• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 89 Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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    Hurrem is shocked about what she has just done, she is in a daze. Sumbul finds her, and he is amazed at what he is seeing, he says: "Sultanim, how could you do this?! Oh Allah! Please save us, oh Lord!" Hatice's Cariye suddenly appears and she is horrified. Hurrem looks into her eyes as Sumbul drags her away...

    Meanwhile, Lutfi Pasha arrives at Hatice Sultan's Palace, where Shah Sultan is waiting while the imperial guards are searching the palace and it's surrounding grounds for Ibrahim Pasha's wealth that is missing (all the wealth was supposed to be returned to the Devlet Treasury. Lutfi hears from Shah Sultan that the Imperial guards are looking for Ibrahim's missing wealth... "Ahh, why would someone need to describe Rustem?? His nature is obvious (it is obvious Rustem would be behind such a thing). It is obvious that Rustem has told the Sultan everything. It is clear he will not leave this matter alone - it is clear, but - he is forgetting, that he is dealing with Ibrahim Pasha who was a very careful man...I don't believe they will be able to find it." Shah Sultan: " I am worried about Hatice - when this all happened, she went to our Hunkar..." Lutfi Pasha: "Hatice Sultan's state is not well, she is making mistakes, you will have to be more careful with her, Sultanim, otherwise, you could come under some trouble from this." Shah Sultan: "What are you saying, my Pasha? She is my sister, of course I will be by her side (support her)."

    In the next scene, Hurrem is washing her hands. She looks harried, her hair is a mess, her eyes are red, she looks like she is staring into space... and she is eve scared of her own servant who gives her a towel. The servant walks away and Hurrem rubs her hands, when Sumbul enters. "Sultanim, what will happen now?" Hurrem looks at him, her eyes red....

    Afife walks through the halls and unseen to her, lies a small green earring on the marble floor. Meanwhile, cariyes in the harem are mumbling about Hurrem. "Did you see her? See how she was? She is really ill!" Fahriye Kalfa overhears and angrily walks over to them. "How dare you talk about Hurrem Sultan? If I hear one more word out of you, I will take you for "falaka" (beating your feet) Go to your places!." Sumbul overhears Fahriye scolding the cariyes and smiles to himself...

    Afife Hatun enters the Sultan's room. "Hunkarim," The Sultan: " Afife Hatun, I spoke to Mihrimah, she is very worried about her mother - Hurrem had gotten cured -  her sickness has flared up again, why have I not heard about this yet?" Afife replies: "Hunkarim, she had healed - except unfortunately she has not been saved from it. Today she got worse, but she is resting now - she has gotten weak because of illness...she is not even eating." Suleyman: "Afife Hatun, Hurrem is precious to me - do not take your eyes off of her... do whatever needs to be done to make her better - there is something else important: be careful of Hatice. She is keeping her anger and her pain very fresh...I do not want any more incidents to arise..." Afife: "Do not worry, Hunkarim." Suleyman: "You may leave."

    Meanwhile, Fahriye is telling the Cariye's to hurry and do their work (they are cleaning Hurrem's room). Hurrem calls Fahriye over to her. "Fahriye Kalfa - what is the state of the harem? Everyone must be speaking about me..." Fahirye: "Do not worry, Sultanim, who dares to speak about you - I put an end to their blabber and made them settle down." Hurrem: "Fahriye Kalfa - May your hands never see pain, I wish that everyone could be as loyal as you.." Fahriye looks uncomfortable.

    In the next scene, we see the earring on the floor and Afife again walks by it, but this time she stops and retraces her steps and bends down to pick it up. She stares at it and discerns whose it might be. Meanwhile, the creepy witchwoman, Saliha Hatun is in her room, with her prayer beads. Afife arrives and asks her where Hatice is, and she says she does not know. Afife is surprised.

    Meanwhile, Lutfi, Shah Sultan and Esmahan are sitting together in Hatice's palace. Lutfi asks his daughter: "How are your music classes going?" Esmahan replies "I got interested in playing the violin, just like Hatice Sultan, but it is very difficult." Lutfi says: "My beautful Sultana can do any job very well, with effort.Of course you will be successful, but do not put off your religious obligations." Esmahan says: "Do not worry, my mother being around how could it possible to put off obligations?" she smiles and looks at her mother, who is lost in thought. Lutfi also notices and says "I will go the Divan." Esmahan to her mother: "Validem, I wish to go as well, I wish to visit Mihrimah Sultan." Just then, Mercan enters. He says that the Imperial guards are leaving, and Lutfi asks if they found anything and Mercan says that they did not. Lutfi smiles. "I told you Sultanim, Ibrahim, upon him be mercy, was very careful. Who knows where the wealth is." Shah Sultan: "Still be careful, Pasha, with this issue - if you find anything out, I wish to know." At this point, Nigar enters. "Come, Nigar" Shah says. You may have heard, as this matter of the wealth, has originated from Rustem." Nigar: "I do not know, after the last incident, Rustem is careful around me." Shah says: "Keep your eyes open." Nigar replies: "He does not keep me near him, if not today, tomorrow he will divorce me. In fact, he is only keeping me next to him from fear of Hatice Sultan.: Shah Sultan: "As his spouse, being next to him is important any other way to bring him under your control will be difficult." Nigar: "What can I do, Sultanim?He can throw me out of his house with three words" Shah Sultan: "Don't worry, he will not divorce you. In fact, Rustem will not have the courage to stand against me."

    Meanwhile, Sumbul speaks to an Agha; "Shahin Agha, you understood everything I said right? Our Sultana especially warned us there should be no mistake."  Shahin Agha: "May my life be sacrificed for our Hurrem Sultana, my agha!" Sumbul: "May Allah help us all...I swear to God, if this incident gets out, Hurrem Sultan will be executed, God forbid!!!" Suddenly, Rustem arrives. "What is happening, Sumbul agha, why all this anxiousness?" he asks. Sumbul replies: "the same anxiousness of every day..Pasham,." and with that, Sumbul scurries off, and Rustem enters the Has Oda (Sultan's Chamber). 

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah and Mehmet are walking outside. They are discussing their mother's illness. Mihrimah: "I haven't seen my mother for so long, how long has it been she doesn't accept me into her room." Mehmet replies: "The illness just recently has gone, only she is very careful, until she is completely sure she is recovered, she doesn't want us to come close to her." Mihrimah has a worried expression: "I don't know...it is as if there are other things (aside from illness)..." Mehmet reassuringly holds her shoulder: "Do not worry, if it was something bad, our Hunkar would have known about it, isn't that right?" Mihrimah: "Yes, but -" she suddenly notices Esmahan and Bali Bey approaching. "Esmahan has come." They walk over to Bali bey and Esmahan. Esmahan says: "When I was coming this way, I came across Bali Bey." Baly Bey greets Mehmet and Mihrimah and he looks at her, and Mihrimah is uncomfortable, and there is tension between them.

    Meanwhile, Rustem has entered the Sultan's room. "Hunkarim, as you had ordered, we have recently done a search of Ibahim Pasha palace." The Sultan: "And the outcome?" Rustem replies: "Unfortunately, they could not find the treasures - as you have ordered, we will continue searching his other properties."  The Sultan gets lost in thought and recalls Hatice's words to him: "I am curious - when you ordered his execution, why didn't you follow rules then? You thought that in sleep, without him even knowing, that, that would be justice? Calling him for iftaar (meal to break the fast) and then sneakily having him killed, is that your justice?" After he recalls this, the Sultan says to Rustem: "Continue, Pasha, wherever it may be, find it and bring it." 

    Back outside in the gardens, Esmahan tells Mehmet and Mihrimah that she was told they would go riding, Mehmet asks Esmahan to join him and then turns to Mihrimah and says you come as well, but Mihrimah says she will return to the Palace. When they leave, Mihrimah is about to walk away, when Bali Bey says: "Sultanim, How is Hurrem Sultan? She is well, God Willing?" Mihrimah says very formally: "She is fine, thank you for your concern." Then Mihrimah turns and leaves and Bali Bey looks confused and sad.

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Mustafa sits in his room and tells Yahya about Gabriela's Villa. Yahya tells Mustafa that he is trying to find out about her, as he had asked. Yahya says "the woman is stubborn, and ambitious, the Judge is fed up with her." Mustafa says: "It is not easy, Taslicali, she is heading all her business by herself - and being a merchant is difficult - and on top of that as a woman." The agha announces that Hizr Hayrettin Pasha (Barbarossa) has arrived, and he enters and after taking a seat, he says: "Last night I came, but they said you were not here." Mustafa says: "I was informed. I had gone to visit Signora Gabriela - Taslicali told me you know her family?" Barbarossa responds: "At one time, I had heard her husband's name... Signor Sfenzo...in fact, he was a member of a noble Genoese family. An unfortunate event happened, his ship was sunk," Mustafa: "She told me he died in an accident." Barbarossa:" It is a very distressing tragedy, perhaps she simply did not want to talk about it." Mustafa nods. Meanwhile, Mahidevran is playing with her granddaughter. Fidan asks her: "Is Signora Gabriela's Villa close by?" And Mahidevran replies that it is very close. Ayshe Hatun (Mustafa's Gozde) asks: "Does she live alone?" Mahidevran says: "She has a son in Sakkiz Island (Chios). Also, there are a lot of servants in her service." Mahidevran then turns to Fidan: "Get ready Fidan, I will call her for dinner here soon" Ayshe looks curious and almost worried.

    Meanwhile, Mustafa asks Barbarossa when he will be leaving. Barbarossa says he will stay for a few more days, then he will leave. Mustafa says in that case, he wishes that Barbarossa to accompany him to the Friday prayers, and he wishes to visit the soldiers who have returned with Barbarossa after the prayer and he wishes Barbarossa to go with him. Barbarossa talks to Mustafa about how the life at the Palace (Topkapi) is not meant for him, (i.e. he belongs at sea). Mustafa replies that it is obvious to everyone this nature of his. Then he says: " Only, your being at the Palace (Topkapi) is important - you need to be on our side. With the death of Ibrahim, it has become an opportunity for everyone. Ayaz Pasha has just removed Ibrahim Pasha's men and put new men in their place." Barbarossa tells Mustafa that Ayaz Pasha does not have bad intentions. Mustafa replies: "The problem is not Ayaz Pasha - his weak decisions, is a cause for rebellion." Barbarossa says: "You are right of course, my Prince, only, if I may say something without crossing my limits? Whatever you think, the things you feel - no one should know except you - there will always be people who will make problems out of this. Always." Mustafa replies: "I know, Pasha," and smiles.

    Back in Istanbul, Hurrem is in her bed, resting. The door knocks and Afife Hatun enters. Hurrem says: "I am much better, Afife Hatun." Afife says: "I just came from the Sultan - he is very worried about you, he ordered me to do whatever I must to make sure you regain your strength and health - " Hurrem suddenly cannot breathe. She reaches for water and Afife gives it to her. "Sultanim, are you alright? -" Hurrem replies with trouble: "I am not, Afife hatun, I am in turmoil." Afife calls out for doctors, but Hurrem says "No there is no need!....because...this is not an illness...they did witchcraft on me. Black magic!" Afife hatun looks shocked.

    Meanwhile, Gulfem asks Saliha if Hatice has returned yet, but Saliha replies that she has not. Saliha says that they can go find out if she is with Shah Sultan. Gulfem replies there is no need, she will return after a while. 

    Back in Hurrem's room, Afife says to Hurrem: "This is simply superstition, Sultanim, do not believe in such things..." Hurrem suddenly sees black smoke smoky shapes in front of her and reaches out and Afife watches in wonder and shock. "Sultanim?" Hurrem says: "Afife Hatun, I see nightmares...sleep has become a sin for me...night and day are mixed up! Reality and dream is mixed up!" Afife says: "Illness and lack of sleep have made you fall into this, Sultanim, you must rest and sleep - I am sure you will recover." Hurrem: "Afife Hatun, I cannot sleep?" Afife: "If it will make you feel better, I will speak to my son, Yahya Effendi." Hurrem feels it is a good idea. Then Hurrem says: " Afife Hatun, I did not tell my Hunkar, he doesn't know that they did magic on me,  you too do not tell him, for if this comes to light, Hatice Sultan will be executed! I do not want to be the reason for her destruction." Afife Hatun; "You have thought good, Sultanim." 

    At night, in Hatice's Palace, Mercan enters and informs Shah Sultan that Gulfem has arrived. Shah is surprised that she is has come at such a time. Gulfem enters and Shah Sultan asks where Hatice is, and Gulfem is surprised and says how? She is not here and they are both surprised that no one knows yet where she is. Mercan asks Shah if he can go to the Palace and find out, and Shah asks him to get her carriage ready. Gulfem: "May God protect our Sultan... Where would she go??" Shah: "Be calm Gulfem, where would she go? She is somewhere in the palace probably." Gulfem: "I pray that she is..." meanwhile, we see Hatice lying in a dark forest unconscious.

    Later in the Harem entrance, an agha calls Shah Sultan's name and everybody stands up in line. Shah enters Hatice's room. Shah tells a cariye: "Take the children to their rooms." Huricihan, Hatice's daughter asks: "Sultanim, where is my mother?" Shah replies: "She will return... You should both go to your rooms now." Shah to Saliha: "When is the last time you saw our Sultan?" Saliha: "I haven't seen her since the morning... She had left to visit you, and then apparently she met with Hunkarim." Shah leaves Hatice's room and goes back down to the harem hall, and turns to Gulfem: "Gulfem, go to the Sultan's chamber and see if anybody there has heard or seen anything." Then Shah turns to Mercan and says: "Mercan agha, tell all the hatun's to look everywhere. Wherever Hatice Sultan is, she must be found. And tell Afife hatun to come here as soon as possible." Sumbul sneakily listens and watches from a corner. No one sees him.

    Meanwhile, Afife Hatun enters Yahya's house. Yahya Efendi: "Validem, welcome." Afife: "Thank you my son, are you doing well?" Yahya Efendi: "I pray for your health... Did something happen? You don't usually visit at night time..." Afife: "I don't have much time, I must return - Hurrem Sultan is not well..." Yahya Efendi: "Did her sickness flare up again?" Afife: "Her sickness has passed, thank God. But she is not doing well at all!"

    Meanwhile Hurrem is sitting nervously and ill when Sumbul comes. She asks him: "Did they arrive?" Sumbul: "Yes, Shah Sultan is here. She is furious. She has ordered people to look everywhere." Hurrem gets up and fixes her hair.

    Shah paces the harem hall, when Gulfem returns and says: "I went to see Hunkarim, but he was busy. So I asked the agha's, and they said Hatice Sultan had come at one point and left. And her cariye is nowhere to be seen." Shah: "If our Hunkar had sent her away somewhere we would have received news of this." Then, Mercan arrives. Mercan agha says that they have looked everywhere, but Hatice Sultan is nowhere to be seen. Shah Sultan asks why Afife hatun is not here yet. A cariye tells her that Afife hatun has left the palace, and Shah wonders where she could have gone.

    Back in Yahya Effendi's house Afife is talking to Yahya....Afife: "Hurrem Sultan thinks that someone has done black magic on her. She has even stopped eating and drinking these days. On top of that, she is not sleeping well." Yahya: "How does she know that it is black magic?" Afife: "I tried to calm her down, but it is not possible to convince her otherwise. My son, she won't listen to us, but she will listen to you." Yahya: "I will do whatever I can." Afife tells him that Hunkarim doesn't know about this matter, and Hurrem doesn't want him to find out. Yahya Efendi gives Afife hatun a type of tea that will help Hurrem Sultan sleep.

    Meanwhile, Shah storms into Hurrem's room: "Where is Hatice, Hurrem?" Hurrem: "Forgive me, how should I know? She must be in her room." Shah: "What did you do to her??" Hurrem: "I don't know what you are talking about... What happened to her?" Shah: "You will tell me... you will tell me..." Sultan Suleyman walks into the room and asks what is going on between them and if something is wrong. After some pause, Shah speaks: "Hunkarim, Hatice is missing... We couldn't find her anywhere." The Sultan is shocked. The scene cuts off to Hatice lying in a forest, her face beaten and bleeding.

    Suleyman is walking in the corridor and meets Bali Bey he tells him: "Malkocoglu, Hatice is missing. I want you to find her immediately!"

    Meanwhile, Hurrem speaks to Shah in her room. Hurrem: "I promise you, this has nothing to do with me." Shah: "Pray that it doesn't..." Hurrem: "I hope Sultanim did not take her own life, as you know, she has tried this before." Shah: "If something happend to her, I will assume you did it. If you harmed her, I swear to you that I will pull your liver out with my own hands."

    Sumbul agha walks into the room, looking afraid. Shah Sultan leaves and Hurrem says: “Be calm! You will raise suspicions!” Sumbul: “How can I be calm? We are talking about a member of the royal family... With the slightest mistake, all of us can be executed!”

    As Shah goes down some stairs, she meets Fahriye Kalfa. Sultan Shah: “Did you hear about what happened to Hatice?” Fahriye: “I just heard now... I doubt Hurrem Sultan did anything, she is very ill.” Shah: “Are you hearing the words you are saying? How can you defend her? They clearly killed Hatice, and they are going to then say she committed suicide... Find out what happened, immediately!”

    Meanwhile in the forest, Hatice Sultan starts to wake up. She is seen with blood all over her face, and looks very weak and tries to move.

    Meanwhile, Malkocoglu is interrogating people. He says: “Where are Sultanim’s cariye’s?” Sumbul: “They are in their rooms, but her closest cariye is missing, clearly they must be together...” Malkocoglu: “You said the search began after she left, right?” Mercan agha: “Yes, and they did not return afterwards.” Sumbul: “She clearly left after she spoke to Hunkarim.” Matrakci: “How do you know she left? Did you see her leave?” Sumbul: “No, but she must have, what other explanation is there?” Shahin agha enters the room and Malkocoglu says that she came to the palace in the afternoon, and that she left the palace after speaking to Hunkarim. Matrakci says that he, as a gate agha must have seen Hatice Sultan leave the palace. Shahin agha says that he is confident that he saw her, and her car leaving the palace in the late afternoon. Malkocoglu: “Why is Afife hatun not here yet? Where is she? As soon as she arrives, she is to find me. Additionally, ask everybody what they saw and heard.”

    Afife returns to the palace, and goes to Hurrem's room. She tells Hurrem that she spoke with her son, and that he will do everything he can to help her, and that he sent her some medicine to help her with her sleep. Hurrem says that Afife hatun has raised a very good son, and may God be pleased with him. Hurrem: “Afife hatun, do you have any news about Hatice Sultan?” Afife: “Did something happen?” Hurrem: “You haven’t heard? Our Sultan is missing... Shah Sultan is having everybody search for her.”

    We see Hatice Sultan walking around the forest, dazed and confused. She is very weak and falls to the ground.

    Afife Hatun goes to Hatice's room, where she finds Shah Sultan. Shah: “Afife hatun, where were you?” Afife: “Forgive me, I had gone to visit my son...” Shah: “The harem is being shaken up, and you have no idea what is going on! Hatice is missing, and nobody knows where she is...... We heard that you were the first one to ask about Hatice..?” Afife: “I found a piece of jewelry that belongs to her... I was looking for her, to return it to her, but she wasn’t here. I thought she returned to be with you.”

    Meanwhile, we see Suleyman, he is recalling the things Hatice said to him: “You had promised to protect Ibrahim with your full power, but you didn't keep your word. This does not make you just, but it makes you cruel!" Suleyman is livid and yells out: "I told you to get out! Don't let me ever see you again!"

    Suleyman whispers to himself: “Haticem (my Hatice).”

    The next morning, Gulfem tells Shah: “Sultanim, get some rest. You have tired yourself out!” Shah: “Sleeping is a sin for me until I see my sister. My God, please protect her and return her to us...” Gulfem: “Hunkarim is having everywhere searched... She will definitely be found!” Afife: “No news yet about our Sultan...” Shah: “Did you speak with the agha at the gate?” Afife: “Yes, but he is saying the same thing...” Nigar: “He only saw the car... Maybe Hatice Sultan wasn’t even inside...” Afife: “Don’t talk like you don’t know the customs! The gate agha will not let a car leave without looking inside it!” Shah: “How do we know that he is telling the truth?” Afife: “He has been in service for many years, and has never caused a single problem.” Shah: “There is a first time for everything.”

    Hurrem walks into the room and asks if there is any news of Hatice. Shah: “I don’t know, we should ask you...”

    Suleyman asks Malkocoglu if he found Hatice. Malkocoglu says that they found her abandoned car, and nobody was inside it. He says that searches of the area are continuing, and they will receive more news soon. Suleyman: “Find her, no matter what you do, find her and bring her to me!”

    Meanwhile in Hatice's room, Hurrem says to Shah: “What are you blaming me for? What does it have to do with me?” Shah: “What else do you think?” (e.g. blaming her for Hatice). Gulfem: “Don’t you dare say that you killed her...” Mihrimah: “Enough! You are not speaking to a cariye... How can you speak to my valide like this?” Shah: “Go back to your room Mihrimah...” Mihrimah: “You can’t tell me what to do... I remember the things you did to validem just like it was yesterday. You should pray that she has asked me to remain silent, otherwise you would not be able to explain yourselves to Hunkarim.” Hurrem: “Be calm, and go back to your room!” Mihrimah: “No, I am not going anywhere. This is enough! Nobody can speak and accuse you of these ugly things!”

    We see Hatice enter the room, barely standing. She looks straight into Hurrem’s eyes...then she blacks out....

    Hatice wakes up in her bed, and Suleyman says: “Haticem, my beautiful sister, thank God you returned... I am here with you. Tell me, who did this to you?” Hatice: “Where is that snake??? HURREM!!! Where is she???” Shah: “What do you mean, Hatice? What does it have to do with Hurrem?” Hatice: “She is the one who did this to me!” Mihrimah: “No, validem would never do something like this!”
    Sumbul agha tells Hurrem that Duzgun agha followed Hatice Sultan up to the palace gates like a shadow, and Hatice Sultan did not notice him, and he protected her throughout the night against any dangers. Hurrem gives Sumbul agha a pouch of gold to give to Duzgun agha. Sumbul: “Hatice Sultan is probably describing everything to Hunkarim.” Hurrem: “Sumbul agha, you do what I tell you to do!”

    Suleyman: “Do you know what you are saying, Hatice? Hurrem is the mother of my five children...” Hatice: “Hunkarim, may God be my witness, I am telling the truth...”

    *********PART 2*********

    Hatice is talking to the Sultan with difficulty. “After I met with you, she was walking, it was as if she had gone mad - she insulted me, she attacked me! (Here, we see a flashback to Hurrem), she hit me, over and over kept hitting me). I fainted, when I woke up I found myself in a forest...they must have thought I was dead...thank God I was able to reach here. “ The Sultan says: “Wasn’t your cariye with you?” Gulfem: “She is nowhere to be found, she is lost.” Hatice: “They must have killed her...” Suleyman looks with shock and horror at Hatice. Shah sultan: These are heavy allegations, Haticem...are you sure, that Hurrem did this?” Hatice: “She looked into my eyes and hit me....you do not see me now and what condition I am in??? She would have killed me!”  Suleyman rushes off angrily. Mihrimah chases after him. “Hunkarim, do not believe what they are saying! My mother would never do such a thing! It is all a lie!” Suleyman ignores her and keeps walking...

    Meanwhile, In Hatice’s room, Hatice tries to sit up a little and says: “That snake, I will kill her with my own hands.” Gulfem: “alright, alright.” Shah Sultan: “Hatice, you have to rest.” Hatice: “Look at my condition...how can I be calm...” Gulfem: “May God curse her! May her hands break!” Shah Sultan: “Worse will happen to her!, Gulfem. Hurrem wrote he order for her own execution. How can anyone bring this much trouble on a member of the Hanedan (Dynasty). She will be executed!” Hatice: “Who will order it? our Hunkar? He will not believe it.” Shah: “Someone spilling dynastic blood, even Sultan Suleyman will not forgive that.” Nigar speaks up: “That might be so, Sultanim, but I cannot understand how someone as smart as Hurrem Sultan can make such a big error!” Shah Sultan says: “I did not understand this either...it seems the issue of the magic has really made her crazy.” Nigar says: “Forgive me, Sultahim, but why not just kill and then toss in the sea? Why leave her alive and safe?” Hatice: “Whose side are you on? huh? what is all this questioning?” Nigar: “There could be something else behind this Sultanim, another game,  either okay so she lost herself (is crazy) and beat you, but then she left you alive in the forest, it is obvious you would return someway.” Gulfem: “They could have thought she was dead and threw her,” Shah Sultan: “Haticem, did you tell everything? Could there be something missing, or mistaken?” Hatice turns to her surprised :”what? You do not believe me, then?” 

    Meanwhile, in Hurrem’s room, Hurrem is lying down worried, when suddenly, Suleyman enters looking angry. He says: ”Hurrem!” Hurrem says: “Suleyman, how is our Hatice Sultan?Did she come to yet? Where was she?” Suleyman: “Someone has beat her to the point of death - someone insulted my sister, then tried to kill her, then threw her in the forest.” Hurem says: “Who dared to do this?!” Suleyman: “You know the punishment for this very well, don’t you?!” Hurrem: “Of course! Whoever has done this, must immediately be executed!” Suleyman looks at her confused, and softens his voice a little, but he is still angry “You, Hurrem!” 

    Hurrem looks at Suleyman, bewildered. Suleyman continues “According to her, the person who did this, is you.” Hurrem: “Suleyman, do not tell me you believe it - no, Suleyman how could you even think this is a possibility?! The person who tried to kill me just before, how could you believe their words? Did you not send her to Manisa because of that?” Suleyman looks confused, his face softens, then e is agitated again and he says: “Hatice’s condition is worrisome, it is evident someone has done this oppression to her.” Hurrem says quickly: “Suleyman you know as well that for days I am ill, just the other day I fell on the floor, I had no strength to walk even. You might even be angry at me, but, it could be possible that she herself has prepared all of this.” Suleyman says: “What does this mean?!” Hurrem replies: “Hatice Sultan is not well, as you know, she has not accepted Ibrahim Pasha’s death - she still blames me...” Suleyman walks away, worried, distraught, and confused.

    Meanwhile, Matrakci is with Bali Bey in Bali Bey’s office. Bali Bey says :”Thank God that our Sultana returned safe and sound, otherwise everybody’s soul would be on fire.” Matrakci asks: “So what happened, were you able to find anything?” Bali Bey: “Our Hunkar has gone to the Harem, in a little while it will become apparent.” Matrakci looks angry. There is a knock on the door, and an agha says that Hatice’s cariye has been found. Bali Bey asks for her to enter, and she does. Bali Bey: “What happened, tell me! Hurry!”

    Meanwhile, in the Sultan’s chamber, Shah Sultan is speaking to the Sultan. Suleyman says: “Did she say anything else to you?” Shah says: “No, Hunkarim - her condition is bad, she isn’t even in a state to talk....how could someone do this for a member of the Dynasty....” Suleyman: “What do you say, Shah-i-huban? Do you think Hatice is telling the truth.” Shah Sultan: “I do not know anymore who to believe, Hunkarim - but you also saw her condition, I do not think she would lie about such an issue. ” Then, there is a knock at the door, and Malkocoglu enters. He greets them and then says: “There is something you important you must know, Hatice’s cariye has been found, and she is waiting outside the door.” Suleyman asks that she enter and she does. Bali Bey says: “Speak,” and the cariye starts speaking: “Hunkarim, I was with Hatice Sultan when she came to see you,“ Suleyman: “And what happened after that, speak of that!” Cariye: “After she left right away, we left the Palace together, I thought we were going to Shah Sultan’s Palace. But she stopped the carriage, at an unknown place, afterwards, she gave me money and told me I would be free.” Suleyman: “She set you free, is that it?” The cariye nods and says: “She wished me to go back to my home land, and I went to the ports...when I was about to board the ship, the Janissaries caught me. Forgive me Hunkarim, I am under her orders, whatever she wished, I had to do.” Suleyman asks Bali Bey if it is true and Bali Bey says that the Janissaries indeed found her at the ports, and she had a bag with Hatice Sultan’s name embroidered on it in her hands, it had gold.” The Sultan and Shah are surprised.

    Meanwhile, Gulfem is giving Hatice a drink of water, when Shah enters. Hatice quickly asks “What did our Hunkar decide?” Shah says: “Hatice - when you came here was your cariye with you?” Hatice says: “Yes, but they must have killed her a long time ago, poor girl...” Shah: “the woman is very healthy...just now she just explained everything to him...after returning with her, you gave her money and made her get out of the car...afterwards you wished for her to go to her country...” Hatice looks shocked: “what did I do????” Shah Sultan: “Nigar was right, ha! the gatekeeper also said he saw you all leave...then they found the carriage...and then now they find the cariye running away at the ports!” Nigar: “it is clear what has happened...” Hatice suddenly says: “Did our Hunkar believe this?” Shah Sultan: “He now doubts your soundness of health....as  you know, you had just before this, tried to kill her.” Suddenly, Hatice laughs hysterically. Then she gets up and says “I will give her, her punishment!” Shah says: “you will not do anything of the sort!” Gulfem helps her back to her pillow: “Sultanim, please, be calm!”

    Shah Sultan says to Hatice: “I was able to convince the Sultan saying I would let you be with me for treatment!” Hatice: “Treatment? He thinks I am crazy right? Not just him, but all of you think the same thing, you do not believe me!?” Shah Sultan: “We believe you of course, but, I am trying to tell you that Hurrem has paid everyone off! There is nothing else the Sultan could think except this (that Hatice is crazy).”  Hatice: “Even if this had happened in front of his eyes, I would have been at fault to him. Ahhhh, O Allah, what days are we in? When my mother on her be mercy, was alive, it was not like this...now it is a curse on us!” Shah Sultan consoles her and pats her head...

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Gabriela has arrived at Mustafa’s palace looking very sad and enters his room after he permits her to do so. Mustafa asks why she has come and she says there is an issue which she wishes to inform him of, then tells him about her ship being burnt. All her goods have been destroyed. He asks “Who has done this? Do you have any information?” She says: “No, my Prince - they say it is an accident, but I do not believe it - what do I do? everything is burnt and gone!” Mustafa tells her to be calm and to sit with him. Yahya arrives and he says he will leave as he thought Mustafa was alone, but Mustafa tells Yahya to stay, and informs him of the Signora’s ship being burnt. He asks Yahya to investigate. 

    Meanwhile, Fidan arrives to Mahidevran’s room and presents a letter. Mahidevran says “Fahriye Hatun has written this.” And Fidan asks: “Who is Fahriye Hatun?” and Mahidevran says: “Diana!” then reads the letter quietly. The letter says:

    “Precious Mahidevran Sultanim, it has been long I am trying to complete my task - only Shah Sultan does not want this. I do not know how much longer I will have to wait. My High Sultana, if you give your permission and you see fit, I wish to return to Manisa and just like before, continue living life as your loyal servant.”

    Meanwhile, Mustafa is still talking to Gabriela. He says: “You had said that your husband had died in an accident. Is that not true? But I heard his ship was sunk?” Gabriela: “Yes, my Prince, Pirates sunk his ship...I...I have had to deal with some very distressing tragedies....” Mustafa says: “Being away from your land, doing trade in the seas, unfortunately has these types of dangers...” Gabriela says: “In that same tragedy...not just my husband, but I lost my sister - she was too young...her name was Lucrezia. He was bringing her here from Sakizz Island....forgive me...with my own pain I am wasting your time and bothering you...” All of a sudden, Mahidevran arrives. She look suspicious. Mustafa tells Mahidevran about the ship being burnt and that they were discussing this. Gabriela takes her leave,and she leaves. Mahidevran says that it is not appropriate for her to come to the palace this way all the time, and he says he thought she (his mother) would be happy for him to help her...and Mahidevran says of course, but she worries about the harem and doesn’t want any bad gossip going around....Mustafa says that she brought her to the harem and he just wished to be of help to the woman.

    Hatice paces in her room and Shah comes. “Why are you awake, Hatice, you have to rest, please???” Hatice says: “Did the Imperial guards find the treasure?” Shah wonders why she is asking and Hatice says: “Just answer me! Did they find it?” Shah says: “nothing came out...it is not clear if there is anything or not anyway...” Hatice tells her: “Follow me.” She takes her underground and then into a room with various goods and then she opens a trap door underneath some baskets and they all go down...

    In the secret cellar there are bejeweled golden cups and jugs and books and jars of gold, jewels...Shah Says: “Hatice, what are these?!” Hatice: “They are the hidden wealth of Ibrahim...gold, jewels, everything, here....

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is with Suleyman in his room. Hurrem says: “Suleyman, your faith and trust in me and that you believe me, you cannot know how happy it makes me!” Suleyman is silent...He says: “Hatice’s condition is horrible...Shah-i-Huban is trying her best to have her cured...God Willing it will work...”  Hurrem says: “God Willing, I also wish for her to get better...actually this condition of hers is making every very sad....especially you...” Suleyman opens up to Hurrem: “Hatice hates me. She looks at me in anger...like an enemy...” Hurrem says to him: “Suleyman, she is your sister, she can never hate you, she can never be your enemy...as time pass...one day, one day she will forget everything....” Suleyman gets up and says: “And me, Hurrem? How will I forget?!”

    Meanwhile, back in the cellar, Hatice says: “I knew from before about this anyway...Ibrahim would never hide anything from me...all of this...is mine, mine and my children’s...” Shah says: “Hatice, this gold is supposed to be of the treasury’s..you must give it back, this is very dangerous!.” Hatice: “I will not give it! Do you understand me? I will pay off everyone of Hurrem’s servants until no one is left to serve her!” Shah sighs and Hatice says: “Promise me, you will not talk about this to anyone.”

    Back in Manisa, Mustafa is entering Gabriela’s Villa. She greets him and says it is an honour for her that he enters her home. He says he cannot stay long. Gabriela: “As you wish, please come sit...” They all go to the seating area, Yahya stands close by. Mustafa says: “As you said, it was not an accident...but the people behind it (responsible for it) are Genovese. “ Gabriela says: “Who could it be?” Yahya says: “You will tell us, Signora, do you know anyone who might do this?”

    Gabriela: “Are you sure they are Genoese?” Taslicali: “Yes, I looked into the matter personally.” Gabriela: “In this case, my losses cannot be repaid, isn’t that correct?” Mustafa: “Unfortunately you are right. But the investigation continues. If they get caught, they will pay the price.” Gabriela: “Are you leaving so quickly, Shehzadem? If you give me permission, grant me the honour of hosting you again.”

    Meanwhile, Mahidevran is seen walking towards Mustafa’s room, when an agha tells her that he has not arrived yet, and he doesn’t know where he went. Mahidevran tells him to inform her when he arrives.

    Gabriela: “I am so intrigued with the harem. I didn’t see all of the women, but the ones I did see were very beautiful!” Mustafa: “Don’t believe everything you hear.” Gabriela: “There are so many women around you, and they are all trying to make you like them. How can Ayse hatun bear this? I would not be able to. Sharing love is very difficult...” Mustafa: “There were many women around your husband too. And they that this is the reason why you stabbed him.” Gabriela: “You have learned many things about me... But there are still many things you don’t know.” Mustafa: “I am sure you are right... This is a beautiful painting. My brother has one of his paintings too, of the woman who is famous for her beauty, Juliana Gonzaga, from the painter Tiziano Vecellio.” Gabriela: “I have seen her, she is not as beautiful as people make her sound... And when it comes to the stabbing that people are talking about; I am jealous indeed. When I fall in love with someone, I want them to only be mine.”

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is having a bad nightmare and is clearly in a lot of pain from the black magic. She wakes up suddenly and screams “SULEYMAN!!!”, and hugs the Sultan and tells him it was just a nightmare.

    Ayaz Pasha asks Ebusuud Efendi if he is happy with his new role, and hopes he doesn’t have any complaints. Ebusuud Efendi: “I am very happy. My flowers are also happy, as I can now spend time on them.” Ayaz Pasha tells him to not forget about finding a replacement for the positions of the Judge of Istanbul. Lutfi Pasha asks Rustem Pasha when he will be returning back to Diyarbakir. Rustem says he will be here for some more time, as he is discussing some things with the Sultan. Lutfi says: “Ahh... Are you discussing the matter of Ibrahim Pasha’s treasure?” Rustem looks confused at how he could possibly know this.

    In the next scene, we see Bali Bey in the presence of Hatice Sultan, and he asks her how he could assist her. Hatice: “Ibrahim Pasha would always say good things about you and would always compliment you... I will speak openly with you Bali Bey, in your position as bodyguard, you are closest to the Sultan, and just this alone will make Hurrem your enemy. Be careful from her games and lies. Protect yourself and Hunkarim.” Bali Bey: “I will always and forever protect our dynasty, Sultanim.”

    Ebusuud: “We have received all of Ibrahim Pasha’s belongings, but we have a lack of space. With your permission, we should sell some of his things.” Suleyman: “Everything other than the most valuable things should be sold. Any update about the lost gold and jewelry, Rustem?” Rustem: “The search continues... After the campaign, we must find them, as it will ease our treasury.” Lutfi Pasha: “Hunkarim, with your permission, Barbarossa Pasha has conquered many of the islands in the area.” Suleyman: “Good, he should keep it up... Ayaz Pasha, pay Barbarossa the amount he deserves... After all of the islands are conquered, they will be united under one banner, and we will put at the head of it a Sanjak Bey, otherwise, if he gives us homage, we will place Duke Giovanni in this position. He will work for the Devlet-i Aliyye (Ottoman Empire).” Lutfi: “This is an amazing idea, Hunkarim. This means that the Mediterranean Sea will get warm again this summer...” Random Pasha: “In some of our provinces, some of our valuable governors have been removed from their duties and have been replaced with others. This can cause a serious unrest.” Ayaz: “Hunkarim, these governors have stopped listening to orders after the death of Ibrahim Pasha. And some of them had even started to do things on their own, this is why I removed them.” Suleyman: “Why was I not informed about this?” Ayaz: “I was going to give you reports about each one of them today...”

    We see Esmahan Sultan speaking to Bali Bey in the palace garden, and Mihrimah sees them talking to each other. Esmahan leaves when Mihrimah arrives. Bali Bey: “Sultanim, did I do something to offend you?” Mihrimah: “No, I am letting you do your “important work”, as you had requested me to.” Bali Bey: “Forgive me, Sultanim, but I don’t know what you’re referring to...” Mihrimah: “I’m talking about the letter you wrote to me. You have forgotten about it so quickly!” Bali Bey: “There must be a misunderstanding... as I did not write you a letter... I would like to see that letter, as it does not belong to me (I didn’t write it).” Mihrimah: “How could this be?! I sent you a letter, and then a letter was returned to my room.” Bali Bey: “It is clear that someone has played an ugly game...”

    We see Saliha hatun and Fahriye in the hallway talking, and Saliha hatun says “We have to change Hurrem Sultan’s sheets, you can get the new ones from my room.” Sumbul agha approaches and asks what Saliha wanted from her, and Fahriye says she pulled Saliha hatun aside to question her, because she doesn’t like her actions, especially since she wanders around Hurrem Sultan’s room a lot. Sumbul agha gets upset at this, but Fahriye says she disciplined her,and she will not wander around anymore.

    In the next scene, Hurrem is speaking with Yahya Efendi, and says “I am grateful to you. The medicine you gave me has helped me to sleep very well. I drink it every evening, but last night, a shadow encroached on my dreams, I see it everywhere, it chokes my neck... It is not just a regular nightmare, I also see this in the daytime, I see shadows lurking on and behind the walls... Only you can help me...  Please save me from this magic.” Yahya Efendi says: “Magic is the work of the devil, and is a grave sin in our religion. The one who does it will enter hell. God tells us in the Qur’an: ‘قَالَ مُوسَى أَتقُولُونَ لِلْحَقِّ لَمَّا جَاءكُمْ أَسِحْرٌ هَذَا وَلاَ يُفْلِحُ السَّاحِرُونَ’ … Magicians will be the ones who are losers...”
    Yahya: “...My recommendation to you is to seek help from God. Have Qur’an read out loud in your room. My mother will help you to find someone who has memorized the Qur’an. Also... When you see these shadows, read some specific chapters of the Qur’an, such as Al-Fatiha, An-Nas, and the verse of the throne (Ayat al-Kursi). May God protect you from any and all evil.” Hurrem and Afife: “Amin...”

    We see Ebusuud Efendi enter his house, his wife welcomes him, and he asks her if her no-good son arrived home yet. He calls for him to come down and he tells him: “I am having you start a job in Bursa. Prepare your things and get ready. I am not happy with you being here. I have a close friend there, Hasan Efendi, you will stay with him. I wasn’t able to make you a man, I pray that he will.”

    Meanwhile, Sumbul agha is rummaging around in Saliha hatun’s room for anything suspicious. He finds hidden in a chest some items that are used to do black magic; he gets extremely scared and puts the box away. As he leaves the room, Fahriye hatun sees him exit.

    Mihrimah enters Bali Bey’s room and hands him the letter that reached her. She tells him that the letter she gave to the agha to deliver to Bali Bey was placed on his desk. Bali Bey remembers that Rustem was in his room at one point. Bali Bey asks that she allows him to keep this letter, and that finding the person who did this is now mandatory for him. She responds: “Yes, I would not want gossip to be spread about us, I am especially concerned about your safety in this matter.”

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Mustafa enters Mahidevran’s chambers and kisses her hand and wishes her a good morning. She sees that he is happy and wishes for his eternal happiness. She says that she visited his room last night, but he wasn’t there, and arrived late. She asks where he went, and he says he was out with Taslicali Yahya.

    We then see Gabriela’s chambers, and she is informed that Benetto has arrived to see her, she welcomes him in and says she was not expecting him today. He responds by saying “I came to congratulate you... I heard that you have befriended Shehzade Mustafa... and he was here last night.” Gabriela accuses him of burning her ship, and he says “You can be sure that you will gain a lot more... You help us, and we will help you.” Gabriela says “I only want one thing from you, my brother, Lucrezia... tell me where he is!” Benetto responds: “Do not worry, you are very close to him.”

    Meanwhile in the palace, Hurrem Sultan tells Afife hatun that she wants Qur’an to be recited in her room tomorrow morning, when suddenly Sumbul agha approaches and tells her that he has found the person who has done magic against her. They enter Saliha hatun’s room and find her throat cut.

    In the next scene, Mercan agha tells Fahriye that she is behaving dangerously, and she says she had no choice but to kill Saliha hatun, because Sumbul agha saw them speaking together, and also because Fahriye did not trust Saliha at all. Mercan agha questions this and says that she cannot just kill someone because she doesn’t trust them. Fahriye: “I had to kill her, Sumbul agha was also starting to suspect her, I saw him leave her room. I could not allow her to give up my position.” Mercan agha tells her to be much more careful, and that she should not do anything without his approval.

    Meanwhile, Sumbul is describing all of the things he found in Saliha hatun’s box including soaps, knotted strings, needles, and that he was afraid to even hold them. Hurrem asks him if he mentioned this to anybody else, and he says no, he waited to tell her... and then he realizes that Fahriye kalfa also knows about it, and explains to Hurrem what he spoke to Fahriye about. Hurrem says: “So it was Fahriye hatun... We definitely have a spy amongst us, and it might be her!”

    It is now night time at the palace, and we see Hurrem sleeping in her bed, and we see the black cloud/shadow engulf her. She wakes up suddenly, frazzled. She gets up out of her bed, and the cloud follows her. When suddenly emerging from the cloud, we see Fahriye emerge and say “Sultanim...” Hurrem screams at her and tells her to “Stay far away from me!!! Stay away!!!” Hurrem approaches the ledge of her balcony, and Fahriye tells her to stop moving away. Hurrem says: “Do not approach me! Traitor! Snake! I told you, don’t come close to me!!! … STOP! STOP!!!”

    THE END!

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