• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 94 Preview

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Hurrem prevents Shah Sultan from handing out money to the cariyes. 

    Hurrem, who is trying to save the power she has in the harem, does not care about anybody's tears. Suleyman at Bogdan, and Barbarossa at Preveze are both achieving a great victory. Shehzade Mustafa endangers his future by a decision he makes. 

    Shah Sultan's games squeeze Hurrem into a corner. Hurrem makes such a big mistake that she enters a road which has no return. Hurrem gets annoyed at Shah for handing out money in the harem, and she orders that the money be returned to Shah immediately. As the unrest increases in the harem, Hurrem has to take some harsh measures.

    Hatice looks for solutions to be able to reach Ibrahim's grave. She sees a dream that makes her approach Nigar. Nigar also continues to work against Hurrem.

    Suleyman returns victoriously from Bogdan. Barbarossa wins a major victory against the Crusader fleet at Preveze. Shehzade Mustafa makes a decision that will jeopardize the security of the Mediterranean Sea. His fearless attitude worries Mahidevran, but Mustafa is quite confident in his decision. But when the letter he wrote to his father reaches somebody else's hands, the bells of danger start to ring.

    Shah Sultan has cornered Hurrem from all four corners, and draws her into a trap. Hurrem tries to ruin Shah Sultan's game. But when Hurrem makes a mistake, she sets herself up to fail! Will Hurrem be able to ruin Shah Sultan's plans?

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