• Trailer 2 Episode 5 (35) Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

    Evliya: The one who walks among us as an angel with a human face (angel in a human form). The Sultan of the innocent, helpless, poor, needy, and all the Ottoman peoples/lands.

    Voice: As time passes, Sultan Murad is growing/getting greater/powerful

    Murad: Neither their names, nor their bodies will remain. All will be caught and finished off one by one!

    Sinan: They (a person male or female we don't know yet) must die at once! If they give my name, I am finished!

    Murad: Abaza Mehmet Pasha is my Head of Beys of Bosnia. I gave the Erdel throne to him.

    Farya: You have punished me by taking my throne from me

    Murad: Don't try my patience Farya

    Farya: We are going...but first, Sultan Murad will pay for what he did to me ( I will take him to account for what he did to me)