution. Hurrem Sultana will get cured! If anyone even thinks otherwise, I will take their heads!"

    In the next scene, Selim is having Lala Mustafa scribe a letter to Suleyman: "To my powerful and peaceful Hunkarim, my dear father... I regret having to write this letter to you... Should I say embarrassment instead?" Lala: "Yes, that would be more fitting... If you wish, you can continue like this: 'However, I am in a difficult situation. The events that have occurred between Beyazid and I have come to such a state that it is imperative for you to know about everything that has been going on... If I hide these truths from you, I would be betraying you." Selim: "Great. You are also going to write that he rallied his troops and brought them here to my gate, right?" Lala: "Of course! Also, I must say that you made the best choice by sending Nurbanu Sultana to the Aydin sanjak. It is important for you to keep Hurrem Sultan happy." Selim: "I pray that they reached there safely. I miss all of my children." Lala: "Let some time pass... They will definitely return soon. Nobody will see, and nobody will know." 

    Meanwhile Beyazid: "Shehzade Selim won't keep his word Atmaca. I am as sure as I am of my name." At: "I wish it was the opposite but Sh. Selim has made his intentions clear. Do not forget my Shehzade, the important thing is to not fall for your brother's games anymore." Bey: "Is this brotherhood? He should continue to pray for my mother, if it was not for her, I knew how to handle him." Huseyin arrives on his horse.

    Selim meanwhile is with Lala. "I understood for a second time that, if God forbid, my father dies, May Allah preserve him, Beyazid will take his place, with everybody's support including my mother's." Lala: "My only goal is to prevent that from happening my Shehzade. Do not worry, this letter will do the trick." Selim: "You are certain right Lala? I cannot make anymore mistakes." Lala: "Do not doubt it, Sh. Beyazid will get extremely angry as soon as he reads these lines, and will make a wrong move. We will inform our Hunkar about his mistake without losing any time. As such, you will keep your promise to your mother, and at the same time Sh. Beyazid's status will lower in the eyes of Sultan Suleyman. Our Hunkar still does not have much trust in Sh. Beyazid. After this, it (the trust the Hunkar has for Beyazid) will completely be destroyed." Selim: "For all these years I have been going on the wrong path, Lala, with your intelligence and experience, I will be victorious, God Willing." Lala: "God Willing...if we play the game by the rules then Sh. Beyazid will end up having the same fate as Sh. Mustafa. And at that time, yes at that time you will get what you want." 

    Huseyin to Beyazid: "As per your orders, I took the gold to Mahidevran Sultan." Bey: "You did not say I sent it?" Huseyin: "No, she thinks the businessmen of Amasya have sent it to her." Bey: "great, what is the condition of my brother's tomb? When our Hunkar stopped the funding (for Mahidevran), it was only half complete." Huseyin: "I spoke with our Sultana's servant Fidan Hatun, our Sultana has sold everything that she has and has come into debt with so many people. The tomb was not completed, however the gold that you sent will be sufficient to cover the costs." At: "how is Yusuf, did he receive the things that I sent?" Hus: "He did, and he is well praise God. He is always with our Sultana as if he is her grandson. He sent greetings to you, he misses you and asked when you will go to see him." At: "Soon, God Willing" Bey: "How is Mahidevran's health?" Hus: "I saw her from afar, she was in such pain it was as if our Shehzade had just died yesterday." Bey: "The pain of some deaths never passes, Huseyin Cavus, and that pain will eventually turn into anger." 

    Fidan "This is to cover our remaining debts for the coloured earthenware, (the blue tiles for example), you keep your promise as well and finish all the outstanding jobs. We don't have anymore patience left." Mahi: "Thankfully the money that the Amasya businessmen sent was sufficient. Give anything that is remaining to the people. Feed the people who are in the back neighbourhood." Fidan: "I wish the remaining little gold could stay Sultanim...what will you eat and drink?" Mahi: "My only hope that Mustafa's name is not forgotten, and that those who loved him can visit his tomb. And that they can pray for my unfortunate boy. This is enough for me." Mahi: "I keep seeing Sultan Suleyman in my dreams. In a dark place, sitting near a fire." Fidan: "Maybe it is a sign, maybe he has fallen sick, or is close to death. He has gotten quite old." Mahi: "I have left everything to God. I am tranquil." 

    Rustem walks down the corridor and sees the doctors exiting the Sultan's room. He then goes to where Hurrem is waiting for him in his office. Hurrem: "You did not even say welcome back to me" Rusty: "Forgive my shock Sultanim, but just a few minutes ago some doctors exited our Hunkar's chamber. What happened, has our Hunkar's illness gotten worse." Hurrem: "They have not come for our Hunkar, they have come for me. They most likely got an order to find a cure to my problem. I have been ill for quite some time. The doctors are trying to make a big deal out of it, but it's really not, don't worry, I am fine. " Rustem: "May it pass...you must have caught something during your travelling." Hurr: "God Willing it will pass. I don't want to talk about this matter, and Mihrimah should not hear about it. She should not get worried for no reason and sad." Rustem: "You look well God be praised" Hurrem: "Did you hear what happened in Manisa?" Rusty: "Our Shehzades were like gunpowder and fire - whenever they come near each other, troubling things never cease to happen." Hurrem: "Indeed. Indeed...I see once again that the path we are walking on is a dangerous one. My Shehzades are doing anything in their power to dig each other's wells (hurt each other). Not Lokman, not Fahriye and not Lala are not enough to stop this war between them." Rusty: "There is only one person who can keep them away from each other and that is you, Sultanim. May God keep you with us always" Hurrem is in pain. Rustem asks if she is well and she says she is well "Could you give me some water please?" he pours her water. She drinks and then as she is leaving, he watches her from behind, he notices she winces in pain and he is worried about her.

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is pouting and her cariye sends the rest of the girls away and approaches her bed.  "Sultanim, please eat a few bites. Do not be sad, you saved Signor's life, you gave him his freedom, this is the most right thing." Mih: "I have no doubt in all that. But...I did want to say goodbye to him and see him one last time." Cariye: "I am putting my life in danger, but promise you will protect me from Rustem Pasha's wrath." She passes Mihrimah a note. 

    At night, Hurrem is in her room and she calls for Sumbul and a cariye enters. Hurrem recalls she has scolded Sumbul. She remembers the creepy lady telling her "everybody's death is their own doomsday, Sultanim, doomsday..if something happens to you doomsday will happen" Then the door opens and it is Suleyman. They greet each other and he tells her to be seated and asks if she has any pain. Hurrem: "While you are with me, can I be feeling bad?" Suleyman: "I don't want my night or day to pass without you. Let us forget everything that has happened in the pass. Enough time has passed for us to forgive each other. There are still remaining beautiful words to say..." Hurrem: "There is a good in every bad. Along with this illness if you are going to stay by my side always, then I am willing to go through all the pain in the world." Suleyman: "You are going to get over this illness. With God's permission you will recover your health. I wrote you a letter did you see it." Hurrem: "Years later you gave me life with those words you put onto paper. If I were to read each line thousands of times I would not get enough of it." Suleyman: "Then you must have understood that me coming to you and hugging you and being with you has nothing to do with your illness. It is from my longing, from my endless love that I have had for you for all these years." They embrace sweetly.

    In Kutahya, Ayse, Beyazid's daughter is in bed. Beyazid arrives "Ayse my beautiful daughter are you ill?" She nods. He kisses her "do you have pain?" She says: "My throat hurts." Beyazid asks the kalfa what is wrong, she motions for him to be able to tell him away from Ayse's earshot, and she tells him that it is no illness, as the doctor has said that she just misses her mother and that she had found some solace in Defne Hatun, but that when she lost her too, she became very sad. He goes to ask Ayse what she wants. She asks for Defne. Beyazid says "No, my gazelle, Defne Hatun has made a mistake that cannot be forgiven. She must go through her punishment." Ayse: "Defne could never do something bad. Please forgive her, father dear." Bey: "A heart that is lacking in compassion has dried up. However, it is difficult to decide who to show mercy to and when, because those who we show mercy to can come back another day and fall into the same mistake. At that time, we will not be the ones who have sympathy, but we will need the sympathy of others. Do you understand?" 

    Meanwhile, Defne is with her little sister Anna. Defne: "I wish it would be born right away, I am so curious!" Defne: "Anna...listen to me carefully. When my baby is born I won't be here. The baby will be entrusted to you, you will be the baby's older sister." Anna: "Where will you go? Will you leave us alone?" Defne: "Shehzade Beyazid does not want me here in his present. I am aware that I am putting a heavy burden on your shoulders. But you have to stay strong, that is all I am asking of you. Prepare yourself to be able to stand on your own two feet and look after my child. Alright?" 

    The doctors are mumbling together in the hall, and Suleyman is with Hurrem. "Hopefully we will receive good news. I have brought together the best doctors here for you. They will examine you. - Ferhat agha, let the doctors come." 

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is in the market and asks her servants to wait for her where they are as she goes forward to where Pedro is waiting. They walk and finally stop. Peddy: "Why did God make me fall in love with you my beautiful Queen?" Mihrimah: "What does it mean?" Peddy: "My beautiful blue flower, when you look into my eyes can you not understand the meaning of my words? You freed me, but I am still a slave. Come with me." They are by the sea. Peddy: "I know you are going to call me crazy but, know that I am sane. In two days my ship will sail - I have thought of everything one by one - come away with me Sultanim. Mihrimah: "Do you hear what comes out of your mouth?" Peddy: "Listen to me, please...your beauty is so sorrowful, that the first moment I have seen you this sorrow has seeped into my heart. You are one of the most rich, powerful and beautiful woman in the world. You have everything, but you are not happy. I am ready to sacrifice my entire life to make you happy. We can run away from this place without leaving a single trace." Mih: "What running away are you talking about?" Peddy: "Life is not just made of your palaces, there is a whole other world out there, seas, for you and for me." Mihrimah: "This is impossible Pedro. I am a Sultana, the daughter of Sultan Suleyman Han. On top of that, I am married and I am a Muslim. The boundaries of my life are clear - our paths are separate." Peddy: "Listen to me, you can leave everything behind." Mihrimah: "I was born with a huge power and with clear laws surrounding me. I can neither go back on this power, nor can I break these laws that are set for me. There is no other world for me. Not only can I not run away with you, but even thinking about it is a sin." Peddy: " We have a saying from where I come from, "telling a woman what she cannot do is actually opening the path for her to do those things. The laws are the keys to the prison that you live in. And they are the wings on your shoulders. Being a prisoner is not mandatory. It is a choice for you. It is freedom. You Sultanim, which one will you choose?" The cariye reminds Mihrimah that they should be leaving. Peddy: "I will await word from you Sultanim."

    Meanwhile, the doctors poke and prod at Hurrem as they examine her. Suleyman after a while "That much is enough." The head doctor says: "Hunkarim, with your permission, we would first like to consult with each other, and then afterwards I will give you a report afterwards." Suleyman: 'Great, you may leave." He approaches his wife and says: "If your illness had a body, and if it came in front of me and fought me, he would be destined for my sword." Hurrem: "I am so happy with the strength that you have given me. If this illness is a seven headed dragon, I will destroy it and go on my way." Suleyman: "Sultanim, piece of my heart, you will get well." 

    In Kutahya, Atmaca is instructing Beyazid's boys in archery. "Take aim, let it go. Not too bad, if it continues this way, Sh. Beyazid will find two warriors standing beside him." An agha has arrived and Atmaca tells them they shall continue later. He goes to the messenger and asks where they are coming from. The messengers say they are coming from Manisa, and that Lala mustafa has sent it. Atmaca tells him to hand it over, but the messenger says that they must deliver it to Bey. personally.

    In the next scene Atmaca gives the letter to Beyazid saying it is from Lala. "Sh. Beyazid Haz., Sh. Selim has written a letter to our Hunkar and has described everything that has occurred between the both of you. His intention is to cover up his own mistakes and to show you as being in the fault. Thankfully, I was able to prevent the letter from leaving, and I am sending it to you so you can read it, and on top of that, my humble advice to you is to write a letter to Sh. Selim warning him." Beyazid opens the letter that is "for the Sultan" and he is furious. "Selim did this it means..." Atmaca asks what is happening. Beyazid hands him the letter and says "Selim is not behaving himself again, this is getting out of control." At: "What is going through your mind?" 

    Suleyman is with Rustem outside. Sully: "Since Pedro was able to find a cure to Mihrimah, clearly he is an expert in his field. I want him to also examine Hurrem Sultan." Rusty: "I do not recommend that, he is all talk. Mihrimah Sultan got better on her own. The doctors have tied the marks on her body to the changing seasons, he is a charlatan." Suley: "Mihrimah says the exact opposite. Inform him to come and give his opinion about Hurrem" Rusty: "That is not that likely, Hunkarim. Mihrimah Sultan freed him. He has left my palace and is on his way back to his homeland. As you know, Mihrimah Sultan is merciful." 

    Meanwhile, a guy on the boat tells Pedro not to go anywhere as they will be leaving in the soon. Pedro says he thought he said they would leave at night, but the man responds that it depends on the winds and he should be ready. Pedro prays that before the winds Mihrimah should arrive.

    Meanwhile Rustem is walking the corridor of his palace and he asks Zal if Pedro has left he Capitol. Zal says that before nightfall the ship will leave and a messenger will inform them of it. Rustem tells him to tell the head doctor to come see him. 

    Mihrimah meanwhile is searching through a chest. She recalls Pedro's words that if a person's body is ill, then their soul will also take ill and that if the soul is ill, the body will be damaged and that this is her situation, and that the marks on her body are telling her something. She finds a box and the cariye asks her what she is looking for. She says that Signor's words should not mess up her mind because the end of that will be disaster. Mihrimah says that before Pedro's ship leaves they must reach him.

    PART 2

     Rustem is in his room when the head doctor arrives and says he has called for him. Rustem nods and asks what is wrong with Hurrem, as the Hunkar is very worried and the doctor replies he cannot say. Rustem says that he knows that he was told to keep quiet but the matter is regarding Hurrem Sultan and so it means it is about the future of the Ottoman State. The doctor replies that the Sultan has ordered for it to be this way (kept secret). Rustem says that it is obvious that Hurrem's condition is serious, and that if something God forbid if something happens to her, the future of the dynasty will be the matter at hand and that for this reason he has no choice but to be informed about it, and asks if he understands this. The doctor nods.

    Atmaca asks Beyazid as he tosses a response into a chest: "My Shehzade is this not too harsh a response?" Bey: "Selim only understands in this language." At: "My Shehzade, this is not right" Bey: 'What do you expect from me Atmaca? Should I be sacrificed for my conscience the way my brother Mustafa was?" Bey: "May Allah not show us that...I just wanted to warn you, if it comes to swords and brotherly blood is to be spilled, it should not be yours. You can be certain of me being with you on this path until the end."

    Pedro is waiting, and then we see Mihrimah approaching. He holds her hands in his.

    We see that Zal is being informed by an agha, and in then he goes to Rustem: 'My Pasha, there is something you should know about."

    We see Mihrimah and Pedro who says: 'I prayed so much. Thank God! " Mih: "I do not know how I came here." Peddy: "You came and the rest is just small details. I wasn't going to get on the ship, how can I live in a city without you? I am going to arrange another spot on the ship - I will speak to the captain to figure out a way to hide you."

    Mih: "Pedro, I came to say goodbye to you." Peddy: "No, you can come with me. Gather your courage. Trust me." - Mih: "You are talking about a dream, this is impossible." Peddy: "I will stay here - I will become Muslim. And I am certain you are not in love with the Pasha." Mih: "You cured me of my illness, and in return I gave you your freedom. My destiny is that of a Sultana...I will return to my palace, to my marriage and you will return to your land and forget me. She hands him the box. "Goodbye Pedro. Don't make it harder. Let me go."
    Rustem has come and sees Mihrimah's servants and then Mihrimah and when she turns around Zal has Pedro. Mih: "Let him go, don't harm him" Rustem: 'How did you do this Mihrimah? How can you put my reputation under foot?" Mih: 'I did not do anything to ruin your reputation. This matter is closed forever, it will never reopen again. Signor's name will not be mentioned again, you can be as sure as you are of your name!"
    Mihrimah enters her room. Meanwhile Pedro is on his ship and her words in the letter along with a lock of hair: "Board your ship. To far away seas. To where you belong. To the most remote places in the world, to the heavenly gardens of the world. And take a piece of me with you everywhere you go...maybe then a piece of my soul will be traveling with you."

    The female doctor is applying a paste on Hurrem's shoulder. Then we see her in the hamam and her undergoing other therapies. Suleyman meanwhile waits...finally Hurrem waves the doctors away.
    We see Suleyman and standing before him all the medical professionals. The head doctor: "For days we have been consulting with each other about our Sultana's illness. We have been trying to figure out what to do and what path to take-" Suleyman: "First tell me what her situation is."

    The head doctor: 'She is not well, Hunkarim. Her condition is serious. Many people before have never been rid of this illness. Unforunately this is proof with experience." Suleyman: "Are you joking with me?" Suleyman: "She is not on her hands and knees (she is upright) and she has her strength and the boil has left her body is that not right?" Head doctor: "Don't let these things trick you Hunkarim. The female doctor has prepared various ointments, it has cured the boil but it will reappear." Suleyman: 'And if it does not reappear? Then she will be recovered right?" Doctor: "." Doctor: "I recommend our Sultana to go to Bursa." Sully: "Will it benefit?" Doc: "God Willing Hunkarim" Sully: "You may leave."
    At night, Rustem looks himself in the mirror and says "come." An agha arrives telling him that Signora Mendez has come and Rustem tells him she can enter.

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is with her daughter Humashah who asks what is wrong and what is making her sad. Mihrimah tells her not to worry about her, she is fine. There is a knock and her servant tells her that Signora Mendez has come. Mihrimah asks if it was that merchant spoken about. Her servant smiles. Mihrimah wonders what business she has here...

    Gracia greets Rustem, who welcomes her. Gracia asks where Mihrimah is as she wanted to meet her, and Rustem replies simply "God Willing." Then he welcomes her to be seated. Gracia presents a gift she has brought. Gold. Rustem again motions for her to sit. Mihrimah arrives and asks what is inside the chest and the agha says it is a gift from Signora Mendez to Rustem. He opens it. Mihrimah mumbles why don't you call it a bribe. She enters. Gracia: 'Finally, without a doubt from everyone's description of your beauty you must be Mihrimah Sultan!" Rustem: 'Signora Mendez wanted very much to meet you." Mihrimah: "I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my palace." Gracia: "I am honoured. Your palace is as beautiful as you are." Rustem: "Sultanim, if you have nothing else to say, then myself and Signor Mendez have some important matters to discuss - state matters." Mihrimah: "Great. I should return to my room. Signora,"

    Selim meanwhile is sitting recalling the time when he tells Nurbanu that she can have whatever she wants since she made him smile and that she replies that all she wants is his love. There is a knock and Fahriye enters telling him that she thought about his enjoyment motioning towards the girl. He says he does not want and that they may leave.
    Beyazid is with his daughter and then he approaches Gulshen Kalfa "You said it was not serious so why is she still affected?" Gulshen: "Shehzadem, our little Sultana is not ill, since she has stopped eating and drinking and so she has fallen to this condition. She put Defne in the place of her mother, it is not my place but at the very least until she gets better if she could see Defne." Beyazid looks at his daughter.
    We see Defne by her window.

    Meanwhile Gracia has finished eating and says to Rustem: "My Pasha, please do not think I am overstepping my limits, no matter what the circumstance, I speak what I feel. Even in a clear sky, I can sense the storm that is about to happen. Something inside is telling me that you are not at all how you seem." Rusty: "In truth I wonder what I seem?" Gracia: "They say you are a man who does not know how to smile. But they are being very unjust. You do seem very serious, but I feel like there is a different man inside you." Rusty: "Maybe I am as I seem?" Gracia: "In the beginning I thought you did not like me, or even my kind of people, Jewish peoples. But I feel that this feeling is baseless." Rustem: "You had thought right. But my mind has been changed. A good Grand Vizier does not just do carry out his Hunkar's orders, but also understand his opinions." Gracia: "I did not understand what this means my Pasha." Rustem: "Our Padishah has a big place in his heart for non-Muslims. He views each one of them as a flower, and understands that each one of those flowers can have a benefit to our nation. That being said, it is difficult to rule over so many different types of flowers, just like humans. And our Hunkar enjoys challenges. And I from now on, like our Hunkar will take pleasure from different types of flowers." Gracia: "I should be leaving now. I don't know how the time passed so quickly in your company."
    They get up and Rustem calls for the aghas. He tells Mihrimah's servant Hatice Hatun to inform Mihrimah that he is returning to the palace.

    Hatice Hatun goes to Mihrimah who asks if Gracia is still in the palace, to which Hatice Hatun replies that she left just recently.  Then she says: 'Forgive me, but she was being quite close with our Pasha." Mih: "Rustem is trying to make me jealous in his own mind, the fool, you may leave!"

    Meanwhile Hurrem is in bed and is having a dream. She wakes and imagines fluttering wings. Her servant comes and Hurrem asks if she heard the noise, and to look it must be a pigeon.
    In the morning Hurrem wakes up with pain, and realizes something when she touches her shoulder and in the mirror she sees a new boil has formed.

    Meanwhile, Rustem returns to his palace and his daughter is happy to see him. Rustem says that he missed her very much too and they can go riding together. Humashah leaves. Mihrimah says: "Signora Mendez stayed till late. How bitter for you to think you can make me sad this way." Rusty: "Be certain I have no purpose in making you sad, Mihrimah. I am not meeting with Signora Mendez to make you unhappy." The door knocks and the servant (hatice hatun) enters informing them that Sumbul has come and when Mihrimah asks if her mother is with him, Hatice hatun replies that no, he is alone. Mihrimah allows it. Sumbul greets Rustem who leaves.
    Sumbul: "The most beautiful of the beautiful, Mihrimah Sultan." Mih: "What is wrong, what is this state of yours?" Sumbul: "Our Sultana does not know I have come. Please, she must not hear of it. Our Sultana sent me away from the Palace. I stayed in my lodge for a while, but it became a prison for me so I could no longer stay." Mih:"What problem would my mother have with you why would she send you away?" Sumbul: "Our Sultana is feeling a little bit ill when I spoke of the matter to our Hunkar, she got quite angry with me. I swear if she hears that I have told you about it, she will send me away from the Capitol." Mih: "What is wrong with my mother?" Sumbul: "I swear you should not ask that from me, but if you ask it from her it would be much better." Mih: 'God protect us!" Sumbul: 'Do not be worried, our Sultana will recover God Willing. I wish I could be with her." Mih: "It will happen of course, my mother loves you, you are free she let you go, but you still did not turn your back on her." Sumbul: 'My chains are not on my hands or feet Sultanim, they are on my heart. I am connected to our Sultana from my heart."

    Hurrem is in pain and Suleyman is announced. He tells her to sit. Suleyman: "You are in pain right?" Hurrem: "It is because of the medicines. I am not feeling well, otherwise I was alright...Suleyman, please tell the doctors to leave me be, all their remedies are pointless." Suleyman: "Don't dare tell me you are giving up." Hurrem shows him the new boil. " It is not working, you know what the doctors are saying. Everything is left with Allah now. Instead of looking for pointless hope, I want to spend my time peacefully in your arms." Suleyman: "We are going to continue treatments. I never gave up, Hurrem. You will continue to fight. You will stand up straight on your feet, our Lord will Hear our prayers and won't keep his Mercy from us. Do not lose your faith." Hurrem: "If you wish this, then it will happen the way you want."

    Meanwhile, Yessif Nessih tells Selim "My aunt is very fortunate to be under Sultan Suleyman's protection. She is grateful to you. She has sent many gifts. " Selim: 'Great." Nessih: "Forgive my asking Shehzadem, but what is troubling you?" Lala arrives and Selim tells Lala that Yessif is his friend (so he may speak in front of him). Lala: "It has come from Kutahya, Sh. Beyazid has sent it, if you wish I will take it to your room." Selim: "No need, what is inside?" Lala" "I don't know my Shehzade, I am also curious." Selim nods the chest is brought forward and opened. There is a cloth with a woman's dress and a letter.  Selim: 'What does this mean?" The agha passes the letter and Selim opens it: "Shehzade Selim, I no longer feel like calling you brother. What can we do that is how it is. You have forgotten your own sins and you have dared to complain to our Hunkar about me. If, as always, you are going to do things behind my back like women do, my gift will please you very much. If you are not happy about the things that have happened and if you have one gram of manliness left in you, on the first day of the next month, come to Simava? with your sword. Let us handle this matter between us like men. But if you are going to run away from this, then wear your woman's dress happily."

    Beyazid is painting when Atmaca arrives "My Shehzade your letter and your gift must have arrived by now." Bey: "What do you say Atmaca, will Selim confront me?" At: "I do not think so. He would not dare. Most likely he will send the things that you sent to him to our Hunkar. And it is not clear if that will be good or bad for us." Bey: "Let whatever happens happen, my mother will inevitably stand by my side in front of our Hunkar. Especially after she sees that Selim went back on his word again. I know she's wondering, so I am at ease. But I wish that the other possibility occurs so that Selim comes to face me, so that for once I can have respect for him."

    Lala: "Without losing any time we must send the chest to our Hunkar. This disrespect must have a punishment." Selim: "You won't be sending it anywhere. Beyazid will pay for what he did with his life. I will face him." Lala: "Impossible! I cannot permit this. This is not what we agreed upon. Our intention was to expose Sh. Beyazid's mistakes. You don't need to get angry like this." Selim: "I am a Shehzade Lala, no matter what I cannot ignore this kind of insult. Will Beyazid cut my head off? That would be better. It will be a thousand times better than living like this. Start the preparations immediately. I will confront him."

    Huseyin is with Atmaca and says: "Our Shehzade is adamant. Sh. Selim will not accept his invitation. He will not confront our Shehzade." At: "Even if you push a cat into a corner it will become a lion Huseyin Cavus. If this hatred continues like this it will grow like an avalanche and nobody will be able to stop it. Do not be surprised at all if Shehzade Selim does confront us." Huseyin: 'Then he will lose." At: "Then what will happen afterwards? And then you think Sultan Suleyman will leave him unharmed?" Huseyin: "Once everything happens, he won't touch Shehzade Beyazid. Before everything, Hurrem Sultan will prevent it. Who will go back on the lone heir to the throne anyway?" At: "True. In that case it is beneficial to take precautions. Protecting Sh. Beyazid is our debt to Shehzade Mustafa." Huseyin: "May our life be sacrificed, we lost one warrior, we will not lose another."

    Suleyman is with the head doctor and says: 'So we shall sit on our hands, is there nothing?!" Doc: "I am forced to tell the truth, Hunkarim, as you know another boil has appeared on our Sultana's body. Unfortunately it is a sign that the treatments are not working." Sully: "You said the hot springs in Bursa would help her situation." Doc: "We must try everything, with hope." Suleyman angrily goes to his terrace. Ferhat follows and says: "Your anger will not take you anywhere Hunkarim. Especially in this kind of situation." Sully: "I cannot bear it Ferhat. This sickness is the most malicious and powerful enemy. As the doctors lose hope, she is melting away. She is without a cure and my hands are tied."  Ferhat: "It is Allah's Will. Who has been able to run away from fate. Who has been able to save themselves. The only thing you can do is pray. Pray without losing hope. But our Sultana needs you the most. Her only medicine is you. You and your love."

    Suleyman: "I told Gulfem to make preparations, we will go soon." Hurrem: 'Where will we go?" Sully: "To Bursa - to the hot springs. The head doctor said it would have benefit. And the air is also good there. Isn't that the "capitol" (center) of your grief?" Suleyman: 'If you have any hesitation.." Mihrimah is announced and arrives. Mihrimah greets her parents and then says she heard she is unwell. Hurrem: "Oh Allah! Did Rustem Pasha tell you?" Mih: "Sumbul came...you sent him away and he was quite worried. What happened mother, why didn't you tell me?" Suleyman: "Mihrimah, my moon and sun, as you see your mother is well," Hurrem: "Right, don't you know Sumbul? There is nobody more skilled than him in exaggeration." Mihrimah is relieved saying she was so worried while coming to them and asks what does she have? Hurrem replies that she is just a bit out of sorts, and that there are a couple of boils that appeared on her body and that they will go to Bursa to the hot springs and that God Willing it will be a cure for her there.

    Rustem is eating when Mihrimah arrives. Mihrimah: "You knew my mother was ill right? You purposely didn't tell me." Rustem: "You have been so busy with other "matters" that you of course haven't noticed the things happening right in front of your nose." Mih: "Do not do this to me again. You must tell me everything that you know about our Hunkar and my mother. I am a Sultana." Rustem: "Yes, you are a Sultana who is asking me about her health and her brother's futures. You might be a part of the dynasty, but you get your real power from me, Mihrimah. Don't forget this. For all these years I am not occupying this position because I am your husband, take a look at all those who came to the Hanedan as Damats (son in laws) and tried to hold the Grand Viziership in their hands. Their ends are obvious. And then look at me. Then you will understand my strength and power."
    Beyazid watches as his daughter refuses to eat and drink and she asks for Defne.

    Hurrem is in her room and Gulfem asks to see her. Hurrem allows it. Gulfem enters. "Sultanim, I was worried about you" Hurrem tells her to sit. Gulfem: "Our Hunkar said you are going to Bursa. I also got the order to prepare. Forgive my curiosity, the doctors come and go, the harem is a boiling kettle (with gossip) everybody is asking about you and everybody is saying that you are sick." Hurrem nods "I am not going to hide what everybody seems to already know, from you. it is true that I am ill. It has advanced quite a bit. Our Hunkar is looking for a cure. God Willing we will find it." Gulfem: "God Willing it is not something serious." Hurrem: "God Knows, nobody understands what is going on. Please keep it between us." Gulfem: "Of course. Is there anything I can do for you?" Hurrem: "The harem is entrusted to you Gulfem, until now you have done a great job I expect the same. We have been together for quite some time. It has been years. When I look back, we have made more bad days than good days with you. The fights, the arguments...I pray that even some of it has been erased (recently). I wouldn't want you to be upset with me." Gulfem:

    "Sultanim, why are you speaking like this, like someone who is bidding farewell? Or - May Allah prolong your life - is your illness -" Hurrem, nodding says: "Our Hunkar does not want to hear this possibility. I can hear the footsteps of Azrael..." Gulfem: "Don't say things like that and invite him...we can never lose hope in Allah." Hurrem: "It must be the result of all my sorrows. Right? The blood and tears that I have spilled must have a price. Whatever Allah Wills He will Will it beautifully. He wanted my story to end like this." Gulfem: 'Everyone has a story in this Palace, but your life is a fairytale Sultanim. For some you were a good hearted angel and for others an evil hearted witch." Hurrem: "Every fairytale has an ending." Gulfem: 'We are all mortals, one day we shall all pass away. I don't want to think of that possibility, but if your situation is as you say, then you can rest assured that I hold no grudges or hurt feelings, be sure of that." Hurrem: 'Thank you, you have given me strength with the things you have said."

    Beyazid is with his daughter and Defne is brought. She hugs Ayshe who says she missed her very much and Defne says she missed her too and that she has heard she won't eat and Ayshe says she doesn't want any, so Defne says if she makes it with her own hands will she eat it? And that she will also make Helwa. Then she turns to Beyazid: "I am indebted to you for my sister. You gave me the world by bringing her to me." Ayshe asks if she has a sister and Defne says yes and they can meet if Beyazid permits. Beyazid has left...

    Suleyman is with Hurrem and he says: "O my smiling face. My beloved. Your beauty is the gossip of the world. What beauty is this? What face is this, like a rose? I wonder if your hair saw amber and became the fragrance of musk. What hair, what bangs what tresses.  My mind is occupied with the scent of your hair. What a beautiful smell. What a beautiful perfume. How lovely. My tears became waves and overcame me. What an ocean, what a river, what a stream. Muhibbi became mad for you in a moment. What pain, what love, what temperament is this?" Hurrem: "Suleyman. I no longer have any trace of that beauty remaining. My smiles have been overshadowed by the pain of losing my children. My face is only a remnant of days passed. There is only a grieving sigh now." Suleyman: "You are my drink of love Hurrem, I drank every line on your face and filtered it into my heart one by one. Each day adds more value to your worth. Every time I look at you I still see that tempestuous Ukrainian cariye, whose eyes spewed out fire and whose mouth spewed life. And I thank my Lord for granting you to me. " Hurrem: "Suleyman, my soul, King of my soul, the reason for my being, my soul, the Efendi of my heart. I wish it were possible for them to bury me in your heart. If I could open my eyes in the gardens of your paradise. If I could never be separated from you." Suleyman: "There is no speaking of death." 

    PART 2

    Rustem has arrived to see Signora Mendez and the servant welcoms him in. He enters and they greet each other. Gracia: 'Welcome to my home, I thought it would be better away from the Palace and away from all the prying ears. I wish you to know how happy I am for you accepting my invitation. Welcome -" Rustem does not sit "Thank you" Gracia: "Everything about the trade is here. And the documents." Rustem: "That work is easy Signora. Of course we will find a solution." He looks around. She comes close."These documents were an excuse. My wish is to get to know you closer."
    Suleyman and Hurrem are in Bursa now and they walk in a garden. Suleyman: "Without losing anytime you will undergo the treatment Hurrem. You will go to the hotsprings Rustem has built and it will be good for you. From what the head doctor said there is benefit -" Hurrem: "Suleyman, I don't want to hear the head doctor I want to hear you. You are the thing that is good for me" Ferhat arrives and says "Halime Kadin ( I think this is her name, it is the doctor) is awaiting Hurrem Sultan. She has gotten the treatment ready." Suley: "Great. You may leave." Hurrem: "I do not want to be apart from you even for a moment." Sully: "We came this far, we must go."  Hurrem: "I do not know if Bursa will be a cure for me, but it will be for you."
    Suleyman approaches the tomb of Mehmet. Mahidevran is there and she sees him.

    Hurrem has just finished with the hotspring treatment. The doctor says: "God Willing this treatment will do you good" Hurrem: 'God Willing hatun, but I do not have hope left, I know there is no being saved from this illness. What can we say, our Hunkar does not even want to listen to this possibility. I came here just to please him anyway." Doc: "God forbid Sultanim...do not ever lose your hope. Pray. A person first feels the cure in their heart and soul. Only then can the body heal. Do not burden your heart. You are very tired. Rest for a bit." Suleyman approaches Mahidevran. Mahidevran says: "I have done whatever I could for my son's tomb, it was finished only today. And you came. Why have you come Suleyman? Or does my son being here make you uncomfortable?" Suleyman: "I wanted to come so I came, there is no special reason." Mahi: "Death has called you here. Your conscience has called you. Years pass and people will say that a father killed his son. And for what? For the sake of the Sultanate. What is the Sultanate you call? (Suleyman has a historical poem about the Sultanate which I can translate and share later. I find it weird they gave the words to Mahidevran here.) Property and wealth? Land? To rule over people? Was it worth it Suleyman? Was all this lying false world worth killing your son? Look our sun has set...our future has darkened. You did this. You. Look well, Suleyman, here, right here, the Ottoman dynasty's future sleeps. Inside a cold and dark box, your son rests. The Mustafa whom you killed without mercy." She leaves and then turns and says "Pray Suleyman and asks for forgiveness from your Lord, because only He can forgive you."
    Fidan and Mahi enter their palace and Fidan says she will get her food. Yusuf is sorting his flowers when he sees Hurrem. Fidan arrives with Mahidevran's food and just then Yusuf enters "Sultanim, she is at the door, she has come here." Mahi: 'Who is at the door? Suleyman?" Yusuf: "Hurrem Sultan" Hurrem approaches and she looks at the condition of the palace, then she enters.
    Mahi: "Hurrem. Finally we are once again we meet." Hurrem: "My intention is not to speak about bad things and make you sad. I -" Mahi: 'Do you think you can make me sad anymore? Go out and leave us alone (to Fidan)" Mahi: "You come and you wanted to see me in this condition, to see your work, to this palace, of course if you can call it a palace anymore. I don't have anyone but Yusuf or Fidan, I shouldn't have anyway...no matter how proud you are it will be too little, your biggest enemy has been brought to such a condition now."

    Hurrem: "Like all mothers who lose their children I am living hell in my heart. Who can understand one another more than you and I?" Mahi: "You were the reason for Mustafa's killing, you sent him to death." Hurrem: "Mahidevran, and who was the reason for my Mehmet's death, who do I take to account for my Cihangir? If we want to rid ourselves of this pain, we would just kill each other right here." Mahi: 'Why are you here Hurrem?" Hurrem: "I will soon meet my Cihangir and my Mehmet. I know I do not have an atoms worth of right to ask, but I wish to go to my death with accounts closed. Mahidevran, I have come here to ask your forgiveness? I close the account (of what you have done to me), whatever sin you had, you can answer God, I forgive you, and you? Are you able to forgive me?" Mahi: "I forgive you Hurrem. I forgive you. I also close the accounts. You can answer to God for whatever sin you had." Hurrem: "Be in God's protection" Mahi: "You too" Hurrem bows and leaves, but then she turns and they nod to each other.
    Mahidevran watches as Hurrem leaves. Fidan asks: 'Why did you do that Sultanim? Why did you forgive her? How can you close the accounts like that?" Mahi: "Sometimes the greatest punishment you can give your enemy is to forgive them. To leave them alone with their souls. If I had insulted her and sent her away as she expected, be certain she would have left much happier."
    Ferhat approaches Suleyman: 'Hunkarim" Suleyman: "O son, there is a fire from your flame inside your mouth. I cannot say how that flame burned me because hundreds of seals have been tied and knotted onto my face. I have such hidden flames, those flames can engulf both worlds in one morsel. If this world were to be destroyed then there would be no sorrow, for I have hundreds of secret worlds. O son, let my tears flow from my eyes, may they not stop flowing. Why should I hide my head from this point on. What I drink is the blood of liver, what I eat is sorrow and anguish. My meals are cooked in many different ways in the kitchen of the heart. O fate, you have burned everything, my insides and my outer being. None have come resembling me before in this valley of distress. O Muhibbi, up until your death, there is no solution to this pain. It would be fitting to call my tears a sea."
    Hurrem is asleep and the doctor continues to work on the boil and Hurrem tells her enough please and then she says: "You've seen hundreds of deaths right?" Doc: "I have also seen hundreds of births. And hundreds have taken their last breaths right in front of my eyes. For me, this is Allah's Will." Hurrem: "Does everyone's happen like this? Did my Cihangir and my Mehmet live through this? Did they hear death calling their name?" Doc: "I do not know Sultanim, I saw death but I cannot know the meaning until I myself die" Hurrem: "I wonder about something.  Rumi Hazretleri has said that everybody's death is in it's own colour. What colour will my death be?"
    Meanwhile Selim and Beyazid are dressed in their armour. Lala nods to Selim. Off they go. (please, can someone get me one of those horses? They are beautiful!). The brothers face each other. Men come out with their arrows drawn at Gazanfer's signal, aiming at Beyazid's men just in case they try anything. But those men are host off by Beyazid's men who then approach and aim at Selim's men and kill them. Beyazid orders them to lower their arrows after and he says "I knew you would do something heinous, otherwise you would not dare face me. Now who will save you Selim? Your mother?" The boys draw swords and rush at each other, their shields locking.
    We see Hurrem hearing the fluttering of wings. There is a gold light and it is phoenix. One feather falls in her hand. The feather turns to ashes. Suleyman wakes her from her dream. "Are you alright?" Hurrem: "You came, and I am fine now. I saw a dream, don't worry." Sully: "May it be for the best." Hurrem: 'Suleyman for days I am stuck in this room. For God's sake let's go to the garden, get some air, you come too, let us walk together." Sully: 'If you wish that, let it be."
    Beyazid: "You have done a great mistake by going back on your word. You will pay for it with your life!" Selim: "Is there any space left for promises or oaths anymore, Beyazid? They go at each other and finally Selim falls with Beyazid's kick. Selim: "Don't you dare, if you take my life, Sultan Suleyman will not leave you safe. He will personally take your head." Bey: "I don't care. If you want, beg for forgiveness. If you want beg at my feet - you will die Selim. You will die. I had told you - I have no mercy left for you." Selim: "If that is your wish, if you want to kill your brother. Then do it, go on. But you aren't this Beyazid, you can't kill your brother. You resemble my brother Mustafa, and Cihangir. Just like them you are merciful. This is part of your nature." Beyazid stabs the ground. "This is the last Selim, last if you ever come in front of me again, I will thrust my sword into you! Be warned!" Beyazid goes off and Selim is helped up by Gazanfer.
    Hurrem is with Suleyman: "Life is so beautiful that it is not important which of us are birds, and which of us are flowers. For me life was to become Hurrem and fall in love. Thank God. Time is passing like a flying bird for me. Death is now singing my song. Send word to my children Suleyman. I wish to meet death in your arms and with my loved ones. Take me to my home Suleyman. I am ready."

     THE END

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