• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 92 Preview

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Mihrimah, who is caught with Malcokoglu starts to fear for her life. Hurrem is greatly surprised to hear the lies that her daughter is telling her. The news of Shehzade Mustafa's disobeying the order hits the palace like a bomb! As Suleyman understands his actions to be mutiny, everybody tries to ask the Hunkar to forgive Mustafa. Mustafa returns to the palace based on the orders of Suleyman. Suleyman's anger shakes the land and the skies. Esmahan, who is angry with Mihrimah, decides to marry Malkocoglu. As the two of them are moving towards dangerous hostility, Hurrem receives word of a big loss!

    When Hurrem sees Mihrimah with Malkocoglu, she becomes very angry. She warns both of them very sternly, but when she learns the true story she becomes shocked!

    Suleyman gets angry at the news that he receives from Mustafa. Shehzade Mustafa has not obeyed the orders of the Sultan. Everybody is worried about his future, but Hurrem is quite pleased. The day she has been waiting for has finally arrived!

    As Esmahan suddenly agrees to marry Malkocoglu, Shah Sultan springs into action immediately. Mihrimah becomes crazy when she hears about this news, and asks Hurrem for help to prevent the marriage. Malkocoglu, who is caught between two fires, is forced to make a decision.

    Shehzade Mustafa arrives at the Pay-i-Taht. Despite the recommendation from Shah and Hatice Sultans to seek forgiveness, Mustafa does not take heed. Suleyman becomes very angry at his son who, instead of seeking forgiveness, is defending himself in front of the Sultan. Mustafa, however, hits Suleyman with words that the Sultan was not expecting.

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