• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 91 Preview

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Suleyman questions his siblings, who are hiding the gold from him. Malkocoglu arrives suddenly and says something that will surprise everyone! Suleyman, who does not believe that Hatice is innocent, decides to have her married. Shehzade Mustafa gives the order to have the rebellion quashed. As Mustafa is on the road, he makes a decision that may cause his death! Rustem Pasha, has started to spread the gossip about Malkocoglu around the palace. When Hurrem goes somewhere to try to catch Malkocoglu red handed, she comes across a surprise that makes her shocked!

    Suleyman becomes heart-broken when he finds out that the gold was hidden from him. Malkocoglu's involvement in this matter also surprised everyone... Hatice believes that Shah Sultan is sneakily doing things behind her back. Suleyman holds Hatice responsible of this matter and decides to have her married. 

    Mihrimah, who has been waiting for some type of sign from Malkocoglu regarding her love, finally receives a response! Rustem, who is aware of all of this, decides to get Malkocoglu in trouble. Some gossip that spreads around the palace drives Mihrimah crazy, and Shah Sultan sees this as an opportunity. 

    When the order comes for Mustafa to quash the rebellion, he immediately begins his trip. When Hurrem finds out about this, she gives Rustem an assignment. Rustem, who visits Mustafa, forces him to make a mistake. Mustafa, who makes this bad decision, puts his fate into Suleyman's hands. 

    When Hurrem hears about the gossip being spread, she immediately jumps into action. As she tries to push Malkocoglu into a corner, she is shocked to see something disturbing...

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