• Trailer 1, Episode 5 (35) season 2 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

    Hassan Cavus (Messenger): "An assassination attempt was made on our Valide Sultana"

    Murad: "What are you saying Hassan Cavus, explain at once!

    Gulbahar: "I am as sure as I am of my own name! They will suspect me first!"

    Beyazid: "What have you done to your Sultana, where have you taken her?"

    Murad: "I have spared your life Farya"

    Farya: "Take my life, since you have taken my throne as well, take my life too!"

    Murad: "You wanted to put Beyazid on the throne"

    Gulbahar: 'Your Majesty, I never - "

    Sinan: "I have respected  you for years. I am ready to do whatever for you for the throne"

    Beyazid: "Mother!"

    Voice: "That older brother you love so much, will kill you one day"

    Cornelius: "We  have no other choice but to fight."

    Murad: "You are too late Cornelius! I have put an end to all your activities. You will be leaving."


    1. When is the new episodes trans. Gonna be released?

    2. Thanks for the translations i really appreciate the work you put into it. Thanks again all the way from Sydney AustraliašŸ˜˜

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