• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 87 Preview

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    Episode preview from: http://www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Hatice goes when she sees the letter that Shah Sultan wrote to Ibrahim and expels Shah Sultan from her palace. Even though Shah Sultan says that this is one of Hurrem's games, her secret has become revealed. 

    Suleyman, who is on the Italy military campaign feels the absence of Ibrahim Pasha more than ever. Meanwhile in Manisa, Shehzade Mustafa meets a mysterious woman. When Suleyman finds out about the things that happened to Hurrem, Shah Sultan is called by the Sultan to explain her actions.
    Hurrem, who thinks she has ruined the plans of her enemies finds herself dragged into an unexpected trap.

    The letter that was written years ago brings two siblings against each other. Shah Sultan tries to convince Hatice that she did not write the letter, but Hatice thinks that she has been betrayed. Her reaction is very heavy. Shah Sultan prepares a new plan to ruin Hurrem's game.

    With the difficulties that they are facing in battle, Suleyman is becoming increasingly isolated. He misses Ibrahim Pasha very much. Shehzade Mehmet and Bali Bey go out on a reconnaissance mission and are attacked. Mehmet gains the recognition of Suleyman for his bravery and strength.

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Shehzade Mustafa becomes saddened with the news that reaches him from the campaign. He is also busy with listening to the complaints of foreigner merchants, but also ends up meeting a woman from Genoa (Italy). She is famous for her beauty and her bad temper, and this catches the attention of Mustafa.

    Suleyman finally returns from the war. Hurrem explains everything that happened while he was away immediately. Shah Sultan appears in front of Suleyman to explain her actions, and she is surprised to hear about Hurrem's allegations.

    Hatice becomes very serious about getting revenge on Hurrem. She works together with a mysterious woman from Manisa to set up a scary trap against Hurrem. 

    What will Hatice do now that she has learned about Shah Sultan's secret? Will Shah Sultan be able to break Hurrem's game? What is the trap that is made against Hurrem?


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