• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 92 Episode Trailer 1 TRANSLATION!

    Mustafa: "Start preparations Taslicali, the time to return has come..."

    Mustafa Pasha: "The order you gave to our Shehzade has failed to be executed...he has taken Tekke Sanjak Bey Iskender's head!"

    Lutfi Pasha: "He undoubtedly has an explanation for this."

    Suleyman: "Going against my orders can only have one explanation Pasha -  treason!"

    Mahidevran: "Oh Lord! Please save the life of my son!"

    Shah Sultan: "I beg of you, please be merciful towards him/have mercy on him..."

    Suleyman: "Your saying of "mercy" has become a blindfold (literally, veil/curtain) over my eyes for years!"

    Lutfi Pasha: "The way things are going are not good..."

    Shah Sultan: "How could Mustafa fall into such a mistake?!"

    Mercan: "Shehzade Mustafa has come to the Palace...."

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