• Trailer 1 Episode 7 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV Translation

    Sorry guys, wasn't home. Here's the translation for the trailer for episode 7:
    Kosem: 'She was sick and so she died' they will say...she passed out (fainted) in the hamam (bath) and died.
    Murad:: There will be no other woman except you.
    Atike?: There is such a love between them that no one can stop them!
    Ayse: And when she falls pregnant one day then what?
    Kosem: Something like that won't happen. She will not become pregnant
    Silahda: You knew and despite that you hid it! No secret remains hidden!
    Kosem: He is your brother...a part of you...please spare him! Forgive him - forgiveness is from the elders
    Kasim: You know how many princes were killed in this palace...
    Murad: Get up we are going
    Kasim: I will be one of those (princes)
    Kasim: Where are we going my brother?
    Kosem: Will it ever leave your mind - sending your brother off to death with you own hands?


    1. when can we expect a new translation?

    2. Thanks so much for the translations really appreciate it. No one should pressure her as its hard work she is doing it for free she doesn't have to she is doing it out of kindness.

    3. Thank you for translating sweet lady.