• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 130 Translation

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    Suleyman: 'Did you have a hand in Mustafa's death? Did you open the path towards his death? Did you throw accusations on him?"

    Hurrem: "This land, this world is your Suleyman. The morsel we eat, the water we drink, the land we walk on, the air we breathe, it's all yours....and I? Who am I Suleyman? I am your shadow. I am your shadow in this world. Whatever you do, I do. I am not sinless. No one is. But, I did what I had to. And you did the same. Don't look for innocence under this dome Suleyman because those who have power and those who want it are not innocent."

    In Manisa, Nurbanu is being drowned whent here is knock on the door and Dilshah hears Canfeda, but continues to try to drown her. Selim meanwhile is busy drinking when Fahriye arrives and tells Selim that Nurbanu and Dilshah are fighting and the matter seems to be getting worse. Meanwhile Dilshah continues when Gazanfer arrives and kills Dilshah. Selim arrives and asks Gazanfer "What are you doing here? How can you enter the hamam?" Gaz: "Forgive me Shehzadem, but I had no choice I had to save our Sultana." Fahriye shouts at him "What does it mean to enter a Sultana's harem?! Take him!"

    Nurbanu thanks God for sparing her and Selim calls for a doctor. "What is going on here Canfeda? Explain!" Canfeda: "When I came, the door was locked, when I came inside, Dilshah had attacked her and was about to drown her, thank God we came on time!"

    Meanwhile Beyazid is talking to Atmaca: "Lala Mustafa's presence in Manisa is crucial, we will be able to follow every step Selim takes." Atmaca: "Sh. Selim will be careful and also, I do not know how much we can trust Lala Mustafa." Bey: "Lala might have done somethings without me knowing, but he always thought for my best. I have no doubt about his loyalty" Atmaca: 'Of course, but we know he is loyally tied to Hurrem Sultan. He will first inform her of any important news." Bey: "And my mother will be silent to protect her children is this what you are saying?" At: 'It is true, at the  very least, we have limited Selim (by sending Lala). And we shall go out with you in disguise, let us see the conditions of our subjects" At: "Good idea Shehzadem, the complaints have increased."  Bey: "Good. Lokman agha! How are my children, I wish to see them if they are not asleep." Lokman: 'Your Shehzades have gone to sleep, but your daughter Ayshe Sultan is unhappy."

    Selim is with Nurbanu and asks how she is. Nurbanu "I was saved today, but we don't know what will happen tomorrow. They will attack me again." Selim: 'Who would attack you and why Nurbanu? Dilshah is dead anyway. If she hadn't died, I would have personally killed her myself." Nur: "Dilshah was a poor wretch, she could not dare to try to kill me. Of course if someone did not give her the strength to do it" Fahriye: 'I don't think so Sultanim. It is obvious Dilshah hatun had been affected by the recent things that came to pass..." Selim: 'What happened?" Selim: "I was bringing Dilshah hatun to your room, but Nurbanu Sultan prevented me, she sent the girl away. I think she wanted to take revenge." Selim: "Is this true?" Nur: "That woman was not your gozde so for this reason I prevented it. Anyway that had nothing to do with the incident, right Fahriye? You gave her the order to kill me!" Fahriye: "Never Sultanim, how would I dare?" Nurbanu: 'You called Canfeda, and you left me alone, then you sent that dog Dilshah to me." Fahriye: " Shehzadem, I think our Sultana is still being affected by the incident. I did not do such a thing. I never will." Selim: "Why did you call Canfeda to you?" Fahriye: "I wanted to go over some accounts (books) with her, I did not have any other purpose than that." Nurbanu: "She is lying do not believe her." Fahriye: "Sultanim, everyone knows about your enmity with Dilshah hatun. It is obvious the woman went crazy. And why would I make an attempt on your life? What account would I have to settle with you?" Nurbanu: 'Because Hurrem Sultan wanted that, that is why." Selim: "Come to your senses Nurbanu. How dare you? How can you accuse my mother? That is enough. Return to your room, sleep and rest." Nur: "There is no sleep for me or happiness for me in this palace."

    When Selim is alone with Fahriye: "Fahriye hatun, I know why my mother sent you here, you are her eyes and ears, I did not object, because I trust my mother and those whom she relies on. But I want happiness in my harem, and my happiness is in Nurbanu, she is precious to me. For this reason, I entrust her to you, you will protect her. If something happens, I will blame you." Fah: "As you order, my Shehzade....Shehzadem...what should we do with Gazanfer? As you know, entering a Sultanas hamam is a big crime."

    Beyazid enters to find his daughter is finally asleep and he asks if she is ill and the kalfa says that she has been restless but that Defne hatun has put her to sleep finally. Defne says: 'She must be missing her mother, Shehzadem. It is very hard  growing up without a mother. Especially at this age...she is too young." Bey: "Gulshan Kalfa, I entrust my children to you, especially Ayshe. Do not leave them alone." Kalfa: "As you wish my Shehzade."

    Beyazid is in his room and comes across the note Defne had hidden. "What should one who loves do?" He writes a response and puts it back in the book. Defne looks in the book and find the response and tucks it away in her belt. She sees Gulshen Kalfa. And explains how she wrote the note and that Beyazid wrote in response "Tell the one you love" She pays the Kalfa :"Thank you for all your help." Kalfa: 'This is my duty. Of course we will help smart women, talented women" Defne: "Now what, should I talk to him or -" Kalfa: "Wait, shaytan messes things when one rushes, they say, and you should wait a bit, so that your value increases."
    Mihrimah wakes up with weird marks on her body. "Wake up Rustem...look what is this condition?" Rustem: 'Does it hurt?" Mih: "It is itchy." Rusty: "Hatuns! Don't stare like that, go get the woman doctor!"
    Meanwhile, Fatma is with Suleyman: 'Fahriye Hatun, she has gone to Manisa and her station is empty, everything must go on right Hunkarim?" Suleyman: 'You must have someone in mind of course?" Fatma: "Melek Hunkarim, she has been with me for a long time, I have not a single complaint about her. She is quite experienced, smart and I have full faith in her...as Harem treasurer, I think she will do great."
    Hurrem walks the corridors, when a hatun arrives and tells her that Fatma is with Suleyman trying to push him to appoint Melek as the Harem treasurer. If it continues this way, they will do just as you had said." Hurrem: 'You may leave." Sumbul: "Sultanim, Fatma Sultan is trying to take the reigns of the harem in her hands. I swear, we must prevent it, otherwise, if Melek becomes the head treasurer, Fatma Sultan will throw stones in our path every chance she gets!" Hurrem: 'Which hatun can I recommend though? Even if I find one, our Hunkar will not accept it, as you know there are mountains and seas between us."
    The doctor checks Mihrimah and asks if it is itchy and Mihrimah replies it is very itchy. The doctor tells her not to itch it because then it will get worse. Rustem asks what the illness is, and if it is because someone might have poisoned her, but the doctor says she does not think so, because she has never seen poison to do such a thing before. Rustem asks what the reason for this illness is and when the doctor says she will investigate and find out both the cause and the cure, Rustem tells her to do whatever is needed immediately. The doctor then adds that he should not get too close to Mihrimah as the illness might be contagious.
    When the doctor leaves, Mihrimah says to Rustem "Where did this come from suddenly? Like we didn't have enough to worry about." Rustem: "That is why it happens anyway - whatever happened, happened, it is in the past, do not get upset about anything now...do not give yourself pain." He touches her shoulder. Mihrimah: "Didn't you hear the doctor? The illness could be contagious, she said."
    Fatma: "As i said Hunkarim, if you appoint Melek as the head harem treasurer, you won't regret it. There is no one out there who is more experienced as her anyway." Just then Sumbul is arrives and says Hurrem has sent him and that Hurrem has chosen a harem treasurer, if of course Suleyman agrees. Suleyman says "Oh so she chose, who did she see fit?" Sumbul: 'Hunkarim, she has chosen Gulfem hatun for this position."

    Fatma and Sumbul leave the room and Fatma says that what Hurrem thought about, the devil wouldn't even think of, and now she is seeking help from Gulfem? You have been serving that oppressor for years, and you have no idea that you will burn in hell. Hurrem arrives and Fatma asks her: "You must be curious who our Hunkar chose. I'll tell you, Gulfem is now the head treasurer." Hurrem: "I'm not sure why you are so disturbed, I thought you liked her a lot? Gulfem hatun, I pray that your new position works out well." Fatma: "What happened? Did you also submit to Hurrem after so many years? What did she promise you? Or what did she threaten you with?" Gulfem: "I am not afraid of anyone. Hurrem Sultan proposed this to me, and I accepted, especially since our Hunkar wants this as well." Hurrem: "I have been saying this for so long, it looks like fate ordained it for today." Fatma: "Who do you think you are fooling? Since our Hunkar returned, he hasn't even looked at you. Your love with him is now over. What does it matter if you run the harem?" Hurrem: "If you want to see a love that is over, please visit your dead husband's grave. I am sure his bones are sizzling in his grave."

    In the next scene, Beyazid informs Lokman that his soup kitchen looks terrible and instead of helping people, it feels like they are torturing them. He tries to do as much as possible to gain the love of the people, and he is sure that due to this situation, people must be doubting him. Lokman: "I have looked at the books. A big portion of the budget has been allocated towards the restoration of the Sultan Beyazid mosque. There is little money left for the soup kitchen." Beyazid: "Whatever the case, I cannot have a full stomach if the people are hungry. Get a loan from somewhere." Lokman: "What if we informed the Capitol instead?" Beyazid: "No need. Inform one of the lenders and get the money." Atmaca: "It's best to take action immediately. When the new funds arrive from the Capitol, we will repay the loan." Lokman: "If we cannot repay the loan on time, we will have some difficulty." Beyazid: "Dont worry, that won't be a problem."

    In Nurbanu's room, Nurbanu tells Fahriye that she doesn't believe the lies she told Selim, and that her reason for being here is clear, to kill me. Fahriye denies this. Nurbanu: "So Hurrem Sultan dislikes me now... this is not a surprise, after what happened to Huricihan Sultan. If it wasn't for Gazanfer agha, I would have been dead long ago."  Fahriye: If that's what you believe, then you should probably look for a new agha, because he is with our Shehzade right now and will most likely be sent away from the palace." Nurbanu: "Tell Hurrem Sultan that I am ready for war."

    In Hurrem's room, Sumbul tells her that it's good that Gulfem was chosen, even though nobody could have opposed  to her being chosen. Hurrem: "She doesn't like me as much as her sins, but she won't give us any trouble." A cariye enters the room and informs Hurrem that Rustem has sent word, as Mihrimah has become sick.

    In Suleyman's room, Suleyman gives Ferhat agha a letter to personally give to Ebu Suud Efendi. Sokullu asks Suleyman if something is bothering him. Suleyman: "This love of coffee is spreading like wild, and coffee houses are opening up all around the empire. Some enjoy it, some don't. I wanted to ask Ebu Suud Efendi for his opinion." Sokullu: "It has become alarming, people are leaving their jobs and are spending their entire days in the coffee houses." Rustem enters the room and Suleyman asks him why he is late. Rustem: "Forgive me, Mihrimah Sultan is sick." Rustem: "There are wounds on her chest and back. The doctors have examined her but they do not know what it is."

    We then see Selim telling Nurbanu that what Gazanfer did was unacceptable. He will have to be punished. Nurbanu: "He saved my life, doesn't that count for anything?" Selim: "Yes, which is why I spared his life. But I will send him away from the palace." Nurbanu: "Don't do this... He has been serving us for many years, and has even put his life on the line for me." Selim: "These are our customs. If this gossip spreads, many people will get hurt." Nurbanu: "Selim, I think there is a dark side to this matter, if someone didn't support her, Dilsah would not have been able to do this. Let's not please them by sacrificing Gazanfer." Selim: "I know what you have gone through with Dilsah for years. I have increased precautions." Nurbanu: "Who will protect me? Fahriye? At least send her away..." Selim: "You are the one who told me to get along better with my mother, Fahriye is her right hand. If I send her away, my mother won't be happy with that." Nurbanu: "Maybe that's exactly what you should do. Hurrem Sultan made a choice, and she chose Shehzade Beyazid." Selim tells her to leave.

    We then see Nurbanu tell Canfeda that if she doesn't do something, Gazanfer will be sent away. Canfeda says that this might be better, as even this even was caused by him. Nurbanu: "You say that, but where can I find a more loyal agha? I cannot sit and wait for death like this..."

    In the next scene, Hurrem asks the doctor what is wrong with Mihrimah. Doctor: "It must be something she ate..." Mihrimah: "Humashah also ate whatever I ate. Shouldn't the same thing have happened to her?" Suleyman enters the room and Mihrimah says she doesn't know what is wrong with her and that they should leave. Suleyman tells the head doctor to enter the room, and tells him to examine Mihrimah so that a cure can be found. Rustem asks permission to stay with Mihrimah, Suleyman doesn't respond and leaves.

    Back to Nurbanu, Canfeda tells her to rethink this issue. Nurbanu says that if she has any suggestions she should tell her, and then she enters into Gazanfer's jail cell and tells him that she is sad that he is in such a state, and that he sacrificed himself for her. Gazanfer: "This is my duty." Nurbanu: "Our Shehzade is thinking of sending you away..." Gazanfer: "Please prevent this... I don't want to go." Nurbanu: "I tried, but I don't think I can stop it." Gazanfer: "You are strong Sultana. Please make him change his mind. I will try to have myself forgiven by you for the mistake I made earlier with you." Nurbanu: "I don't want you to leave either. Without your loyalty, and you being by my side, they will try to kill me. Hurrem Sultan already gave the order to have me killed.... I wish you were always here with me, beside me. I wish you could be close to me... Actually there is a way for this, but I can't even propose it to you... If you want to stay with me here, you have to become a eunuch. This is the only way you can enter the harem... Don't answer me right away, think about it for a bit. I know how big of a sacrifice I am asking of you. But know that there is no other way for both of us..."

    Back in Mihrimah's room, Rustem asks the doctor for a diagnosis, and the doctor tells him that he has to speak with the other doctors first. Hurrem tells him not to be jealous in a situation like this, as she cannot get better without the doctors examining her. Rustem: "The female doctors are also very experienced... Let's go (to the doctor)!" Hurrem tells Sumbul that someone must have done something to Mihrimah, and Sumbul agrees, and says that if it was poison, they would have found out, and that only one option remains, which is that someone must have done magic on her. Sumbul: "It's definitely possible. People are always envious of her. Shall we call Hacer hatun? She also practices medicine... She can benefit her. You sent her away years ago from the palace, but everything she foretold came true." Hurrem remembers that she asked Hacer in the past what she sees, and who will be ascending to the throne? Hacer: "I cannot say... It will be one of your sons, but I see blood, a lot of it... A day will come where blood will drip from the domes of this palace." Hurrem then tells Sumbul to call her.

    Suleyman is with Sokollu when there is a knock on the door and Rustem arrives. Suleyman asks the doctor who is with Rustem: 'What is the situation, explain" Doctor: 'I examined our Sultana, and we consulted together with the woman doctors, we did not come to a definite solution...it is too early to say anything certain." Sully: "God Willing it is nothing serious" Doc: "God Willing. Sometimes, worry and grief reveals itself this way...I will prepare some ointments, which we will put and then wait." Sokollu: "Hunkarim, at one time there was a Spanish captive, a doctor named Pedro, Sinan Pasha had made him his personal doctor. When I heard of his merits, I took him into my service. If you wish, he can examine her." Rustem: "There is no need, the Palace doctors will certainly find a solution." Sok: 'This is a very skilled doctor. I have personally witnessed him do wonders for those who were passed off by other doctors as being as good as dead." Rustem: 'We have no need Pasha." Sully: "There is no harm Rustem, if he is skillfull, then let him come and examine my daughter."
    We see Pedro in his office, writing and a girl comes to bring him water and asks "Signor Pedro, all us girls wonder what you sit here writing all the time?" Pedro: 'You...I am describing your beauty. If I forget it from my memory then I will be very sad...especially your hair, your eyes, your lips..." There is a knock and an agha tells him that Sokollu has ordered that they leave at once. Pedro: 'Where are we to go?" Agha: "To Mihrimah Sultan...he said she is ill." Pedro: "So it means to Mihrimah Sultan...that same Mihrimah that is so famous for her beauty." Agha: "On my word, signor Pedro, be careful, she is Sultan Suleyman's daughter. She is not like others." Then he holds up chains.

    PART 2

    Beyazid and Atmaca are together. Atmaca, who tells Beyazid that as he witnessed, he is in the hearts of the people who love him, just as Mustafa was. Beyazid says that he must win over the love of the Janissaries as well, as with their support there will be nothing to stand in his way. Atmaca says he is right but that it isn't enough to have the love of the people and the Janissaries, because if that was the case then Mustafa would have been alive. Beyazid says he thought a lot about this, and asked himself many times if he would enter the tent (if he were in Mustafa's shoes) that day, and that he would not have entered, but at the same time, which child can be blamed for trusting his own father. Atmaca says that when a lion fights for what he owns, then he does not look at who stands in his way, not even if it his own cub, it will not make a difference, he will want to get rid of his enemy and that will be the only thing in his mind. Beyazid responds that if that happens one day and he faces that lion, then he will not forget what Atmaca has just said. Beyazid opens the book and finds a new note: "what if they are scared (to say tell the one they love that they love them)"

    The door opens and Defne brings in Beyazid's daughter and Defne tells Beyazid that Ayshe insisted on seeing him. Beyazid tells Defne thanks and that she may leave now, then he holds his daughter and asks if she missed him, she says she missed him very much but also misses her mother too.
    Pedro, bound by his shackles, led by Sokollu is brought before the doors of Mihrimah's palace. Sokollu: 'if you can be successful in curing Mihrimah Sultan, our Hunkar and Hurrem Sultan will be pleased with you." Pedro: "I will do whatever is in my power my Pasha. But I have a request - you will free me." Sok: "You save our Sultana from this illness, and we will think later. Let us go now." Pedro: "My Pasha, it is very hard walking with these." Sokollu nods for the men to remove Pedro's shackles. Sok: "On my word, the smallest mistake of yours, and your head will roll. Be especially careful of Rustem Pasha - he is quite temperamental, he'll get jealous even from ants in regards to his wife, be careful."

    Meanwhile, Rustem is asking the female doctor how his wife is and if she will recover. She responds that they have applied the ointment, and that they will act based on the outcome. Sokollu arrives with Pedro. Sok: 'My Pasha, this is the person I was talking about, Pedro, he has come to examine our Sultana." Pedro: "Pasha Hazretleri." Rustem: "There is no need for an examination. You can listen to the female doctor and then give a diagnosis." Pedro: "That is impossible, my Pasha. I must personally see our Sultana." Rusty: "He will see the Sultana (sarcastic)...is it befitting you, tactless fool. Get out of my palace." Sokollu: "My Pasha, as you know this is our Hunkar's orders. He wanted him to examine her." Rustem: "Sokollu. You have put your nose in this business too much! If you say one more word again, the doctor will be forced to examine you!"
    In Manisa, Lala is speaking with a man, the one named Yassif Nassih: "I have no doubt that you are going to have a good understanding with Sh. Selim because like you, he is also interested in the beautiful things in this world. He loves delicious food, good conversation." Man: 'How nice. What did he say about the gifts I sent him? I hope he liked them." Lala: 'He liked them very much, especially the Cyprian wine. Wait here."

    Selim is in his room, when enters and Lala says: "I had spoken to you about Yassif Nassih, he has come from Istanbul and is waiting to be accepted into your presence." Selim: "So it means he came. I was curious about the person who sent such fine gifts." Nassih enters and kisses Selim's robe. "Standing in front of you, speaking to you, is a great honour for me. I think you know about the Nassih Family." Selim: "Of course. Your wealth is known to everyone." Selim calls for wine and a cushion is brought for Nessih to sit down. "You honour me, my Shehzade." Selim: "Mendes is running your family very well. They even say that Charles V takes loans from him." Nessih: "It is true, my Shehzade. Unfortunately, right now a captive of Venice because they set a disgusting trap for him." Selim: 'Who did this and why?" Nessih: 'Unfortunately one of the family. His sibling Biryanda. Because of the matter of the estate inheritance he sold him out. Unfortunately the worst damage comes from the people closest to us. If a person cannot even trust his brother, then who can he trust?" Selim: 'True."

    Nurbanu enters the dungeon where Gazanfer is. She takes a seat next to him. Nurbanu: "You must make a decision, I cannot waste anymore of Shehzade Selim's time. I understood. I did not expect you to do this for me" Gaz: "Sultanim. Without you, I cannot take another breath in this world." Nur: 'You will always be next to me. The very closest to me."

    Meanwhile, Defne is bringing something for Beyazid's table when he asks: 'Who are you, hatun?" Defne: "Shehzadem. I do not understand what you mean?" Bey: "You asked me what someone who loves should do." Bey: "I told you to say it to the one you love. You asked again, 'what if they are scared'" Defne: "Forgive me for overstepping my limits." Beyazid: 'I did not write an answer, I wanted to say it personally. Do not be scared. You can tell the one you love." Defne: 'My Shehzade."
    Meanwhile Suleyman is with Rustem and asks him: "What do the doctors say?" Rustem: "They all say different things, Hunkarim. They could not come to a definite diagnosis." Sully: 'What was the name of the person Mehmet Pasha had spoken about?" Rustem: "They call him Pedro." Suleyman: 'Did he examine her?" Rustem: "He did but he said what the other doctors said."
    Hurrem is with her daughter when Sumbul arrives. "Sultanim, that woman I was talking about, Hajar Hatun, she cannot get up and leave her bed, if you say we can find another person." Hurrem: 'No. If she cannot come here, we can go to her at an appropriate time. Is there any word from Manisa?" Sumbul shakes his head. Hurrem: 'What did Fahriye do then?" Sumbul: " Fahriye? Soon, the word of Nurbanu's death will arrive."

    Defne wakes up and goes towards Beyazid's desk, where there is a letter. "The Queen of the Sultanas, my beautiful sister Mihrimah." "I have to borrow five hundred Akce from lenders, it doesn't look like I will be able to pay this loan back in a timely manner, to make it short, I am in a difficult situation. I am positive that you will not leave me hanging on this difficult day."
    Nurbanu sees Lala and Nessih leaving and then she sees Selim is lying on his bed. "Who was that who left? I saw him with Lala." Selim: "Yassif Nassih, he has come to the capitol...he has served the state well. He is a valuable person." Nurbanu: 'What happened to you not trusting Lala. Why is he always around you?" Selim: 'You tell me why you have come" Nurbanu: "Gazanfer agha." Selim: 'Don't tire yourself out."   Nurbanu: "I want him though. He is so loyal to us that in order to stay with us he wants to become a Eunuch." Selim: "He wants to be a Eunuch?" Nur: "Canfeda said so. He asks for your pardon, if you accept, he is ready to become a Eunuch."
    We see Defne hiding a letter.

    Time passes and Mihrimah is still ill. The doctor is applying the ointment and Mirhimah tells her to stop as it isn't even working. The doctor replies that they are doing the best they can. Mihrimah "I don't expect an explanation from you, just a cure."  Hurrem tells her to calm down. Mihrimah says she is in pain, as in the mighty empire there is not a single doctor to give her a cure. When they put ointment on her it is just getting worse. Hurrem tells her not to be sad, that God gives the illness and the cure, so she should be patient.

    Rustem has arrived and asks the doctor again how Mihrimah is doing. The doctor saying "nothing we do has helped, we are doing everything in our power."
    Fatma is with Melek and says: "Are you certain, tomorrow she will go?" Melek: 'I am certain, Sultanim, I have recieved confirmation from more than one agha. There is a famous fortune teller in the neighborhood and Hurrem Sultan will be going there in disguise." Fatma: "It means she will go to her death?" Melek nods and then says: "Sultanim, it will be good if we leave at once, without anyone noticing we must go and come back."

    Hurrem enters her room. Sumbul welcomes her and says that he was just about to send word to her, as Fahriye has sent a letter for her. She reads it and Sumbul asks what the news is and she says that Fahriye was unsuccessful and in the last moment, they saved her, and she lives. Sumbul tells her that Nurbanu will use this as an opportunity to set Selim against her. Sumbul asks Hurrem what she orders and what shall he do. Hurrem tells him to send word to Fahriye to wait, and until then hopefully until then Nurbanu will cease her actions. Then Hurrem asks Sumbul if there is any news from Hajar hatun. Sumbul says that he has spoken to her, that she shall await them at her home and that Hurrem is to bring a small lock of Mihrimah's hair.

    Fatma meanwhile is with a man, she tells him that the task is difficult, "Shehzade Mustafa's death is still sizzling in the people's heart, there still remains hatred in the people's hearts for Hurrem. You will just going to light the wick, the rest will come on it's own." The man: "Do not worry, Sultanim, we will not disappoint you." Melek hands the man his reward. "Bring me the good news, and I shall give you a hundred times this much!"

    In the next scene, Hurrem arrives and exits the carriage and asks if this is the place, Zal confirms and says that they need to get back as soon as possible. She enters the fortune-tellers room and wishes the fortune-tellers good health, to which the fortune-tellers wishes Mihrimah Sultan good health.
    Back at the coffee house, Yakup tells some customers that his coffee house is the best one in Istanbul. Another man comes and makes an announcement: "The Russian witch, who was the killer of Shehzade Mustafa is in the bazaar now. Today is the day of taking revenge." The other men vow to take revenge on the Shehzade and to cut off Hurrem's head, and to send her to hell. 

    At the fortune-tellers house, the fortune-teller is given Mihrimah's lock of hair, which she places in a bowl of water. The fortune-teller tells Hurrem that Mihrimah's sickness will pass, but it will pass into her soul and will cause a deep wound inside of her. They then hear the rioters approaching, Zal tells his men to get into formation and that they must protect Hurrem Sultan at all costs. Zal tells the rioters to go back to their homes, and Sumbul tells Hurrem that there are many men outside, who are rioting, and he wonders how they knew they were there. Hurrem: "It must be someone from the palace." The fortune-teller asks her if she is suspicious of her, and Hurrem says no. The rioters start to throw stones at the house, and the fortune-teller tells her that she will not die today.

    In the next scene, Suleyman asks Sokullu of Ebu Suud Efendi has responded yet, and Sokullu says no, and that he is curious to know what Ebu Suud decides about the issue. Suleyman: "How is the head architect (Mimar Sinan)? I hear that there are some difficulties in the building of the mosque." Sokullu: "I visit him often, the construction is going well, but as you know, he wants to build a perfect structure..." Suleyman: "I realize this, but I also have no patience. I pray that he finishes on time." Ferhat agha comes rushing and tells Suleyman that Hurrem Sultan is stuck at Edirne gate, and that the rioters have surrounded her, and they want to kill her. Suleyman: "Have my horse prepared immediately!"

    Back at the fortune-tellers house, Zal tries to dissuade them from attacking by telling them that all of their heads will roll. Hurrem asks the fortune-teller what else she knows. Fortune-teller: "You have two Shehzade's remaining, Sultanim. When one of them ascends to the throne, he would have already killed the other one a long time ago..." Hurrem: "That's impossible..." Fortune-teller: "It's the truth. Nobody can escape their fate. One of the Shehzade's will be killed by the order of Sultan Suleyman." Hurrem: "You had just said that one of them will kill the other one!" Fortune-teller: "If Sultan Suleyman doesn't want something to happen, it won't." Hurrem asks her who will die, and the fortune-teller says that she already knows the answer, that the face of the Shehzade who will die is already in her heart. Sumbul and Hurrem walk down the stairs, and Sumbul tries to dissuade her from going outside, stating that if she leaves the building, they will tear her apart. Suleyman is seen riding his horse. Hurrem exits the house, calm as ever, and stares the rioters down. They look as if they have been put under a spell. She steps out and they make way for the Sultana. Then, all of a sudden, one of the rioters lifts a rock, with the attempt to hit her, and gets a dagger thrown into his back by Suleyman's men, who also quickly disperse the rioters. Hurrem is escorted into her carriage, in disbelief. Sumbul: "Sultanim, what have you done?"

    In the next scene, Fatma asks Melek kalfa is there is any news yet, and Melek says not yet, but hopefully they will receive good news. Suddenly, Hurrem Sultan arrives at the palace, and stares Fatma down. 

    We then see Mihrimah and Rustem, and she asks him when her pains will stop, as she cannot stand it anymore, she is a prisoner in her own room. Rustem: "Patience, Mihrimah, I will find a solution." Mihrimah: "Enough! I'm tired of hearing empty promises. I have been in here for days and my beauty is fading away and nobody is doing anything to stop it! I want solutions!" A cariye comes in and informs them about Hurrem's incident, and the fact that Suleyman came to her rescue. 

    In Fatma's room, she asks Melek how this could've happened. Melek: "I am not sure... When everyone saw Hurrem Sultan, apparently they froze in their spots." Fatma: "I can't comprehend this! Something like this can only happen in stories!" Melek: "Perhaps she is someone like that, from the pages of a story." Fatma: "Don't be stupid!"

    Back in Hurrem's room, Sumbul asks if he should have the hamam prepared for her, and she says no. Sumbul: "Someone must be behind this incident..." Hurrem: "How many deaths has it been? They still haven't understood, my name is Hurrem Sultan. Their guns don't work on me, their swords won't cut me, and their fires wont burn me." Sumbul: "I am witness to this! Whoever raises a hand to you will turn into stone!" Hurrem asks who could have done this. Sumbul: "Mahidevran's arms and wings are broken. I think it must be Fatma Sultan." Hurrem: "I warned her so many times... They want me to get my hands bloody..." Sumbul: "I think we just need to expose her... I will bring you clear proofs." Hurrem: "Sumbul, you heard what she said, right? One of my Shehzade's will kill the other one..." Sumbul tries to discredit the old fortune-teller and say she doesn't know what she's talking about. 

    We then see Ferhat agha enter Suleyman's room and give him a drink to help him sleep. Suleyman: "Do you think this is possible? Is there any peace left under this dome?" Ferhat: "This dome can be the cause of Arch-angel Michael to shoot the arrows of Allah, some will receive spring, some will receive winter. You have also sent down many arrows under this dome, and have decided on many matters, and some people's summers turned into winter, and some peoples winters turned into spring. Now, it might be time to shoot one last arrow... Into your own heart... Here, this is your heart, throw it into the fire, and let it burn, so it can turn into ash, so that it can turn into hope that is born from those ashes..." Suleyman then stares at Mustafa's letter, clearly in pain...

    PART 3

    Nurbanu is with Gazanfer who is recovering. He tries to get up and she motions for him to stay "Are you well?" Gaz: "Thank you Sultanim, I am much better." Nurbanu: 'I have spoken to the doctors, they said that in a few days you will be able to stand up." Gaz: "Being away from you would have been a death. Now I am with you. Being with you is the heaven on earth for me."
    Nurbanu exits and finds Fahriye is there waiting, and says" Sultanim, I heard you will have Gazanfer agha as the harem agha." Nur: 'You heard right, Gazanfer has become a Eunuch in order to stay here with me." Fahriye: 'This is a big sacrifice." Nur: "Just like Hurrem Sultan, I also have loyal servants. Servants who are loyal to me like dogs."

    Selim meanwhile is talking to Nessih, and says that he will tell the Capitol (his father) about the condition of Gracia and that whatever is needed to save him will be done. Nessih thanks Selim saying that he is indebted to him. There is a knock and Nurbanu enters and Nessih leaves. Nurbanu: "I can't seem to like this man. There is news from Kutahya." Defne: "Nurbanu Sultanim, everything is going as you wish, I have been in halvet with Sh. Beyazid, and I am certain in time, I will be able to win his heart. I do not know if it will be of any use, but Sh. Beyazid has taken loans from a Jewish money lender, and to pay it off, has asked for help from Mihrimah Sultan. I saw the letter he had written to our Sultana with my own eyes. For now that is all, I await your orders." Selim: "Look at this, what is my brother after?" Nur: "Mihrimah Sultan will help him right?" Selim: "Do not doubt it for a moment, Nurbanu, Mihrimah has helped in the past to get out of this kind of situation." Nur: 'This time it won't happen, we will prevent it."

    Rustem speaks to the Sultan during a Divan session and says that they have taken care of those who tried to rile up the public against Hurrem with the excuse of taking revenge on Mustafa's death.
    Sokollu says that they learned that the matter started in the Coffeehouses. Rustem adds that the coffeehouses have unfortunately become places for stirring up and inciting trouble. Suleyman says that Ebusuud says that the wrong types of people are gathering in coffeehouses and playing games and they have been drinking alcohol, and then afterwards coffee and spend their time discussing troublesome things and getting drunk, missing their prayers and duties and for this reason, the coffee houses must be closed, and that coffee must not be drunk and he has given an edict to this effect.
    Suleyman says that including his own palace, coffee will not be drunk anywhere. Sokollu asks what shall happen to the coffehouses, and Suleyman says "burn them down, from now on my subjects should not ajourn in such places to plot and incite trouble." (This is strange, because in history, Ebusuud is very well known for his permitting the drinking of coffee AND allowing the opening up of Coffehouses, through a specific religious edict of his(Fatwa). I don't understand why they are portraying it the other way around, but anyway, prior to Ebusuud, the scholars of the Ottoman state had come to the opinion that Coffee was forbidden because of it's effects which could be seen as a "drug" as per the rules that did not allow anything intoxicating or altering the state of mind such as drugs. Ebusuud however, studied the matter and concluded in his edict, that coffee had no harmful effect and that it's effect was actually beneficial. His edict also allowed the establishment of Coffeehouses.)

    Hurrem is with Gulfem and they comment about how they will not be able to drink coffee anymore. Gulfem says she does not understand how the matter with the rioters happened that way..."Why did you leave the building?" Hurrem: "I had already died anyway...the things I heard in that building took my soul and spirit..." Gulfem: "What did you hear?" But then Sumbul arrives. "Just as I guessed Sultanim, the one behind the attack against you is Fatma Sultan." Gulfem: 'Are you certain, Sumbul agha this is a heavy accusation." Sumbul nods. Gulfem: "God Willing there is proof." Sumbul replies there is.
    Beyazid is with Atmaca and says that Lala Mustafa has written and relayed everything that has happened while he has been there but there is nothing serious, and it seems Selim has ceased for the time being. Then Atmaca asks about Nessih and why he has come and Beyazid responds that Lala has not found out why yet, but that he is also a person who loves pleasures. 
    Huseyin has come and informs Beyazid that the gold coming by order of Rustem Pasha has been attacked. Beyazid tells Atmaca that they will go stop them and asks Hussain who has done it and why. They ride off.

    Hurrem enters a small room where Melek is and Hurrem says: "So it means Fatma Sultan planned this all. She wanted to kill me and you helped her?" Melek: "Sultanim, I swear I am not at fault." Gulfem: 'Fatma Sultan did this? She gave the order?" Melek nods. Hurrem tells Sumbul to take Melek.

    Suleyman is in his room when Ferhat arrives and tells him Hurrem has come. Suleyman allows her to enter. "Hunkarim, I found who ordered the attack on me that day. Fatma Sultan...she is the one who wanted me killed in the street." Suleyman: "Do you hear what you are saying? Fatma Sultan is my sister.!" Melek enters. Hurrem: 'Speak hatun, whatever you told Gulfem and myself, tell us!" Gulfem arrives "Your kalfa Melek hatun has confessed to everything, and Hurrem Sultan has gone to tell our Hunkar." Fatma: 'So it wasn't just chance...Melek had disappeared all of a sudden. God knows what they did to her." Gulfem: 'What was the need Sultanim? After this, if Hurrem Sultan dies what will happen? What is going to happen now, what will you say to our Hunkar?"

    Beyazid and his men are searching for the men who attacked the entourage carrying the gold.
    Suleyman is face to face with Fatma: "Is what that woman said true Fatma, you bribed the aghas and got the people incited against Hurrem?" Fatma: "I am not going to defend myself. Anyway whatever I say, your order will not change." Suleyman: 'If you say you didn't do it...(that is enough) because other than this woman's testimony, there is no other proof." Fatma: "If I say I didn't do it, will it reassure you? Because I have no intention to do that. Just like your whole family and those who you loved, put me in the fire too, and let it be done." Suleyman: 'Leave us alone."
    Suleyman: "Until today I did not put anyone in the fire without them having no fault. This incident is a proof of that to you." Fatma: "Hurrem is a devil. She brought on whatever befell you. Any calamities that she has come across till today are not enough, she should have gone through more. Only the wells of hell can purify her. Suleyman: "I know Hurrem is not an angel...but no one is. (thank you Sully!) And she has something none of you have! Loyalty. Absolute loyalty. Until today, Hurrem has not betrayed me even for a moment. She did not thrust a single dagger in my back. While I was on this throne, she did not, EVER imagine someone else on it!" Fatma: "So that is why you killed everyone. I recall how my father died. He couldn't even breathe his last breath. My Lord took his life while he was in anguish.  It seems that your end is this." Suleyman: 'Silence Fatma, that is enough." Fatma: "If I do not obey to be silent, what will you do? Execution? Don't stop. You killed Mustafa, so would you have mercy on me?" Suleyman: "Get out! Before I do something...get out! I do not want to see you in my palace! I do not even want to hear your voice. Get out of my sight!" Fatma: "I have already stayed too long under this dome that smells of grief and death" (then why'd you come in the first place lol)
    Suleyman: 'Fatma!" She leaves (sorry but I have to say FINALLY! :p) Suleyman: "

    Atmaca throws a dagger and finds the guys who had taken the gold. Hussain and all the men including Beyazid come forward in the attack. The remaining man tries to run away but Atmaca faces him and then questions him asking who has sent him. Beyazid asks "who have you gotten the order from" He repeats it and Atmaca beats the guy up who at first says that it was a large prize to resist stealing. Beyazid is not convinced and says "I am asking the last time, who did you get the order from?"  Atmaca does some more beating and the man says "Stop! I will speak, don't hit. Shehzade Selim gave the order." Beyazid kills the man, and they have possession of the gold again, untouched.

    Sokollu is speaking to Sultan in the Divan, saying that Selim has spoken about the merchant Gracia Mendez. Suleyman asks Rustem what he thinks about this person. Rustem responds that she (sorry guys I might have made an error earlier it is a she, not a he), is a very wealthy woman and it would be beneficial if she conducts trade. Sokollu says that Gracia Mendez is a relative of Yassif Nassih and she is a person of great respect in the Christan world. Rustem asks if this is why the Venetians put her in prison. Sokollu says that it is obvious there was a trap set for her because she had to escape earlier from Lisbon, Sokollu says if the Sultan wishes he can send word to Venice and they can release her at once.

    Suleyman is not listening, he looks at Ferhat who waits outside and recalls his words about Mustafa's letter. Sokollu calls out to him and then Rustem does and asks if he is alright. Suleyman snaps out of his moment, and asks " How is my Mihrimah?" Rustem: "How sad that there is no change Hunkarim." Sok: "If the doctor Pedro had examined, it would have been good, but our Pasha did not agree in anyway." Suleyman: "What does this mean, you said Pedro had examined her Rustem?" Rustem: "Pedro came Hunkarim, I wanted him to speak to the doctors and make a diagnosis from that, but he didn't agree." Suleyman: 'The matter is about Mihrimah's health! How can you think like this. Mehmet Pasha, tell the doctor to come and examine my daughter." Suleyman rolls up the document in his hand and then he stands up to go. Sokollu asks "You did not say anything about the matter of Gracia Mendez, Hunkarim." Suleyman: 'Since we have been asked for help (for asylum), our doors are open."

    Suleyman exits and then tells Ferhat who is standing outside of the Divan, "Ferhat agha make preparations, we are going." Fatma is on her way out. She hugs Gulfem who wishes her a safe journey and then says "I wish I could say stay for a while, but your departure is the best for everyone." Fatma: "You were right, Gulfem,  death will only save her...Let her live...for many years...so that she can burn in the grief of losing yet another son." Hurrem watches from above. Sumbul "Fatma Sultan is leaving with no return..there is no one left to throw stones in your path in this palace." Hurrem: 'The actual trouble is Nurbanu. She wants to rise like a bird, we must break her wings."

    Rustem is with Pedro and Sokollu in his palace "Have they told you about the rules?" Pedro: "I know my Pasha, everything is forbidden." Rustem: "I hope you are a good doctor otherwise choose your preferred method of death." Pedro: 'And if I cure her?" Rustem: 'Then you may ask whatever you wish from me." Pedro: 'I want to be freed first, then I will want gold, a lot of gold, and a ship to return to Spain. A cariye informs that Mihrimah is ready. Rustem enters and Pedro follows him inside, where Hurrem is. Pedro greets Hurrem. Pedro: 'Why have you closed her off like this?" Rustem: "You will examine her through the curtain." Hurrem: "Signor Pedro, find a cure for my daughter, afterwards whatever you want, you may wish from me." Pedro: "Sultanim, first I would like to be freed, after -" Rustem cuts him off.

    Pedro kneels to examine Mihrimah, but then he gets up and says "I can't see anything like this. You must remove the curtain." Rustem: "Impossible" Hurrem: 'Rustem Pasha, leave him alone, let the doctor do as he needs to do." When Rustem tries to object she says firmly "Rustem Pasha!" And he has no choice and asks for the veil to be lifted. Pedro stares and Rustem says "Come on then!"
    Pedro tries to check the marks, but Rustem says "No touching!" When Pedro looks back, Rustem says "Hurry up! Come on!" Pedro asks if it hurts and she replies it hurts. Hurrem asks "What is this illness." Pedro: "I have a guess Sultanim, but to be certain -" Rustem pulls the curtain. "Get up" Pedro "I will bring my own ointment, but I must apply and examine it personally." Rustem: 'No you cannot apply it personally. The women will do it." Pedro: "Sultanim, if it is not applied properly, it will not have any effect. Unfortunately no one else knows how to do it aside from me." Mihrimah: 'Rustem! Since this is the only way I can recover, I accept. He will come everyday."

    Beyazid puts a letter inside a box with the head of the man who was under Selim's orders and writes: "For years, due to having the same blood and from the same soul, I knew you as my brother. But a brother would not do this to his own brother. He would not work behind his back, put his hand on his property. He won't set bandits on his stuff. If I call you my brother, what will I call Mustafa or Cihangir? You have broken the ties of brotherhood Selim. From now on you are no longer my brother. An eye for an eye, blood for blood."
    Meanwhile, Hurrem is with Sumbul entering her room. "I see good in Signor Pedro, God Willing he will find a cure for Mihrimah." Sumbul: "Yes Sultanim, God Willing, she has been suffering for days now." Hurrem: "How is our Hunkar?I thought I would find him with Mihrimah, but I did not see him" Sumbul: "I do not know how to say it, but, our Hunkar, while you were with Mihrimah Sultan, has gone to Edirne."

    In Edirne, Suleyman holds the letter and the ring, reading again Mustafa's letter swearing on his children that he did not betray. Then he sees the little Mustafa in front of him, and then he looks at the fireplace.

    Hurrem sits looking out the window and Sumbul brings her warm milk saying she will feel better. She says "He did not even send me word" Sumbul: "Do not be so sad. It is obvious our Hunkar just wanted to be alone." Hurrem: "When I was face to face with death, and when our Hunkar came to save me, when he looked at me, I saw mountains, mountains that could not be passed... We are both in an eternal winter now... How beautiful Rumi has said it: "Oh warrior, do not find an excuse for your fate. Do not place your faults onto other people. Recognize your mistakes, and then turn around and look at yourself. What you are going through is not caused by your shadow, it is caused by you... What did I do to not see the path of return to you? Why did you plant, and then not reap the fruits of your labour? Your actions come from your body and soul, and will the come and take hold of your skirt, like a young child."

    We see meanwhile, that Suleyman glances one more time at his illusion of little Mustafa and then crumples up the letter and puts it in the fire and then also the ring. When he finally turns around there is no  little Mustafa anymore, and along with the ring and letter, everything burns away, all the bad memories.
    THE END.

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    1. Thank you so much for everything you do. I would like to just point out a little mistake in the translation. The letter that Beyazid wrote to Mihrimah and Dafne reads is missing. If you would be so kind to fix it I would be so grateful. :)

      1. Hi there, I apologize for that error, I have corrected it and you can find it where the sentence starts with "The Queen of the Sultanas, ....."

    2. thank you /crazy and husband. strangely I enjoyed this episode. Fatma is gone [yay] and thanks for giving coffee detauls. i love learning the factual tips

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    5. Hi there, thank you for the translation. We appreciate the time and effort that you have taken. Don't pay attention to the posts from the crazies and loonies, they have nothing better to do with their sad little life. We enjoyed the series and your little quirks remarks had made it so much enjoyable to watch. Thank you and warmest regards. 💐



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