• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 88. Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil


    The show begins with Hurrem in her bed, with everyone looking at her strangely and she asks: "I said, what happened?" Sumbul replies: "Sultanim, when I found you, you were lying down, asleep." Hurrem looks confused: "Where was I?" Sumbul says: "Seeing you in this state, scared me so much that - you would not wake up and I ordered for you to be brought here, immediately." Hurrem tries to get up, but falls back down. Diana/Fahriye catches her and says:  "Sultanim, you must rest." Hurrem asks: "Sumbul agha, where did you find me?" Sumbul looks confused: "Sultanim, do you not remember? You were going to find Mihrimah Sultan at the Marble Palace - that is where we found you." Hurrem: "Where is Mihrimah? Is she alright?!" Sumbul: "She is well, Sultanim, do not worry, she is quite well. When you had left, I immediately came across Mihrimah Sultan, I also learned from her, she never went to the Marble Palace - I said, oh God! They must have set a trap for our Hurrem Sultan!" At this, Hurrem tries to get up again, and Sumbul tells her she must not get up, but she insists and stands. She gets angry when they try to help her "Alright, alright!"

    Meanwhile, Gulfem is in Hatice's room with Shah Sultan waiting for Hatice, who enters shortly. Shah says: "Where were you?" and she looks at Saliha hatun strangely. Shah Sultan: "God Willing, you have not brought another bela (trouble) on yourself again! (hope you did not get yourself into trouble!)." Hatice: "I walked in the Main gardens for a while...or is it prohibited for me to leave my room even?" Shah Sultan: "What 'walking' - who are you fooling?! - What did you do to Hurrem, tell me!" Hatice: "Nothing, we talked for a while." Shah: "I told you to be careful! Your smallest error can bring a huge trouble upon us!" Hatice: "Stop treating me like a small child already! I don't need anybody's advice - I know quite well what I am doing." Shah Sultan: "God Willing you know what you are doing." Shah leaves and looks at Saliha suspiciously as she goes out the door. Hatice sits with Gulfem. Gulfem says: "Sultanim, what happened?"

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah is in her room when Hurrem enters, looking quite unwell. Mihrimah notices."Validem?" Hurrem: "Where were you, before coming to your room, Mihrimah?" Mihrimah: "I was in the main garden?" Hurrem: "Did you tell me you were going to the marble palace, or did you send me news about that?" Mihrimah: "Validem, you are scaring me...what is this state you are in, is something the matter?" Hurrem: "Mihrimah, answer my question - did you call me to the marble palace?" Mihrimah: "No, Sumbul agha also asked me - I did not go there at all." Hurrem, talks to herself, confused, dazed and ill: "I...in that case, what was I...over there..." Mihrimah looks at her mother's wrists and says in horror : "Validem??" Hurrem notices her wrists have large red welts.

    In the next scene, Hurrem is walking through the corridor with her entourage. She tells Sumbul: "Call the doctors at once, Sumbul Agha! Did you hear me??!" Sumbul: "I will them right away, Sultanim!" Mihrimah "Validem, what has happened to you?" Hurrem: "I do not know...stay away from me, don't come close!"

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan is in the harem walking with Mercan, she says: "I did not at all like Hatice's state...it is obvious she is hiding something..." Mercan asks her: "What could it be, Sultanim?" Shah Sultan: "Did Hurrem not return to the Palace yet?" Mercan: "I do not know, but when I find out I will immediately inform you." Suddenly, they see Hurrem walking past the harem corridor. Shah: "Anyway, Hurrem has returned safe and sound to the Palace - but you keep your eyes open - what she went through today, I want to know." Mercan: "You do not worry, Sultanim."

    Meanwhile, Hurrem arrives at her room. She enters and sees Cihangir inside. "No!No!" she yells. Then her voice softens: "Take Cihangir from here...take him to Mehmet's room - what are you all looking at! Don't wait, come on, hurry up! Take my Shehzade from here right away!"  Cihangir is surprised, "Anne?" Hurrem says: "Aslanim, don't be scared my Shehzade, your brother is waiting for you, go to him, and I will come later to be with you." Hurrem tells Mihrimah to take Cihangir. They take Cihangir out, but Mihrimah stays. Hurrem goes to the mirror and looks at herself. Fahriye asks if she is well. Mihrmah comes forward and Hurrem yells, "Mihrimah, NO - I said go to your siblings! In any case, this could be contagious!" Mihrimah replies: "No, Validem, I will not leave you alone" then she turns to the cariye "Send word to our Hunkar at once!"

    Meanwhile, we see a dark, candle-lit room, and the Sultan enters it. Yahya Effendi greets him. The Sultan: "From the looks of it, you have fallen back into the sea of knowledge." Yahya: "the book "Er-Risalaat al Muhammadia" of the great scholar Ali Kuscu has reached me, it was talking about the knowledge of Arithmetic." Yahya gives the book to the Sultan. Then he points to the seating area and says "Hunkarim, won't you take a seat?" Yahya calls his servant "Ferhat! - pick fresh fruits from the garden for our Hunkar, and don't forget to get the ginger sherbet (juice) as well." Ferhat goes and Yahya sits down with the Sultan. "How are you Yahya? It has been a long time I haven't seen you." Yahya: "Seeing you, I feel much better, my brother, actually I am the one worried about you - you are well, God Willing?" Suleyman: "You shouldn't ask, and I shouldn't tell you" (a saying meaning he is worried about something and has something on his mind).

    In the next scene, Fahriye goes close to Hurrem in her room, but Hurrem tells her not to get near her, as they do not know if what illness she has is contagious or not. There is a knock at the door and Sumbul, a doctor and Afife hatun enter. Afife hatun to Hurrem: "I just heard now, Sultanim, May God Protect you, how are you?" Hurrem: "I am not well, Afife hatun, my breathing is tight, I have a fever....what have they done to me like this -just look at me!?" Afife: "My Allah, please You save our Hurrem Sultan, oh my Lord!" She tells the doctor to stop waiting and examine our Sultana!"  Sumbul: "Where is our prince?" Hurrem: "I sent him to Mehmet's room, and Mihrimah just left recently. Sumbul, your eyes should be on my children, no one should enter my room!" Sumbul: "You do not worry, Sultanim, I will also go inform my Sultan of the situation." Afife: "The Sultan is not in the Palace - when he returns we shall give him word." Hurrem to the doctor: "What has happened, woman, what is this? Is it poison, is it illness, what? SPEAK!" Doctor: "It is difficult to say right away, Sultanim, but it does not look like poison, most likely it is an illness." Hurrem: "What illness? Is it contagious?" Doctor: "I do not believe it is contagious, often this can happen from extreme sadness or stress - the skin flares up and then goes away on it's own. I am going to prepare an ointment for the redness."

    Meanwhile, in Yahya Effendi's house, the Sultan is speaking to his foster brother (by breastfeeding) Yahya Effendi: "Nobody can doubt your God-given power to perform miracles." Yahya modestly denies the compliments. The Sultan: "Do you remember I told you at one time about a dream of mine? And you told me I would have an important decision to make? I made that decision, Yahya, but as you said, sorrow has plagued my household (soul). " Yahya Effendi: "Ibrahim Pasha?" The Sultan: "How many seasons have passed since then, how many falls, how many winters, I don't even know anymore. Neither is my night, night, nor is my morning, morning -comfortable sleeps are now a sin for me (I cannot sleep peacefully), I am burning, I keep seeing the same dream where I wake up with blood on my hands and Ibrahim's voice in my ears. For God's sake, Yahya Effendi, tell me, when will this pain end? How will this fire that is burning in my chest go out? When will the sound in my ears silence? Tell me please." Yahya: "Let us pray that this pain ends soon in your lifetime." The Sultan looks at him very nervous. "What are you saying, my brother!?" Yahya: "There are some pains, Hunkarim, that never leave a person, it will follow a person until their grave - indeed it is the conscience's misfortune" Suleyman: "My soul, will never have peace? Is this what you are saying?" Yahya: "Let us pray Allah does not show any bigger grief than this." Suleyman looks horrified.

    Meanwhile, the doctor is rubbing ointment on Hurrem's arms. The doctor tells Hurrem that prior to going to sleep, she must reapply the ointment for her arms. Hurrem "It will be cured, right?" Doctor: "God Willing, Sultanim, I will do whatever is in my hands to do, but you should rest as their is great benefit in that." Hurrem tells the doctor not to let anyone hear about the illness, and the doctor says okay. Afife tells Hurrem that she should not worry, she will be cured, but that it is crucial that she rest. Hurrem asks Afife where the Sultan is, but Afife says she does not know. Hurrem tells Afife that she should be careful, as she wants this matter to remain a secret as she does not want rumours to come out of it and be spread in the harem. Afife asks Hurrem if she recalls anything yet, and Hurrem looks at her confused.

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan is in Hatice's palace, and Nigar enters. Shah sultan: "Hatice met with Hurrem - what happened she will not say, but it is obvious something happened - do you know?" Nigar: "Forgive me, Sultanim, but I thought you would know."

    Meanwhile, Afife and Sumbul are interrogating the servants. Hurrem's cariye, Gulsum, tells them that she went to the Marble Palace, she made us wait outside. Afife asks if anyone came or left. Gulsum replies that no, they did not see anyone, and that anyway Sumbul arrived after and they went inside and found Hurrem Sultan on the ground. Sumbul gets annoyed and asks how they could have not seen anyone, they were standing there, and even if, how did they let Hurrem Sultan go in by herself? But Gulsum responds that Hurrem herself made them wait outside. Sumbul asks where Fahriye was. She says she was with Cihangir. Afife gets upset and says to Fahriye why she doesn't pay attention and if anyone came or left prior to Hurrem leaving for the marble palace, and an agha replies saying he saw Nigar visit her, and after that Hurrem Sultan left. Afife tells them to get Nigar at once.

    Meanwhile, Rustem approaches the scribe, Celalzade. Rustem says he has something important to ask of him. Rustem says: "As you know, all of Ibrahim Pashas belongings, wealth and gold were transferred into and appropriated by the Central Treasury."  Celalzade confirms this. Rustem says: "Then our treasury must be filled to the brim, as it was apparent to everyone how wealthy he was..." Celalzade says that "other than the amount that his family receives, all of his possessions, properties, jewels, gold, and everything has been transferred. However, I am not too aware of the details, if you wish, I can look into it?" Rustem: "that woudl be good."

    Meanwhile, In Hurrem's room, Hurrem is in her bed, and Mihrimah sits by her. She says she will tell her father as soon as he returns, then she asks "who did this to you, Validem? Or was it Hatice sultan?" Hurrem tells her not to worry, and that they do not know what has happened yet. She asks about her boys and whether they know anything, and Mihrimah says that they don't know, but that Cihangir was sad and constantly asking about her (Hurrem). Hurrem says to Mihrimah: "Ay Parca (peice of the moon) of mine, Mihrimah - if something happens to me - I entrust your siblings to you." Mihrimah - "Validem!" Hurrem: "Mihrimah, give me your word (promise), you will always be by their side, you will protect them, promise me. Promise me you will not leave them to the oppressor's hands!" Mihrimah: "May Allah not take you from us, but be at peace in certainty that I will always protect my brothers, with my life, I will protect them."

    Just then, Afife enters Hurrem's room. Hurrem asks if she found out anything. Afife says she has found out something, that before she went to the Marble Palace, Nigar came to visit her. Hurrem looks confused, as if she is trying to recall, but cannot remember.

    Meanwhile, Sumbul is waiting for Rustem and then meets him. Rustem asks what is wrong, and Sumbul informs him that something bad has happened, he says that Hurrem Sultan has come under such a trouble!

    The scene switches to show Ebu Suud's house, where he and his family are heaving a meal. Ebu Suud tells his wife that he has a meeting with the Sheyh-ul-Islam (The Sheikh of Islam/ Grand Shaykh). His wife tells him his new cloak is read, specially made by the renowned tailor Hikmet Effendi, and Ebu Suud says "what is the need for such waste, whatever we were yesterday, we are the same thing today." Ahmet (Ebu Suud's son) says: "Don't say that, Baba (father), you are now the General of Rumelia, all eyes will be on you now (he smiles). Ebu Suud looks at him with disdain, "Oh my Allah, my Lord, please give me patience! Even if I became this (Yuce Devlet) mighty  empire's Sheyh-ul Islam (Grand Shaykh) what would be the use - if I couldn't make you into a proper man!" Ebu Suud's wife tells Ebu Suud not to get mad right away, that their son was only thinking of him (Ebu Suud), saying something good, not bad. Ebu Suud says that his son's only thoughts are in the pub and the gambling dens, if he was thinking of his father even a little bit, he would stop all these bad things, and that "it is obvious I am not destined to see those days..." Ahmet gets annoyed and thanks his mother for the meal and leaves. Ebu Suud's wife tells Ebu Suud after their son leaves not to bother Ahmet too much, and that Ahmet told her he has asked God for forgiveness and repented, and that he does not go to such places anymore. Ebu Suud replies that what will come out of Ahmet's "repentance" and that Ahmet will just do the same thing three days later.

    Meanwhile, Rustem asks Sumbul what Nigar has to do with any of this. Sumbul says he does not know, and has he (Rustem) not heard that she is always with Shah Sultan? Rustem looks surprised. Sumbul says that it is obvious that the two of them together (Shah and Nigar) have done something to Hurrem and that it is crucial to find out what has happened. Rustem is very angry at the news and angrily tells Sumbul to go look after Hurrem Sultan and to leave Nigar to him.

    Later at night, the Sultan and Bali Bey enter the corridor near the Sultan's room. Mihrimah waits for them and when the Sultan asks what is wrong, Mihrimah says: "My mother is not well, we do not know what has happened, but she has fallen ill...she is not well..." Meanwhile, in Hurrem's room, Afifewatches over Hurrem while she sleeps and tells Gulsum to look after Shehzade Cihangir and that she herself will watch over the Sultan until morning. Then, Suleyman arrives and rushes over to Hurrem. He touches her face and sees the welts on her arms. He asks  Afife what the situation is and Afife says that the doctor has looked at it, and given her some medication to sleep, and wait and see what will happen. Suleyman asks what the illness is, and Afife says that the doctor says it might be from grief, anxiety, depression etc. Suleyman, asks angrily, why no one sent him word. Just then, Hurrem wakes up. She says: "Suleyman, do not, do not touch me, it might be contagious!" Suleyman: "May God Protect us." Then he tells Afife to get Yahya Effendi. Then he turns back to Hurrem: "My Hurrem, there was nothing just this morning, what happened to you all of a sudden, like this?" He touches her face and caresses it. Hurrem says: "This is what I am wondering about - what did they do to me like this?"

    Meanwhile, Nigar arrives home, and is startled to see Rustem waiting for her. Nigar says: "My Pasha, I thought you would come later, I will send word for food at once." Rustem says: "Where are you coming from?" Nigar: "I went to the Palace, Shah Sultan wished to see me." Rustem: "I have heard. It seems you have become Shah Sultan's trusted servant." Nigar responds saying that they have taken an interest in her, and she is happy for that - and that it is obvious, everyone wishes to be around a Sultana. Rustem says that he is aware that she visited Hurrem Sultan, and why she went, what was her purpose. Nigar asks "why this questioning and interogation?" and Rustem says: "Tell me, what did you say to our Hurrem Sultan?"  Nigar says it was a personal issue and she wished to inform her of it. Rustem asks what that was. Nigar repeats herself, saying "I said it was personal - it is not proper for you to know." Rustem blocks her from leaving the room. "What is right, what is wrong, you will decide, really?" Nigar says: "If you want to know, then listen: I saw Mihrimah Sultan in the Main Garden with Bali Bey. I went to tell this." Rustem responds: "And what is in that? Of course our princess can speak to our Hunkar's guard." Nigar: "You are right, Pasha, but even though this conversation is kept far away from people's eyes, it will not stay a secret isn't it?" Rustem recalls that during the war, Mihrimah had sent a letter to Bali Bey asking how her brothers and fathers were, and then also asking how he was... Nigar takes her leave. Rustem looks angry.

    Meanwhile, the Sultan asks the doctor why the medicine has not had any effect yet. The doctor says they must wait patiently. Meanwhile, Hurrem looks weary and very ill. Mehmet says to his mother: "Validem, try to remember, why/how could this happen?" Hurrem says: "I do not know, Mehmet." Yahya Effendi arrives. The Sultan says: "Yahya Effendi! Come! Only you will know what the pain and it's cure is!" Yahya: "May it pass, Sultanim, I was very sad when I heard, May Allah heal you and cure you." Hurrem: "Ameen." The Sultan shows the red marks on Hurrem's arms and says they are so many, painful and that there was a high fever, but doctor has successfully lowered the fever for the time being. He shows all the marks on Hurrem's arms and legs. Yahya asks Afife if they investigated what Hurrem ate and drank during the day. Afife says that of course, they did investigate - that she had her meal with the Shehzades, but that thank God, nothing happened to them. Yahya asks if she drank or ate anything different or distinct from everyone else, but Hurrem says no. Hurrem says: ' I don't know anything, or remember anything, I just found myself having fainted." Yahya says: "I understand - was anything rubbed onto your skin, such as any oils, or lavender flowers?  Hurrem shakes her head slowly, confused. Yahya turns to Suleyman: "Do not worry, Hunkarim, we will find a solution to this of course." Yhaya asks teh doctor for stinging nettle, garlic, horse's hair, and make a salve (ointment to rub) out of it, and get it ready at once.

    Meanwhile in Hatice's room, she is waiting when Fahriye enters. She asks Fahriye where she has been. Fahriye says that Hurrem is in the Has Oda (The Main Chamber/Suleyman's room) and that the Sultan has brought Yahya Effendi. Hatice asks Fahriye what Hurrem said. But Fahriye replies that Hurrem did not say anything, in fact does not remember anything. Hatice is happy and smiles, saying "good, and without anyone seeing you, go already, and if you learn anything tell me." Fahriye looks at Saliha, and is about to leave, when she suddenly says: "Sultanim, forgive my curiosity, but what did you do to Hurrem Sultan?" Hatice: "There is no questions, hatun, your job is only to do what you are asked."

    Meanwhile, in the Sultan's room, the Sultan asks Yahya what Hurrem has. Yahya says that the doctor is right, that it could be from worry or grief or depression of some sort. Mehmet asks if there is a cure or solution and Yahya says of course. He says that "The Lord, the High, gives a pain, and has also given it's cure. And the remedy for every illness is hidden in nature." The doctor woman arrives with the ointment. Yahya says "Good, put it on all the marks and tie it up, but do not tie it too tight."

    Meanwhile, outside in the corridor Mihrimah is pacing around. Bali Bey says: "Do not make yourself more sad, Sultanim, Yahya Effendi will surely find a solution." Mihrimah thanks him.

    Meanwhile, on the Sultan's balcony, the Sultan asks Yahya: "Tell me the truth, Yahya Effendi, what is the truth about this illness. Or is it poison?" Yahya: "I do not think it is poison, but we must be open to considering it as a possibility. The Sultan says that whatever it is, that he should find the solution and cure to it. Yahya: "We must pray...we must pray and wait."

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan is preparing for bed, when her husband enters. He greets her, and it is strange how formal they are with each other. He talks about Ayaz Pasha and how sad he is lately, because of how badly he failed at the war. Then he talks about how everyone is praising himself (Lutfi) about all his part in the war. Shah sultan says that it is obvious that Ayaz Pasha is envious of him (Lutfi) and Lutfi agrees, but then Shah says: "Envy is a person's biggest enemy. Especially for our servants (as in the Dynasty's servants, including pashas). One has to be careful, as pride and arrogance can also lead to the downfall of a person. Lutfi says that she has spoken true words, that "Ibrahim Pasha left for this reason, and despite having this palace and all that wealth that he could not even account for - he left this world." Lutfi says: "Do not worry, Sultanim (while he tries to stroke her hair) this has been a lesson to me first, before anyone else." Shah Sultan abruptly pulls away from her husband and stands up, and Lutfi looks very annoyed. Shah says: "It was a tiring day, Pasham, and I wish to wake early tomorrow, you  go to your room and rest if you wish." Lutfi bows to her, and leaves. Shah looks disgusted.

    In the next scene, Suleyman recites a poem for Hurrem in a monologue:

    "If loving you becomes a sin for me, 
    And if my sins increase day by day, woe be to me! 

    Oh you whose face is like the moon,
    If you could only rise to me like the sun, 
    I would not be left alone in the dark of this night, 

    Oh you pious one, is this blonde face not a witness to my love? 
    If tears would be my witness, would that not be sufficient for you? 

    If you but only glanced at me once, 
    Muhibbi would attain his goal twice in this world..."

    Suleyman watches over Hurrem until morning, his face rests in his hand in the morning when she wakes up and smiles sweetly when she sees him by her side "Suleyman," and he says: "My Hurrem! Are you okay? Do you have pain?" She says no. He unravels her bandages and sees that her red marks have healed. He thanks God. She smiles and says: "Has it passed, is it finished? the nightmare?" He says: "it is finished. May Allah be pleased with Yahya Effendi - his healing hands have once again cured our pains!" She smiles widely. 

    Meanwhile, in Hurrem's room, Sumbul waits and Nigar enters. "Finally, you came, woman!" Nigar: "How is our Sultana, my Agha? Last night, Rustem Pasha told me, I was very worried!" Sumbul gives her a knowing look and says: "You made me look bad again, woman! Behave as a Pasha's wife, do not oppose Hurrem Sultan from now on - didn't I say these things to you?"  Nigar: "What did I do?" Sumbul: "You know very well what stupid things you have become involved in, did you think you could fool Hurrem Sultan? She knows exactly who you are serving!" Nigar: "Oh my God, give me patience! Just tell me what I did?!" Sumbul: "shhhhhh! Nachwa fi wawy!" 

    Meanwhile, in Hatice's palace, Shah Sultan and Esmahan are eating. We notice that Hatice and Ibrahim's table is gone, and that Shah has replaced it with the Ottoman tables. Hatice arrives, and Esmahan greets her, Hatice says oh you wished to see me? And Esmahan leaves, Shah sultan asks Hatice to sit and says: "I thought we had an understanding with each other (agreement)," Hatice: "About what matter?" Shah: "Hurrem Sultan - you had given me a promise, but now you are breaking it?" Hatice: "I do not know what you are talking about." Shah: "Nigar told me everything. I know what you did to Hurrem." 

    Meanwhile, Nigar is still talking to Sumbul, she tells him: "It had nothing to do with me." Sumbul: " I do not know about that, you will have to answer to our Sultana." Then, Hurrem enters. Sumbul asks how she is doing, and Hurrem says she is better now, and mentions Yahya. Nigar says: "May it pass (feel better) Sultanim, I came as soon as I could after I heard, seeing you all better like this, it is as if the world became mine." Hurrem: " I am certain that is how it is, Nigar Hatun," she says with a smile and then she frowns and says "It is good you came, I wanted to see you." Nigar says that she did not have anything to do with anything, and that she only learned through Rustem. Hurrem asks Nigar: " You came to visit me yesterday, why? What did you say, what did you want, anyways I am not going to hide what you say from Sumbul agha so just say it already!?" Nigar: "Do you not remember, Sultanim?" Hurrem says: "Just answer my question Nigar!" Nigar looks happy that she does not remember, then she says: "I...wanted to tell you about Mihrimah sultan - I saw her along with Bali Bey in the Main Gardens." Hurrem: "What does this mean? What are you accusing a Sultana of!?" Nigar: "Never! Sultanim, I only wished to inform you. If you recall, when Mihrimah sultan was younger she really loved Bali Bey." 

    Hurrem to Nigar: "That is all you wished to say, you have nothing else to say to me?" Nigar says no. Hurrem says: "You were the last person I spoke to, then I got up and went to the Marble Palace, over there I do not still remember what they did to me - and you will tell me!" Nigar: "Sultanim, if I knew I would tell you!" Hurrem: "Silence! You think I don't know that you don't leave Shah Sultan's shadow?" Nigar: "Sultanim, I assure you - " Hurrem calls the aghas: "Aghalar!" an Agha enters. Hurrem says: "Take her give her to Rustem and have her choked, put her in a sack and throw her into the Bosphorus " Sumbul is surprised, "Sultanim," Hurrem: "Do as I say! I do not want snakes like this around me any longer!" Nigar: "Sultanim, I swear, this was not my doing, this was Hatice Sultan's orders!" Hurrem: "What did you say?!" Nigar: "She told me she knew where my child was, she used that as a threat to me, she said if I did as she said, she would give her to me!" Hurrem saya: "What did they do to me?" Nigar: "They did witchcraft on you, Sultanim."

    Meanwhile, Mihrimah leaves her father's room, when she sees Rustem. Rustem says: "I just heard about what happened, thank God Hurrem Sultan's health has returned." Mihrimah: "Yes, she scared us all very much, but she is better now." Just then, Bali Bey arrives, and Mihrimah's eyes wander to him, and Rustem notices how she lights up when she greets Bali Bey. After asking each other how they are doing, Mihrimah says she should go check on her mother and leaves, Rustem and Bali Bey both watching her as she walks away...When she is gone, Rustem says to Bali Bey: "I see that being in the Palace is making you very happy." Bali Bey says: "You have not yet gone back to Diyarbakir and you also seem very happy." Rustem responds: "Let us get rid of the tiredness of the war. Also there is so much work at the Palace! That is why I came to see the Sultan..." Bali Bey: "It is not possible right now, Rustem Pasha, our Hunkar is resting, he will be on the balcony later on...you can say what you want there if you wish."

    Meanwhile, Hurrem enters the office of the Head Astrologer. Head Astrologer: "Sultanim..." Hurrem: "Nigar, you will explain everything to the Head Astrologer" Nigar: "Sultanim, I swar that I don't know much... I just know that they did black magic." The Head Astrologer overhears and says: "Black magic?" Nigar: "That's right.... They did black magic." Head Astrologer: "Sultanim, did anything else other than the scabs become visible?" Hurrem: "No... And those have passed, I am fine now. What type of spell is this?" Head Astrologer: "It is done with the intention to kill. This is something that melts a person from the inside day by day. A person stops eating and drinking. You will become sleepless and exhausted..." Hurrem turns to Nigar: "You snake! How could you do this???" Nigar: "I swear I didn't know it was going to be like this..." Hurrem stops yelling at Nigar after she says this, believing what Nigar says that she did not know. Sumbul: "Be at ease Sultanim, nobody can do this type of magic." Hurrem: "But they have done it!!" Head Astrologer: "I also don't think it is very possible. I haven't seen this happen for many years, especially a Muslim cannot be courageous enough to do this... it is a very big sin. Their heads would be chopped off in front of the public eye as an example to the people." Hurrem: "Who is this Nigar? Who did this?" Nigar: "I swear I don't know Sultanim.. if I knew, I would tell you."

    Meanwhile, in the Divan room, Ebusuud speaks to the Sultan and Lutfi Pasha. Ebu Suud: "I had mentioned it earlier, Hunkarim... There is a small issue with the justice system. As you know, those who graduate from theological school study beside one of the theologians as they wait to become judges. But there is no law stating that they have to do this type of apprenticeship, and some are not doing it, so the natural order of things is being disturbed." Suleyman: "What is your suggestion?" Ebusuud: "My Sultan, I am trying to figure out which theologians should be paired with which students. I am thinking that successful students will also receive a position of public trust every seven years." Suleyman: "What do you think Lutfi Pasha?" Lutfi: "He is completely right, Sultanim. Justice is more important than anything else. If those who will be spreading justice do not end up in their positions in a just way, how can they themselves be just?" Suleyman: "You are right, Pasha. Ebusuud Efendi, prepare the law as soon as possible in a detailed manner." Ebusuud agrees to do this task quickly. The Sulan says they may leave, but Ebu Suud says there is one more matter and the Sultan dismisses Lutfi.

    Outside the Divan afterwards as Lutfi exits, he notices that Rustem is talking privately with the scribe, Celalzade. After Rustem leaves, Lutfi asks Celalzade: "Celalzade, what does Rustem Pasha want from you?" Celalzade replies: "He was inquiring about Ibrahim Pasha's wealth." Lutfi: "Why, wasn't all of it transferred to the central treasury?" Celalzade: "Yes, 20 x 100000 gold was transferred, however, Rustem Pasha thought this was too little. According to his calculations, there should be 50 x 100000 more gold." Lutfi: "What are you talking about? This is about half of the annual budget!" Celalzade: "I cannot say anything precisely, however, Rustem Pasha is correct. There is a serious amount of money that is missing."

    Back inside the Divan chamber, Ebu Suud speaks to the Sultan. Ebusuud: "Hunkarim, based on your order, a plot of land has been prepared and is ready to be constructed for Hurrem Sultan. If you wish, I can give the order to start the project." Suleyman: "Excellent. Let them begin, however, I want to see the blueprints/plans personally." Ebusuud: "Of course. It would be important to receive both yours and Hurrem Sultan's feedback......There is one more matter... Please forgive my curiosity, but I am seeing you quite stressed out. Are you still not sleeping well?" Suleyman: "I am fine, Ebusuud Efendi."

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is walking towards Hatice's Palace with Nigar and cariye's. She meets Mercan who says: "Sultanim..." Hurrem is angry and says to Mercan: "Move out of my way!"

    Meanwhile, Shah and Hatice are sitting together. Shah: "Hatice, you should have told me! We know how things turn out when you don't consult with me." Hatice: "Why don't you understand? My biggest fear in life was losing Ibrahim. From now on, nothing can scare me. Nobody can stop me!" The door opens and Hurrem enters. Shah: "Hurrem! How can you barge in like this?" Hurrem: "Whatever you did, you could not succeed! Now you are getting help from fortune tellers and magicians? Are you that desperate?" Hatice: "What are you talking about?" Hurrem: "Don't try to deny it. I learned what you did! Nigar! According to Nigar, you have done black magic!" Shah: "What magic, Hurrem? How can you accuse my sister of such an ugly thing? And with the word of a woman like this? (Nigar)" Hurrem: "You mean this woman who has been working for you for months? Or are you not happy with her?" Shah: "Mercan agha, escort her to her car." Hurrem: "If you take one more step, I will have your head cut off!" Shah: "If you have something to say, let's sit down and talk." Hurrem: "Nigar should be the one to sit down, not me, as she has been crying behind Ibrahim Pasha's back just like the both of you." Hatice: "Don't speak his name!" Hurrem: "I pray to God to give you patience, Sultanim. But if you are looking for revenge, confront Hunkarim. As I am not the one who ordered the death of the Pasha...the Sultan ordered it!"

    *********PART 2*********
    Hurrem leaves Hatice’s palace, and we hear Hatice saying to Nigar: “Good work, Nigar, it is apparent that Hurrem believed everything you said.” Nigar: “She called the Astrologer right away. When I told her about the witchcraft, you should have seen her face!” Hatice: “May she get worse.” Shah sultan looks uncomfortable. Nigar to Hatice: “But, Sultanim, I don’t trust Saliha Hatun, what if she really did black magic on her?” Hatice: “As she said, a fire will enter Hurrem’s heart, and that fire will increase (get worse) day by day, and it will burn her finally.” Shah Sultan looks even more uncomfortable, and she speaks: “I can’t believe you Hatice, how can you trust such a person (Saliha)?” Hatice: “Did you not just see Hurrem’s state? She had fear in her eyes. The fire that the woman was talking about, is this.” Everyone looks at each other uncomfortably, except Hatice who is happy.

    Meanwhile, Fahriye is in Hurrem’s room placing some incense sticks into a cup when Hurrem’s cariye, Gulsum enters suddenly and Fahriye is alarmed. She quickly says to Gulsum “Fahriye Kalfa?” Fahriye tries to cover up by asking where Cihangir is, and when Hurrem is returning? Then she tells Gulsum to get Cihangir as his mother will return and want to see him. Gulsum leaves and Fahriye is relieved.

    Meanwhile at nighttime in Manisa, Mustafa sits in his room at his desk. Yahya enters. He brings along with him the Port offical, Mahmud Effendi. Mustafa asks the official how he could make such a big error, that they had said there were missing documents, and that this morning his documents were found in the Port Offcial’s room. Mahmud Effendi apologizes and says it is obvious a mistake has happened, that the papers had accidentally gotten mixed up with other documents. Mustafa gets angry and says “Is this the explanation you give? Because of your errors, there are many unfairly treated merchants! And you are putting the judges in a difficult position!” Mahmud Effendi replies: “I will immediately do what is necessary -” But Mustafa interrupts :”Not you, Effendi, this job will be done by those worthy of the position. I am removing you from your position - get out of my sight!” When Mahmud Effendi is taken out, Barbarossa arrives. He has with him a large decorated box and says: “It is not worthy of you, but, if you could accept this, it would make me very happy.” Mustafa is pleased by what he sees: a jewel encrusted Yemeni dagger. “Thank you Admiral Pasha, it is one of the nicest gifts I have ever received - let us go sit for a while.”

    Meanwhile in Signora Gabriela’s rented Villa, a messenger named Antuan, brings her news that her issue with the port authorities has been resolved and as the Shehzade has sent a notice to her, about her ship and her possessions to be released and that the Shehzade himself gave his personal permission for this to happen. Gabriel is so happy, she reads the notice and prays to God for the Shehzade’s wellbeing. She tells Antuan to take the notice to the Izmir port at once.

    Mustafa and Barbarossa are sitting down and chatting. Barbarossa says"I conquered many islands on the way back. All of the islands on the Italian coast are awaiting the same fate." Mustafa: "It is clear then, that our Hunkar is intent on going on another campaign." Barbarossa: "Yes, are forced to have control over all of the islands to prevent the Venetians from sailing in the Mediterranean." Mustafa: "Yes, the Venetians would never have dared to do this if France had brought all of their forces to Norther Italy, instead of only half. But it was obvious that this would happen." Barbaros: "I tried very much to convince our Hunkar, but was unable to. If we kept attacking the castle, we would have definitely conquered it in a short time. But, this is what he decided, and after thinking about it, I agree with him. Even if the castle fell, we could not have kept going (winter)."

    Mustafa: "Ibrahim Pasha's absence was felt, wasn't it? This is why Hunkarim turned back... Ayaz Pasha is a good government officer, but it is obvious that he is not a good Commander-in-Chief." Barbaros: "You are right. It is easy to be a Pasha in the time of peace... There is a system that keeps working. What is important is what you do during war time."Taslicali: "Thankfully Lutfi Pasha achieved some important victories." Barbaros: "Yes... Hunkarim also congratulated him. If things continue like this, he may take Ayaz Pasha's place." Mustafa: "How is our Hunkar?" Barbaros: "He is quite healthy, thank God... But he is not like before. He doesn't speak much. It is difficult to understand what he is thinking. It is like he is wearing an invisible armour, and nobody can get behind that armour....” While he is saying this last part, we see Suleyman sitting in his room...

    Suleyman sits, quiet and lost in thought. He looks troubled...when there is a knock onthe door. The agha announces Hatice and she enters. The Sultan asks how she is doing and she says she is well, especially for the sake of her children. The Sultan asks about Mustafa and Mahidevran and Hatice says they are fine. Then she says that she wishes to go back to her palace. The Sultan says: “I wish to stay here, close to me,” Hatice: “My Palace has my memories - give me permission to find happiness there” The Sultan replies, his face looking pained: “you cannot find happiness in this way.” He says that memories will consume her and make her feel worse. Hatice gets annoyed and says : “Is this why you removed every thing related to him? Is this why you did not even want  to know where his grave is or for him to even have a grave?” Hatice tries to collect herself, before continuing. She continues: “I will not object Hunkarim, I will not rebel, whatever you see fit for me, I am accepting of it.” Suleyman smiles, but it seems strange. She bows and leaves, but leaves Ibrahim’s ring behind.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is in her room, coughing uncontrollably, and can’t breathe. she calls for water and is shocked about what has happened to her.

    Meanwhile, the Sultan finds the ring and recalls when he gave it to Ibrahim.  At that time, he had said: “ May you wear it in good times...” And Ibrahim had said: “I am honoured to receive your gift.” Suleyman remembers all this while he looks at the ring.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is in her room in a very bad state...

    The couple of days pass and in the Divan Mustafa Pasha informs Suleyman that as the Sultan ordered, Lala Cafer Pasha, has confirmed that Shehzade Mustafa had actually not ever even left Manisa, let alone march to Istanbul and also Cafer Pasha has written a letter. Suleyman is glad to hear this. Then Mustafa informs Suleyman that the Venetian ambassadors are here to see him. Suleyman allows them to enter.

    Meanwhile, outside, Lutfi pasha taunts the Venetian ambassador. He asks the ambassador: “How will you explain your treachery, I wonder?” The ambassador, Ludvosi: “Believe, me Pasha Hazretleri, I am as sad as you are about this situation -” Lutfi silences him with his hand and continues scolding him. Then, Ayaz Pasha calls out to Lutfi annoyed. Lutfi returns to Ayaz’ side, and Ayaz whispers to him to behave wisely. Lutfi responds that he is behaving properly himself, and says to Ayaz pasha : “if you had not trusted the Venetians so easily, the we would have certainly returned in victory!”  This  hurts and surprises  Ayaz Pasha. Then, Matrakci intervenes saying “Lutfi pasha is absolutely correct, instead of worrying about the Ibrahim Pashas situation, we should have been paying attention to the Venetians!” This angers Ayaz Pasha who says: “Watch your words, Nasuh Effendi., don’t cross your limits - “ Matrakci says: “It is othe truth - it is obvious to everyone.” Ayaz tries to say something but the door to the Divan opens and he does not get a chance to.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is in the corridor with Rustem. She almost faints. He tells her that she is not well, and tired, but she says she is fine, and that he should tell her what he wanted to say.  Rustem informs her about the missing wealth of Ibrahim’s. Hurrem asks where they could be? Rustem says it must be in his Palace. Hurrem says that it is important they be returned, and that it does not fall to their enemy’s hands. Rustem says that is why he called her, it is important, it might already be in their hands.. Hurrem says it is important it is recovered, as it is a big crime for anyone to have taken this money that is supposed to be in the treasury.”

    Meanwhile, Sumbul is cleaning up Hurrem’s room, in case there is any trace of witchcraft there.  Hurrem enters and asks what is going on, and Sumbul says he searched her room but couldn’t find anything. Hurrem says it might not be witchcraft, but Sumbul says they should take every precaution anyway, and Hurrem tells everyone they should leave, as she is very tired, she wishes to rest.

    Meanwhile, in the Divan, the Venetian ambassador Ludvosi enters. He starts speaking to the Sultan but the Sultan interrupts him, and says “Ayaz Pasha, ask him if he recalls this crown of mine.” (Sultans often spoke indirectly to ambassadors and spoke through their Vizier, the Sultan had in recent years stopped doing that and spoke directly, now he is speaking indirectly once again).

    The Sultan continues: “In this crown, there are 50 diamonds, 44 rubies, 27 emeralds, 49 pearls, and one large Firuze stone (a turquoise blue mineral). And this is just the work of the jeweler that I am referring to. However, this crown is also a symbol of the fact that we are the inheritors of all of the old Roman empires and is a sign that shows we are the rulers of the world today. To our friends, it shows our mercy, and to our enemies, it symbolizes our overwhelming power. We were under the impression that the Venetians took shelter under the shade of this crown with our mercy.” The ambassador quickly responds saying “we are the world’s Sultan’s eternal friends (forever)!” The Sultan says: “If you are our friends, why did you take a place beside Charles (Sharlken?)” The ambassador says “May it be known to our high Sultan, that we would never betray him! It was only a few captains who took it upon themselves to do such a thing and that they got the punishment they deserved. The Sultan says that Venice insulted the friendship and helped Charles the V, and that we (Ottomans) told them so many times to work with France, but they did not listen. The ambassador says that it is true, they did not help France, but they certainly did not help Charles V either. Suleyman says that they are too late for that. If they didn't follow their promise, they must endure the consequences. Prices will go up for Venetian traders, and Venetian ships will no longer receive safety measures in the East! Ludvosi, objects to this, and the Sultan ends the meeting.

    The Venetian ambassador leaves and meets his companion outside: He tells him that  on one side they have Sultan Suleyman and on the other hand Charles V - and they both want to Ceasar and we are stuck in between both of them.

    Meanwhile, in Manisa, Fidan arrives in Mahidevran’s room. She tells her Gabriela wishes to see her and Mahidevran agrees. Gabriela enters and they greet each other and sit down together. There, Gabriela tells Mahidevran how much she is thankful, she thanks both Mahidevran and Shehzade. She says that she still does not believe how her problem got solved so quickly, and prays for them both. Mahidevran says that she had told her already, Mustafa is fair and just and deals with problems as such, and that she is also very happy to hear that her problem is resolved. Gabriela, says she wishes to visit Mustafa to thank him personally as well.

    Mustafa is in his room, when Gabriela and Mahidevran arrive. Gabriela thanks him, and says it is very precious what he did for her, she will never forget what he did. Mahidevran looks at them strangely as if she notices tension between them. Gabriela asks Mahidevran that she wishes to invite both her and Mustafa to her rented Villa for dinner and Mahidevran accepts, as does Mustafa. Fidan tells Mustafa that Ayse Hatun has arrived along with Nergis Shah Sultan (the baby). Gabriela takes her leave, but she looks strangely at Ayse and the baby and smiles awkwardly, and Ayse looks at Gabriela strangely.

    Meanwhile, in Istanbul, Mihrimah is in her room and sends a letter with an agha to give to Bali Bey, telling the agha no one should see. Bali Bey enters the Sultan’s balcony, and tells him that Rustem Pasha has arrived, saying he has an important matter to discuss. Rustem meanwhile is outside in the corridor and sees Mihrimah’s agha walking with a note in his hand. Just then, the door guards of the Sultan’s chamber tell Rustem that the Sultan is waiting for him.

    Rustem enters the balcony area and tells the Sultan that he got some information from Celalzade that  there is some  part of Ibrahim’s wealth missing, and that  50,000 x 100,000 gold is missing. Rustem tells the Sultan that it is important, especially after the war, to recover that money. Rutem leaves, and the Sultan tells Bali Bey that he should look after the issue and find out.

    Rustem meanwhile has snuck into Bali Bey’s room. He looks around for the note the agha had in his had before. He finds it inside a book on the desk and reads it. It says: "Since you arrived from the campaign, I feel as if I am even more safe, even in my dreams. As I saw you once more, I understood that the days I spent before you were here were worthless. As my days get brighter, my heart also brightens. I am awaiting your reply, with the hope that these strong feelings of mine will be met with the same feelings from you.
    Rustem’s face changes when he sees the letter, but he does not have time to feel anger because just then, Bali Bey enters and is surprised to see Rustem in his office, and asks him what he is doing there. Rustem says: “I was waiting for you - for a long while now, there has been a meaningless thing between us, and I wish for it to be gone, and God Willing, you have the same thinking.” Bali Bey: “I have no problem with anyone Pasha, and if there is, I do not want that” Rustem: “Great, great...this means we are of the same thinking.” Rustem pats Bali Bey on the shoulder then leaves. Bali Bey looks  confused.

    Meanwhile, Mahidevran and Mustafa are with Gabriela having their dinner at her rented Villa. Mahidevran tells Gabriela she thinks her Villa is beautiful, and Gabriela responds that it is nothing compared to the beauty of the Palace of course - Mustafa asks if she will stay here for longer. Gabriela says her son is on an Island named Sakkiz Adasi. Gabriela says she is here for her business, that she misses her son a lot.

    Meanwhile, Ayse sits with Fidan and Ayse hatun (Mustafa’s Gozde) are sitting together working on some needlework. Ayse says: “She is Genovese?” Fidan: “Who?” Ayse: “The woman who came to see Shehzade Mustafa.” Fidan: “Yes, she is a Genovese merchant - she is beautiful isn’t she.” Ayse: “He is now in her Villa right? Having dinner?” Fidan: “Yes...having dinner...Why are you asking, woman? You cannot meddle in the Shehzade’s business - and also you are asking about this woman, what are you going to do?”Ayse says: “Nothing I was just curious.”

    Back in Gabriela’s Villa, Gabriela and Mustafa are alone, eating- Gabriela is saying that she has heard a lot about him, that people say many good things about him. Mustafa asks her when she will return  and Gabriela says her ship is unloaded, after that dry figs and dry grapes will be loaded on to her ship and then she will go back on her ship. Gabriela says she would actually like to host him there (as a guest)...Then, Mustafa replies that “the only way I can step foot on non-Ottoman lands, is with the intention of conquering them, Signora.” Gabriela looks at the Sultan directly, and says Shehzadem, I am very grateful to you...” Just then, Mahidevran arrives. She says that they should leave as she is tired, Gabriela thanks them for coming and they say goodnight.

    Meanwhile, in Istanbul, Suleyman sits in his room and ponders over the ring . Hatice meanwhile, plays the violin right outside the Sutlan’s balcony so he can hear it, which he does and he goes out to his balcony. He looks at her, and he looks out to the water. Hatice keeps playing, then the next time she looks up, he is gone. Suleyman meanwhile sits on his sofa outside feeling pain and sadness.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is asleep in the dark. Suddenly, a dark smoke appears and encompasses her, she breathes heavily as if she is choking, and then suddenly, the smoke dissapears.. She wakes up troubled and disturbed and she is almost screaming. She runs off and finds herself in the harem corridors. She keeps running until she reaches the inner harem and finds it empty and dark she sees weird shadows and lights and everything confuses and scares her, she follows the shadows and pulls back a curtain but finds nothing there. She keeps going until she approaches Hatice’s room. “What have you done to me!!!?????” Hatice wakes up: “Hurrem, What is going on here, what are you doing?”Hurrem looks at Saliha who is eyeing her scarily. “What ??” she almost whispers. Hurrem: "What is this darkness, this shadow? Are you going to kill me like this? I am not afraid of anyone!" Sumbul and Afife enter the room and try to get her to leave, but Hurrem tells them to leave her alone. Hurrem stares at Saliha hatun and Hatice smiles triumphantly.

    Later, Hurrem is brought to her room. She starts talking to herself, as if she is crazy: “Hurrem: "I won't let them do this to me. I won't allow them to get rid of me!"  Afife: "Prepare some milk for our Sultan!"Hurrem: "Who was that hatun that I saw in Hatice Sultan's room?" Afife: "Saliha hatun. She was in her service at Manisa."

    Meanwhile in Mihrimah's room, she asks a cariye why her clothes are not ready. The cariye tells her that it is on its way. She also tells Mihrimah that a letter arrived for her, and it was left on top of her pillow.Mihrimah opens it, it is a letter from Bali Bey apparently:

    Bali Bey's letter to Mihrimah:

    "My precious Sultanim, as my life continues, I would like you to know that I am faithful to protecting you and your family. To cling to dreams that are anything else but this is not possible. As a loyal servant of the Devlet-i Aliyye (Ottoman Empire), having personal feelings for you cannot even be thinkable. I am hoping that you understand me, and I pray for your forgiveness. - Malkocoglu Bali Bey."

    Hatice is sitting with Shah in Hatice’s palace. Hatice: "You should have seen Hurrem! She looked like she had gone mad! She is trying to hide her situation but she cannot! Everybody in the harem knows about it. Hurrem's end is near!" Shah: "Hatice, you are finally smiling. I pray to God that things turn out as you want them to. But we must be careful; this is Hurrem we are talking about. Do not take her lightly." Hatice: "This is nothing... I am going to bring the milk that she suckled from her mother from her nose!"

    Mercan agha enters the room and says that garden guards have arrived and there are tens of them. Our Hunkar has given them an order to search the palace..."

    Meanwhile in the palace, cariye's are gossiping about Hurrem Sultan and some are saying that she has lost her mind. Sumbul hears what they are talking about.

    Meanwhile, back in Hatice’s Palace, Shah asks surprised,: "What is this search about?" Mercan: "It has been determined that some of Ibrahim Pasha's wealth is missing, and they think it is being hidden in this palace." Hatice says angrily:: "Go tell them to get out of here! I will not allow them to enter!" Mercan: "Sultanim, they have the order papers directly from our Hunkar... We are forced to let them in." Shah Sultan tells Hatice to be calm and to allow them to search. Hatice says "No! This is enough!" and she leaves the room.

    We see Bali Bey walking around the corridor outiside the Sultan’s room and as he sees Mihrimah, he stops walking. Bali Bey: "Sultanim, good morning."
    Mihrimah, very abruptly responds: "To you too. Is Hunkarim in hi sroom?" Bali Bey looks confused about why she is being so cold towards him. Bali bey: "Yes. I pray that nothing bad has happened Sultanim. It looks as though something is upsetting you." Mihrimah raises her nose slightly and says "It is none of your business." and she enters the Sultan's room. Bali Bey is very confused. We see Rustem from far away, looking pleased.

    Meanwhile in Hurrem's room, she is in her bed, and Sumbul asks for permission to inform the Hunkar. Hurrem says "No! Stop insisting. I don't want our Hunkar to see me in this state! I just need to rest a little bit." Sumbul says that if the Hunkar hears about this, he will be very angry. Hurrem says "If nobody talks about it, how will he know?" Sumbul is quiet and Hurrem understands and says "This quickly???"

    Sumbul: "After last night... everybody in the harem is talking about you. I didn't know what to do!"
    Hurrem gets up and starts to walk. Sumbul tells her that getting up will not be good for her and that she must rest. Hurrem tells him to get out, and tells Gulsum to prepare her clothes.

    Meanwhile, Suleyman is speaking to Mihrimah.Mihrimah: "My mother is not letting anybody get close to her. She is even acting strangely with me..."Suleyman: "The last time I saw her, she was quite healthy. How could this happen?" Mihrimah: "I don't know... I went to her in the morning but they didn't allow me in. I spoke to the doctor lady and she said she was fine." Suleyman says that in that case she must be fine, and that he will look into it personally. An agha announces that Hatice Sultan has arrived, and Suleyman says she may enter.

    Meanwhile, Sumbul announces Hurrem Sultan's name in the entrance to the harem hall where the cariye’s stay, and all the cariye's get in order. She was planning on showing strength as she walked through, but in a moment she falls to the ground. Afife and Sumbul run to her aide and Afife hatun calls for a doctor.

    Meanwhile, Hatice has entered the Sultan's room. She says she wishes to speak to him alone, and Mihrimah leaves. We see Hatice and Suleyman alone in his room.

    Meanwhile, in the harem, Hurrem walks in, and everyone’s heads are lowered but they are curious to see her since all the rumours about her being strangely ill. Hurrem walks and then suddenly, collapses. In the background we hear Afife yelling out for doctors.

    Meanwhile, Hatice is speaking to the Sultan: "This morning I visited Shah-i Huban (Shah Sultan) and the garden guards came and said you gave the order to search the palace."
    Suleyman confirms this. Hatice says that the confiscation of his wealth had already occured.

    Suleyman: "Yes, but it was determined that there is some wealth that is missing, and according to the rules, the rest of the wealth must be confiscated. And you will obviously receive the amount that is due to you based on the Shar'iah laws."

    Hatice: "Rules, is that right? I am curious... why didn't you apply the rules when you executed him? Was it justice to kill him in his sleep, as he was unaware? First you call him to join you in a feast, and then you deceitfully kill him. Is this justice? You saw a grave stone as being too much for him, leaving him to worms and birds, is that justice?"

    Suleyman: "Get out, Hatice!!!" Hatice: "You, as the Sultan of the world, promised Ibrahim that you would protect him with your own strength, but you didn't keep your word. This does not make you just, but it makes you cruel!" Suleyman is livid and yells out: "I told you to get out! Don't let me ever see you again!" Suleyman is in extreme pain after she leaves...

    Meanwhile, in the harem,,Hurrem wakes up and sees many people staring at her. Hurrem: "Leave me alone! Move! I am fine!" Shah Sultan sees Hurrem, and Hurrem stands up straight. She leaves the area quickly, but is clearly dizzy and cannot even walk straight.

    We see Hatice walking in the hallway. Meanwhile Hurrem is also walking, and suddenly sees Hatice in front of her. They are both alone. When Hurrem sees her, she gets very angry. Both of them start to approach each other with confidence and anger...

    Hurrem: "Tell me what you did to me! Answer me!"

    Hatice: "This was nothing... You will be burning in the fires of hell!"

    Hurrem suddenly loses her calm and in an instant of anger, she slaps Hatice. Hatice tries to save herself but Hurrem is no longer in control of herself. She gets on top of Hatice and continually slaps and punches her.

    Hurrem: "Tell me! What did you do to me??? TELL ME!!!!!"

    We see Hatice smothered with blood, she has fainted. Hurrem stops for a moment, and looks at her hands... The scene ends with Hurrem's blood spattered face, in shock.

    THE END.


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