• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 90 Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    In the first scene, we see Hurrem backing towards the balcony, away from Fahriye. Hurrem says: "Don't come close!" Fahriye raises her hand and replies: "Don't Sultanim," Hurrem grabs a torch and waves in front of her. Fahriye steps backward, cautiously, "Don't, please," she says again, but Hurrem is not in her right mind. Her eyes are wild and she says: "You will kill me! You will kill me?!" Hurrem starts to get dizzy, and Fahriye asks "Sultanim?" but Hurrem backs away and is getting faint... Fahriye says: "You will burn yourself!" but Hurrem is passing out and does not hear her.

    Suddenly, we see Sumbul entering Hurrem's room and he says: "ahhh! What is all this smoke???In the Name of God! - Sultanim?" he asks, looking for Hurrem. Then he sees the balcony door is open and runs out: "Sultanim!!" There, he sees Fahriye and Hurrem with the torch, he grabs it and gives it to Fahriye and looks at Hurrem scared at what could have happened....

    In the next scene, Sumbul rushes Hurrem into her room and asks angrily: "Sultanim, please go in...How come no one was here?! Girls are you guys still sleeping?! What is this thing still burning!" he says pointing to the incense burners beside Hurrem's bed. "There is smoke everywhere!" he says angrily and makes the girls tidy everything up. Diana looks suspiciously at the incense burners and  rushes and takes it and hands it to the cariye: " Take this and throw it out at once! And you - open the door - hurry up! Air out the room!" Hurrem gets up and looks at Fahriye: "Who are you, hatun?? Fahriye looks at Hurrem surprised and scared: "Sultanim, I did my duty..." Hurrem walks close to her and says : "Your job is to kill me isn't it? It is what you want? You are here to take my life!" Fahriye: "Never! Sultanim..." Hurrem: "Get lost! Go! Go away from here!" Fahriye hesitates, but Sumbul motions to her to leave and when she does he turns to Hurrem saying: "Sultanim, you rest for a while, I will immediately call a doctor." Hurrem looks at him angrily and replies: "Sumbul - the traitor among us is her! If you did not help me, she would have killed me!" Sumbul says: "How could that be possible Sultanim? I am a witness - I saw it with my own eyes - she was trying to save you -" Hurrem shouts: " How can we be sure?? How do you know she did not just do that when she saw you?" Sumbul: "I do not think so, Sultanim, if that was her intention, she would have done it long ago." Hurrem looks confused.

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan and Hatice Sultan are in Hatice's room. Shah: "It is better this way, Hatice - If not today, then tomorrow, Saliha Hatun would have become a problem for you - In any case, this black magic thing has made me very unhappy, even talking about it is a big sin." Hatice: "I will have to decide already what we must do from now on. I showed you the hiding place of the treasure. We must buy off every person who serves Hurrem." Shah Sultan says: "The people around the Sultan are the important ones, Hatice - they are the ones we must bring under our service - especially, the gate-keeper Shahin." Hatice: "it is apparent that that lying Shahin agha is one of her main servants!" Shah says with a smile: "You leave him to me."

    In the next scene, Matrakci is training Beyazid and Cihangir in Matrak (the sport). Suddenly the Sultan arrives, and everyone stops to bow. He greets Matrakci specifically, and he asks how his sons are doing in the Matrak. Matrakci replies saying that the princes are very strong and learning very well and will become even better at it. Beyazid says he won the first game without getting hit once and that even when Selim hits him, it is very weak. The Sultan recalls Selim throwing up when he saw his first beheading in the army camp. Selim replies that he wishes not to hurt his brother, otherwise he knows just what to do and Beyazid says that he is sure (in a sarcastic tone). The Sultan says: "  Beyazid, how many times have I told you do not disrespect your brother." Beyazid apologizes saying he was just informing him. The Sultan says to Matrakci that it has been so long since they have done the Matrak sport ( as in he wishes to play) and Matrakci bows and says he would be honoured....

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah, Esmahan and Hurrem are in Hurrem's room, and Mihrimah asks her mother: "Validem, is everything alright, what is this getting ready for?" Hurrem: "I am having a Qur'an recitation in my room, we will make dua (ask God, pray), and you stay with me too - Esmahan you stay too." They all sit and are given headscarves to cover. Mihrimah asks: "Validem, what is the reason for all this?" Hurrem replies: "There is no specific reason - for our inner peace and happiness, I wished to do this." Afife Hatun announces that Zeleyha Hatun the recitor of the Qur'an has arrived and Fahriye also enters.

    Meanwhile, Matrakci and the Sultan begin the Matrak. The Sultan hits Matrakci hard, and likewise, Matrakci does the same and suddenly, the Sultan recalls Ibrahim when Matrakci's back is turned...they keep hitting each other, until Matrakci hits the Sultan so hard that everyone, including the Sultan is shocked. Matrakci says Hunkarim? But the Sultan says: "Continue!" and they do, until the Sultan hits Matrakci very hard and he falls to the floor, then the Sultan storms off, throwing his helmet to the ground in anger. Bali Bey asks Matrakci if he is alright, and Matrakci says "I am okay, but it is apparent the Sultan is not..."

    Meanwhile, the chapter Yaseen of the Qur'an is being recited by Zeleyha Hatun in Hurrem's room, and Hurrem is benefiting from it. Afife is happy to see her this way. Fahriye also watches Hurrem.

    Meanwhile in Hatice's palace, Shahin Agha enters where Hatice and Shah are seated. He says: "You wished to see me, Sultanim?" Shah says: "Just like our other subjects, it is not your main purpose to serve and protect us, is that not right?" Shahin: "Of course! I ask your forgiveness if I did something without knowing" Hatice: "Without knowing? Is that right? Me, a member of the Dynasty - they beat me to the point of death then threw me into the forest, instead of preventing this, you closed your eyes!

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is thanking Zeleyha Hatun who says she is honoured to be of service, and then prays for Hurrem and her family. Then, Shahin Agha arrives. Hurrem asks why he has come and Shahin says: "There is something important, Sultanim." Fahriye pays close attention to what he is saying. Shahin Agha says: "Just before, Shah Sultan -" Hurrem stops Shahin from saying anything else. She says to Fahriye: "Fahriye Hatun, you get my bath ready and then she sends the other cariyes out and once they are all gone, Hurrem says: "Continue." Shahin: "Shah Sultan called me to her personally, Hatice Sultan was there too." Hurrem says: "God Willing you did not wreck anything by saying anything wrong!" Shahin agha: "Never, Sultanim! I would give my head, but I would never betray you!" Hurrem is pleased with this and Shahin continues. "They wanted to come to an "understanding" - they asked me to ask the Sultan permission to resign - and they would give me a lot of wealth." Hurrem says: "And what was your reply?" Shahin: "They gave me time, tomorrow morning I must give my decision - if I say no, it is obvious what will happen. Help me, Sultanim." Hurrem says: "Do not be afraid, Shahin agha, they know they cannot kill a gate keeper, that is why they called you to talk. Shahin agha, continue your job." Shahin agha: "Hatice Sultan was very angry - if it wasn't for Shah Sultan, she would have killed me with her own hands!" Hurrem: "Shahin agha, your job is very important - I will not let someone else take your place - otherwise, their hands will reach this palace."

    Meanwhile, Rustem is leaving the Divan when Bali Bey calls out to him. They greet each other. Bali Bey: "Whenever I look, you are in the Palace, it is apparent you have no intention of returning to Diyarbakir. Rustem: "I have important tasks Bali Bey, as you know, Ibrahim Pasha's treasures have still not been found, the investigation/search continues." Bali Bey: "I see you are also in the search, you were searching my room the other day." Rustem: "What need is there to search your room? Or are you hiding something?" Bali Bey replies: "Everyone knows me, Pasha - I do not have anything to hide from anyone. Be rest assured." Rustem: "How quickly you forgot Sahib Giray Khan's daughter Aybige Hatun? Shehzade Mustafa was about to execute you!" Bali Bey: "Look at me, Pasha - That was a trap - and the Prince and our Hunkar believed me - so much so that - I am still here, and on top of that, as the closest to the Sultan. I can assure you, I will never fall into that kind of trap again -and whoever tries to do this, I will take their lives with their own hands!"  Rustem: "No doubt! But you should still be careful, it is better to take a lesson from the past, Malkocoglu"

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah and Esmahan are together in Mihrimah's room. Esmahan says: "Mihrimah, this is good news. It means you got upset at Bali Bey for no reason." Mihrimah: "Quietly..."  Esmahan: "Okay, and what happened after? Bali Bey must have asked what was in that letter of course?" Mihrimah: "No, he did not speak of it, he simply asked for the letter that came to me  and I gave him the letter." Esmahan: "Oh and there is the issue of that letter.. who could have written it then?." Mihrimah: "That is what I am wondering about..." Esmahan: "What? You think I wrote it?? I can't believe you! How could this ever even cross my mind?" Mihrimah: "No one knows except you, that is why. And I saw you together the other day - and then after this letter issue, nothing else could come to my mind... " Esmahan: "Even being jealous of me (laughing) it seems the fire (of love) has really eaten you up..."  Mihrimah smiles despite herself and says: "What is he thinking, I wonder...? Maybe he doesn't want me." Esmahan: "Maybe it is a good thing - due to this letter issue - this just goes to show that he is not indifferent towards you." Mihrimah replies: "I wish I could be as certain as you" and Esmahan says: "Do not doubt it, nobody can reject you!" Esmahan: "I am actually really wondering who could have written that letter...it is obvious they are trying to ruin your relationship - Bali Bey has a competitor" Mihrimah says: "It's not as if that did not cross my mind, but who could that be?" Esmahan: "It could be anyone, because you are the world's Padishah's only daughter."

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan receives Fahriye in Hatice's Palace and Mercan is there also, Fahriye says: "You wished to see me?" Shah says: "From what I hear, you sent a letter to Mahidevran Sultan..." Mercan says: "Did you think we would not know?" Fahriye says: "I wished to tell her about my situation Sultanim," Shah Sultan: "Mahidevran doesn't exist anymore - you will forget her, and Manisa...because you have no duty to her - you will only serve me, do you understand?" Fahriye says: "Sultanim, I- " Shah: "Do you understand me, I said?" Fahirye: "As you wish, Sultanim." Shah Sultan: "Now let us see the actual issue here - I spoke to Shahin Agha - but I am certain it went through one ear and out the other." Fahriye: "He came to Hurrem Sultan today, he was very worried...Hurrem Sultan wished me to leave so I did not hear what they said." Mercan agha: "Sultanim, you were right, it is obvious Shahin agha would betray you instead of serve you. Shah Sultan: "He will not get to see tomorrow.... - this issue will be finished tonight, Hatun. Do not make any mistakes. Cafer agha will help you. Now you may leave." Shah turns to Mercan: "You can tell her (what needs to be done/ the plan). Mercan tells Fahriye to follow him and they leave. Meanwhile, Gulfem arrives and looks curiously at Fahriye. Gulfem asks Shah Sultan why Fahriye was there. Shah says she called her and what is wrong. Gulfem says: "You haven't heard? Hurrem was crazy last night, she was about to burn herself...afterwards, Fahriye went to help and saved her." Shah asks if she is sure and Gulfem says she does not know for certain, but heard it from the cariyes. Gulfem says: "the magic has really affected her, she doesn't leave her room at all - since morning she has held a Qur'an recitation..." There is a knock and Mercan returns. Shah: "Mercan agha, it is apparent that this Fahriye hatun has become a problem on our heads...."

    Meanwhile, Rustem meets with Hurrem. Rustem asks how Hurrem is, then says he always ask about her. Hurrem replies: "May Allah be pleased with Yahya Effendi, after all his advice and duas, I will be even more better God Willing..You tell me about news of the treasure, Pasha, did you still not find it? ." Rustem: "No, it is not anywhere to be found...there is only one way to find it - Hatice Sultan - for sure she knows where it is..." Hurrem says: "and Shah Sultan?" Rustem replies: "Of course she must be informed...and perhaps even Lutfi Pasha is involved..." Hurrem: "You are right...Hatice Sultan cannot dare to be involved alone..." Rustem: "Let us pray that that is the case...because this is stealing money from  the treasury - they must immediately be exiled...and Lutfi Pasha's head will roll... " Hurrem: "In that case, our eyes should be on them, we can hit three birds with one stone..."

    Meanwhile, Bali Bey enters his office and finds Mihrimah waiting there. Mihrimah " I came to ask if you have found anything out about the matter of the letter..." Bali Bey: "I am investigating, but I still don't know who did it.." Mihrimah: "Since they chose this path, they must be very courageous." Bali Bey: "You are right, Sultanim....for this coming to my room, it is not good," Mihrimah says after a pause: "You are right, I did not think of that.I do not want anything bad to befall you."  She smiles at him as if she is waiting for something, but he moves so she can leave and she smiles at him again...then she says: "Are you not curious what I had written in my letter?"  Bali Bey replies: "I can guess." Mihrimah says with a smile: "In that case, I am awaiting your reply." She leaves and Malkocoglu looks worried.

    Later that night in Hurrem's room, Fahriye is ordering the cariye's to hurry up with preparations of the bedroom, when Hurrem enters. She approaches Fahriye who says: "Sultanim, if you have no other commands, I will -" Hurrem hurriedly reponds: "You may leave." Then she suddenly says: "Wait!" She tells the other cariyes to leave and when they all leave she tells Fahriye: "I was not well the other night...I do not know what I said or did, and at that time you saved once again...whatever you ask is yours... " Fahriye says: "Sultanim, other than your trust, I wish for nothing else." Hurrem replies: "I have full trust in you! Why else would I keep you close to me? Anyway, are you going to your room?" Fahriye replies: "Yes." Hurrem calls Gulsum: "Find Sumbul agha for me."

    Meanwhile, Suleyman is eating while Lutfi is speaking to him: "The Bogdan issue is very important, Petro Rares has gone too far, he has not paid his taxes, but he has also threatened Poland." Rustem says: "Looks like he is looking for his death, he gets his courage from Ferdinand and Charles V.  Suleyman: "This mistake will cost him, Lutfi Pasha, warn him one last time either he will pay his taxes, or I will personally go and collect them from him along with his head." Lutfi Pasha: "Tomorrow I will send word to him." Shahin Agha says: "Hunkarim, do you wish anything else of me?" The Sultan says: "No, you may leave..." Then, Ayaz Pasha enters. "Come, Ayaz Pasha." Ayaz Pasha says: "I received a letter from Tekke Sanjak Bey, Iskender...."

    Meanwhile, Fahriye hides behind a wall and waits until she sees Shahin agha. He says: "What happened? Does Hurrem Sultan have an order? Fahriye says: "She wishes to see you." Shahin says: "Fine, I will come later."  Fahriye says: "My agha, she has ordered you to come at once!" Shahin accepts and they go off together...and Bali Bey arrives from behind and notices that they went off together.

    Meanwhile, the Sultan asks Ayaz Pasha what the issue is. Ayaz Pasha says: "He has written that Ramazanoglu has been working with Shah Tahmasp...he says he is preparing for a revolt..." Suleyman says: "These are heavy accusations...is there proof?" Ayaz Pasha: "There are some witnesses...he is continuing his investigation" Lutfi Pasha says: " Forgive me, Hunkarim, but I do not think it is likely - because Piri Pasha (Ramazanoglu) has been a loyal Bey to you and this Devlet. His family and him, have done a big service against the Safavids." Suleyman says that while it is true that he has been a loyal servant - there have been many Beys who go back on their loyalty. The back other door knocks and Bali Bey enters. Suleyman asks Rustem what he thinks. Rustem says: "When I was in the Sancak, I received certain news about Piri Pasha. They said, that he (Ramazanoglu) is unhappy about departed Ibrahim Pasha's execution - but I do not think he would involve himself in a revolt.  The Sultan tells Malkocoglu that there are some accusations against Piri Pasha Ramazanoglu  - that the accusations state that he is working with Shah Tahmasp planning a revolt. Bali Bey says that he does not know too much about him, but from what he has heard so far, it has never been anything bad. Rustem says that: "Everything has a first, so we must think of every possibility and take precautionary measures..." Suleyman agrees with Rustem and tells Ayaz Pasha to immediately investigate and that he wishes to know soon the result...

    Meanwhile in a corridor, Shahin agha says, where are you taking me woman? Where is Hurrem Sultan?" Fahriye tells him that Hurrem Sultan wants to meet him in another room (Meskhane = music room/drawing room) as a precautionary measure. Suddenly, they come upon a person lying on the floor. Shahin agha cries out "In the Name of God! What has happened?" and tries to revive the fallen Agha...who has a knife and stabs Shahin. Fahriye watches nervously...

    Meanwhile, Hurrem nervously waits in her room. Sumbul enters and she says: "Sumbul agha, did you check, was Fahriye Hatun in her room?" and Sumbul replies no. She goes off and Sumbul follows.

    Meanwhile, in the corridor, Shahin agha has been stabbed and is dead and Fahriye hatun says: "Go from here right away! I will go to my room before anyone comes." But Cafer agha stops her: "You will come with me." Fahriye says: "It is not possible, my agha, I must return." Cafer agha says: "No, hatun, the order is this." Fahriye obeys, but then she hits him as he does expect it and he falls, then she runs but he chases her...Meanwhile, Hurrem is walking in the corridors with Sumbul...Meanwhile, Fahriye is fighting off the agha...then suddenly, Sumbul comes across the body of Shahin agha, and they are horrified! They hear a scream and Sumbul tells Hurrem to wait there, but Hurrem follows...they see Fahriye and Cafer agha fighting...Sumbul says: "What is going on over there?! - then he fights Cafer agha "Meloun!!!" but Cafer agha pushes him aside and comes towards Hurrem, she trips and falls and he is about to striker her, when suddenly, Fahriye stabs him in the back...Hurrem moves her arms from her face and notices Fahriye who is badly hurt....

    Back in Shah Sultan's palace, Mercan agha enters the room, and Hatice Sultan asks him for an update. Mercan agha says that there is no update yet from Cafer agha. Hatice is surprised, and says that he should have returned a long time ago. Shah says that they should be patient, and will definitely hear back by morning.
    Hurrem Sultan walks into Fahriye's room and asks Sumbul how she is. Sumbul: "Her wound is not deep. God saved her... As she was trying to save Shahin agha, she almost lost her life!" Hurrem: "I think you mean, 'as she was trying to kill him, right?'... Talk, woman, who are you? Who do you serve? What things have you caused? I want to know." Fahriye: "My actual name is Diana, I was the kalfa of Mahidevran at Manisa. I came with her to the Pay-i-Taht, and she gave me into the service of Hatice Sultan." Hurrem: "You also tried to kill me in the hammam, right?" Dıana: "Yes, Sultanim. When Sumbul agha came to the door, I couldn't do it... Because I was told to kill you without getting caught." Hurrem: "Why didn't you do it after? You had so many opportunities." Diana: "Shah Sultan prevented me. When she heard about the hammam incident, she had me placed as your servant, and made used me as a spy." Sumbul: "You traitor! Only God knows what you told them! Sultanim, give me the order, I will take care of her!" Hurrem: "Continue..."

    In the next scene, Diana wakes up and sees Bali Bey, who says he has been waiting a long time for her to recover. Bali Bey: "Tell me, what happened last night?"Sumbul tells Hurrem that he is surprised by how Diana even fooled him! And says he is sad that he recommended that Hurrem trust Diana. Hurrem says "What has happened, happened. It's important to look to the future." Sumbul: "How can we trust her after all of these incidents?" Hurrem: "If a person who used to be your enemy declares their loyalty/friendship to you, trust them, as they will never be your enemy again. At one point, you were also against me Sumbul agha, now you are loyal to me too!"

    Diana: "I was going to my room... I heard voices, and I ran to help. I saw that Shahin agha was struggling, and on top of him was an agha." Bali Bey: "Are you sure? I saw you walking with Shahin agha." Diana: "You're right, he called me... we walked together, and then I left his side. He was quite distraught. He wanted to see Hurrem Sultan. There was a cariye who gave a statement against Hatice Sultan, who was caught from the port. He told me that she is now missing, and told me to tell Hatice Sultan about it... This is when the incident happened, I barely saved my own life." Hurrem and Sumbul walk into the room. Hurrem: "An agha enters the harem unnoticed, and kills another agha and wounds my closest kalfa." Bali Bey: "I am personally investigating this matter, Sultanim." Hurrem: "I trust you fully. But find this person, because if a gatekeeper agha is killed, then none of us are safe!"

    Meanwhile in Shah Sultan's palace, Mercan agha reports that Diana was wounded, but is living, and that Cafer agha was unfortunately killed. Hatice says that Diana will explain everything, and Shah says: "Everybody knows her as Hurrem's cariye. Nobody will trust a word she says." Hatice: "Hurrem will know..." Shah: "Let her burn. Her most important protector is now dead. We need to get somebody who is loyal to replace him... Then we will surround Hurrem!"
    Diana: "Don't worry Sultanim, I told him everything you told me to." Hurrem: "They are digging their own graves... but they also achieved something, they killed Shahin agha, may God have mercy on him." Diana: "They will want to have him replaced with someone close to them... this was the whole purpose." Hurrem: "I know, but I won't allow that to happen. Tell me about the black magic issue..." Diana: "I don't know what Saliha hatun was doing, but whatever they were putting into the tobacco that was burning was disturbing you. You will now sleep better..."

    Bali Bey: "I questioned Fahriye myself. Shahin agha called her and said he wanted to talk to Hurrem Sultan. After this, the incident happened." Suleyman: "Who could have done this?" Bali Bey: "Perhaps he may have had enemies..." Suleyman: "Could our Sultans have anything to do with this?" Bali Bey: "I don't think so... but Hatice Sultan's cariye was caught at the port the other day, and as you know, she gave a statement against Hatice Sultan... She is now missing..."
    Meanwhile in Manisa, a Janissary Sergeant says "Make way! (for) Shehzade Mustafa the Great!"
    Mustafa signals for them to raise their heads and says: "My soldiers! The swords of Islam! My brave soldiers who are the nightmares of the unbeliever non-Muslims! My warriors! You have returned with light on your faces from the campaign! May God always keep your swords sharp! Our Hunkar made his way towards the non-believers, and they were not able to resist him! The lion of the sea, Hizir Hayreddin Pasha has also come to see my solders! Since he became the admiral of the seas, the non-believers are now afraid to even sail rowing boats! May God keep the faces of our admiral, and our soldiers bright!" The soldier's collectively scream: "AMIN!"

    Meanwhile in the Manisa Harem, Ayse hatun is looking annoyed at Gabriela. Mahidevran asks Gabriela is she is fine, and she responds that she is fine, and that Nargisshah Sultan is beautiful, and may God protect her. Mahidevran says: "You look quite upset... Is it because your ship was burned?" Gabriela: "Yes... I had heavy losses." Mahidevran: "I wish I could help you..." Gabriela: "Actually you can... As you know, when we try to purchase olives and grapes from Smirna, they do not give us a lot... If our Shehzade allowed for us to do more trade......" Mahidevran: "You're asking for trade privileges??" Gabriela: "I hope I didn't say something wrong..."
    Mustafa orders that silver coins be distributed to his soldiers, and the Janissary soldiers scream out prayers for his long life. Barbarossa: "Shehzadem, may God never bring sadness to your happy face... Our soldiers and our people are screaming out your name! Naturally you should hear their voices, but do not allow for their voices to make you deaf..." Mustafa: "Don't worry, admiral, no voice can suppress my conscious."
    Mahidevran tells Gabriela that she will speak to Mustafa about the trade privileges, and if they do not go against the laws and customs, he will help her. Mustafa sees them in the hallway, and asks if Gabriela is leaving. Gabriela says that she would like to host him another evening at her place. She seeks permission, and leaves their company. Mahidevran is left feeling uncomfortable about Gabriela inviting Mustafa "again" at her villa.

    *********PART 2*********

    Meanwhile in the Divan in Istanbul, Rustem says: “I met with the head architect, Mimar Alaettin, and he is working very quickly to complete the Mosque Hurrem Sultan has funded.”  Suleyman asks when they can see the work and Rustem says most likely in ten days or so and that Ebu Suud will himself inform him (the Sultan). 

    Ayaz Pasha is announced and enters. Suleyman asks why he is late, and then Ayaz Pasha says that “the awaited information about Ramazanoglu Piri Pasha has arrived and I was looking into that.” Suleyman replies: “Inform me at once.” Ayaz: “Unfortunately, the the news from Iskander Tekke Sanjak Bey is correct, Piri Pasha is saying that with Ibrahim Pasha’s death the Ottoman Empire has weakened, and because of this, he is trying to get people to rebel.” Suddenly the Kubbe Vizier says: “Forgive me Hunkarim, but never! This cannot even be a possibility! Piri Pasha is a loyal servant of the Devlet-i-alliye-i-Osman (Ottoman Empire), a faithful Bey.....” Rustem says: “That is what we know, but we cannot forget the past, long ago, the family of Piri Pasha was in the service of the Mamluks..he could rebel” Lutfi speaks: “ No servant can be accused based on the things that happened in the past, Rustem Pasha.”

    Meanwhile, in the Bazaar Seker agha is eating a snack when he suddenly hears an announcement made that Ibrahim Pasha’s properties are going to be auctioned. Seker agha goes off to check it out and we see Ibrahim Pasha’s things being looked at by different wealthy persons. Ebu Suud instructs someone to make sure everything is done according to the rules. Suddenly, Matrakci appears and greets him, and he says he came as he heard Ibrahim’s things are being auctioned...Ebu Suud tells him that these are the rules and that he is watching over it to make sure no problems arise. Matrakci tells him that Hatice Sultan has come...and we see her standing in the corner with her face covered.

    Meanwhile Suleyman is speaking to the Divan he says: “Smoke won’t arise from where there is no fire...the Grand Vizier has looked into it and it is obvious that Piri Pasha is involved in revolt” The Kubbe Vizier says that perhaps there has been a mistake and that he awaits the Sultan’s orders to re-investigate the matter. He says let me do it. The Sultan stops him, he asks Lutfi Pasha to take 3,000 soldiers and a ferman (order of the Sultan) will be sent to ge the neighbouring villages and cities to help you - whoever is involved in this, all of them, take their heads (execute them)...”  Ayaz Pasha says to the Sultan: “If you wish, we can give this responsibility to Mustafa and it can be a learning experience for him.” The Sultan agrees that since Mustafa is also closer it will be quicker to complete and orders. Then the Sultan tells Rustem he should return to Diyarbakir and not leave it empty too long.

    As the Sultan is leaving Lutfi tells the Sultan he has an important matter to discuss with him. Meanwhile, Ayaz Pasha is with the Kubbe Vizier and Rustem. The Kubbe Vizier says: “I congratulate you, you took care of the matter with such swiftness! I wonder which Ottoman Pasha you have next in line!” Ayaz Pasha gets angry and says: “What are you accusing me of, Kasim Pasha!?!” Kasim Pasha the Kubbe Vizier says: “Your failures in the Italian campaign are known, is this how you take out your anger for that!?” Rustem intervenes: “In front of you sounds the Grand Vizier! How dare you speak this way?!” Kasim Pasha (Kubbe Vizier): “Who are you to tell me of my limits??”  Ayaz Pasha: “Leave the Palace at once! I do not want to see you!” Ayaz and Rustem are shocked and angry.

    Meanwhile, Ebu Suud is speaking to Hatice Sultan who asks him: ‘Why did you not send word?” Ebu Suud: “Forgive me Sultanim, but this is not up to me.” Hatice sees someone wearing Ibrahim’s Kaftan. Matrakci pays the guy and asks for it. Hatice says she wishes to buy all the properties and that she hopes Ebu Suud will help her in this. Ebu Suud said that he prays for her to have peace and that without rebelling she should simply ask for patience and be happy. Hatice asks: “If you lose the most beloved person to you in life, and then they sell your dearest memories, could you be happy?” Ebu Suud walks off and tells the people that the auction has been finished and everything has been sold. Someone asks how that is possible, that no one is allowed to sell all the stuff at once, but Ebu Suud says that if anyone asks, just send them to him. Hatice says: “Thank you Ebu Suud Efendi, this kindness, I will never forget.” Ebu Suud: “God forgive me! Sultanim, what kindness? If this is a service to you, I am honoured to so such a thing!” Hatice says: “I have one more thing I need from you.” Seker agha approaches Matrakci who is watching Hatice Sultan. He says: “I had to purchase something else, then he asks “wait, is that Hatice Sultan?” Matrakci says: “You neither heard or saw anything, Seker agha, or I will get you!” Seker agha says he must go and look after some duck livers that are probably ready by now.

    Meanwhile, Suleyman enters his room, and Lutfi asks him: “As you know, we have lost our Gate Keeper Shahin Agha - there has been no one yet to replace him...” The Sultan says: “It is apparent you have someone in mind?” Lutfi smiles and says: “If you see it fit of course - but my recommendation is Mercan agha who has served myself and Shah Sultan for a long time.” The Sultan asks who Mercan agha is, and Lutfi says that the Sultan himself had sent him to them long ago - and that more importantly, he is smart and capable, loyal and trustworthy to the Sultan and his family.”

    Meanwhile, Sumbul arrives Hurrem’s room and announces Aslan agha, somone he had told Hurrem about before. Hurrem says that Sumbul really recommended him. Hurrem: “Aslan, agha, the position I am recommending you for is very important,  the only thing I want - loyalty. sometimes you will be deaf to certain issues, and other times you will make sure that birds don’t fly...” Aslan agha: “May my life be sacrificed for you, Sultanim. Serving you is the highest honour for me.” Hurrem says: “ In that case, await news from me, you may leave.” Aslan agha leaves.

    Meanwhile, Ebu Suud is with Hatice in his office. He says to her: “The Mighty Lord is always with the repentant ones, Sultanim, until today, all the sins that you have done, have you repented for it all?” Hatice replies: “I have.” Ebu Suud repeats two more times, and Hatice also repeats “I have.” Then, he says repeat after me: “Oh Lord! From the moment I entered maturity(puberty) up until this point...I am regretful and repentful, for being tricked by the enemies of Islam and those who innovate and forgive me for the sinful things I have said and the sinful things that I have heard and seen, and I regret and repent for doing bad things.” Hatice repeats after him...

    Meanwhile, Mehmet is in his room reading a book, when Esmahan enters. He asks what happened and she says she wanted to see him “they always say you are in your room” and Mehmet replies: “There are a lot of books I am looking through... Mehmet looks at her when she bends to look at the book. Esmahan: “I do not know this language...could you tell me what it is about?” Then, Hurrem enters. She says: “They said you came to my room this morning, and I was worried.” Mehmet says: “There was no specific reason, Validem, I simply wanted to visit you and Cihangir.”  Hurrem asks Esmahan how she is, and Esmahan says she is well and then she takes her leave, saying Mihrimah is awaiting her. Hurrem waits for her to leave then comes close to Mehmet and says: “She comes secretly to visit you?” Mehmet: “She comes and we talk..why are you asking? do you have an issue with this?” Hurrem: “There is no problem with you meeting and talking to her...but not in our room - especially meeting alone - it is not proper.” Mehmet says: “What are you saying, mother? Esmahan is like a sister to me!” Hurrem: “It is for this reason that I am saying this to you. I do not want any bad gossip or rumours to come out of this. Besides - you should protect yourself - protect yourself so that - she should not misunderstand you...” 

    Meanwhile in Hatice’s Palace, Shah Sultan is sitting and Lutfi Pasha arrives. They greet each other and Lutfi tells her that he recommended  Mercan for the position of the Gate Keeper, but that the Sultan said he would think about it for a bit. Shah Sultan replies that this will be bad for Hurrem...if she can, she will try to stop it. Lutfi says that it does not matter if the Gate keeper will be from their side when Ayaz and Rustem are around...Shah Sultan says that do not worry their end will come as well and Lutfi says: “If you help Hatice Sultan - it will be uncertain whose end will come.” Shah says: “What does this mean?” Lutfi: “We are not forced to love Hurrem Sultan, but we should not be crossing her - do not do anything that makes us her enemy, Sultanim.” Shah Sultan thinks over what he said.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is in Suleyman’s room and speaks to him: “How can I not be scared, Suleyman? You know what happened to the Shahin agha - “ Suleyman: “You are head of the harem, Hurrem, and despite this, there is no shortage of incidents.” Hurrem: “This is the problem, Suleyman, our Sultanas are not happy with me being head of the harem. They say, “how is it that a slave can rule the Harem?”....slave...heh...Suleyman, I do not wish to pain you ith these meaningless problems...I will work from every angle -from now on, there will be no problems in the harem..only, there is the issue of handling the the appointment of the new Gate keeper....” Suleyman says: “do not worry about...” Hurrem: “There is an agha, Afife Hatun and Sumbul both trust him and speak highly of him...if you see him fit...” Suleyman: “I have already chosen someone else” Hurrem: “Oh really? Who is it?” Suleyman: “Mercan agha.”

    Hurrem walks out and tells Sumbul to find Rustem....

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is with Esmahan. Mihrimah tells Esmahan that she still has no word...and Esmahan says perhaps he is shy..but Mihrimah says he does not think so. Esmahan says: “You forget sometimes that you are a princess...looking at you is even prohibited. Mihrimah says, he could have sent word in some way...Esmahan says repeats her earlier words, saying that he must be shy and tells Mihrimah “it would be easier if you did something about it yourself” but Mihrimah replies that she does not want to be that forward, and that she will wait for the response.

    Meanwhile,  Matrakci is walking with Bali Bey and Matrakci asks him what is occupying his mind these days as he looks lost in his thoughts, and then he says is there someone on your mind? And Bali Bey says: “Who could it be, Nasuh Efendi?” and Matrakci says: “for example...Mihrimah Sultan...” Bali Bey: “What are you saying Nasuh Effendi! What kind of words are these?!” Matrakci says: “And why not? Our Sultanas admiration for you long ago, is well known.” Bali Bey: “It was just a child’s admiration that is all.”  

    Meanwhile, in Hatice’s Palace, Shah Sultan tells Mercan that Afife Hatun has something to tell her. Afife tells Mercan that the Sultan has appointed Mercan for the position of Gate Keeper. Mercan says that the order and commands are of the Sultan’s but his face looks dissapointed and sad. Afife tells him to come tomorrow to begin his duties. Mercan waits until she leaves then Shah asks why his face has fallen and if he is not happy. 

    Mercan says he is happy working for her and that he wishes not to be removed from her side. Shah tells him that he will still be close to her, and that whenever he wishes, he can come. Then she tells him that he will be serving even better this way. Mercan says if that is what you think is best...

    Meanwhile Hurrem speaks to Rustem. “Shah got what she wanted - Mercan is now in the Palace!” Rustem: “getting into the palace is important, Sultanim, but more important, is staying in the Palace..” Hurrem: “we cannot do anything I will be blamed, that is why we can do nothing except wait.” Rustem says: “It will be soon, Sultanim, Shah Sultan and Hatice Sultan’s end has come...” Hurrem turns around surprised and says: “What does this mean?”Rustem says: “As you know, I am looking for Ibrahim Pasha’s missing treasure...finally it has come to light where it is.” Hurrem: “Where is it?” Rustem: “As you thought, in the Palace...our Sultanas are hiding it...” Hurrem: “how did you find out? are you certain of this?” Rustem: “Today, there was an auction in the bazaar - Ibrahim Pasha’s stuff...but it did not happen because someone bought it all - for 600,000 Akce. The thing is, Sultanim, any amount is recorded but this 600,000 is not recorded...” Hurrem asks: “Could it not be from a loan?” Rustem: “It could, but is much more difficult... I do not think... but there is another explanation.” Hurrem: “Didn’t they search the Palace inside out?” Rustem: “Yes, getting to it is impossible.” Hurrem: “We have to get it out, we must prove it to the Sultan.” Rustem: “There is a way for this Sultanim, we cannot go to the treasure, but the treasure can come to us.” 

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Mustafa arrives at Gabriela’s villa, but is surprised to see two other people there and are kind of bothered by it, Gabriela says that they were already there, she did not know they would be coming and won’t stay long- Signor Benito and his wife - live in Sakkiz Islan as well. She says if it will bother you, I can send them away. But Mustafa says it is alright. 

    Meanwhile, in Mahidevran’s room, Mahidevran is eating and Fidan tells her how the new cariyes have been settled in and the prettiest and smartest ones have been chosen out for Mustafa...Mahidevran: “Be careful with this matter, we must find a woman who will bear a son for the Shehzade..”Then Ayse Hatun arrives and informs her that she went to see Mustafa but he wasn’t there...and Mustafa said “does he have to ask you permission?” and Ayse says “no she just wished to inform her if she wanted to know” and Mahidevran snaps at her and tells her to go mind her child. Then Mahidevran tells Fidan where could he have gone, go find out.

    Meanwhile, Benito tells Mustafa that he is very honoured to meet him. He says that everyone loves him, his just decisions and everything and that everyone wants him to inherit the throne.

    Mustafa: “This is the justice of our great Hunkar. We are simply trying to facilitate it the best way we can...” Benito: “Shehzadem, I have heard that you assisted Gabriela in her trade problems... We also have serious troubles that we are facing as well.” Mustafa: “The troubles that occurred during the Italian campaign have been taken care of.” Benito: “Yes, and we are grateful for that... but some products are given to us in very low quantities. The law that limits the amounts of products we receive is restrictive.” 

    Mustafa:” I understand your excitement for trade. But the rights given to you have been made very clear in our laws. We cannot go beyond the borders of our laws. One of the most important matters to the Devlet-i Aliyye is for the non-Muslim subjects to obtain products cheaply and comfortably. Due to this, the export of wheat, barley, silk and other similar products has been restricted. We can only allow for this if there is a great excess of these products.” Benito: “There are some exceptions Shehzadem... For example, the privilege you gave to Gabriela.” Gabriela: “This was a temporary privilege...” Benito: “Of course, I understand! But this was an excellent decision that can greatly improve the Ottoman economy... Shehzadem, can you at least procure this type of privilege to the Genoese?” Mustafa: “The commercial privilege that I gave to Gabriela was a one-time privilege, as she has pointed out...” Mustafa stands up, and thanks Gabriela for a wonderful dinner. Gabriela asks for his forgiveness and tells him that she warned them to not speak of these matters. Mustafa says: “It is not important. Traders will always be traders.” Gabriela responds: “They will be leaving very soon, Shehzadem. Please stay, I would love to spend this evening with you...” Mustafa: “Is that why you invited your friends?? … Good evening to you...”

    Meanwhile, in Rustem’s home, he asks if Nigar done the preparations yet, as they will be leaving within 1-2 days. He says he was staying in Istanbul due to the matter of the gold, but that is no longer necessary. Nigar asks him if he found the gold yet, and Rustem says: “Ayaz Pasha told me to stay away from this matter. He clearly wants to solve this issue by himself... I am sure that he will have the palace searched once again... The palace that Shah Sultan is staying in. It is clear that they have received information about the whereabouts of the gold... The gold must have been buried somewhere deep... (Rustem smiles and continues...) Despite all my troubles and efforts, he will be the one to get prize and recognition.” Nigar says that the information probably isn’t correct, and she doesn’t think the gold will be found. She then proceeds to prepare the dinner table.

    In the next scene, Hatice is speaking to Shah Sultan and says that the promotion of Mercan agha is important, as they have now cut off one of Hurrem’s arms. Shah says “Yes... Now without our knowledge, she cannot go from one of the the palace to the other.” Hatice says that it is important for them to get Malkocoglu onto their side, and Shah responds: “This is not necessary... Even him being there in the palace will prevent any of Hurrem’s dirty games.” Hatice tells her not to forget about Mihrimah, her childhood love. If something happens between them, then he will be in Hurrem’s hands... I don’t think Bali Bey has anything to do with this.., but who can refuse the sole precious pearl of our Hunkar? (Mihrimah)”

    We see Bali Bey on his balcony, and Mihrimah on hers. They give each other meaningful looks and nods. Bali Bey looks quite perplexed at the dilemma he is in.

    Mercan agha is welcomed to the presence of the Hunkar, and kisses his thobe (ankle-length garment), and thanks the Hunkar for blessing him with his new position and pledges that he would sacrifice his own life for the Hunkar. Suleyman: “A very difficult responsibility lays ahead of you. I have no doubt that you will serve me with loyalty.” Ayaz Pasha enters the room says he has a report about the Kubbe Vizier Kasim Pasha, and that if the Hunkar is fine with it, he would like him to be discharged from his post of Kubbe Vizier.

    We see Sumbul scampering in the hallway, and he cautiously approaches Mercan agha. Mercan: “Aren’t you going to congratulate me?” Sumbul: “The feet have become the head! You malicious demon!!! (Sumbul has a look of absolute disdain in his eyes). Look at you, you’ve started to talk so freely so quickly!” Mercan: “Sumbul agha, from this point on, watch your step. I will be watching you.” Sumbul squeals :)

    Hurrem Sultan approaches them and congratulates Mercan agha and prays for Allah to help him. Mercan thanks her and says he will feel a lot of gratitude by serving her. Mercan ask for permission and leaves the hallway. Sumbul rambles some insults in Arabic. Hurrem: “Leave him for now... we have more important things to worry about.” Sumbul: “You are right... I just heard from Rustem. He spoke to Nigar, and right after he left his house this morning, Nigar left her house as well.”

    Shah asks Hatice about Nasuh Efendi, and says she heard that they went somewhere together, and she is wondering where they went. Hatice: “To the bazaar... They have put Ibrahim Pasha’s belongings on an auction. Ebusuud Efendi was helpful, and I was about to purchase everything.” Shah: “What did you use to purchase them? I hope you spent your own money from your pocket..... HATICE, what are you doing?!?! You cannot even touch a single penny from that money (Ibrahim’s treasure).” Hatice: “It was a huge amount of money that had to be paid! And if I had spent from my own pocket, people would become suspicious!” Nigar walks into the room and reports that according to Rustem, Ayaz Pasha thinks that the gold is in the palace!

    Suleyman asks Ayaz Pasha why Kasim Pasha should be dismissed from his post. Ayaz: “He has been speaking against me for quite some time. And he crossed the line with the last incident. He is telling everyone that your decision to have Ramazanoglu Piri Pasha executed is wrong, and should be prevented.” Suleyman: “Fine, I am dismissing Kasim Pasha from his post. You can tell him.” Ayaz Pasha tells Suleyman that Barbarossa is in Manisa, and together with Shehzade Mustafa, they inspected the soldiers upon their return from the campaign and gave out money to them.” Suleyman: “What is he doing there?!?! If he wanted to go there first, why didn’t he inform me? Why are they handing out money to the soldiers? What is this reward for? We returned from the campaign without fully completing it.” Ayaz: “I myself was not able to understand...” Hurrem doesn’t understand why he is getting upset, and Suleyman responds: “Everything has a place and a time. He can’t just do anything he wants.” Hurrem says that the soldiers really love Shehzade Mustafa, and isn’t it one of his responsibilities to do this, anyway? Suleyman tells her that he wants to be alone for some time, and she leave his room, smiling.

    Shah: “If they find the gold, we will be responsible for it. Are you happy with what you did? All of these are happening because you bought all of those things!” Hatice: “They won’t find anything, and if they do, then it will be my responsibility!” Nigar: “Sultanim... the gold... (is here??)” Shah: “I told you, all of the gold will be sent back to the palace.” Hatice: “No! Never!” Shah: “Don’t be stubborn! They won’t just come after you, they will also blame me and Lutfi Pasha!” Hatice: “Then we will move the gold somewhere else... I will take care of it. I’ll have it done at night time.”

    Kasim Pasha: “Ayaz Pasha is trying to bring about my downfall...” Lutfi: “You’re making a mistake... You are making enemies with the Grand Vizier. Be careful to guard your serenity. I need you in this divan...” Ayaz Pasha arrives on the scene, and tells Lutfi that there are many things to discuss and says “Oh, and Kasim Pasha, you won’t be joining. You are no longer part of the divan. I presented a recommendation to the Hunkar to have you removed, and he immediately approved.” Kasim Pasha gets angry and tries to go after Ayaz, but Lutfi stops him and says: “You were removed from your post... don’t allow for your head to be removed too! God forbid!”

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Mahidevran meets with Yahya Efendi and asks why he doesn’t tell her anything anymore. She has noticed that Mustafa has been going out on some nights. She wants to know where they are going and what they are doing. He tells her not to worry, some nights they go hunting, and sometimes they meet with a council of people, they have conversations and listen to poetry. Mahidevran: “Amongst these councils, is there also a Genoese hatun?... Don’t even try to deny it! He is going to visit her, right?” Yahya: “He has gone once or twice, but do not worry...” Mahidevran enters Mustafa’s room, and he says he would prefer to speak to her after he returns from the divan. She asks him what is going on between him and Gabriela. Mustafa: “What is that supposed to me? Did she come here?” Mahidevran: “No... but you have been visiting her many times!” Mustafa: “I don’t need to explain to you.” Mahidevran: “Did you forget what happened to you because of Helena? Do you want to go through the same thing?” Mustafa leaves the room.

    Benito asks Gabriela if she will be meeting with the Shehzade today, and she says “No, he became very uncomfortable after last night.” Benito: “You must ensure that he gives us commercial privileges. The faster, the better... and in this way, you can be united with your sibling, Lucrezia again.” Gabriela: “Maybe I should tell the Shehzade about all this, he can help me find my sibling.” Benito: “You should be careful... if he found out who you really are, and what you are really doing, it would not be good for you, and would never be able to see your sibling again!”

    Mahidevran walks into Ayse hatun’s room and sees a cariye caring for Nargisshah. She comments that Nargisshan really likes the hatun and asks for her name. The hatun says “Rumeysa.” Mahidevran asks who gave her that name, and Fidan says that she did, as her real name was difficult to say: Lucrezia...

    Meanwhile in Istanbul, Hurrem asks Fahriye if she is healing, and she responds that she is feeling better. Hurrem says that from then on, she will be the closest to her, and she will entrust her life in Fahriye’s hands. Fahriye kisses her skirt and says: "I swear to you that I will be loyal to you until my last breath, Sultanim..." Sumbul enters the room and tells her that a car has pulled up beside Shah Sultan’s palace, and they are moving the gold.

    Hurrem Sultan enters the Sultan’s room and asks if there is any update from the head architect. He says the construction continues. Hurrem says she wants a hospital, religious school, and a regular school to be built at her foundation, and she wants them all to be built at the same time. Rustem arrives with some important information. 

    Bali Bey approaches Mihrimah in the hallway, holding a letter in his hands. They wish each other a good evening. Bali Bey: “About that issue, you told me you were waiting for my response... Forgive me for making you wait...” He hands her the letter, and she says Mehmet is waiting for her (because Mercan agha starts to approach). Mercan says he has something important to talk to Bali Bey about.

    Rustem arrives at the palace of Shah Sultan and says “May your work be easy, agha’s!” He gives a crooked smile to the two Sultan’s, standing at the window and announces: "Make way! (for) Sultan Suleyman the Great!" Suleyman enters the scene on his horse and sees the Sultan’s and the cart filled with containers and says "Open these containers immediately!" Rustem exposes the gold filled inside the containers, and Suleyman is shocked, and stares at the two Sultan’s in disbelief...



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