• Episode 5 (35) Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV Translation

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    Farya says she did not want to betray Murad, she was forced, but that he didn't want to listen to her, and gave up on her.

    He replies, actually you gave up - no matter what the reason, nothing can change the reality that you betrayed me. You chose the wrong way. There is a punishment for that of course.

    She says I am willing. You can't kill someone who is already dead anyway. I died that night I saw disappointment in your eyes. Do whatever you must. You cannot give me a greater punishment. So you will take my life here...you had brought me here that first day. It was very nice. I smiled after many months. Everything started here - and it will finish here. He says is this how much you fear dying? She says dying is not something to fear, losing - to lose those I loved - whatever has befallen me has happened because of this - trying to protect my loved ones. He says I wanted to protect you but you...

    I have spared your life Farya. I will take you to Erdel. Your uncle will die, your mother will be saved and then I will leave you there. Everything will be over and you will never see my face again. As if it never happened - as if you never lived through it (meeting him, loving him etc. etc. )

    Esther asks Meleki if she is alright. Beyazid has arrived. He sees his step-mother's crown. Where is our Sultana? Esther says I do not know my prince. Meleki is in shock, he says what happened?! Tell me!

    Flashback to Kosem's stabbing. Meleki - she fell, I went to find someone to help, but when I turned she was no longer there. Esther says the traitors might have taken her and maybe killed and tossed her into a corner.

    Haci says people don't say trouble comes from showing mercy sometimes for nothing! That traitor's child that our Sultana was helping, that thankless boy - he stabbed our Sultana. It is obvious he has been influenced by those degenerates (the traitors). Atike says and then what happened Haci? There is no after...I lost everyone in that uproar, then I turned and our Sultana was not there, same with Kemankes and Halil pasha, clearly they went after them. Kasim says how does this happen, how can these dogs attack my mother and that too, in broad daylight? I will rip out all their livers! Gevherhan says stay calm Kasim. - How was my mother (she asks Haci). He says I do not know how to say it...blood was over her. Ibrahim it can't be (he wants to say is she dead?) - Atike says do not even bring it to mind, no one can do anything to our mother.

    Halil meanwhile brings the ringleader of the attackers to Beyazid who slaps him and says you devil! what have you done to our Sultana, where have you taken her? Speak! The man says Sh. Beyazid! We are working to get you on the throne but we see you against us! Beyazid calls him a dog and beats him up.

    Ayse enters the dungeons looks at the cell where Farya was previously inhabiting and says where is this woman? Her servant says I do not understand my sultana, she says her nanny is here, but she is not. She asks Margaret where is Princess? Margaret says she is dead - they killed her. Ayse says may God forgive her sins.

    Once he arrives at the encampment, Murad tells Silahdar to pack up because it is time to head out. Evliya and Hezarfen are surprised to see Farya. Silahdar tells Farya this tent is for you, aghas have brought your clothes, you can change.

    Nosy boys just had to ask - Evliya says what is she doing here? Hezarfen says probably because the Princess knows Erdel Castle very, she is here so he can benefit from her knowledge of it, there can be no other explanation right?Silahdar says hey, mind your own business. Evliya - our business? Silahdar - like giving the horses water for example :D Hezarfen says for example :) Silahdar - there is no sitting around dawdling about. Yes, of course the two say.

    Beyazid asks where they have taken Kosem, the traitor answers you should pray she is dead - she is not only our enemy, she is your enemy too - just like Sultan Murad is! Halil stops Beyazid from killing the man says he is nothing to us dead - we will make him speak. Beyazid orders him taken to the palace and beaten so that he speaks and for the rest of the guards to continue searching for Kosem. The traitor says don't forget these words of mine my prince, that brother you love so much, will kill you one day.

    Ayse hears crying in the harem and asks Afitap what is going . Afitap - they have attacked our Kosem Sultana, they say she is dead.

    Crazy Gulbahar meets Sinan she asks what is going on - I heard Kosem sultan is missing, is she dead or alive, what is the situation? Sinan says he is trying to find out, but he does not have any solid information. She says Beyazid left the palace and she couldn't stop him and Sinan says he knows and he couldn't prevent him either. Gulbahar says I am curious - do you have anything to do with this incident? Sinan says if I did, I would not have hidden it from you - our Valide Sultan was being threatened for a while now - they had even attacked Esther hatun's mansion. It was obvious this matter would reach this outcome.

    Ibrahim meanwhile says and our Majesty my brother is not here either. All the calamities befell us. They killed my mother! They killed my mother! Kasim - silence Ibrahim! Speak auspiciously. Nothing happened to our mother - she is waiting for us somewhere.

    Gulbahar arrives says I came as soon as I found out. Is what I heard true? Atike says unfortunately. Gulbahar says keep your hearts light - Kosem sultan will return safe and sound. Gevherhan of course she will, do not doubt that!

    Kasim tells Ibrahim to stay with the rest of them and he will go out. Gev says no you will not go anywhere, we do not know what is going on out there, if God forbid, they attack you? No one can go anywhere! Kasim says when my mother needs us, I am not going to sit here on my hands. Ibrahim tries but they stop him. Atike says please my brother you at least sit down.

    The statesmen have gathered. The seyhulislam says he can't believe the traitors dared to attack Kosem and that too in broad daylight and Yahya Efendi tells him and you advise negotiation with these men! The grand vizier says this is not the time to argue. Seyit Efendi asks where Murad is and Sinan says he is hunting - it is poor luck. Seyhulislam says what is this about luck? - no, the traitors used this as an opportunity! Let us pray they do not try to attack our Sultan too.

    Kasim arrives asks the men why they are standing around, they will go look for Kosem too, and also take him to Beyazid.

    Hasan Cavus, Kemankes'  chamberlain arrives and tells Murad that Kosem was attacked. Murad says what are you saying?! Explain at once, what is the situation. Hasan tells Murad that Kosem was seriously wounded, that Kemankes wanted to remove her from the complex, and that when he (Hasan) went after the traitors they were separated. And that he lost them.

    The pashas meanwhile tell Kasim it is not appropriate for him to leave, that he must stay for his safety. Sinan says true, and anyway Bayezid and some soldiers are searching. Kasim says I will search - I will! Halil arrives with the traitor's ringleader and Kasim says WHO ARE YOU DOG to attack my mother and punches him.

    Beyazid shouts search everywhere! Kasim arrives and Beyazid says why have you come! The grand vizier says he insisted, I had no choice (but to bring him along). The best is for you both to return together to the palace, because while our Majesty is not here, your exiting the Palace is prohibited. Beyazid says the situation is bad - otherwise I wouldn't have left of course.

    Beyazid tells Kasim to return. Kasim says no, she's my mother and you should return because it isn't your concern while I am here.

    Sinan goes to see Gulbahar who says what are you doing here?! Is this the time? What if someone sees? He says there is no time, I had to.

    He says I do not know if you heard one of the traitor sipahis have been caught, they have thrown him into the dungeons and he is being interrogated. She says I heard - but, what does this have to do with you?! He says, if he speaks, if he takes my name, I will be finished - they will strike my neck right there! Gulby says ohh so you attacked Kosem and you lied to me! He says when the time came I was going to tell you everything. Know that, whatever I did, I did for shehzade Beyazid and for you. She says what do you want? He tells her - that sipahi has to be killed - I cannot do this, but you might be able to reach him.

    Halil pasha can't get the traitor to speak.

    Meanwhile, the cook says so much time and we haven't heard from our Sultana - what if God's order came to pass (i.e. her time came and she died). Lalezar scolds him saying speak auspiciously, our Sultana will return to the palace God willing. Haci says and if she doesn't return? The cook says the sky-dome will be destroyed on our heads and we won't recover from it. Haci says when Handan Sultan died I felt I fell into a deep well, my Kosem Sultana held my hand from that day I never left her side. If she doesn't return, I won't know what to do, I will be lost and gone.

    Murad arrives and finds Beyazid and Kasim. He says what are you doing, how could you leave the palace?! Beyazid says when they heard about the incident they left to intervene, that Kasim came later, the pashas couldn't stop him. Murad asks the grand vizier if there is any news to which the grand vizier responds saying there isn't any, that the ports and roads have been closed, and that they (the kidnappers) are here somewhere, hiding since they can't escape. He adds that there are clues.

    Atike says to Silahdar thank God you returned, where is my brother? Ayse says speak, did something happen to him? Silahdar says do not worry, our Majesty is dealing with the situation and he sent me to ensure safety and security in the palace. Ibrahim says we are safe, hopefully my mother is too. Silahdar asks about Kasim and Beyazid. Gev says they went to look for her mother and that they couldn't stop them.

    Evliya goes to Murad and says no sign of anything, but there is always hope in God, and God willing we will find her. The blonde lights a fire. There are shouts that there is a fire. And there are shouts for water. The blonde is about to stab Murad but Farya saves him hahaha his guards were useless here!

    There are prayers for Kosem's safe return in the harem. Zeynel tells one of Gulbahar's minions that she waits for her in her room.

    Gevherhan says to Silahdar, I know I have to be strong. But is is difficult, Silahdar. If something happens to my mother what will we do? He hands her a stone saying it is a black sapphire stone, that some healer told him will help calm him, he says he keeps in his palm sometimes when he's troubled, stressed, angry etc. He tells her to have it. 

    Halil tells Silahdar that the traitor hasn't opened up yet. Silahdar says he will speak.

    Gulbahar asks if anyone saw her, the girl says no one is paying attention anyway, everything's a mess. Gulbahar says I will give you a task - a difficult and dangerous task, and there might be death involved. The girl says that her head should be sacrificed to her sultana. Gulabahar says first take this shot of drink, it will give you courage and calm your fears and nerves.

    Mehmet, the boy who stabbed Kosem is brought before Murad and Murad's wrestling buddy says we found him while he was hiding he's the one who stabbed her. Speak. Where is our Kosem Sultana? The kid says I swear  I don't know, I swear, I was hiding and some agha took her away I saw them. Murad says which way? The boy points saying that way, the street down there.

    Murad shouts look  in every direction! Search everywhere.

    Gulbahar's minion goes to the dungeons. The guard says what are you doing here? She says I have come for you, you caught my eye for a while now, you have me in love with you. Poor guy, she stabs him.

    Murad's wrestler friend says they are here, they are here! Murad says mother, mother! No! Open your eyes, mother open your eyes. Meanwhile, Evliya checks on Kemankes. Murad- she is alive, my mother is alive.

    Minion girl goes to the sipahi traitor who asks if he is dead and if she is a heavenly woman who has come to take him (hahaha) and she replies as she kills him, you are right, I have come to kill you.

    Silahdar and Halil find the guard missing and the door open and then they find the minion. They ask her what she is doing there. She kills herself on the spot :O

    Murad shouts for the doctors as he enters his chambers. Gevherhan asks how her condition is, he says she is unconscious, her wound is deep.

    Lalezar and Farya enter the harem, Lal tells Farya to continue on and she will come along. She announces to the harem girls that Kosem has returned but her injury is serious and that they should pray. Ayse's servant asks how Farya has returned, wasn't she dead. Lal jokes does she look dead to you? I don't know!

    Atike asks how she is, if she will recover. Murad shouts for the doctors. Murad says we will pray, we will pray together. Gev says she is strong, she has passed through many storms, with God's permission she will overcome this too.

    Zeynel tells Gulbahar that her minion Filiz did the job but (she is dead). Gulbahar says God forgive her sins. Beyazid enters and tells Gulbahar that Kosem they finally found Kosem and that Murad has come too. He says her injury is serious, only God knows if she will recover.

    Meanwhile, Kemankes' friends stand around him. Hezarfen comments that he must have passed out and hopefully he recovers. Silahdar says he has had many injuries like this, tha the is strong and will get up soon. Evliya says yes, but how much longer will this go on. Not one, not two - we get so many daggers in our backs - Evliya says if there could exist a magic mirror - one that you would put in front of everyone and it would tell you who is a traitor. For example, our wingless here (Hezarfen)...no, he is not a traitor. Hezarfen says thanks so much! Ev responds don't mention it, as usual.

    Lalezar tells Silahdar that she has settled Farya in the Pearl Mansion but she asked for Madame and I didn't know what to say. She overhears Evliya and Hezarfen mention how Farya saved Murad from the attack with her sword.

    Lalezar says Oh my brave Mustafa - may God grant you recovery.

    Ayse tries to comfort Murad saying not to lose hope, that God willing they will wake to a beautiful day tomorrow.

    In the morning Ayse's servant says you look tired, Ayse says I was with Kosem the whole night, and that Murad didn't sleep either. Ayse says what is it? Speak up properly say what it is. Her servant tells her that Farya is in the pearl mansion.

    Farya paces back and forth when Ayse arrives. What are you doing here? Why have you come again. Farya says I am here by Sultan Murad's orders. He forgave me, it was his decision. Ayse says of course it was by his order you wouldn't be here otherwise. I am asking you WHY. Who knows what lies you told him that he forgave you. Farya says since you are curious - i told him what was in my heart and he believed me. Ayse says and what was that? Farya says I think you know that already anyway. Ayse says I will tell you what I know -  I gave two children to our Majesty! You are a traitor, who has betrayed him. He will not ever forgive this.

    Atike visits Silahdar who watches over Kemankes. She asks how he is, if he has woken. Silahdar says not yet. She says I heard Farya is in the pearl palace. Kemankes says it is our Majesty's decision, he has spared her life, but she is not forgiven. She is here for now, but then she will return to her lands. Atike says do you really believe what you are saying? If I know my brother, he will not leave her, because he is in love. Is it a lie? Her situation is not much different either (as in she is in love too).

    Kemankes wakes and says Kosem sultan. Atike says my mother is well thanks to you! Doctors are with her. How are you? But Kemankes goes out of it again.

    Murad's voice (a poem with his mother being compared to the sun) -  my mother who is the radiance behind the curtain, the one who sees light. Your light, your warmth became our summer season. Come take us, take us to our rose gardens. Come so that the lands that are barren come alive again in your grace. So their graves become a garden of Tulips. So the grapes become ripe and sweet. So that our bread is baked. Oh the sun of life and the sun of the heart! Oh the one who shames the sun and even beauty itself with her beauty! Come and see our wretched condition. This body of clay that doesn't let go of life. I was raised in your storms. I became a tree, took root in my earth. Do not leave me mother. Do not leave me, not now, now is not the time. She says his name. Murad? I won't leave you. You are my earth. my zenith (time when the sun is at it's "highest point" just a saying, as the sun doesn't really have a "highest point" since it's orbital). I can't go anywhere.

    Kasim is with Elanor - my mother doesn't look well Elanor, she lost a lot of blood. Elanor says don't lose your hope my prince, she will recover God willing. Ibo enters and is shocked. Kasim says what were you going to say? Ibo says our mother has opened her eyes!

    The harem girls are happy about Kosem's recovery. Gulbahar says to Zeynel Kosem doesn't intend to die, soon she will get on her feet and I am as sure as I am of my name, she will suspect me first!

    Kasim says to Ibo thank God, let us go see her. Ibo says we will but what are you doing with that girl? She is part of our brother's harem - if you have done something with her, the punishment for that crime is death. Hers and yours!

    The statesmen have gathered and the Seyhulislam says to Yahya - the way things are going is not good at all, while we are trying to make ensure the security of the throne and the Capitol, they haven't been able to stop the attacks one after the other. Yahya says every era has it's irregularities. Seyhulislam says that isn't an answer, it means precautions haven't worked! Yahya says seeing from the outside can't see the inside too well. Seyh says I do not see form the outside, we must first take care of living in peace and security. Yahya says if you mean to negotiate with traitors, that is wrong - the traitors will get their punishment. Murad is announced.

    Gevherhan says to Kosem as you see we are well, we are praying for your health. Kosem asks about Kemankes. Atike replies that he is in the palace hospital and that he is conscious and that God be pleased with him - he protected you until the very last moment. Kasim says we caught the kid who stabbed you, he will be punished soon. Kosem says not at all - I will give that order.

    Murad says to his men thankfully, by God's permission, our Valide Sultana has been saved, but there is no sparing of those who have done this to my family. I have gathered the people of the palace here so that the traitors among us hear this. I will not bow before bullies. the lowly people who did this are not just rebellious sipahis - they have a Jesuit order behind them. They wish to divide us from the inside by planting sees of discord, but they will be dealt with - their names nor their bodies will remain. They will be caught one by one and finished off!

    Margaret reunites with Farya, she says you are alive, thank God! You are well right? Farya oh what befell us, what befell us...

    Gev says to her mother we will take you to your room, you will be more comfortable there, I will stay with you for a while. Kosem asks how the harem is. Ayse says everything is good except... the guest is back in the mansion. Kosem says who is this guest in the mansion. Ayse says Farya, however she did it, she got herself forgiven. Gevherhan tells her mother do not worry about these things mother.

    Murad arrives asking his mom how she is. Kosem says I am fine thankfully. But there are still dark over us. God protect us from worse things. Murad says you be certain mother, I will remove those dark clouds.

    Kosem comes upon Kemankes in the hall as she makes her way to her room. He says may it pass (get well) my sultana, she also wishes him well.

    Flashback: he has rescued her, lays her down and covers the door. She says his name. He says hold on my Sultana. I will save you my sultana? He removes the dagger and tells her hold on my Sultana. She says it is finished...it was up until here...Kemankes says hold my sultana, hold on and takes her hand. She asks him to take her to her palace to die there. He says he will not let her die and cauterizes her wound, covers her up and checks to make sure she is breathing and then passes out.

    Now, he says May God always keep us with you. She says I owe my life to you, I am breathing because of you. He says it is my duty my Sultana. Lalezar says to Kemankes, may it pass my agha, may God protect you from similar happening again.

    Murad is with Silahdar and says they will punish the traitors. SIlahdar says everyone will bow before your power my Majesty. Murad asks if he found out anything about the girl who murdered the agha in the dungeons. Silahdar says her name was Filiz, no incidents before, she was said to be a good girl. Murad says seeing as she was able to slit her own throat right while looking into your eyes, it means she believed in  and was was bound to her cause. Be careful, that woman must no be the only one in the harem.  How is Farya? Silahdar tells him that she is in the Pearl Masion, and that he sent Madame to her. He says I heard about what happened last night, the Princess protected you.

    Farya says I was willing for him to shout, get angry even take my life but he forgave me. He said he was going to leave me there (to my land) and I would never see his face again. Margaret says and we will return to Erdel, your mother will be saved. Farya says you don't get it, Sultan Murad is foresaking me...given up on me, this is my punishment - he will remove me from his mind and heart. Margaret says then I advise you to take him out from your mind and heart too - otherwise you will be even more sad.

    Murad asks Kemankes why he is up on his feet, he should be resting. Murad says you saved my mother, ask of me what you will. Keman says  I am pleased with you, May God be pleased with you too - you saved my mother. Kemankes says perish the thought, the most honourable thing is to die for your sake. But I wish I had prevented it before so that you wouldn't have to return. Silahdar says we will first destroy the traitors Kemankes. Murad says but Erdel is also important, I want Istvan's head. Send word to Abaza Mehmet pasha, I have an idea, if he succeeds, we can solve this matter without my soldiers having to shed blood (without his soldiers dying).

    Evliya speaks to the crowd, telling them that 'they struck our Kosem Sultana with a dagger! And do you know who they gave that dagger to to stab her with? They gave that dagger to a small innocent child like this here! They influenced him! This is not worthy! She who is the angel in human form who walks among us! She who is, our Kosem our leader. She, who is the Sultana of the poor, innocent, needy and moreover that of all the Ottoman nation!

    Gulbahar says to Kosem everyone in the harem was worried, thanks to God who saved you for your children. Kosem says to Beyazid, my brave prince you did everything you could and went after the traitors. Beyazid says for years you protected us my Sultana, I can never repay that debt to you. Kosem says but you leaving the palace without our Hunkar's permission is not appropriate. No matter what, you will not do it again, same goes for Kasim. Gulbahar says they get emotion (excited and agitated in the moment) my sultana, they must be more careful. You too - as you know you have many enemies as many as those who love you. Kosem says many yes, but I see all of them.

    Sneaky Sinan meets with Cornelius in a random store who says you have disappointed me Sinan pasha, you cannot finish any task. Sinan says I did what I could. I attacked Kosem sultana in a way she never expected - she didn't die. Corny says is that how you explain yourself? Day by day Sultan Murad becomes greater. He will come upon us now. Sinan says it is obvious he is thinking of something but I do not know what he is up to. Corny says then work to find out...at least do that if anything!

    Esther is with Kosem and says we came back from the bring of catastrophe.  Kosem says you have been with me all these years, and you still didn't understand - when have we ever breathed calmly?

    Murad arrives and say you have wanted to see me, you are well hopefully? She says what is this Farya matter? She has returned to the mansion again? Murad says while you are ill, do not tire yourself with this matter, she has no value for me anymore, when the Erdel issue is resolved she will exit my life. Kosem says if that's what you say...and when will Gulbahar leave? I have no doubt she had her fingers in this latest incident. I told you before about her...look she came and an attempt was made on my life. Find, they found someone (involved) and brought him here...and then he was killed before he could speak and on top of that by a girl from the harem. Do you think these are coincidences?

    Farya says to an agha if anything at least send word to him that I wish to see him? The agha replies prohibited. Farya remarks, prohibited, prohibited - that's all they know. Atike arrives. As you see, it is not that easy to leave this palace...you find yourself here again. Farya asks about Kosem. Atike says she is doing better now, it will take some time for her to recover. From what I hear you risked your life for our Majesty my brother. Farya says if we think about everything from the beginning, my life always belonged to him. May I ask a favour from you?

    Murad goes to Gulbahar says I was visiting my mother, I said let me see how you are. Gulbahar says what an honour, I reunited with my son, what else could I want. Murad says it's hard of course, you were away from your child for so long, you know what you were accused of - putting Beyazid on the throne. Gulby says I never - He says I do not care about what happened in the past, I look at today - should you be accused again - you won't even have a grave. Gulbahar says what is the meaning of these words, what did I do? Or, are you blaming me for what happened. She can't breath (is faking) and Murad calls for doctors and Beyazid enters. 

    Esther sees Silahdar and asks what is all this happening to us? He says it has passed, and I am glad nothing happened to you. She moves in and says I need comforting, I await your visit. Farya and Atike arrive just then. Silahdar asks why Atike has brought Farya, her exiting the mansion is not acceptable. Atike says she wanted to see my brother. Silahdar says this is impossible. Farya says not you, but Sultan Murad can decide about that. Atike then asks what Esther wanted, what she said to him, I am wondering to be honest. Silahdar says she has come to visit Kosem sultan. 

    Murad arrives. Silahdar says forgive me, she came with our Sultana. Farya says I know you don't want to see me but - Murad ignores her. 

    The doctors leave Gulbahar (wow what a faker) Zeynel says they are gone now. She says look at the condition I am in for my child's sake. Didn't I tell you Kosem would accuse me as soon as she opened her eyes? 

    Beyazid enters says he has spoken to the doctors says she is much better. She says thank you, but everytime it gets worse. He asks what Murad said that she got like this. She says he only came to visit and ask how I am. He says tell me how it happened. She says he suspected me of the attack on Kosem, of course your brother is not to blame, it is all his mother's trouble making. Just like she kicked me out last time, she wants to do the same again. 

    Kosem asks what is up with Ayse's face and says will you go into my son's presence like this?! Ayse says that woman coming here again - well, there's no happiness or enjoyment left for me. Kosem tells her - use reason Ayse, in the very least use your femininity, must I also have to tell you that - Ayse says do not worry I will not fall to error anymore. 

    Farya stands before Murad and says I am indebted to you for accepting me. I was just worried about you. I wanted to see you only and speak to you. Murad says I was going to call on you after last night anyway. The way you killed that traitor is worthy of commendation. I did not want it be left without return. You will get your reward. She says how nice - you have graced me with your generosity (sarcasm). He says if there is nothing else you want to say - she says THERE IS! You know why I did what I did and how regretful I am, and why are you still treating me badly? Do you not see how much I am suffering, how sad it makes me? He says I spared your life, you will return to your land, be reunited with your mother, what else do you want? She says oh so is this why you spared my life, so that I can remember that every time and be grieved? He says my decision is unchanged - when your uncle is dead you will return to your land. Until then I neither want to see your face nor hear your voice. 

    Ayse arrives! Murad tells the agha to tell her to wait. Farya meanwhile tells Murad, do you hate me this much? WHile I want to stay with you with all my heart, my soul and my being you will give up on me this easily? He says return to your room Farya. Outside Ayse asks who is inside anyway? Why am I waiting? She sees Farya exit who says "Ayse sultan were you stuck at the door? Ayse says I guess you came to beg, but I heard our Majesty's decision - he said to his mother that you have no more value to him. You will go. It means you've been gotten rid of.

    Ayse tells Murad that the kalfas have gotten his bath ready and she told them she will personally wash Murad, and - something must happen between us, I am the mother of your children. 

    Margaret asks Farya if something bad happened 'i told you not go'... Farya says Sultan Murad will never forgive me. He is fighting against himself in this - I am certain he loves me. But his pride won't let him. Margaret says if he changed his mind he would put you in his harem, you would become his woman, is that what you want? Farya says I do not know. This is the worst part - I never felt these feelings before. But now I can't breathe. There is a dagger wound in my chest. Now Ayse is with him.

    Ayse says to Murad in the bath - that the latest incidents have troubled everyone, then she says let us me and you go to Edirne. You always loved that. You would always find opportunity to go and you would take me with you. We were far from the capitol and everyone, our days passed in happiness - especially our nights. Murad says let everything calm down and I want to go there too. She says let me stay with you tonight I can take your troubles and worries from you. 

    Farya's pining for Murad and he's pining for her. 

    There is commotion as the statesmen and the Jesuit order, including Cornelius. Silahdar tells Murad that the Jesuit order as well as their affiliates (their merchants, teachers etc.) have been brought. Murad is announced. 

    Murad says to his pashas and scholars, the men you see here today - each one is either part of the secret order or working together with them. For many years now, despite being allowed to live freely and conduct their business and operations in every way on my lands, they go against their state in betrayal. For this reason, I am exiling all of them from the Capitol - and even from the entire Ottoman lands. 

    Cornelius speaks - Majesty Sultan Murad, I am the head father of the Galata Church, Cornelius *bow*. We are loyal to our mighty King and the Ottoman (state). If there are traitors among us, let us find them and deliver them. Murad says my orders have been sent to your Churches...I ordered you to hand over your traitors, but there was no sound from you! Cornelius says it is hard to find... traitors. Murad says I have ended your operations, you will all go. Cornelius says but according to the agreement (some agreement) how  appropriate would our exile be? Murad replies THAT agreement is for our sincere Catholic Christians who do not betray the state, not for you. Murad orders for them to be sent to the ports to return to their lands and to take their wealth and properties. 

    Kosem is speaking to a doctor when Haci and Esther arrive saying the situation is serious. Meanwhile Elanor is fainty and Haci says be careful woman, leave that and get out, useless. 

    Esther says that Murad has exiled the Jesuit Fathers. Haci says that would be alright but - he has gathered all the ones who were in business with them too and sent them all. Esther says and those traders that we were in business with too - who had our money. God forbid it can paralyze business.

    Seyhulislam advises Murad saying that if we include everyone in it, it can harm us. Yahya Efendi says I do not agree with you, we will tell the rest of the non-Muslims this is simply a precaution because of treasonous activity for only the Jesuit order for (not for everyone) that will pass in time (perhaps be reversed). The Seyh says that's true, but have you thought of the affects of this exile? In the end it includes many non-Muslim businessman. Murad says do not forgot, we are not in need of them, they are in need of us. Before them is the State of the world.

    Sinan tells his minion to wait word for him. Out loud he says our Majesty has given the correct decision , meanwhile his minion tells Corny to wait word from Sinan. Corny says tell him to save me from this otherwise the outcome will be very bad. 

    Kasim's girlfriend enters his room, and he says where have you been? I missed you very much I don't want to spend another night without you. He says why is your beautiful face like this, is something wrong? Tell me. She says I am pregnant! I took all the precautions I don't know how it happened? What will we do? He says no one will know about it. No one must find out. If they find out, it would be the end for both of us. They wouldn't let us live. 

    Kosem goes to Murad. He says welcome, how nice to see you on your feet as usual. She says you and my princes and sultanas keep me on my feet. She says they want to get rid of me so my children are left alone. She says I told you your anger will take us to bad places, but you didn't listen. I heard about the decision you made. He says my decision is final, don't tire yourself, if you want to question me - She says the opposite - you have made a great decision. But it is lacking one thing - he says and what is that? She says you have decided to confiscate the wealth and properties of those you are exiling. But don't put it in the treasury - hand it out among the other Catholic groups so they are quieted. Let us leave them to their own arguing. 

    Gevherhan's son Selim is horse-backing riding, she says enough for today. Silahdar says tomorrow some more horseback riding. She thanks him. He says little Selim is brave, in a few months he will learn it. He says forgive my  nerve, but I cannot take my eyes off you. I am so captivated I am mad. I drank from such a drink that the soul itself it's cup and then I became captivated by such a beauty, the brain itself is crazy for her. A beauty in whose face is radiating light, has come to me. She has such a fire burning within me, that the sun itself has to fan those flames. 

    Gev says I am certain you say these words to everyone. He says it is impossible to keep you on the same level as everyone else. I am not a person who has a heart that wide. My words are only for you. 

    Gev says Silahdar you didn't say these words, and I didn't hear them...

    The cook is picking flowers,  Lalezar says what are you doing here, he says he's picking them for a drink she says Kosem personally planted these with her own hands what if she sees! He says how was I supposed to know! Gevherhan arrives and The cook says our Sultan is smiling. Lalezar says she's done mourning quickly thank God. THe cook says no there is something else behind that smile...I call it you'll see soon. She says what do you know he says see my eyes, I can read someone's soul. 

    Kemankes says finally you are recovered, it is a great honour to see you healthy like this. She says I can still see how you struggled for my sake while I thought you hated me. He says never my Sultana. She says I know. There is no words left you didn't hear (scolding from her). Look at fate - my son sent you to spy on me, you became my friend for life. Kemankes asks for the cell door to be opened. 

    Kosem says to the child who stabbed her: I know that the wound from a dagger may heal but not the injury sustained by the heart. He says for my father - She says I executed your father yes. But he was a traitor. He betrayed the state and the House of Osman. I didn't tell you earlier because I wanted him to stay as a brave and loyal soldier in your memory. Little kid says I didn't know my Sultana, that the curse of my father's doings is on me. She says, the children must not pay for the crimes of the fathers. I forgive you. But you will go to Egypt and make a new life for yourself okay? 

    Sinan's man tells the guard at the port that there is a mistake and that one of the men isn't going. He hands a note. Sinan's man says Sinan fakd the document. 

    Kosem visits Gulbahar who says forgive me can't get up, I was unwell this morning. Kosem tells her the Capitol didn't do you well - pack up, you are going back to Amasya. Gulbahar says please, don't make me stay apart from my son, at least let me live out my last days with my son. You are a mother too, you will understand me. Kosem says you can fool people with that innocent pretense, but not me! You are not ill. You played a game to return here when you found out my regency is done. For my son - Kosem says for this exact reason - so you don't destroy everything on his head with your ambitions - you are leaving!  

    Silahdar tells Hezarfen to give up this love for flying and that Murad will not allow it at all. Hezarfen says if you speak to him...Silahdar says hey, no, I'm not getting involved, and our Majesty isn't in a good mood these days. Hezarfen says Farya? Silahdar says she will go back to her land soon. Hezar says our Majesty will not allow that, he is in love with her, it is obvious. Silahdar says it is impossible...there is no meaning to go to the fire when you know you will burn. Hezy says is there love without burning? And why are you saying that, are you in love too? In his head Silahdar says I am so in love with such a beauty that my mind is mad and crazy for her. Flashback to what he said to Gev.  Hezy says so if you are in love why are you in so much pain? Is there a woman you can't have that you want?! Silahdar basically says sometimes it's impossible.  Hezy says and why not? It's not like you're in love with a Sultana...Hezy OMG it's a sultana! Silahdar no nothing like that! A guard tells Silahdar that Esther has sent a note. He tells the guard to wait downstairs he will come shortly. Hezy says oh so it is obvious who that "sultana of your heart" is. 

    Atike asks where Silahdar is, and the agha tells her that he has taken leave tonight, he won't be returning to the palace until morning. Atike says how many nights now, what is he up to?

    Lalezar tells Atike that Kosem wants her to meet with Esther tomorrow to work on the Charity. Atike says let Gevherhan handle the charity matters. Lal says should I reply to her like this? Atike - Fine, early tomorrow I will go.

    Esther says to Silahdar, you are with me, but like your soul is in another world. Who are you thinking about? He says no one. She says do not think. Even dreaming about someone else other than me isn't allowed. He says yes, it is prohibited as you say. 

    Abaza Pasha from Bosnia has arrived meets Kemankes who welcomes him. He says I have missed the Capitol. Kemankes says our Majesty awaits you. 

    Atike meanwhile has come to see Esther as her mother requested and finds SIlahdar's aghas outside. Esther meanwhile asks when she will see Silahdar again. She wonders who is knocking and they find it is Atike. Atike says you - Silahdar? What are you doing here? Esther says he just came here now, I called him, I needed some advice, he helped. Why have you come my Sultana, is there a matter?

    Lalezar tells Farya that Murad has ordered for her. Margaret tells her to control her feelings, not to get angry, because their fate is in his hands. If she wants to leave of course. Farya says I do not know. Margaret says if you wish to stay, then you must forget the past, your family and fight for your love. 

    Outside, Atike asks what is going on , did Esther not find anyone else to help her out? He says it's nothing important. She says then if its not important why are you here at this time in the morning. He says it is not appropriate for us to speak here. and leaves.

    Abaza says to Murad, thank God that He allowed me to kiss your robe and see you after so many years. Murad congratulates him for the good news that arrived before he did. Farya arrives. Murad introduces her to Abaza. Abaza says as I got your order, I sent a secret letter to Istvan's commander Rakoczi, who agreed to meet. Flashback to Istvan who says leave me, I am the Hungarian king, I want to speak to Murad! Abaza narrates saying the scoundrel who wrote that insolent letter to you was a coward after all, he begged to spare his life. Murad tells Farya I had given you a promise. Kemankes shows her Istvan's head. Farya remarks, he got what he deserved. Where is my mother then? Mother and daughter embrace. Farya asks if she is well. Then she says my Majesty thank you so much you have given the world to me! Big Mamma says Sultan Murad I can never thank you enough, you have saved me, and reunited me with my daughter. Farya says I am curious, what did you offer Rakoczi that he was willing to give up Istvan so easily? Murad says I gave the Erdel throne to him. From now on, my Erdel is viscount is Gregory Rakoczi. 

    Corny says to Sinan I thought you forgot me. Sinan says I was only able to come now, after the latest incidents, there is heightened security - I couldn't risk being caught. Corny says you are in Sultan Murad's Divan, he exiles us and you don't hear of it! Sinan says Sultan Murad doesn't trust anyone, including the pashas in his Divan. When I found out it was already over. Corny says we lost all our friends in the Capitol, now we have no choice but to fight. 

    Gevherhan asks where Atike was and that she didn't even go to the charity when her mother finds out she'll be angry. Atike says I wanted to walk around and get some air. Gev says who are you fooling, what are you up to? Do you have a secret love? Atike says yes I have! Gev says who is that? Atike says whoever it is, it doesn't involve you. Gev says do not do anything wrong and embarrass us. Atike says I won't. In fact, I will marry whichever pasha you all choose for me to marry and be unlucky my whole life. Just like you.

    Silahdar says to Murad that upon hearing the throne being given to the commander, Farya was very irritated. Murad says her silence is not a good sign, but there was a price for her to pay for what she did. And this is her punishment, she will have to accept it. 

    Beyazid arrives saying my mother will be going to Amasya, my mother has ordered it. Murad says I know -  this isn't my mother's decisions though, it is mine. Her staying this long is enough, anyway I had said she could stay for a while. 

    Zeynel tells SInan that Gulbahar waits for him in her carriage. Gulbahar says what are you up to Sinan pasha? He says I do not know what you are talking about. She says are you going to lie to me again? He says whatever I do I do for the future of our prince Beyazid. Tell me pasha, what do you have to do with that Father you saved? Sinan says the Jesuits are loyal to the Jerusalem order of Hospitaller Knights. They are not happy with Kosem and Murad. They want to get rid of both of them and put Beyazid in their place and I am working for them. Gulbahar says so for this many years, you are sneaking in the bosom of the state, undermining all of us eh? How do I know you wouldn't do the same thing to my son? He says never my Sultana, I respect you for years, I am ready to do whatever to protect our prince, to put him on the throne...and to protect you. Gulbahar says you first arrange for me to stay here. We will see about the rest. 

    Atike goes to see Silahdar. She says I thought I would come speak to you rather than let it eat up at my insides. There must be an explanation about you and Esther...He says do you want me to explain? She replies, I do not doubt you, I know you don't do wrong, but to go to the house of a widow like Esther, it is not appropriate. He says forgive me, but, as a maiden Sultana, it is not fitting for me to be alone with you either. She says then marry me! If I am to marry someone, it will be no one but you. I cannot be anyone's but yours. It is hard, yes, but I am willing. They will go against it first, then they will accept it. They will believe in our love and then we will be united. Think about this, we will speak again...

    Farya says how could Sultan Murad give the Erdel throne to Rakoczi? He did this just because he is angry at me. Big Mamma says there is nothing more precious than you. Farya says yes, but the throne is your right, and he had promised. She says the throne is a dream for us, but tomorrow we start a new life, we go to (someplace couldn't catch the name). Farya says yes we are going. But first, Sultan Murad will answer for what he did to me. 

    Ibrahim goes to see Kasim and says stop drinking my mother shouldn't see you! Kasim says leave me be tonight. Ibo says what is wrong? Kasim says that girl - Elanor - she is pregnant. Ibo says this is what would happen! I warned you! You did whatever you wanted as usual! Does anyone know? They shouldn't! We need to handle this matter immediately. Kasim says I love her, I don't want anything to happen to her. Ibo says think of yourself first and anyway if it reaches our Majesty's ears you will both be finished. Great - before our Majesty, our mother will strangle you with her own hands. Kasim says I am in a difficult condition...I do not know what to do, what to think. Help me my brother please. awww Ibrahim hugs him. 

    Murad hears Farya saying she will wait outside until she is accepted. Murad calls for the aghas to let her in. She says this was my actual punishment. You took the throne from our hands to punish me, when you had given me a promise. He says I saw this fitting. She says I believed you,  I thought...He says what? That you would go unpunished for what you did? She says you did this to take revenge from me. This was your plan all along. I was struggling to get you to forgive me. Sad...So? Did your anger subside? Are we even? He says don't try my patience. She says what will you do if I try your patience? Will you kill me. Don't stop kill me. Since you take my throne, then kill me as well. 

    Ayse is in the hamam and her servant says you are happy finally. She says why shouldn't I be? We're finally rid of the Princess. Servant says you were sad for no reason, our Majesty is sending her off. Ayse says even when she was here, she didn't even get to see his face, our Majesty understood, no one can make him happy but me. 

    In the morning, Murad notices Farya is gone. 

    Kosem asks what is going this time in the morning. Haci says there is a matter you must know about, the situation is serious. 

    Murad finds that Farya is not in the mansion either. Silahdar tells him that she left with her mother this morning. Silahdar says if you wish I can stop them. He says no need, if she wants to leave, let her. 

    Haci tells Kosem that the princess and her mother left this morning. Kosem enters Kasim's room and finds Kasim with Elanor. 

    On the road Farya's carriage is stopped. She says stay here and gets out. Murad 


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