• Trailer 2 Episode 6 (36) Muhtesem Yuzyil Murad: IV

    Kosem: Don't you dare question my conscience or sense of justice!

    Girl: Sultana they have locked the doors!

    Kosem: Everyone has a way to try to stay alive in this Palace Ayse

    Kosem: Do you think you can be saved?

    Kosem: I will strangle you with my own hands! My own hands!

    Murad: I have brought Farya back - from now on she is my favourite (gozde)

    Kosem: Farya can ABSOLUTELY in NO way  enter that harem! IT IS PROHIBITED!

    Ayse: Our Majesty has locked you up here

    Farya: Leave, get out! GET OUT OF HERE!

    Silahdar: If you make the same mistake again, the last face you will see is mine

    Farya: If Sultan Murad wants me with him, he's going to marry me