• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 90 Preview

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    Hurrem Sultan wants to stop the effect of the black magic. The solution to this comes from Fahriye, who she thinks of as a traitor. As Mustafa gives raises (money) to the Yeniçeri's in Manisa, Suleyman becomes angry at this. Cold winds start to blow in between both of them. In order to crush the strength that Hurrem has in the harem, Shah Sultan springs into action. But when Hurrem finds out about the location of the lost gold, she sees this as an opportunity to get rid of both Hatice and Shah Sultan!

    With the influence of magic making her life a nightmare, Hurrem tries to stop the effects of the magic. She believes that Fahriye hatun is a traitor, so she has her followed. Fahriye has received orders from Shah Sultan to kill someone in the harem, and when she tries to do so, she is confronted with a big surprise!

    Shah Sultan is not happy with the strength that Hurrem has in the harem. She makes her first assault in order to gain control of the harem, and Hurrem receives a big blow. Hatice finds out that the treasure that was owned by Ibrahim is now being sold in an auction. When she tries to purchase everything, attention is brought to her.

    Things start to get heated in Manisa. Shehzade Mustafa starts to distribute money to the soldiers that have returned from battle, and Barbarossa is beside him. The news that reaches Suleyman does not make him happy. Is his son dreaming of the throne?!?

    Malkocoglu understands that Rustem was the one who wrote the letter to Mihrimah on his behalf. Mihrimah's gets hopeful once again. She is waiting for Malkocoglu, her love from her childhood to respond to her. Bali Bey finally gives Mihrimah the response that she was waiting for.

    Hurrem has been attacked in the harem, and Rustem reaches her to help her.

    Rustem, who is on the trail of the gold, finally receives the information that he was waiting for. He makes Shah and Hatice Sultan fall into a trap!

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