• Episode 3 (33) of Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV Translation

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    Margaret says to Far don't worry, Sultan Murad will surely come. Farya says she doesn't know at all, and that she will probably never see him again.

    Meanwhile, Atike enters Kosem's chambers and says mother you have sent Pr. Farya to the Uskudar palace, but his majesty my brother had wanted her to stay here. Kosem tells her daughter to get out and 'do not enter without permission again!'

    Esther's dealing with some of her wealth - she tells her servant that the coins will be going to the charity and the jewels will stay in her treasury. Just then men burst in and the man says shut up woman, I will slit that beautiful throat. The other one says Esther, Kosem Sultana's favourite - there are more of these chests? Esther says take whatever you want, but don't kill me please. The man says don't be afraid we won't hurt you as long as you do what I say.

    Murad is given a note from Atike. He reads it and tells Beyazid to return to the palace.

    Farya and Madame Margaret are attacked by some men.

    Esther tells Kosem - who asks her immediately what is wrong, what happened to you - that some Sipahi aghas broke into her mansion. Kosem asks what they wanted. Esther relates what the man had said: Kosem Sultan didn't keep the promise she gave us, she tricked us, played with us, many of our companions were killed because of hers. Tell her that soon we shall tie up Sultan Murad just like we had done to his brother Osman, and show him around the streets.' Esther continues saying and then they will put Sh. Beyazid in his place!

    The men who have taken Farya tell her not to put up a fight, Farya says where are you taking me? One of the men says if it was up to me, we'd kill you, but the Pope wants you alive. She pretends to fall and then shouts for Madame to run and runs away.

    Evliya says there is commotion again in the markets and Hezarfen says is there a day there isn't? Evliya says let us sit here and have some coffee what do you say?

    Meanwhile Murad finds Madame and he asks where Farya is, she tells him that she doesn't know she ran away and that men are chasing her and are going to kill her and to please save her.

    While Hezarfen ogles at some women, he says they need to check out the Churches, Evliya jokes if you were this excited to check out some mosques, maybe God would forgive your sins and let you in heaven eventually. Hez says like we are doing it for enjoyment, remember we must find out more about Lorenzo because Sultan Murad - and then they see Murad running along with Kemankes and Silahdar and Evliya says run Hezarfen. They go after Murad.

    Farya meanwhile disguises herself, is caught but she fights off the man. A merchant helps the man up but the guy kills the poor man after asking him where Farya is and getting nowhere. Murad sees and shouts you degenerate! They man says Sultan Murad, you came to your end with your own two feet.

    Farya runs into Sinan tells him the Pope's men are after her, he says okay, you can hide here and says I will find something for your injury.

    Outside slow motion fighting scenes are underway. Murad versus Farya's kidnapper and Evliya and his book versus someone with a sword, but Kemankes intervenes with his Ottoman slaps, saves Evliya and Hezarfen and all that. Silahdar meanwhile deals with more of the men, and Murad also delivers an Ottoman slap to the kidnapper.

    Sinan asks Farya why she left the palace seeing that these people keep trying to kill her why did she leave the palace.. Farya says they appeared out of nowhere as if they knew she was going to be there. Sinan is about to strange her but Murad enters and Murad asks if she is alright, she is wounded. Farya says thanks to Sinan Pasha he helped me. Sinan says I encountered her, when I realized she was in trouble I wanted to protect her. Murad says great, ask of me whatever you wish. Sinan says he wants nothing but Murad's approval.

    Murad carries Farya away while looking into her eyes!

    Meanwhile the rebel soldiers show what they have brought from Esther to their ringleader. He asks what the situation is. They tell him it is from loot from Esther and that she was shaking from fear and that she is probably with Kosem now in fear and that they should fear and that soon Kosem will come to their feet and will accept whatever they ask from her.

    The Seyhulislam's son visits his father and tells him that the rebels broke into Esther's mansion and threatened Kosem. The Seyhulislam says I warned Sultan Murad many times but Yahya Efendi gets him to make mistake after mistake with his wrongful advice. The son says that the rebels fear no one now the Seyhulislam comments that may God protect them from the trouble that Murad's anger brings and the son says it is necessary to take some precautions before it is too late. The Seyhulislam says the only power than can stop Murad is Kosem sultan.

    Kosem tells Halil pasha that the traitor soldiers threatened her and Murad and forced their way into Esther's house. She asks how it is possible that these 'dogs' are still wandering around in the Capitol. Halil says all of us, and the Sultan our going after them but they hide. And there are many behind them. Kosem says you will find them wherever they are hiding or I will take your head first.

    Beyazid arrives.

    Meanwhile the head of the secret organization Cornelius asks Sinan how they could not handle a mere woman and Sinan says they did what they could up until now, if they continue going after her (Farya) they will be exposed. Cornelius's man enters and Cornelius asks where Lorenzo is the man says he isn't around and can't find him. Cornelius asks if he could have been caught.

    Kosem asks Beyazid what he and Murad were up to together outside. Beyazid says we walked around when we got the news we separated. Kosem asks what news and Beyazid replies I don't know, I returned here, with your permission and he leaves. Kosem tells Halil to watch out for Beyazid, as he is the rebel's favourite. Halil says that he does not doubt Beyazid and that he is loyal to Murad and won't allow the rebels to use him . Kosem says yes, but we should still take our precautions.

    The cook has been brought fresh fish and he wonders what stinks, its not the fish but another crate with spoiled seafood that came by accident. Haci slips one into his shirt and the cook runs off. Lalezar yells what is happening, Haci says we were just having fun. She says the fun is over , our Majesty is back and with Pr. Farya in his arms. Haci says I said it, I told her, the end would be bad...that Sultan Murad would get angry.

    Afetab hatun is praying for God to help her so she can at least just have one night with Murad, enough to just be able to see his face at least. Her wish comes true because Murad is announced and she gets a glimpse and he catches her looking haha as he walks by.

    Kosem is told that Murad has come to see her. She looks down below and then asks Meleki to leave them two alone.

    We spoke this morning, I said princess will stay in the palace, and you - as soon as I turned my back - had her sent away. How can you deliver one under my protection to my enemies? Kosem says is that possible? How can you bring to your mind that I would be part of such a betrayal? I only sent her to the palace in Uskudar. Murad says so is that why her way was cut off? Because they knew where she would pass! You didn't want her here anyway, so this would help you get rid of her!

    The girls giggle and say Farya has come and watch her. They say what happened to her,  she came back, Sultan Murad brought her they say...Ayshe will be sad and Afitap hatun will be depressed!

    Ayshe says to her servant, how can this happen?! The servant says who knows, but the truth will get out what will we do? Ayshe says no one should no, or it will be their end. Haci over course overheard.

    Kosem tells Murad, 'who stand before you? I am your mother, Valide Kosem Sultan. Not any day, and certainly not today have I ever done anything against the state.  Murad of course not, you think every decision you make is for the best. She says how angrily you look at me...how you make me sad for nothing, sad...I do not know what I did to make you come to this condition. Murad yells MOTHER

    Kosem says alright alright, to give you peace, let me say it, I swear over the heads of each one of my children, I am not the one who delivered Princess to those degenerates! Murad says alright. Why did you send her to Uskudar, why did you go against my decision. She says I did my duty as the Valide Sultana, the rules of the harem are obvious - even the Padishah must respect them. Murad says then in that case the rules have changed, the princess will remain in the palace! And you - you will bring whoever did this before me, otherwise the trouble will be on your neck. Kosem says Farya has taken your mind from you head! You have forgotten your real enemies. Today, the soldiers came and made threats!

    Farya is resting and thanks Atike, if you had not sent word to Sultan Murad, I may not have been there. Atike says how are you this strong, how can you hit like that? Can you teach me? Farya says yes, with pleasure, if I can stay alive. Atike says do not worry, whoever is behind this, our Hunkar will not leave them alone.

    Ayshe meets Sinan and says what kind of incompetence is this Sinan pasha? She has returned safe and sound. Sinan says someone must have sent word from the palace to our Hunkar. Ayshe is worried, Sinan says don't be worried, Kosem sultan will protect you - she was the one who gave the order right? Sinan says Sultanim...what have you done? Ayse says I did what was in everyone's mind. She is a murderer a spy..isn't that what you said ? If it is exposed, do not give up my name. Sinan says I won't of course not - but you do not expose me, I will always protect and work for you. God forbid if you are forced, you can use someone else's name in my place.

    Murad speaks to his men asking how the traitors could break into Esther's house, steal and threaten. The grand vizier says we are investigating all the coffehouses, pubs and places they gather. Murad says it means it is not enough. Means you are not doing a worthy job. The other guy says forgive us, we will not let them anymore - Murad says you will take their eyes out, rip out their livers, no questions - I want the heads of all the traitors!

    Haci tells Kosem that Farya is in the pearl palace and doctors are looking after her. Kosem says everyone thinks I did this - even my son. We need to find who did it at once. Haci says actually I suspect someone.

    Ayse is trying to get her son to sleep who says he wants to play. Haci arrives and tells her that Kosem wants to see her. She asks at this time of night? Haci says she wants you to come at once. Ayse says to her servant, Kosem must know everything! Her servant says that's impossible don't worry. Ayse says why else would she call me. Then she has an idea and wakes her son, saying wake up we are going to visit our Valide Sultana.

    Margaret says to Farya we knew Kosem sultan didn't like you but not this much - to send you to your death..Farya says I do not know, this is too much, why would she do it? Margaret says because she is also a mother, she will do anything to protect her son. Murad arrives tells Farya not to get up and asks how she is. She says I am much better thanks to you. I am always a big trouble on your head right? He says I've been witness to all kinds of trouble but this is the first time I am seeing this kind. She says I do not have that stone that protected me anymore, when I was running away it must have fallen. He says you are safe now, no one can touch you now.

    Kosem is being read to and massaged. Haci doesn't allow Ayse's son to enter. Ayse enters alone. Kosem says I am going to ask you a question and you will tell me the truth. Did you inform (the enemy) about Princess Farya? She says never, what is it to me? Kosem says the truth will come out sooner or later. If that is the case, say it now, otherwise how will I protect and save you? Ayse says forgive me, I simply wanted to protect our - SLAP. Kosem says who are you Ayse WHO ARE YOU? How dare you do something like this?! Especially after you knew the blame would be put on my shoulders." Ayse cries out, it didn't even cross my mind. Kosem says SHE"S STILL LYING! Hand her over to our Hunkar! Ayse says no, please do not hand me over. If Murad hears he won't let me live. Please, if not for me, have mercy on my children...on my Ahmet. Kosem says you should have thought of that before you did this. Ahmet enters the room.

    Farya says to Murad, I am used to it...my whole childhood was spent like this (getting bruises and bumps) horseback riding, sword fighting, my mom didn't like it of course. Now I do not know what she is doing or where she is. All I know, is she needs me and waits for me. Murad says tell me where she is that is all - one of my Pashas and will make sure she is in a safe place until the matter is resolved. Farya says see if I were to be the head of that (the pasha and his men) then -  Murad says my decision won't change Farya...I wont give you an army. Farya says true, your soldiers won't take orders from a woman....Alright, I will say it (where my mother is). Hopefully they get to her on time.

    Meleki tells Kosem she made the best decision because if it is exposed that Ayse was behind it everyone will be affected. Kosem says she should thank God for my grandchild. An intelligent woman all these years suddenly went insane! Haci has arrived and Meleki says come in the morning she's resting. Haci says its important and says they found one of the soldiers son's houses, when the arrives to the house, they'll get him.

    Meanwhile, Atike tells Gev that people say Farya is a state matter, but it's more than that (Murad likes her). Atike catches her sister taking some strong sleeping medicine and says that is not a cure, all it does is put you to sleep! Gev says don't you understand...I can't bear it, I am in pain. I cannot continue life as if nothing happened. Atike says you will. When I was a kid I was in awe of you. Your beauty charmed everyone. So much that all our subjects were like moths fluttering about you. I won't lie, I was jealous of you. You were so beautiful I wanted to be like you when I was grown up. Gev says and you have...I pray your fate is more beautiful than mine. Atike says don't speak as if everything is over. You might find your happiness and comfort in someone else. Gev says it's finished for me, hopefully you are happy.

    Kemankes is shooting arrows and Silahdar tells him you always live up to your name. Keman says everyone has a merit, this is mine. Silahdar then says how is it going with Kosem sultan. Keman says she is not happy with my presence, but I'm handling it. Silah says be careful anyway, being close to Kosem is hard, her power casts its magic over people, takes them under influence. Kemankes says do not confuse me with others, I do not get under anyone's influence. Silahdar says I thought I would just warn you. From now on whatever you hear and find out, you will come tell me first. Kemankes says Silahdar I get my orders straight from our Hunkar and I only answer to him. Kemankes is told that Kosem has ordered for her carriage.

    Murad asks Ayse, speak what is your concern? She says I have no concerns except for you - you are my days and my nights. He says then why is your face cold like that? She says I haven't been able to sleep, I wait for you. She says I know you bear heavy burdens, let me be beside you. Especially when traitors are all around. I am the mother of your children, who else is there you can trust but me?

    She notices jewelry says how beautiful this is. He asks how little Ahmet is. She says he asks about you, Don't worry he is healthy. Hanzade too. I watch over them carefully. He says I do not doubt that.

    One of the traitors goes to his son's house and finds Kosem, Halil and Kemankes there. She says enter, we were just talking with your son, a very smart young boy. She says go now son, we have stuff to discuss with your father. The traitor says I beg you...my son did nothing wrong, please dont hurt him. I beg your forgiveness. She says no forgiveness. You who have betrayed the lofty Ottoman state. And as for your son...if you want him to live, you will tell me where the other traitors are.

    Murad practices with some guards who are having a very hard time keeping up with him. That man with the mustache says if you permit, your majesty, I wish to practice wrestling.

    Kemankes gets rid of the traitor, and Kosem exits the house. Then, she tells Halil to put the boy into one of the schools with the expenses to be paid from her personal treasury. Kemankes tells Kosem that Murad must know about his matter. She said I am not one to hide it.

    Beyazid speaks to Sinan and says you were right, our Hunkar allowed it, when he heard she was ill he allowed her to return to the palace. Sinan says hopefully Kosem sultan doesn't know or she would prevent it. Beyazid says I wouldn't tell her, but anyway, our majesty has allowed it. Then he says that is not bothering me right now, what is - the other day he flung a holy man off the prison walls...Lorenzo was his name a traitor, a member of the Jerusalem Hospitaller, he was there for interrogation. Sinan says did he speak? Before Beyazid can answer Sinan is told that Murad wishes to see him.

    Murad flips over the wrestler and says they don't call you crazy for no reason. Sinan arrives. Murad says we don't know who is friend or foe, but you are not among "those". Sinan says may you not doubt me, I am always loyal to you. He says of course I don't, the most important document will go through your hand. You will write a letter, it will secretly and quickly go to Bosnia, to Mehmet pasha, it is about Princess Farya.

    Gevherhan tells her servant to be careful as the weather is cold. The servant says Atike has asked you to come too. Selim says you come too so I am not afraid. She says what fear is this? He says let us go to our palace? She says do not fear, do not be shy, this is your palace too. No one can harm you here, your veins have my blood. She says I will go with my son too. He wants to see the horses, but the servant says another today, today we go to the main gardens.

    Kosem visits Farya and says her well wishes, and says that it has made everyone sad. Farya says I hope whoever did it is found at once and punished. Kosem says you have many enemies - powerful ones. Murdering a cardinal will get you this kind of consequences. Farya says I am willing. I will do everything to protect my family. Just like you. Kosem says for your safety, you will stay here, and then safe and sound you will return to your land. This is your only wish right? Farya says yes. This is my only wish.

    Kosem leaves. Lalezar has come and Kosem says what is that? Lalezar says it is a present from our Hunkar to Pr. Farya. Kosem says I have never seen nor heard of him sending a gift to any woman.

    Ahmet is in his lessons learning the alphabet while Silahdar watches. Murad asks how he is. Silahdar says he isn't too happy (about studying right now).

    Lalezar presents the gift saying our Mighty Padishah's gift to you. Farya says Sultan Murad surprises me all the time. It is hard to know what the thinks and feels. Margaret says but I don't know how right it was to tell him where your mother was. Farya says I trust him. Margaret says what about those around him? Did you forget yesterday? Farya says do I have any other choice?  He won't give me an army, won't let me leave, what else can I do?

    Murad visits his son who says let us go I don't want to study it never finishes. Silahdar says you have to work harder and learn better than everyone else. Ahmet says I am, but the teacher keeps repeating the same things. Murad tells the teacher that it is enough for today. Murad tells his son they will eat together, Ahmet is happy and says can my mother join us too, she's been sad. Last night she was crying all night. Murad says why? Ahmet says Valide Sultanim hit her and said how could you do it she was very mad.

    Atike asks Ayse why Ahmet isn't present, and Atike says he is at his lessons but will be brought when he is finished. Atike says I thought maybe we'd get out, get some air, chat a little...but it's not working, you aren't speaking. Gev says I forced myself just for you. Atike says and did I do wrong? You lock yourself up in your room, sad and depressed. She jokes - youre face was always blah. Hahaha like this, yes smile a little. Ayse asks what Farya is doing here. Atike says I called her..;

    Farya arrives, Atike welcomes her, and says meet my sister Gevherhan. Farya says she is pleased to meet her, Gev says the same. Ayse sees the necklace on Farya's neck.

    Atike says when will we start our lessons? Farya says whenever you wish. Gev asks what lessons, Atike says swordsmanship, she is good at it, even men can't keep up with her, she is going to teach me how to fight. Gevherhan tells her our mother doesn't like this stuff, you know that. Ayse says what does a woman have to do with swords and fighting - of course unless she was trained for secret doings. Farya replies saying everyone knows why I am here, it isn't a secret. Silahdar arrives and says Murad is asking for Ayse. Gevherhan suddenly realizes her son is missing. The servant doesn't know.

    Selim is in the stables. Silahdar, some aghas and Gevherhan look for Selim.

    Murad is with Ahmet when Ayshe arrives. Ahmet says that his father promised they will go see the ships. Murad says yes, now go to your room your mother has things she has to tell me.

    Ayse says what is happening Murad? What do I have to tell you? Murad says what did you do Ayse that my mother hit you and you cried all night? She says what could I do? He says look at me, I know you informed (the enemies) about Farya.

    Selim opens the stable door and enters the horse's stall. Silahdar saves him and says what are you doing here and all alone. Gevherhan arrives and says where did you get lost to? Silahdar says thankfully there was no accident. She thanks him and tells her servant Elif to take her son away.

    Ayse says to Murad, no, no I did not do anything, whoever said it, whatever they said, its all lies, please do not believe them. They're making false accusations, they want to dig my well (i.e. get rid of me)! Murad says who is doing that? Your son? My Ahmet is doing that? Ayse begs, please forgive me, I did it for you, I did all of it for you, I did it to protect you, that woman is a murderer and traitor. Murad says get up! The real traitor is the one who goes against my will, works with the enemies, you have betrayed me Ayse. You have betrayed me! You will pay for this. I should take your head right here!

    Kosem arrives. Murad orders the aghas to take Ayse out before an accident occurs. Kosem says what is happening here? Murad says what did I tell you mother? Didn't I tell you to bring the one who was responsible before me? And what did you? You hid her...you hid (things) like you always did. Kosem tells Lalezar to take Ayse to her room. Murad interrupts and says not to her room, it is over. I don't want her in my palace anymore. Pack your things, I am exiling you to the old palace. You should be thankful for my children otherwise I would take your head right here.

    Gevherhan is speaking to Silahdar. She says I was living a lie for years, Pasha was fooling me just like he was fooling everyone else. I accused and hurt everyone for no reason, you too. listen, I have done wrong to you - and you had no fault. I think I wanted to take out my anger on someone, and that person was you. Silahdar says it is true I was sad...but not for myself, I was sad for you, because you did not deserve that. Atike arrives and asks what they are doing there and where Selim is. Gevherhan says I sent him to his room, thanks to Silahdar he found him. I was thanking him,

    Atike says to Silahdar what were you speaking about with Gevherhan, it wasn't anything unpleasant right, I know she blames you. Silahdar says we didn't speak of anything, she simply was thanking me. Atike says good, the pain of love has really hurt her heart. It must be very hard. May God save even enemies from that pain. Why did our Hunkar call for Ayse? Seeing that he sent you it must have been important?

    Ayse tells Lalezar to let go when she sees Farya and shouts, where did you pop up from? From the time you came, you've ruined everything! My life is ruined because of you! God curse you! Get lost and leave this palace! Go back to where you came from! I've been kicked out because of you! I have been kicked out for handing over a traitor and murderer. You can fool everyone, but not me. I will strangle you with my own hands!

    Kosem tells Murad Ayshe has made a mistake, love makes people do all sorts of mistakes, but she is regretful, she knows she made a mistake, now it's up to you to forgive her. Murad says what mistake? She openly betrayed. Kosem says she was jealous of Farya and you, that is all. Anyway, the Princess returned safe and sound, no one has been hurt. Forgive her and close this matter. Murad say no forgiveness. She will go for sure. Kosem says what are you saying my son, she is your head Haseki, the mother of your children, if you don't think of her, think of her children.how will they stay without their mother at this age.  Murad says leave me alone. Kosem says my blessed one, the matter with Ayse will be solved, but there is a more important matter now. I found out the hideouts of the men who broke into Esther's mansion. Murad says where are they? Kosem hands him something. He says how did you find this out? Kosem says how do you think I was ruling this state for all these years?

    Silahdar enters his room and Ayse enters. She says our Hunkar has exiled me to the old palace, and that too because of that murderer. Do something. Silahdar says I will do what I can, but I don't know if it will be of use, your crime is great, so much that, it goes beyond us. Ayse says not now, you cannot turn your face from me, you will help me. He says if you want me to help you - you will tell me the truth as it happened, everything. Who did you tell about the princess leaving. Who did you give the order to. How did you get word to the traitors? Ayse says there's a blacksmith who sent word that is all - I do not know who he went to or what he did. Please, no one but you can help me.

    Sinan meanwhile tells Cornelius. about Lorenzo being found out that trying to get him to speak, he was killed. Cornelius says my God forgive his sins. Then adds, anyone else? Did they find anyone else? Sinan says no, but I have found something out - something so big that we can get revenge for Lorenzo. I have found out Farya's mother's whereabouts. Cornelius says good...send word to Prince Istvan to do what is needed.

    Murad is pacing angrily and Silahdar enters saying I spoke to Ayse, she gave the order to a blacksmith agha, I will catch him at once and interrogate him. Murad says she told my mother too, the guy has disappeared! Silahdar starts speaking and Murad says do not, do not stick up for her right now. Get ready we are going out, my mother has found out where the traitorous sipahi aghas are.

    The men in their hideout are talking about agha (who Kosem had killed) hasn't shown up, what if something happened to him. One of them says he will come soon, don't worry. Two of the men leave to take a bathroom break haha. Meanwhile, Murad arrives with his men.

    The two men are talking one of them says why didn't you bring Esther here too, we would have fun. The other says I thought about it, she is quite something! They hear commotion.

    Kosem asks where Murad is, that there is no word from him, that bad things come to her mind God forbid. Haci says be rest-assured, he is very powerful, he will overcome those hypocrites. Kosem asks how Ayse is. and Lalezar says she had to calm her with great difficulty - the calm, quiet Sultana was gone and in her place a lioness appeared (speaking of Ayse) that she attacked Farya. Kosem says she should be thankful she is alive (that she wasn't executed for treason).

    Kosem goes to see Ayse and says as if what you did wasn't enough you also attacked the princess! Ayse says when I saw her in front of me in that moment I - it's all her fault, she is taking us to our calamity. Kosem says if you hadn't interfered, she would have been in Uskudar right now, what did you do? You dumped her into my son's arms with your own hands. Ayse says that she will kill herself before leaving the palace and being separated from Murad and her children. Kosem says my son has changed his mind, you are staying here, but, you are not forgiven. He does not want to see you anymore.

    Silahdar asks Kemankes how Kosem found out about the whereabouts and names of the men. Kemankes says she is Valide Sultan, she knows people's weaknesses and catches them with it. Silahdar says be careful so you are not sacrificed for your weaknesses. Silahdar says none of them spoke, but don't worry sooner or later we will find the rest. Murad then tells Silahdar to return the chests to Esther and for Kemankes to keep an eye out until the other two traitors are found. The two men enter the place to see that all their companions are killed.

    Farya is reading and Margaret tells her she asked the aghas and Murad has returned to the palace. Farya says finally.

    Atike and Gevherhan are bathing, Atike asks she is daydreaming, Gevherhan says the warmth is nice.

    Esther is told that Silahdar has arrived. They greet each other, she says I always saw you in the palace but never met you she asks why he is there, and he says I have brought that which belongs to you. Esther wonders how and Silahdar says those who attacked her house have been punished.

    Gevherhan says did you hear about Ayse and Atike nods and says that women in love should be feared, Gevherhan says and how do you know about love and all that? Atike says you aren't aware of it, but I have grown up, and the time for marriage has come. Hopefully it isn't a marriage like yours. I didn't mean it like that - what I mean is I don't want to marry someone my mother chooses, but one my heart chooses. Gevherhan says is there someone in your heart? Atike says no, of course not.

    Silahdar tells Esther you are close to Kosem, she trusts you, it's obvious you have a friendship. Esther nods and says is that, who can understand each other better than us? We both share the same fates. We both alone in the spring of our lives. Being alone is very hard. Especially for a woman. Silahdar says it must be. Esther says for you its easy, I have heard your name, you have have flowers tied all around you (basically a lot of women like you) he whispers only the beautiful and nice smelling flowers. Good night.

    Murad is told that Lalezar has arrived and tells Murad that Farya is pushing to see him. Murad allows it.

    Ayse meanwhile says she needs to go she needs to see him. Her servant says do not go, our Hunkar is very angry, don't go so you aren't hurt even more.

    Farya tells Murad she is very thankful for the gift. She says I have come to apologize for what happened. He says for what? She says I am aware that my presence makes everyone uncomfortable and this makes me sad. I did not want to become the reason for all this. Maybe the best is for me to leave. Murad says you are not the one at fault here, you almost died. She says my life is entrusted to you and I don't doubt you will protect me but - Murad says you will not go anywhere, you will be close to me. She says how close will I be? He says as close as I permit. She says well, I don't have the habit of asking permission.

    Farya exits and finds Kosem outside who says to Meleki that she (Farya) cannot come here without my knowledge again.

    Evliya, Hearfen and Kemankes are talking. Evlya gets upset when Hez puts a drink in front and says don't get me into sin, I don't drink! Silahdar arrives and says oh you spread the table without me. Hezarfen comments that Silahdar couldn't leave Esther so easily and Evliya says don't think that everyone is like you. And Esther is is Kosem's right arm, it can be like a shirt of fire! Hezarfen says and Silahdar is our Padishah's right arm. Silahdar says let's drop the joking, is there any news from the Churches. The two say there is nothing yet.

    Kosem tells Murad she worried about him and that hopefully the traitors were dealt with. Murad says all thanks to you, but I am curious about what the traitors threatened you with, you never said. She said the usual threats. He says say what it was. She said they were going to dethrone you, then - God forbid - like your late brother Osman...no one has the power to do that my son. As long as I live, the throne is yours, I promise that. Murad says the throne is mine anyway mother, whether you are here or not.

    Meanwhile Silahdar is saying to have men check out the pubs and coffeehouses especially, Keman says and the merchants - we should have trusted men everywhere who can tell us what is being spoken of. Evliya says that Hezarfen can go to the pub he can't because he is a Muezzin (sometimes makes the call to Prayer). Hezarfen says hmmm me to for a joke. Evliya says look my aghas, someone would see me in the pub and think wrong, and tell my father. My father would send me to my late mother. Kemankes jokes and he'll send us all - how old is he now? Evliya says one hundred and two and a half years old. Hezarfen says hopefully you don't live as long as your dad or we'll never be rid of you. Evliya says you will fly away then?

    The Seyhulislam is telling Kosem that he is sad about Kosem's being removed from her position as regent. Kosem says that we cannot say anything after our Majesty has made a decision. Seyhulislam says those that attack the houses of the  likes of Esther hatun today, won't pause before entering ours tomorrow. Kosem says and your recommendations? Seyhulislam says the candle isn't enough we need the sun. We need you to not remove your hand from over the state. Our Majesty needs your experience. Because the ones around him are not doing a good job advising him to the right path. Kosem says I am the Sultana of all eras and reigns, when have I left the state helpless? Night or winter ( I am with the state).

    Farya is giving Atike her first lesson.

    In the stables Murad admires the horses and asks what is wrong with his horse. The wrestler/head of stables says that the horse is a bit restless, but that he is taking care of him. Sinan arrives and Murad asks if the order for the pasha in Bosnia. Sinan says he has sent it and he should take care of it. Then he says this is from Istvan, he has finally answered your letter.

    Istvan has written that Farya has one intention to take his throne (Istvan's) and asks how Murad can protect someone who murders a Cardinal to achieve this and that they (Istvan) are only tied to the Ottoman Empire for external matters according and the matter with Farya doesn't fall under this, so he asks with respect, that Murad send her back.

    Murad's response is that while I am the master over the land and throne you sit on and govern, how dare you say these things. I have removed you. You are no longer prince. if you do not not obey immediately, and work together with my enemies, I will come after you and no one, not the Pope or anyone else can save you (from me).

    Istvan gets the letter and Farya's mother is brought before him. He says he hasn't seen her in a while and does she miss him. He says now that I killed my brother, there is nothing stopping us, we can be together. I can give you back whatever you lost. She spits. He says you would do well to think on this. Slaps her and then sends her away to the dungeons. Istvan says let us write a letter. It is necessary for Sultan Murad to know who we are.

    Murad gets the letter. Istvan has said I am not a prince, I am the king of Hungary and with God's help I will save my country from your barbaric hands. My land will be strong and free. I would rather choose death than to bow and beg before a child who just yesterday was hiding behind his mother's dress.

    Murad says to Sinan, that degenerate called Istvan has written his own death order. Get ready, we are going to war. I will get that traitor's head myself!

    A textile merchant woman is in the palace gardens and finds Farya. She says we need to speak. She says what and who are you? She says do you remember this? Farya says my mother's brooch. The woman says she has been caught, and is in Istvan's hands - her life depends on you. Farya says I will kill you speak up, who sent you? The woman says I am simply a messenger. If you harm me, you will never see your mother again. Sinan watches. Farya asks waht the woman wants from her. She shows her something.

    Kosem goes to see Esther and Kemankes tells Kemankes that he cannot enter as it is a private female quarters (haha so private there are other men there lol). The grand vizier tells Kosem that Murad has taken the decision to go to war, personally leading the army, to get Prince Istvan's head. Kosem asks where this came from. They hand her a letter saying it is an insulting letter Istvan sent. Halil says that Murad has made the right decision. He has said such words that his execution is mandatory.

    Kosem says that Istvan has long ago deserved this, but she worries about her son going personally and that he has written this letter purposely for this and that they want him to go out to set a trap for him or something. Halil says you are right, the Bosnian pasha could have taken care of this matter. The Grand vizier says how can we convince him, he has already made the decision. Kosem says you will convince him, why do you guys even exist? He doesn't listen to me these days, he does the opposite. I am certain as my name that they are setting up a game for the noble state, but we will destroy this game.

    Atike has gone to see Murad but finds out he is outside with the princes.

    Murad congratulates Ibrahim for his skills almost passing him. Murad says I have made a decision today, I want you to hear it from me - I am going to war to Erdel. Atike asks Silahdar about the war and he says they are going in the spring. She is and later? the war will take long - months, years might pass. Silahdar says as long as we return victorious no matter how long it takes. She says it is important to her, without her brother and without him. Silahdar says I will do whatever I can so we can return soon. But this is fate. She says I hope a happy fate is in our future.

    Beyazid says it is good, the time has come as Padishahs hasn't gone to war in a long time. Kasim asks if they will go too. Murad says haven't decided then asks Beyazid if his mother has set out yet. Beyazid says soon she will be here, thank you for allowing it.

    Farya says this was very precious to my mother, it was a family heirloom, she said I would wear it one day. Margaret says will you do what they ask. Farya says I cannot do it. Sultan Murad has protected me, given me asylum. After all that. I cannot. Margaret says I am not forcing you, but this is the only way to save your mother.

    Farya tells Esther not to forget what she said, that she should keep her eyes and ears open. Kemankes is in the carriage to Kosem's surprise. She says how dare you?! He says forgive me, but I didn't want anyone to hear what I said. I know you are meeting with pashas inside. She says do you think I will explain to you? She says will you complain to my son? He says what will you do my Sultana, will you continue like this? When you do not accept your son as Padishah, yet you want others to?She says are you teaching me?! Get down at once! He says be certain, there is no one else our Padishah needs to trust more than you. If he is to take someone's advice, to look to someone for guidance, why shouldn't it be you? She shouts for the drivers, MOVE!

    Farya has made up her mind.

    Kosem visits Kasim who asks if something happened. He says I wanted to see you, today I was with my brothers and our Majesty and learned something...In truth I do not know how you allowed it. She says the war...he says no not that. I am talking about Gulbahar sultan...she's coming to the palace soon?

    Kosem tells Murad there is something important they have to speak about. She says Gulbahar is returning, he says not returning, she is ill and I thought her son should see her. Kosem says I guess you forget what happened in the past - she wanted to remove you from the throne. Murad says there was no evidence to prove that. You made the decision. She says what is going on you don't even ask my advice, you go to war, you bring Gulbahar to the palace? Murad says I always have respect for you, but take your shadow away from over me. She says and what will happen when I do everything will be perfect? look, if I am not around, neither are you. Murad says this is why you will stop - because of your arrogance. this is what poisons you. The truth that you don't want to see, is that you are getting your strength for years - from me.

    Kosem says I am not your enemy Murad, don't wound me with your words any longer. They see the pigs head on the bed.

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