• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 88 Preview

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Hurrem doesn't remember what happened at the Marble Palace. She starts to panic as she sees the wounds on her body. As everybody thinks she was poisoned, it becomes clear that a spell was cast on her. Rustem starts to search for Ibrahim Pasha's lost wealth.

    This matter puts Suleyman and Hatice against each other again. As the spell starts to effect Hurrem, her life becomes a nightmare... and she does something that will make life in the Harem stop! Hurrem doesn't remember that she went to the Marble Palace, nor does she remember what happened there. The wounds on her body start to worry everyone, especially Suleyman. While Hurrem tries to understand what happened to her, she also tries to stop the gossip that is happened in the Harem.

    Ibrahim Pasha's shadow is still present in the Palace. Suleyman starts to feel a deep loneliness after his death. And Hatice tries to remind him of Ibrahim's death at every opportunity. Ibrahim's lost wealth put two siblings against each other. Hatice's strong words anger Suleyman. The love that Mihrimah feels towards Malkoçoğlu increases day by day. As she did not receive a response to her letter during the war, she decides to write him another one. As the letter falls into the hands of someone else, the two of them start to be in danger.

    In Manisa, Mustafa solves the problems of the non-Muslim merchants and gains their praise, especially the praise of the Genoese Gabriela. Gabriela decides to give a thank you feast to Mahidevran and Mustafa, and this makes her get closer to Mustafa.

    As the rumours spread about Hurrem's illness, she tries to stop them... but things get much worse for her, and she loses control of the Harem... and she makes a big mistake!

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