• Trailer # 2 Episode 7 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    Kosem: You have dug such a well that...that bottomless dark well will pull all of us into it!

    Ibrahim: Forgive me mother. 

    Kosem: You are going to take back with the sword what you gave with your hand

    Murad: My whole life passed in your shadow - I was raised here

    Murad: I saw betrayals, deaths...

    Murad: I have gone through indescribable suffering right before my own eyes

    Kasim: Don't my brother, please! Don't take my life!

    Murad: The Sultanate was something that was gifted to my family...

    Kasim: I know that my mistake was huge, I won't it again! 

    Murad:....however it is heavy on the tongue

    Kasim: Brother - 

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