• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 133 Preview Translation

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    This week on Muhtesem Yuzyil, Hurrem and Suleyman's love undying love starts to come to and end! Suleyman, who does not want to accept the fact that Hurrem is dying, tries to find a cure for Hurrem. 

    Lala Mustafa, who has switched sides to Selim's camp, sets a trap for Beyazid! Beyazid goes crazy when he receives a letter from the Lala, and invites Selim to a duel. The two brothers are once again at odds, in a fight to the death! 

    Pedro invites Mihrimah to run away with him. Rustem, who has lost all faith in Mihrimah, becomes closer with Sinyora Mendes! 

    Suleyman and Hurrem go to Bursa to find a cure for her illness, and are faced with voices of their conscience. Suleyman faces the most difficult challenge of his life in the tomb of his son Mustafa. Hurrem seeks forgiveness from Mahidevran. Hurrem, who has accepted her death, has one request from Suleyman, which enters his soul like a fiery ember.  

    Suleyman comes back to his love, after missing her for so many years. Suleyman, with all his might tries to fight off Hurrem's illness, but all of his efforts are in vain. Hurrem is very aware that she is near her death.

    Pedro invites Mihrimah to run away together from the Capitol. Will Mihrimah follow love or will she allow love to slip away from her? Rustem, who has given up hope on Mihrimah's love, can no longer stop the advances and interest of Gracia Mendes. 

    Lala Mustafa and Selim enter into a dangerous game against Beyazid. They try to make Beyazid fall into a trap and make a mistake. However, Beyazid gives such a heavy response that Selim's life is now in Beyazid's hands.

    As Hurrem visits Mahidevran, both mothers who have gone through so much pain will have to endure difficult meeting. Suleyman who cannot accept the fact that Hurrem is about to die, feels heartsick when he hears the request she has for him.

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    1. Well for sure i whised to see Hurrem sultan asking for forgivnes from the great Suleyman for making a father the murderer of his son



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