• Trailer 1 Episode 4 (34) Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

    Murad: You

    Murad: While everyone was saying what is true, I trusted you, I believed you and brought you into my palace!

    Kosem: The Princess came here as a murdered, she should die as a traitor

    Farya: mumbling...I am a princess

    Farya: I failed - forgive me

    Farya: Sometimes, people will do things that they don't want to do for those that they love...even if there is death at the end of it, they do it willingly


    1. When will you upload the translation of bolum 33?

    2. Shenain Malik, we aren't paying for this, simply enjoying the translations - which take a while (imagine typing out practically every scene). The fact that we have this gift at any time is amazing!

      1. I know it is difficult to do this task and we are grateful about your great job and this website but I was just simply asking :)