• Episode 4 (34) of Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem: Murad IV

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    Murad shouts for the aghas to bring Silahdar to him at once and says you are my closest, the head of my chambers, with my eyes closed I trust you! Silahdar doesn't know what's going on and Murad says what is this pig's head doing in my room?! Who could have put it here and moreover, how could YOU allow this?! Siladar says he will bring whoever did this before Murad and Kosem says you will do well to do that, or else everyone's heads will roll - starting with yours! Murad sees Farya running and says there! Catch him!

    Farya is shot at.


    Huseyin agha shouts Catch him! Catch him! Run there! He can't get away! Where? Where?!

    Murad asks where the guy went, and is told that they couldn't catch him, but that Huseyin agha shot him and he is wounded so can't get far. Silahdar says that he is somewhere here can't get through the walls and Murad says if someone isn't helping them! 

    Huseyin says that his men are after him but couldn't catch up - that the perpetrator is near the Pearl mansion. Murad says couldn't have got to the princess right? Huseyin says I don't think so, there are guards...Murad says they got into my chamber!!!! I will go look in the pearl mansion, you guys continue searching around here.

    Farya asks Margaret to hurry get her night clothes. 

    Margaret notices her wound. Says she was so scared she would be caught and prayed for her. Farya says I am here now, but I do not know how I will look at Murad after this...

    Margaret says you had no other choice Princess.

    Murad asks the guards why they left the princess alone. They say when they heard the rifle shot they worried and went to see, but Farya is in her room. 

    Murad enters and she says I woke because of the gun shot sound. Murad says nothing to fear. She says I was afraid for you.

    Kosem meanwhile angrily mumbles that this is what happens when he doesn't listen...he distanced himself from her and his enemies are getting closer to him and that they got into his room. She tells Haci that sleep is forbidden until they find the traitor who did this. She shouts to Meleki for some ointment.

    Murad tells Farya that they will find the perpetrator and that he will rip out their heart with his own hands. Farya says I hope you find them. He notices she looks unwell says you sleep, God give you rest. 

    Margaret says thank God we are saved and you are fine. Farya says and how will I be rid of the torture from my conscience? Sultan Murad took me into his palace and protected me and what did I do in return? I betrayed him.Murad enters.YOU  ARE THAT TRAITOR! *Slap* How could you do that? How?! Margaret pleads saying that Farya isn't at fault and that "they" threatened her. 

    Murad shouts while everyone was saying the opposite - I trusted you, I believed you and took me into my palace! But you - you have betrayed me! Throw her in the dungeons!

    Kosem asks Murad what the situation is, and if they found out how the perpetrator entered. Murad says it was Farya - the one who thrust a dagger into my back was Farya.

    Silahdar says throw them inside then tells Farya until your fate is decided you will stay here. Farya begs to be taken to Murad, Silahdar says shut up, after this you will not even see our Master's face. She says please, I will explain everything. He says you will explain of course. You will say it from the very beginning. You will explain how it all happened. Farya says let go of me, a princess is before you -  I am a princess. He replies your time of being princess is over.

    Hezarfen asks Evliya why they are in these outfits and who will know them in this time. Ev says I don't know about you, but I am someone who is recognized, when you say my name in the four corners of the Capitol, the water stops flowing. Let's start here. Hez says what are you going to do with the sweet shop, we're not here to eat...Ev says I won't eat, I will ask. Come. Greetings Confectioner, give us some akide sarma (type of dessert). The confectioner asks what they do for a living. Hezarfen says he is a textile merchant and this is my man servant. Evliya doesn't like this but says erm yes, I am. Hezarfen starts complementing Murad.  Evliya says bah! that's just talk...Kosem sultan is the one who really rules the state. A man says shame! Who are you to speak about our Padishah this way? We do not like the ones who speak about our Padishah this way! Ev says sir, we do not like it either. But your Padishah is not a padishah - he is still a child. The men says he is not a child anymore, he is grown now, he has taken the reigns in his own hands now. and that he overcomes the oppressors. Ev says your Sultan if he continues like this, let me tell you he will not be on the throne soon. The men are angry and chase them. Hez says see what you have done?! Ev says but don't you see they love Sultan Murad! Then he tells the men to stop and says GOOD FOR YOU GUYS and then keeps running. haha

    Farya says Silahdar? I thought I was going to be brought before Sultan Murad. I would like to be allowed in his presence. Silahdar says you will not see our Hunkar - no way.

    Ayse meanwhile says I knew it - I knew she was a traitor. I warned everyone but no one listened to me. Instead I was accused. Gev says I hope our Hunkar takes her head the way he takes the heads of all the traitors. Kosem says there is no forgiveness for this. They took her with great difficulty from my son's hands. Now they are interrogating her. In the end she will be executed. Atike says I am shocked - she didn't seem like that at all. They should look into it well. Maybe she is innocent. Ayse says what innocence? She betrayed outright. Our Majesty should have taken her life right there. Atike says if you look at it like that, well you also betrayed our Majesty - but you're still with us. Kosem says Atike! Are you comparing a mother of a prince and her (Farya) as one? You all should not interfere in this matters. My lion will do what is necessary thank God.

    Silahdar tells Farya that it is obvious she has tricked them, and everything she said from the start was a lie - they have sent her specifically as a spy. Farya says no, I do not accept that. I am not a spy and I never lied to Sultan Murad. Silah says in that case, how do you explain what you did? Farya says I will say - but, I want you to recount everything exactly as I tell it, to Sultan Murad. Otherwise I won't speak. Silahdar says speak, our Hunkar will know and hear everything don't worry. She says I was in the garden. A woman came to me - a fabric peddler who always comes into the palace - she told me that my uncle caught my mother and threatened me- if I didn't do as they asked, they would kill my mother. First, I didn't believe it - it was impossible because no one knew where she was - except for Sultan Murad who I told. Maybe that is why she was caught, I am not sure. Murad meanwhile recalls telling Sinan to write to the Pasha in Bosnia about Farya. Farya continues, believing or not is in your hands, but this is the truth. They threatened me. I had to do it to save my mother!  Silahdar says how do you know they were telling the truth? How do you know they weren't trying to trick you? Farya says that woman - the peddler gave me a brooch, a family heirloom that she always had on her. It's in my room you can check if you want. Silahdar says let us say this is true - if they had wanted you to take our Hunkar's life then what would you do? Farya says never! I would never do that. Rather than kill Sultan Murad, I would rather die with my own dignity! Silahdar says you have disregarded the faith  put in you by - and betrayed  - a Padishah who has brought you to his palace and protected you. And you come before me and speak of dignity/honour? Is that right?! 

    Silahdar shouts for aghas. Farya says, Silahdar I know my punishment is death. You will execute me. But please, let me see Sultan Murad one last time. Silahdar says it is too late to beg forgiveness. She says I do expect him to pardon me...I know I don't have the right to even ask for that, but, I have something to say to him, something for him to...know. Silahdar says yes, tell me. I will tell our Hunkar. Farya says no, he must hear it from me. Silahdar calls for the aghas. Farya says I will go (no need to force me).

    Silahdar tells Murad that Farya could be telling the truth but he will investigate the matter personally - especially this peddler lady. He adds, if you wish to accept seeing her - Murad says no need. I want you to call Sinan pasha.

    Sinan tells Cornelius that Farya had to do as they asked. Corny says so I hope Sultan Murad understands this otherwise trouble will continue to befall us. Sinan says our warning served both purposes - Princess Farya will be executed as well. Corny is happy and asks if there is news from the sipahi aghas (the ones that got away from the pub where Murad and his men killed the rest) and Sinan says they are being searched for, but they've disappeared from fear of Sultan Murad. Corny says I hope they don't do things on their own again - because of their stupidity many of our men died. Sinan says I will gather everyone under one roof, don't worry.

    Margaret is happy to see Farya who asks how she is. Margy says I was so afraid you wouldn't return. Farya says what difference does it make? Today or tomorrow - they are going to execute me.

    Silahdar tells Haci that Farya spoke of a peddler woman and asks who she is? That according to the gate keepers, her name is Parika/Paika?. Haci says I know her, she has come and gone from the harem many years, Never saw a mistake from her all this time. Is the princess lying? Silahdar says just tell me where I can find this woman. Haci says I can ask Esther hatun she might know. Silahdar says no need I will ask her.

    Kemankes says I was looking for you (to Sinan), you left the palace. Sinan wonders why and Kemankes says Silahdar sent word that Murad has called for him. Sinan says then wait a moment, let me get my book perhaps he needs me to write a letter.

    Kosem says to Murad Princess Farya came as a murderer and should be executed as traitor. Murad says he wishes to think about this matter. K says what to think about? Her situation is apparent. And she didn't deny it, what is necessary should be done. Murad says mother, don't say whatever and expect an answer immediately like you always do - this is your Sultan's decision. There is some strangeness in the  situation that I found it fitting to do this. Kosem says the real strangeness is that a Padishah should be overcome by his feelings. When you give your decree make sure you don't let that get out of your mind.

    Silahdar says to Atike I know you wanted to meet but I don't have much time. Atike says she knows what happened, she wants to see Farya but was prohibited - and if Silahdar could help - he says impossible. She says she has also fooled me - she was with me since she came here. Maybe there are things she kept hidden from you. Silahdar says I will send the aghas at an appropriate time you can go (see her).  Silahdar what is this hurry - if you stay for a while longer she says softly. He says I wanted to stay, but as I said I am investigating the matter I must go. She says fine, when you return we will speak. I will wait for you at night because I have things to say to you.

    Kosem is announced in the harem, she says to Haci that Murad wants to think - obviously because the woman (farya) has cast her spell on him (i.e. he's smitten with her), if he forgives her, I would not be surprised at all. Haci tells her about Silahdar calling him asking about the peddler woman and that he told him about Esther being able to help. Kosem says what is the matter?

    Murad says to Sinan that he had asked him to write to Abbas Mehmet Pasha of Bosnia about Farya's mother. Sinan says the letter has long been sent, the answer should be arriving soon. Kemankes says are you sure it arrived? Could it have not fallen into other hands? Sinan says as always I sent it in the most safeguarded way. Murad says in that case, how did Istvan the scoundrel find her? Sinan says forgive me, I do not know maybe someone on the way got their hands on it, or maybe it happened in Bosnia. Murad says or you said something. As you know there are traitors in my palace. Sinan says he swears by God's name he would never. It is impossible he has been serving for years, he has written the most secret decrees for years. He says if you doubt me at all, my neck is bowed before you. Murad sends him away.

    Kemankes to Murad - Your Majesty, Sinan pasha has been in the Divan for all this time, he was loyal to you in the days of rebellion, he hasn't made even a small mistake, in other words I do not think he's going to betray.

    Kasim asks Elanor what her name is and he says your name is beautiful like your face. Kosem arrives and says what is the matter, you have been visiting quite a lot. He says he was worried about last night - that he had told her that Gulbahar was coming .Kosem  says she completely forget about that, with all the other troubles all that was missing was Gulbahar. Kasim says mother I know it's none of my business, but - my brother has taken decision to go on campaign. If God forbid they use his absence as an opportunity - you know the traitors shout Beyazid's name. Kosem tells him to return to his room and stay away from these matters.

    Gevherhan tells Beyazid Kasim has said your mother will return. He replies with God's permission she will return, why did you ask, is there a problem? She says I understand your feelings, in the end she is your mother, you miss her for years, but when I think of her treacherous actions in the past, I fall into suspicion. Beyazid says you cannot decide who is a traitor and who is not. Oh yes - you were married to a traitor until the other day - you didn't even think to doubt him. Ibrahim says to Gev why are you pushing him this much? Who is this Gulbahar sultan? What did she do in the past that everyone hates her so much?

    Gulbahar asks Zeynel agha, how much longer is left (to arrive to the palace). The agha says not much but it's going to be nightfall soon so they need to stop. Gulbahar says her patience is running out she wants to see her son at once. Zeynel says I know it's been eight years and eleven months since you've been apart from him - don't worry we will set out by mid-morning.

     Sinan is chilling outside and he is speaking to Cornelius, he says sir, Princess Farya is imprisoned and they are interrogating her, because I knew her mother's whereabouts they are suspicious of me. Cornelius asks if SInan is sure he wasn't followed. Sinan - I am certain. But it will be of benefit for us if we do not meet for a while. Corny says be careful...when Sultan Murad sets out for war - we will immediately take action. I found the runaway sipahi aghas. You will keep them informed of this matter too. Sinan asks where they are and Corny leaves a note for him.

    Murad speaks to Yahya Efendi, his mentor and says that people wound where you least suspect and that it's already hard to trust people - but how can one live without trusting anyone at all. Yahya asks who has him grieving so much like this - Farya? Murad says I wanted her place to be in my heart, but she chose the dungeons instead. I opened my doors to her, and she betrayed me. Yahya Efendi says there was someone once a man named Semsun (Samson) who couldn't be defeated by his enemies no matter how hard they tried and what they did. They said, he is a man too,  there must be some weakness he has. And to find his weakness they sent a beautiful woman to him. The woman made him fall in love with her and expose his secret. His power was his long hair. One night while Semsun was asleep, that beautiful woman cut off his hair. In this way, by the betrayal of that woman he loved so much - Semsun was caught by his enemies. What I mean is, a man must save himself from that which/whom he loves the most.

    Atike to Farya how unfortunate - what condition you have thrown yourself into. I trusted and believed in you. I even stood with you against my own mother. Just like my brother. Now you have made those who didn't want you here turn out to be right. Farya says a person sometimes has to do things they don't want to for those they love. If the outcome is death for them, they will go willingly. This is my situation. Atike says I thought you loved me brother - that is what I thought, I was wrong. You have not loved him at all. Farya says I wish it were as you say - that I hadn't loved him then maybe I would feel less pain. But now, such a fire is burning me inside, it is worse than death. I did not know my Sultana...I did not know my heart would become fire and burn me.

    Esther and Silahdar greet each other. He says I am disturbing at night, but it is important. She says you're not disturbing, I  hope it's not a bad issue. He says it's about a peddler lady from the Capitol, Haci says you can find her. She says I will do what I can, but what is the matter, what has she done? Silahdar says she is a spy. Esther tells Isaac Efendi to go asking around about Paika. Silahdar tells Esther to inform him when she finds anything. She says I will but since you've come all this way, can I serve you anything?

    Gevherhan asks Atike where she comes from. Atike says it's nothing. Gev says you are up to something - you were in the garden I saw you with Silahdar. Atike says what's in that? I was talking to Silahdar about what's in store for Farya. Gevherhan says what is it to you what happens to the princess? Didn't my mother say you wouldn't interfere in these matters, if you would only listen once. Atike says maybe if for once you didn't listen to her, you might end your mourning.

    Sinan goes to the runaway sipahis. One of them tells the Blonde to leave Sinan alone and then welcomes him. Sinan says he is after him for days and he has put not only himself in danger but everyone, and how dare he do things without asking permission. The Sipahi says well we thought we'd make an agreement with Kosem sultan and we thought she would listen. Sinan says there is no agreement! That chapter is over. We are going to handle this matter from it's root.

    Meanwhile Esther says that from that day she couldn't fall asleep, from fear that the men will attack her house again and kill her. Silahdar says that Kosem has taken preventions. Esther says yes true, but a person wants someone they can rely on by their side. Someone like you - strong and powerful. Silahdar says you are a beautiful woman Esther, there will come a dashing brave young man to protect you of course.  She replies, is there any dashing brave man other than you? Is there anyone who hasn't heard of your name? He says those days are in the past, I don't have much time now. She says all you need to do is want it. Love always finds time.

    Lalezar tells Kosem that the cook prepared her favorite Serbet (a nonalcoholic beverage made with spices/fruit, flowers etc.) Meleki adds that Gulbahar will be here tomorrow and that her room is ready. Lalezar adds that her room is not close to Beyazid's or Kosem's either. Kosem says on the contrary - I want her near me - she won't come with an empty head (i.e. without tricks). She adds, all of you will have your eyes and ears open and on her, the real snake has returned to our bosom.

    Gulbahar's servant enters the room where Gulbahar is, expecting her to be asleep but she is awake...the girl says forgive me, I thought you were sleeping, I went to see if there was some medicine, my head hurts. Gulbahar says I have not come to the palace for pleasure, I am going to war. There is death now, no return. for this reason - I need trusted ones by my side who do not lie to me. And you are not one of those. (super creepy!)

    Atike asks if Silahdar is back and she is told he has not returned yet. Murad asks her what she is doing here. She says I was waiting for you - it's about Farya. I do not know what you will decide, but before making your decision, there is something I think you should know.Atike says I went to her. I wanted to put her in her place for betraying us. But she said such things that - I believe she had no choice. Murad says her words have no validity anymore. Atike says and her love has none either? I had known from the beginning - but this time I saw it in her eyes. Your majesty, I see the same in your eyes. I do not ask you to forgive her, she has committed a great crime, but - Murad tells her to return to her room and not interfere in matters that don't involve her again.

    Silhadar says he needs to go back to the palace. Esther says true, you cannot leave our Majesty alone. But my door is always open to you. Esther is told that he has found out where the peddler Paika is.

    In the morning, Kemankes says to Silahdar that Esther is very competent, she found the peddler's whereabouts in a single night and asks how she found out. Silahdar says she is alongside Kosem sultan for years, she has informants all over the Capitol. They find Paika but she is dead. Kemankes says it was obvious this would be the case, they wouldn't let her live.

    Beyazid greets his mother, and they embrace she says is it really you? He says yes, it is me. Kosem watches from above. She says to Meleki - the unlucky one has come. Meleki says years have passed, I do not think she will dare go against you again. Kosem says what do you think? Do you think this return of hers is a coincidence? She is ill - HAH! Just as I my regency has ended (she comes here). Gulbahar says my son, you are a young man! God protect you! How you have grown! He says I was very sad when hearing about your illness. I hope it is not serious? You didn't say what it was. How are you? She says she has seen him and if she dies, she will die happy.

    Murad asks Kemankes and Silahdar if they have brought the peddler woman. Kemankes says that they found her dead in the place she was hiding that the people killed her after using her. Murad says that Mehmet Pasha (from Bosnia) had gone to the hideout to get Farya's mother, but Istvan has her. Kemankes says so Sinan sent the letter securely and that maybe Istvan himself found her. Murad says it is still good to be careful. From now on, no one will know of my secret orders except you two. Silahdar says that Farya's words turned out to be true - that it is obvious she is not a spy and that they forced her hand by using her mother.

    Margaret yells out for Farya, when she doesn't answer calls for the aghas. Farya answers I am here! She says your silence is worrying me. How is your wound? Farya says it is not bad enough to kill me. It doesn't hurt as much anymore. I am really tired, I will sleep for a bit. Margaret says okay I will not call for you, you rest.

    Gulbahar is with Beyazid, she says my dear son, look - (she hands him a lock of his hair -  I carried this with me wherever I went. He says I had no keepsake from you - I consoled myself with your letters. Gulbahar says I smelled your lock of hair first thing every morning. I thought about how much you must have grown. I waited to be able to see your face. But I did not even imagine this much myself. You have become like a lion. He says those days are passed now, you are here now, we are reunited. Thanks to his Majesty my brother who allowed it. The best doctors will look over you, you will recover. Lalezar enters and says that Kosem will accept to see her. Gulbahar says she is going. Beyazid says let me come along with you I don't want anything unpleasant happening. Gulbahar says no need, we (Gulbahar and Kosem) are old friends - we cannot be enemies.

    The two top viziers are together. The tall one asks the Grand vizier how they will convince Murad not to go to war personally. Grand vizier says after the recent incidents it is impossible. He will not change his mind under any circumstances. Kemankes + Silahdar exit the Divan and tell the viziers are told that Murad is waiting for them.

    Evliya is all excited when he greets Silahdar and Kemankes and says Sultan Murad has called the Divan again, meaning something important is up - in the spring we will go for the campaign! Kemankes tells him to be quiet as there are spies around everywhere. Evliya says speaking of spies, how is the situation with the  princess? Silahdar scolds him and says don't make me regret telling you about it. Then he asks Ev what is in his hands, he has brought all the books from the library haha. Evliya says new books have arrived, for example what he has, contain Ibn Battuta's letters from Tabriz and he's read them three four times as it can't hurt to reread things. Kemankes asks about Hearfen and Evliya says after yesterday's uproar Hezarfen has sworn not to hang out with me and he has locked himself up in the tower. I don't want to keep me from myself, so long! haha silly guy.

    Haci tells Kosem Gulbahar has come. Kosem says welcome and shows her to a seat - on the ground haha. Kosem says I heard you were unwell, but I see you are doing really great- the air in Amasya must have done it's trick. Gulbahar says that travel has tired her, she has trouble breathing even. She passes out so badly some nights. Kosem wishes her well. Gulbahar says when I heard you removed your hands from the regency, I must say I was pleased. All the burdens of the state were on you. Now you can retire and live out the end years of your life in peace. Kosem says if you believe your words, it means you do not know me at all. I do not need position or rank - even as a common gozde (Sultan's favourite) I protected the state. Moreover - do not forget that before you I stand as a Valide Sultan. Haci agha - escort Gulbahar to her room, she has come a long way, she should rest.

    Meanwhile, the grand vizier says your Majesty, of course you know the best, however, is it possible for you to think again about going for war? Murad says that the enemy is waiting to have at it, and he's already thought over it - and his decision to go remains. The second vizier says permit us to go, and bring Istvan the scoundrel's head to you. The grand vizier agrees saying that the Jerusalem Hospitallers are supporting Istvan, and it is obvious they want to set a trap for you. Murad says get ready - I am setting out for war in the spring.

    Men that are chilling in the street ask what Evliya is doing with all these books, as if it does him any good. Evliya asks for water and says you came ignorant and will go ignorant, God will ask you I gave you a intelligence and capability -  how did you use it? And what will you guys say? " you will say you sat in the coffeehouse and gossiped. Then you went to the  brothel and delved into pleasure with women and drank until drunk - then you died.  the end.

    Hezarfen observes a dove Evliya arrives and says Dear God! Have you brought these poor things here again, they're going to dirty everything! And then he tells him about Murad's decision to go to war and if it is up to him he will go too. Hezarfen says he will present/make a presentation (I'm guessing his idea to fly) to  Murad. Ev says hey wingless listen - our Sultan's very troubled these days, Farya has really upset Sultan Murad. Hey wingless - I want to ask something. You know about these matters of the heart. Do you think our Majesty is in love? Hezarfen replies you just figured it out now? You're so smart.

    Murad  asks his son Ahmet how he is, who says that Gevherhan's son Selim keeps hitting him, Selim says no he does. Murad says when you practice these things happen no complaining, then he asks how Gevherhan is, who says she is fine. Ayse says we are very sad about what happened. Even if it's late - at least everyone finally saw the Princess' real face. God forbid she could have made an attempt on your life. Murad ignores her, wants to help the kids with their sword play.

    Halil tells Kosem that their guest as arrived and is waiting for her. Kemankes says give my greetings to Yahya Efendi (i.e. he knows who he is). Kosem says it isn't a secret matter, if you want to, join us.Mehmet (son of the sipahi traitor Kosem had interrogated and killed) approached Kosem and greets her and she says I see you doing well and he replies thanks to you...when will my father return? Kemankes says you busy yourself with your studies Mehmet. Kosem feels faint and Kemankes catches her. They call for the aghas but she says no need, it passed.

    Silahdar says finally you smile my Sultana (to Gevherhan). She says she's sick of grieving, although happiness in this palace is only a dream. He says a person's face is like a mirror of what is on the inside, they should always show hope there so that it can help a person smile during the hardest of days.Ayse approaches Murad who continues to ignore her. She says do not turn your face from me please. I cannot bear your absence. I am hurting inside. Forgive me, I did everything for you. Because I love you more than anything. Murad ignores and orders the kalfa to take the children inside because it's gotten colder.Gevherhan tells Ayse to be patient, be thankful for her condition, because if anything at least she is still here.

    Gulbahar comes across Murad and says what a pleasant coincidence, I was looking for an opportunity to thank you. He says welcome, the doctors will personally take care of you. She says with your great heart you and accepted me into the palace, because of you I reunited with my son. May God protect you and keep your reign continuous.

    The Blonde asks Mehmet do you remember me, I am your father's friend. Mehmet says he recalls him. The Blonde says Kosem sultan has taken you under her wing, enrolled you in school, you stay in her soup kitchen/shelter. Mehmet says God be pleased with her. Until my father returns they are taking care of me. The Blonde says they tricked you they killed your father. Mehmet says no, he went for duty to Egypt. The Blonde says no, they tricked you, Kosem sultan had him killed and lied to you that he has gone to Egypt, they are cruel like this!

    Kosem says to Yahya Efendi my son gives great value to your advice. I do as well. He thanks her. She says as you know he has taken the decision to go out to war. We will take the enemies to account for certain - but, the conditions are not suitable, our Padishah must remain here. Yahya says my sultana, every ruler wishes to mark his own era. The only way to do this is through victorious campaigns. Kosem says in the future he can win many campaigns, what is the hurry? He replies, I understand your worry, but our ruler has more than what is necessary of the attributes and talents a Padishah must have. It is necessary not to forget the following - our Prophet, peace and blessings upon him, if what is entrusted  is not given to the one to the right person, then those people's day of reckoning is near. Kosem says I thought perhaps you can speak to my lion and convince him - but it looks like you agree with him.

    The Blonde takes Mehmet to the hideout. There, he is told to be seated. He is told that they will avenge his father, and that is what he wants too right? For revenge from Kosem for what she did to his father. Mehmet nods. He is told he must help them and Mehmet asks what must I do?

    Gulbahar says to Zeynel agha finally we are in the palace, we are one step closer to our target. Zeynel says thankfully, my Sultana. Gulbahar says it is time for the the little shoot we put into the soil once long ago to give it's fruit.

    Silahdar tells Murad that he sent a doctor to the dungeons because Farya's wound has worsened. Murad says they should do whatever is necessary. Silahdar says I can see that this matter has really made you sad. It is hard to make a decision when there's a shadow of feelings. Murad says I made my decision.

    Lalezar tells the doctor attending to Farya to hurry up, the woman says she has a fever. Lalezar says to Farya  this is how the palace is, you cannot trust in your being a princess or a Sultana - those who are not loyal to our Majesty find misfortune.

    Farya's mother asks Istvan why she has been brought. He says you know I don't like eating alone. Sit down! SIT DOWN!. You are mine, you won't just share my table, but also my bed. This is why you are still alive. She says she chooses death then. He says eat your food. She says my daughter Farya will get revenge from you. Do not forget these words of mine Istvan. Istvan says Farya is going to die soon - those barbarians will kill her soon.

    Atike enters Silahdar's room as he is aiming the gun and she jokes I should actually be the one to shoot you. He says may my life be sacrificed in your way. He says forgive me for not being able to come to meet you last night. She says you must certainly have a good explanation. He says state matters, it took longer than I thought. What were you going to speak about you had said it was important. She says I have fallen into such a fire - it is worse than death. I did know my heart would become fire and burn me - that is what she said. He says who said that? She says Farya said it. I guess that love is like this. It takes a person's heart and soul. Makes a person continue on even though you know it hurts. Have you ever felt this way? He says my duties are obvious - my duties as a loyal right hand man of the Sultan's. It is impossible for me to have such feelings. She says do not be so sure, a wind will blow and sweep you away.

    Murad looks at Farya asleep and she wakes up shouting his name but he is gone.

    In the harem, Zeynel agha tells someone that her sultana awaits in the baths. A girl opens a note and reads it, gets up with another girl to go off somewhere.

    Meanwhile, The cook is saying that Kosem will be dining with Murad. Haci asks who this is for (pointing to a dish) and he says it is for Kasim. One of the servants enters saying that Kosem has asked for something else, she doesn't want meat today. Haci asks why? The girl says she is dizzy, and doesn't want it to affect her. The cook gives Kasim's meal to the servant girl.

    The two girls lock the bath where Gulbahar is bathing, and it is obvious many of these girls are loyal to her. She says when I first met you, you were all children, but now how you have grown. They say thank you, all thanks to you - you saved us from the jaws of death and put us in the harem, giving us a life we never dreamed of. Gulbahar says the time to show your loyalty has come Filiz hatun. The big war starts now actually. We will take revenge for the oppression done to me and my son Beyazid. It is obvious we are going on a difficult path and dangerous.

    The servant girl brings Kasim some sweets. He says your name was Elanor right? She says How can it be? It is prohibited if someone sees...

    Kosem says to Murad, you sent doctors to the dungeons...obviously your heart doesn't feel like it (punishing Farya). He says is that why you called me. She says you are not aware of it but your decisions affect all of us. Especially when you go to war. He says when will you stop questioning my decisions? She says when I believe your decisions to be right. Don't get mad right away - as your mother it is my duty to warn you. If you do not have the patience for that, you can exile me. I will go and you won't see me again. He says exile? You are the crown on my head (I value you) but my only wish is for you to trust me. She says it's not about trust Murad, I am simply telling you my opinion with all my years of experience. It means you should believe me - go for war if you want, but see the danger you leave behind.

    Gulbahar meets Sinan who says welcome. She says my return is due in large part to you - thank you. He says hopefully the chapter in Amasya is closed. I will do whatever needed to make sure you stay in the Capitol. She says it makes me happy to see you by my son's side, hopefully you will stay there. He says do not doubt it, hopefully his path is open. She says it shouldn't be left up to wishes, what must be done should start happening (we must take action).

    Kosem tells Murad that he should take Beyazid with him because his remaining behind while Murad goes will be a great threat to the Sultanate. He says what you call a threat is my brother. I have no doubts about him. Kosem says I have no doubts about Beyazid - I raised him. he is like my own child. I have never treated him differently from you all. But his mother is different. Murad says oh that matter. She says do not be fooled by her innocent face. She is causes death while smiling.

    Elenor meanwhile asks Kasim what will happen now, because if someone finds out. He says they won't find out - no one will and that she will keep silent about it. He tells her to leave.

    Hezarfen practices his presentation in front of  Evliya - this puppet is me (pointing to the little puppet) then he says how he will use the appropriate winds to glide as the winds carry him. Evliya imitates Murad - I who am Sultan Murad Han, while my feet touch the ground - you ingrate- who the heck are you to fly? Now take his head! hahahaha - Then Evliya adds 'haha wingless, let me say this much, your little puppet looks just like you - the hair - don't get angry so quickly. I want to ask something - how will you get down after, oh let me answer that' - then he throws the dummy down and says "like this, on your head! hahahaha. 

    Huseyin (the wrestler looking guy) arrives to tell Ev and Hezy to get ready, Silahdar has sent word I have come to get you guys.

    Murad asks Beyazid how his mother is, that they finally reunited. Beyazid says that she is well and the doctors are looking after her. Murad says I am going tonight - hunting. As you know because of state matters I haven't been able to go. Beyazid says he wants to go as well. He says later of course, but your mother and you should spend time together. Then he says I do not know when I will return but until then the palace is entrusted to you - I do not want any incidents.

    Istvan is brought news about Murad - that he has announced war and will attack them. Istvan says that Murad is playing with his own life then, he says the armies are ready, the Pope will help as well as the Hapsburgs as well. The adviser says how can we trust them? They thrust us in the front but hide themselves. Istvan says do not worry. The adviser says is that enough. Istvan says why so scared, it isn't Sultan Suleyman who comes to us, it is Murad who is a Sultan who never left his palace. Victory will be ours!

    Silahdar tells Murad everything is ready. 
    Kemankes says I want to be with you too. Murad says this time you stay here, watch over my family. Silahdar says and your orders about Farya? Murad says do what is needed.

    Outside, Kemankes says may your fight be blessed, and you return victorious by God's Will. Hezarfen says er um, war? What? I thought, I mean I heard we were going hunting? Silahdar says yes, that's what everyone knows, but we are going to war. The Bosnian pasha will meet us with his army. We march to Erdel, to Istvan. Evliya says I told you there was something up with this matter!

    Haci tells Meleki that she must wake Kosem at once the matter is urgent she says tell me, it isn't time yet (to wake her).

    Meleki to Kosem, my Sultana forgive me but our Hunkar has left the palace. Kosem says where has he gone?

    Meanwhile outside, Beyazid tells his mother he said he was going hunting. Gulbahar says what sudden hunting trip is this? Sinan pasha did you know about this? He says I just heard now. But he has this kind of nature. Did he tell you where they were hunting my prince? Beyazid says no and asks why? SInan says just in case we need to reach him. Beyazid says he must have told his pashas. He tells his mother return to the harem it is cold. She says soon. Then she says this is not good at all SInan pasha, while our Sultan is not here, Kosem will send me away. Sinan says be rest assured, I will keep the promise I gave you. You will not be separated from your shehzade again.

    Kosem asks Kemankes why Murad suddenly went hunting. He says he wanted to go. She asks where? He says around Bursa. I thought you might want to know - an order was given with regards to Farya.

    Margaret cries out saying please she did nothing wrong! Kemankes goes with executioners to get Farya. She says what is going on? He says the time has come for punishment. Farya says so he has made the decision...to kill me. Tell him, tell Sultan Murad if he had a little bit of courage - he would have killed me with his own hands. Kemankes - walk woman! Farya says please let Margaret go she has no fault. Margaret begs. Farya says forgive me I wasn't successful.

    Ayse says to Kosem they have said Murad has left. Kosem says nothing to worry about he simply wanted to get out and take a break for a while. Atike asks when he will return. Kosem doesn't answer. Haci says I can tell the people you won't be there for the food distribution - she says no and that she will go.Ayse says God Willing he returns safely. 

    Sneaky Sinan sends someone to tell the sipahi aghas that today is Friday and as such Kosem will be distributing food to the public in her soup kitchen.

    Kosem arrives and is announced before the people who chant her name. Farya meanwhile is pulled off the horse she says I will get down myself, don't touch me. They bring her to her knees.

    Kosem tells Halil and Esther that according to Kemankes he has gone towards Bursa. We must take precautions, before making it obvious we must protect our Hunkar. Halil says we will do what is necessary but we should also take precautions here in the Capitol, his absence makes it dangerous.  Esther says God forbid. Gulbahar's return is not a good sign at all as well. Kemankes tells Mehmet to go to eat.

    Murad says to Farya, you wanted to see me?People thank Kosem, and pray for her as she dishes out food for them. She asks Mehmet why he isn't eating. She pours him some food and says come sit here.

    The guard tells the Blonde and his men they can't enter. They shoot and  fighting starts. Kosem tells Mehmet to stay with her, no one will harm him if he stays by her side.Kosem is stabbed!

    THE END.

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