• Episode 6 Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV Translation

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    Murad asks how Farya could leave, she says this is what you wanted right? You are going to be rid of me. He says you cannot go, because you are my harem - my woman. I do not allow it. She says just like I said before, I do not have the habit of asking permission. What will you do take me forcibly? He says if that's what I need to do yes - forcibly. 

    Kasim's girl Elanor says please Haci forgive me. He says you should have thought of that a long time ago. 

    Kasim says mother I know my crime is very grave - but you know, the heart doesn't listen to commands, forgive me. I know you will find a solution. SLAP

    Farya tells her Mama and Marge that Murad won't let her go, wants her to return with him to Istanbul. Big Mama asks and what response did you give? Are you going to return? Farya replies he won't leave without me, he said to me - you are my woman. Marge asks what happened last night between you two? Prenses?! You know right? You knew Sultan Murad would come and stop you. Big mama says at least this is what was in your heart. Mama is all smiles :D Farya says but he wanted me to go, his decision - to punish me, he didn't even look at my face for days. As if that wasn't enough he took the throne that was our right. Mamma says yes we lost the throne - but a greater throne lies before you - the Ottoman Throne!

    Kosem to Kasim - What insolence is this?! How could you DARE to be together with a girl from your Majesty-brother's harem?! Are you itching to die?!  Do you not know the punishment for that is death?! Do you want to die my son?! How did you get so crazy?! Let go! 

    Kasim says my brother did not even see her face, hasn't have any kind of relationship with her. 
    Kosem replies SILENCE! The rules are apparent - forget having a relationship with her, it is prohibited for you to even look at her face! 

    Kasim says what happens now mother, are you going to tell my brother?

    Farya tells Murad you are the master, you can do anything, I know I cannot stop you. However, if I return with you, I want you to know that I will never become like the women in your harem. I will never be a slave, I will never bow my neck. 


    Kosem says I still can't fathom this - what kind of heedlessness is this? What if someone else saw it? It would be on everyone's tongues! Haci tells her not to trouble herself over it, that Thank God Lalezar kalfa saw it and intervened on time. 

    Kosem - no one will know! No one will know under any circumstances. Haci - meleki get water, call doctors! Kpsem says no need for doctors. Meleki asks how she is. Kosem says how can I be okay in the midst of all these worries and troubles? Lalezar says I interrogated Elanor and she swears it was their only and first time together. What shall I do, what is your command?

    Haci says she will be exiled at once no matter what! Kosem says no, not right away. Take her to the old palace first, let her be examined by the midwife - then we'll send her. God forbid she shouldn't be pregnant...

    Kasim says to Ibrahim you are the one who did it, you are the one who said it to my mother! Ibo says I do not know what you are talking about let me go. Kasim says no one knew about Elanor except you so who should it be?! Ibo says he didn't do it. Kasim shouts don't lie Ibrahim! Beyazid enters tears them apart and asks what is going on. Kasim says nothing and leaves. Beyazid turns to Ibo.

    Atike asks Ayse why she is in such high spirits today and Ayse says nothing can ruin my good ood today, that woman finally left. Atike says I couldn't believe how my brother gave her permission to go. Ayse says why would he give "permission" what value does she have? She was here for so long, our Hunkar didn't reach a hand out to him. She has a long road to hell. Farya enters. 

    Atike-  Farya I thought you left! Farya I was going but - Sultan Murad didn't allow me to leave. 

    Ibo meanwhile tells Beyazid that it was nothing (between him and Kasim) and that it's just as usual -whenever Kasim gets in a bad mood he takes it out on me. Beyazid you were like this when you were a child too, when you lied you couldn't look me in the eye. Come on my brother Ibrahim, tell me so I can help. Ibo says this is nothing you can help with my brother, the condition is serious! Kasim has kept a girl from the harem. He meets her for a while now. I warned him many times. He didn't listen. My mother caught them today - Kasim thinks I said it to her, but I did not. 

    Beyazid say shameless - instead of thinking what he did, he is scolding you! Ibo asks his brother not to tell anyone and keep it a secret. 

    Meleki asks Kosem if she needs anything else - she says I want peace of mind,  Meleki. 

    Murad enters, she welcomes him. He asks what is wrong, she says nothing harem matters. She says what is up? He says I wanted you to hear first from me - I brought Farya back. From now on she is my favourite. 

    Ayse asks Farya why Murad would stop her, what she did in order to return. Atike tells her to return to her room. Ayse says but she is lying - speak (to Farya) what games are you playing? Farya says no games! We were together last night and I left his side in the morning, and then he stopped me on my way - you are my woman, you cannot go anywhere he said. Atike says Ayse - go now.

    Ayse says to her servant that woman is back, our Majesty brought her...she was with him last night, she is now part of his harem...how could this happen?! 

    Kosem says not you nor I have written the rules of the Humayun (Padishah matters) it is the work of centuries! Farya is a free woman and moreover - a princess of another royal house! How can I put her in the harem, how is this possible?! For God's sake - if you ignore the rules, then what should our subjects say? How will I rein in all those other women?! Won't they say what are we waiting around for here? Farya CANNOT enter the harem, it is PROHIBITED! 

    Murad replies, who told you she was going to be in the harem? Kosem says what does that mean? You said she is your favourite, you brought her here, what will you do? Murad says you will find out tomorrow morning. Kosem asks God for patience as her kids will kill her with these troubles. 

    Murad asks how Kasim is why he seems troubled, Kasim says nothing just came to see my mother. Murad tells him be careful she might take her anger out on you.

    Kasim asks Lalezar how Elanor is, Lal says sorry, Kosem's orders are that I cannot tell you anything. Kasim says please I just want to see her. 

    Gulbahar says that Sinan will do something to keep me in the palace but she isn't so hopeful, and if they don't find something, Kosem will have her sent away soon. Beyazid enters, she asks where he was, he replies I was with Kasim and Ibo trying to settle an argument. She says what was the matter? He says nothing. Then he says sorry, I don't have the power to keep you here,our Majesty already made the decision. She says don't be sad, as long as I was re-united with you, that's all that matters, you stay alive and safe, is all that matters to me. He says but this is happening just because of Kosem Sultan's wishes - this is unjust. He says do you search for justice in this world? Well, justice is the bedfellow of the one who has power! Don't ever forget this. You must be powerful.

    Lalezar tells Kasim if his mother finds out "she will kill me" Kasim embraces Elanor says don't be afraid I am here. He says no one will harm you. She says I only worry about you and the baby in my belly. If they find out they will kill me. He says don't worry, I will find a solution. Until then you wait patiently. 

    Gevherhan wonders why the palace is so quiet. and her servant says who do you wonder about tell us we can send word. Just then Silahdar arrives. Selim wants to play sword practice but Gevherhan says no, we walked around enough. 

    Atike says just as I imagined. My brother his majesty did not turn me out to be wrong - I knew he would not give up on you. Why is your face like that? Farya says I do not know what I will do - I mean here, in the harem. Atike says don't worry you will have a wonderful life. You are different for my brother, the things he did for you he would never do for anyone else. Farya says he would do anything for me, and I would do the same for him. Atike says so nice - may God grant everyone this kind of love. Farya says and if it were you, could you share the man you loved with other women? Atike says no, never. I am a member of the Family, if I marry him, he must be faithful to me. Farya asks who she is talking about. Atike says just saying - don't trouble yourself about these things. In the end, my brother is the Padishah - this is his harem, the sooner you accept this truth, the calmer you will be. 

    Ayse is with Kosem - forgive me Validem, but how can that woman return despite you - and she has no shame. From what she says she had a halvet (spent the night) with our Majesty! Kosem says don't bother me with these contemptible words! My son will be with whoever he wants, is he going to ask you?! 

    Ayse says I did not mean it like that...Kosem says whatever you meant - you first look at yourself, fix yourself, you're still in trouble (you're not entirely forgiven either) - don't anger my son further. But know this, that woman will not stay in the harem. Ayse says where will she stay then? Forgive my curiosity...with your permission...

    Murad enjoying music :D when Farya arrives. She says you wanted to see me? He has invited her for dinner! 

    Ayse is in the bath when Gulbahar arrives. Ayse why are you crying? Ayse says there is no reason. Gulby says what is your trouble? Tell me...or, is it that woman the Princess? My beautiful girl - if these walls had tongues and could speak - God knows how many concubines' tears these marbles (slabs) washed away. Ayse says this is the order of the harem. There is nothing that can be done. Gulbahar says the harems? Or Kosem sultanas? I recall the past..you were still quite young...

    I was only able to go to Sultan Ahmet's heavenly garden once - when Kosem found out she threw me out. She exiled me to the old palace. But thanks to my Lord I was pregnant. I was able to return to the harem. Ayse says and then? Gulbahar says - everyone has a way to stay alive in this palace. I chose to stay silent and bow my neck. Just like you. What did I get? Nothing. A great big nothing. If I was how I was now then, I would not have stayed quiet to Kosem, I would stand against her. Maybe I would have lost, but at least I would have chosen my own fate. 

    Murad says what you were waiting for? Did you think I would allow you to just leave. Would that be possible? She says I saw anyway that it was impossible. But I am curious about something. If I had not come to you that night, would still have stopped me? He says what does this change? I am here and you are here. That is all that matters. She says yes I am here. In a palace no one wants me in. Not Kosem sultana, not Ayse sultana. He says but I want you here, is that not enough. She says I would like to stay in Atike sultana's room tonight. He says as you wish. 

    The cook is blabbing again - oh I knew this woman would enter the harem in the end, it was obvious - can fire and gunpowder stay side by side? Would you go if it was you? Lalezar says where is that luck for me Beynem? He says you are no less yourself - many youths would fall for you. She says don't be shameless, I have my own troubles, I dont know how I am going to tell Kosem sultana. The nosey cook is like what is that? What?

    Farya comes across Silahdar and says I guess you must be sad at my return - you were quite intent on taking my life. He says God willing you learned your listen - because if you do the same again, my face will be the last one you see! 

    Silahdar tells Murad that he has prepared as requested the Tersane Palace be set up for Princess (literally, Shipyard Palace, a summer palace for the Sultan and his family. Building began in 1613 by the order of Sultan Ahmet it is on the shore). Murad says I will personally take her there tomorrow. He asks how Madame is - Silahdar says they've set her up somewhere (to stay) and Murad says good, however comfortable she is, that is how happy we will be. 

    Lalezar goes to Kosem - my Valide - I am thinking how to say it since morning. Kosem says say how it is. Lalezaer says Elanor lied and - forgive me, but the woman has been pregnant for a while. 

    Kosem says so I understood you, but Meleki are you not in charge of my rooms? You can't even control the servants under your watch! And I let you watch over my safety!? GET OUT I DON'T WANT TO SEE EITHER OF YOU!

    Gevherhan is brought a note, asks who sent it, and is told Silahdar has sent it. 

    My Sultana you turned your face in the gardens from me...if I have crossed my limits, made you sad, forgive me - I could not prevent my feelings. But if there is no return to my feelings (if you don't feel the same as I do) then I will not even come face to face with you. But if there is even a small chance - then I will wait for you at noon tomorrow. 

    Silahdar finds Atike in his room and greets her. She says do you recall what I spoke to you about a few days ago in this room? I had said marry me. He says I wanted to speak to you on this matter...forgive me but this is impossible. She says why not? I know you want me, and I want you...who can prevent us? He says ME I must prevent it for it is the right thing. She says why did you say this? What is wrong in us loving each other? I know you are shy of my brother, our situation is not easy - but it is not impossible either. The  are obvious - you can speak to the grand vizier and he can ask our Majesty for my hand on your behalf. He replies my Sultana, I do not want to make you sad or for you to get hurt, but this matter is impossible, the  best is to turn back while its early. She says you do not know me at all - I am willing to be sad and hurt. 

    Kosem says to Kasim - who are you kasim, whose child are you, because it could not have been I who bore you and raised you - SILENCE! That secret of yours is your death warrant - and you GOT HER PREGNANT! Kasim says - what will you do to her, don't kill her! Kasim says AND HE STILL SAYS ELANOR! At this point what is it to you?! You clearly didn't get it. Now listen carefully! I saw the time of fratricide - Osman whom I loved as my own child killed Mehmet do you know why? Because he was suspicious of him betraying. And now what will happen with your brother hears? He will suspect you - then he will start to be mistrustful of you, then that suspicion will gnaw at him and then one day he will kill you - Oh God forbid it! KASIM! My son, you will forget that girl - I will abort her child and send her off somewhere and this matter will be closed. Do you understand me?! 

    Yahya asks Sinan that it's not a special occasion or something so what are the Persian ambassadors doing here? Sinan says they have been sending word for a while. The sehyulislam says they are taking advantage of opportunity. Yahya says it seems you are not happy with the way our Majesty rules. Seyhulislam says I kept quiet out respect but speak with manners, don't try my patience. Yahya says there is no respect left for anyone the times - Seyhulislam cuts him off -  are evil! You say what is right, just like there is no respect left, everyone is after position and rank - especially you! Everyone knows you have your eyes on my place! 

    Murad is with his kids, little Ahmet asks if they can practice together, daddy says of course. Then he asks how Ayse is, she says when you are with us, how could I ever do badly? But there is something that is making me miserable. There is a rumour in the palace and it has gotten to me - that the Princess will be given an honour above everyone else - even above me. I of course said whatever our Majesty does and says is great. He says you said good, and do not listen to them - your place is always separate (from everyone else). 

    Atike asks Farya what's wrong why she won't talk. What did she speak with Murad about last night? Farya says I asked what he would've done if she didn't go to him that night and he didn't answer. Atike says you still didn't get it - my brother would never have let you go. This is why he didn't give your mother the throne! If he had given your mother that throne - you would've been the heir to it. And in that case he could never be with you again. It is prohibited - a Padishah cannot be with someone who can inherit another throne. 

    Lalezar enters, tells Farya that she will be staying from now on in the Tersane palace - the summer mansion.

    Kosem says what? The summer mansion!? Haci says I was shocked too, but that's what they said. Kosem prays for strength. Haci says since she's not going into the harem...I guess this is the solution our Majesty came up with. Kosem - you call this a solution?! We ran from the rain into the hailstorm! 

    Gulbahar arrives - Kosem says let us speak about the matter of your return to Amasya - after the Friday procession you will bid farewell to your son and go on your way because I can't stand a day further. Gulby says a pebble hits your foot you would blame it on me, but I had no other purpose except seeing my child! As a mother, if I must beg you - for God's sake don't separate you from my child. 

    Kosem says don't you DARE question my conscience or sense of justice. Don't forget I raised Beyazid more than you - I always protected and looked out for him. Even from you! Gulby says did you give me a chance to be a mother?! Kosem says I have more important matters to deal with you. You can leave. 

    The Persian ambassador greet Murad and bring their Shah's greetings and his congratulations on his taking the reigns. Murad says I accept, we will have gifts for the Shah as well - maybe in this way they will give up trying to sow discord and trouble in my lands - these actions are dangerous. 

    The ambassador says never, my Sultan, we do not have this intention at all. As a token of good will, our Shah has sent you this bow - there is no bow like it in this world. Murad asks what makes it so. The ambassador says it is  a very powerful bow, no one has been able to string it.

    Kosem asks if Elanor's matter will be taken care of. Lal says yes, the midwife will take care of it, then she will be exiled to Fizzan (southwestern Libya). 

    Ayse says mother, that woman has been given the summer palace. Kosem says it is true, if you want I can send you there too you may stay together. 

    Silahdar says the bow is clean. Murad asks who can string the bow. He gives it to his guard. Silahdar asks Evliya where Hezarfen is, Ev responds he doesnt know he isn't around, and who knows which woman's arms he woke up in today. 

    The guard can't string the bow. Murad asks if anyone else wants to. Murad says you were right (to the ambassadors) you guys were not able to string this bow so your Shah sent it to us to do it. Inform the people in my palace, and send word to the archery masters as well - to gather here at noon. Whoever can string this bow, this bow is theirs. 

    Gulby to her son I am going after Friday prayers...Kosem has ordered it this way. Anyway, I know what will happen...before reaching Amasya she will have me attacked along the way and killed because she blames me for the assassination attempt on her. Bey says no mother, I will not allow anyone to harm you. Gulby says what can you do about it...He says Kosem does all kinds of things behind our Majesty's back..and you are the one who commits wrong? Gulby says what is she doing? You must be wary of her, she is dangerous. What is she up to? What did you hear. Beyazid tells her about Elanor and that Kosem will cover it all up. 

    Sinan says tells the seyhulislam that he can tell his annoyed because of Yahya who feels like he is the real seyhulsislam of the state. The Seyh says yep, it's their reign - Yahya has our Majesty under his influence.  When the situation is looked at in detail, Yahya has a big debt?  - if the Istanbul judge - your on wanted, he could look into it. Sinan says ,  I just want you to know I am always on your side.

    Sinan is told that Gulbahar awaits him the matter is important. 

    Elanor is taken away by Lalezar says you are going to the old palace.

    Kosem says to Farya - my Lion has given the best decision because it is impossible for you to stay in the harem. Farya says anyway I didn't have that kind of wish (to stay here). Kosem says how quickly wishes change - when you first came here you're only wish was returning to your land. 

    Gulby tells Sinan about Elanor and Kasim says they will get rid of the girl, unless you intervene. He says how? She says s is going to the old palace. He says consider the matter taken care of and ensure your stay in this palace. She says we have a long path ahead of us. Take action at once.

    Ayse calls out to Farya. What did I tell you? Didn't I say you can't enter this palace? And as you see - our Majesty didn't take you into his harem. And don't tell me you didn't want it anyway - you did. Farya says you know nothing. I am a free woman, that is why I cannot stay in the harem. This place is only for slaves. Ayse says I am a mother of a prince, and our Majesty's head woman! This won't ever change! Next to me you are a nothing!

    Yahya is visited by someone named Ilyas Pasha. He asks what are you doing here? Ilyas says if you have time I want to speak to you for a bit.

    Evliya is chilling and Hezarfen arrives. Evliya says I was just talking about you. Hezarfen says to who? Ev says to myself! I was saying you are an eloquent person usually, but you somehow can't convince this wingless dude for anything - please give up this love of flight! Life is short, the world is beautiful - oh wait by the way I came to the tower and there were two women outside! I asked them where you were they said we don't know! Hezarfen says I was working! I even got the fabric for the wings! Ev tells him about the Persian bow. Hezy jokes saying they could have put it in your trap (your mouth) since you have such a strong one (you talk too much) and used it to string the bow. Ev keeps saying don't obsess with this flying you can't do it! 

    Ilyas praises Murad and then says I have come for his justice. Yahya says what did you want from me? Ilyas says I have wanted to be allowed into his presence for a long time now if you could help me. Yahya asks why? Ilyas says its a private personal matter. For old times sake please don't refuse to help me.

    Farya arrives at the Navalyard Palace and finds Madame there. She says I thought you left with my mother! Margaret says would I ever leave you alone?! Your mother left safely, and she left this for me to give this to you. She says this is yours now, not to forget who you are and where you came from. Murad enters saying we couldn't speak yesterday did you like the palace? Farya says it is beautiful and she feels better here, because she didn't know how she would live in the harem. Then she adds her thanks for allowing Margaret to stay with her. 

    Kosem asks how the charity is going. Esther says well don't worry but the people are waiting for the day to see you again. Abaza pasha comes to see Kosem. She welcomes him. He says I was very sad about the assassination attempt - you are well God willing? SHe says only Allah can take the life He gives. He says May God not remove your light from over us, I have brought a gift. It is not worthy of you, but I will be honoured if you accept. It is a diamond. Kosem says great. 

    Gevherhan's servant says my sultana the time has come if you wish to go...Gevherhan says what are you saying, maybe if I go Silahdar will think his feelings are reciprocated. The servant says and there are none (feelings) then?  

    Esther tells Silahdar she came to see Kosem about the charity, work never ends. He says of course. He is acting weird and is going to leave so she says what is wrong? Are you hesitant because we're in the palace? That they will see? What they will say? We are both single, we don't have to answer to anyone. He says I have to hurry - we'll speak at a more appropriate time. 

    Murad says you will not lack for anything here Farya, the agas, kalfas will see to whatever you want. Farya says I know why you didn't give my mother the throne. An Ottoman Sultan cannot be with someone who is the heir to another throne. Meaning - you didn't do it to punish me, you did it to keep you with me. I wish you had asked me? He says if I had asked you, what would your answer be - one the hand your throne, on other me. Which would you choose? She replies I gave my answer long ago. But you gave it instead. If it wasn't for Atike sultana, I wouldn't have known this fact. He says Atike is like you - brave, doesn't control her words. 

    Farya says I have a lot of questions - since I am free, for example, can I go out? He says as long as I know about it, you are free but there will be guards with you and of course, your sword. She says are you leaving? I thought maybe you wouldn't leave me here alone my first night here. He says I have work to do but I will return at night. 

    Abaza Pasha says I was very sad about you ending your regency. But I do not question your wisdom, and I am always in your service. She says I am very angry about the things that have happened as well. I removed my hand and there is no end to incidents. He says if I were in the Capitol - say for example if I was the second Vizier I could have carried out your wishes. She says I have no doubt, but your duty is also important - to stop the enemies from the borders. Kemankes arrives and says the pashas are in the Divan and they wait Abaza there. HAHAHA JEALOUS KEMANKES. She asks where her son is, he replies the Persian ambassadors came and then he left. Kosem says he went to Farya for certain! Why did the ambassadors come? Keman says the Shah sent gifts, don't know if there is something behind it yet of course...

    Gevherhan has decided to see Silahdar. He says my Sultana, welcome! She says these aren't matters I get into but I came anyway. Say what you want to say I must return. He says you came, that is enough for me. He says I do not know when I got lost in those eyes of yours like the sea - when the seed fell into my heart, when it took root and sprouted, I do not now. She replies these are dangerous matters Silahdar - that seed could envelope us both and strangle us. I said right - in this palace happiness is a dream. He says even your dream is beautiful. Who knows maybe that dream will one day be our reality. 

    Atike meanwhile asks where Gevherhan is. Abaza is standing there. He introduces himself. She says oh so it is you - I have heard a lot about you. He says you are - she says I am Atike Sultan. He says please excuse my surprise, you were very young the last time I saw you. He says I do not know what you heard about me - they don't say good things. She says I don;t know about others, but I heard from my mother who likes you a lot and values you. You protected my brothers. He says my duty my Sultana. Gev arrives and Atike says I was looking for you where were you? Gev says nothing...I was just strolling...

    Elanor's carriage is attacked and men take her away. Sinan watches. 

    Lalezar tells the cook that the Princess' meals will be set out in the Summer Mansion (Tersane) at the times when the Sultan will be staying there. The cook says I am only the cook of the Sultan's table tell me how will I cook for that many and tell me Haci, how will I take food from here all the way to there? It will get cold! Haci says you will be going there! You will be cooking in the kitchen there! Haci says get out all of you and stay by the door no one should enter. The cook says okay fine I will go - Haci says BEYNEM! our Kosem Sultana has a special order! 

    Farya tells Margaret she wants everything perfect. She says he did that for me only(about the throne and her staying)! I do not know whether to be sad or happy! Margaret says I know and I can see in your eyes - your uncle got what he deserved, you are free and safe and your mother is too. You suffered enough, you have the right to be happy now.

    Kemankes tells Murad about Abaza visit and also the diamond he gifted Kosem. Murad says that Abaza has proven his loyalty once again by getting Istvan's head. Keman says you know best, but at one time he was a rebellious pasha. Murad says he had a fighting cause - he betrayed in order to get revenge from those traitors who murdered my late brother Osman.

    hahaha Evliya is sayin to Siltahdar if your Majesty says off with his head (about Hezarfen) then we will say Hezarfen is just insane. We will say he is insane and perhaps our Majesty will forgive him. Murad say what matters do you have hidden from us? Silahdar says we were talking about your subject Hezarfen Celebi new proposal, if you permit he wishes to explain. Murad says what again? Hezarfen says I wish to make wings and uh.....and uh fly if God permits and of course if you permit! Murad laughs after looking super angry. Tell me about this, how will this work?

    Beynem says to Haci and Lalezar -  no way, it is a sin. And if our Majesty hears what will I say? Haci says if you do not do it, you know what will happen will our Kosem Sultana keep you alive? It is an order - you will do it. It is simply a medication to prevent her from becoming pregnant. You will put it in her food, two to three drops will be enough. Beynem says the sin is on your necks then!

    Meleki tells Kosem that she came to tell her that Elanor is missing. Kosem says what are you saying?! Meleki says someone has cut her off on her way and kidnapped her. Kosem says why would they - and then she realizes something. 

    Zeynel tells Gulby that Sinan sent word that he has Elanor and awaits her orders. Gulby says let him wait. Let Kosem think about will happen now. 

    Kasim confronts Kasim saying you did it, tell me where you have hidden Elanor? He says oh no they have kidnapped Elanor?! Kosem says this is a matter of life and death! Tell me where she is! Kasim says he swears by God that he didn't do anything, he just found out from her. She says who did you tell? Who else knows? He says I told Ibrahim. She shouts for Haci to bring Ibo. 

    Margaret coughs and Farya says he will come soon. She says I have never seen you like this. 

    Murad is watching Hezarfen says he will set off, the wind will catch his wings and he will rise up. Evliya says I just wanted to tell you I am not on his side about this. It is not something to be done. I warned him several times. But he did not listen to me. Murad says it is not really that impossible. Evliya says may God grant you a long life your Majesty, that's what I was about to say. His genius has not gotten his name Hezarfen for no reason. Murad says since you are so confident, try it - let us see if you can fly like a bird. Hezarfen thanks him :D Silahdar tells Murad that before Farya he suggests they visit Yahya Efendi who wanted to speak to Murad, might be important. 

    Ibo says to Kosem no mother why would I say it? Who would I say it to? Kosem says but it was one of you who must have said it. Otherwise who would kidnap her? You might have spoken unwittingly? Kasim says what will happen now mother? Kosem says do not worry, I will find her. I will burn myself if I have to, rather than see you in the fire. Kosem tells Haci to tell Halil pasha to bring Elanor to her before morning.

    Beyazid is nervous. Gulby says my brave son. You did what was right, do not blame yourself. He says mother you promised, you will not expose the matter, no harm will come to my brother Kasim. Gulby says Kosem sultan - in order to save her son will do everything and anything willingly. Beyazid says and if she doesn't? Gulby says she will..

    Margaret tells Farya that it is late, she should wait in her room and she'll let her know when Murad arrives. Farya responds - he won't be coming. The first night and he left me alone. I know, it will always be like this. I will wait for him every day and night of mine. Margaret says he might have had a reason! Farya says what reason? What? He could have sent someone to inform me. Get out. Get out! All of you get out! 

    Ayse's servant tells her that Murad has not returned to the palace. Ayse says for sure he is with that woman! Who knows what they are doing! I wish there was someone there so we could know what's going on there. The servant says Kosem wouldn't just leave it, she chose the servants there herself. Ayse says but they won't tell us anything! We need to have our own spy in that palace. It is important for me to know what that woman does, when our Majesty goes and returns. I want to know everything. The servant says I will check, I am sure there is someone who you can trust to be our eyes and ears there. 

    Murad visit Yahya Efendi and says I didn't want to waste time, I know you wouldn't send word unless it was important. Yahya says the old Beylerbey of Anatolia Ilyas visited me. As you know he is my old student. I asked what he wanted, he didn't answer. He asked me for help to be able to see you. Because I smelled something fishy, I wanted to speak to you. Murad asks what that bad smell is (what has Yahya suspicious). Yahya says there were stories before of the pasha working with the Persians. Silahdar says true, but it wasn't proven. Yahya says for him to show up on the same day as the Persian Ambassadors, is that a coincidence? There is something strange about all this. Murad says tell him to come see me tomorrow let us find out what his problem is. 

    Kosem meets Halil who says there is no trace of Elanor. Kosem says how can that be. Kemankes arrives and asks what is going on, hopefully not trouble? She says nope - and is about to go away but decides to turn to him. Kemankes - he says Order me my Sultana. 

    Murad sees the the mess Farya made and Margaret says forgive us, she waited all night long when you didn't arrive - He asks where she is now, she says in her room sleeping. 

    He says you wont stop pointing a dagger at me will you? :D 

    Kemankes says how can our prince have gotten involved in such a thing? Kosem says what happened has passed now, what befalls us is to cover up and handle this matter. We must think of our Majesty - if he hears what will happen. Do we want two brothers to stand against each other? Kemankes says no of course not, I do not want that, but going behind our Majesty's back...is there someone you doubt? Someone who could use this woman against you - Kosem thinks and realizes. Gulbahar. She has kidnapped her! She was the one behind the assassination attempt too! I am certain! 

    Farya says I waited all night for you. He says my work took long. She says will it always be like this. You will say you will come and I will just wait here alone, watching and waiting for you? He says Farya - look into my eyes Farya. Do not forget who you speak to. She says you remind me all the time, it is impossible for me to forget! He is going to go but she looks back so he returns. 

    In the morning he says every time you get angry at me will you destroy everything. She says I am like this, if you say you will do something and then not, then of course I will ruin the place. He says true, everyone has their nature (or habit) and you don't forget my nature either. Atike arrives. Murad says I wanted her to visit you often, you can talk and pass some time together. Farya tells her to take a seat. Atike says you are happy! It seems like last night was nice!
    Ayse wants to see Murad but Silahdar tells Ayse that Murad has not returned. Ayse says what does that mean? It is morning or is he still with that woman? Silahdar says you are the real one (the permanent one) she is simply a passing breeze, it comes and goes. 

    Kemankes grabs Zeynel and says where is Elanor where did you hide her? Keman says: Zeynel says I do not know! Anyway I know how to make you talk! 

    Ibo confronts Beyazid. Beyazid says what's wrong? Ibo says I had told you about a woman - the one who had a relationship with Kasim - she has been kidnapped! Bey says how? who did it? Ibo says I do not know my mother came and asked if anyone else knows - you came to mind, but I stayed quiet. I didn't say (your name). You didn't tell anyone brother right? You didn't tell anyone right? Beyazid says I didn't tell anyone. Ibo says I know. I just doubted...I wanted to be certain. Beyazid says God willing the matter is dealt with and nothing happens to Kasim. 

    Farya tells Atike if I hadn't thrown everything all over the place it would have been much better! Atike says I wanted to see my brother's face in that situation! Farya says we always talk of me, tell me about yourself. Atike says what would you like to know? Farya says I think there is someone in your heart. Atike says no there isn't. She says yes there is! Farya says Silahdar? Atike says how did you know?! Farya says I saw how he looked at you! And what about him? Does he have the same feelings. She nods. Farya says why do you hide this?You are a Sultana, so why do you hide it? Atike says it is not like that, if they know we have any kind of relationship it - it is bad. Because we Sultanas do not get to choose who we have in our hearts, but whoever our mothers choose. Farya says but you are not from them, you are different. I heard from Sultan Murad's mouth himself. He said you were very brave. That you are different from the others. 

    Gev's servant says be rest assured my Sultana, no one saw and no one will know. Gev says I do not know if what I do is right or wrong. To this day I have never done anything except what my mother wanted. I never got involved in these kinds of matters. If God forbid it gets to my mother's ears...

    Ev tells Hezarfen that that is the bow that the ambassador has brought. Abaza greets Silahdar says in my absence you have become our Majesty's companion. Silahdar says our Majesty's recognition - when will you return? Abaza says I do not know, maybe not, why do you ask? Silahdar says you know I am Bosnian too, my father still lives there. Maybe you know him  -  Bezirgenzade Sinan Efendi. Abaza says Bezirgenzade is your father then? I know him - I know him well but he never spoke of you to me. Silahdar says I haven't seen him for years, we are distant. 

    Murad arrives. Men try to string the bow with great difficulty. haha Murad says Evliya and Hezarfen you will try too right? Evliya asks permission to try first. He tries and then his back is stuck and he says it's stuck, it's stuck! Hezarfen helps him. Ev says forgive me your Majesty,  because of my books if it wasn't for my books...

    Kemankes tells Kosem over here my Sultana. She says there is no one here. Kemankes says are you playing with us man? You said the woman was here! Gulbahar says I was waiting for you my sultana. Kosem says where is the woman. Gulbahar says she is not here, but don't worry, she is in a safe place. I will deliver her to you safe and sound, if of course you agree to my  proposal. Kosem says what is that? Gulby says you will arrange for me to stay in the palace, otherwise Sultana Murad will find everything out. 

    Murad tells Ilyas pasha to try it, and he cannot do it. Murad looks at Silahdar who tries and fails. Abaza gets a turn says to Silahdar so the palace didn't do much for you - but he fails as well. Silahdar says to him and Bosnia didn't do much for you. 

    Murad asks Yahya all that is left is me and you. Yahya says oh mercy your Majesty (hahahaha) Murad says fine I guess I should try this Persian bow. He does it!!! Murad says whoever is able to set up this bow I will accept them in my presence. He then tells Ilyas pasha he wishes to speak with him.

     Kosem says to Gulby - are you itching to die?! How dare you propose such a thing to me! Gulby says you left me no choice. All I wanted was to stay by my son's side. I have no bad intention. Kosem says you come before me and dare to try to bargain with me?! WHO ARE YOU TO threaten me with my son?! Gulby says you do this to me for years! But look I am not so cruel as you - in order to save your son, I am giving you an opportunity. Kosem says you will bring that woman here, otherwise you can't leave here alive! Gulby says then you will bid farewell to your son in that case! If I do not return to the palace safely, they will hand over the girl ( to Murad). Kosem says and then what? You think will be saved? I will strangle you with my own hands! Gulby says you strangled me with your hands anyway! She says to Kosem that the day she separated her from her son, Gulby has been dead, for years in a grave, a grave Kosem dug. She says you have until tomorrow morning. Either you will arrange for our Hunkar to keep me here, or I will personally send the woman to him. 

    Kemankes says to Kosem he thinks its a good idea to tell Murad everything. Kosem says not at all, I cannot throw Kasim into danger. Keman says will you accept her offer?

    Ilyas says to Murad that Anatolia is happy with his taking the reigns of the Sultanate. Murad says it is important to me how my subjects feel but that is not why you are here...Ilyas says he was removed from his position but says the time has changed and if you can once again give me my old job as Anatolia bey, your servant Ilyas will be so happy. Murad says I have a Beylerbey of Anatolia (Kucuk Ahmet Pasha (haha Small Ahmet Pasha)). Is there some complaint against him? Ilyas says but I had that position for years, I know Anatolia very well. I think it is more beneficial to the state with my experience. Murad asks if he came all this way to ask for a position. Ilyas says my request is to serve you. Murad says fine, you will go. But how I want. 

    Outside Sinan tells Ilyas to meet him at Hagia Sophia. 

    Ayse's servant says are you sure it is right to be here? What if our majesty finds out?  Ayse says it is time to show this girl her place. And don't forget what I said. Farya greets her. Ayse says so you will live here. So did our Majesty see this fit for you? Farya says so you won't leave me alone here either? Why have you come? If you wish to see our Murad, he has left. Ayse says our Majesty will come once or twice and then what? The desire will pass...he will get bored of you. As time passes, he will start coming less and less until one day he will forget you. As you know, the one who is far from the eyes is far from the heart as well. 

    Ayse tells a servant that Ayse wants her to be their eyes and ears in this palace and that she will report what happens to them. The servant says her wish is my command. The servant says don't disappoint. 

    Farya says is this how you make yourself feel better. You will wait for our Majesty to tire of me, okay wait. We have lots of time, we shall see. Ayse says many women came and left, I am permanent for him. your breeze - if not today - will end. Farya says and? Is that why you came here? Ayse says you think you are something because you have a special palace to yourself. But you are blind! I will tell you the reality of the matter - our Majesty locked you up here. You are his kept woman. This is what would happen anyway. Farya says GET OUT OF HERE. GET OUT! 

    Margaret tells Faryato calm down, she says how can I be calm!? Didn't you hear what she said? Margaret says that is what she wanted, to make you angry and ruin things between you and Sultan Murad. And what importance is it what she says? The important thing is what Sultan Murad says!

    Deli Huseyin (Crazy Huseyin) is reading the writing above the bow that says whoever can string it, will be accepted into my presence. Ev tries to discourage him saying look at me, I was able to put some ointment on my back and its a little better now. Not just me - whoever tried it didn't work. Except our Majesty! And that on the first try! Ev says NO way you can't! But Crazy Huseyin does it. Evliya says they did not say you are crazy - you have a crazy strength. Murad sees and asks if he strung the bow. Evliya says I am witness, he strung it on the first try. Maybe the changed the bow? 

    Murad says I only believe what I see. Unstring it let me see your strength. Murad says say your statement "in the Name of God" and do it! Huseyin says it and strings the bow and brings it before Murad. Murad says from now on you are my head stable hand Huseyin. You will not move from my side. And as mark of your strength, this bow is yours. Evliya congratulates him

    Sinan has brought Ilyas to Cornelius who thanks him for accepting his invitation and coming to Istanbul. Corny says did Sultan Murad grant you the position you asked for? Ilyas says if he doesn't give it to me, I will take it - I have the Persian Shah on side, and the European kings and the Pope too, on the other. The Persian ambassador says the Shah has agreed to the alliance - he is willing to help in every way. Sinan says that Sultan Murad wants to bring back the era of conquests - if not today, tomorrow he will set out for war. Corny says and we need to attack from all sides! He tells Ilyas to go to Anatolia to ignite a rebellion that no one can stop.

    Gevherhan asks where Atike is, and the servant says she left. Gulbahar asks where she could be this time of night. 

    Atike goes to see Silahdar - who says if you have come to see our Majesty I can let him know. She says did you speak to the grand vizier to ask for my hand on your behalf? He says I did not, because I cannot be a suitor for you. I beg, please close this matter. Before anyone is hurt. SHe asks why he is saying this like this and what changed. She says you weren't looking into my eyes the other day this way. He says I explained to you from the start that this is impossible - but you saw it the way you wanted to see it. She says the way I understand and hear it, I know very well! Something happened and you turned your face away from me! He says what could have happened? She says I don't know you will tell me. If you say it is not the time, or you are afraid fine I understand. But do not tell me you do not feel anything for me. Do not lie. I will not accept. I will speak to my Majesty. I will tell him I want to marry. Let what will happen come upon us! If we are to die, let us die together! He says don't my sultana. SHe says my brother won't go against this, he will allow us to wed, everything will be wonderful, I believe it. He says my Sultana I do not want to marry you. She says what did you say?! He says I cannot marry you - because there is someone else in my heart. 

    Murad sees Atike who says I was coming to see you but you weren't here. 

    Atike goes to her sister. Gev what is wrong? What happened? Come? Why are you crying my sister? Atike says "how could he do this to me? I was willing to take everyone and everything against me...I was willing to go to my death - while I was dreaming of marrying him, he loved someone else." Gevherhan says who is this secret love of yours? Atike says Silahdar, all this time he tricked me..he had someone else in his heart. 

    Gulby is chilling in the bath - Haci tells the guy to put more and more wood for the hamam. 

    Gulbahar asks the girl to go check and tell them it's too hot. The doors are locked. They have locked the doors my Sultana. 

    Farya says I cannot accept this insult. I will speak with Sultan Murad. Get the horses ready. Maregaret tells her not to act rashly if she says something in anger, everything could go badly - your relationship is newly better, if you make another mistake you may lose him. 

    Ayse tells her servant you should have seen her face - she didn't say a single word. Her servant says she will find an opportunity to attack you. Ayse says these are still her good days, I have more things yet to do to her...I will not leave my Murad to that woman! 

    Farya says I told him I wont be like the other women in the harem. Margy says you aren't anyway - his heart belongs to you. Farya says he will prove that to me. Everyone will know this. No one will ever speak to me like this again. She says you are scaring me, what is going through your mind? Farya says Sultan Murad, if he wants me with him, he will marry me! Murad and his hair is looking right at them :D

    Gulbahar says open the door, help, is anyone there. Help!  

    THE END.

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