• 85 Episode Trailer 2 TRANSLATION!

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/muhtesemyuzyil

    Hatice: "Every time you look at me, your conscience will ache. You remember Ibrahim."

    Hatice: "If not today, then tomorrow. If not this world, then the next! They will definitely pay the price one day!"

    Mustafa: "Our Hunkar has ordered that I am not to join the campaign! It's obvious that our Hunkar has given up on me!"

    Hatice: "His aim is clear, to keep you distant (from the throne/government etc.), but you cannot stay silent about this!"

    Suleyman: "I have come to a decision about Hatice's future."

    Hurrem: "Everything has a price (every decision has a consequence)."

    Gulfem: "Our Sultan Hatice is innocent! What consequence are you talking about?!"

    Hatice: "You must draw your own fate (decide your own fate)."

    Mahidevran: "Hatice has gone extremely off her path!"

    Shah Sultan: "It is obvious that she has gotten into Mustafa's mind (she is manipulating Mustafa)."

    Hatice: "That throne is your right!"

    Hurrem: "Shehzade Mustafa has seen the absence of our Hunkar as an opportunity and has gathered an army, and they have started to march towards the Pay-i Taht (seat of power/the capital of the nation)."

    Mustafa Pasha: "It is clear that he has received word, Sultanim." (We are not 100% sure what he is talking about here, but maybe they are trying to say something happened to Suleyman).

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