• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 94 Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION


    The show begins with Esmahan being fitted into her new dress, when suddenly Mihrimah enters her room and says: "Were you not expecting me?" Esmahan: "No, but it's good that you came. How do you like my dress?" Mihrimah: "You did it, didn't you? You gave that letter to the cariyes, right?" Esmahan: "I was the only one who knew about this issue, but now everybody knows about it." Mihrimah: "Yes it is true that everybody has found out about it, but don't forget that the gossip about Malkocoglu was about you, not me. I made everybody think that the letter was written to you." Mihrimah recalls her interaction with the cariyes about the letter: "What is Esmahan's letter doing here? Have my car prepared, I am going to go see her... How can all of you speak about this personal matter regarding Esmahan out in the open like this?" Mihrimah: "Esmahan, I don't know how you find the courage to play these games with that lentil sized brain of yours..." Esmahan: "Leave. Don't ever come see me again." Mihrimah: "I should say the same to you. If I ever see you again I will embarrass you even more!"

    Back in the harem, we see Shah Sultan with the cariyes. Hurrem Sultan enters and asks what is going on. Shah: "As you can see, the salaries that were owed to the cariyes is being distributed... I wanted this, and I am paying for it from my own money." Hurrem: "Do not get involved in things that are not your responsibility, Sultanim... As I run the harem!! I will not allow anybody to wreck the order of the harem." Shah: "You can't even pay the cariyes, and you are talking about the order of the harem?? Is this how you run the harem?" Hurrem: "I don't need to explain myself to you. Afife, everybody should return what they received. I will hand out the salaries later on, according to our traditions." Afife tells them to return the money, and apologizes to Shah, as Hurrem Sultan has to give the order for the money to be handed out. Shah: "It is clear that Hurrem's pointless pride is preventing these cariyes from being paid... All of you (cariyes) should pray that your money is reached to you soon." Every cariye gives Hurrem dirty looks as they return the money.

    In the next scene, we see the war tent of the Hunkar, with all of the Pasha's gathered inside. A soldier announces the arrival of Giray Han (I. Sahib Giray, the Han of Kirim). Suleyman: "Were you able to locate Petru Raresh, the traitor?" Giray: "He has fled to Transilvania. Our soldiers were unable to reach him on time." Suleyman: "This Raresh must be made aware that he cannot escape my wrath." Giray: "The Tatar forces are searching for him and will capture him as soon as possible." Suleyman: "What about the aristocrats that aided him?" Giray: "They were punished." Suleyman: "I don't want my thoughts to remain here as we are fighting Charles' and the Pope's forces. These lands are under your protection now." Giray: "Do not worry. We will continue to serve the Devlet-i Aliyye and the religion of Islam as my ancestors have done."

    In Barbarossa Pasha's cabin, he is speaking to Salih Reis. Salih: "It looks like Andrea Doria ran back to Preveze when he saw us approaching. Do you think it is a trap?" Barbarossa: "I want a secret investigation of the surrounding areas. The Crusader fleet must be around here somewhere." Salih: "If you wish, we can enter the port..." Barbarossa: "First take the precautions on the shores, and then we will enter..." 

    We then see Andrea Doria is his cabin, and a soldier says that Barbarossa's fleet is getting closer to Preveze. Admiral: "The opportunity we have been looking for is here! Let us confront the Ottoman fleet before they enter the port." Andrea: "No need to hurry. They are here to save Preveze. Let them enter." Admiral: "While the wind is in our favour, let us crush them!" Andrea: "We will squeeze them at the Preveze gulf and then destroy them there!" Admiral: "We are missing a big opportunity... Our ships are larger." Andrea: "Instead of disputing with me, obey my orders! Inform our ships that we are retreating from this position."

    Back in Suleyman's war tent, Rustem says Raresh's brother Stephan is on his way to come and pledge his allegiance to you. Suleyman: "Good... What do you think, Giray? Will Stephan betray us like his brother did?" Giray: "I doubt it. The future of those who do things like this is clear." Ayaz: "News from Barbarossa is not good. The Crusaders have attacked Preveze." Lutfi: "Do not worry, Pasham. He will be dealing with this situation and we will receive good news from him soon, God willing." Suleyman: "May Allah help him. His conquest or his failure will be significant..." Bali Bey enters the tent and says he went out for a reconnaissance mission and was stopped by a priest, and according to him, some of our soldiers have attacked the property and lives of some of the people living in this area. Suleyman: "Who did this??" Bali Bey: "I looked into the matter, and one of our soldiers has taken a calf and one soldier has taken some barley without permission. I have brought both of them here." Suleyman: "The raya (non-Muslim subjects) are entrusted to us by Allah. How many times did I sent out orders telling the army not to unlawfully take what is not theirs? The criers announced it for days at the army camp. Cut off both of their heads so that it is a lesson to everybody else." 

    We see Suleyman, the Pasha's, and the Shehzade's overseeing the execution. Rustem asks Selim if he is doing alright, and he tells him he is fine. 

    Rustem: "Stand up straight. Make sure to not flinch or look anywhere else." The two men are executed and Suleyman pats Selim on his shoulder. Suleyman is then handed a letter from Hurrem. Rustem then walks into Selim's tent to comfort him, and Selim tells him to leave him alone. Rustem: "When I was your age I could not look at blood. But as time passed, we get used to everything..." Selim: "Help me Rustem Pasha, I want to be a worthy Shehzade to my father the Hunkar..."  Rustem: "You already are, Shehzadem. But do not worry, I will be beside you in each step you take from now on."

    In the next scene, we see Suleyman reading the letter that Hurrem wrote him:


    Put my face to the ground, and allow me the great pleasure of kissing the soil on which you step...
    The sun of my nation, the wealth of my happiness, Sultanim!
    If you ask about me, I am burning from the fire of this separation, my heart is in ruins, my eyes are filled with tears, I have sunk into a world where its evenings are separated from its days, I have fallen ill from loving you desperately...

    Like the nightingale, my pain has not ceased. I have fallen into such a state in your absence, may Allah not even grant this problem to unbelievers!

    My happiness, my Sultan. Days have passed without receiving any news from you. Allah knows that I have not experienced any comfort, 

    I constantly cry from the evening till the morning, and then again from the morning till the evening. This world has become a small place for my eyes. I do not know what to do...
    My only request from Almighty Allah is for your quick return, to be able to see your figure, and to give me the opportunity to touch my face to the dust at your feet...

    Sultanim, I beg you to please send me your response quickly, as I swear to Allah that if one or two weeks pass by without a messenger, the people will be in an uproar and will say many things. Please do not think that I am asking you this for my own personal craving...
    I pray for, and kiss the eyes of Mehmet and Selim... And your subjects Beyazid, Cihangir, and Mihrimah touch their faces to the dust at your feet, and kiss your hand (out of affection)... I pray that you accept it."

    Meanwhile, we see Hurrem smiling to herself, remembering Suleyman...there is a knock on the door (interrupting her thoughts) to Hurrem's room, and Sumbul and Rakel Hatun enter. Rakel greets Hurrem and Rakel excuses her having come late because she had so much work. Hurrem asks if she has learned of the gold being taken and Rakel replies that Sumbul had informed her and she is very sad for that. Hurrem tells her that it is obvious someone learned about the gold transfer and asks if it could have been someone in from her own (Rakel's) Villa, but Rakel replies that she kept Hurrem's name out of it and did not inform anyone of the matter...then she says it must have been someone from the harem, but Sumbul replies that it is impossible, because he was the only one who knew about it. Rakel says someone must have followed him then, but Sumbul says it is impossible! Hurrem says the issue is not now about what happened, but that she will need some more money to be prepared, but Rakel says she doesn't have that much coin left. Hurrem looks worried...

    Meanwhile in the main hall of the harem, the cariyes are talking to each other about their allowances when Fahriye shouts: "What is going on here?!" A cariye says: "Fahriye Kalfa, I wish to speak to Hurrem Sultan." Fahriye says: "About what, hatun? If there is something to say, tell me." The cariye: "The condition is bad, Fahriye Kalfa, nobody even has 5 cents in their pockets!" Fahriye: "Who are you to dare to complain about our great Hurrem Sultan?" Another cariye: "Days have passed, but there is not even a word from Hurrem Sultan. Shah Sultan was going to give us money - but she (Hurrem) stopped it." Fahriye steps forward. "Silence! Sit down with manners the way you are supposed to! Otherwise, I swear by God, I will break your legs!" She walks off leaving the girls quite frustrated...

    Meanwhile in Hurrem's room, Hurrem says to Rakel that aside from her (Rakel) she cannot take a loan from just anyone...Rakel replies that she can recommend a very close family friend of hers, a merchant of Venice, and that if Hurrem wishes, she can bring her to meet her...Sumbul asks if that was the same woman that Rakel had gone to Genova with, and Rakel says ah yes, it is the same woman. Hurrem thinks for a moment, then tells Rakel to bring her, much to the worry of Sumbul. Rakel agrees and leaves and Sumbul says: "Sultanim, you know the best of course, is it fit to get a loan from a Venetian merchant? As you know, we are in a state of war with the Venetians...God forbid if this gets to our Hunkar's ears - " Hurrem says: "We will pay back the loan before our Hunkar arrives. And this will stay secret. Other than you, no one else will know." Sumbul says: "Sultanim," Hurrem replies: "Sumbul agha! I am forced to do this! It is imperative that we give their allowances right away. While Shah Sultan is waiting for me to make a single error, I won't give a chance to her." Hurrem says she will sell some of her lands to pay back the loans....

    Meanwhile, Hatice is asks Shah Sultan what she is waiting for and that today or tomorrow, the cariyes will revolt. Shah tells her that since she has been waiting for years, she should just wait a little longer. Hatice says: "From this point, there will not be a better opportunity. Let the cariyes revolt. There cannot be a better opportunity than this, let us leave the cariye's to rebel. In this way no one can put the blame on us." Shah replies: "Do you think Hurrem did not already think of these things? She has taken precautions from every angle. Also, I will make sure Hurrem is worse than dead." Hatice's cariye enters and tells her that a "Sahra Hatun" has arrived. Shah asks Hatice who Sahra hatun is, and Hatice replies, she is someone who has a blessed voice, and she called her to pray for her...

    Hatice meets Sahra in her room. Hatice tells her that people have high praise for her and the woman replies that they are making her out to be better than she is...then she asks Hatice what she wants from her and how she may be of service to her. Hatice says: "I wish to find the grave site of Ibrahim Pasha...I wish to know where he was buried...two years have passed, but I still don't know...my nights are not nights, and my days are not days...I wish to pray for him there..." Sahra replies: "It is not in my hands, Sultanim, but only you can find it..." Hatice asks what she means. Sahra replies: "You will sleep..." Then she hands her a rolled paper. "You will pray this prayer and then you will sleep...a woman will come to you...don't be afraid of her...she will take you where you wish to go..."

    At night, Hurrem is walking through the harem corridor with her daughter and her entourage, and Mihrimah asks her mother how long this money issue will last, and why she does not send word to the Sultan about it. Hurrem replies saying that how can they busy the Sultan over their own troubles when he is at war? Then she adds that she has anyway found a solution to the problem and that soon there will be no more problems...A cariye then approaches and bows "Sultanim" Fahriye says: "Go back to your place! Go back to the "stone-courtyard" (the place where the cariye's stay and sleep) " but Hurrem turns around. She asks Fahriye what is going on. One of the cariye's say: "Sultanim, it has been quite some time we wish to speak to you, but Fahriye hatun doesn't let us come to you." Hurrem asks what happened and another cariye  replies: "Some words are going around, and according to them, you have paid your own servant girls their allowances, and on top of that with some extra." Another cariye adds: "What is our crime Sultanim? We want it to." Afife hatun arrives and Hurrem motions to her. Afife warns the girls not to listen to gossip and that they should return to their places!" Hurrem leaves to go, when one of the cariye's says: "Forgive me, but we do not have any patience left." Hurrem is surprised and turns around. She tells Afife to take the girls for falaka and after that put them for a while in the dungeon, so they can see what happens to those who revolt. Hurrem walks away angry...

    In the next scene, the girls are being punished with the falaka to their feet, as the other cariyes are watching on. Afife tells the aghas it is enough, and to take them to the dungeon. In the hallway we see the cariyes being taken away and then we see Nigar and a:  cariye watching from a corner. Nigar turns to the cariye and says: "Good work, hatun, Shah Sultan is greatly pleased with your service." The cariye expresses her gratitude towards Shah and then asks if her work is over then, but Nigar replies that it has just started, and asks the cariye to keep stoking the fire (making things worse). Then Nigar pays her and the cariye prays for Shah Sultan...

    In Manisa in the morning, Yahya is in Mustafa's room looking at a map. He tells Mustafa that: "As the fleet is away, the Portugese are taking advantage and doing as they please in the Mediterrenean Sea. As Hadim Suleyman Pasha went to the campaign in India, they saw an opportunity, they are not only attacking our ships, but they are also attacking villages on the shore..." Mustafa: "This isn't a new thing. For years, we are going through such problems...especially in Alanya and its surroundings." Yahya: "The governors are also helpless. We have to find a solution to this problem." Mustafa says: "There is a solution Taslicali - the Alanya shipyard...what is it's condition, do you have any information on it?" Yahya: "From many years, its been like that...Why did you ask?" Mustafa: "We are going to revive that shipyard, as a strong fleet in that area is necessary."

    Yahya agrees with him, but says that they must share this idea with the Sultan...then there is a knock at the door and Rumeysa enters with a tray.  Mustafa tells Yahya to prepare information on that shipyard, and that he wishes to send word immediately to the Sultan about it. Yahya says he will leave if there is nothing else and he leaves. Mustafa asks Rumeysa for water and then looks at her whens he is not looking and she looks at him when he is not looking...

    Meanwhile, Mahidevran asks Ayse Hatun how Nergis Shah is and is she looking after her properly...Ayse says she is of course, and she is well thank God. Then Mahidevran notices something is the matter with Ayse, so she asks her why she doesn't smile anymore and if there is an issue. Ayse says how dare she would ever have a problem, and that no, she should be getting back to feed her daughter. When she leaves Mahidevran asks what the matter is with Ayse and Fidan says that Mustafa never calls her...even on Thursday nights anymore...Mahidevran asks what the problem is and Fidan says as Mahidevran had ordered, she (Fidan) has been sending different cariyes to Mustafa..Mahidevran smiles, but says even so, you have still been unable to find a cariye to bear a son for Mustafa!"

    Meanwhile, Rumeysa waits for Mustafa to finish his water and then he turns and approaches her saying: "Rumeysa, why did you decide to stay here when you could have been free and rich alongside your sister Gabriela?" Rumeysa says: "I told you my Shehzade, I am happy in your harem." Mustafa says: "I can see that hatun, but still, I say again, if you regret it later, tell me...I will free you and send you to your sister..." Rumeysa says: "That is impossible my Shehzade, only when I die then I will go..." She takes her leave...

    Outside in the hall she is smiling when she sees Fidan who asks her what she is doing. Rumeysa responds that she was filling for a sick girl, and Fidan tells her to hurry and go get Mahidevran's food ready...Rumeysa says she will go of course, but she says it in an annoyed way and Fidan tells her to watch her tone as it is not important which family she comes from or from where...and that they are all Shehzade Mustafa's slaves...Rumeysa tells her not to worry and that she is happy with her situation. She scolds Rumeysa and tells her to get going.

    In Hatice's room, Hatice is praying the prayer the woman gave her, while she is lying down. Downstairs in the main area, we see Esmahan sitting down and we hear Shah enter and say: "Esmahan?" Esmahan gets up to greet her mother...Shah says: "Is Hatice not here?" Esmahan replies that she is in her room...Shah and Esmahan sit down together. Shah tells her daughter that she should keep an eye on Hatice...that the silence is not a good sign...Esmahan replies: "I wish you would think about me for a little bit.." Shah asks what this means and Esmahan replies: "Hurrem Sultan stopped my marriage to Malkocoglu. Are you going to stay silent in the face of this?" Shah replies: "It has nothing to do with Hurrem, Esmahan, our Hunkar did not see it fit..."

    Meanwhile in the harem in the Palace, we see through the curtain, the cariye's sleeping. The one Nigar payed off, is only pretending to sleep and opens her eyes and pulls a dagger from under her bed. She walks over to one of the cariyes who was beaten earlier by falaka, grabs her throat and starts cutting it. (Kind of traumatic!).

    In the next scene, Sheker agha and Sumbul are relaxing. Sheker says: "What will happen to this condition of ours?" Sumbul asks: 'What condition?" Sheker replies: "The hatuns, the aghas...everyone says they have no money, I am in the same situation..." Sumbul: "Only you were left to complain!" They talk about how Mercan agha has ruined their lives and their regular routines. Sumbul: "Don't say that devil's name! I swear he enters my dreams every night!" Sumbul says tomorrow is a big day, as they have found money and they will give out the salaries that are owed to everybody.

    Sumbul then hears one of the cariye's screaming loudly in the harem and goes to take a look; he then sees that the cariye has been murdered. Fahriye wakes up Hurrem Sultan who goes to check on the situation. Afife: "Selviye hatun was found with her throat cut..." Hurrem: "This hatun..." Mercan: "Is one of the hatun's beaten by the falaka and thrown into the jail cell earlier..." Hurrem: "Find out who did this, I will punish them with my own hands!" Sumbul: "Girls, speak up about whatever you know regarding this matter... One of you must have seen something!" Hurrem: "The killer is among you... Afife, you Sumbul and Mercan question everybody! If the killer is not found by the morning, all of you will be thrown out of the palace!!!" Sheker agha jokes with Sumbul agha and tells him he wants to kiss him :)

    The next scene shows Hatice, dreaming. She sees a mysterious figure enter her room in her dream, and she is not able to move her body at all. The figure says: "Hatice, don't be afraid... breathe! Ask me about what you want to know!" Hatice: "Where is Ibrahim's grave??" The figure places its hand on top of Hatice's face, and Hatice gets up and starts to follow her. We then see a flash, and Hatice is seen in a forest; she continues to follow the figure. She then sees the figure kneeling on the ground, and Hatice is suddenly woken up by Shah Sultan. Shah: "Are you okay???" Hatice: "I'm fine, I just saw a nightmare..."

    Back at the palace, Sumbul and Afife enter Hurrem's room and claim that they have located the killer, who has hidden the dagger underneath her bed. The hatun is brought forward and asks for forgiveness, saying: "I only woke up to drink some water... Sumbul agha saw me too! I swear I didn't do this!" Hurrem: "I know... It is clear they chose to sacrifice you. Do you see, Afife, how they setup these traps against me?" Hurrem then gives the order to execute the hatun, who then begs for mercy. Hurrem: "Don't worry hatun... Send her secretly to my house at Tepecik, and provide for her. But everybody should know that she is dead."

    The next morning, Suleyman is seen addressing Stephan. He mentions that due to their betrayal, the gold and gems in the Suceava palace have been added to the Ottoman treasury. Suleyman: "Your brother has fled, but we will chase him until we catch him... Stephan, I am appointing you as the Voyvoda (commander/ruler) of Bogdan, for your loyalty."  Stephan: "You have made me extremely happy, Hunkarim. Bogdan is at your service. We will obey whatever your command us to do." Suleyman: "My Pasha's have prepared the agreement. You are to sign it." Lutfi: "At the command of the Voyvoda will be 500 Janissaries to keep the peace. The Voyvoda will come to Istanbul every two years and pay the tributary tax and to re-affirm his loyalty. The Kili castle that was burned by the rebellious Voyvoda will be repaired, and the Ak Kirman castle will be strengthened. South Bessarabia has been annexed by the Ottoman Empire." Suleyman: "You will tell aristocracy that you signed the agreement as the new Voyvoda, and you can tell them that Kanuni Suleyman has forgiven them."

    In the next scene, a soldier approaches Rustem Pasha and brings him the letters that are addressed to the Sultan, including one from Shehzade Mustafa. Rustem keeps the letter from Mustafa.

    Back in Manisa, Yahya presents Mustafa with a report about all of the tasks that must be filled in order to revive the Alanya shipyard. Mahidevran asks about the shipyard and Mustafa says he ordered the shipyard at Alanya to be revived. Mahidevran: "Where did this come from? Does our Hunkar know?" Mustafa says he sent him a letter to inform him, and then tells Yahya to immediately get all the supplies prepared and sent to Alanya. Mahidevran asks if the Hunkar has responded yet, and Mustafa says no. Mahidevran: "Do not forget that it is extremely forbidden for a Shehzade to assemble and use a naval fleet..." Mustafa: "This fleet is just a precaution for this area and will be given to the command of the nearest governor." Mahidevran warns him to wait for the final approval of the Hunkar and reminds him about how Hurrem and the Pasha's allied to her had laid a trap for him in the past. Mustafa: "Should I live my life being afraid of them? Do not forget that I come from the blood of the conqueror of Sultan Fatih, I will definitely not bow down before anybody!"

    Rustem Pasha is briefly shown burning Mustafa's letter.

    In the palace garden, Hurrem says to Mihrimah: "Don't worry, everybody will be getting their money to the last penny." Mihrimah: "Finally, Sumbul agha hasn't even allowed me to leave my room in fears of a riot... Who are these enemies? Hatice and Shah Sultans?" Hurrem: "The actual enemy has not yet shown their face... Mahidevran..." Mihrimah: "She doesn't have any power, how can she be?" Hurrem: "Just like my biggest treasure is you and your siblings. She also has a treasure who she gets all her power and courage from.." Mihrimah: "Shehzade Mustafa..."

    Back at Manisa, Mahidevran says: "My lion (son), you are upset with me but I just want you to be careful... You are the only hope of the dynasty." Mustafa: "As long as I am alive and well, Hurrem Sultan will not have peace." Mahidevran: "This is actually the grave matter... Hurrem Sultan does not want you to live! She sees every breath that you breathe as a threat to her own children!"


    Mahidevran tells Mustafa that: "Hurrem sees you as a threat to her own children and because of this, she will use every opportunity to attack you." Mustafa turns and replies: "I am telling you for you to be rest assured, Validem. If she does something, I will not quietly take it. She will get her like response from me. And on top of that in the language she speaks (in a way that will affect her)." Mahidevran says that no, that he should simply not give her any opportunity, and that she will deal with her. Mustafa asks her what this mean and she says whatever a Shehzade's mother should and would do, that she will protect him, and that for his sake, she even happily accepts to be in the fires of hell.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is speaking to Mihrimah: "They have found opportunity in your father not being here...if they could, they would choke me and your brothers with one spoon of water. Mihrimah replies that she does not believe her brother would take part in such actions. She says: "he loves us, he is loyal to his brothers..." Hurrem says that: "True, but when there are so many enemies around us, but it will be difficult for him to endure. Be certain that one day  he will come in front of you as an enemy." Then an agha approaches and tells Hurrem that the Venetian woman, Signora Portia has arrived. Hurrem tells him she will come...Then Hurrem turns to Mihrimah and tells her that they have to be careful...against everything we must be careful...and asks if she understands...Mihrimah says she knows everything and that she wishes to help her mother, but she does not let her...Hurrem says she knows and the reason for that is because she does not want any harm to come to her...But that Mihrimah just being by her side, gives her strength. "You are a Sultana, and on top of that, a Sultana from birth. Our Hunkar's soul's soul, his blood's blood...not Shah Sultan, nor Hatice Sultan, no one is more powerful than you. I want you to see what I don't see, to hear what I don't hear, and the things I don't say, you say, say them so that when I fight for your brothers I do not have to look behind me." Mihrimah says that she should not worry, she has already given her a promise before, she will always be by her brother's sides, and that she should not doubt it all - that she will protect them with her own life. Hurrem: "This is my Sultanim! Let us go back to the Palace."

    In the palace, the cariyes are getting their allowances and Fahriye tells them that as they can see Hurrem Sultan did as she said. Mercan asks where Sumbul is, and Mercan asks where they money came from and Fahriye says she does not know. Hurrem Sultan cannot be questioned as to her wisdom. Mercan smiles sarcastically. The cariye who killed the other girl is now asking Fahriye where the murderer went. Fahriye  tells her she was executed. Fahriye scolds her for asking and tells her to take her money and get a move on....Just then, Sumbul passes by with a woman and Rakel Hatun and Mercan looks on suspiciously.

    In Hurrem's room, Rakel introduces Signora Portia, and Hurrem greets her, Portia tells Hurrem that just like every other woman in the world, she was curious about her and that she is even more beautiful than what everyone says. Hurrem gets shy and Sumbul presents the loan document which Hurrem signs with her seal. She thanks Portia, telling her that in a time of war such things happen. Portia tells Hurrem she is honoured to serve her...Hurrem tells her she will pay back as soon as she can and Portia says that when she receives the money back, she will return the document to her.

    Meanwhile in the harem, the real murder cariye asks Fahriye where Hurrem got the money from...is it true it came from a merchant? Fahriye gets angry, the girl tells her she was just curious, but Fahriye asks who told her to ask such questions, but from now on her eyes are on her. The girl tells her she only asked, but Fahriye scolds her. Afife tells the girls to go to the hamam...Then Afife gives Fahriye a letter for Hurrem from the Sultan. Fahriye asks which girl would like to have the honour and the girls come forward...

    Later in Hurrem's room, Hurrem is with Sumbul and Sumbul tells her that thankfully they are over this issue...Hurrem tells him to sell some property under her name and keep it quiet, and especially from Shah Sultan. Hurrem says there is something in Shah's mind, but what? Then a cariye enters with the Sultan's letter...Hurrem is happy and Sumbul gets it from her and then hands it to her and motions for Sumbul to give the girl a gift...Hurrem tells them to leave her alone and she impatiently opens the letter:

    "My love with beautiful hair, bow-shaped eyebrows, my love whose eyes cause discord and strife, Sultanim, Padishahim, Hurrem.

    Allah is my witness that instead of dealing with these unbelievers, and the smell of blood and gunpowder, I have prayed day and night to be able to have the chance to inhale the scent of your rose-smelling hair.

    I thank Allah Almighty that your letter has reached me so quickly like a godsend. You have asked about your Padishah, who has fallen from your rosy-face. I wish you had asked about Layla and Majnun (a famous tale about two loves), then you would find out that they are thankful for their condition, and you would get upset and embarrassed with yourself for doubting me. 

    I thank Allah that other than being deprived from you, I have no other troubles or worries...

    Mehmet Han and Selim Han are doing well and are healthy. They became happy when they heard about your prayers for them. The news you have given me about my Beyazid, Cihangir and Mihrimah has made me very happy... As long as you are with them, I have nothing to worry about.

    Oh my beautiful eyed, silk-haired, slender and graceful love, my Sultana, my Padishah, Hurrem. This Muhibbi has fallen ill with your love. 

    Oh the cure to my heart... Perhaps a cure will reach my from your lips..."

    In the next scene, Celalzade reads out a letter from Barbarossa:

    "Khan of Khans, the one who bestows crowns to kings, the shadow of Allah on this earth, the center of this earth, my Padishah, 

    We came across the largest fleet I have ever seen or have ever read about in history books, comprised of ships from Spain, Venice, Genoa, the Papal State, Florence, and Malta's fleets, under the command of Charles' forces.

    The enemy had roughly 300 ships, 140 of which were heavy galleons. Other than the thousands of men who were rowing the ships, they also had a force of over 55,000 men. Whereas I had 140 ships and 20,000 men under my command. If you were to combine the forces of both sides together, taking into account the rowers, there was at least 120,000 men, which is such a great scale that something like this has never been seen or heard of on the seas.

    Hunkarim, I called all of my Reis's to my cabin and consulted with them. Salih and Turgut, despite their great courage recommended that we stay near the shores until the Crusaders had left. I did not accept their opinion. The enemy had more forces than us, but this was not devastating to me, rather it was a favour to me from Allah! The only thing that worried me was the wind, as if it had not stopped, the enemy ships would have had a huge advantage over us..."

    Barbarossa: "Hassan! Write as many ayat (passages) from our Holy book the Qur'an onto as many sheets of paper that you can find, and then throw them off the sides of our ships while praying to Allah. Send news to all of the other ships to do the same! We are going to pray to Allah for the wind to stop..."

    Crusader Admiral: "Barbarossa made a mistake in coming near us... We will destroy him with our swimming castles (their ships)!" Andrea: "With God's permission. Their fleet will be sunk to the bottom of the sea today!" Barbarossa: "Allahim (my Lord), please bestow your favour and mercy upon us today. Allow us to defeat these unbelievers..." We then see one of the Crusader soldiers scream out: "The wind has stopped! The wind has stopped!"

    Back at Barbarossa's ship, he is calling out to his Reis': "I thank Allah that He has heard our voices, and has granted our prayers! Get to the cannons! Man the cannons so that this Crusader force can feel the revenge of the great army of Islam!!! Allah is Great! Allah is Great!

    His letter to the Hunkar continues...:

    "I was in charge of all of my ships. But Andrea Doria not only didn't have command of his forces, but he had no control of anything! We also had the advantage of having stronger cannons that could reach father than our enemies cannons. I kept my ships far enough to ensure that we would not get hit, and the enemy commanders were going insane, as they were not able to do anything! A moment came where Doria became aware that his situation was laughable, and he started to flee! But it was too late! We had already broken the back of the enemy fleet! Our ships were faster and more flexible, so we caught up with them and beat them as we pleased. I gave Turgut Reis the command to do the last blow, and as the enemy was stuck in between our forces, Doria was forced to retreat his remaining forces. The attack only lasted from noon prayer until the sunset prayer. He commanded all of his remaining ships to surrender, and this was the final embarrassment for them, but since it got dark soon after that, he was able to take half of his remaining ships and flee. With Allah's permission, we gained a victory at Preveze. The world has once more kneeled down at your feet.

    Your servant,
    Hizir Hayreddin"

    Suleyman: "Hassan Reis, this news you brought has made me very pleased. Ask of me what you wish." Hassan: "Presenting the victory of Hizir Reis is the greatest gift for me, Hunkarim..." Suleyman: "My Pasha's and Bey's, with Allah's permission, we have gained victory on the wars we have been waging on all three fronts! We will spread Allah's name from where the sun rises to where it sets. We will, Allah willing, spread the flag of Islam to higher peaks, without falling into arrogance or pride."

    Back in Hurrem's room, Sumbul agha says "According to your orders, your farms were sold and the funds are ready." Hurrem: "Excellent, inform Portia about this so that she may come and receive her money." Sumbul says he will inform her. Sumbul says there is another issue as well, that the Hunkar has reached Edirne and should reach Istanbul within 10 days. Hurrem thanks God and says the preparations for welcoming the Hunkar should begin.

    Meanwhile in Hatice's palace, Nigar walks in and reports that Mehmet Muhiddin Efendi has purchased Hurrem Sultan's lands according to Shah Sultan's orders. Shah: "Perfect timing. Do whatever is necessary for the deeds to be transferred over..." Nigar then leaves the palace. Shah: "I will not allow for all of that land to be given to others." Hatice: "The Hunkar is already at Edirne and you are busy with these issues." Shah: "We have come so far Hatice, be patient. Hurrem is going to find her end from our Hunkar." Hatice: "Don't dream... He could be ruling three continents, but he cannot rule over one woman." Shah: "I have taken my precautions, don't worry..."

    Back in Hurrem's room, Portia is welcomed into the room and Hurrem tells her that her gold is ready, and she can take them away, and can return the document to Sumbul agha. Portia: "Sultana there must have been a mistake... I don't have the document... I sent it to you... An agha and a kalfa came to me 10 days after meeting with you, they said you sent them. I was quite surprised. They gave me my money and I gave them the document..."

    Hurrem is seen angrily walking in the courtyard of Hatice Sultan's palace. She confronts Shah by saying "You have something of mine..." Shah: "I don't know what you're talking about." Hurrem: "Stop playing games, I know you paid my debt." Shah: "You, as the wife of the Hunkar, go and take a loan from a Venetian hatun, and then come and confront me about this issue??" Hurrem: "This is my debt. I have the money ready. And she is just a merchant, she has nothing to do with politics." Shah: "You should've looked into her... as she is from Andrea Gritty's family. They are our enemies!" Hurrem: "I brought your money, give me the document..." Shah: "Sorry Hurrem, but you're too late. I will explain this issue to Hunkarim, as he would want to know how you disrespected the honour of the dynasty..."

    In the Edirne Palace, Ebu Suud Efendi is complaining about Mashuki: "As you know, his father, Pir Ali is one of us, but unfortunately a man cannot choose his own son. I cannot even say the things he is saying, he says things that denies the existence of God. He is confusing the people!" Suleyman: "Why are you allowing him? Do something about it..." Ebu Suud: "I warned him a couple of times. He is young, his blood is wild. I think we should drive him away from Istanbul; he doesn't need to get any more attention." Lutfi: "He is right. There are people who follow him." Ebu Suud: "I will warn him once and will send him back to his home town." Suleyman: "Let's talk about this again when we get back to the Pay-i-Taht, as I have lots of respect for his father." Barbarossa is then welcomed into the room. Suleyman: "I sent word to all corners of the empire, everybody is talking about your victories!"

    The Crusader alliance is discussing what happened with Barbarossa. Venetian: "If you hadn't put Doria as out admiral, things wouldn't have turned out like this... He didn't attack when the wind was in our favour, and when the wind stopped, Barbarossa attacked us one by one." Andrea: "That is what will happen if you don't obey my orders and do your own thing!" Venetian: "Is that why you fled?" Andrea: "I defeated Barbarossa at Tunisia." Venetian: "So you are going to boast about the past now??" Charles: "The French king should be happy; he sold out the Crusade for his own petty interests! We hadn't given up the Mediterranean to the Turks, and now even that is gone!" Pope: "History will not forgive those who betrayed the mission of Jesus!"

    Meanwhile some aghas are putting a the Sultan's gift, a cloak on Barbarossa. Suleyman is praising Barbarossa, extolling his feats and calling him "Aslan-i-Derya/Lion of the Sea" and prays that since he has made him smile, May God also make Barbarossa's face smile. Suleyman tells Barbarossa, that whatever he needs for his ships, gold, soldiers, whatever, he can take...

    Meanwhile, in Manisa, Mahidevran is asking Fidan if she is taking care of the new cariyes that have arrived. Fidan says she has her eyes on them  and whatever needed to be done, has been done.. Mahidevran then tells Fidan: "Prepare some entertainment for our Shehzade, it is been so long he has not enjoyed entertainment." Rumeysa watches out from the corner. Mahidevran tells Fidan: "Choose only the most beautiful, only the talented. Before they are presented to the Shehzade, I would like to see them." Fidan: "As you wish." Fidan leaves and Rumeysa is smiling, knowing what she will do...

    Meanwhile, Mustafa is in his Divan. Mustafa praises Barbarossa and Yahya, smiling says tha Andrea Doria ran off and Mustafa is pleased, saying that why would Andria Dora remain around when he would have to deal with our Hunkar's anger? He would of course run!  Lala remarks that he (Charles V) had his eye on the Pay-i-taht and that he must have  learned his lesson after this. Lala: "One more issue, Shehzadem... Supplies have been sent to Alanya, and the shipyard will soon start to function." Mustafa: "Excellent." The Divan is dismissed and everyone leaves except Yahya and Mustafa. Yahya approaches Mustafa and tells him that everyone is under the impression that the Sultan knows about the Alanya shipyard reopening. Mustafa responds that the Sultan has been sent word anyway. Yahya replies: "That might be the case, but our Hunkar has not written a response to your letter as of yet. This is not a good sign." Mustafa tells Yahya to be rest assured and that if the Sultan did not want it to happen, he would have informed them somehow.

    Fidan is asking an agha if everything is ready for the entertainment. The agha replies that all is ready, the cariyes and the Shehzade's room is also been prepared. Fidan tells the agha to go check it out and make sure there is nothing lacking and that she will go check on the girls...Fidan arrives in the main harem where the cariyes stay and ask why the girls are not finished yet. Then she notices that they are in fact ready. Fidan asks another kalfa if she has instructed them about the rules the girls are to follow. The kalfa replies she has, when suddenly Rumeysa appears all dressed up. Fidan asks what she is doing here, and why she is dressed this way....Rumeysa says that Mahidevran has asked her to also join. Fidan asks why she was not told of this, and Rumeysa says she does not know, she simply told her to..Fidan says well alright, and tells her to join the other girls. Then she tells them that it does not fall to just any girl the chance to be able to make the Shehzade happy. She advises them not to act except with respect.  Later the girls are dancing and Rumeysa tries to catch the Shehzade's attention.

    Meanwhile, Mahidevran is playing with Nergis Shah when she says: "Aww, you are sleepy! She gives the baby to Ayse's cariye and then she  turns to Ayse and says: "Ayse, you also go with our little Sultana." But Ayse is lost in thought. Mahidevran asks where her mind is, does she not hear her talking to her? Then Ayse asks forgiveness. Fidan enters and Mahidevran asks her how the entertainment is going and Fidan tells her not to worry and that the cariyes are dancing in such a way that the Shehzade looks very pleased. Mahidevran smiles, then she asks where Rumeysa is. Fidan tells her that she is among the other girls, dancing. Mahidevran asks her if she sent her but Fidan says that no, in fact Rumeysa said that you are sent her. Mahidevran says: "Wow, look at her...how she has played it!" Fidan says that she will go get her at once and deal with her. Mahidevran says no, let her, seeing as she desired to go, let her. She is also like the other cariyes, here to make him happy.

    In Mustafa's room the dance comes to an end and although Mustafa is looking at Rumeysa he is holding back a smile. When the girls leave,  Rumeysa looks soo happy. Fidan approaches her and tells her that she lied and that she keeps doing strange things, and then she asks or is that you are in love? (she says this sarcastically) but when Rumeysa smiles, she realizes she is in love. Fidan says: "That is why you did not go with Signora, you stayed for the Shehzade. Then Fidan says: "How dare you! Who are you to be the Shehzade's gozde (favourite). Rumeysa smiles. Fidan says: "Be thankful that you get to serve our Sultana." Rumeysa speaks: "I will not only be his gozde, Fidan hatun, I will be the mother to his son!" Then an agha approaches. He tells Fidan that the Shehzade has asked for the woman he has chosen to be prepared. Fidan asks which hatun? Rumeysa smiles until she hears the agha say: "Zelihe Hatun." Fidan smugly turns to Rumeysa and says, snidely, that her tricks didn't work, and that she should know her place and her limits. Fidan tells her to go to the hamam, wash herself and remove these clothes and wear her regular attire and come to her senses. Then she adds: "And don't you dare ever lie to me again!" Fidan turns to the agha and tells him to get Zeliha Hatun ready.

    Meanwhile in Hurrem's room, Hurrem speaks to Sumbul and Fahriye. She tells them that they have no choice but to get the document from Shah Sultan otherwise they will not be able to save themselves..Sumbul asks: "How?Shah Sultan will hold on to it dearly...we cannot even go into her palace!" Hurrem asks: 'Whose side are you on, Sumbul agha?!" Sumbul says: "Waaayyyy, of course on yours, but the situation is obvious - it is just my humble opinion. We have to see what to do from this point on -  because our Hunkar will find out!" Hurrem asks Fahriye what she thinks. Fahriye replies that Sumbul has a point, that they cannot go to the palace. If Shah Sultan were to leave, then it could be possible." Hurrem asks how and Fidan says: "Either she gives the paper, or her life. Which do you think she will choose?" Sumbul says how can we do that to a Sultana! This time we will all be under fire for that! (then he blabs one of his babbly sayings,)  Hurrem says they have one or two days to see what they can do...

    Back in Hatice's palace, Shah and Gulfem are discussing Hurrem. Gulfem says: "I wish you did not tell her...she will and can now do anything. Did you forget what she did to Hatice Sultan?" Shah says: "I did not forget, how could I?" Shah reassures her that she has thought of all the possibilities and that tomorrow she will leave and go to Edirne. She will personally inform the Sultan. Gulfem thanks it is good, and then Shah convinces Gulfem to come with her, saying it will be fresh air for her and when Gulfem brings up Hatice and she worries about her, but Shah says she will take precautions...then they discuss Husrev Pasha and how they will have to get her married as soon as possible, but Shah says it is true, but she worries about her talking all crazy - she is worried Hatice will take her life.

    Meanwhile, Hatice is in one of her dreams again and she sees the hooded person kneeling at a grave and then the  figure gets up and turns and Hatice sees Nigar's face. She wakes up suddenly, and says to herself: "Nigar! It means you knew!"

    Later that night, Fahriye enters Hurrem's room. Fahriye tells Hurrem that she just saw Gulfem speaking to Afife hatun telling her that she will leave. Hurrem asks where. Fahriye tells Hurrem that Gulfem mentioned Edirne, and that she will going along with Shah Sultan. Hurrem gets angry and says: "Shah Sultan would never let this opportunity go, of course, but only God knows what she will go and tell over there!" Fahriye says: "This is an opportunity for us, Sultanim. If she goes to Edirne, she will be forced to take the document with her." Hurrem says: "It is obvious we have no other choice. Prepare right away. Tell Sumbul to get his most trusted men together. Shah Sultan will not reach Edire with that paper!" Fahriye leaves...

    In the morning, we see Shah Sultan's carriage and inside, Gulfem is telling Shah that she is worried about the same thing that happened to Hatice. She says that the Sultan never did anything to Hurrem up until today for the things she did. She will not believe this. Shah says that he will believe it. She will do what she can to make sure of that. Shah continues saying that Hurrem will not win this time...She shows the document and says: "This is her death sentence. I will personally deliver this to the Sultan..."

    Some men hide out in behind the trees as the carriage comes down the road. The men jump out and attack the guards and one of the men makes it to Shah's carriage and opens the curtain...

    Meanwhile Hurrem is in her room and Sumbul is telling her not to worry as he chose the best men and they will get the document. Sumbul says he is worried from this point on that Shah will tell the Sultan about what happened and Hurrem says: "She won't, as smart as she is, she is also proud." But Hurrem looks like she doesn't find comfort in her own words...

    Back in Shah's carriage, she asks the man if he knows who she is, that if all their heads will roll...Gulfem is frantic and prays. The man asks where it is. Shah yells where is what?! The man says "Where is the document?!" Shah says: "This is Hurrem's work!" The man puts his dagger to her throat and Shah says  that I do not think you got this kind of order, so the man goes to Gulfem and puts the dagger to her throat. Shah tells him to leave her and she will give him what he is after. She pulls out a rolled document from a compartment by her seat and gives it to him...he leaves and Shah looks angry...

    Meanwhile, Nigar enters Hatice's palace and asks why she was called, if something bad happened to Shah Sultan. Hatice says no, and so Nigar asks why she called then. Hatice is acting strange so Nigar asks if she is well. Hatice says: "Nigar Hatun. Where is Ibrahim's grave? Don't dare to deny. You know where it is, is that not true? You will take me there..." Nigar says: "How could I know, from where?" Hatice says: "Do not lie! You lied so many times, not this time! I saw you..." Nigar wonders and Hatice says: "In my dream I saw you, you were at his grave and crying..."Nigar says: "Please, Sultanim, don't. Who could tell me where it is? It is not even obvious if there is even a grave..." But Hatice looks at her with certainty that she knows...

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is speaking to Fahriye asking her why there is still no news, or maybe they didn't get the document. Fahriye tries to calm her down and Hurrem tells her to go check it out...that if they didn't do it, she will punish them with her own hands...but then Sumbul enters with the document and says "Good tidings!"  Hurrem is pleased...

    Meanwhile in Edirne, Suleyman is speaking to Bali Bey. He says: "I can understand your position, but you cannot live the rest of your life like this, you will have to have your own family..." Bali Bey says: "One day maybe I will be given this destiny...God willing...There is a knock and an agha announces Shah Sultan...The Sultan gets up and greets them and surprised to see Gulfem..then notices their face...he asks what happened and Shah Sultan says that they got attacked and almost got killed...Suleyman asks who could dare.

    Hurrem happily opens the document to find that it is not the loan document.....

    Suleyman asks Bali Bey to find those men and bring them to him...Shah tells Bali Bey where it happened and Bali Bey leaves...Suleyman asks why they came and Shah tells him that there was a very important document she wished to deliver to him, but they wished to take it from her...but she had taken precautions for every possibility...Gulfem looks surprised. Suleyman says "which document? Who wished to take it from you?" Shah Sultan says: "Hurrem, Hunkarim. She was the one who ordered to attack us." Then Shah pulls out the document and says: "And the reason for this is this..." Suleyman takes the document and gives an angry look....

    THE END!
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