• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 131 Preview Translation

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    This week on Muhtesem Yuzyil, Hurrem's hurricane is blowing hard! Hurrem catches a persistent sickness! The threat-filled letter that Beyazid sends to Selim shocks him. Nurbanu starts to play a dangerous game as she is afraid that Beyazid will kill Selim. Selim enters this trap and orders the death of Beyazid! Beyazid nears the edge of death!! Suleyman, who is in Edirne, accepts the jewish merchant Gracia Mendes. Hurrem is intrigued by this mysterious woman, and she finds herself out of breath in Edirne. Hurrem gets very disturbed with the presence of this woman, and she starts to think that she has lost Suleyman. As if that was not enough, she is forced to get on the road after hearing about the news about her sons. Mihrimah starts to get closer to doctor Pedro. Rustem enters into a rage of jealousy as he notices the bond between them. As Beyazid starts to march his troops towards Selim, Hurrem catches a tenacious sickness! 

    Gracia Mendes is accepted to meet with Suleyman, and she impresses him with her nobility and charm, and naturally Hurrem gets disturbed by this. As Hurrem tries to fight hard to regain Suleyman's love, Suleyman tries to hide the fact that he misses her.

    The threatening letter from Beyazid, brings dark days upon Selim. Nurbanu plants seeds of doubt about Beyazid into Selim. Selim, who falls into Nurbanu's trap orders Beyazid's death. Selim, who regrets making this decision, realizes that he is too late to stop it. Beyazid's love for Defne increases day by day. As Defne is pleasantly surprised and is excited by this surprise, which is then spoiled by the order of assassination from Nurbanu. Will she sacrifice Beyazid to save her sister's life? 

    Pedro continuously comes to the palace to treat Mihrimah's problem, and this throws Rustem into a fit of jealous rage. As Mihrimah's wounds heal, she cannot remove Pedro from her mind. She comes up with a plan to see him again.

    Beyazid is marching with his troops towards Selim. when Hurrem finds out about the doomsday that is about to occur between her sons, starts to make her way towards Manisa. However, the wounds that appear on her neck are a foreshadowing for the bad days to come! 

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