• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 84. Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

    Source: www.startv.com/tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Note: Some newer characters: 
    Shah Sultan = Hatice's sister
    Esmahan Sultan = Shah Sultan's daughter
    Lutfi Pasha = Shah Sultan's Husband
    Mercan Agha = Esmahan's/Shah Sultan's/Lutfi Pasha's trusted servant

    We see Malkocoglu Bali Bey, and he is suddenly surrounded by men in armour. ´We have orders to take you - either you come with us, or you will die.´ Bali Bey: ´And you will kill me?´ Then we see the Vatican. There, a man tells the Pope that the Sultan has executed Ibrahim. The Pope wonders why, but the man says no one is certain; however, they are saying that his increasing pride and arrogance brought about his downfall. The Pope says anyway it is a good thing for us, he is gone. The Sultan lost his own right hand, and that too, by his own doing. Another man named Signor Gioanni, the Pope asks him if he did what he had asked. Gioanni responds in the affirmative and says that his Venetian people are going to setup a trap for one of the Sultan's closest confidants, Bali Bey. The Pope says: "Great, this way the Sultan's anger will be aimed towards the Venetians, and Venice will thus be forced to work with us and Charles V."

    The scene goes back to Bali Bey as he defeats all the enemies, he chases after the last one, and throws his dagger, and after the guy has fallen, asks him who hired them, but the man dies.

    In the next scene, Gulfem speaks to Afife. She says ´I have a brought a a Kalfa from the old Palace, she is a good person, if you could give her a job here. ´ Afife agrees, then Gulfem introduces Diana as ´Fahriye Hatun´ and tells her that Afife Hatun is the Bas Haznedar (Head Treasurer) and that she must obey her.

    Hurrem sits in her room when Sumbul enters. She asks where Shah Sultan is, and Sumbul tells her she left earlier, and went to Hatice Sultans Palace. Hurrem says ´ Mahidevran is there too, Beyhan Sultan and Gulfem and now Shah Sultan is including herself with them in the coalition of hate against me´ but Sumbul says no I do not think so, perhaps she is simply visiting, being her sister, but Hurrem says ´So is that why she met with the Sultan, asked him to put her husband Lutfi into the Divan, and then while looking into my eyes, she says I am not Hatice?´ Sumbul says, ´ I am not sure about Shah Sultan, but Hatice Sultan is in a lot of pain, she will try to take revenge against you.´ Hurrem tells Sumbul ´ keep your eyes on Shah Sultan - it may be that she will help Hatice in her decisions. Hurrem says Shah tried to get close to me (as in fakely) and she trusts herself very much, but she doesn´t know me yet.

    In the next scene, Mustafa is looking at Ibrahim's empty office, when Ayaz Pasha enters. ´You wished to see me?´ he asks. Mustafa says: ´ I wished to congratulate you personally, you are now in a very important position.´ Ayaz: ´You should have no doubt that I will do everything within my power to be worthy of serving the Sultan and yourself.´ Mustafa: ´Do you recall who put you into the Divan?´ Ayaz says: ´May Allah have mercy on him, Ibrahim Pasha did that for me´ Mustafa: ´Everyone knows the service he did for this Empire. He led us to great victories. There should be no doubt, that, great men like him do not come easily to this Empire. Isn´t that right?´ Ayaz Pasha: ´Of course´ Mustafa: ´But now he isn´t here, this was his room, Ibrahim Pasha was removed from his position by being strangled. It should be a lesson for everyone, Ayaz Pasha. - The most important thing, is this Hanedan (family), pasha. Just like until now, this Hanedan, should be served in the right way, I have no doubt. You may leave.´

    Later, Hatice looks outside at the missing statues of Ibrahim. Mahidevran says ´ It is better this way, Sultanim, looking at those would give you more pain.´ Hatice: ´ It was the Sultans orders! He wants every trace of Ibrahim to disappear from the world. I wont let this happen. Ibrahim served the Devlet (Empire) so well that - he won the battles so well that - his memory will certainly live on in the world. ´

    Outside, Shah Sultan asks Gulfem why Nigar came. How could she dare to enter this Palace. Gulfem says she came to ask about her child. Shah Sultan says ‘she is left without any parent - do you know where she is staying?’ but Gulfem says she does not. Meanwhile, Hatice asks about Diana. ‘She is in the Palace, Sultanim, her name is Fahriye from now on, and she is working as a Kalfa (Ranking female servant of the Harem). Beyhan interrupts them saying ´Hatice, look we have a guest (she says this in a sarcastic way, as we now know she does not like Shah) - Shah i huban finally came.´ Mahidevran says: ‘We have to keep Shah Sultan close to us. Especially after her husband having entered the Divan.´ Hatice: ´How they are circling like cultures! Ibrahim’s death is giving everyone a free pass!´ Mahi: ‘Lutfi Pasha is a good person, Sultan, having him against the vultures in the Divan is a good thing.’ Shah Sultan enters. Mahidevran congratulates Shah Sultan for her husband’s appointment to the Divan.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem speaks to Sumbul. Hurrem: ‘It cannot be like this, Sumbul, I am not going to wait silently against this.’ Sumbul says ´we will take our precautions, we shouldn't take the first move, we should be careful.’ Hurrem: ‘Sumbul, get an entertainment party ready for tonight - food, dancing, the cariyes (servant girls), and do not worry about expense.´ Sumbul: ´Sultanim, your thinking is the highest, but Ibrahim Pasha’s forty days (mourning period for the dead that was the custom) has not passed. What would our Sultans (Hatice, Shah Sultan, Beyhan) say?’ Hurrem: ‘The harem is not theirs, I rule over the harem, they cannot stop me.’ Sumbul says ‘There is no doubt in that! I simply worry about the Sultans reaction, if it will bother him?’ Hurrem thinks about this.

    Meanwhile, Mahidevran tells Shah Sultan how happy she is that she will be staying in Istanbul. She remarks that Hurrem will not enjoy this. Shah Sultan says ‘and who cares what she thinks?’ and Hatice says ‘I care, I care what she thinks. I want her to feel pain. Feel pain like I felt.’ Mahi: ‘And she will, Sultanim, soon she will face her punishment.’ Shah Sultan looks at her suspiciously, wondering what she means. ‘What does this mean?’ Mahidevran says: ‘Paying the price of her sins - if not today, then tomorrow God will punish her, isn't that so?’ and Shah Sultan replies ‘yes, every sin has a price - when are you leaving Mahidevran? I would like to speak to Mustafa one more time.’ Then she leaves to check on the children.

    Mahidevran asks Hatice why she doesn’t share their plans with Shah Sultan. Saying that she could help us, and Lutfi Pasha might become Grand Vizier too. But Hatice says: ‘The fewer the people who know about this, the better, Mahidevran and besides, it is not certain about her support - she would just stop me, and tell me to wait, tell me I should be patient.’

    Later, Diana argues with a servant girl and then she slaps her Sumbul interferes asking Diana who she is, and Diana tells Sumbul she is Fahriye from the old Palace, and then Sumbul scolds the servant girl. Afife comes and Sumbul says he wanted to see her, telling her about the party Hurrem ordered and Afife wonders why but Sumbul says, it is by Hurrem Sultans orders. Afife looks disturbed by this.

    Mustafa sits with his father outside discussing the Italian campaign. Mustafa says he spoke to Hizir Hayreddin Pasha and that the preparations for the Italian campaign are smoothly and quickly. The Sultan says that we will continue to do our preparation, but on the other hand, we are also following along with the progress of what has been happening in the Christian lands, because we are planning to begin the campaign according to the date they have set. Mustafa agrees, and says that even if the French King François (Francis II) seems like an ally to us, he may not be able to withstand pressures from the Pope and Charles V. The Sultan asks him if he has any recommendations on the issue.  Mustafa says we should leave as soon as possible for battle and not leave any room for potential alliances (between France and the other Christian kingdoms). And then, Mehmet arrives.

    The pashas leave the Divan and Rustem calls out to Ayaz. ‘is there a problem?’ Rustem asks him how the Sultan, after Ayaz’s advice, choose Lutfi Pasha for the position. He wonders if Ayaz Pasha even spoke to the Sultan about Rustem. Ayaz Pasha responds by saying ‘Since you want to hear, then listen, the Sultan does not think you are qualified for this.’ Rustem asks if Ayaz also thinks that, but Ayaz says, it is not important what I think, it is important what the Sultan thinks.’

    The Sultan, Mehmet and Mustafa talk outside. The Sultan says ‘We were talking about the campaign, Mustafa was saying you should come with us. ’ Mehmet says ‘I would love to more than anything! After my appointment for Sanjak, although it is not apparent where I am going, but the spring is coming -’ The Sultan says: ‘I wanted to also speak to you about this,’ Mehmet says ‘You decided where to send me?’ The Sultan: ‘First of all, I wish you to join me in the war. After that, if by Gods Permission we return safe and sound, then we will decide about the Sanjak.’ Mehmet gets sad. ‘But you had decided - ’ The Sultan says ‘This way is better.’ Mustafa: ‘Dont be sad, Mehmet, you will be joining us for war! This is very important before going to Sanjak.´ Mehmet: ‘As you see fit, Hunkarim.´

    Meanwhile, Zumrut meets Yahya outside Hatice Sultans Palace, and hands him a letter. Mahidevran watches from the window. Yahya: ‘Zumrut, tell her that I will wait for her here.’ Zumrut tells him, ‘if Hurrem Sultan finds out, not just you, but it will affect Mihrima.’ Yahya says, ‘what are you saying?’ Zumrut says ‘I simply worry about Mihrima Sultans future.’ But Yahya tells him to mind his own business.

    Mahidevran walks out and says hand me the note. Yahya says it is not what she thinks, but she forces him to hand it to her. She reads it and says: ‘This means, tomorrow you will meet. Mihrima is brave like her mother! What did I say to you? Did I not tell you to go back on this love?!’ Yahya: ‘Sultanim, forgive me, it isn't in my hands - ’ Mahidevran: ‘You have to! You who are the life companion of our Shehzade! You who are supposed to be protecting him and watching out for him - but now you are doing things behind our back!’ Yahya: ‘I would never!’ Mahi: ‘I know your intentions are not bad, you are loyal to the Shehzade, but this is going to become a weakness for you. And I wont let this happen! This weakness will draw you into the claws of ugly alliances and betrayals.’ Yahya: ‘Sultanim, I would never betray you and never will.’ Mahi: ‘You will make a decision, Taslicali, you will either come with us to Manisa, or you will stay here.’

    Rustem is in the hall when he meets Hurrem. He tells her how he met with Ayaz Pasha and that he doesn’t think Ayaz spoke to the Sultan about recommending him, but Hurrem says no that somehow, Shah Sultan found out about the recommendation and went and spoke to the Sultan and had Lutfi Pasha chosen. Rustem recalls himself telling Lutfi Pasha earlier that Ayaz Pasha called him to Istanbul in order to recommend him to the Sultan, and assumes he must have planned this with his wife. Rustem says that Ayaz Pasha is weak and Lutfi Pasha is strong, saying that Shah Sultan also is sneaky, so she must be careful from them, and that especially for the sake of Mehmet's future. Hurrem says for him to be at peace. She will do as she wishes.

    At night, the party takes place, and Hurrem Sultan, enters along with Mihrima and Esmahan Sultan. Mihrima makes eye contact with Zumrut and her mother becomes suspicious. She says to Mihrima ‘I have heard Yahya is here, God Willing you haven't met him?’ Mihrima says she hasn't and Hurrem says because next time I wont forgive you.’

    Meanwhile, Matrakci and Yahya are in the Meyhane (pub) when Bali Bey comes and they greet each other and they all sit down.

    Meanwhile, Hatice falls asleep in Ibrahims office and Gulfem and Mahidevran worry about her, because they could not find her in her bedroom. They worry how she doesn't eat. She says that even breathing is hard. She says at least let me find some happiness thinking of Ibrahim. Mahidevran says: ‘Until Hurrem faces punishment there will be no happiness for any of us. She has even had a party arranged tonight!’ Hatice asks what party?

    Meanwhile, at the part, Mercan agha enters and scares Sumbul. He asks what is going on, and Sumbul says sarcastically ‘sorry for not asking you’ but Mercan sees Hurrem and understands. Esmahan says she is so happy to be in the Palace. Mihrima asks her mother if they may leave, but Hurrem says no do not be in a hurry, you can leave later.

    Hatice meanwhile keeps asking what party? Mahidevran says, don't worry about her. Gulfem says that Hurrem is holding the Eid entertainment which she had earlier said she wouldn’t hold out of respect. Hatice becomes furious and orders an agha to prepare the carriage so she can go.

    Meanwhile, Bali Bey and Matrakci talk in the Meyhane, they discuss Ayaz Pasha and Lutfi Pashas appointments. Yahya brings up Rustem, saying Ayaz Pasha recommended him, and Bali Bey says who is Rustem? Matrakci says I will tell you later who he is. Then Bali Bey asks, why was Ibrahim Pasha strangled?

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan and Lutfi thank the Sultan for his appointment of Lutfi as Kubbe Vizier  The Sultan says that he will build a palace for them, and Shah Sultan says thank you and then leaves. Outside, she meets Mercan and asks him if he is‘ following the woman’ and he says he is. Mercan agha informs her of the entertainment party Hurrem Sultan has organized it and she is there now. Shah Sultan asks why she was not informed of it? She wonders how this could be while her sister is suffering? She wonders how Hurrem did it, after she had said she would not hold any entertainment before. Then she says‘ it is apparent that she is working over my head!’

    Inside the Sultans room, Lutfi Pasha talks to the Sultan about who will replace him in his old position in Anadolu. The Sultan asks if he has someone in mind, and Lutfi says, Mehmet from Diyarbekir, saying he is a good man. The Sultan says he will think about it, and also consult Ayaz Pasha. Then when Lutfi leaves, the Sultan sees Shah Sultan waiting, and asks if something happened. Shah says she wanted to tell him to meet Cihangir, he really misses his father.

    Meanwhile, Mustafa meets Mehmet who is sadly thinking at his balcony. Mehmet says ‘What is this state of yours? Is it because of the Sanjak issue? The Sultan has full faith in your capabilities, it is only because you will be much stronger if you go to Sanjak after going for the campaign (war). Mehmet says : ‘You wanted this, isn't it? You stopped me from going to Sanjak?’ Mustafa: ‘Why would I do that? The Sultan saw it fit to decide this - ’ Mehmet replies: ‘why else would the Sultan change his mind? It is obvious you spoke to him.’ Mustafa: ‘Why would I do this?’ Mehmet: ‘That is what I am worrying about - why don't you want me to leave for Sanjak?’ Mustafa:‘Mehmet, are you understanding what you are saying? How can you think such things! May Allah be my Witness that, other than thinking for you good, I have no other thoughts about you. You don't trust me?’ Mehmet:‘Of course, I do. Forgive me, Abi (older brother), I really wanted to go. I just said those things in anger.’ Mustafa: ‘Mehmet, let whoever say whatever they want, or whoever do whatever they wish, you are not my rakib (competitor), I promise you, I will not be a part of those dirty games for the throne. And I know you wont be either. ’

    Meanwhile, Hatice enters the harem and sees Hurrem. She says to Afife ‘how could you allow this?’ Then she storms into the party and says: ‘Silence all this!’ Hurrem: ‘Sultanim, I did not know you were here.’ Hatice: ‘In this palace, a Grand Vizier died. A groom of the Dynasty died. The forty days have not even passed yet, who dares to even think about organizing a party like this!?’ Hurrem: ‘Sultanim, if you wish, we can speak about this issue in  my room. ’ Hatice: ‘I do not have anything to say to disgraceful people like you.’ Mihrima: ‘Be careful of your words, Sultanim’ Hatice: ‘What did you say?’ Mihrimah:‘You cannot insult my Valide.’  Hurrem at first happy, later says, ´go to your room, Mihrima, right away! when the Sultan arrives in the hall, he sees Mihrima crying. He overhears Hatice saying to Hurrem: ‘You are doing it on purpose arent you? Is it not enough what you have made me go through? You took Ibrahim away from me, what else do you want from me?’ Hurrem: ‘Sultanim, this has nothing to do with you.’ Hatice: ‘Afife Hatun! Get everyone out of here immediately, the party is over.’ Suddenly, Sumbul announces the Sultans entrance.

    He enters the room. ‘Return to your palace, Hatice’ Hatice: ‘When I am in mourning, Hurrem arranged a party in the harem! How can she do this.’ Sultan: ‘I allowed it. Return to your palace.’

    Mihrima enters her room and she says she wishes to be alone. Then she calls Zumrut back. She says she wishes to meet Yahya in the gardens as she does not want to go to Hatice Sultans palace.

    Later, in Shah Sultans room, Hatice asks Shah Sultan how she could let it all happen, but Shah Sultan says she just found out newly as well. She says, ‘how did you think the Sultan came? I brought him there by an excuse, I thought he would get angry and interfere, but he allowed it himself, anyway!’ Mahidevran says that Hurrem has become more powerful over the Sultan. and Shah Sultan says and whose fault is that? Mahidevran replies saying, ‘so now I am at fault? if it wasn't for Valide Sultan I would have already taken care of her.’ Shah Sultan replies, ‘dont look for excuses, she clearly ran over you and passed you by. And not just you, Ibrahim too, and Hatice. Beyhan asks Shah if that is why she is afraid of Hurrem. Shah responds saying she is not afraid of anyone, but Beyhan says what are you waiting for? Shah Sultan says whatever you guys tried, nothing happened, and if you continue then Hurrem will spread you on bread like butter! Hatice says that Shah Sultan should have known about the insult to Ibrahim (the party) and should have stopped it. Then she leaves, followed by Mahidevran and Beyhan.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is in her room with Suleyman. Hurrem is crying. ‘For this many years, I have received every type of insult in existence, whatever I do, I am at fault. And now they blame me for Ibrahim's death. Everyone is talking about this. And this is actually a disrespect to your orders.’ The sultan responds to her saying that ‘Hatice is in pain and takes her anger out on you - don't ever make it your worry, do not be sad about it.’ Hurrem replies ‘Of course, I can understand Hatice Sultan, may Allah never show the same pain to anyone, but the situation is clear if she had done her mourning in the harem, then it would have been a flawed decision (but since she isn't part of the harem, it isn't something wrong). ’ Suleyman: ‘My Hurrem, whenever I fall into darkness, I get lit up again by your beautiful face. Whenever I fall into pain, I thank my Lord that your healing hands are a cure for me.’ The next morning, Yahya waits for Mihrima in the gardens of the Palace. There she says that finally she got to see him, if she could meet somewhere else alone, without fear, hiding, it would be so wonderful, just the two of them. Yahya tells her that he is going to be leaving soon. She says ‘how much longer is this going to last, you there, me here - I am not complaining, we just need time, but handling it is hard.’ Then Yahya remembers Mahidevran's words about making a decision.When she asks what he is thinking about, he replies that ‘I am engraving the memory of the pain in your eyes, and I pledge to you that this sight will never leave my memory.’ She says, we are again being separated right? He says ‘yes the time for separation has come, I have come to say goodbye to you - and - we shall never meet again’ She asks what he means. He says,‘ just like you always used to say, we do not have a future together.’ Meanwhile, Hatice sits with Mahidevran. Hatice says: ‘You saw her, Hurrem has incited her against me.’ Mahidevran replies saying ‘her tongue is as sharp as her mothers’ Then Diana enters the room to meet Hatice. Hatice says are you sure no one knows where you came from? Diana says that Gulfem took care of everything. Hatice says you know why we brought you here? And Diana nods. Back in the gardens, Mihrima frantically asks Yahya what happened. She says ‘What changed? Just until yesterday, for me you - ’ Yahya: ‘This is for the best - maybe we wont see each other for years, you asked earlier, ‘you there, me here, how can this continue this way’ and on top of everything, when there is no way of hope.’ Mihrima ‘Is this what you understood from the things I said?’ Then she leaves. Meanwhile, Diana says to Hatice: ‘I am doing everything to get into good terms with Sumbul.’ Hatice: ‘Great. Sumbul is important.’ Diana says do not worry. Hatice says: ‘You do not have a lot of time, woman - before Ibrahim's 40 days are over, you will take Hurrem's life. If you do this - ask me for whatever you wish from me!’ Mihrima storms into her room and yells at her servants to get out and leave her alone, and she cries. Nigar talks over Ibrahim's grave. ‘I should actually be angry with you. First you loved me, and you pampered me, and you opened up your big heart to me, then you tore me out of your heart and threw me away. Actually I shouldn't be crying, but I cannot help myself. Where are you Pasha? Where are you right now? Where did you go leaving me and my daughter? Don't you know that after everything, I still love you?’ Suddenly, Shah Sultan appears. She says that ‘Mercan followed her for days and he said you always goes to a grave continuously, and then I worried about you. I assumed this is where Ibrahim Pasha must be buried.’ Meanwhile, Hurrem meets with Ayaz Pasha and tells him that she trusted him, but he went back on his words. Ayaz says, I am always in your service, but Rustem is not suitable for this position. Hurrem says did you forget that when Ibrahim became Pasha, he was just simply a Head of the Sultan's chambers. Ayaz: ‘It was the Sultans decision anyway.’ Hurrem: ‘You will do whatever you can, and you will get Rustem into the Divan - do you understand me Ayaz Pasha? Do whatever you can and get him in. ’ Ayaz: ‘According to the traditions, and procedures, first he has to be a governor of a large province, and then he can enter the Divan.’ Hurrem: ‘If that is the case, then what are you waiting for? and I do not want any excuses this time. I do not want excuses.’ Meanwhile, Shah Sultan asks Nigar if anyone else knows where Ibrahim's grave is, but Nigar says ‘no, just Matrakci who buried him here, and then brought me here, otherwise how would I even come to know.’ Shah Sultan says ‘I know you loved him - I know everything, Nigar, Hurrem told me everything the moment she got the chance - Ibrahim Pasha left a tearful woman and a child. Nigar - do you know where your child is?’ Nigar answers saying, ‘if I knew, would I wait, Sultanim? I would have brought her to me.’ Shah Sultan says: ‘You know who has brought you to this sad state, right Nigar?’ Nigar nods. Shah sultan: ‘Do you want to get the snakes head? Do you want them to pay for what you have suffered?’ Nigar says: ‘I want that more than anything, but how can I? And I am going to have to return when Rustem returns,’ Shah Sultan says: ‘We do not know what tomorrow holds. Patience is a virtue. Stay beside me. Just as long as you do what I say it is enough. I will help you.’ Nigar asks what she wants from her. Shah: ‘I will tell you, Mercan is my right hand, do not trust anyone but him, right now go to him, I will come - I wish to pray for Ibrahim.’ Then, Shah Sultan recalls Ibrahim's words to her saying ‘it is apparent that your love for me has changed into hate.’ says over Ibrahim's grave: ‘Ibrahim, Pargali Ibrahim, I swear that your blood will not remain on the ground (as in your death will be avenged). Meanwhile, Mustafa says to the Sultan after the Divan meeting. ‘Mehmet was very sad about the Sanjak issue. We talked for a while, but now he is doing better. ’ The Sultan says ‘I wish to always see you this way - when are you returning?’ Mustafa: ‘Tomorrow, I do not wish to leave my post and duties for too long - but my mind will be worried about Hatice Sultan, Beyhan Sultan will also be leaving.’ The Sultan says: ‘Shah Sultan will stay here, she can be with Hatice.’ Then Malkocoglu enters. They exchange greetings. ‘Seeing you again is such an honour for me’ Bali Bey says to the Sultan. Bali Bey says: ‘I wished to bring you good news, but unfortunately, I have to bring you some bad news. There is something very important that should be brought to your attention.’ Meanwhile, Hurrem visits Mehmet in his room. Hurrem: ‘Mehmet, my son, I found out that you will be going alongside your father on the campaign, this made me very happy, as I know how much you wanted this.’ Mehmet replies: ‘In that case, you also found out that I am not going to Sanjak, is that not right?’ Mehmet says: ‘What you wished came true’ Hurrem says: ‘Mehmet I can understand your disappointment, but do not forget, going for war is more important than going for Sanjak.’ Mehmet: ‘I wished to show that I can go to Sanjak and prove my capabilities. And also, we do not even know when we are leaving for the campaign. How do we know him saying this, is not just his way of closing the Sanjak issue?’ Hurrem: ‘Mehmet, the Sultan just thinks for the best for you, and the best way for you to succeed. Anyway you know the state of the Palace - you heard with your own ears, the things they are saying about me. Why don't you understand, my lion? I have a need for you to stay here. Whatever I do - is for the sake of the future of you and that of your brothers. For you, for years, I suffered. I live for you and for my Sultan. Do you not want to think about me, my Shehzade?’ and he hugs her. Meanwhile, Bali Bey tells the Sultan that as he ordered he went to find out about the province who were disobeying his orders during Ramadan in regards to the sheep. Bali Bey says he thinks it is obvious that they have gotten the support of Charles and Ferdinand to go against the Sultans orders. Bali Bey then tells him, on top of all this, when I was on the way to the Palace, they tried to kill me. The Sultan asks who did it and Bali Bey responds, saying the Venetians. Ayaz Pasha expresses his concerns about how the Venetians could do that, and Bali Bey says, I dont know about the Venetians, but I wonder who sent them, who hired them, because they all died before I could get any answers. The Sultan asks him if he has any suspicions about who it might be. Bali Bey replies saying it is most likely the Pope. He will do anything within his power. Mustafa says the Venetians? Bali Bey says, the Pope must want them on his side, by getting the Sultans anger on them, they will have to side with the Pope. Ayaz Pasha agrees with Bali Bey saying that he heard previously that the Venetians were initially going to stay neutral to either side, and perhaps the Pope wishes to gain their support. The Sultan says that do as the Pope may, he cannot stand in their way of conquering. Bali Bey says that there has also come to his attention, whisperings of possible assassination attempt on the Sultan. Mustafa says, that he had read that his great ancestor, Sultan Fatih Mehmet Han had also tried to conquer Rome, but that prior to he died and it was widely believed that his death was suspicious (possible assassination). The Sultan says he is not worried, because, having two intellegent, capable sons like Mustafa and Mehmet, their can be no harm on the Empire. Outside the Divan, Rustem and Matrakci wait. Rustem says: ‘Nasou Effendi, at last I could see you, I haven't seen you in a while’ Matrakci responds that Rustem must be so happy since Ibrahim Pasha left, and he says don't be too happy. Rustem says ‘dont worry, it is my time, and if I were you, I would be careful.’ Bali Bey interrupts and says what is going on, and Rustem asks him how he is, and what has brought him to Istanbul? but Bali Bey says ‘let us go, Matrakci’ and they leave. Inside the Divan, Mustafa, the Sultan and Ayaz Pasha remain. The Sultan addresses Ayaz Pasha, saying that the words of Bali Bey are important, that Ayaz Pasha must take care of the Shehzade's especially. He says he wishes to appoint Mehmet from Diyarbakir as Anadolu Bey. But Ayaz says, that if Mehmet Pasha were to take the Anadolu position, Diyarbakir would be left empty and being close to the border, would be important to be held by someone. He looks uncomfortably at Mustafa, then says that if the Sultan is in agreement of course, that Rustem of Tekke Sanjak would be his recommendation to fill that role. The Sultan thinks about it, then suddenly, the scene shows a man asking Rustem to enter the Divan. Rustem enters saying that he came to say goodbye as he would be leaving, since he did not want to leave his duties at Tekke. The Sultan says that Ayaz Pasha has recommended him for the Governor of Diyarbakir to take the place of Mehmet Pasha. He asks Rustem what he thinks. And Rustem says that ‘the orders and commands are that of the high sultan’s - wherever you send you, that place will be my heaven.’ The Sultan says ‘Ayaz Pasha, it is my order that, from now on, Rustem Pasha will be my Diyarbakir governor (Beyler Bey of Diyarbakir). ’ Meanwhile, Mihrima is crying when her mother enters her room. Hurrem: ‘Mihrimah, they said you were not well - that you let no one into your room.’ Hurrem says: ‘Mihrima what is wrong? Why did you cry?’ Mihrima says : ‘You know exactly what happened, Validem. You spoke to him right? You wished him to speak to me like this to me. ’ Hurrem says, ‘Who are you talking about? What are you talking about?’ Mihrima: ‘He said we will never meet again,’ Hurrem replies ‘I had nothing to do with this -if I had known about your meeting, be certain that I would have not allowed it.’ Mihrima says ‘what? How, you didn't speak to him? What changed? The other day he said he would sacrifice his life for me!’ Hurrem: ‘Mihrima, this was not easy for him, especially after my knowing about it, living under the threat of death all the time must have finally gotten to him, and also do not forget, he is your brother Mustafa’s most trusted servant. Perhaps he saw his mistakes, and what has happened, happened, indeed, loyalty is more important than anything. Even more than love. ’ They hug. The scene changes and we see Mahidevran speaking to Yahya in Hatice’s garden outside her palace. Mahidevran tells Yahya that he made the right decision, and that she is thankful, and that he has proven his loyalty. She says he will be sad, but he will soon forget, and soon he will be happy again. Mustafa arrives, and asks if something happened, but she says no, and Mustafa informs them about Rustem becoming Diyarbakir Beyler Bey (governor). Mahidevran says that it is apparent, Hurrem is preparing him for entering the Divan. Mustafa says ‘I was there, Ayaz Pasha recommended him - looking straight into my eyes, he said he recommends Rustem.’ Yahya says it is obvious that Ayaz Pasha is carrying out Hurrems orders. Mustafa says he wasn't sure - but it seems apparent now. Ebu Suud is having a meal with his son. His son excuses himself, but Ebu Suud said sit down! He says look at your state, you are a learned man, but also a tramp. You don't recognize Ramadan or Eid. Suddenly, the Sultan arrives. The Sultan says ‘am I disturbing you?’ and Ebu Suud says you bring happiness and honour to my house with your footsteps. This is my son, Ahmet Celebi, Hunkarim.’ Ahmet kisses the Sultan’s robe and says he is so honoured to meet him. The Sultan says: ‘They say there is no more learned a teacher in Istanbul than you - and such a father will of course have such a son.’ Then the boy takes his leave. Ebu Suud asks the Sultan if he is alright, and the Sultan says he is not well - he says sleeping has become prohibited for him - but Ebu Suud says that may you sleep well - and those in your position have to make such difficult decisions for the better of their people. The Sultan says that he did as he said, when he opened his eyes, Ibrahim did not exist, he says I am in a lot of pain, but on the other hand, a huge weight and burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Ebu Suud says that you are like a mountain, there will be snowy, stormy times, but spring will come again. At night in Hatice's palace, Lutfi, Shah Sultan, Mahidevran and Mustafa sit together. They discuss Rustem’s appointment. Mustafa says it is not only this, but Ayaz Pasha will not stop - he will perhaps get rid of those who were loyal to Ibrahim and bring his own men. Mahidevran says this will be horrible for us. The empire will be ruled by them. Shah Sultan says do not worry, the Sultan will not let that happen. Mahidevran says, is that why Rustem got in? Lutfi Pasha says that do not worry, Shah Sultan has a point, I am also in the Divan, I will always look after our interests. Mustafa says that Bali Bey came and that it is important to keep him here. Shah Sultan tells Mustafa to stop worrying about it, everyone loves him, and that he should go back to his Sanjak and look after his own issues. ‘Do not forget that you are the future of this Hanedan (family). I will always be by your side and same as Lutfi Pasha.’ Mahidevran says she is thankful to Shah Sultan and that she is feeling better. The Sultan is looking at papers in his office when Hurrem enters. He says come sit, and she rushes to him and kisses his hand ‘Suleyman you have made me so happy that - if you had given me the world, I could not have been this happy! - You changed your mind about sending Mehmet to Sanjak.’ She drifts off into this happy mood, when suddenly, Suleyman says I have decided to build a palace for Shah Sultan. Hurrem says, ‘if you wish, I will arrange it, and do all the preparations.’ The Sultan is pleased by this. Meanwhile, Hatice tries to sleep, but cannot, then Shah Sultan enters her room. Shah Sultan: ‘How are you?’ Shah Sultan says, do you recall our father bought us a black horse, and remember you really loved to learn to ride, and you tried to learn on your own even though you were young, the animal was not listening to you, so you annoyed it and it hurt you - you could not get out of bed for a month’ And Hatice says ‘then you had it killed’ and Shah says ‘yes, it hurt you that is why, and it could have even killed you - look at your state now. You are hurting yourself. If nothing else, is this not making Hurrem happy? Hatice, get yourself together,remember I made an oath to you - I swear I will make the person who brought you this suffering pay the price. But you shouldn't do any actions hastily, promise me you will not do anything without telling me’ Hatice says do not worry, I am not doing anything. Later, Diana brings Cihangir a medicine in Hurrem’s room. One of the servant girls says have I seen you somewhere? But Diana says perhaps from the old palace, my name is Fahriye. Hurrem enters, and asks who the new girl was, and her servant girl says it is Fahriye Kalfa from the old Palace, and Sumbul sent her with Cihangir’s medicine. Hurrem says How are you my Cihangir? Cihangir says I am well, but Mustafa is leaving tomorrow and Hurrem says do not worry, you can see him before he goes to say goodbye. In the meyhane (pub) Matrakci tells Bali Bey about Rustem, saying we know whose shadow he is in, and the Sultan trusts him it is obvious. Bali Bey says, don’t worry yourself when a woman comes and says who is this beyzade (mister) and Matrakci says he is a merchant from Bursa, and she says well let us get introduced to this Beyzade. In the morning Nigar enters the harem and Sumbul wonders how she came. She says, after having been in the Palace so long, my whole life, I can come and go and no one would even know. Sumbul asks why she came and she says to meet Hurrem. Sumbul says, she will not accept you, but Nigar insists saying it is an important issue, dealing with the future of the Shehzades. Sumbul warns her, saying it better not be a game. Meanwhile, Rustem waits in the Mermer Palace (Marble Palace) and says to Shah Sultan when she enters ‘You wished to see me, sultanim?’ Shah Sultan says ‘You became Diyarbakir bey, congratulations, and I have other things to speak to you about. ’ Rustem says thank you, it is an honour and Shah sultan says she has no need for false words. ‘I know you work for Hurrem’ Rustem says ‘my duty is to serve all the sultans. ’ Shah Sultan hints that his latest service was to do away with Ibrahim Pasha, and he says ‘never!’ She says: ‘I said I would speak openly to you, and I know your doings. I will not out you (I will not expose you).’ Rustem asks what she wants. Shah Sultan says ‘from now on, you will serve not Hurrem, but you will serve me!’ Meanwhile, Nigar meets Hurrem. Hurrem says ‘Nigar, say what you came to say, and then go.’ Nigar says she has come to speak about Rustem. Hurrem says: ‘Rustem? Or are you here to thank me, since he has now a bigger role.’ Nigar says ‘Rustem is very ambitious. But can you trust him? ’ Hurrem says ‘what does this mean?’ Nigar says ‘Pride and arrogance can destroy loyalty. Haven’t many people betrayed for these two things? Have not many heads rolled for these things?’ Sumbul says it is obvious you know something. Nigar: ‘Rustem. Right now, he is with Shah Sultan, meeting in the Mermer Palace. It is apparent, his eyes are on higher places.’ Hurrem says ‘why should I trust your words, what is your aim? Why would you tell us this?’ Nigar says: ‘Um, only you can help me Sultanim, my daughter is lost, no one will tell me where she is, please help me, Sultanim, find her and help me!’ Later, Mustafa and Mahidevran are saying goodbye to the Sultan. He wishes them a safe trip. Mehmet asks Mustafa if he forgives him. Mihrimah wishes to leave after she says her farewells. Then she sees Yahya and walks away angry and on her way out, she sees Bali Bey. ‘Malkocoglu?’ she asks. He looks at her not knowing who she is. ‘You didn’t recognize me? I am Mihrima.’ Bali Bey says ‘Mihrima Sultan, I am sorry I didn’t recognize.’ She says she has to leave. Shah Sultan sees Nigar in the hall. She asks if she spoke to Hurrem and if she believed her, but Nigar says no she did not, but that she will believe her, after she speaks to Rustem and finds out the truth. Hurrem meets Mustafa and Mahidevran as they are leaving. She wishes Mustafa a safe trip and he wishes her health and safety. Hurrem calls Mahidevran and says ‘you must have missed Manisa - since you spent all your energy poisoning people with your words here, you must go home and rest.’ Mahidevran says ‘Do not worry Hurrem, Ibrahim Pasha’s death is a lesson to us all, especially you - do you know why? Because you are very much like him.’ then she walks away, while looking at Diana who is standing in the background. Rustem waits in the hallway and meets Hurrem. She asks him when he is leaving, he says today, and she asks if there is something he wishes to tell her. He says yes, I wish to thank you for getting me appointed. Then she says so then tell me why you met Shah Sultan? He says Shah Sultan called him herself, wished to congratulate him on his appointment. She asks if there is anything else? He says no. She asks why he didn't tell her, and he says it was not important and I did not wish to make you sad. Then, she says,‘ small or big, ha vent I told you that you must let me know of everything? And you will tell me everything. Everything. Anyway, may your way be open (have a safe trip).’ Bali Bey speaks to the Sultan and says he is not comfortable after what he found out about the assassination rumour. He says, especially now that Ibrahim Pasha who was very important in the role of protecting the Sultan is now gone. Then Hurrem arrives. She enters and she is surprised to see Bali Bey. She welcomes him, and he asks how she is, and she asks if he is there to stay and he says that he is here on some important work, then will go back. Mahidevran arrives at Manisa and sees Fidan and also the pregnant cariye Ayse. Fidan asks about Diana, but Mahidevran says, ‘There is no Diana any longer - get my bath ready I am very tired.’ Meanwhile, Hurrem is in her room and Sumbul says that Shah Sultan has left to the Mevlid (fortieth day ceremony of mourning) of Ibrahim Pasha. Hurrem asks Sumbul what he thinks of how Rustem did not mention meeting Shah Sultan, and she wonders whether he will betray them. Sumbul says, perhaps not today, but tomorrow, perhaps, and as you know, like everyone in the Palace, they are in their own interests. A servant girl informs Hurrem that her bath is ready, she can go whenever she wants and Hurrem says okay. In the Mevlid ceremony, a woman recites from the Quran. Gulfem tells Hatice not to worry and that today the issue will be taken care of (meaning Hurrem will be killed).Meanwhile, Hurrem goes to the Bath, and Diana follows sneakily from behind. Sumbul asks Seker Agha for the fruit bowl for Hurrem Sultan in her bath. Seker agha talks to Sumbul agha. Shah Sultan notices that Gulfem and Hatice are whispering and suspects something and sends her servant girl, who goes to Mercan agha telling him to go the Palace. Meanwhile, Hurrem is in the bath, and the fruit is brought. Later in the ceremony, we see the servant of Shah sultan hinting to Shah sultan that she did her bidding. Then, we see Diana slinking behind the walls with a dagger in her hand. She kills an agha as she approaches the door to the bath. Meanwhile, Sumbul is busy eating a carrot, Seker agha tells Sumbul agha that he wishes to go to the Meyhane (pub), and then Seker Agha pursuades him to play some checkers with him, saying that everything is in order in the Palace and that he can take a few minutes off from his duties, and Sumbul agrees. Mercan goes looking for Hurrem and finds out she is in the bath, he runs off. Diana meanwhile takes down a servant girl in the bath and stands directly behind Hurrem who is throwing water on herself.....

    THE END.

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