• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 93 Preview

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemuyuzyil

    The new actor will portray Mimar Sinan, who was the head architect during the reigns of Sultans Suleyman, Selim II, and Murat III.

    When Hurrem finds out that Beyazid has gone missing, she goes crazy. Mihrimah tries to cover up the scary incident that happened between her and Esmahan. Beyazid, who gets caught during the military campaign, is brought in the presence of Suleyman. Meanwhile, Shehzade Mustafa decides to make a dangerous move without informing Suleyman. Shah Sultan ensures that in the absence of Suleyman, the harem life becomes turbid. Hurrem tries to restore the order in the harem, but Shah Sultan does something that deals a big blow to Hurrem!

    When Hurrem finds out that Beyazid is lost, it is as if someone has shot her in the head (she gets really affected). As Hurrem tries to look for her son everywhere, she finds out that he has joined the campaign. Mihrimah is busy with her own problems, as Esmahan has fallen in the hamam. Since Esmahan is unconscious, Mihrimah does everything in her power to cover up the incident, but getting Shah Sultan to believe her will be difficult.

    Beyazid, who has secretly joined the military campaign gets caught when he enters into a fight with one of the soldiers. When Suleyman sees his son in front of him, he gets very angry with him. Even though he is actually proud of him for his courage, he also gives him a good lesson. As the army is unable to cross the Prut river, Mimar Sinan aids them by building a great bridge. Shehzade Mustafa finds out that Rumeysa is Gebriella's sister. Rumeysa catches his attention with a decision she makes. When Mustafa hears about the dangers in the Mediterranean sea, he makes a rash decision and draws criticism to himself.

    Shah Sultan finds an opportunity for revenge in Suleyman's absence. She puts in motion an insidious plan against Hurrem. As Hurrem is trying to protect the order of the harem, Shah Sultan does something that wrecks the entire balance of the harem.

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