• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 81.Bölüm - ENGLISH SUMMARY

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    Note: This time, I will post a brief summary first so that you can quickly get an understanding of the story, and then below it, I will post the full translation of the episode in dialogue form. Tell me if you guys think this is a better idea. For example, on Wednesday night, I could quickly post a summarythen the next day post a proper translation of the full episode. 

    Brief Summary:
    The crowd around the mosque says things about Ibrahim out loud so he can hear. For example, they yell about him not accepting the Qur'an gift, and that this means he is not a Muslim. Ibrahim is so angry that he announces to the guards to arrest the man, and that he will be beheaded. Meanwhile, Suleyman worries about the Ibrahim issue on his balcony, Hurrem wonders why and asks and he tells her about the accusation on her about trying to have Mustafa killed. Hurrem denies. Fatma is hysterical after her baby's death and tells Mustafa it was Hurrem and he should take revenge in the same way...a crowd goes to Ibrahim's Palace to demand he release the man who he is going to execute. Ibrahim threatens them until they leave. Shah sultan is annoyed with Hatice and says she won't be involved in anything between her and Hurrem. 

    The Sultan gets angry with Ibrahim about keeping someone in prison while it is Ramadan and wanting to execute him also. So he decides, that the issue will be taken to the courts. Mahidevran, who now trusts Diana very much, tests the length of Diana's loyalty by asking her if she would do anything, even kill on her behalf if the need arises - Diana answers yes she would do anything for her. Rustem is leaving, so Hurrem rewards him with a large bag and tells him to keep her informed if he is ever in need of anything. Ibrahim tells Matrakci that this entire thing is a plot to get the Sultan to be angry with him. Rustem sees Mihrima and tells her he is happy to see her before he leaves. Nigar holds her daughter and Ibrahim comes and tells her not to worry, they will be together again and she will not forget her. Nigar tells Ibrahim her heart will always be his. 

    Hatice wonders why the Sultan sent the issue to court, and the Sultan tells her that it is in the benefit of Ibrahim to go through the proper system otherwise people will have more anger towards him. Mehmet and Mihrima discuss Yahya - she says there is nothng between them, she just doesn't want the Sultan to lose trust or faith in her. She says the only way to deal with the pregnancy is abortion. Mahidevran finds out that Ayse hatun is pregnant and she tells Mustafa. The Judge questions the prisoner, and Matrakci and gets angry with the man for accusing Ibrahim of things just based on rumours and no truth He sends him to exile after flogging punishment in the middle of the market. Shah Sultan wonders why Hatice did not tell her abou the Nigar issue and when Hatice blames Hurrem, she says you cannot blame Hurrem for everything. The judge informs the Sultan about the issue with the meat shortage and the Sultan says they will fix it. Sumbul Agha informs Hurrem about the judge's decision about the prisoner, and Hurrem gets angry. Ibrahim recieves news of the judge's decision, and is happy. 

    The French ambassador witnesses the punishment of the traitor along with Ibrahim and Rustem peeks from a corner and mumbles to himself that Ibrahim will soon pay for all that he has done. Hurrem asks Ayaz Pasha to find some of Ibrahim's mistakes that he has done because his biggest flaw is his own arrogance. Fatma overhears that Ayse is pregnant. Ibrahim confronts Hurrem blaming her, but Hurrem says don't worry your time is up soon. Mehmet tells Mihrima he changed his mind and he doesn't want an abortion, but she says it is too late it was done in the morning. Meanwhile, the midwife starts the abortion. Kiraz is spying on the midwife, and Mihrima catches him and says that if he tells anyone he will be punished. Fatma accuses the new pregnant girl, Ayse, of killing her baby and tries to kill her. Mahidevran tells Mustafa about what happened and says they must send her away from the palace, but when she goes to her room, Fatma has hanged herself. Hurrem sees the document Ayaz has found and says she will have to be the pigeon that Ibrahim called her, and send a message. Ayaz Pasha presents the document, which is official transcriptions of the divan meetings between Ibrahim and the French ambassador, especially the part about Ibrahim being a tamer and the sultan a lion and that Ibrahim trains the Sultan , and that Ibrahim does whatever he wants! - the Sultan reads it and is shocked! Ibrahim suddenly comes to invite the Sultan to dinner and the Sultan has a strange look on his face which Ibrahim notices, but doesn't say anything. Mihrima sees Kiraz with Afife and orders that he be sent away, and Afife shocked, goes to tell Hurrem, and Hurrem asks Mihrima, and Mihrima says he somehow found out about Yahya Taslicali and her and Hurrem angry, orders Afife to order Kiraz out of the Palace to go to Trabzon and he is never to return. 

    Meanwhile, in Manisa, Yahya tells Mustafa about Gulezar jumping from the balcony and denying Hurrem's involvement. In his room, Suleyman continues to read Ibrahim's words. Hurrem goes to visit Suleyman, but the Agha says he wants to be left alone, and she should return to her room and Hurrem is shocked. He goes to the balcony and thinks about what to do. 

    Meanwhile, Ibrahim is with the Pashas having dinner, when the French ambassador arrives with a gift - Machiavelli's "The Prince" and Ibrahim says let us see what this "satan's book" says. Then he quotes a part comparing the Noblemen advisors sorrounding European kings and the Pashas sorrounding the Ottoman Sultan. He reads that the noblemen can ruin a king anytime and take over themselves so in reality the king is controlled by his noble advisors but the Ottoman Pashas cannot  because the line of the dynasty is all that the empire is about and so the pashas answer to the Sultan, so in reality the Pashas to do not control the Sultan. Ibrahim surprises everyone, by saying that they got that wrong, and that he DOES control the state and therefore, is the one who rules. This surprises everyone, especially the French Ambassador. 

    Meanwhile, the Sultan goes to visit Ebu Suud who is so suprised to see him at that time of night - and the Sultan says that he decided to punish someone by execution, but has a long time ago promised to protect that same person even from himself. The judge assumes it is Ibrahim even though the Sultan never mentioned, but he does not say he knows who it is. 



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