• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 83.Bölüm - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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    Note: Some newer characters: 
    Shah Sultan = Hatice's sister
    Esmahan Sultan = Shah Sultan's daughter
    Lutfi Pasha = Shah Sultan's Husband
    Mercan Agha = Esmahan's/Shah Sultan's/Lutfi Pasha's trusted servant 

    The show begins with Ibrahim's dead body being carried out into the hallway by the executioners.
    Ibrahim's monologue: "I am Ibrahim, the one who has learnt to swim in deep waters, the one whose heart bleeds and when it doesn't give answers, I look to the sky, to the stars, in single and double amounts, at the peak of mountains, in dark wells and seas, I am the one who searches for weakness in the eyes of those who are strong. With every answer that I find, I burn again and again. The one who burns in his own hellfire, the one who sleep is made forbidden for, Ibrahim.

    The Sultan is in his room, and reflects. His monologue: "Ibrahim, Pargali Ibrahim, my Head Falconer, The Head of my Palace, my Grand Vizier, my governor of governors, my Commander of the army, my hunting companion, the one who walks with me, my life companion...I sent my heart to you, for it to return now, is not possible." Sumbul sees them carrying Ibrahim's dead body.

    Hatice is asleep, when she is woken up. In the next scene Sumbul rushes to Hurrem's room to inform her. Hatice goes downstairs. Nazli refuses to let Sumbul enter, when Hurrem hears and calls asking what is going on, and Nazli tells her Sumbul has something important and urgent to tell her.

    Meanwhile, Hatice arrives downstairs and sees it is her sister, Beyhan. She hugs her and Beyhan apologizes for troubling her, Beyhan asks how she is, and Hatice says other than Hurrem, she does not have any complaints. Meanwhile, Hurrem gets dressed and Sumbul is allowed to enter, she says she hopes her children are well. He says it does not have to do with her children, Thank God, but that he just saw something so shocking, that the earth will shake. The servant girls leave and Sumbul tells Hurrem: "Ibrahim Pasha. Finally, he has been stricken by the Sultan's wrath...I saw the executioners, they were carrying off his dead corpse." Hurrem asks if he is absolutely certain of his death, and Sumbul says he swears by God, he saw it with his own two eyes - it was Ibrahim Pasha.

    Gulfem asks Beyhan how the trip was, and Beyhan says it was tiring, but she is better upon seeing them, she asks  where Shah Sultan is, and Hatice says she is with Hurrem in the Palace, Beyhan tells her not to worry about it, she asks how Ibrahim is, and Hatice says that the bad days are over, and he is also back to being in good terms with the Sultan. Meanwhile, Hurrem walks off to Suleyman's room looking very worried. She goes into the Sultan's room, and there is a heavy silence.

    The next morning, Hatice recalls Ibrahim's poems to her. She goes to his office and looks around at his belongings and touches some of them. She goes out to the balcony and then sees something below and runs down. There she sees his dead body. She screams out his name and Gulfem and her sister pull her away.

    The Sultan is in his room and Ayaz Pasha enters. He says come close. "Get the divan together at once and make sure all the Pashas are present. Meanwhile in the harem the cariyes are whispering so Shah Sultan asks Mercan agha what is going on. He says he isn't sure of the truth of it, but they have heard that Ibrahim Pasha has died. Shah Sultan meets Afife hatun and asks her if it is the truth, and Afife Hatun tells her it is, praying for Hatice and her children. Hurrem comes and says I came to tell you but it seems as if you have already found out. Shah Sultan asks how it happened and Hurrem says it is the order of the Sultan.

    Hatice wakes up and calls out to Ibrahim, "nightmare, right?" she asks, then she says "Ibrahim is alive, right? Tell me, he is alive, please!" She rushes out and checks the lawn to see but it is empty she says "where is he? what have you done to him?" Meanwhile, Matrakci is burying Ibrahim in a place where there are no other graves around. Shah Sultan suddenly sees Hatice and says "Haticem, my sister!" Hatice rushes off to see her brother the Sultan. The Sultan hears her yelling at the Aghas outside and tells them she may enter. She says: "You didn't do it, right? You did not kill him? Why are you quiet? Say something!? Say "I didn't do it". Say "I didn't take his life. He was my friend, my brother, my life companion, how could I do it" - Say it! Speak! Say something! How did you kill him? Okay you killed him, fine, but how can you kill me? my life, my everything, he was the father of my children! Who are you? You cannot be my Abi (older brother), my Abi was conscientious, he was just, he was fair, he was not a tyrant" - (then he hugs her) she says, "let go of me! don't touch me. I am not your sister any longer, When I look in your eyes, do you know who I see? My father..." Then she rushes out.

    Hatice exits and her sisters meet her outside. She sees Ibrahim's office being cleared out, and almost faints. Then she gets up and marches off. Meanwhile, Matrakci prays over Ibrahim's grave and recalls what the Sultan told him: "You will bury Ibrahim, Matrakci - But you will bury him in such a place, that no one will know it's whereabouts, including me."  Hurrem sits with Mehmet and Mihrima. Mehmet says: " I don't understand, the Sultan trusted Ibrahim a lot, he trusted everything with him for 14 years. Mihrima asks: "Yes, I didn't understand this either." Hurrem says: "The Sultan gave this decision it must be right, there must have been a reason, and we should not fall to questioning it." Mihrima says "who knows what state my aunt Hatice is in right now." Hurrem says: "May Allah give her patience." Mehmet says: "This type of great man of the Devlet (empire) shouldn't have to die this way..." Hurrem says: "This Empire has many great Pashas and Beys. One goes, another comes. May Allah keep the Sultan as the head of this state."

    Suddenly, Hatice screams out Hurrem's name. Hurrem tells her children to wait for her, and she goes down. Meanwhile, Ebu suud prays for Ibrahim's soul. Ayaz Pasha says, "but you do not seem so surprised of this news?" and Ebu Suud says that it is obvious to everyone the position he held, and it is always close to death (Pashas, because of their great responsibilities, always knew that because of their positions, they were close to death, meaning, they could be executed at any time if they didn't hold up to their responsibilities, or angered the Sultans). Barbarrossa talks to Mustafa Pasha, "How did this happen? Do you know of anything?" and Mustafa says "yesterday, the Sultan spoke to Ayaz Pasha and after that this happen."

    Hatice meets hurrem, who says "I ask that Allah always keep you healthy, and give you patience in this time." Hatice: "This is because of you Hurrem, because of your lies, your accusations." Hurrem says: "Sultanim, I can nunderstand your pain, but-" And Hatice screams at her: "Curse the day that you came to this Palace! You burned, destroyed and eliminated everything!" Hurrem says: 'Sultanim, I had nothing to do with this, it was by the Sultan's order." Hatice: "Because of the problems you caused, he died! Because of your lies! But you will feel the same pain as me, you will pay for taking my life from me!" Shah Sultan says "you may return to your room, Hurrem."

    A man in the streets says: "It is true what they have said, Ibrahim pasha has died - he has gotten what he deserves, the unbeliever, he will be buried without a funeral prayer, and how he used to be called Makbul ("The one who is favoured"), now he will be called Maktul ("the fallen one i.e. to be killed). Meanwhile someone asks Lutfi Pasha if he knows anything about why Ibrahim pasha was executed. Lutfi says that it was the order of the Sultan and questioning that shouldn't befall on people like them. Barbarossa says that the Sultan would not have executed such a man without reason. Mustafa pasha responds saying, "but such a great man, the least, that he could have been give was a funeral - " and Ayaz Pasha interrupts saying " Go on, say what you were saying, why did you get quiet." The Sultan enters and the Pasha's follow him.

    The French ambassador has learnt about the execution, he says that it was not the best thing for them, because Ibrahim was close to their way of life, he could understand them better, and who knows who would replace him, that there is nothing to do but wait.

    The Sultan says in the Divan that everyone is aware of Ibrahim Pasha's death, and that according to the rules and customs, Ayaz Pasha, the next in line will take his place. The Sultan says that everyone should learn from Ibrahim Pasha's example. He says that Lutfi Pasha is to be Rumeyli (Romili Bey), then he tells Barbarrossa that he should continue in preparations for the Italian campaign and reminds Ebu Suud to continue with the works on the law. He asks about the sheep, and they say that Bali Bey is looking after the issue.

    Sumbul tells Hurrem that Ayaz has taken the Grand Vizier role. Hurrem tells him, be careful, he might only have been on my side to go against Ibrahim, but we cannot rely on him. You called Rustem right? I want Rustem to come and be part of the divan. Then Sumbul tells her about Lutfi Pasha's new position. Sumbul says, I still cannot believe that Ibrahim Pasha is gone. Hurrem says: "This is my war, Like I had promised, one by one my enemies will pay for what they did to me. Sumbul says: "Put the harem to one side, you will rule the whole world."

    Meanwhile, Matrakci goes to see Esma Nur (ibrahim and nigar's daughter) and tells the woman to pack up because they will be going away. Meanwhile, Beyhan comforts and Hatice remembers a long time ago, when she said to Beyhan when her husband was executed, that I am crying for your pain and Beyhan had said, you cannot cry for my pain or understand, only if the Sultan were to execute your husband, then that day you will understand me." Beyhan says to her now, it is hard I know, but you have to deal with it, you are not alone, you have children and you have duties towards them. Gulfem enters and tells her that her children wish to see her. Her daughter asks where her father is, and Hatice says he has gone to heaven...

    Meanwhile, Matrakci tells a man on a ship, telling him to take Esma Nur safe and sound to Ibrahim's family and to tell them what happened and that they must leave immediately at once for their homeland. The man says will the people who did this to the Pasha pay their price? Matrakci says, if not in this life, then in the next for sure they will...meanwhile, Mustafa looks at the ship Ibrahim made and cries for Ibrahim, his mother enters and hugs him. Meanwhile, the Sultan recalls Ibrahim's night of death and cries. Hatice cannot sleep and imagines she hears Ibrahim's violin, she goes out to the balcony and imagines he is there and that he hugs her and she says, "Ibrahim, why did you go? why did you leave me? Ibrahim says: "I did not leave you, and I will not leave you...my heart will always be with you"..and then she wakes up and tries to jump off the balcony when her sister Shah Sultan stops her. Shah says: "Hatice, what are you doing? Don't leave yourself, believe me, Hurrem who made you live through this, will pay the price," Hatice says "promise me" and Shah Sultan says: "God who created the heavens and the earth, be Witness that the person who brought blood and death to this palace, will leave with blood and death.!"

    Hurrem meets with Ayaz Pasha and congratulates him on his position. She says, that you need trusted people in the divan, that is why I called Rustem Bey and I want him to be designated as Kubbe Vizier (vizier second in command to the Grand Vizier) and inaugurated into the Divan." Ayaz Pasha says that the Sultan will decide, and she said, well you as the Grand Vizier will mention it, and the Sultan will take it unto consideration, and Ayaz says are you sure, he is only recently, a Sanjak Bey, is he ready? Hurrem says, you do it, as I say, then we shall see."

    Rustem arrives, and meets with Sumbul. He tells him, how he recalls that in the same time, in Ramadhan, the Sultan had executed Iskender Celebi, only to have a vision that he was wrong in doing so and he woke up suddenly, and cursed Ibrahim saying, "ibrahim, parglali Ibrahim, the same way that you had me kill an innocent, you will die the same death!" And Rustem says, perhaps the Sultan planned this from before, since they both died in Ramadan. Hurrem comes and tells Rustem what she has told Ayaz Pasha and that he will come shortly.

    Matrakci is at home feeling sad, when suddenly Nigar comes, she says she came with Rustem. She says she heard Rustem will be a Vizier, and Matrakci says, "say it, feet are becoming heads." Meanwhile, Ayaz meets with Rustem. Rustem congratulates him, and Ayaz says how did you leave your Sanjak without telling me, and Rustem says Hurrem called him. Ayaz says, I like you, you are very brave, but too much of anything is a danger.
    I will tell the Sultan about this, if he accepts, then you will get into the Divan. But do not forget,  every promotion that you get, takes you one step closer to death. " Rustem says "then in your position you are closer to death than I" as a joke.

    Matrakci talks to Nigar. Nigar says she could not sleep all night, she says she went to see her daughter, but couldn't find her. Where is she? He says do not worry, she is alive. She says "why did you not send her to me?" Matrakci says "would you I send her to Rustem the dog? I sent her to Ibrahim Pasha's family where she is safe. It is better this way, let some time pass then I will send you to her one day." Nigar says, that "Ibrahim pasha doesn't even have a grave, that is what they are saying..."

    Hatice is outside when Mustafa and his mother come. Meanwhile, nigar visits the Pasha's grave and waters it and prays over it. She remembers Ibrahim and her when she says "do not leave me  I fear you leaving me." Lutfi Pasha meets Rustem. "I thought you were in Tekke" and Rustem tells him about Ayaz calling him, wanting him in the Divan and he says "I just want to serve the Devlet, I am not looking for position or rank."

    Ayaz Pasha tells the Sultan about Rustem, saying that he called him, saying that he is skilled, and served the Devlet very faithfully, and Ayaz mentions wanting him to be Kubbe Vizier, but before the Sultan can say anything, Mustafa enters.  Meanwhile outside Lutfi pasha notices Ayaz pasha leaving the Sultan's room and asks some aghas to call Shah Sultan saying it is important.

    Mustafa talks to the Sultan. The Sultan tells him he feels sad that his son died, but that he is happy that he is having another child and prays for it. He asks about Mahidevran, and Mustafa says she is at Hatice's side, "as you know, we came for this reason, " the Sultan senses he will bring up Ibrahim so, he says "your brothers and sister are waiting impatiently to meet you," Mustafa says: "I am worried, what was Ibrahim's mistake?" The Sultan says, "Go to your siblings!" but Mustafa continues. "My intention is not to question your orders, just to understand, to know why you did this?." The Sultan says: "Mustafa, The seed of power, is like a shirt made of fire, if you know how to wear it with humility it will protect you, save you and will rid you of your enemies, however, if you fall prey to your arrogance and desires, in that case, first and foremost, burn you and make you into ashes!"

    Shah Sultan meets Lutfi Pasha, her husband, he tells her about the Rustem issue. They say it must be Hurrem's doing, and that Ayaz Pasha must be in Hurrem's orders too. He tells her that they shouldn't let this happen, otherwise they might have to be forced to leave....(giving her an idea of what to do) we have to act quickly, because the right to enter the Divan, belongs to me, because according to traditions, the right to enter the council, is traditionally given to the Bey (governor) of Rumelia."

    Mustafa comes out of the Sultan's room, and Shah Sultan hugs him. He says he his not well, that "this tragedy has choked them all in a great sadness", and Shah sultan says "these dark days will pass, don't worry." Shah Sultan goes to see the Sultan. The Sultan says, "oh you also want to know why I gave this order? Are you also wondering if I am regretful about it?" She replies saying "Never! Who am I to question your judgement. You know better than anybody else, what is best for our great nation." He asks how Hatice is, she says "she has closed herself into her Palace, doesn't speak to anyone." he says: "she hates me, just like I lost Beyhan, I lost her." She said: "They will understand you one day, what is most important, is the future of the family of the high nation of Osman. " He says: "My sister, you remind me of my mother, not just her beauty, but her strength her character, she always gave me strength." Shah Sultan says she wishes to stay here, with her family, he agrees, and then says, I wish to stay here permanently, but my husband can't - unless - you give him some position here, as you know he has experience from the time of our father."

    Mahidevran speaks to Hatice. Hatice: "It is our fate that we are living out. What is written for me, is sadness and pain and until my last breath, I am supposed to be burning." Mahidevran says, " all of this, is Hurrem's fault, if we don't save this world from her dirty presence, then many days of this nature will await us. Gulfem says "what can we do? Hurrem is more powerful then ever now. Nobody was able to stop her until today."

    --------------Part Two-------------

    Gulfem, Mahidevran and Hatice continue to talk. Gulfem says: "As long as the Sultan is behind her, there is nothing that can be done to her." Mahidevran says: "What will happen, then? Should we just wait for her to get rid of us one by one?" Then Mahidevran turns to Hatice: "Sultanim, will Ibrahim Pasha's blood just stay on the ground?" Hatice says: "What have you got in mind? Say it."

    Meanwhile, Afife speaks to Hurrem in her room. Hurrem says: "Tomorrow the blessed month of Ramadan will be over and it will be Eid, how are the preparations coming along?" Afife Hatun responds saying that she should not worry, that she has already made preparations and everything is ready. She says it will not be a happy Eid. Hurrem says " yes, especially for us, that is why in the Palace I do not want any entertainment. Especially for Hatice Sultan, we will have to spend the Eid properly...Afife Hatun, you are not listening to the evil rumours are you? About Ibrahim Pasha's death? And Afife replies saying, " In front of the Sultan's will, even if there was a mountain, it would not stay. It will crumble and go away." Hurrem asks where Mahidevran is, and Afife Hatun says she is with Hatice Sultan, and that for Eid she will come to the Palace. Hurrem says: "Allah knows what she is saying now to her, she will never stop to make our Hatice Sultan against me!"

    Meanwhile, Mahidevran is telling Hatice about how they can kill Hurrem. She says: "The woman is my most trusted servant, she is smart, and even stronger than men, but the most important is that she is trustworthy." Hatice replies: "This task is important, Mahidevran, dangerous can she do it?" Mahidevran says: "You should not have any doubts, Sultanim," Gulfem interrupts: "Sultanim, I wish that you would think about it before agreeing to this right away. It could result in severe consequences." Hatice says: "What can happen? Who can do anything more to me? Hurrem took my life." Gulfem says: "You spoke to Shah Sultan and she promised she would help you with this issue, leave it to her." Hatice: "She is in her own world, Gulfem. She already forgot her promise right after she gave it. Believe me. And anyway this is my problem. If someone is going to take Hurrem's life, I will be the one who decides that. - Where is that woman? Let's meet her."

    Meanwhile, Mustafa speaks to Yahya. Mustafa says :"I can't understand still: Ibrahim was always faithful to the Sultan, for as long as I knew him, he would never betray him, he could never, I have no doubt in that, he would never betray him, he could never, " Yahya says: "I also don't think that it would be probable, but it is obvious that, he was digging somebody's well (in other words, he was annoying somebody)...for lies and false accusations, many great heads have gone. Whoever took his blood, is also your enemy. You must be very careful from now on." mustafa says: "They will certaintly try, but they will not be successful. I won't allow that." Yahya : "Ayaz Pasha is Vizier now, his and other Pasha's attitudes towards you are important." Mustafa: "it is obvious they won't be beside me as much as Ibrahim." Yahya: "Yes, but we need to ensure that they are with you. This is most important for your future." Mustafa: "Send word to Ayaz Pasha, I wish to congratulate him personally. Let us find out if he is a friend or an enemy." Then, Mihrima and her cousin, Esmahan enter. She says: "My dear Abi (older brother) do you remember Shah Sultan's daughter, Esmahan?" Mustafa and her exchange pleasantries. They sit down.

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan is in her room with Beyhan, and Mercan agha asks if she needs anything, and that he will get some drinks. Shah Sultan asks Beyhan how their sister is. Beyhan says: "She is not well, especially during the nights, she has nightmares." Shah Sultan tells her sister make sure she is not left alone at any time, and Beyhan says not to worry.

    Meanwhile, Esmahan speaks to Yahya and Mihrima looks annoyed. "I heard you are a poet. I would like to read your writings. " Mihrima says: "Esmahan, if you wish, let us go to be with Hatice Sultan." Esmahan says okay, but then turns back to Yahya, " I am honoured and happy to meet such a great poet like you." And Yahya says that he is also pleased to meet her. When Esmahan leaves, Yahya says to Mihrima, "Sultanim, I am here for the whole of Eid (Eid is three days), if you could honour me by meeting me, I wish to speak to you. " She says she will send word to him. Meanwhile, Mehmet speaks to Mustafa. "You will stay for a while, isn't it?" Mustafa: "I will stay for Eid, then I will go back. When are you going to leave for Sanjak?" Mehmet replies that it is not certain yet, and for days I haven't even seen my father." Mustafa gets thoughtful. Then suddenly, Mehmet says, "Abi (older brother), why was Ibrahim Pasha executed. Have you been able to find anything out?" Mustafa says no. Mehmet continues: " There must have been some mistake or error he committed, and it must have been a big error, otherwise my father would never have him killed. Isn't that so?" Mustafa replies quickly, saying "yes, of course that must be the case."

    Meanwhile, back in Shah Sultan's room, Beyhan questions her sister: "When I leave what will happen? you will leave too, then who will stay with Hatice." Shah sultan replies: "There is Gulfem - and besides, Hatice does not need anyone, she won't stay this way for the rest of her life," Beyhan says, "Look at the statement you are making. You don't even care, you are in your own world, thinking about your own self - You might have even actually gotten happy about all this." Shah Sultan gets angry: "Watch your words, Beyhan!" Beyhan: "Is it a lie? Hatice lived your dreams out, she was a favourite, became the wife of a Grand Vizier, she was closer to our father and mother God rest their souls and that of the Sultan's as well!" Suddenly their is a knock at their door. Hurrem has arrived. Hurrem says: "Oh, forgive me, I am coming at a bad time, - Sultanim, welcome, how is our Hatice Sultan?" Beyhan: "And you dare to ask?" and she leaves the room. Meanwhile, Sumbul talks about how creepy Mercan Agha is, and Seker Agha tells him to stay away from him.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem says to Shah Sultan: "forgive me, I came at a wrong time - I came to tell you about the Eid preparations, and that I didn't want any inappropriate entertainment in respect, especially to Hatice Sultan." Then Shah Sultan says, good, I also spoke to Afife. Hurrem asks her if she also believes the accusations on her, and that she had nothing to do with the execution, that it was the Sultan's orders, and Shah Sultan says: "I know Hurrem, whatever the Sultan wishes, that is what happens." They say goodnight and Hurrem leaves.

    The next day is Eid, and everyone waits for the Sultan. Hurrem says, "you did good to come, Mahidevran, I wish you a blessed Eid." Mahidevran says: "what blessed are you talking about. you poisoned everyone's Eid" Hurrem says: "Honey is dripping from your mouth again, I see" Mahidevran: "You should thank God that I didn't spit in your face yet." Then Shah Sultan intervenes. Hurrem says did you ask Beyhan, but Hatice Sultan was not well, so she stayed with her." Then the Sultan enters, everyone wishes him a blessed Eid and kisses his hands. Meanwhile, Hatice is in her palace, when her children enter and wish her a blessed Eid and then her son asks when they will go to where their father is (visit his grave).

    Meanwhile, everyone continues kissing the Sultan's hand, then Cihangir sits with his father and says, "Where is my aunt Hatice?" and the Sultan kisses him and leaves. Hatice visits Matrakci and asks why he didn't go to the Palace, and he says he didn't really feel like being there, and Hatice says that her children wish to visit his grave, but Matrakci says, it is better this way. She says, did they leave him to wolves and birds, did they dump him in the sea? Matrakci says do not worry, they buried him, but I don't know where, and it is hidden, it is better - he had lots of enemies, they wouldn't leave even his grave alone! Hatice says, find out, however you can, and find his grave. Matrakci says he will try, but that like he said, it might be better this way. Hatice says, Do you know when the blood and pain will stop? When I get revenge from the traitor, and only on that day will I start to feel a little bit better.

    Meanwhile, in the Divan, the pashas wish the Sultan a blessed Eid. The Sultan says that he will appoint a new Kubbe Vizier. He appoints Lutfi Pasha, in addition to his Rumeli Bey position, as Kubbe Vizier, which surprises everyone. Rustem goes to the Sultan and wishes him a blessed Eid.

    Shah sultan tells Mahidevran that she will return to her room and later we will talk. Hurrem calls Mahidevran back. "When are you leaving? They say you live happily there?" Mahidevran says: "I know what you did, Gulezar hatun tried to kill my son, and then my grandchild you killed too." Hurrem says: "Mahidevran, you know everything better than me. Your grandchild died of smallpox! " Mahidevran says, "The spy probably spread it, and even Fatma hung herself because of it. But anyway, the Shehzade's new favourite girl is pregnant." Hurrem says: "congratulations, that is good news." Mahidevran says: "How can you look into a human being's face, after having Ibrahim's blood on your hands. How can you be so calm?" Hurrem says: "As if you are so sad...you are simply afraid...he was always saving you." Mahidevran says: "Who is next, my son? With all these sins, how will you live? Do you know that God's punishment will intervene one day?" Hurrem: " God's punishment has already arrived, Mahidevran, and everything that is happening now is because of all of your crimes!

    Nigar visits Hatice and tells her she came to say Eid Mubarak, but instead, said sorry for your loss! Then she prays saying, May Allah give you the strength to persevere. She tells Hatice how Rustem Agha brought her, and he will be a Vizier. Hatice says I do not know where your child is. Nigar says, they killed Ibrahim pasha - when suddenly, Hatice hears the people outside breaking down the statues in the yard. The Agha says that the Sultan ordered that they be broken, but she yells saying she will have them all executed if they touch them.

    Rustem congratulates, Lutfi Pasha, who tells Rustem not to be sad, "because you have a long path in your future, work in Tekke, gain some experience, one day together we will be in the Divan, God Willing."

    Later, Hurrem visits Suleyman in his room. Hurrem: "Finally Eid came! Would you like to go out for a walk? There is a happiness in the city, we should go and watch." He responds saying, later. She tells him about Rustem coming, and he says yes Ayaz Pasha brought him. She praises Rustem, " he is loyal, a good governor, and my children also love him." But the Sultan says: "it is too early, he needs experience still, and anyway, I appointed Lutfi Pasha, so he can also stay here, this was Shah sultan's wish too." Suddenly, we see Hurrem rushing to see Shah Sultan. "What happened?" She says: "I came to congratulate you: "Lutfi Pasha is part of the high counsel," Shah Sultan says: "yes if the Sultan sees it fit, this is a great honour." Hurrem: "This position is a difficult burden to carry-  if we look at it from this perspective it is easy to see what Ibrahim pasha was going through, " Shah Sultan: "Do not worry, Hurrem, Lutfi Pasha is not like Ibrahim Pasha...because I am his wife...and I am not at all like Hatice....

    The End.

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