• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 96 Preview

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Hurrem becomes very angry with Rustem asking for Mihrimah. But on the other hand, she also thinks that this is a good idea as well. When Mihrimah finds out that she might end up marrying Rustem, she becomes dumbfounded. She threat of the plague in the city has everybody worried. Suleyman becomes worried about Hurrem's life. When Shah Sultan finds out that her husband Lutfi Pasha has been meeting with Hurrem Sultan, she confronts him about it. When Shehzade Mustafa sails on the seas without the permission of his father, their relationship is tested. As Hurrem Sultan is searching for ways to return to the palace, Shah Sultan hits her with a big attack!

    Even though Hurrem is angry with Rustem's request, she comes to accept the idea. Suleyman seeks Shah Sultan's advice about this issue. Shah Sultan figures out that Rustem has chosen Hurrem over her. She is determined to prevent this marriage from happening.

    Lutfi Pasha becomes angry at the things he finds out from Hurrem, and he demands something from his wife. In her mother's absence, Mihrimah receives some support from Bali Bey and once again becomes hopeful with him. She finds out about Rustem Pasha and her dreams about getting married to Malkocoglu fizzle away. 

    Shehzade Mustafa sails on the Mediterranean Sea to capture the corsair who has been killing and capturing people. Mustafa is unaware that as he gains the respect of his people, he is losing the trust of his father! 

    As Hurrem is trying to return to the palace, Shah Sultan takes control of everything in Hurrem's absence. As the plague turns into an epidemic and spreads throughout the city, it brings death to some, and opens up some new doors to life for others...


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