• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 82.Bölüm - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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    Note: Some newer characters: 
    Shah Sultan = Hatice's sister
    Esma han Sultan = Shah Sultan's daughter
    Lutfi Pasha = Shah Sultan's Husband
    Mercan Agha = Esma han's/Shah Sultan's/Lutfi Pasha's trusted servant 

    The show begins where it left off in episode 81, with the Sultan consulting with Ebu Suud Effendi. Ebu Suud to the Sultan: "Give me a few days with your permission, I will think about this issue." The Sultan agrees.

    Meanwhile, Hatice meets Ibrahim who comes home at night. She asks how his iftar went and if the Sultna had come. But Ibrahim answers that no he did not, but perhaps he was tired and wished to rest. Hatice feels worried.

    Meanwhile in the Palace, Sumbul announces the Sultan's return to the harem. Hurrem watches him enter from above.

    Then, there is a scene with a boat and inside the boat, sits many people, including a little boy who looks very scared. This is Ibrahim when he was a child. A man tells him to stand up, but he doesn't understand so he signs with his hands and asks his name and a woman translates "He is asking your name" Then there is a voice over (narration).  "I am Ibrahim. Taken from my father and mother at 10 years of age, the convert, Ibrahim. What is returning? Where do people return to? Is it possible to turn back. Or does fate only show forward?" Then the boy beside him faints so young Ibrahim yells out for water! water! and the rich woman notices him and motions to her servant to bring him too.

    The next scene shows Ibrahim in his garden. He was remembering his childhood ( about the boat and the rich woman (Madame) while looking at his statues. Hatice interrupts his thoughts and comes and tells him she has to talk to him. She tells him she spoke to Shah Sultan about Hurrem, but that Shah Sultan refused to help saying that she did not want to be included in their problems. Ibrahim is surprised. Hatice says yes, and can you believe she is always with Hurrem, spending time with her.

    Meanwhile in the Palace, Shah Sultan is in her room getting ready when she is visited by Hurrem. Hurrem asks if she likes her room and if she needs anything. She invites Shah Sultan to an iftar banquet (dinner) for the women of the Vaqf (charity) that she has. Shah Sultan agrees to come, praising Hurrem and saying how wonderful it is that she is doing such good works, and she would be happy to come. Hurrem tells her, you know a lot of people say a lot of things about me, calling me a witch, saying I do magic...She says thank you so much for staying beside me. Shah Sultan says ignore those people, you just continue to be just and fair in all that you do. Hurrem thanks her. and as soon as she exits, we see Shah Sultan's face change into a look of disgust and hate.

    Meanwhile, the Sultan is in his room, lost in thought. Suddenly, Ibrahim enters, saying he has the book he had mentioned for him to look at. "Machiavelli's 'Prince'. He asks the Sultan if he is alright, because he worried since the Sultan did not come to the Iftar he hosted at his own Palace. The Sultan says he wanted to rest alone for a while that is why he didn't attend.

    Meanwhile, Ebu Suud recalls the Sultan's words. "What do I do to both keep my promise of protecting the person, and also carry out my decision?" Suddenly, Ebu Suud's wife comes. She tells him about Hurrem Sultan's Iftar banquet and how she is also invited. Ebu Suud says he knows already and praises her. Ebu suud's wife says she is worried about him, he has not left his books. He tells her to leave him, he is busy and he needs to work.

    Meanwhile, Ibrahim says to the Sultan about the book. "Like they say, this book was written by the devil," The Sultan finds a part in the book. 'Is love better than fear? or fear better than love? What do you think in your opinion, Ibrahim?" Ibrahim says, "it is a difficult question," The Sultan continues: "According to Machiavelli, you cannot have both love and fear at the same time. Furthermore, if you have to choose between them, to be feared is better than to be loved." Ibrahim responds by saying, "but some people instead of living in security, would rather live happily (prefer happiness over security). The Sultan says, "yes, everyone wants to be happy, but is there this type of situation (is it possible) especially for people like us, who have ranks?" The door knocks and Hurrem enters. She is surprised to see Ibrahim sitting so friendly with the Sultan. She tells the Sultan about the Iftar banquet and she says that Ebu Suud will be arranging it. She mentions that Mihrimah and Shah Sultan will also be attending. Ibrahim says he will take leave, with the Sultan's permission and Hurrem stays. Outside, Ibrahim tells an agha he wishes to see Shah Sultan.

    Meanwhile, Mehmet is with Nurbahar in her room. She says please stay with me a while longer. Mehmet says that "I changed my decision, but I am sorry, it was too late." She says that on that night, she was so scared. He is shocked when she says night because Mihrimah had lied to him and told him it was already done in the morning.

    Meanwhile, Mihrima is reading a letter from Yahya, when suddenly, Mehmet enters, angry. He says you know exactly what is wrong! Why did you lie to me? You lied to me, and do not deny it, the doctor lady also is a witness." Mihrima says, "yes, I did it for you, so you did not make a mistake. I am only thinking of your future.' Mehmet says "how dare you interfere and make decisions about my life? I will never forgive you!'

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan enters Ibrahim's room. "What is the issue?" she says. And Ibrahim says "the issue is Hurrem Sultan, it is obvious, you are now very close!" She says "oh Hatice is tattling on me?"
    Shah Sultan said, "someone who you hate, you can love, is that not true? and someone you love, you can hate.." ( she is hinting at something). Hurrem is busy doing good works. She has brought up wonderful children, and, she keeps the Sultan happy. So leave her alone." Ibrahim says, "you must help us against her." Shah Sultan says, "you are the Grand Vizier , and you need the help of a woman?" He says, woman are sneaky, so it is not easy...we cannot know how they fight their war." Shah Sultan says "Oh if that is the case, then instead of giving me advice, stay away from women." Ibrahim says, "that is not my intention to give you advice, nor is it within my right, I just -" Shah sultan cuts in. "Only what?" Hurrem sees them talking, and gets worried. Ibrahim says "It is obvious, your love for me has changed to hate." Shah says: "hate is as strong as love, and I have neither for you. And I never did."

    Meanwhile in Hurrem's room, Sumbul is telling a story to Cihangir, when Hurrem enters. Cihangir is sent away and Hurrem tells Sumbul about how she saw Ibrahim with Shah Sultan. She asks what was their relationship before? Sumbul agha says that before, with Valide Sultan we all went to Manisa, and in Manisa she stayed for a long while, Ibrahim used to be the Head Falconer back then - I always saw them together in the gardens, without stopping they were always talking and walking around together.

    Meanwhile,  Ibrahim is drawing a boat in his room and remembers stuff. "Remembering, is a secret worship for me. " He remembers his childhood looking up at the house that he would call home with the rich lady. "I am Ibrahim..." He talks about how he lost his father, mother and brother never to see them again. " I couldn't hold their hands." The young Ibrahim hears someone playing the violin upstairs, and the older Ibrahim says his mother had taught him how to play. "It was my only inheritance from my parents( learning how to play)." Young Ibrahim goes to the room and watches the woman play, smiling. The scene cuts back to Ibrahim's office in the Palace and the Sultan looks at his violin and the drawing of the ship on his desk.

    Later, Hurrem enters the harem with Shah Sultan after the Iftar. Shah Sultan says that Hurrem has gotten all the prayers from the poor and weak. Hurrem goes to see Mehmet, and finds him in Nurbahar's room. She asks what happened and Mehmet says nothing, she is just a little ill, nothing serious. She says, okay feel better soon. Then Hurrem goes to her room, looking angry. Sumbul brings the doctor and the doctor at first denies, but Sumbul threatens her, and so she tells the truth that Nurbahar was pregnant, and it wasn't her fault, and Hurrem says tell me who was the one ordering her.

    Ebu Suud is pacing his room and reading may books. Ibrahim enters his office to find the Sultan there. The Sultan says, "why did you return?" Ibrahim: "Oh, I forgot some papers." Then the Sultan says "For many days you have not played the violin" then the scene cuts to little Ibrahim going into the woman's room and playing her violin and the woman finds him there and smiles. Then the scene cuts to the older Ibrahim playing for the Sultan on the terrace. The Sultan remembers all the times Ibrahim used to play for him. And how he called him his brother. And how Ibrahim cried when he lost his son and the Sultan hugged him, and when Ibrahim had the arrow in his back and said he did it for him. And how he said one time "you do not be sad, my Sultan." Ibrahim finished playing and says: "My mother used to play this for me." The Sultan says "yes, you told me before in Manisa." Ibrahim says "in the Spring, my Sultan, let us go  to Manisa to recall the old days together." The Sultan says "yes, we will go Ibrahim." And smiles, but his eyes are sad and  angry at the same time.

    Ebu Suud is still going over his books, when suddenly he nods, meaning he has found something.  In the morning, Mehmet goes to Nurbahar's room but finds she is not there. The servant says that they sent her away, that Hurrem sent her away. Meanwhile, in Hurrem's room, Mihrima is saying it wasn't her fault and Hurrem tells her to be quiet. Mehmet enters and says what is going on! Hurrem says : as if you didn't know!" Mihrima whispers to him " I didn't say it!" Mehmet says " I only wanted to save her!" Hurrem says "if you had come to me, I would have helped you, but you both are doing things behind my back." Mehmet said " the woman is no longer pregnant!" Hurrem: "If you say you are big now, you must learn to accept the consequences of your action - go to your room!" Mihrima: "my Valide, I only wanted to save my brother. " Hurrem: "You think about your own doings Mihrima!"

    Mihrima goes to her brother , who says to her" Get our Mihrima, if it wasn't for you, she would never have found out!" Mihrima replies, " I was trying to help!" He tells her to get out and that "I don't want to see you, anymore!" Meanwhile, the Sultan is sitting and thinking when Ebu Suud enters. "Hunkarim, I have found a solution for your dilemma."

     Meanwhile, Hurrem meets with Ayaz Pasha and asks him if he gave the document and Ayaz says yes and Hurrem wonders why nothing ever happens, and how every time, Ibrahim somehow gets away with everything he does.

    Ebu suud continues and says to the Sultan"There is one way in which you can achieve your goal. This book, it is my Tefsir (Tefsir = Translation and Commentary of the Qur'an) I wish to read a Surah (chapter) out of it, with your permission."

    Meanwhile, Ibrahim tells Nasou Effendi that he had assumed he had lost the love of the Sultan but now he is back to normal with me, I sat with him like old times, and everyone should hear that!"

    Meanwhile, Ebu Suud continues talking to the Sultan and says, "In Surah Zumar , Verse 42, that :
    It is Allāh Who takes away the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep. He keeps those (souls) for which He has ordained death and sends the rest for a term appointed. Verily, in this are signs for a people who think deeply. (Az-Zumar 39:42)"
    (Meaning that, God takes away the souls when a person sleep, and returns the souls back if the person is meant to live, if not, then they die in their sleep). Ebu Suud continues by saying, "Our blessed Prophet, on him be peace, said that sleep is the brother of death. You must sleep, Hunkarim, when you are sleep, you do not "live" during the time you are sleeping so you can only execute that person who you made a promise to protect them while you are alive, only while you are asleep."

    Meanwhile, Ibrahim is in the divan when Lutfi Pasha (Shah Sultan's husband) arrives. He asks about Lutfi pasha's health and well -being. Ibrahim says "Let us go meet the Sultan he has been asking about you many times. " In the Harem, Afife Hatun welcomes Esmahan Sultan, and Sumbul comments on how much she has grown, they go off to meet Shah Sultan. Sumbul asks the tall agha who he is, but the  agha ignores him. Shah Sultan welcomes her daughter and asks how the trip was, and the daughter says she was very tired. Shah Sultan also welcomes Mercan Agha the tall agha who ignored Sumbul, and afife looks at him suspiciously.

    Meanwhile, the Sultan tells Ebu Suud he may leave. But suddenly, Ibrahim enters, and Ebu Suud cannot help but stare and wonder at how happily the Sultan recieves him (Ebu Suud had assumed the man to be executed was Ibrahim). Lufti Pasha enters and greets the Sultan. They exchange pleasantries, and the Sultan introduces Lutfi to Ebu Suud.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem meets Esmahan (Shah Sultan's daughter), and Mihrima enters and meets the girl as well. Esma han says she has heard about Mihrima a lot - that people said she was very beautiful.

    Ibrahim tells Lutfi Pasha that his wife was staying in the Palace instead of at Hatice's. Shah Sultan enters. Then Ibrahim invites them to his Palace for dinner along with the Sultan. Shah Sultan tells her husband she wishes to stay in the Palace, and her husband agrees then she says "see you at night then," and walks away ( she kind of seems cold to him in my opinion)

    In Manisa, Mustafa goes to visit the home of the rich lady ( I think Mustafa calls her Madam) who took Ibrahim in when he was a child. He is told that the Madam is well, but cannot move around much. The woman doesn't recognise him at first, until he tells her who he is. The Madam is so happy to see him. "Ibrahim brought me here when I was little, I remember," Madam asks how Ibrahim is. She says, " i feel as though it was just yesterday when I saw him! Who would have known that little boy would turn into the Great Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire!"

    Meanwhile, Ibrahim meets with his daughter and says where would you like to go? She says: "Anne (mommy)" He tells her " your mother is far away," He gives her a gift of a boat.

    In Manisa, Fidan informs Mahidevran that Fatma has been buried. Mahidevran tells her " we must all be very careful from now on, do you see all the troubles one spy brought on?" Diana says: "Do not be sad, Sultanim, Ayse Hatun will give you a boy." Mahidevran says "God Willing, Diana" Mahidevran asks Fidan if she is looking after Ayse, and Fidan says she is, and Mahidevran orders Fidan not to leave her alone.

    Meanwhile, the Madam says to Mustafa: "He played the violin so well, that the sound of his playing never could be payed again in this house." Mustafa said "I also grew up with his violin playing" The Madam takes out a ship from a box " Ibrahim made this. He said he would go back to his mother - and he would take me with him." Mustafa says: "He went to Parga one time - but he could not see his mother, she had died. The Madam says " I have hidden this ship for years, if you could give this to him with your own hands, I would be so happy. May Allah give you and the Pasha long lives!' Mustafa: "Ameen."

    Meanwhile, Ibrahim tells his daughter " this boat will take you wherever you wish - tell me, where should we go?" She says to her mother. He replies " okay, to your mother"

    Meanwhile, Mustafa goes to his room and Mahidevran enters, worried about him, but Mustafa says he is alright. He tells her about the Madam and gives Mahidevran her greetings. He shows his mother the boat that Ibrahim made. And she says, " I am sure he will love this."

    Later in Ibrahim's Palace there is iftaar, and everyone is eating. The Sultan silently thinks ( it some of his monologue): "I am Suleyman. Before the hunt begins, I start to hunt. The one who finds his way in the dark. The one who gets hit by the violin's string. The one's whose loneliness is healing. My friend, I gave my heart to you, and there is no way to come to me anymore. O friend, I gave my hart to you long ago, if now your goal is to take my body, then know that I gave my heart and body to you long ago." Here the Sultan recalls when Ibrahim saved his life in Manisa when they were younger. Hurrem suddenly brings the Sultan back to the present and asks if he is alright. He smiles and Hatice says " You did very good to come, you honoured us." Shah Sultan asks how come Beyhan ( their other sister) hasn't come back yet. Hatice replies she will come soon. The Sultan then recalls when he had Beyhan's husband executed for crimes, and Beyhan said to him "you will always be Hunkarim, but you are no longer my Abi (Abi = term for older brother) and you are not my family."

    The Sultan suddenly snaps out of his memory and tells Hurrem they should leave. He says to Hatice, I will come some other time. Then everyone looks at him surprised. Hatice tells Shah Sultan and Lutfi Pasha to stay over the night and they agree.

    When they are back home, Hurrem asks the Sultan " what is wrong? are you ill? you were not well at the dinner either? this state of yours scares me." The Sultan says do not worry, I just want to rest. Hurrem: "After all the horrible things that passed, Ibrahim was still laughing - how wrong of him!" The Sultan says " I wish to sleep Hurrem."

    In their room Lutfi Pasha and Shah Sultan talk.  He keeps praising Ibrahim's Palace, and hints at how the Pasha actually took Iskender Celebi's wealth after he had him executed. He says, " don't worry, I will know what I speak of." Shah Sultan says, "stay close to the Sultan, get into the Divan - I do not want to go back to Konya." Lutfi says " Ibrahim Pasha would never let that happen." Shah Sultan says " Leave him to me." Lutfi Pasha comments on how much the Sultan trusts Ibrahim.

    Meanwhile, Hatice practices violin with Ibrahim "No matter how much I learn, I can never play like you." Ibrahim tells her how his mother used to play violin for him to fall asleep, and he wouldn't sleep so he could keep hearing. His mother would get angry finally and say go to sleep already Theo! Hatice says "you miss him don't you?"

    The next morning, the Sultan rides out to the either the Marmara or Black sea ( sorry I cannot tell which one). Meanwhile, Ibrahim pasha meets Ebu Suud and Ebu Suud says he is waiting for Ayaz Pasha to speak to him about Hurrem Sultan's Vakf. The Sultan remembers how many mistakes Ibrahim made, how he had Iskender Celebi killed, how he would talk to himself about his own power, how he betrayed Hatice, how he met secretly with Mustafa and lied to him. Meanwhile, Ibrahim asks Ebu Suud why he is so busy and how can he be so busy with a Vakf and shows him his own charities. Ayaz Pasha rides out as well to meet the Sultan "Hunkarim, you called for me?"

    Meanwhile, Esmahan Sultan walks with Mihrima and she says have you met Mehmet? Let us meet him. So they go to meet him. Mehmet is cold with Mihrima, and does not accept to go with them to take a walk around saying " maybe later."

    Ibrahim goes to meet the Sultan and finds out he is outside. He is surprised, when suddenly, the Sultan comes, and he tells Ibrahim to come inside. " I went out a bit, riding." Ibrahim asks to discuss some of the preparations for war. The Sultan says "come for dinner tonight (iftar dinner) and we shall talk there. Ibrahim says what an honour to eat with you, shall I call Hayrettin Pasha as well? But the Sultan says no, just you come.

    Later that night, Ibrahim speaks to his children, about horses he has chosen for them and they ask impatiently about when they can all go out together and he promises them they will go the next day. Hatice tells him she wishes they could spend the iftaar together, and " is it a must?" but Ibrahim says " do not worry, I will come after dinner, what is wrong?" Hatice says she has a weird feeling inside. " Where did this suddenly come up?" Ibrahim says the Sultan personally invited him, and he musn't keep him waiting." She says come early tonight.

    Hurrem is sitting and asks Sumbul, asking if the Adhan (call to prayer when they can break the fast) has been heard. He tells her not yet, but that the Sultan sent him to invite her for Iftaar with him. She is happy and tells Nazli to bring her blue dress. She asks Sumbul if he saw Ayaz pasha, but he says no. She says we have to be careful, what if he is on Ibrahim's side? she says the silence is not a good sign.

    Ibrahim arrives, then Hurrem arrives. They are both surprised to see each other, as they each thought they were invited alone to dinner with the Sultan. Meanwhile, Hatice sits with Gulfem and her children and have dinner. Hatice's daughter tells Gulfem about the horses her father got for them, and then they hear the Adhan and they break their fast with dates.

    Meanwhile, Ibrahim tells the Sultan that Hizr Hayrettin said the fleet will be ready by April. Then Ibrahim  also says he sent word to Malkocoglu Bali Bey about the province that didn't send the sheep and he is going to go check and see why. Hurrem asks how Bali Bey is, he was such a good, truthful, loyal Bey, we can't always find such men." Meanwhile, Mahidevran eats with Mustafa and tells him that she prays that Ayse will have another son. " When Hurrem hears about your child's death she will be so happy...let us send word you are having another!" She tells Mustafa that having sons is very important. "although, Ibrahim Pasha, of course, is there for us too."

    In the Sultan's room, Hurrem asks if Ibrahim knows Shah Sultan from before, and he says yes. Meanwhile, Suleyman recalls Ebu Suud's words about him being asleep while the execution takes place. Ibrahim says that he would like to go to Edirne with his wife and children if he gives permission, and the Sultan says yes, of course, but looks at him funny. Hurrem wishes to leave, saying she wants to check on Cihangir. She says goodbye to them both, and outside in the hall meets Sumbul and tells him she wonders why no matter what Ibrahim does, he always ends up back in the Sultan's favour!"

    Ibrahim talks about the Italian Campaign preparations and he recalls the things they used to say in Manisa. The Sultan recalls how he would tell him " Rome!" and points on a map  - encouraging the Sultan that he will be better than Alexander the Great, and that Ibrahim will help him, and that he will for as long as he lives, help Ibrahim.

    Ibrahim asks to leave and the Sultan recalls all the mistakes he made and his arrogant claims of power so he says " stay here tonight, in you room." And Ibrahim goes to his room. His monologue " I am Ibrahim. The 10 year old who came from Parga never to return. The one between heaven and hell. The gate keeper Ibrahim, the friend and companion of Sultan - seeing in the Sultan's deep eyes his own own death Ibrahim. The one whose death is like the kaza - namaz ( make-up prayer, not as good as the real prayer) , Ibrahim."

    The Sultan goes to bed. Hatice wakes up and asks if Ibrahim has come home and finds out he hasn't and sits up worried. Ibrahim reads his book, when sleep overcomes him. The Sultan cannot sleep, he says by monologue: "Oh Sleep do not come tonight, every meeting you come to, you break it up, do not come to this meeting, do not make us worried. O Eyes! Tonight you are watching his face in awe...because you haven't had enough sleep you are not upset, I swear by the night that comes and wraps us with it's darkness, O sleep! go away! Go to those who are praying in the night and looking for God's love and gain hundreds of gifts from them! O heart you did not sleep last night either, but tonight your situation is worse than yesterdays...tonight open your hearts eye and see me tonight...the stars are my army...  " Then we see the assassins and Ibrahim is executed calling out the Sultan's name and when the door to the terrace blows open, the Sultan wakes up calling Ibrahim's name out too.

    The End!



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