• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 87. Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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    The episode begins where it left off in episode 86. Hatice has confronted Shah Sultan about the love letter from her to Ibrahim. Hatice reads the letter outloud:

    "Ibrahim, this burning longing that I have for you inside me is the reason that I am writing this letter to you... I hope to be united with you as soon as possible. Since I have come from Manisa, I have come to realize the preciousness of our conversations. Even if I try to stay away from you, I cannot convince my heart to do so.
    Hoping to be reunited with you as soon as possible,
    - Shah Huban"

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is pacing around in her room, when Afife Hatun enters. Afife Hatun: "You asked for me, Sultanim?" Hurrem: "Afife Hatun, send someone to get the New Garden Palace ready." Afife Hatun: "Forgive my curiousity Sultanim, is it being readied for Hatice Sultan?" Hurrem replies: "No...for Shah Sultan."

    Meanwhile, back in Hatice's palace. Shah Sultan says: "She said I wrote this? And you believed it, is that right?" Hatice: "And why wouldn't this be? Maybe this is the explanation for everything. Is that not right?" Shah Sultan: "What are you saying, Hatice! What does it explain?" Hatice: "For years you were always distant from me!(kept away from me). You were not with me in my happiness or sadness. Beyhan even said that you were jealous of me! But she never told me the reason...it is obvious she did not even know of this!" Shah Sultan responds: "Get your head together, Hatice! How can you believe these dirty accusations?" Hatice angrily responds that: "Even if we say that this is a lie...is it also a lie that you took over my life? Is it also a lie, that you lived in my palace and disregarded your sister? That you pushed your husband, Lutfi Pasha into the Divan, is that also a lie? And after that what is your next step? Make him Vizier-i-Azam (Grand Vizier)?" Shah Sultan: "Return to the Palace at once!" Hatice replies: "From whose house who are you chasing away?" There is a knock at the door, and Mercan enters. He looks at the both of them curiously. Shah Sultan tells him to take Hatice to the Palace. Hatice tells Shah she has one week notice to get out of her palace, otherwise she will remove her by force, and then she walks out.

    Hatice meets Afife in the harem. Afife tells her she has prepared a room for her, and that her children will be with her there. Hatice walks on, but then turns back and says: "Afife Hatun, where are my belongings? The stuff removed from my palace? Where have they been thrown?"

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan is thinking, and she remembers Hurrem bringing Ibrahim's belongings, and telling her she wished to bring it personally, since it was an important person's belongings. Mercan interrupts Shah Sultan's thoughts, and she tells him to prepare her carriage.

    Later, Hatice has entered an underground tunnel with Afife Hatun. Afife says to Hatice as they arrive at a lump of stuff under a cloth. "This is one part of the belongings, Sultanim." Hatice touches Ibrahim's book. Suddenly Gulfem approaches, asking her what is going on and why she came. Hatice tells her she will tell her everything. Then she turns to Afife saying: "Take out all of my stuff, and clean then, and then return them to my Palace." Afife Hatun says of course, but Shah Sultan is there...and Hatice shouts saying, "Do as I say. Shah i Huban will be leaving my Palace soon."

    Later, Shah Sultan visits Hurrem in her room and asks to be alone with her so the servants leave. Shah Sultan says: "It  is apparent that your intention is to open a rift between me and my sibling. You think you could achieve this by making a fake letter?" Hurrem says: "You need to start somewhere...Also, it is not important whether the letter was fake or not...even if it was fake... the writings in the letter are your real feelings, is that not true?"

    Meanwhile, outside Hurrem's room, Mercan gestures to Diana/Fahriye to come close. She goes to him, and he says: "Fahriye Hatun, this is the second time you are making a mistake. Why did you not inform us of Hatice Sultan's arrival?" Fahriye replies: "Like I said, my Agha, Hurrem Sultan trusts no one, she is acting cautiously."

    Meanwhile, In Hurrem's room, Shah Sultan is speaking to Hurrem. She says: "Leave Hatice alone, Hurrem. Don't seek help from her in her weak state. Don't poison her with lies and rumours. Let her to recover from her pain...let the scab cover the wound." Hurrem responds: "You do not even care what she is going through. You are actually only worried about your own comfort. Because after so many years, the moment you have being waiting for has arrived. The life that was seen fit for Hatice Sultan is now in your hands..." Shah Sultan says after a pause. "There was a time when Valide Sultan used to stay in this room...may she rest peacefully in light." Hurrem: 'Ameen" Shah Sultan continues: "She came to this Palace as a Sultan. She ruled this harem in a way befitting a Sultan. And when she died, she was still a Sultan. You came to this palace as a slave. You rule this harem like a slave. And you should have doubt whatsoever, that you will also leave as a slave!" Hurrem: "The slavery has ended Sultanim. And years ago. From the Sultan personally, I was free...and And that is how the marriage took place. And on top of that, despite Valide Sultan, on whom be peace." Shah Sultan responds: "Being royal (Sultanlik) is not from words, Hurrem...It is from blood...And you do not have that pure blood..."

    The next scene is of the Sultan's camp. Ayaz Pasha speaks to the Sultan: "According to the news we received, the Venetian fleet is nowhere to be seen. We surrounded Korfu easily. Also, Hizr Hayrettin Pasha took the necessary precautions in the Sea." Bali Bey adds: "The Venetians received help, we were not able to hunt them down. Indeed their canons are strong. The trenches were dug, but our canons are still not able to reach their targets..." Ayaz Pasha adds: "Because it is an island, it looks like the attack will take a long time. However, the victory will be ours. We will conquer Korfu. Afterwards with all our power, we will move towards Roma." Suleyman: "With the permission of Allah, Ayaz Pasha, with the permission of Allah."

    In the next scene, we see Lutfi Pasha and Hizr Reis (Barbarossa) a captain and others. Barbarossa tells the captain that their barges need to sorround Korfu. Then he turns to Lutfi Pasha who comments that their enemies have turned out to be stronger than imagined. Barbarossa responds saying that the Pope got what he achieved, by uniting all of Italy together against them, and then also comments on the issue of Charles the V and Ferdinand. Lutfi says: "the crusader army which ran away from us so many times is now standing in front of us." Barbarossa responds: This is good, because then in one swipe we can defeat all our enemies."

    Meanwhile, the cardinal tells the Pope that the Pope's plan to force the Ottoman's to declare war on the Venetians worked. The Pope says that there was no other way to stop Suleyman, then asks the cardinal how long the castle of Korfu can stand the attack, and the cardinal replies that if they (Korfu) last until the winter, they (Suleyman and army) will be forced to turn back. The Pope reminds the Cardinal about what happened before in Rodus, and that if Korfu falls, then all of Italy will fall. The Cardinal reassures the Pope that Suleyman is not as strong as before, and especially with the absence of Ibrahim...

    Meanwhile, Suleyman looks out over the water towards Korfu. He says to Bali Bey: "Malkocogly, what do you think?  How do you think this attack will finally end?" Bali Bey responds and says : "Which castle can stand in front of you? But it is obvious that it is going to be a strong winter ahead...our pashas need to show the same strength that they did during the Rodus campaign.

    Suleyman suddenly, tells Mehmet and Selim that they will all return to the tents. Then Rustem appraoches Ayaz pasha telling him that he must have understood how important this campaign is, and how the outcome can change the fates of those involved, especially his own (Ayaz pasha's fate). Ayaz gets annoyed, but Rustem continues pointing out Lutfi's accomplishments during the campaign, conquering Otranto, etc. and how the Sultan himself congratulated him. Rustem reminds him that when one person rises like that, another person goes down...his words cause Ayaz Pasha worry and concern.

    Sumbul is with Seker agha, when he says he should go check on the princes and Seker says he will go to the cellars/pantry. Nigar tells Sumbul she wished to see Hurrem but that they said she had gone to see Shah Sultan. Sumbul asks for some honey from Seker who leaves.

    Meanwhile, Fahriye is speaking to Mercan quietly. Mercan asks her if everything is ready, and then tells her she must be very careful, and there is to be no mistake. He says Sumbul is taken care of and that Nigar will keep him occupied, and then Fahriye says that Mercan should wait her signal. Then Mercan warns her that Shah Sultan is very upset with her still because of the issue with the letter.

    Meanwhile, Nigar asks Sumbul what the problem was between Shah Sultan and Hatice. Sumbul tells her that Shah Sultan was at one point in love with Ibrahim Pasha, and he tells her that she had a letter to him. Nigar recalls Shah Sultan saying she wished to pray over Ibrahim's grave. Sumbul tells Nigar that Ibrahim not only had her (nigar) and Hatice in his heart, but at one point, also Shah sultan. This troubles Nigar.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem arrives at Hatice's Palace to see Shah. Hurrem sees that Shah has been packing her belongings and she comments saying "this means you have made a decision to leave." Shah Sultan says: "What happened, Hurrem? Isn't that what you wanted? Or did you just wanted to make Hatice sad?" Hurrem says "Sultanim, this issue is between you two, I am just trying to help as much as I can." Hurrem tells her she has prepared the New Garden Palace for her and that she may go to live there, whenever she pleases. Shah Sultan responds: "Whose property are you preparing for who, Hurrem?You have been here for years and you still did not learn - All of the Ottoman properties belong only to the Dynasty. All our servants do not help us - actually you serve us. "

    Meanwhile, Nazli is telling a story to Cihangir, when Fahriye enters Hurrem's room and tells her she can go for her bath along with Gulsum (another random servant of Hurrem's). Gulsum leaves, but Nazli stays.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem tells Shah Sultan: "I am a free Sultan, and those who thought otherwise, are no longer here. None of them are left, but I am still here. Shah Sultan tells Hurrem to return to the Palace, busy herself looking after her kids and thank God that she wakes up every morning. Hurrem asks her if she called her to threaten her. Shah says that she only wished to make her understand the value of what she (hurrem) has. I wish you to simply think about the life that the Sultan has given you, and about your children. For your own ambitions how can you risk everything, is it worth that?" Hurrem replies: "Quite the opposite. I am struggling to stay alive, Sultanim. Since I have come this is the only things...if for a moment...if even for a moment, I bent my head, I would find myself at the bottom of the Bosphorus."

    Meanwhile, Mercan enters Hurrem's room and startles Nazli. He asks Nazli if Cihangir is sleeping, then Nazli asks why he has come and he says that Afife Hatun sent him with some medicine for Cihangir.

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah speaks to Hatice's children in Hatice's room, telling them that whenever they wish, they can visit her. Hatice's daughter, Huri Cihan tells Mihrimah that her mother has told them they will go back to their own palace, like before. Then, Hatice enters. Mihrimah tells her she wanted to see the children, and Hatice asks Mihrimah to stay for dinner. So they can talk.

    Meanwhile, Nazli takes the medicine, and tells Mercan he can leave. Mercan catches her from behind and covers her mouth, she tries to scream, but Mercan tells her that he will cut her throat if she makes noise.

    Later, Mihrimah is eating with Hatice and Gulfem and the children. Mihrimah tells Hatice that her daughter (huri cihan) told her that they would be leaving to go back to their Palace. Hatice says that yes, they will be, that she is waiting for Shah Sultan to leave for the New Garden Palace. Hatice then asks Mihrimah if she knows how much she loves her and her brothers, despite what happens between herself and Hurrem. Mihrimah says she knows, and then says she is sorry if she did anything wrong ever and then asks if she may take her leave. When Hatice and Gulfem are alone, Gulfem tells Hatice that she should not let Hurrem's false accusations and lies get between her and her sister Shah Sultan. Hatice says that she wants to go to her palace, and that it has nothing to do with Hurrem. Gulfem worries about what explanation Hatice will give to the Sultan, and Hatice angrily says that she doesn't have to explain anything to anyone. She says that the palace is their home, their property, and then that if she was being punished, that she has already received more than enough punishment, and that her punishment is over.

    Later, we see Cihangir asleep on the sofa while Fahriye watches over him. Then Gulsum comes, and Fahriye scolds her asking where she was, and when Gulsum asks where Nazli was, Fahriye says she sent her to the hamams for a bath and that she won't come again and that she must look after Cihangir tonight. Then Hurrem enters with Sumbul, and Hurrem asks Sumbul why Nigar came. Sumbul tells her that she was trying to get information from him, and that when he mentioned Shah Sultan's love with Ibrahim, that nigar's face fell. Hurrem then walks towards the seating area of her room and then she seen Cihangir asleep and wonders why Cihangir is still lying on the sofa, and then Fahriye says that he just fell asleep recently and she was just about to put him to his bed.

    Meanwhile, in Hatice sultan's palace, Nigar and Mercan enter and speak to Shah Sultan. Shah Sultan asks what happened and Mercan says that everything worked out and that the woman is locked up. Shah Sultan asks Nigar why she came. Nigar says that she has an important issue to discuss with her. Shah Sultan tells Mercan to go to the woman in the dungeon and she will follow shortly. When Shah and Nigar are alone, Nigar says that she heard a dirty accusation from Sumbul. That she was in love with Ibrahim Pasha once upon a time. Shah Sultan asks her why she is asking her about it, if she knows it is a false accusation.

    Later, Mercan opens the dungeon cell and goes to Nazli. Then Shah Sultan enters. Nazli cries: "Please, Sultanim, let me go." Shah Sultan says: "Do not be afraid, I will let you go...of course, if you do what I want." Nazli says: "What could I possibly do for you?" Shah Sultan asks: "What is your name?" And Nazli replies "Nazli." Shah Sultan says: "Nazli. Now listen to me properly. I will not ask a second time." She asks Nazli if she was the one who put the letter in that box. Nazli asks: 'Which letter, Sultanim? I have no idea about any letter or anything." Mercan says: "Sultanim, allow me, I will ask her.." But Shah Sultan stops him. Shah Sultan: "I have no need, Mercan agha, Nazli will tell us everything...is that not correct, Nazly? Now tell me...Did you put the letter?" There is a flashback to when Hurrem presented the box to Shah Sultan. Mercan grabs Nazli and says "Give our Sultan the answer to her question woman!"

    The next morning, Hatice arrives at her own Palace, and sees Shah waiting for her in the main room. Hatice says : "What does this mean? Why are you still not ready?" Shah says: "Let us sit, we will talk for   a bit." Hatice: "It is obvious Hurrem was right, you have no intention of leaving." Shah Sultan says: "Whether you want or not, you must listen to me - there is someone I wish you to see." Then Shah nods, and Nazli enters.

    Meanwhile, Sumbul runs through the corridors and enters Hurrem's room. He is visibly shaken. Hurrem asks what is happening and why he looks so restless, and Sumbul replies "felaket! ( calamity)!"

    Back in Hatice's palace. Shah Sultan says to Hatice: "You must have met Nazli Hatun - for years she has been in Hurrem's service." Hatice asks: "What is she doing here?" Shah Sultan replies: "She herself will give an explanation - tell Hatice Sultan what you told us, woman." Then Nazli tells her that the day she arrived, in that morning, with Hurrem's order, she herself (nazli) put that letter in the box, and that Shah Sultan had nothing to do with it.

    We see Hurrem walking down a corridor.

    Back in Hatice's Palace, Hatice and Shah Sultan are alone, talking. Hatice tells Shah that she does not know anymore who to believe. Shah Sultan tells her she must trust her, she will trust her sister. Hatice asks why she should trust her, that she (Shah) had promised her that Hurrem would leave with blood and death, and that a year passed and nothing happened. Shah Sultan says that it is impossible to do such a thing against the Sultan. That is why, first we must lower her in the Sultan's eyes. We are forced to wait patiently until that day comes. Hatice says: "You wait." Shah Sultan says: "Don't please. Don't do anything sudden, again." Hatice: "Whatever happens, will happen...but this is my palace, you must leave." Shah Sultan replies: "Of course....I simply came while the Sultan was away. If you wish, I can leave immediately, but if I leave now Hurrem's face will light up (she will be happy)...is that what you wish?" Hatice asks her what she wants. Shah Sultan says: "If not anything, at least until the Sultan returns, give me permission...after that whenever you wish, I shall leave..." Hatice ponders her words.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem arrives at a door and Sumbul lets her in. Afife says that they found her there, and that she had hung herself. Hatice comes behind Hurrem and says: "You have the blood of another innocent woman on your hands, Hurrem." Hurrem says: "Sultanim," Hatice says: "How sad...for years she had served you...she had laboured greatly over your kids. May God forgive her soul..." Hurrem replies: "May God actually forgive those who did this to her...and teach them a lesson...and help them!..Indeed, they will need it!" Hatice says to Hurrem: "Don't find fault in anyone, Hurrem, your sins are so big that, people get crushed under all that responsibility." Hurrem ignores what Hatice said, and with tears in her eyes, tells Sumbul to bury Nazli according to the rules. Hatice tells Afife that she has decided against staying in her own palace, and will stay in the Palace until the Sultan returns. Hurrem hears this, but says nothing.

    Meanwhile in the army camp, the Pashas and the Sultan are in the Sultan's tent for Divan. Barbarossa and Lutfi are present as well. Barbarossa says: "My Sultan, the resistance is still holding, and if it keeps going like this, then the season will change, and we cannot keep fighting." Suleyman asks Lutfi Pasha for his opinion. Lutfi responds saying that Hizr Reis (Barbarossa) has a point, that the Ottoman canons have penetrated the walls, but because they were not able to approach the enemy trenches yet, they could not cross their walls yet. Barbarossa says that there is no more time since the weather will change...Suleyman asks what Barbarossa's advice is. He replies that they should first fill in the trenches, and then they need to go for an all out strike, with the entire army. Suleyman thinks then asks Rustem for his opinion. Rustem says that in a full strike, the Ottomans will have high casualties, which can ruin the morale of the army. Barbarossa responds saying that without the support of the fleet, Rome's conoquest cannot be possible, and they cannot be put between two lines of fire.

    Meanwhile, Mehmet is with Bali Bey on horseback on a scouting mission. Mehmet comments to Bali Bey that he wishes Mustafa was with them, that he would give them strength. Bali Bey comments that he has a point, but that Mustafa is protecting all of the Ottoman lands. Mehmet says he realizes this, but that without Ibrahim, the Sultan is very alone...Bali Bey tells Mehmet that there will be many more great wars...

    Meanwhile, Suleyman watches Selim practice with Rustem, and then Selim drops his sword. Suleyman scolds Selim, telling him he isn't putting his mind into his practice, and then Selim says "it hurts", and then Suleyman says "of course it will hurt, you have to think about the enemy, and only then will the sword stop being heavy and will start to become part of your arm..." Suleyman tells them to continue, then asks where Mehmet is, and Rustem informs him.

    Later, the Sultan is in his tent, when Bali Bey and Mehmet return. Mehmet is injured. The Sultan asks what has happened, and Bali Bey tells him that they had gone with the "crazies" (the soldiers with the fur, wings, and tribal headgear and costumes), when they got close to the shore, the Venetians ambushed them, and Bali Bey then tells the Sultan how he should have seen the Prince, he was very brave, and that he owes his life to him since Mehmet saved Bali Bey's life. Selim looks on, jealously from the outside.

    *********PART 2*********

    In the next scene, Mustafa and Yahya Taslicali are walking outside. Taslicali talks to Mustafa about how the Venetians have entered the war. The fleet has surrounded Korfu Castle, his army has been set up across the island and they are providing support from there. Mustafa says "This war is getting harder and harder, winter is ahead of us, let us pray, that the castle falls soon. Yahya says: "God Willing, Shehzadem (my prince).

    Just then a carriage can be seen approaching on the road. Mustafa asks who they are, and Taslicali Yahya says that it must be one of the foreign merchants, then he asks if Mustafa wishes for him to find out. Mustafa replies: "There is no need...Do you have any word from Ayaz Pasha?" Just then, the carriage passes, and Mustafa sees a woman's face through the carriage window, and their eyes meet. Yahya does not notice, and replies: "Everyone says that the Sultan blames him for the Venetians entering the war."

    Meanwhile, Mahidevran is in her room listening to music and getting lost in thought. Fidan enters and informs her that there is a woman, her name is Gabriela Sfenza De Feo, who has come to the Palace and wishes to meet her. Mahidevran asks who the woman is, what her problem is, and what reason she wishes to meet. Fidan responds that she is one of the Genovese notables of the village, an aristocrat of the De Feo family. Fidan continues telling Mahidevran that the woman has owns merchant vessels (ships). "She has been waiting for while now to meet you, and you wished her to come this week." Mahidevran replies: "I remember, alright, let her in." The cariye playing the music leaves. The woman enters and greets Mahidevran. Gabriela: "Mahidevran Sultanim...meeting you is such an honour! I give my most sincere thanks for you accepting to see me." Mahidevran says: "Welcome, signora,"Gabriela responds: "Gabriela, Sfenza De Feo." Gabriela tells her she first wishes to present her with a small gift. Gabriela comments about the gift: "It is not worthy of you, Sultanim, if you accept it, I will be very happy. Mahidevran thanks her and they take a seat. 

    Later, Mustafa and Yahya are talking outside. Yahya says: "Shehzadem, there is something else you should now..." They continue walking as they talk. Recently there have been a lot of complaints from the foreign merchants." Mustafa asks what the matter is. Yahya replies "they say our ships have been attacked, and many ships are stuck without cause at the Izmir port. Business men are complaining that they are not able to pay off their debts. Mustafa replies: "If that is the case, why do they not open a case...our judges will look after the matters." Yahya replies: "The fundamental problem is that, my Shehzade, they are complaining that the judges are not being fair with them..." Mustafa tells Yahya that if people start to lose faith in the justice system, that is very dangerous...he tells Yahya to look into the situation with detail and present a detailed report..."

    Meanwhile, Mahidevran continues talking to Gabriela. Mahidevran says: "I suppose it is the first time you have come to an Ottoman Palace." Gabriela responds: "I have heard many things about you, Sultanim...Your beauty is legendary there...but you are more elegant and beautiful than they said..." Mahidevran says: "Thank you, Signora, you are also like that...what is the reason of your visit...what may I do for you?" Gabriela: "I am Genovese. I was born and raised in Genova. My family is known by everyone, and is a respected family. For years we have traded with the Ottomans. There is a great demand for products that come from Smirna."  Mahidevran asks Garbiela if she manages her family's business. Gabreila: "Unfortunately I lost my husband in an accident." Mahidevran: "May Allah give you patience." Gabriela thanks her, then tells her husband died along time ago, that she has a son, but he is very young yet, and she lives with him. She tells Mahidevran how she rented a cottage, and for years she never had any complaints, but for the past two months, she has been going through many problems and she is very worried. Gabriela: "Last month, Ottoman Corsairs attacked ships with Genovese flags. My ships did not see any damage, but they are stuck at the Izmir port. My stuff is stuck there and I at a big financial loss." Mahidevran: "I understand, did you speak about these issues to the Judges?" Gabriela: "Of course, Sultanim, there was a case in the courts. Except the judge made a ruling  on my case...Sultanim, I assure you, I have been treated unfairly. I ask you, please be of help to me..." Mahidevran: "Our laws are above everything, Signora." Gabriela: "This is why I came Sultanim. The laws are on my side, but the judges were not..." Fidan enters. "Sultanim" but Mahidevran motions for her to wait. Mahidevran tells Gabriela that she will personally look into the matter. Gabriela stans and tells her that she is very thankful, and that the situation is urgent. Mahidevran tells her not to worry, and that she will send word to her. Gabriela prays for her, and wishes that she never see any sorrow. When she leaves, Mahidevran tells Fidan to look into who the woman is, that she wishes to know everything about her. Fidan says: "As you wish, Sultanim, I have gotten some news just now - Saliha Hatun has gone to the Palace. Hatice Sultan personally called her there. She entered her into the harem. Mahidevran gets nervous and says out loud: "What is she doing? What does that trouble-causing witch have to do with the harem!?"

    In the next scene, we see Afife in the harem. A kalfa says: "Afife Hatun - this woman has come from Manisa Palace...according to them she was Hatice Sultan's kalfa there." Afife asks the woman standing with the Kalfa if she is Saliha Hatun. Saliha says yes. Afife tells her to come with her. 

    Meanwhile, Shah is with Hatice in Hatice's temporary room. Shah Sultan says: "There was no special reason Hatice, I simply wished to see you so I came." Hatice: "As you see, I am fine, Shah i Huban...My mind is also at peace. You don't need to be around me all the time." Afife arrives. "Sultanim, the Kalfa from Manisa Palace has arrived. Hatice: "Finally, the woman I was talking about, Saliha Kalfa...welcome - Prepare a room close to mine." Hatice tells Saliha to settle in her room, and come to her in the morning. She tells Saliha not to make it obvious who she is, and not to speak to anyone except herself (Hatice). 

    Meanwhile, in Hurrem's room, Hurrem speaks to Sumbul. "You see don't you, Hatice Sultan again is with Shah Sultan." Sumbul: "Yes" Hurrem: "Her hatred is so great for me, that nothing effects her." Sumbul: "By God, one should be scared of Shah Sultan - it is not possible to know what is in her mind." Hurrem: "You will know, Sumbul agha, what she does day to day, who she meets, you will find out." Sumbul: "Yes, Sultanim, but that Mercan agha - he sees everything that devil! - Sultanim, should we bring another girl to replace Nazli?" Hurrem: "No, Gulsum Hatun is enough." Suddenly, Fahriye enters, "Sultanim, a letter has arrived for you from the Sultan our Hunkar." Hurrem: "Leave, all of you. I wish to be alone."

    Suleyman's letter to Hurrem:

    Oh my rose, my smiling faced Sultan, my Padishah, Hurrem,
    Oh the one who turns my day into night with the sorrow of your absence,

    The one who strangles my evenings with sorrow and grief,
    Hurrem, you have truly made me distraught,

    You are the one whose hair has been washed with the light of the moon, 
    How I miss your scent...

    Oh my Hurrem, you are the seven seasons which have made me destitute and helpless,  
    You are in the land in which I may never see you again,

    But oh if I could touch my face to yours then I would not wish for anything more,

    My Lord, who has created the heavens and the earth is a witness,
    That this is my sole and only wish...

    If you do not believe me, then lend your ear to (listen to) Muhibbi:

    We are in love in this world and we wish for a rose garden with a rosy face,
    Across from it, we wish for an enthusiastic love-filled nightingale that sings for us,
    You are the cure to my heart, give me the drink of your lips,
    We are ill from being away from you this night, we seek a cure to our sorrow,
    Oh you pious soul, we doubt we are worthy of being in your heaven,
    We are but a piece of debris, we yearn for a lover in the gardens of love,
    My heart has been revealed to the secret of your love, 
    We wish to be hung on your head (like a crown),
    In the marketplace of love, we saw your kiss,
    We came with the currency of our life and soul (to negotiate),
    I said: 'Oh beauty, what is this flirting, this torment and cruelty?
    You laughed and said with shyness: "We search for lovers who cry,"
    This Muhibbi, cannot even glance at your cheek, your hair, or your kiss...
    We do not look for embroidery, we only wish for a simple face of beauty...

    [   :)   ]

    In the next scene, we see the army camp and Barbarossa tells the Sultan that many soldiers have been martyred. "Our losses are great, but the castle is weakening." Ayaz Pasha says: "Hunkarim, the rain and storms have started, our soldiers will have difficulty with the rain." Barbarossa: "The season has changed, but the castle's fall is certain, Pasha Hazretleri (he says this in an annoyed voice). Ayaz Pasha: "The situation is obvious, and the attack must stop and the Venetians have already sent word, they want a cease fire."  Barbaros: "This is not the time for cease-fire, Pasha...We must continue on with the attack. Hunkarim, or else the enemy will see it as a victory and will gain confidence. Ayaz Pasha: "Don't go by feelings...or else, this mistake will have serious consequences." Suleyman: "And you are saying this? Pasha! Because of your mistakes we are here! If you hadn't brought the Venetians onto us, we would right now been in Rome!" A Romali General, Muhyid-din Efendi speaks up: "You are correct Hunkarim, if Ibrahim Pasha had been here, this would not have been like this..." The Sultan's face looks angry. Kadri Effendi, another man also speaks: "Muhyiddin Effendi is right, Ibrahim Pasha, God's Mercy on his soul, was a great commander, if he was still amongst us, the castle would have already been taken." Suleyman answers angrily: "O you careless/idiot people! Do you hear what is coming out of your mouths!? Has it fallen to you to speak about my decisions!?" Muhuyiddin Efendi: "Never, my Sultan, we - " Suleyman interrupts and orders Ayaz Pasha to remove the two generals from their positions.

    Suleyman leaves the tent and then there is a monologue of his poem:

    Oh my friend who has made my life and my heart a resting place; 
    How could it be that I could leave your heart? 
    How could it be that you leave mine? 
    You sow salt into this wounded heart of mine every moment... 
    These things I have said, these words of mine, this war, this army, in a faraway land... 
    Serve as a curtain that cover up the pains that are aching in my heart! 
    My heart, which resembles a rose garden, is so ashamed by the thorn that are my thoughts...

    Suleyman sees all the canons and the soldiers, and the injured...and his monologue continues:

    Oh friend... Where is the fire that can match this sorrow; 
    Is there a sun and moon that spreads my light? 
    My Lord! Give this life of mine another tongue, so that as I spread 
    Your greatness and your unity, my string of life does not break! 
    You took away the patience and stability from my life, 
    You captivated me and threw me onto the ground! 
    Where is my knowledge, where is my wisdom; 
    Where is my mind that comprehends everything? 
    My desire that was sleeping has now awoken, 
    This being of mine that has been enchanted by the evening, 
    Has come alive. It has found its identity! 
    The cloud of my life which had been filled with rain 
    Has delivered a thunderbolt to my heart!

    Here he remembers back when he was a prince, and Ibrahim had told him he would not die, before conquering all seven continents and he would go all the way to Rome and Suleyman had said they would do it together.

    Then, in the present, Suleyman is on his bed, and the monologue continues:

    Oh my friend who has become an unfortunate lesson to my eyes, 
    The eyes of those who went away first, and those who left us after, 
    Did not see the feelings I had for you... 
    I wish that I could not be myself just for one day, 
    So that I would not care for those things, be them good or bad... 
    To be able to say the unmatched and great characteristics of God, 
    Which all of creation depend upon, while He does not depend on any! 
    What is one evening anyway! 
    Hundreds of years have passed, and this fire is still burning, 
    This hellfire has not calmed down! 
    I have become ruined by my shyness and modesty, 
    Yet, this fire has not become tranquil!

    After this, Suleyman wakes from a nightmare where he hears Ibrahim scream for him and sees blood on his hands.

    The next morning, we see Suleyman standing and watching Korfu in the distance, and he says: "We have been attacking the castle/this island for nineteen days and as you know a strong winter is coming...if we stay, the army of Islam will undergo great difficulties, and I will not allow that, so it is my decision that we will be returning to the Pay-i-taht, the (the nation's capitol). (everyone bows) Admiral Pasha (Barbarossa), the fleet is under your command, conquer all of the surrounding islands, so that we will have one of our feet in this region always, so that they can always feel our presence." Barbarossa bows and says: "The wishes and commands is our Padishahs!"

    In the next scene, it is Manisa. Mustafa is speaking with a judge. He asks the judge what is the problem with the foreign merchants. The judge says: "As their ships were travelling, most of them got wrecked, and they are seeking payment from us." Mustafa asks Yahya who attacked the ships, and Yahya responds saying that pirates attacked them. Mustafa asks why the ships are being kept tied up at the port then. The judge responds saying that some of them have missing documents and many of the merchants are doing trade without permission. Mustafa asks the judge if he knows Gabriela Sfenza De Feo from Genoa, and that he presided over her case. The judge acknowledges it. Mustafa: "This woman came to my palace, and complained to my mother...she says you have been unfair to her." The judge says: "I would not dare!...it is what the law says, Shehzadem. I even explained that to her." Mustafa says "then where is the problem? what are the details, explain it to me."

    Gabriela says that she has heard many things about the harem, and that she has always wondered about it. Mahidevran responds by saying that Hukarim rules over three continents and people will definitely be curious about the harems of his Shehzades. Gabriela says she is amazed and that all of the women she sees are very beautiful, and asks how many women the Shehzade has? Mahidevran says that there are tens of women here, and they are all here to make the Shehzade happy and to give him children. She also says that it is not easy to be the gozde of the Shehzade. Gabriela says: "Does our Shehzade not have a favoured gozde?" Mahidevran says: "There is Ayse (Aisha) hatun... She gave him lion a son, but she is still just a cariye... He does not have a favoured gozde..."

    Meanwhile, the judge is still talking to the judge in his chamber. Mustafa asks if there are other cases like this, and the judge responds that there were one or two more complaints, however only this woman complained. He says he tried to explain, but she was impatient and stubborn. The judge leaves, and Mustafa asks Yahya what he thinks and Yahya responds that they should listen to the woman's story because the judge was a bit reserved as if he was hiding something.

    Mahidevran is walking with Gabriela towards Mustafa's chambers and Gabriela says that she hopes she is not disturbing the Shehzade. Mahidevran says that she already informed him about it and the Shehzade will definitely find a solution to this matter. They enter his chambers and Mahidevran introduces Gabriela. He asks her how she is doing and she replies "I am praying for your health" and she asks him how he is doing. He points out that she speaks Ottoman Turkish very well and she says that her entire childhood was spent around this area. Mustafa says that he is aware of her case and he met with the judge and he says that she has some missing documents, which he informed her of on time. She says "They informed me very late... Despite this I gave them everything they wanted on time but then I learned that my ships were still being held. I even gave them the documents with my own hands." Mustafa says "Then you went to the judge?" Gabriela responds "Yes, I told him everything that happened, but they didn't listen to me. But they didn't listen to me, I even have witnesses... I think this is being done against me on purpose."

    Mustafa says to Gabriela: "Why would they do this? What is their problem with you?" Gabriela responds that it is not only her, but also many other Genovese merchants are living through the same troubles. I think it has something to do with the continuing war. Mustafa says that there are laws and regulations within our laws...he says he will deal with the situation, and that if anything wrong has been done against Gabriela, that he will punish those responsible and repay you for your damages. Gabriela is pleased.

    In the next scene, Shah Sultan, Gulfem, Hurrem, Esmahan and Cihangir await the Sultan's return in the Sultan's room. Hurrem says to says to Shah Sultan: "Sultanim, you appear very uneasy..or is it that our Hunakar's return is making you unhappy?" Shah Sultan says: "Do not stop at all, Hurrem, you can go and complain however you wish against me." Hurrem: "You played a dirty game with us. Of course he (the Sultan) has a right of knowing this."  Suddenly, Hatice arrives. Hurrem says: "Sultanim, how good you did to come! Our Hunkar will be very happy to see you!" Hatice replies: "You should have no doubt about that!"

    Outside the room, in the hallway, Mihrimah and Beyazid are waiting impatiently for their father and siblings to arrive. Beyazid asks why they are taking so long and Mihrimah tells him to be patient. Beyazid says that he is curious about all the things Selim did, and he said perhaps from now on, the Sultan will take him also with him on campaigns. Mihrimah tells him to learn how to be patient, and says that if he is smart, why wouldn't the Hunkar take him?

    The Sultan arrives with his entourage. Mihrimah: "Hunkarim!" The Sultan: "My Mihrimah.... The reason for my happiness... What is this beauty that I see?" Mihrimah: "Finally you returned! I missed you so much!" Beyazid: "Hunkarim" Suleyman: "My lion! When I wasn't here, you protected the palace?" Beyazid: "Of course, Hunkarim." They all leave to go inside, but Mihrimah and Bali Bey. Mihrimah to Bali Bey: "Welcome..."

    Meanwhile, Sumbul announces the Sultan's arrival. "Sultan Suleyman Han Hazretleri!" Suleyman goes to the line of women waiting to greet him. He turns first to Shah Sultan who kisses his hand and says: "Hunkarim, I prayed every day for your safe and sound return, finally you came..." Hatice then greets the Sultan saying "Welcome" and the Sultan replies: "Hos geldiniz - (literally = I have come happy). Suleyman then gets to greet Hurrem and says: "Hurremmmmm! How are you?" Hurrem: "My soul Sultan has come! Thank God that my Lord has given me another chance to take the dust on your feet and spread it on my face again!

    Meanwhile, Bali Bey and Mihrimah are waiting outside. There is silence at first, then Mihrimah speaks. "I sent you a letter. I assume you did not receive it." Bali Bey: "I got received your good wishes, Sultanim - I did not get to write to you, please forgive me, it was because the campaign was quite difficult." Mihrimah says she understands.

    Later at night, Hurrem and Suleyman are together sitting lovingly. Hurrem: "I was so scared of not seeing you again, Suleyman" Suleyman: "Don't let such things enter your mind...tell me know...what happened while I was not here?" Hurrem: "What didn't happen? (as in everything happened)"

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan and Nigar are together. Nigar says: "Sultanim, now that the Sultan has returned, Hurrem Sultan will say everything at any moment..." Shah Sultan says: "Hurrem would never let an opportunity like this go, don't worry, our Hunkar will believe in my innocence." Suddenly, Mercan announces Lutfi Pasha's arrival. Shah Sultan greets him. Nigar takes her leave. After Nigar has gone, Lutfi asks who she is and Shah Sultan replies that she is Rustem's wife, and Lutfi says why would she be here? what does she have to be here for? Shah Sultan tells her husband that she needs her to inform her of Rustem's every step. Lutfi comments: "They should fear you, Sultanim."

    Meanwhile, Hatice awaits Saliha, the witch lady, in her room. Saliha has a bag in her hand. Hatice asks: "Is everything ready, woman?" Saliha: "It is ready, Sultanim...I have everything I need..." Hatice: "Good. Start right away...only, we must be very careful. I do not want any mistakes. In this palace every stone has eyes and ears...No one must know what we are doing."

    Meanwhile, Hurrem and Suleyman are together. Hurrem: "When you were in the war, news came...according to it, you were ambushed..and you were injured." Suleyman: "Where did this come from? This did not happen at all!" Hurrem: "Afterwards I found out that it wasn't true of course, but during that time only God and I know what I went through. Mustafa Pasha brought me the news...."Suleyman: "How is that possible?!" Hurrem: "I do not know...I was very scared Suleyman...I was afraid for you and my children...in one moment life turned into a nightmare. Suleyman gets thoughtful. Hurrem: "Without even understanding what happened, another news came... The news was  that Shehzade Mustafa - seeing your absence as an opportunity - marched towards the palace."

    Meanwhile, back in Hatice's palace, Shah Sultan and Lutfi Pasha are relaxing and discussing with each other. Shah Sultan: "How was the campaign Pasha? You didn't tell me about anything, you did not write also." Lutfi: "I could not find the time, Sultanim..." Shah Sultan: "You must be tired...if you wish, you should sleep and immediately take some rest..." Lutfi continues: "We came across a strong defence at Korfu, and the weather was against us, so our Hunkar decided to turn back; so the Italian campaign did not end in victory... But I did my responsibilities admirably, as everyone is talking about the huge victory I had at Otranto..." Shah Sultan: "This is good news..." Lutfi says: "Our Hunkar contragulated me personally... and he gave my soldiers a raise of 100000 x 5 akche (Ottoman currency).. And Vezier Azam Ayaz Pasha proved to everybody how much of a weak person he is in comparison to Ibrahim Pasha..."

    Meanwhile, in Hatice's room, we see Saliha mixing a large pot with a lot of strange things no the ground and Hatice watching her curiously and worried. Saliha says: "Sultanim, are you sure?" Hatice: "It is going to benefit, is it not?" Saliha: "Do not worry, Sultanim, it is very effective."

    Meanwhile, the Sultan waits, standing in his room. Mustafa pasha enters. Suleyman to Mustafa Pasha: "Explain at once, Mustafa Pasha, while I was at war, you received news of me being injured. What was that? Who dared to send such a letter?" Mustafa Pasha: "Hunkarim..."

    Meanwhile, in the pub, we see Malkocoglu approach Matrakci who is sitting at a table. Matrakci and Bali Bey try to avoid a confrontation with Rustem.

    Meanwhile, back in the Palace, Mihrimah tries to look for Bali Bey, but is not able to find him. Esmahan spies on her.

    Back in the pub, Rustem Pasha approaches them and asks them if they are drinking out of sadness. Matrakci says that he is the one who should be sad, as Ayaz Pasha's future is clear and Lutfi Pasha is gaining favour and those who killed Ibrahim Pasha will pay soon. Rustem tells him to be careful what he says, because they are dangerous words. Bali Bey tries to pull Matrakci away...

    Ebu Suud meets with Shah Sultan and tells her that he discussed the property transfer issue with Merkez Effendi, and he sends her a sumbul flower as a gift and Ebu Suud explains the meaning behind it, as Merkez Effendi's teacher loved this flower and wanted to present it to her. She says she is pleased and appreciates this and says thank you for it. Ebu suud leaves and meets Lutfi Pasha outside. Lutfi says he wishes to speak to Ebu Suud and that they should go inside to talk.

    A cariye approaches Shah Sultan and tells her that the Sultan has ordered her to come. Shah says it is clear that Hurrem has complained about her.

    Meanwhile, Hatice is with Gulfem and Nigar on the balcony. Hatice says that they must get Hurrem out of the Palace. Gulfem says "what if you were to call her?" And Nigar says that Hurrem is now even suspicious of birds flying in the sky, even if she were to come, she would bring an army beside her. Nigar says that they should not worry, she will find a way to bring her...The look out and Hatice notices Mihrimah approaching Bali Bey. She asks Gulfem if she recalls Mihrimah's love for him when she was little, she even said she would marry him. Gulfem says she was just a little child then. Hatice says: "Yes, but who could know that their childhood love could help us with our plans one day." Hatice tells them to follow her.

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah tells Bali Bey that she looked for him, but he was not there. Bali Bey tells her that he had some work to do. Suddenly, they hear Beyazid and Selim fighting. Selim: "I did not throw up! Whoever said that lied." Beyazid says: "My father will not take you next time." Mihrimah stops them and tells them to keep quiet. She says we shall return now to the palace right away, and takes leave of Bali Bey.

    Meanwhile, Shah approaches the Sultan's room. When she enters, he looks angry. She says she was waiting for a proper moment to speak to him. Suleyman says: "Oh you must have heard then of the incidents." shah: "If you permit me, let me explain." Suleyman: "What are you going to explain? How can Mustafa do this?" Shah Sultan is surprised (she expected her to be in trouble) she says "what did Mustafa do?" Suleyman: "He saw my absence as an opportunity and marched towards my throne."

    In Manisa, Taslicali says to Mustafa: "Unfortunately, the war did not end up in a victory." Mustafa says that he thinks the Sultan has understood the value of Ibrahim Pasha. He says that Rome's conquest was their vision together. Taslicali: "I pray that you are the one who will conquer Rome."

    Back in the Sultan's room, Shah says that Mustafa would never do such a thing. Suleyman: "Is everyone lying? Everyone is saying that you personally stopped him." Shah says, "This was all a game Sultanim, it was a trap that was set up for our Shehzade, but he did not fall for the trap...he did not betray you. You can find out from your servants in Manisa...they will tell you the truth"

    As Shah Sultan walks through a corridor, she meets Hurrem. Hurrem says: "I think you just fell into your own trap, is that not right?" Shah says: "Our Hunkar will understand that Mustafa is innocent. You know this too." Hurrem: "Of course, but he will be suspicious always. Isn't this what brought down Ibrahim Pasha too?" Hurrem:"Suspicions and doubts will increase and increase, and in the end they will wrap themselves around a person's neck and become an executioner."

    Suleyman is in the Divan room and is suspicious and paranoid and is thinking about Ibrahim and about what Hurrem told him happened. Ebu Suud says to the Sultan: "Welcome back, may God keep you at the head of the armies of Islam." Suleyman says "Ameen, but, I am removing you from your position. You are no longer the judge of Istanbul. Ebu Suud is shocked and asks if he did something wrong, but the Sultan says: "From now on, you are going to give your services as the General of Rumeli and will be part of the Divan in this position. I am positive that you will do an excellent job." Ebu Suud thanks him and expresses his happiness.

    Meanwhile Hurrem enters her room and is surprised to see Nigar. She asks what Nigar wants and Nigar talks about Mihrimah Sultan. She says she saw Mihrimah and Bali Bey together in the garden. She says heard that they will be going to the Marble Palace. Hurrem looks troubled.

    Shah Sultan goes to see Hatice, but she is not there, she asks the servant if she knows, but she does not know. Shah calls for Gulfem.

    Meanwhile in the harem, Sumbul sees Hurrem in a hurry all dressed to go out. He asks what is going on. She says she is going to the Marble Palace because Mihrimah is there.

    Back in Hatice's room, Gulfem arrives. Shah asks Gulfem where Hatice Sultan is and what she is trying to accomplish.

    Hurrem arrives at the Marble Palace and is surprised to find Hatice there alone.

    Meanwhile, Sumbul sees Mihrimah and asks her where her mother is, and Mihrimah says she has not seen her. Sumbul understands that something weird is going on...

    Meanwhile, Hurrem says what is going on here? Hatice says: "Do not be afraid I just wanted to talk to you. I have been thinking of Ibrahim for a long time. Do you ever think about how he was killed? Everyone thought that as time passed, my pain would get less, but nobody knows what I have gone through...would you like to know how much you have ruined my life? Do you want to know about my bed that has become a burning fire, about my sleepless nights...this is such a love that when it burns up into ashes it is born again. Do you remember Hurrem, that I told you that you would beg me to die? Those days are now here...." Hurrem says: "If you try to do anything to me..." Saliha hatun approaches and grabs Hurrem by the throat and she puts a cloth over Hurrem's mouth and nose by force and Hurrem falls to the ground. Her eyes see Hatice over her and then they close.

    Hurrem opens her eyes and she sees Sumbul and Fahriye. She says: "What happened to me?!?!?! How did I get here???"

    THE END.


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