• Episode 7 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV Translation

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    Murad and his nice hair to Farya - so you want me to marry you is that right? And there will no other woman besides you?

    Farya - I didn't want you to find out like this, but I am not one to hide what I think to you. Murad to her - don't hide of course, tell me.

    Farya - Murad I am here to be by your side, I gave up everything - not because you cut me off when I was leaving, but because I chose this, I am here. I know you value me and i know you are on my side, these things make me very happy but -

    Murad - Farya, what has brought to this state - what happened that you got so angry? Farya says they say you have locked me here, and called me Sultan Murad's "whore"

    Murad - Who? who said this to you?

    Ayse meanwhile says Murad goes to her every night. What he finds her I do not understand. Her servant says it's just lust, it will pass my Sultana. Ayse says but that before that woman turns lust into "breath" we have to find a solution. God forbid should she fall pregnant, we wont be able to stop her.

    Gulby is passed out from the heat, and Kosem has water thrown on her and says - speak where is Elanor! Where have you hidden her. Gulby says never I won't say even if I die. Kosem says you will die anyway. You fooled everyone saying you are ill, the lie will become truth. They will say ' she was sick, passed out in the bath and died'.

    Murad meanwhile with Farya says to her - who is this person? How could they dare to say it? Is it up to them to say this! Was it Ayse? Did she come here?

    Farya says it doesn't matter who says it, everyone is saying it. Maybe it's true, this is the situation.

    Murad says why are you looking at what others say? Let them talk - I am here with you! What else matters?

    Farya - you are here now, but what about later -  You will leave again. Let us agree on something Sultan Murad, since I am here, since you have brought me here, then there will be no other woman - except me. Promise me. There will be no others. Promise. He says no promises, you cannot put conditions on me.

    HAHAHA Beynam the cook staring at Margaret! He says I have prepared our Princess and our Majesty's meal, when shall we prepare the table? Margaret tells him to shh, its not the time yet.

    Gulby to Kosem - don't tire yourself pointlessly, I will never speak. 'willing to die rather than stay separate from my prince. Let me stay with my prince.'

    Kosem says and let's say I agree - do you think you will stay here in peace here, in spite of me? Will I leave this without revenge? Gulby says I have lost my peace long ago - but I will never return. 'if I am to die, will die here with my prince!' Kosem says 'how unfortunate, that not only yourself, but you throw your son in the fire as well! LOCK THE DOORS'

    Gulby - 'kosem sultan if not in this world, then in the next both my hands will be on your neck! God is my witness!'

    Haci tells Kosem that if Gulby dies, they (Gulby's minions) will expose the truth about Elanor and Prince Kasim will be in trouble.


    Ibo asks Kasim if they found Elanor, Kasim says no, like she went down into the ground or something no news of her. Ibo says I don't get it, who would do such a thing and why? Kasim says ahhh, you don't know right? My mother told me that Gulbahar kidnapped Elanor.

    Ibo recalls Beyazid telling him I didn't tell anyone, I would never.

    Elanor begs Zeynel to let her go. Outside in the hall, one of Gulby's servants tells Zeynel agha that Gulby is missing and Zeynel says that she was in the hamam but should have returned a long time ago.

    Ibo goes to Beyazid's room. Bey says what's up at this time of night? Ibo says you lied to me while looking right into my eyes?! Bey - my brother, I can explain. Ibo - what will you explain?! you openly betrayed us! How could you do this?! Kasim is your brother too! You want him to die?! This is what you wanted the whole time! Bey says what kind of words are those?! Would I ever want that? Kasim will come to no harm. I swear to you this kind of thing will not come to pass. Ibo says - whereas I had trusted you, you were my older brother, but I am not sure of that anymore!

    Gulby is found by her servant girl who says what happened to you? Gulby says Kosem was here, just as I suspected - tried to get me to talk but when she realized she wasn't going to succeed she let me go. The servant girl says I wish I was here, forgive me. Gulby says do not worry - Kosem cannot consider killing me when her son's life is in danger. She has no choice - tomorrow morning she will do as I say. Now you return to the harem so they don't see you with me.

    Kosem  in the hall with Kemankes who says he is still looking for Elanor, but has found nothing of use. Kosem says that no matter what she did Gulby didn't talk. Silahdar arrives and says is everything okay? Is there something I can help with? Kosem to Silah - one should ask that of you! My son is not in the palace, and you are here. Why are you not with my lion? Silahdar says Murad saw it fit like this. Kosem's comeback "bah! Has an answer for everything!" and walks away

    Silahdar asks Keman - what's going on at night like this? What is troubling our Sultana again?

    Keman - She is troubled about our Majesty - as you know when he is not in the palace, our Sultana becomes uneasy.

    Ibo enters Kosem's room. Ibo my prince? He breaks down in tears. (Awww )Forgive me mother, it is all my fault, it all happened because of me! Kosem - what are you talking about? Ibo - Beyazid knew! I had told him. I thought he could help find a solution but he went and told his mother! He had promised me he wouldn't tell anyone. Kosem - so it means Beyazid is in on this matter

    Gev recalls Atike's words - while I was setting up dreams of marrying him - he loved someone else! Silahdar! He has tricked me all this time!

    Gev to Silahdar - what do you think you are doing?! Silah - forgive me but...She says Atike came to me in miserable condition! You have tricked her for a long time! You have made her believe you were in love with her, then later said you loved someone else! Silah says I tried to explain to her - that I had no feelings towards her, and could not have! I tried my best not to hurt her...in the end I was left telling her the truth!

    Gev says the truth Silahdar - the truth is that you are a liar! First you give my sister hope then with me...WHO ARE YOU SILAHDAR? Where do you get this courage from? He replies I swear in everything I believe that I did nothing. You alone are in my heart. Only you. Gev says from now on no one should be in your heart. Stay away from me and my sister. Otherwise the end will be BAD!

    Atike asks Gev where she was, did she tell their mother? Gev says I went to Silahdar and taught him a lesson and put him in his place! Atike - what did you do?! he was already scared of my brother, now you scared him off too?! Gev says come to your senses Atike - he said he loves someone else! What else do you want?! Atike says no - impossible! I do not believe that - maybe he does it on purpose, maybe to keep distant. Gev says then you will stay away in that case, you will forget and this matter will be closed. Atike says I cannot, his face is there everytime I close my eyes -  I cannot live without him!

    Hezarfen makes noise and Evliya wakes up OMG they've attacked with guns blazing! Hezarfen says wake up wake up!  You are the attendant, I am the Bey Efendi (Sir/boss) but when time comes to work, the attendant is ASLEEP! Evliya says oh esteemed one - what sudden urge for work this time of morning? Hezy says I need to have these wings fully operational so I can glide across the sky! But first need to find a proper grounds to fly! Ev tells him if you spent as much time working as you do with women you'd have found one long by now! But pray for me - I found the place you will fly from! Hezy says where? Where tell me man?!

    Hezy - Where where show me? Evliya look follow my hand, follow like this - here. Anyway when you jump from here, you will certainly die - and then with tears in my eyes,  I will come up here and then will read my books in peace. Hezy says Perfect thought! I will think of this! Ev says I was KIDDING! If you jump from here we won't even find a molecule of yours! Hezy says I was kidding too - we are going to the Okmeydan (Archery range) Sultan Murad Han gave me permission - no one can stop me from now on!

    Murad to Farya - my Farya, my sun, you sleep I must leave.

    Beynem the cook is pouring the concoction (to prevent Farya from getting pregnant) and Madame arrives - he  says oh Madame, what a big coincidence. She asks what are you doing? He says what am I doing? A very appropriate question - I am setting up our Majesty's table. Farya arrives. He bids her good morning. He says is our Majesty awaken? Farya says he left. Beynem says I did so much preparation..alright then better leave. I made the eggs specially for you. He says bon appetite! She says Beynem - send my greetings to Kosem sultana. He says of course! With your permission. Farya tells Margaret be careful with that one!

    Silahdar tells Murad that everything in the harem is fine, but at night Kosem was unhappy. She is not too happy about you staying with Farya. Murad says how "easy" it is to make my mother happy (sarcastically). Then he adds - and what is wrong with you Silahdar, there is unhappiness in your eyes. Silahdar says I wasn't too sleepy last night that's why.

    Kosem is announced. Murad welcomes her. She says I have special matters to discuss.

    He says what is the topic? She replies - Gulbahar.

    Beyazid speaks to his mother - I do not want anything to happen to Kasim - no matter what they are my brothers! Gulby - and I am your mother Bey! Of course they are your siblings, but you are separate anyways. Beyazid this matter has turned my relationship with Ibrahim sour - I do not want this matter to go on. She says at the same time they are your rivals! If something happens to our Majesty God forbid, what will happen do you think? As the eldest Prince you must get on the throne. But will that happen? Will Kosem put you on the throne?! That day she will have you executed! Beyazid says who will get on the throne, only God knows. He decides mother! Kosem sultana will never kill me. If she wanted she could have many times before this. Gulby says my son, the era has changed, your childhood days are over, innocence is in the past. Maybe Kosem won't kill you - I accept. But she will do to you worse than death! Come with me let me show you what she will do!

    Kosem tells Murad, as you know Gulby was to leave today, but my heart isn't in it. Maybe she must stay in the palace. Murad - you always wanted me to leave her until now, I see it fit, and wanted to sent her. I am curious - what made you change your mind? Kosem says you know I have no love for Gulbahar but her son Beyazid is very dear to me - he came to me and said my mother is ill, let her not go. His grieving condition made me feel sorry for him. I thought for his sake maybe she should not go, of course if you see it fit.

    Gulby brings Beyazid to a room. He says this room...She says yes, this is the room your uncle Mustafa is locked up in. Beyazid says mother, everyone knows my uncle is locked up in this room but no one comes here, why did you bring me here. She says I wanted to show you the truth! Behind this door is an Ottoman Padishah, at one time a ruler who reigned over all the Ottoman world! For all of ten years he is here! That very beloved - will-never-kill-me Kosem Sultana locked him up here and your brother his Majesty did not make a sound. Beyazid says the conditions were bad! Gulby says your uncle lost his mind in the struggle for power! That is the Sultanate - come crashing down on a person like a mountain, if you do not stand strong, it crushes you! Do not forget your uncle, take a lesson so that your end doesn't resemble his.

    Ayse is told that Murad was at Farya's palace. Ayse asks I know that tell me what happened. The spy servant says  Farya was very upset after hearing what you said to her. Ayse says to do you still call her prenses? I will kill you! THe girl says forgive me, she wanted to come to the palace, but our Majesty entered the room and heard what she said. The woman is crazy! Ayse says what is she saying tell me?! The servant says "she wants to marry our Majesty and demands he does not be with any other women" Ayse says I will go kill her right now! Her servant stops her. She says tell me - what did our Majesty say? Probably answered her! The girl says I didn't know - they stayed alone and then there was no noise. They didn't even exit the room for food. Ayse shouts for them to get out.

    Lalezar asks Beynem the cook what happened at the beach mansion. Beyny says I waited all night but they didn't want food. They were up to other things. Lalezar says shameless man! Did you put the medicine? He says I did I did and I was almost caught! That Madame - the one with eyes like a gazelle....she says what? He says oh I meant like a hawk :D Thank God she didn't notice (putting the medicine)

    Murad has summoned Gulby. She greets both Kosem and Murad. Murad says on my mother's request I have decided to let you stay in the palace. Gulby says thank you my Sultana - as a mother you have understood my pain and gifted from your large heart. And I am indebted to you my Majesty. Murad says I did not do this for you, I did this for your son Beyazid - know the value and don't walk on wrong paths!

    Kosem says to Gulby - she has learned her lesson from the past - otherwise she knows - what you have given by hand can be taken back by the sword!

    Outside Kosem says you got what you wanted. Tell me where Elanor is. Gulby says don't take the matter personally, I just did it to stay with my son. Kosem says SILENCE. Gulby says I will send Zeynel to get Elanor. Kosem says Kemankes will get her. Gulby says he cannot. Because I hid the girl in the harem. Kosem - in the harem! Meleki! Go handle the girl quickly!

    Kemankes - my sultana? Kosem - I see what is going through your mind. You wonder why I bowed my head to threats and came willingly. Kemankes - there is certainly a reason. We do not see like you, nor hear as you do. Kosem says - Beyazid was in on the matter. Fine Kasim's crime was great - but Beyazid openly drew a sword against me and his brothers! There is no forgiveness for this. His brother our Majesty would not stop and take his life. And then -  because when they kill one they (eventually) kill the rest.

    Zeynel tells Meleki here. Meleki says so she was under our noses the whole time,  walk girl we're leaving. Elanor - let go

    Kasim - has she been found? Kosem tells Kasim - I found her, I found her. She will be dealt with. Kasim - where is she then? Kosem: SILENCE. return to your room at once and keep your mouth shut.

    Kemankes sees Abaza who says - since I am our Sultana's Head Chamberlain - then it falls to you to send word to her. I wish to see her. Kemankes says she is not available. You tell me what you need to say I will relay it to her. Abaza says my words private. Thankfully until now I did not need a messenger to send word to our Sultana - I didn't need to anyway.  Kemankes says in that case you will wait my pasha.

    Ayse welcomes Murad. He says where were you? She says I did not know you had come. I went to see Gevherhan Sultana. He says who else have you visited? She says your Majesty, I do not know what that woman said to you - I simply warned her. He says and it befalls you to warn her? I chose her. Wherever she stays, she is my gozde (favourite), you can dislike her but, you cannot disrespect her. She says she is the one who does not respect me! She said words and taunted me - that she will marry you, that she will prohibit you from all women - myself and others!

    Margaret asks Farya - you didn't tell me what did Sultan Murad say? Farya says he wanted to change the topic but I insisted - I said there will be no other women promise me. Marge says and did he? Farya - no....would he ever. But he will...sooner or later. He has no other choice. Ayse's spy arrives tells Farya that Atike has arrived that they will go for a ride in her carriage.

    Elanor begs to see Kasim for the last time. Meleki says saying his name is not allowed for you! Elanor runs and Haci says what are you doing here woman?!

    Elanor - don't kill me please! Wait please let me go. Haci says shh - you are dead I will kill you now! Elanor jumps to her death.

    Murad hears the screams.

    Kasim sees Elanor. What have you done to her?  Haci says what are you doing my prince! Kasim - she wasn't at fault Haci! Murad arrives.

    Beyazid meanwhile tells Gulby - this is the first and the last mother. I will never be a part of this kind of thing and neither will you. Zeynel tells Gulahar about Elanor. Beyazid says how sad...this sin is around our necks. Gulbahar - not at all my prince, this is Kasim and Kosem's sin.

    Atike shows Farya Kosem's charity complex - says this is my mother's Charity - twenty thousand meals are handed out here a day. Those who have no one to support them, the elderly, there are rooms for children. There is special support for women and children. She personally handles their affairs. My mother leaves no one hungry or without aid. That is why the people love her so much. Farya says so this is how our Kosem Sultana has won the people's hearts. Atike says yes and she does not leave the hungry and needy even in her most difficult days. Farya says how nice. Atike, you didn't call me here for this right? Did something happen? What makes you so sad, is it about Silahdar. Atike says yes, he said such a thing in a word he took my life. He loves someone else. Farya says who is that? Atike says I do not know. You were right - even thinking of sharing someone you love is scary, let alone actually having to share them. Atike says I cannot ever do that. I do not believe he is like that. I think it is a lie, do you think he has someone else? Farya says maybe not, but you need to be certain. if there is something then you need to know about it. Atike says that is why we have come here.Come with me.

    Murad says tell me the matter as it is, who is this girl, why did she kill herself.

    Meleki says she stole, as per the rules we were taking her to kick her out of the palace, while taking her - she threw herself. Murad says and why was Kasim there. Haci says the matter was a coincidence. Our prince knew her from our Sultana's room where the girl was working. He asked the reason and I was explaining the reason to him. Murad says anything else you need to say? Meleki says no your Majesty this is how it came to pass. He orders them out. Murad to Silahdar - investigate the matter I want to know how true their words are.

    Gulby's minions are with her tells her that Murad heard the sounds and saw her...Gulbuhar says Murad will follow the matter...One of the girls says and Kosem will try to cover it up. Gulby says we must not let an opportunity that comes to our feet to go to waste. One of the them says what do you order my Sultana?

    Kosem yells at Meleki - how could you let the girl get out of your hands! The fault is yours to begin with! You should have told her her situation! Now the matter has gone all the way to our majesty! Pray that it closes there. Otherwise no one can save you from my hands.

    Geveherhan arrives. She says I heard about Elanor - I know she was in your service after all that obedience how did she do this? Kosem says shocking right? You try to raise good, and if it's not inside them it doesn't work! She asks about Atike. Gev says she left to go to Farya - I tried to stop her but our Majesty has given her permission I couldn't do anything about it. Kosem - it's in my children's nature to be rebellious anyway! No one listens! Everyone follows their own whims! Then Kosem adds - Gevherhan please protect (be guardian to)  your siblings - take some burden off my shoulders.

    Farya and Atike are with Esther. Esther says I heard you have been set up in the summer palace - he values you very much. Esther says how is that claim going again Esther? Esther says what is that? Atike says remember the one you need Silahdar's help with? Atike says you - oh...my Sultana I have managed that claim a while ago, it was not important anyway. Atike says - hmm amazing - why did you ask Silahdar for help while my mother was around - because one word from our Sultana is enough to solve such matters. Esther says I did not want to trouble our Sultana with small matters. I need to go with your permission as you know charity work doesn't end.

    Atike says what do you think Farya? Farya says I am not certain - she doesn't give off much. Atike says of course she won't - this the type you must fear anyway.

    Abaza tells Esther - time doesn't touch you, Esther because you do not lose anything of your beauty or elegance. Esther says same goes for you my Pasha,  your sweet speech along with your fancy clothing, you will once again be the talk of the Capitol. Abaza says this chest is for the charity -  Esther says our sultana will be very pleased.

    Atike arrives and Abaza says what a lovely coincidence, so you are here too. Atike says I was showing Princess around. Abaza says I am honoured to have met her. Farya says I didn't get to thank you - I am indebted to you for bringing my mother to me safe and sound. Abaza says I am at your command - because the one who is precious to our Majesty is valuable to me as well.

    Esther notices Abaza's eyes following Atike and says to him - watch where you look my Pasha, Atike Sultana is the apple of our Majesty's eye. Abaza says what can I say God protect her from envious eyes (he is hinting she is beautiful).

    Lalezar tells some girls to go in for questioning. Inside Silahdar asks the girls - tell me everything you know or heard about Elanor. Two of the girls say she was a quiet, obedient girl. The middle one (Gulbahar's spy) asks Silahdar to let her go she doesn't know anything (she's acting weird on purpose). Silahdar says what is your name? The girl says Hanife, I loved her she was my only friend. Silahdar sends the other two girls out and then tells Hanife tell me as it happened, no need to fear. Hanife says one night I saw her crying, I asked her - she said she was pregnant, I do not know anything else, please let me go, if I speak they will kill me! Silahdar says no one will know, I will keep your name hidden, but who did she get pregnant from? Hanife says 'from Prince Kasim'

    Ibrahim is with Kasim and says - you need to gather yourself together Kasim, your sadness will cause gossip. I know you loved that girl. You are in pain. But the matter is closed now, it is for the best. Had our Majesty found out? Kasim says go Ibo, leave me alone.

    Kosem to Atike - let us see what what I do to you  if you go out again without my permission. Atike says I went to the charity for work. Kosem says what work? You went with Farya? Why would you let her enter my Charity? The people will ask who is she what will you say - she is my brother's play thing?! Atike says mother you know too that Farya isn't just a passing play thing for our Majesty, there is such a love between them no one can stand against them.

    Haci enters tells Kosem that Silahdar has sent for her and the matter is urgent.

    Ilyas pasha has come to see Esther - she says at this time of night what is the reason of your visit? He says do not worry - I need some money and I think you can arrange it. She says how much? He says if you can find ten thousand that is enough. Esther laughs - who has lost that much money that I should find it? Ilyas says if you don't find it who shall? Ilyas says if you do not find it who will? As you know, all Ottoman coins flow through you. Esther - I can do whatever I can but how will you pay it back, from what I know you don't even have work. Ilyas says it doesn't stay like this, times will change and I will get the grand viziership that is owed to me and that is when you will get your share. And when I get there I will take you with me. You can be my wedded one (wife). Esther - I am happy with my current condition. If you have nothing else to say - farewell.

    Kosem goes to see Silahdar and says you said it was important? Silahdar says as per our Majesty's orders I am investigating Elanor's death. Kosem says I know - what else are you investigating, did they not explain to you already what happened? Silahdar says my sultana, I know the girl was pregnant and also who got her pregnant too - His Majesty Prince Kasim. Kosem - who said this to you? Silahdar - I found out while questioning the harem (girls). Kosem says have you lost your mind, how could you accuse a Prince by trusting a word from those in the harem? HOW DARE THEY - does this befall them to speak so inpudently? WHAT INSOLENCE IS THIS?!  Silahdar says the doctors had examined the girl and I wanted to speak to you before I spoke to our Majesty. With your permission -

    Kosem calls him - Silahdar! If you so much as open your mouth you cannot even IMAGINE what will befall you! Silahdar says the incident as spilled out already my Sultana, our Majesty will find out anyway. and in that case the situation will be worse. I want that he finds out from you, because only you can stop him (from acting rashly).

    Beyazid meanwhile is thanking Murad - thank you, I am grateful for the decision you made. Murad - don't thank me you must thank my mother, you spoke with her and she couldn't bear seeing you sad. Actually it didn't feel good in my heart to make you said either. Beyazid says we are going to be praying for you all our lives (for this kindness). Murad says - but, don't allow unpleasant things to take place - keep your mother away from dangerous business so that no one ends up unhappy. Beyazid says as you wish your Majesty.

    Beyazid comes across Kosem who is on her way to Murad. She stops him from leaving and says - I know what you did Beyazid. You got together with your mother and dug my son's well (hole). Do you think I will forget this? And say I forget it and take it in, can you forget it? Will it get out from your mind that you sent your brother with your own hands to death? Will your conscience ever be at peace? You have dug such a deep pit that that deep dark, bottomless pit will drag all of us inside it! Starting with you. I was always by your side. I loved you as my own child. But this is the end, the last time I stand next to you here, from now I do not exist.

    Kosem goes to Murad. She says - without even asking a question listen to me my son. Elanor was not a thief, her mistake was something else -  she was pregnant - the reason for it was Kasim. Murad says and you chose to hide it from me? Kosem says what could I have done? I tried to handle it without it reaching you because the matter was about the dignity of our Family and of course, I tried to prevent two brothers from coming against each other. You are both my children! Murad says I now know about the matter return to your room mother. Kosem - Murad...he is your brother, a part of you! Please pardon him, forgive him...forgiveness is from the elders...Please do not - please do not ki-- she passed out. Murad shouts for doctors. Kemankes arrives. Murad says call the doctors Kemankes. Kosem says promise me...you will not kill your brother...you will not kill Kasim. I will never ever forgive you if you do.

    Evliya enters a pub saying oh God forgive and spare us! Hezarfen says oh Evliya Celebi you honour us! Evliya says bah, because of you I will fall from the bridge over hell (into hell) there isn't a pub or joint I haven't looked into to find you in this big city! God forgive me! Hezy says sit, calm down, get to know humanity, look t the harmony of this dance, look around at this wonderful world! Ev says can't you just look at it from above while flying or from a perch? I will say something to you - this flying thought came to you here didn't it? the pub, women, your head in the clouds and all - God spare us God forgive me. He spies Ilyas in the corner and tells Ev isn't that Ilyas pasha? My old brother in law - when my father heard about (his reputation) he broke off the engagement (to my sister). After that he stopped all contact with us. Hezy sayas haha smart man, maybe we should do the same - to be rid of you (jokingly). Then Ev says who is that person who came to him? Ev says Hezarfen let's go (we need to follow him).

    Evliya and Hezarfen find Ilyas is in an alley with a massive chests of precious jewels and coins. Evliya thinks he is up to no good, as he knows he is sneaky. Ev says isn't it odd - chests of gold at this night? Evliya says my father was a smart man saw right through this man and broke the engagement.

    They overheard Ilyas telling the men to take the chests to the port and they follow after the men.

    Murad asks the doctor what his mother's condition is. The doctor says we need to examine further. Kosem says I am fine I haven't eaten since yesterday that is why...Gev says why didn't you eat, it means you had no more strength left...Atike says you scared us mother let us send word they should set up a table at once. Ibo and Kasim arrive. OMG

    Kasim says mother what happened. Kosem says nothing my head spun a little. She grabs Murad's hand. He kisses it and leaves.

    Silahdar to Kemankes - you knew about it didn't you and you hid it. Kemankes says and what did you expect me to do? to throw our prince into the fire? Silahdar says working behind our Majesty's back you threw yourself into the fire anyway. Do you think this was right? and in the end? What happened? He found out - no matter stays secret. Silahdar says if you hide anything from us again, know this - I won't stay quiet. Murad recalls saying to Kasim in the gardens a while ago - my free of worry, without a care in the world brother - as your brother I can see these things nicely, but as your Majesty do not expect that from me.

    Silahdar is given a note from Esther - Silahdar we need to meet at once, it is a matter of state.

    Ilyas goes to see Cornelius and Sinan is there. Corny - Ilyas pasha did you get the chests we sent? Ilyas says I received them, they are being loaded on the ship but it was obvious it wouldn't be enough, and for this reason I took a loan from Esther hatun. Sinan says what did you do? You are going to put the spotlight on us! Ilyas says a bloody Armageddon will break out - let us leave Kosem and her sons' era to finish off with their own wealth! Corny says Ilyas - it would be good if you aren't seen around. Go to Balikesir (a city in the Marmara region) and arrange rebellion. Ilyas says I will start the storm but what happens after? What happens after Sultan Murad? Sinan says Sh. Beyazid will get on the throne. Corny adds and - you will become grand vizier in return.

    Murad visits Farya. She asks what is wrong? He says my whole life was spent in the palace. I was raised there. The Sultanate was a favour bestowed upon my family. But the price is heavy. He recalls seeing Mehmet executed. I have passed through indescribable pains, I saw betrayals and deaths. In front of my eyes, one of my brothers execute my other brother. In that moment - the season of my soul changed. It sunk the wintery fear of death inside me. From that day I slept with one eye open. I waited for executioners every night, every morning, every moment. I did not forget anything I lived through. I will not forget. I must especially not forget so that I don't swerve away my conscience away from my path. So that I do not endure the same pains.

    Kasim meanwhile asks his mother - how did he find out? Did you not say the matter was closed? Kasim says when it spread in the harem we couldn't stop it. Kasim says he will kill me, he will not leave me alive after this. Kosem says my prince, nothing will happen, your brother will not do such a thing. Kasim says he will, he can - did you not see what he did to the rebels? He doesn't spare anyone, he has a lot of anger in him, he will kill me. Kosem says calm down , he would first have to trample over my dead body then.

    Poor Kasim is wide awake and scared out of his mind. A servant ells him he has come to add more wood to the fireplace. Kosem meanwhile has nightmares.

    In the morning Evliya tells Hezarfen that he is not Evliya if that Ilyas guy is not up to something bad. He sees Beynem and says come have coffee with us. Beynem says before our Majesty wakes up I must go. Hez says are you in love for something (as a joke) Beynem says love? What love? With who? I am not in love! Where do you get that from! Hezy says the palace is over there that
    's why we were just - Beymen says oh I am going to the Summer palace by the shore our Majesty is with the Princess. Ev says I have stuff to say to our Majesty too, wait. Beynem says I am late anyway can't wait. Ev says okay go I am following you. Hezy says he has to go the Okmeydan so he won't be joining. Ev warns him not to start anything without him.

    The doctor tells Kosem that all these incidents, her head always spinning, not feeling well etc. hints to one thing. Kosem asks what? The woman says it is an illness the Europeans call "diabetes." Haci says what is this illness? Do you know my Sultana? Kosem says of course I know, but my late mother had it, it doesn't kill you but it makes you suffer a lot. Haci asks if there is a cure. The doctor says unfortunately, but if you take some precautions it is manageable. You will have to eat a bland diet, we will decide what you will eat and drink,  the most important is that you will have to stay away from worry and sadness. Kosem says how is that possible in this palace. Among all our worries and troubles, this had to happen too. Do not tell anyone, they will take it as a weakness. She tells Haci not to tell her children as it will sadden them.

    Murad finds Evliya and Crazy Huseyin there. Evliya says sorry to disturb but I need to tell you about something important. I went to the pub last night - er uh, I meant we went. Um you know, not to see women or anything, I mean Hezy was there and I went to get him and - Murad says get to the point. Ev says I saw Ilyas pasha there and knowing his past, we followed him. I saw someone giving chests of gold to him in the middle of the night, forgive me you know best but - it seemed like he is up to something deceitful.

    Sinan tells Gulby that it doesn't look like things are going well, that Cornelius has taken me out of favour...She says what happened? Gulby says he said when Prince Beyazid gets on the throne, he will make Ilyas pasha grand vizier. Gulby - who is he to choose the grand vizier? I alone will decide who gets the grand viziership! And my choice is obvious. These words prove that Cornelius will not work with us - he will try to share in our power. Sinan says have no doubts about it, he has been pushing me for a while now - he blames me for his incompetence. Gulby says if something happens to him who takes his place? Sinan says I do. I take his place. She says in that case why does he still live?

    Margaret finds Cook pouring something in the food and says what is that? Cook replies Tamarind syrup, I put a few drops to add taste to the food. She says give me that, let me see. He says I cannot but she takes it and smells it and says syrup? Who are you fooling? Are you poisoning the princess? Cook says no, I swear it's not poison it's just - She says it is just what? Fine I will go give it to our Majesty. Cook says no, I will say everything promise.

    Margaret brings cook with her and says tell Princess what you told me - he was putting medicine in your food! Farya says what medicine? Cook - to prevent pregnancy. He says forgive me. They made me do it. Please let our Majesty not hear, or my head will roll. Farya says who gave this order to you? Ayse? Kosem?! Kosem gave it!

    Gulby goes to Kosem and says you wished to see me, I heard you weren't well, hope you are healthy. Kosem says you spread Elanor's situation in the harem right? Gulby says I made an agreement with you and I stayed true to my side of the deal. If this matter spread, it is not my fault, it is the ones who couldn't control the girl. Kosem says our enmity ended years ago, but you started it up again with this action of yours. What makes me sad is that you got Beyazid involved. You will drag him into your disaster as well! Gulby says he is not at fault, he simply - Kosem tells her to leave. Kosem tells Haci - we can't just leave the harem like this - Meleki can't bear all of this on her own, we need to find someone - someone who can handle Gulbahar.

    Ibo tells Kasim to come and eat something. Kasim shakes his head - my brother knows everything he found out. Ibo says he knows? Did he speak to you? Did he say something? Kasim says no, and this is what actually scares me, this silence is not a good sign. I didn't sleep a wink last night. Every sound worried me. Ibo says our brother would never do this, never even think of it. Kasim says you know how many princes were killed in this palace...strangled in their sleep. I will be one of them. This will be my end.

    The pashas have been summoned and they wonder why they have been summoned. Murad is announced, and he calls for Ilyas pasha. Kemankes asks Huseyin what is going on who says Ilyas hasn't been resting.

    Esther asks Silahdar why he didn't come when she sent word. He says I had work to do, I cannot just visit whenever you call, what was it about? She says you are behaving strangely, you don't visit, you do not ask even, you stay away from me. He says and what?Like I owe you an explanation. She says do not confuse me with other women Silahdar. Do not be negligent saying the passion is gone or something like that. Don't you dare. Farya arrives, and Silahdar says you have tired yourself to come all the way here. Farya replies why is it forbidden for me to enter the palace? He says I didn't ask it with that intending that. Farya - I will say anyway - I came to see Atike Sultana. Silahdar back to Esther, and what were you going to tell me? What was that "state matter" you were referring to. She says you have more important matters...and leaves.

    In the Divan Murad says the suspicions on Ilyas are growing and that he was seen taking chests of gold and that it is obvious he won't stop and is probably getting ready to start rebellions again.

    The seyhulislam says they should not forget the power Ilyas yields, he has thousands of frontier and cavalry soldiers under his influence, if he is accused without proof, that is when the real rebellion will happen. Murad says what do you recommend? He says all this happened because he was removed from his position - maybe if you send him to a far off governorship, he will become less bitter and in this way there will be no bloodshed. The rest of the Divan agrees.

    Atike to Farya - I never spoke to Silahdar again after that incident, I am curious what he is thinking, what he has in mind. Farya says I came across him in the gardens...Esther was with him - I do not know if she is one in his heart, but there is something between them. I do not say this to you to make you sad, but the opposite, don't leave him to that woman. Atike says I am not giving up on Silahdar, sooner or later I will be in his heart and mind.

    Ayse's servant tells her that Farya has come to visit Atike. Ayse says she ate so many words but she still dares to show her face here! She is doing it on purpose of course! She will see! The servant says please our Majesty personally warned you, it will be very bad.

    Esther tells Kosem that Abaza showed his generosity, gave a heavy quantity of his wealth to her charity. Kosem says that he has put smiles on  the faces of the poor and needy . he says how happy for me, I pray I can be of service to you, our mighty Sultana many times over. She says the place of a loyal and experienced pasha like yourself is in the Divan, I will arrange to have you made Kubbe Vizier ( the second basically). She says when the time comes of course, and I take regency again, you will be my right hand. He says whenever you see fit. Esther tells Kosem about Ilyas pasha asking for the money and how she asked him how he will pay it back and he said the times will change and I will take the position of grand vizier. Abaza says my sultana I know him from long ago, it was obvious he wasn't going to accept what happened to him and take it sitting down, he was obviously going to do something. Order me I will deal with him. Kosem says no, I will take care of it. You return to Bosnia and await word from me.

     Ilyas has been summoned to Murad who asks him when he will be returning to Balikesir, and Ilyas says he wishes to remain in the Capitol, Murad says I do not allow it, you will go at once, but not to Balikesir, but to Syria, I have appointed you Beylerbey there. What is that Pasha? Not happy about my decision? Ilyas says no my Majesty, my neck is thinner than a hair (me neck is yours for the striking) forgive my surprise, according to my previous position this is a lower ranking. Have I erred against you? Murad - on the contrary, for your loyal service to the empire I am giving you one of the most important governorships.  Syria needs a loyal subject of mine like yours so that it is not left open to Persian threats. Ilyas says may there be no doubts that I will carry out my duty in a worthy way. Murad tells him to set out at once.

    Outside Ilyas and Sinan meet Sinan asks why Murad called him. Ilyas says he appointed me as Syrian Beylerbey and wants me to go away at once. I think he might take my head on the way. Sinan says not good at all. Ilyas says the arrow has left the bow, before they know what hits them, the revolt will start and then the flood. Sinan says still take care, send someone in your place so that they think you left, and meanwhile you can gather soldiers so you are ready.

    Ayse asks Farya why she has come again. Ayse says you cannot fool me with this carefree attitude, the truth bugs you so you go and complain to Murad about me. Farya says what should I complain to him about? Ayse says you have said that you will marry Sultan Murad and that he will not be with any other women! Farya says true. Sultan Murad says he will marry me and that he will not be with any other women except me. You can take comfort by hugging your children.

    Ayse ALMOST SLAPs her and Farya says don't you ever dare to do such a thing again.

    Kosem - what is going on here?!

    Atike finds Silahdar - so you have come here to get away. When actually I must run away from you. Everytime I see you I feel pain. Since that day its like Im walking around with a dagger in my heart, I do not know if the pain will go. I just think about what you said all the time. The truth and lie have become mixed. Save me from this doubt. Is it true? Do you love someone else? Silahdar says it is true. She says who is it then? Who? Tell me. Who is that woman? He says with your permission. She says is it Esther? Is she the one? He says no. She says you are lying right? In order to keep me away from you you are lying. Right?

    Ayse says to Kosem - if you heard what insolent things she was saying! Kosem - go to your room and wait for me there! QUICK! Kosem to Farya - who are you to raise your hand on a mother of princes. You are going to explain to me and also my son! Farya says forgive me, but she is the one who confronted me and she tried to hit me. Kosem says I do not have time to listen. Farya you will listen or our Majesty will find out what you did. Kosem - what is that? Farya - I know you have been putting medicine in my food to not become pregnant. What have I done to you my Sultana? Why do you not want me? Kosem - are you still asking after doing that betrayal? Farya - I am not your enemy, I will never disrespect you I never have, I only love your son, that is why I am here. I have no other purpose. Kosem - you are only a play thing for my son, you have no power and your words carry no more weight than a mere concubine.

    Haci yelling at Beynem - you fool! Fine you were stupid and got caught, but why did you speak our Sultanas name?! Beynem - our Majesty was there they threatened me with telling him. I thought our Kosem Sultana would find a way!  Haci says you are burned burned they will throw you into the oven.

    Atike to Silahdar - I did not say you could leave. Do not forget who stands before you. Silahdar - forgive me my Sultana. Atike - why do you do this? Why do you withhold yourself from me? You know my feelings for you. I cannot bear it, don't you get it. I cannot sleep or be at peace for days. Gevherhan arrives - Atike what are you doing here? Go to your room at once!

    Gev to Silahdar - I told you to leave my sister alone, but I see you still privately meet with her. Silahdar no not at all, she wanted to speak to me and came here, I explained again but she isn't convinced. Gev - you should have thought of that before you led her on. Silahdar - I do not deserve these words, I thought her feelings would pass. I waited that is my only mistake, I swear in my heart - there is no place for anyone but you. Gevherhan - everyone knows your past, you cannot fool me with these words. He says true, there was nobody before you, my story has begun with you...  I've erased my past. My end is up to you. If our Majesty is going to take my life for this reason, then so be it,  I am willing. I have no solution but you...

    Kosem to Ayse - what does it mean to cut off the woman's way like a novice concubine! And you tried to hit her! She told me our Majesty will marry her and that there will be no other women except her! Kosem - and you believed it? Ayse - a woman from the palace brought word. She (Farya)even told our Majesty and despite that he spent the night with her. What if he accepts? What happens when she becomes pregnant tomorrow or the next day? Then she will become a member of the harem! Kosem - that will not happen. She will not become pregnant. Ayse - how? Kosem - don't interfere in these matters, look AYSE I WILL NOT WARN YOU AGAIN ABOUT THIS MATTER!

    Farya tells her servants to get out. Leave us alone she says. Marge asks what is going on, Farya - from now we must be more careful, do not trust anyone. Someone is sending word to the palace. Marge - to who, and saying what? Marge - they told Ayse sultana and she attacked me very angrily. Kosem sultana saw us and backed Ayse. So I told her I knew everything. Marge says I wish you never told her...she is a Sultana who rules the world, if she sees you as an enemy then who knows what she can do. Farya - she already sees me as an enemy, she didn't even listen. I said I loved Murad, she insulted me...why I don't know. Marge - they know Sultan Murad will not give up on you. They are trying to get you to give up on him. Farya - let whoever say what, I will never give up on him, never!

    Kosem to Murad - Ilyas asked Esther for a heavy loan. Not a good sign at all. Murad - I know, to send him away I gave him the Syrian governorship. Kosem says how when you know Ilyas has been accused of dealing with the Persians how can you send him there? Murad says that is exactly why. He has power in Anatolia. But in Syria? No. Kosem says - had you heard Esther's words you would never send him. Murad - what did he say? Kosem - he said that soon the era will change and I will the grand viziership. Murad - do not worry, where he goes he will see what he will get. Kosem says hopefully we are not too late. Kosem says about your brother - Murad says I have not made a decision about this yet. Kosem says what does that mean I told you - if you kill your brother I will never forgive you (literally my motherly right over you I will consider it unfulfilled, as in you will have done unforgivable act against the mother who bore you, is there anything else?! Murad - so you want him to go completely unpunished for what he did? Kosem says my son, your brother got his punishment - the woman he loved killed herself. The pain, the torture from his conscience - he will never do such a thing. For the dignity of the Family the best is to close this matter. Murad!

    Murad exits his room, Marge tucks Farya into bed and as she leaves the room she is grabbed from behind by an agha. Farya is knocked out as well and then Kosem arrives. Meanwhile Murad enters Kasim's room. Kasim - brother? Murad - Get up we are going. Kasim - where are we going brother?

    Kosem to the doctor - you will do a hysterectomy (remove the uterus), this woman must not become pregnant under any circumstances.

    Kasim to Murad - where are you taking me, are you going to kill me? Brother please do not, please do not kill me, I know I made a big mistake I promise to never do it again.

    Kasim to Murad - you will kill me right? So my mother doesn't stop me you brought me here.

    Kasim - Brother, why have we come to the room belonging to my uncle? Murad - the end of the road for you is here.

    Midwife to Kosem - my Sultana. Kosem - what are you waiting for do what you need to! Midwife, I will but - she is pregnant! Midwife what is your order my sultana, shall we abort it?

    Kasim to Murad - please brother don't...do not kill/abandon me-  what will you say to my mother. She will never forgive you. Murad - I warned you. As your brother I can see your mistakes as nothing, but as your Majesty I cannot leave them unpunished. Open the doors. Kasim says please don't brother. Murad - go inside.

    Kasim - brother, please don't brother don't leave me here please!

    THE END.

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