• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 86. Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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    The episode starts with the same scene as the last episode: Hurrem receives news about Shehzade Mustafa's march to the Palace, and about the news that the Sultan has been injured, and no word about Mehmet and Selim. Hurrem says to Mustafa Pasha: "As you are the official responsible for governing Istanbul - until the time our Hunkar returns safe and sound - YOU are responsible for protecting my Shehzades Bayezid and Cihangir!" Mustafa Pasha replies: "You should have no doubt that I will do everything in my power.." Hurrem says: "Take precautionary measures at once! No matter what the cost - no harm should come to even a hair on my childrens' heads!" Mustafa Pasha nods, then replies: "I am awaiting news of the Sultan's health, Sultanim. Until then, this incident should not be known to anyone, otherwise if it is made known, the city will be in revolt, God forbid!" Sumbul interjects:
    "Shehzade Mustafa has raised an army anyway - he is on his way to the Palace - wouldn't the best course of action be to stop him?"

    Mustafa Pasha: "If what you are sayiing is true, then no power can stop him...' Hurrem angrily shouts: "You will stop him, Pasha. You will not allow this treason! While our Hunkar is breathing, who dares to approach the throne? Before reaching the Palace, you will take his head!" Mustafa Pasha: "...Preparing ourselves when the city is empty of soldiers is difficult, Sultanim, and I do not think any Ottoman soldier, Imperial guards and Janissaries included, will raise their swords against Shehzade Mustafa."

    Meanwhile, in Hatice's palace, Afife speaks to Shah Sultan. Afife hatun: "Sultanim, only you can prevent this...Stop our Shehzade...otherwise a lot of blood will spill..." Shah Sultan replies saying: "Do not be agitated, Afife hatun...of course I will do whatever is in my power to prevent this...but, Hurrem must not know of this..otherwise there will be an outcry." Afife hatun says: "But Sultanim, this is a matter of life and death, how can I hide it? Precautions must be immediately taken - " Shah Sultan interrupts her "Do as I tell you, Afife Hatun...If Hurrem finds out, the situation will be even worse...we must deal with this situation quietly and without noise." Afife quietly worries.

    In the next scene, Sumbul rushes to Mehmet's room, where he finds Bayazid. He says he looked everywhere for him, and Bayezid responds that he was reading Mehmet's books, and Sumbul says that his mother wishes to see him at once, and Bayezid asks what happened, noticing that Sumbul looks worried, but Sumbul replies that his mother will be the one to tell him, and they both go off.

    Meanwhile, Mihrima is in her room preparing for bed. Suddenly, Fahriye Hatun (Diana) arrives, telling her that her mother has called for her and is waiting for her. Mihrimah finds it strange that her mother calls her at this hour.

    Hurrem holds Cihangir in her arms as he sleeps. Beyazid and Sumbul enter, followed by Mihrima and Fahriye. Mihrima asks what happens and if her mother is alright. Hurrem whispers and calls them close to her. She says to them: "From this point onwards, you will stay with me here. " Mihrima wonders what this means. Hurrem says: "I have uncomfirmed news...according to what they say, our Hunkar has been trapped in an ambush.." Mihrimah expresses shock "baba!" Hurrem: "Do not get agitated Mihrima...we do not know yet what has happened...he is injured is all they said...I have wished for them to investigate immediately...we will find the truth anyway." Bayezid asks: "My Abi (older brother) Mehmet, Selim...how are they?" Hurrem responds, trying very hard to hold her tears: "I do not know, my lion (term of endearment, they called their sons aslan = lion = strength, bravery etc., or aslan parca = peice of lion = lion cub). Let us pray that they come back safe and sound...until then we must be strong...we must be ready for anything! You understand me, right?"

    Later that night, Bayezid sits up beside his sleeping brother in the corner on a mattress, while Hurrem and Mihrimah sit up worrying. Mihrimah says to her mother: " Validam, are you certain about this? My Abi Mustafa would not do such a thing..." Hurrem replies: "And why would he not? It means he has found out about the situation...he has gathered soldiers and is coming..his intentions are to ascend the throne...and afterwards..." she stops. Mihrimah asks: "And afterwards what, Validam?" Hurrem looks at her sons and Mihrimah understands what she means. "No...I would never allow this...no one can kill my brothers! I will not let him!" Hurrem responds: "Mihrima, calm down and listen to me...difficult days are awaiting us...very difficult...you must be strong. You must always be with your brothers. Your eyes must never leave them...because I do not trust anyone but you...and you must not trust anyone else's words but mine, do you understand me?" Mihrimah answers saying "Validem, you are frightening me." Hurrem says to her: "Mihrimah, you are a Sultana...your father is Sultan of the world...you should not be afraid, they should be!" Suddenly Bayezid gets up and goes to his mother. "Validem, my father will return, my brothers will return...And until that day, I will save you. No one will be able to harm you." Hurrem hugs him. "My Prince, my lion of mine."

    Meanwhile, Sumbul rushes through the harem looking for Afife. He finds her and says Hurrem is waiting for her. She says what has happened? He says felaket! (catastrophe!). Meanwhile, Mihrimah asks her mother: "What can be done now, Validem?" Hurrem replies: "I met with Mustafa Pasha...he will take every possible security measure..and we must wait Mihrima...patiently wait..." Mirhimah: Validem, I will go speak with Mustafa Abi. He will listen to me..he will stop...in any case, Mahidevran Sultan and Hatice Sultan have poisoned his mind..." Hurrem: "No...the arrow has left the bow already...your only duty is to stay by your brothers..." Sumbul enters followed by Afife Hatun.

    Hurrem to Afife: "Finally...come Afife hatun, has Sumbul explained the situation to you?" Afife: "No...but I can guess Sultanim, since the fact that Shehzade Mustafa Hazretleri is on his way to the Capital has become known to me, Sultanim...This is the reason why I came anyway." Hurrem: "How did you find out?" Afife: "When you left us for the Palace, news came to Shah Sultan - Hatice Sultan wrote - she wished for me to keep quiet not to worry you...but it was necessary to inform you.." Hurrem: "Is that so? Shah Sultan is not thinking of me...she wishes to help Hatice along with Mustafa...and in addition, how do we know she is not in on the plot with them?" Diana pays close attention to Hurrem's words. Afife replies: 'Never, not possible, cannot be possible! Do not worry, I am with you, and until the Sultan returns, I will guarantee your safety.." Hurrem: "You do not have news of our Hunkar? He has been ambushed on the way...they say he has  been injured. Where my princes are, or how they are, I do not know." Afife Hatun: "Oh my Allah, please save us, my Lord!" Hurrem: "It is for this reason that Mustafa has left on his way....Except us, no one must know of this...not any agas, nor any cariyes...no one..." Hurrem to Sumbul: "I will write a letter to convey the situation to our Hunkar. Find your most trusted, most swift and speedy messenger..." Sumbul.."As you order, Sultanim."

    The next day, Shah Sultan visits Hurrem in her room. Shah Sultan says that she heard it was important and would ask what it was, but it was obvious what happened, and she looks at Afife accusingly. Hurrem: "I learned earlier Sultanim, that is why I left your Palace." Gulfem asks what is going on. Hurrem : "I will tell you what is going on Gulfem Hatun - Shehzade Mustafa is coming in order to take the throne!" Gulfem is in disbelief, " this is not possible, cannot be..Our Shehzade cannot revolt/mutiny.  Hurrem gets angry: "Gulfem Hatun, the Sultan has fallen into an ambush - learning of this, he (Mustafa) would not skip this opportunity. Shah Sultan speaks, shocked: "What are you saying Hurrem? He has been injured?" Hurrem: "Mustafa Pasha is trying to find confirmation, but I am certain he will return safe and sound." Gulfem: "Please Allah save our Sultan, oh my Lord!" Hurrem: "Ameen(amen)." Shah Sultan says that she want to speak to Mustafa Pasha personally at once and a cariye leaves to do it. Shah approaches Hurrem closer. "I can imagine what you are feeling right now, but be reassured, I will personally see to this matter." Hurrem: "God Willing you will stop this betrayal/treachery."

    In a corridor, Sumbul hands a letter to a messenger, telling him that he must convey the letter to the Sultan, that no one will find out about it, that he must be careful and if he is able to do his job, he can ask for anything (showing him a reward). Mercan sneakily listens behind a wall.

    Meanwhile, back in Hurrem's room, Shah sultan tells Hurrem that there is no reason to spread worry..Hurrem: "Our Hunkar and my children's situation is not clear...Shehzade Mustafa is on his way here...and you say do not be anxious?" Shah Sultan says: "Even if what they say about Shehzade Mustafa being true, not you, nor our Princes will be harmed in anyway." Hurrem: "You know the rules/customs better than I, Sultanim,  If something happens to the Sultan, Shehzade Mustafa first task is to order the murder of my children. " Shah Sultan tells Hurrem to calm down and wait for word from her...Gulfem, Afife and Shah leave.

    Fahriye then walks to Hurrem. Hurrem: "Fahriye Hatun, there is no sleep for us from now on, day and night you will stand by my princes' heads. I don't trust anyone in this situation.  Fahriye tells Hurrem not to worry, that she will watch them carefully.

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan is in the Sultan's room with Sumbul, she tells Sumbul that he is always with Hurrem, that he provides her with reassurance to see her patient and strong. He says that he has never seen her this way, that the situation is very dangerous. An agha announces Mustafa Pasha's arrival. She asks for news of the Sultan, but he says he has not heard. She tells him that somethings about Mustafa have reached her ears, and the Pasha says that he wishes her help in this matter. Shah asks how she can be of help, and he says that she can write a letter to him and that he may stop. Shah thinks...

    Meanwhile, Mihrima sits with her mother on the balcony. Mihrimah: "This kind of waiting without a solution is destroying me! Who knows when we will receive news about our Hunkar..." Hurrem: "Everyone has a role to play and our role is to wait patiently...do not lose your hope, do not let doubts cloud your mind for even one moment...be certain our enemies wish to see us weak."

    Shah Sultan enters. Hurrem: "Sultanim, you have learned something new?" Shah says she has not and that she only spoke to the Pasha. "We must think of  every possibility...there can be a revolt in the city at any moment..or you know the things that can happen. We need to take precautions immediately for our Shehzades. " Hurrem asks what she has in mind. Shah answers: "Give me Shehzade Bayezid and Cihangir, they will stay with me.' Hurrem says no, she will not separate from her children." Shah Sultan: "(Sigh), in these types of matters, we cannot act emotionally, I don't know about Mustafa, but I cannot promise about the things Mahidevran might do in this situation. Also, Hatice's anger is obvious - until our Hunkar comes back, I will protect them." Hurrem: "No Sultanim, I will not allow this." Shah: "Who is asking you for permission? They are my blood. You cannot decide their fate, only I can." Hurrem: "Please give me some time, I wish to think about this." Shah: "Fine, think over it tonight, tomorrow morning I will come and get your children." Hurrem: "Sultanim, this is a test - for all of us a test - who are our friends, who are our enemies - this will become clear.  Those who are with us in our difficult days are our friends, and those who oppose us, are our enemies. No one should doubt that, Sultan Suleyman Han will return, and on that day when he returns, many people's heads will roll."

    At night, Nigar visits Hurrem.  Nigar tells Hurrem that she is very sad, and says a prayer for the Sultan. Hurrem asks Nigar if Rustem wrote her a letter, that is why she called her. Nigar says that since he left, he did not write her even one sentence and that she has no idea about his situation. Hurrem: "If something had happened to the Sultan, he (Rustem) would send word to me right? Nigar says "Yes, but  Sumbul said they had been ambushed. How do we know that something did not happen to him as well? Or..?" Hurrem: "Or what?" Nigar: "Rustem knows where the wind blows from (in other words, he knows who to support when it benefits him)..." Hurrem: "What does this all mean now Nigar? Is he also involved in the betrayal?" Nigar: "Sultanim, you know Rustem better than I do, for his own interests he can do anything. "

    Meanwhile, Gulfem is with Shah Sultan in Hatice's palace. Gulfem says she is worried about the Shehzades. Shah Sultan says "May God give us whatever we are destined." Gulfem responds: "I would love to be as cold-blooded as you. The Sultan will have Mustafa's head...or God Forbid, if something happens to the Sultan, our Shehzade will spill the blood of his siblings! Even thinking about it is scary." Shah Sultan pauses then responds: "There is another possibility. Before Shehzade Mustafa arrives, Hurrem could put her own son on the throne. I am sure of this, as I am sure of my own name!" Gulfem asks if she would really do this. Shah says " we do not know who she is allied with and how, but if she tries, she will find me first in front of her. The Shehzades are important. It is necessary for me to take her children in the morning." There is a knock and Mihrima enters and apologizes for coming at such an hour, but says she has something important to say. Gulfem leaves to check on Esmahan, Shah Sultan's daughter.

    Meanwhile, back in Hurrem's room, Hurrem tells Nigar that Shah Sultan wants to take her children to protect them. Nigar says that she is certain of that - that if Mustafa comes, only Shah would be able to protect the young princes. Hurrem asks her advice and Nigar says that for Hurrem to give up her children with her own hands will be difficult, but that she has no other choice. Shah Sultan will use the power that comes from her blood (she is royalty). After thinking for a minute, Nigar says that there is another way. "Shehzade Mustafa's plan is to get on the throne, but he has a few days journey ahead of him. Before he comes someone else can be put on the throne is that not true? For example...Shehzade Bayezid Hazretleri." Hurrem says "You want me to put my son on the throne?" Nigar says you have two options: Either Mustafa will get on the throne, and in that case he will strange both your children, and he may exile you as well - or all of these disasters will be placed on their heads (Beyazid can be placed on the throne). There is a knock and Sumbul and Fahriye enter. Sumbul tells him that the messenger that he sent in the morning, has been killed - they found him in the bushes in the Main Gardens. Hurrem aks how this can happen, saying she told him that it should be secret. Sumbul says he does not understand how, and Nigar says that obviously the supporters have surrounded Hurrem and are aware of every step that she takes. Hurrem says she wishes to be alone so that she may think for a while. Nigar tells her to think about what she says, that she must make a decision quickly as she does not have a lot of time. Hurrem says she will make a decision, she does not know if it will be right or wrong, but she will definitely make a decision. Everyone leaves. Hurrem says to herself: "Suleyman, where are you? Where?"

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan sits with Mihrimah.

    Mihrima asks Shah Sultan, if her brother Mustafa could really do such a thing. Shah Sultan says "You know the rules Mihrimah,  we can not predict what will happen. Who would want to kill their siblings? and on top of that, Mustafa? Mihrimah says to Shah that if she can save her siblings, and Shah says do not worry, I will do whatever I can, because our Shehzade's are the future of our family. Mihrimah says that she hopes her father will come back safe and sound, and her brothers, Mehmet and Selim too...she says how sad her mother is, that she has never seen her like this before,  how she has not slept, and it is as if she does not breathe..." Shah hugs her to comfort her.

    Meanwhile,  Hurrem watches her children as they sleep. Hurrem's monologue as she prays to God:

    "Oh God Who brightens up the skies....Oh my Lord, Whose heavenly light brightens up this whole world...See my sorrowful situation. Hear my cries and hear my pains...hear me! I have run away from hundreds of misfortunes, towards your mercy and benevolence. Please do not keep your mercy from my children...Please protect them from every type of calamity and evil, please protect them my Lord..."

    Mihrima enters Hurrem's room. Hurrem asks where she was, and how she left the harem without informing her. Mihrima says she went to visit Shah Sultan, and did she not tell her to stay with her siblings? Mihrima says that is why she went., to speak to Shah Sultan. who promised she would protect them, she will come in the morning to get them, please give permission - they will be safe with her." Hurrem says "Mihrima, my moon, what did I say to you - do not ever trust anybody other than me. "

    In the morning, Shah Sultan enters the harem. Meanwhile, Nigar asks Hurrem if she thought about her proposal and Hurrem says she has, and that she has also made a decision. There is a knock, and Shah enters. Shah asks Hurrem "What is this woman doing here? (Hurrem does not know that Nigar has already met Shah). Hurrem says: "She is Diyarbakir Beylerbey Rustem Pasha's wife, Nigar.  There is no problem with her coming and going to the harem as she pleases." Shah says "Let her do whatever she wants, " Shah Sultan turns to Nazli and asks if the Shehzades are ready, but Nazli says that they are not here.  Shah asks what that means and Hurrem says she thought about the issue and will be the one to decide about her children, and that she has hidden them somewhere only she knows the whereabouts until the Sultan returns.

    Meanwhile, we see a carriage and Beyazid asks the agha in the carriage where they are headed and the agha says they are leaving for his safety and that Hurrem Sultan ordered it, and then Bayezid asks if that is the case, where his mother is, and Mihrima...but the agha does not answer.

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan aks Hurrem " Who are you keeping away from whom? They are members of the Hanedan (dynasty), they are of my blood and my soul! How dare you?!" Hurrem says she does not doubt Shah Sultan's good intentions, but the rules are clear - "I am saving the Shehzades, as well as you" Shah Sultan: "Who are you trying to fool, Hurrem? I know what you are after. You wish to put your own son on the throne before Mustafa gets here." Hurrem: "Do not confuse me with others, my name is Hurrem, I am faithful and loyal to the Sultan, as long as he breathes, the sole owner of that throne is Sultan Suleyman Han. Not only Shehzade Mustafa, but even if it was my own son (who tried to take the throne) they would not be able to do so without chewing out my dead body first. Shah Sultan says "May Allah protect him, but if he is not breathing (if the sultan is not breathing) in that case what will you do?" Hurrem says: "Remove this dark possibility from your mind, this is not possible. Because I am our Hunkar's breath - and if I am standing here in front of you, you can be sure that - the Sultan is also standing. Shah says: "We don't leave things to chance, Hurrem, tell me immediately where the Shehzades are...where are my nephews?" Hurrem remains quiet. Shah Sultan: "You are making a mistake. You are putting them in the fire with your own hands...how can you take them out of the palace with all types of dangers lurking around...if something happens to them, you will be the one to blame, Hurrem!"

    Meanwhile, the entourage of the Shehzades carriage is ambushed. Beyazid asks what is happening and who the men are outside with swords. The agha tells them to wait here and goes out. After some men run off with Beyazid and Cihangir, Fahriye tells the agha to go give word to Hurrem and she will follow the men. The agha runs off.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is in the corridor when she meets Mustafa Pasha. He says he has good news for her. He says that the Sultan is doing well, he just received word that he is on his way to Avlonya ( modern day: Vlore, Albania). Hurrem thanks God. She asks about her sons, and Mustafa Pasha replies that they are doing well. He adds that he is certain that Shehzade Mustafa will hear the news and stop by himself. Hurrem tells Mustafa Pasha to inform the Sultan about what his son tried to do. Mustafa Pasha leaves and Mihrima arrives. Hurrem tells her the news about the Sultan. Hurrem says that the nightmare is over, and that the people responsible won't be able to get away with this betrayal. Mihrima asks if they can now bring her brothers back from hiding, but Hurrem says no, it would be safer to wait a few days, as they do not know what Mustafa will do.

    Sumbul runs into the harem yelling asking for help, saying he is dead, and that he is finished. Afife asks him what happens. Sumbul says that a calamity has occurred suddenly Hurrem appears, and asks him what is going on, and Sumbul tells her that they have been kidnapped and that the agha came to inform them, that Fahriye has chased after the kidnappers.

    Later in the carriage, Hurrem yells at the agha saying how he could let this happen. He says that it was obvious that they had been followed, that someone had found out. Nazli says it was probably Nigar, and that she found out somehow. Fahriye comes running, and tells Hurrem that she followed them without them seeing into the forest, that she came back to inform her where the kidnappers took the princes. They all arrive at a broken down cottage. Fahriye points out the place, and Hurrem asks how many men there were and Fahirye says there were many. The agha tells Hurrem to stay and he will go with the Imperial guards, but she says she will also go. They enter the cottage and Hurrem sees no one except Shah Sultan waiting for her.  Shah Sultan says: "Finally you came, Hurrem, I was waiting for you. " Hurrem says ' what does mean, Sultanim, where are my children?" Shah says, " do not worry, they are fine, I sent them to the palace."

    Meanwhile, Mihrima is sitting with her brothers. She asks Beyazid if he knows the people who kidnapped him, but he does not know. Afife asks if the princes are hungry, but Cihangir shakes his head and asks where his mother is.

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan tells everyone to leave her alone with Hurrem.

    Once everyone has left, Hurrem says to Shah: "Yes?" Shah says: "Did you still not understand  All of this was all a game. Thank God our Hunkar is safe, and the same about Mehmet and Selim. I sent that news to Mustafa pasha (she sent the news of the sultan's injury to mustafa pasha and it was not true.) Also,  Mustafa never even left Manisa - in fact, he doesn't even know about the things that have happened. The agha that gave you the news, is one of my own aghas under my service. Hurrem says " I congratulate you, Sultanim. The devil could not even imagine such a devious plot." Shah Sultan said: "You had asked me about the meaning of all of these, so I want you to listen, Hurrem: When my husband was appointed into the Divan, you had come to congratulate me, but you reminded me of Ibrahim Pasha's end result as a threat, is that not right?" Hurrem: "What you understand, that is what it is." Shah: "And I told you not to confuse us with others, Lutfi Pasha does not resemble Ibrahim, and I do not resemble Hatice. But it went through one of your ears and came out the other. I wanted to remind you one more time. I believe you have understood now, do you see? A person's fate can change in an instant." Hurrem: 'Tell me the real reason, Sultanim, what is your purpose? Or is it that the revenge of Ibrahim's death has fallen on your shoulders (you will avenge his death)? Shah Sultan: "Ibrahim Pasha was a very important man of the Empire, he was a good soldier, but if a woman is poisoning you, even if you are a Sultan it is of no use, right?" Hurrem: "Everyone lives what they deserve." Shah: "What can I say to true words? These incidents should be a lesson for you, because Ibrahim Pasha was a servant just like you - if you do not know your place, if you think you are too valuable, then in one moment, you can find yourself at one with the ground (dead). " Hurrem: "I had believed you - because for the first time, a member of this Hanedan had been nice to me. I thought you wanted to really understand me, and I liked that. But you were an enemy to me from the start. You did not even try to get to know me, without knowing me, just like the others...You said you were not like Hatice Sultan? Yes it is true, you are right, but I swear to you, that your end will be just like hers!"

    *********PART 2*********

    In the next scene, we see the Sultan and his Pashas in his tent. The Sultan speaks: "First of all, you are going to conquer Otranto (a city in Italy), then you are going to secure all of the small and large castles around the area. And we will make our way up there afterwards, it is time to show your abilities." Lutfi Pasha: "May I be sacrificed in your path, I will give my head before I fail in the things you have ordered me to do. "

    The Sultan says: 'Good, Malkocoglu - what is the state of the preparations of your men in Italy?" Malkocogly replies saying "Hunkarim, they are waiting for us, the Spanish who are not happy with the Italians, will also be helping us. I gave Lutfi Pasha the the necessary updates. Moreover,  news from our men who are watching the Venetians, has arrived. The Venetian fleet has started to move. " The Sultan looks at Ayaz Pasha annoyed and says "Keep an eye on them, let us not get stuck in between two lines of fire." Malkocoglu: "The orders and commands are our Sultan's." Rustem looks to see Ayaz Pasha's reaction.

    Meanwhile, in the Vatican. The Pope says: "We have to do something immediately, otherwise Rome's end will be just like Constantinople's. A cardinal says: "Even though the danger is right at our doorstep, all the Princes are silent. Our only hope is for Venice to get involved in this war. We need their fleet." The Pope says: "A little spark of fire can ruin everything. Send word to Charles V's admiral Andrea Doria, he should spread the word that he has an agreement with the Venetian admiral Pisaro, so that Barbarossa can hear this rumour. " The cardinal: "I bow with respect to your intellect."

    Meanwhile, Bali Bey, Lutfi Pasha, Matrakci and Rustem are talking. Bali Bey: "Otranto will not be easy to conquer, my Pasha. You have a big responsibility." Lutfi Pasha responds: " You are correct, Bali Bey, this is a difficult undertaking, but with the permission of God, we will overcome this." Matrakci: "I am actually curious about what will happen after this. How will this war come to an end? Hopefully, Ibrahim Pasha the Great Warrior's presence won't be missed too much." Lutfi Pasha responds this by saying: "Things were not good between the Pasha and myself, however, you know as they say, you can kill a warrior but you cannot talk behind his back. I have never seen or heard a great warrior such as him. God Willing we won't feel his absence. May his dwelling place be heaven." Rustem speaks: "Ameen, Ameen, you don't worry too much Pasha, this state has many great Pashas, of course one of them will take hold of the banner." Matrakci: "You are right, they won't leave the banner to you." Rustem: "Shh. Watch your words, Nasou Effendi. Standing in front of you is a Pasha...pasha!"   Matrakci rushes forward, Bali Bey stops him. Lutfi Pasha: "Sirs, don't start an incident for nothing." Bali Bey pulls Matrakci aside: "What are you doing, we are at war! If he complains about you, he would be in his right, how can you speak to a Pasha this way." Matrakci: "Did you not hear what he said? Who is he to speak about my honourable Pasha's memory?" Bali Bey: "Let him speak! The Sultan is already quite stressed out, he should not hear about this. Let's go!" He takes him away.

    Lutfi says to Rustem: "This matter is very sensitive to him, why are you scratching his wounds for no reason?" Rustem: "We are in war. He needs to stop whining like a woman, he needs to pick up a sword instead." Lutfi: "When you were taking care of horses, he was running from battle to battle, his skills with a rifle, are even spoken about in Persia. Instead of talking about him, you should busy yourself with your own work, Rustem....Pasha."

    Back in Topkapi palace, Istanbul, Hurrem enters her room. She hugs Cihangir and Beyazid. "Thank God you are here! I got to take in your smell again!" Beyazid: "There has been word form my father, Validem." Hurrem confirms saying "he shall return with your brothers after the war." She tells Nazli to take her boys to the hamam. She tells Cihangir before he leaves: "Cihangirim, (my Cihangir), my lion cub, I swear to you, we will never separate from now on. Promise!" Cihangir smiles and they hug "Don't be scared" she says to him. He leaves, Mihrimah apologizes to her mother "You were right, I made a mistake by trusting Shah Sultan." Hurrem tells her not to think about such things now. Mihrimah says: "I cannot understand, why would she do such things!? When the Sultan returns, she will pay the price for her doings!" But Hurrem stops her. "No, Mihrimah, don't, you will not - abosultely not, under no circumstance inform anyone of what has happened." There is a knock and Sumbul enters.

    Sumbul: "I have just met Mustafa Pasha, and I have told him in another way that nothing is wrong, and he will not let the Sultan know about anything." Hurrem tells her daughter to go back to her room. When she is gone, Sumbul goes to Hurrem and says: "Sultanim, forgive my curiosity, but what did Shah Sultan say to you? Why did she play this game?"

    Meanwhile, Gulfem questions Shah Sultan in Hatice's palace. "Why did you hide such a thing from me? I was so scared, so scared that -" Shah Sultan says: "There are things that are better left unknown that to know. I did not want you to take part in this type of incident." Gulfem says she tried to make Hurrem suffer but they all suffered. Shah Sultan says she had no other choice she says " however, Hurrem is much more powerful than I thought." Nigar tells her she told her so before "Hurrem Sultan can do a lot of things, but she will always be faithful and loyal to the Sultan. She would never betray him"  Shah Sultan says that "never say never - everyone has a weak point, under certain situations they can fall." She tells Nigar to call Afife hatun.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem explains to Sumbul "She told me a lot, but her actual intention is something else, Sumbul - she wants to reach Hatice's position - she even took over her palace, and has already gotten her husband into the Divan - the only obstacle in her way is me. She wanted me to fall by trying to push me to put my son Beyazid on the throne! If I had done that, all our heads would roll!" Sumbul: "Oh my God! But Sultanim, how did you know it was a trick?" Hurrem: "I did NOT know it was a trick! The only thing that saved me, was my love, loyalty and faithfulness to our Hunkar." Sumbul says: "And Mustafa Pasha, do you think he was in on the plan?" Hurrem says: 'No, I really do not believe he was - but I cannot say the same for Nigar because she was the one who presented the idea to me to put my son on the throne." Sumbul says "tell me one order and I will take care of her!" Hurrem: "Leave her, let her continue in the service of Shah Sultan, and one day it will become beneficial to us." Sumbul asks about Afife, but Hurrem says "no I trust her, she does love Shah Sultan like her own child, so she would look out of her, but I trust her fully."

    Meanwhile, Afife hatun arrives to see Shah in Hatice's palace. They greet each other. Afife says she has not come happily. She says how can you play this game with our princes, if the Sultan asks, how can I give an explanation? Shah Sultan says: "If the Sultan asks, I know exactly how to give an explanation! calm down!" Afife Hatun: "But I am responsible for the harem and all that goes on, the Sultan has specifically said that. He said whoever goes against the rules, I have to be in their way." Shah Sultan says, "you continue in your duties, go inform the Sultan." Afife Hatun: "I can be quiet, but Hurrem Sultan will not!" Gulfem says that Afife has a point, that everyone is a witness to the incident and it will obviously be known to him eventually. Shah Sultan says that it will be her word against Hurrem's and who will the Sultan see as innocent? Afife said it is difficult to predict what the Sultan will think. She says in her opinion everyone must be careful. Shah Sultan tells her to leave. Then Gulfem says what can we do now? Shah Sultan says: "If you want to cut off the devil's head - you have to be just like it - as dark, as oppressive, and as shameless."

    Meanwhile it is night in Manisa. Mahidevran is with Hatice who is pacing the floor. Mahidevran tells her, "Sultanim are you sure? I do not trust this woman! They say she is a witch!" Hatice says that is the reason why she called her. Mahidevran says I do not understand why you are calling her, she will only make you sad and worried. Hatice tells her she can leave if she likes, but Mahidevran says " no, I will not let you be alone with such a woman! I just say that if Mustafa finds out he will be very angry!" Hatice replies"if you do not say it, how can he find out?" There is a knock at the door. Fidan announces the woman named Saliha hatun has arrived. A creepy woman with tattoos and a strange headdress enters.

    Meanwhile, in his room, Mustafa plays with his baby. He asks Ayse Hatun, the baby's mother, if she needs anything, but she says no, other than being next to him, she wishes for nothing. There is a knock at the door and it is Yahya Taslicali. He says that Lutfi pasha has been sent to conquer Otranta. Mustafa says he is pleased and trusts that Lutfi pasha will be successful, but he worries that without Ibrahim Pasha, it will be difficult - especially with someone like Ayaz Pasha.

    Meanwhile, Suleyman is in his tent and he finishes writing a poem. He reads it aloud in a monologue.

    Suleyman's monologue:

    If the arrows from your glance came to me, it would piece my chest and lie in my soul.
    Whoever is the one who drinks blood, they will drink blood and sleep in blood.

    My heart stared at your face, and it decided to make your hair its home.
    Wherever it may be night, this peculiar heart of mine is determined to sleep.

    If the heavens have not already taken their place beside your door, please, my confidant,
    It is not shameful for a nightingale, as it sleeps in the gardens of roses.

    Who knows how many there are that are addicted to you, as I,
    We each become infected with you, and sleep in your cure.

    Muhibbi, you search for your corner of reunion, but cannot find it,
    Do not search for it elsewhere, as your destruction lies in your own heart.

    Meanwhile, Saliha hatun the witch lady, is mumbling something and dipping her hands in water. Hatice asks her what she sees.

    Saliha hatun says: "You are in a very dark, bottomless well...it is taking you deeper and deeper inside, but you are holding onto a shadow...it is a shadow that is even darker than the night...someone has put a rope around their neck and they are in pain! Their soul is unhappy!.."Hatice whispers out,  "Ibrahim!" The witch woman continues..."they are calling out to you, but their voice is not loud enough" Mahidevran yells at the woman to leave, but Hatice tells her to stay. The witch says she sees a woman, who is at the head of the well looking in, she is crying, she is hiding something, in front of her, is a box that is like an open coffin, she is praying...praying.." Hatice asks what is in the box. The witch responds..."One tear mixed with blood."

    Meanwhile, in the army camp, the Sultan's sons sit with him and Rustem stands. Selim asks Mehmet if he heard wolves last night, Mehmet tells him not to be scared, but Selim says he is not scared, just curious, as he has never seen one before. He asks Rustem about wolves, Rustem tells him that every wolf pack is different, just like humans and their tribes, nations. Suleyman tells them how wolves hunt - that wolves surround their prey and they get excited and start to howl before they eat their prey, and at this point they start to rip up their prey and start to fill their stomachs.  During this story, we also see a scene of  Malkocoglu bringing in a man. He enters the tent and tells the Sultan that they caught a spy named Gioanni for the Pope, and from his words, the Pope is trying to drag Venice into the war. The spy is about to be beheaded, all the men gather to witness, and Selim and Mehmet are there also, when the spy is beheaded, Selim throws up and sees a Janissary laughing. Mehmet tells him to go wash his face and when Selim goes to his tent he is angry and feeling humiliated.

    He goes out looking for the janissary. He finds him and asks him his name and rank. Bali Bey, Mehmet and Rustem and others hear what is going on. The janissary says he is a janissary sergeant named Hassan. Selim says "is it your place to make fun of a shehzade - take him to for flogging his feet - what are you staring at? Didn't you hear my order?!" The Janissary says that he is a Janissary sergeant and that no one but a member of the Janissaries can give him a punishment. Rustem nods towards another Janissary and orders some other Janissaries to take the sergeant for 39 hits on his feet.

    Meanwhile, Mustafa talks to Mahidevran, as they observe Hatice's children. They discuss Hatice's situation saying that she is getting worse and her pain is getting bigger and bigger, saying if she does not accept Ibrahim's death, it will only get worse, and Mahidevran tells Mustafa about how Hatice has started bringing fortunetellers and witches. Mahidevran tells Mustafa that she is worried and scared for Hatice.

    Meanwhile, we see Hatice and the witch lady who is going around her with incense and mumbling words.  Fidan suddenly enters, giving Hatice a letter form the Topkapi. Hatice reads something that bothers her. Meanwhile, Mustafa is speaking to Mahidevran when suddenly Hatice enters. She looks very angry and says "Is it true that Shah Sultan is living in my Palace?!" Her children are asked to leave, then Hatice questions Mahi. "You knew about this didn't you, and you hid it from me!' Mahidevran says she did not want to make her sad. Hatice says what is the difference, first the Sultan, now Shah Sultan! They take turns putting a dagger in my heart! And Mustafa tells her what is the problem it is not a bad thing, and Hatice explains herself, saying that Shah sent her here, then took over her palace happily. She leaves.

    Meanwhile, in Hatice's palace, Shah Sultan meets with Ebu Suud, she talks about a Sheikh who used to help her father Yavuz Sultan Selim and who her father used to benefit from. Due to this reason, she wishes to keep supporting his followers. Shah says she wants to give the plot of land that the Sultan had  given to her for her own palace and give it to them for them to use however they wish. She tells Ebu Suud, that as the Istanbul judge, if he could look into the land transfer process. Ebu Suud agrees.

    Hurrem arrives at Hatice's palace with a large box. She meets Ebu Suud at the door and asks what he was doing there, and he informs her that Shah sultan wished to see him about some good works. Mercan tells her she can enter, and Hurrem enters.  Shah asks why she came and Hurrem says she came to bring the box - it belongs to an esteemed person.  Shah asks if it is Ibrahim's belongings. Hurrem says that indeed it is and wonders why she called for it. Shah says that she wishes to send it to Hatice.

    Outside in the corridor, Mercan speaks to Fahriye. He asks what is going on, and how Hurrem found out that Shah asked for the box. Fahriye says there must be someone spying and Mercan asks why Hurrem would bring the box herself,  and Fahriye says she does not know,  that Hurrem only speaks to Sumbul, does not let anyone else hear. Mercan tells her to try to get it out of Sumbul.  She says she tried, but if she keeps doing it, he will become suspicion, but she tells Mercan not to worry, her eyes are on sumbul.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem speaks to Shah saying she does not understand why she would want to send the box to Hatice, when Hatice will return anyway. Shah asks Hurrem what she wants? She thought Hurrem would not want to even see her face. Hurrem says she is willing to forget the past - she says she can understand why Shah did what she did, perhaps she felt responsible towards Hatice and she does not blame her. Shah says that anyways it was not her intention to cause enmity, and she does not wish to be spiteful. Hurrem says there is no benefit to enmity, and Shah agrees. They agree to meet up for dinner soon. Hurrem takes her leave and goes.

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Mahidevran tries to persuade Hatice to stay. She says that she should wait until the Sultan at least returns, but Hatice does not listen, she walks out of the room and Mustafa meets her. Mahidevran says she could not persuade her. Hatice asks her servant to get her children ready, then she thanks Mustafa, and Mustafa says she is like a crown on their heads, but why does she need to go? And Hatice says that that is her palace - hers and Ibrahim's - with all the memories and she will not let someone else live their. When she mentions Ibrahim, Mustafa raises his voice saying that her every word is Ibrahim - but he is no longer here, he is dead, and she must accept it. She says she sees that he has accepted it and forgotten but she will never forget or accept. Mustafa says she cannot leave without his order. Hatice says she is well, and she wishes only to go to her palace, to raise her children there, in their own house, and that it is her right, is it not?"

    Meanwhile in the war camps of the Sultan. Ayaz Pasha tells the Sultan that Ortano, Kastro, Ugento and  many catles have been taken. Suleyman says that it is good, says that he should convey his congratulations to Lutfi Pasha, that everyone has been a witness to his great capability during this campaign. Ayaz Pasha looks sad. The Sultan asks Rustem to begin preparations to move the canons. Bali Bey enters the tent. He says that Hizr Hayrettin's personal messenger has arrived and says it is importnat, showing the Sultan a letter.

    The letter reads:

    "My mighty Padishah, I would like to inform you that the Venetian ships have used a false excuse and have claimed that we did not respond to their greeting, and as such, they have sunk one of our shipping boats that was sailing from Avlonya to Otranto. They even sunk a ship that I sent with an ambassador which was sailing to them to seek compensation for our damages. Afterwards, they informed us that they had made a mistake and that they would punish the captains that attacked our ships. Following this, a Venetian commander named Alessandro Contarini captured the ship of our commander in charge of our Gelibolu province and martyred our 300 sailors on board. 
    The Venetian admiral Pisaro has also arrived on the shores on Otronto with 43 ships. When we sunk one of their ships they retreated. However, we were able to intercept some letters between Charles V's admiral Andrea Doria and Pisaro the Venetian, and we have gained information stating that they have an agreement together. 
    My Sultan, I am waiting for your orders.
    Your Servant,

    Hizir Hayreddin"

    Suleyman says "the Venetians have broken the peace, what are our options, Pashas?" Ayaz says they are not that brave, but Suleyman says that they are using an excuse by saying that our ships did not return their greetings and they thought our ships were enemy targets. Ayaz Pasha says perhaps this is the work of a few captains - and that the Venetian ambassador had sent a letter with their oath stating that they would definitely not break the peace. Suleyman gets angry and yells at Ayaz Pasha : "give me a report what are these attacks?! What do you say Malkocoglu?" Bali Bey: "Sultanim, if the Venetians keep attacking us, we will be caught between two lines of fire, and we won't be able to continue this Italian campaign." Suleyman asks Ayaz where the French fleet is, and Ayaz says there has been no word on them as of yet. Suleyman angrily orders that Lutfi Pasha and Hayreddin be given word that the aim of this war has changed - we are now headed to Venice!"

    Meanwhile, in the Vatican, a cardinal informs the Pope that Otranto has fallen, and the Pope responds "you had said Suleyman was in Avlonya." The cardinal responds, he is still there, the Vizier Lutfi Pasha has conquered it and taken out all the surrounding castles. The Pope is greatly disturbed. Charles the V's forces could do nothing against them and today or tomorrow, they will start moving from Avlonya." The Pope asks if there is any news from the Venetians. Don't they think that their turn will be next? The Cardinal says there has been no news yet, Francois has entered from the north to Milan...Charles V wants to reclaim the lands that he lost. Charles and his fleet are nowhere to be seen, and Francois has only sent a letter about your excommunication of him for allying with the Turks. The Popre replies that they cannot remove France from the Christian world...that they must immediately make peace between Charles and Francois, otherwise there will not be a single trace of Christianity left...

    The Sultan, his sons, Lutfi, Barbaros, Bsli Bey, Rustem, and the other pashas are standing around looking at a map in the Sultan's tent. Hayreddin recommends to conquer the Island of Korfu. "It is a very strong castle, but if we are able to conquer it, the path to Venice will be much easier." Suleyman asks what Ayaz Pasha thinks, Ayaz says that it will make it easier but it will waste a lot of time. Suleyman gets annoyed and tells him: "you are the one who put this problem (the venetians) on our heads, and now you say we are making a mistake?!" Ayaz pasha says "never, I -" Sulyeman continues: "I have warned you many times, but you kept saying they would never (the venetians would never) fight you." Suleyman then tells Lutfi pasha to take 25000 along with 30 canons, and then he tells Barbarossa to you are going to take precautions with the fleet. Finally, he tells Ayaz pasha to move to Korfu and that they will follow in a few days.

    Meanwhile, In Istanbul, Hatice arrives in the harem, Afife is shocked, and Hatice says "am I prohibited from coming?" and Afife says "I would never dare! but I wish I knew you were coming..." Hatice asks for Hurrem and says she will go see her. Meanwhile, In Hatice's palace, Shah Sultan is enjoying a bath.  Hatice enters Hurrem's room and says "Stop playing games, what is going on with this? You wrote to this didn't you? You have written that it was Shah Sultan who was behind Ibrahim's death." Hurrem says that she was shocked also to find out, and that everyone had blamed her, especially Hatice. Hatice says she is certain this is one of her dirty lies - she knows only too well her lies. Hurrem says "then why are you here? Be calm and think for a while, who benefitted the most from Pasha's death? Who got her husband into the Divan? Who sent you away from the Palace? Afterwards, who is living in your palace.?" Hurrem says "you have every reason not to believe me, but Shah Sultan came and acsended upon you like a nightmare! Give permission and let me prove this to you"

    Hatice comes down and everyone looks at her worried. Mihrimah suddenly comes and asks Sumbul if Hatice came back and Esmahan asks if Hatice will be staying in Istanbul, in her palace, but Sumbul does not know. When everyone leaves, Esmahan asks Mihrimah if she has heard from Bali Bey and Mihrimah tells her to be quiet and follow her. They leave.

    Meanwhile, in the war camp of the Sultan. Bali Bey is speaking to Selim : "The time to leave has come,  my Shehzade." Selim asks if they are going back to the Palace, and Bali Bey says no, we are going to war. Be sure that you will see many heads cut off, arms and legs here and there and people groaning, but this is a war, you will spend your life doing this. Selim says he doesn't understand what happened that day, suddenly his stomach turned. Bali Bey reassures him, saying that at this age it happens. Bali Bey receives a letter and Rustem in the background sees. Bali Bey reads the letter from Mihrima in his tent. She says her only wish is that he receives the letter in good health, asks about her father, and brothers, and her only hope is to see them return safe and sound. Suddenly, Bali Bey is called away, and leaves the letter and Rustem sneaks into the tent and  reads it.

    Meanwhile, Hatice arrives at her palace. She enters and sees all the changes Shah has done to her rooms, and even painted over Ibrahim's paintings on the wall. Mercan says he will send word to Shah about her arrival, Hatice goes upstairs and looks at her room which is all changed. There is a box there, and she approaches it. She finds an old letter. Meanwhile, a servant girl goes to inform Shah that her sister is here. Shah arrives later in the bedroom to find Hatice, who looks angry. Shah says I am happy to see you! What are you doing here? Hatice says, "What am I doing here?! this is is my palace, did you forget?" Shah asks "Why are you angry?" Hatice: "You are hiding Ibrahim's stuff in your room?" Shah says "I was getting it ready to send to you? What is this interrogation?!" Hatice: "I found a letter in the box, a love letter, someone wrote it along time ago to Ibrahim...you wrote it!"

    THE END.


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