• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 79.Bölüm - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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    Muhteşem Yüzyıl 79. Bölüm Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqUAJx-AYx8

    Sule: Süleyman
    Yah=Taşlıcalı Yahya
    Sum=Sümbül Ağa
    Nig=Nigar, etc. and so on.

    Ibrahim is in the building getting ambushed by assassins. He fights them. Hurrem and Sumbul are driving away in their carriage.
    Sumbul: "Sultanim?"
    Hurrem: "What happened, Sumbul?"
    Hurrem to Sumbul: "Are you scared?"
    Sumbul: "By God, I would be lying if I said I was not, sultanim. We shouldn't take Ibrahim lightly. For years he has served as the Vizier-i-azam, Serasker! - Additionally, I do not think he could have poisoned the Sultan."
    Hurrem: "Why?"
    Sumbul: "because I saw him that night, there was sadness in his eyes too."
    Hurrem: "Do not believe what you see. Traitors never show their real faces."
    Hurrem enters Hatice's house.
    Hatice: "Hurrem. To what do we owe this visit?"
    Hurrem: "Seeing you, has made me very happy."
    Hatice: "I have no need for games. Tell me why you came."
    Hurrem: "Is Ibrahim pasha here?"
    Hatice: "No - you came to see him, did you now?"
    Hurrem: "Yes. I wished to consult him with issues regarding my Vakf (charity)
    Sumbul visits Nigar:
    Nigar: "I hope all is well, my agha, what has brought you here?"
    Sumbul: "Yes, I had some work in the bazaar - and I said to myself, let me see how you are doing."
    Nigar: "You did good." "Come sit - what can I get for you?"
    Sumbul: "Just some water would be fine, I won't stay long anyway."
    Meanwhile in Hatice's palace:
    Hurrem: "As you know, we are about the enter the blessed month of Ramadan. I have given word to Afife to make arrangements. Also, during this blessed month, my Vakf will be busy in good works."
    Hatice: "Is this how you are going to wipe your sins, Hurrem?"
    Hurrem: "Your anger towards me is so great - that you don't see the true sinner."
    Hatice: "And who is that? Hm? If you are referring to Ibrahim, then -"
    Hurrem: "He is walking on a dark path, Sultanim. A darkness darker than the night."
    Hatice: "What are working at?"
    Hurrem: "There is such a terrible suspicion/doubt over the Pasha that - the doubt hangs like a dark cloud over the Palace."
    Hatice: "Know your words and talk, Hurrem! The matter of the poisoning of the Sultan - Ibrahim had nothing to do with that! He could never! Are you understanding me? The Sultan's Vizier-i-azam (Grand Vizier) for fourteen years, how could you say such a thing about him?"
    Hurrem: "And if it is, Sultanim? Knowing there is a doubt - how can you sleep in the same bed as him?"
    Meanwhile in Nigar's home:
    Sumbul: "So how are you with Rustem Agha?"
    Nigar: "We are continuing to live on - but of course, if that is what you call living.."
    Sumbul: "Yahu! you aren't in any problems or pain! Be thankful!"
    Nigar: "Being separated from my child, there is no worth in anything else, my Agha."
    Sumbul: "Look, look, look here - can skin ever come apart from the nail? one day you shall surely be re-united!"
    Nigar: "What do you mean?"
    Sumbul: "Nothing, just saying, we don't know what tomorrow has in store for us.."
    Nigar: "What is going on, my Agha? (she senses some awkwardness in him)
    Sumbul: "Nothing at all! When are you leaving for Teke?"
    Nigar: "Rustem Agha said two weeks...don't pay him any heed, he is purposely procrastinating (draggin his feet) about going...my agha? (she notices he looks weird)"
    Sumbul: "it is NOTHING!" (Rustem enters)- ahh Rustem agha! Welcome!"
    Rustem: "What is happening Sumbul?"
    Sumbul: "Just came to visit."
    Rustem: "Good. Hatun, please bring me a cup of water." (nigar leaves)
    Sumbul: "Rustem Agha, is there any news, we are so worried and waiting, please tell us something!"
    Rustem: "Not yet."
    Sumbul: "Oh Allah! Please save us Lord of the Worlds!"
    Matrakci worriedly goes looking in the building for Ibrahim:
    "You come with me - you go around to the back!" he yells until he finds him.
    Matrakci: "Aghas! Look around! You go back there! Come with me!"
    Matrakci:"My Pasha, come!"
    Ibrahim: "I am okay, I am alright."
    Matrakci: "who are they?"
    Ibrahim: "How did you find me?"
    Matrakci: "Hatice Sultan got worried, she found out you were here and sent me...who did this? who are these people (he looks at the dead assassins)?"
    Ibrahim: "I was called here."
    Matrakci: "By who? who called you here....or...no can it be?"
    Ibrahim nods.
    In Manisa:
    Yahya Taslicali: Your Valide has a point..you must be careful!"
    Mustafa: "Find out who that traitor is! - in my own Palace what is happening to me!"
    Yahya: "Forgive me, my Prince, first and foremost, we will capture that traitor."
    (mahidevran enters, remembering Yahya burning the letter)
    Mahidevran: "They said you had gone to the Divan?"
    Mustafa: "I am leaving now, did something happen?"
    Mahi: "No, I was just worried about you. Lala is waiting for you at the door."
    Mus: "I am fine, my Valide, don't worry" (leaves)
    Mahi to Yah: "You stay for a bit."
    Mahi to Yah: "Ibrahim Pasha sent you. His faith in you is unwavering. This is why we have placed our trust in you. "
    Yah: "Forgive me, Sultanim, if I have done anything to make you upset."
    Mah: "Why are you so nervous - what is that fear in your eyes?- I saw you the other night, Taslicali! You were burning a letter. Who was it from? Or was it from Hurrem Sultan!?"
    (Diana is followed by Gulezar - Fidan comes):
    Gul: "She was walking here and there, so I followed her, as you know, there is a traitor in the Palace!"
    Fidan to Diana: "What are you doing here?"
    Di: "I was going to Mahidevran Sultan's room."
    Fi: "Prohibited. You can not enter her room without me knowing!"
    Yahya to Mahi: "Sultanim, what are you accusing me of? I am a faithful, truthful servant of the Prince. I would never betray him."
    Mahi: "So then tell me, who is that letter from?"
    Yah: "I am ashamed to share it with you, my sultanim."
    Mahi: "And what is that? a matter of the heart? "(love?) No one burns a love letter! So now tell me the truth. Otherwise, I will tell the Prince that you are the traitor in the Palace - Aghas!"
    Yah: "Fine. If you really must know - the letter, it is a matter of love - but I had no other choice than to burnt it - because...the writer of it...was Mihrimah Sultan.."
    Mahi: "For this heads are taken! (the punishment is beheading!) don't you know!? "
    Yah: "I know, sultanim."
    Mahi: "Does anyone know other than me?"
    Yah: "No, sultanim."
    Mahi: "And no one shall know! You will go back on this love...you will end...to make sure it stays as a secret. And in no circumstance is the Prince to become aware of this matter, and I won't say it to him either!"
    Back in Istabul, outside the Sultan's room in the hallway:
    Hurrem to Sumbul: "What happened, tell me quick!"
    Sumbul: "I just met with Perchem Agha, and as you wished, Ibrahim pasha has passed on to the next life."
    in the Sultan's room:
    The Sultan to Mihrima: "If it were up to your mother, she would never let Mehmet go to Sanjak...she would never want to be away from her children - But Mehmet is so happy."
    Mih: "Yes. Mehmet is so happy, his face is smiling!"
    Suleyman: "And what about you, how is it that for so long, your face is not smiling?"
    (Hurrem enters)
    Hurrem: "Suleyman, you wished to see me.
    Suley: "Welcome Hurrem, we were talking. (mihrima leaves)
    Suley: "Where were you?"
    Hur: "I went to see Hatice Sultan, I met her about Ramadan matters."
    Suley: "Was Ibrahim there?"
    Hur:"No. He was not."
    Meanwhile, Ibrahim walks down the hall outside and goes in.
    Suley: "Ayaz pasha has been investigating the poisoning issue, but nothing is turning up."
    Hur: "Well that must mean whoever is behind it, is very powerful."
    Suley: "I do not believe Ibrahim had anything to do with this issue, Hurrem. Don't let the issues between you let this come to mind. Finish this anger between you guys. And this kind of dirty accusation I will not listen to, and neither will you and you should know it!"
    (enters Ibrahim)
    Suley: "Ibrahim? What happened to you? Who did this to you? Come sit, the doctors can check you - how did this happen?"
    Ibo: "I am alright, Nasu Effendi helped me. - I was set up for a lowly, heinous, trap!"
    Suley: "Who did this? Who would dare to do this to my Vizier-i-azam - Hurrem go to your room!?"
    Hur: "May you return to health swiftly, Pasha, this is a scary thing."
    Ibo: "Don't you worry sultanim, as you can see no harm, I am in front of you, on my two feet"
    (outside rustem and hurrem meet)
    Rustem: "Sultanim, Perchem Agha has given false news."
    Hurrem: "I saw Rustem, I saw - Pasha is inside.
    Rus: "Will he say you did it?"
    Hur:"No, he won't, but we must be careful, lay low for a while - retreat - that would be best. Wait for news from me"
    In Suleyman's room:
    Sul: Who did this to you, tell me the truth?"
    Ibo: "They first tried to take your life - now mine - I believe it was the same people."
    Sul: "Do you have anyone you suspect?"
    Ibo: "No. But I will find out."
    Sul: "This issue is really hurting me, Ibrahim, get well, and then find out who it was - does Hatice know?"
    Ibo: "No, I thought it would be best not to tell her."
    Back in Manisa:
    Fatma to Fidan: "Does Mahidevran Sultan suspect anyone?"
    Fid: "I am not sure. But I think it is undoubtedly Diana."
    Fat: "Whoever it is, they are acting loyal"
    Fid: "Exactly, that is why it is probably Diana, and who knows, Hurrem sultan could have sent her."
    Fat: "What if it is an agha?"
    Fid: "Whoever it is, we have to find them right away. Or else there is no happiness for us."
    Fat: "Yes. I cannot take my eyes off my son. I can't even sleep."
    An agha comes and tells Fidan there is an issue in the harem."
    Fid: "the cariye have seen you. (there is a letter in her pack under her pillow)
    Di: "This is not mine! let me go!"
    (everyone gathers in Mustafa's room to confront Diana and present her to him as the traitor)
    Fid to Mustafa: This is the traitor.
    Di: I didn't do it.
    Mus: "they saw you take this letter"
    Di: "I never did anything wrong. I was loyal"
    Mah: "How do I know you weren't just trying to fool us?"
    Mus: "there are witnesses and this is not a light issue - throw her in the dungeons."
    In the prison cell - the real traitor comes to visit -
    Gulezar: "You are finally in the place that is worthy of you."
    Di: "You are the traitor!" - choking her.
    Gul to the aghas: "Don't give this dog even water!"
    Ibrahim comes home late at night, and changes but hatice finds out that he is hurt.
    Hat: "Ibrahim? What happened to you!?"
    Ibo: "Calm down, calm down, I fell in a trap.."
    Hat: "What trap? Who did this Ibrahim?"..."hurrem did it, right - that's why she said those things!"
    Ibo: "What did she say?"
    Hat: "she said you were a dark path."
    Ibo: "The actual/real dark path is her...she is struggling inside a swamp"
    Hat: "Why didn't you just tell me? I asked you so many times, where are you going? why?"
    Ibo: "I didn't want you to get sad and in every bad there is a good - the doubt that was on my head is gone now - the Sultan thinks that the person who tried to kill me was the same person who tried to kill him with poison.
    In the hamam/bath:

    Mih: "nurbahar?"
    Nurbahar:" Yes, sultanim?"
    Mih: "I don't see you as of late. Are you alright?"
    Nurbahar: "Yes, thank you."
    mih:"You know, in the spring the Prince will be going for Sanjak - you will go with him as his gozde (favourite).
    Nur: "I am honoured."
    Mih: "If there is anything you need, let me know."
    In Hurrem's room, Hatice enters.
    Hat: "Get out" (to the servants)
    Hat: "You think you didn't leave any evidence behind you, right - so that no one can prove it?"
    Hur: "Sultanim, once again why are you angry? Calm down, come sit here please."
    Hat: "stay away from Ibrahim, Hurrem! Otherwise, be sure that no one can save you from my hands!"
    Hur: "I don't understand what you are talking about."
    Hat: "You understand it perfectly!- I know that you tried to kill Ibrahim."
    Hur: "Why do you assume it is me - you know more than I that the Pasha has many enemies. Everyone is their own enemy."
    Hat: "And you are saying this?"
    Hur: I warned you, sultanim, the Pasha's path is dark - his arrogance is so great that he is not seeing the cliff on the tip of his nose."
    Hat: "It is not only Ibrahim - the whole Hanedan (Family) is on the cliff, you are a swamp and you are going to drag everyone into you - but eventually, your swamp will dry up!"
    In the hamam:
    Mih:"Are you alright, Nurbahar?"
    Nur: "I am, sultanim - this morning I did not eat, and then being in the hot hamam I -"
    Mih: "The doctor said the same thing - anyway take her to rest."
    Mih to the doctor: " Are you certain she is pregnant?" Doctor: "yes"
    Mih: "No one will know - if it comes out, I will know it was you." Doctor: "dont worry."
    Matrakci talking to Ibrahim in his office.
    Mat: "Why didn't you say it to the Sultan?"
    Ibo: "What would I have said? The mother of your five children - your nikkahli (wedded) wife - did this - this is what I should say to the Sultan?"
    Mat: "isn't this the truth?"
    Ibo: "the truth is what the Sultan wants see and accept."
    Ibo: "Do not worry, she will learn her lesson."
    Mat: "What have you got in mind?"
    (knock on door) nigar enters.
    Ibo: "How dare she come here?! Tell her to leave!"
    Agha: "She said it has to do with life and death, Pasha, something you need to know. If you still wish, I will send her away immediately."
    Ibo: "Is Hatice sultan here?" Agha: "No, my pasha." Ibo: "Okay, let her in - let us see what her problem is."
    Gulfem to Afife in another room: "I would like to take part in the preparations for Ramadhan"
    Afife: "Gulfem Hatun, do not worry, Hurrem Sultan has already taken care of everything."
    Hatice enters. "They said you were here."
    Gulfem: "I was discussing Ramadan with Afife Hatun."
    Hat: "This is why I also came - Afife Hatun, there is someone I would like to invite for Ramadhan."
    Afife: "Of course, sultanim, tell me, I will call them immediately."
    Hat: "My sibling," Gulfem: "Beyhan?" Hat: "No, not beyhan, Shah Sultan, along with her husband."
    Gul: "are you sure - shah sultan came when Valide passed away - and you didn't speak to her"
    Hat: "that day I didn't speak to anyone Gulfem"
    Nigar enters Ibo's office and Matrakci leaves:
    Ibo: "i know the problem - you wish to ask for forgiveness and see Esma"
    Nigar :"Of course I want to see my daughter - but today I am here because of another issue - certain things have reached my ears - Hurrem sultan - if not today, tomorrow she will do something to you."
    Ibo: "Ohh really? it already happened, woman! You are late!"
    Nigar: "How? What happened?"
    Ibo: "Whatever happened, happened, you just tell me how you heard of this? - ohhh Rustem Agha? is that right? Since you live under the same roof - perhaps you are in on this with him - perhaps this is one of your games."
    Nigar: "Never! I would never betray you - and besides, Rustem is also my enemy - if Hatice had permitted, he would divorce me.I wish he had - then i would be saved from him. - how is my daughter?"
    Ibo: "She is good, taken care of well, don't worry."
    Nig: "Please, Pasha, I miss her - if anything, may I look at her from the garden -"
    Ibo: "You may leave now!"
    In the Manisa prison:

    Diana: "I am not . I didn't do it. Shehzade brought me here - you were there!"
    Yah: "You could have planned it. how do we know you didn't do it on purpose."
    Di: "i didn't do it."
    Yah: "Silence! Even the aghas are afraid of you! You are strong and powerful. The letter was from you."
    Di: "It is a lie - blame!"
    Yah: "Who would lie about this?"
    Di: "Gulezar. She set me up."
    Mustafas room they call Gulezar
    Mus: "Gulezar hatun, Diana says you have set her up. What do you say?"
    Gul: "It is a lie! Everyone knows she hates me!"
    Gulezar leaves the room.
    Mus to Fidan: "What do you say?"
    Fid: "I have full trust in her. I have known her from a long time go. She would not do this. She is also my eyes and ears in the harem - she wouldn't betray me. She is trying to save herself by blaming Gulezar."
    Mus: "Send Gulezar away and execute Diana."
    Fidan to Gulezar: "Get your stuff ready, you are going tomorrow. We don't know where, but the Prince has ordered you to leave. Gul: "Please save me! I didn't do anything!" Fidan: "I know, but it has been decided."
    The French ambassador is telling his leaders that Ibrahim is preparing for war with Italy. Then he also wishes to share what he thinks of the law in Ottoman Empire. He visits Ebu suud and sees the justice and fairness with which he rules and the laws and agrees that they should adopt many of these laws themselves. The example is that a man has humiliated a non-muslim and Ebu Suud punishes him with lashes, saying that no one is allowed to take the law into their hands and that the jews and christians are protected under the law. This impresses the French ambassador and his partner.
    Nazli goes to Hurrem:
    Hurrem: "Where is mihrima i haven't seen her all day."
    Kiraz: "Mehmet has not returned yet to the Palace I found out for you."
    Hur: "He has gone riding."
    Kiraz: "No actually, he has gone with Ibrahim pasha to meet Hizr Hayrettin Pasha to the shipyards."
    Outside the hallway:
    Sumbul: "How honoured I am to meet you in the palace."
    Hizr Reis: "I have come to see the Pasha. They said he was in the Palace."
    Sum: (suspicious) no, he is not."
    Kiraz enters.
    Kiraz: "Sumbul agha, Hurrem sultan is calling you."
    Sumbul goes to Hurrem's room: Hurrem: "What did I tell you Sumbul!? Where is Mehmet?!"
    sum: "He has gone riding?" Hur: "no, Kiraz informed he has gone with Pasha to the shipyards!"
    Sum: "No, that is not possible, Hizr Reis came to the palace asking for ibrahim pasha. I said he wasn't here."
    Hurrem: "Oh no!!!!! Mehmet!"
    Outside on a cliff:
    Mehmet: "Which sanjak will I go to, Pasha?"
    Ibo: "That will be decided by the Sultan. If you have something in mind, say it"
    Meh: "Amasya." Ibo: "Oh, that is a big place! a great place!"
    Meh: "Why did we come here?"
    Ibo: "I wanted to show you this place, I used to come here for thinking, reflecting."
    Hurrem goes to meet the sultan:
    Hur: "Where is the Sultan?" Aghas outside sultan's room: "He is not here, we do not know where he has gone."
    The sultan with Ebu Suud.
    "I told Yahya Effendi about a dream I had. I wish you could also tell me what you think."
    Hur outside by the horse stables.
    "Where is Mehmet?"
    Rustem comes. "Where is perchem, he was with Mehmet?!"
    Rustem to agha: "Do you know where they went?" Agha: "No, I do not."
    Ibrahim to Mehmet who walks close tot he edge of the cliff: My Prince, be careful."
    Meh: "Do you have news about my brother?" ibo :"He is fine. What a wonderful brother he has who saved him!" Meh: "He would have done the same for me."
    Hurrem in the carriage: Oh my Allah, please save my son! - Sumbul tell them to hurry!"
    Sultan to Ebu suud: tells him the dream.
    Ebu: "May Allah give the Prince a long life. hunkarim, this dream, as you know the Prince is part of the future of the Ottoman empire - but this is not necessarily a bad dream." Sultan: "But there was blood on that sack" Ebu suud: "Those two people who you don't see their faces - they will either win, or will lose - but it has to do with the future of the dynasty. There will be decisions, but they must be made  justly."
    Hurrem notices the carriage has stopped.
    Hur: "Why did we stop?!"
    Rustem:" This is the place."
    Esma nur is visited by her father ibrahim: "The beauty of the worlds! How are you? are you bored here?"
    Hurrem runs with Rustem and Sumbul.
    Rustem, seeing that someone has fallen off the cliff: "My sultan, you go back to the carriage."
    Hur: "no!"
    Rus: "Sumbul! take her away!"
    Hur: "No! leave me! mehhhmeeet! NOOOOOOO!"
    Ibrahim is with his daughter when Nigar enters.
    Esma nur: "Mommy!"
    Ibo: "Only so she wouldn't be sad, I called you here. This is the last, woman. One more mistake, even small, and it's over!"
    Nigar: "Thank you Pasha! you gave the world back to me!"
    Hatice waits for Matrakci.
    mat: "You wished to see me?"
    Hat: "Yes, come, the matter is Ibrahim. The problem is I am worried."
    Mat: "If it is about another woman..."
    Hat: "No. I heard about what happened. He is powerful, but women, women enemies are sneaky. I want to know what happens. I want to know everything. You are his eyes and ears, what he doesn't see, you see, what he doesn't hear, you hear."
    Hurrem goes to see the sultan:

    Hurrem: "Suleyman!"
    Suley, when he sees that hurrem looks very very worried: "What's wrong what happend?" Hur: "meh..met!"
    Mehmet enters "mother?"
    Suley: "what happened? what is this state of yours?"
    Hur: "I saw, a very bad dream. Oh Allah! thank You a thousand times!" Mehmet, this Kaftan?"
    Meh: "ibrahim pasha's gift..."
    Outside, hurrem meets ibrahim.

    Hur: "Ibrahim pasha! If I killed you right now with my bare hands, I would still not be at peace!"
    Ibrahim: "you still didn't understand you cannot harm me?"
    Hur: "Stay away from my children!"
    Ibo: "And I had said that to you once!"
    Hur: "It isn't the same thing -
    Ibo: "And didn't I tell you a pigeon cannot fight with an eagle - I guess that you found out now. I can do whatever I want, when I want. No one can stop me. Especially you? Never! I will never kill innocents - or espeically a prince - the same way I save mustafa, i WILL protect mehmet, even from the sultan, and if needed from you! they are the future of the ottoman empire"
    Mehmet to the sultan: "The pasha told me lots of things, especially about the Italy campaign."
    Sultan: "the italian campagin is important, very important. "
    Mehmet: "Along with you, Pasha and Hizr Reis a great war is ahead of us."
    Sul: "with the permission of Allah."
    Ibrahim enters. He praises mehmet. So smart and intellegent etc.
    sultan to ibrahim privately: "Did you find who wanted to kill you?"
    mihrima with sumbul in hurrem's room when she enters.
    Mih: "what happened? is Mehmet alright? sumbul told me you couldn't find him."
    Hur: "Don't worry, he is with the Sultan. Mihrima go to your room, i wish to rest, don't worry, it was a misunderstanding, he was supposed to be in the garden but he was in the shipyards with Ibrahim."
    Sumbul: "are you alright, my sultan?"
    Hur: "Ibrahim pasha played a game with us. He killed me, without killing me. He gave him another kaftan - he wished to play a trick on me to teach me a lesson!"
    Fidan visits Diana, tells her about her execution in the morning. Diana realizes the prince is in danger and tricks the guards by asking for water and then beating them to get out.
    She finds Gulezar about to kill mehmet. Yahya tells mustafa: "Diana ran from the prison to save you. She knew your life was in danger."
    Hurrem prays to God: "Oh Allah! save my children! Do not show us any pain of theirs (never let them come to any harm). " Suleyman enters her room.
    Suleyman: "Hurrem why are you crying?"
    Hur: "Don't send Mehmet away, I am scared for him. My dream - I had a dream that I have lost my son - I am calling out to him, but I cannot find him anywhere. Then, I find his kaftan in a corner..."
    Suley: "think of it as a good, don't worry about it. I will protect him, and Ibrahim is preparing him for his duties."
    Hur: "Ibrahim pasha is raising Mustafa, why would he raise a rival to him with his own hands? He wants him to go of course, so he can send us away, get us away from you.No one will see this, except me...no one wants to believe it."
    Suley: "I will not let anyone harm you or Mehmet."
    Ibrahim and Hatice are together in their room.
    Hat: "when did you come? where were you, I was worried, no one knew where you were!"
    Ibo: "I was busy with Hurrem Sultan - teaching her a lesson she will never forget in her entire life!"
    Hat: "Hurrem? what sort of lesson was this? what did you do?"
    Ibo: "Do not worry how, just know she will never make us unhappy again."
    Hat: "Ibrahim, you let Nigar see her daughter?"
    Ibo: "I guess there are birds everywhere tellign you everything.."
    Hat: "yes, i have spies everywhere...telling me everything about you - she smiles - from now on you must be careful."
    Diana to Gulezar in the prison.
    "So you are the traitor."
    Gul: I am not a traitor. There are other princes, other sultans. You save this one,  I protect the others.
    Mustafa to Yahya: 'Oh so hurrem sent her? that is what Gulezar said?"
    Yahya: "She might be lying - think about it, the mother of your brothers...against this one woman's word...if you pursue this, maybe the Sultan will only get angry with you and you will further yourself from him."
    Meh: 'You are right...what if I regret not doing anything?"
    Yah: "My prince, it is your decision."
    Diana: "So you found your place."
    Gulezar to Di: "Can you please give the money i have to my family? Please?"
    Mahidevran enters.
    "So it was you this whole time? the snake that Hurrem planted? who do you think you are to try to kill the prince??" - torture her till she cries for death!"
    Hurrem to Mehmet: "You cannot go anywehre without telling me!"
    Meh: "I am not a child,"
    Hurrem: "Mehmet, I wish the world was as innocent as you, but it isn't - give your mother your attention! listne to me please!"
    Meh: "you are scaring me! you haven't been yourself lately...even yesterday."
    Hur: "Just please," Meh: "Alright, my mother."
    Mihrima enters and Hurrem leaves. Hurrem tells Nurbahar (clara) to be careful not to get pregnant. "You are watching out, aren't you?"
    Mihrima tells mehmet: "Nurbahar is pregnant. The doctor lady said it. I haven't told mother. As you know, by the laws, you would have to abort the child, and send the woman out of the palace. The decision is yours, the woman is here waiting outside."
    Nurbahar comes outside.
    Mih to Nur: "You are pregnant...oh, it seems you knew already."
    Mehmet sends mihrima out. "Why didnt you tell me?"
    Nur: "I am sorry, but I was afraid, for my child and for losing you. Please, don't kill the child! Don't leave me!"
    The children see the crescent in the sky, meaning it the month of ramadan enters. Ebu suud goes to ensure with some witnesses. He rewards the boys both. SUmbul announces it everywhere.
    Mihrima gets a letter from Yahya, "Zumrut! he has come here!"
    Zumrut: "If hurrem sultan hears,...don't go!"
    Ibrahim meets with Yahya: "Pasha, there is an important news from the Prince"
    Hatice inside her palace, notices that Ibrahim has met with Yahya, wonders what is happening.
    Hatice to Gul: "Is Shah Sultan coming."
    Gul: "Yes. Did you call her because of hurrem?"
    Hatice: "I can call my siblings just because."
    Hurrem to Afife: "How are the preparations going? I spoke with Zeynep Hatun, and along with Ayaz Pasha's wife and they will work with me." Afife praises her, "everyone will pray for you, sultanim"
    Sumbul enters saying ibrahim pasha is calling for Hurrem. "I do not know why"
    Mustafa to his mother: "We have to get ready for ramadan -"
    Mahi: "Do not worry, I have already made arrangements."
    Mus: "Yahya went to meet with Ibrahim."
    Mahidevran to Diana: "from now you will be the Head Kalfa! I owe you my life!"

    Hatice visits Suleyman: "Did something happen Hatice?"
    Hat: "No, I wish to invite you for the fast-breaking tomorrow night."
    Suleyman: "Of course."
    Hat: "I called Shah Sultan, for a week or two, she will stay."
    Sul: "good, did you call beyhan?"
    Hat: "Yes, I did, after the death of Valide, we siblings haven't been together."
    Sumbul to hurrem: "be careful!"
    Hurrem: "wait for me here."
    she enters ibrahim's room.

    Hur: "what did you want to say, say, i have no time."
    Ibo: "sultanim?"
    Hur: "hurry, say it."
    Ibo: "aghas!"
    Hur: "who is this woman? what is going on?"
    Ibo: "the spy who you sent to try to kill Mustafa. I will present her to the sultan and he will know everything. The time has come for you to pay for everything you have done.

    THE END.

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