• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 93 Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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    Sumbul has informed Hurrem that Beyazid is missing. Hurrem is angry and says: "How is this possible, Sumbul!? When there is so many people around him, how can he get lost!?" Sumbul, looking distressed, replies: "Sultanim, I swear by Allah, I also do not understand. The last I heard, he was going for studies!' Hurrem, stricken with worry rushes off, and Sumbul and Fahriye follow her.  Cihangir suddenly appears from the back and stares...

    Meanwhile in a Janissary camp, Beyazid and his friend arrive. The friend (his name is Hassan) says: "This is an inexperienced boys unit, Shehzadem." Beyazid responds: "I told you! There is no shehzade! My name is now Hussein!" His friend (Hassan) apologizes and they walk into the camp.

    Meanwhile, in the Palace, Afife asks why the cariye are waiting outside the hamam and the cariye replies saying that they were asked to exit. Suddenly, the doors open and Mihrimah exits shouting "Hurry! Afife Hatun, help, help!" They all rush inside and Afife kneels down to check on Esmahan who is unconscious and orders that doctors be called at once. She sees blood on her fingers when she tries to lift Esmahan's head...

    Later, Hurrem is with Sumbul speaking to Beyazid's teacher and Mercan and the Head of the Imperial Guard. She says: "How does this happen, Mehmet Hoca! My Shehzade was not with you? Is this how you attend to him?" Mehmet Hoca: "Sultanim, we were together for the studies - I left him for a moment because he wanted me to leave." Sumbul says to the teacher: Look here now! Is this kind of thing possible? For what reason did you leave, ooooeeeee?!" Mercan almost rolls his eyes when Sumbul says this. Mehmet Hoca: "He wished to work alone - many times he wishes to work alone anyway, so I did not suspect anything." Hurrem angrily says: "My Shehzade leaves, and no one is witness to it, is that right!!?? Did you think I would believe this? - Where is my Shehzade? " Then Hurrem turns to Mercan and says: "What did you do to him?" Mercan says: "God forbid! Never! Who could do such a thing?!" Hurrem replies angrily: "If that is the case, then where is he, Mercan!? Where did my aslan go? Are you not the Kapi Agha? (Gate Keeper)? You are responsible for whoever enters and leaves the Palace!" Mercan: "When our Hunkar was leaving, I accompanied him (Beyazid) personally to see him (the Sultan) off...afterwards, Mehmet Hoca came to me...I immediately gave word to the Bostanciler (Imperial Guards)." The Bostanci Basi (Head of the Imperial Guards) says: "Be rest assured, Sultanim, the Imperial guards are searching every place - he will be found safe and sound." Hurrem replies: "God Willing it will be this way, Bostanci Basi, if any harm comes to my aslan, I will take all your heads!" She looks at Mercan directly and then looks away and continues: "And now, go and find my Shehzade. Hurry up, quick!!" The men leave, and Sumbul remains behind. Hurrem says to him: "And Sumbul you go too, I do not trust any of them!" Sumbul leaves immediately...

    Meanwhile in the young janissary camp. Beyazid is getting his food, and then goes and sits down to eat. He looks down at the watery soup...then notices how happily Hassan, his friend is eating. Then, a young man watches from afar and suddenly says: "Shhht! Momma's boy!" Beyazid turns around to look at him. The young man says: "If you don't want to eat it, give it to me!" Hassan, Beyazid's companion, shouts to the guy: "Be satisfied with what you have!" Then, Hassan taps Beyazid saying: "You eat your food, Huseyn, otherwise later you will be hungry." Beyazid tastes a little of the watery soup and cringes with disgust.

    Meanwhile, a doctor is trying to revive Esmahan from her unconscious state. Mihramah, who is standing with Afife asks why Esmahan has not awoken yet. The doctor replies that she has hit her head very bad, and that they must wait for her to come to on her own. Mihrimah mumbles a prayer to God. Then she asks Afife if she has sent word to Shah Sultan, which Afife says she has...

    Meanwhile in Hatice Sultan's Palace, Shah Sultan is looking at some fabric. A woman is telling her where they are from (Italian, Genovese, or from Bursa etc.). Shah turns and notices her sister is staring out the window. She says, smiling: "Hatice? Don't wait there, come, choose something, we can make you some new clothes! Colorful ones!" Hatice responds, unsmiling: "I have no need." Shah gets up and walks over to her sister and then says: "What will you do? Spend your whole life in darkness?" Hatice replies: "Forget me, and tell me what you will do about Hurrem." There is a knock at the door just then and Shah turns to find an agha  looking quite distressed. He tells her that Afife hatun has sent him...

    Meanwhile, Hurrem storms into the room where Esmahan is lying down. She is looking for Mihrimah and says: "Mihrimah! Where are you?! Your room -" Suddenly, Hurrem notices Esmahan on the bed. She looks at Afife Hatun with worry and asks her what has happened.   Afife Hatun tells her that Esmahan has fallen in the Hamam. Hurrem sighs and asks how she is? Afife replies that the doctor has checked her - then she notices Hurrem is looking very agitated, so she asks her if she is alright. Hurrem answers that she is not alright. Then she turns to Mihrimah and asks her if she has seen Beyazid at all. Mihrimah says no, and asks if something has happened. Afife prays to God, then asks how this could have happened. Hurrem says she does not know, and Mihrimah interjects saying that she (her mother) should not worry,  that he must have gone off and hidden somewhere out of anger for not going on the campaign. Hurrem replies that God Willing that is the case. Afife leaves...

    Beyazid and Hassan are sorting herbs, when the young man who was bothering Beyazid (from now on let's call him the rude guy because it is easier to type since he doesn't have a name :p) earlier about his food, approaches and grabs Beyazid's bag. Beyazid catches him and says: "What are you doing?! That is mine!" Rude guy: "It's mine now. You can find another one." Beyazid: "Give that to me right now, quick!" The rude guy pulls away the bag, and says: "What precious property do you have in here? Take it!" Then he pretends to hand it over and pulls it away again. He repeats this until Beyazid grabs him, and the rude guy pushes Beyazid to the ground and says: "Go back home, Momma's boy! What are you doing here anyway?" Suddenly, their leader yells out for the soldiers to form a line, as the Sultan is approaching. Everyone including Beyazit gets in line and bow their heads. Beyazid looks up and sees through some trees, the Sultan and his entourage and also Selim....

    Meanwhile in the Vatican, the Pope is praying when the Cardinal arrive. The Cardinal informs the Pope that Emperor Charles V and Francois are going to meet again and that Ferdinand and the Princes will also be there. They will make decisions about the Crusader fleets. The Pope expresses that he is pleased and tells the Cardinal to prepare, for they will also join. The Cardinal says "as you wish" and tells the Pope that this time, Suleyman will not be able to raise a foot even against such a holy alliance. The Pope says "By God's Will, by God's Will..."

    Meanwhile in the Sultan's Tent, a Divan is in session and Lutfi Pashsa is speaking. He informs the Sultan that the Pope has started preparations for a big crusader fleet and that taking extra precautions in the waters/seas would be beneficial. Suleyman agrees. Then Suleyman tells Ayaz Pasha: "When we are in Bogdan, it is important for our coastal lands to be safe." Ayaz Pasha replies: " Hizr Hayrettin Pasha is already underway in the seas, he will not let the unbelievers breathe." Husrev Pasha interjects here and says: "If they have an alliance then their fleet will be larger than ours and their ships will be bigger as well, Pasha Hazretleri. Especially, the Venetian fleet will cause us some headaches." Lutfi says: "Husrev Pasha has a point, Hunkarim, we have not been able to overcome their forces (Venetians') on the waters up until now."  Suleyman agrees with them and says that it is necessary to take precautions...

    Meanwhile, somewhere outside in Manisa, Mustafa asks Yahya if he thinks Benito is telling the truth (if you all remember, in the last episode, Benito had approached Mustafa and told him he needed to tell him somethings about Gabriela). Yahya says he does not think the accusations are true, however, they will have to take what he said about Gabriela carefully (as in not discard it yet). Mustafa believes that something must have taken place between them, some animosity, for how could such close friends become such enemies all of a sudden (Gabriela and Benito). He says how do we know it is not false accusations? Yahya says that he will investigate. Mustafa says there is no need, as he himself will personally look into the matter.

    Meanwhile, Gabriela is walking through a corridor in Mustafa's Palace. She stops at an open door and looks inside and sees her sister Rumeysa/Lucrezia. She watches as Rumeysa looks after Nergis Shah. Gabriela enters the room, saying: "Lucrezia!" Rumeysa says: "What are you doing here?! Are you following me?!" Gabriela sits down and says: "Lucrezia! Do not be afraid, it is me, Gabriela Sfenza...from the De Feo family, just like you! You are my sister!" Rumeysa looks uncomfortable and quickly says: "I do not have a family...I do not have any sister..." Gabriela replies: "Years ago, Corsair pirates overtook a ship, killed my husband and kidnapped you...since that day I am searching for you, my sister! You weren't in the slave market. I looked everywhere! Lucrezia! My little angel!" Gabriela touches her sister's face, but Rumeysa turns away. Gabriela continues: "I can assure you, I am speaking the truth! You are from a wealthy family! A Genovese family! The De Feos!" Rumeysa eyes her with an annoyed look when Fidan enters the room and says: " Signora, are you still here?" Gabriela replies that she just wanted to see Nergis Shah, and says she will leave, but before she gets up, she whispers to her sister "I will take you away from here!" Fidan asks Rumeysa if something happened and what Gabriela wanted from her, but Rumeysa replies that it was nothing...

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan rushes into the room where Esmahan lies unconscious. She goes over to her and says: "My child..." Hatice asks the doctor to explain, and the doctor tells her that she has fell in the hamam and that they are awaiting her to wake up and that thank God, Mihrimah was there and send word on time. Shah says: "Mihrimah?" Mihrimah says: "She came to me, Sultanim, we were talking, afterwards her foot slipped suddenly."  Hatice says: "So you speak in the hamam now a days?"  Mihrimah is about to say something when Esmahan wakes up. Shah Sultan asks her if she is alright...

    Meanwhile, in Hurrem's room, Cihangir watches with anxiety as his mother is crying for Beyazid. There is a knock at the door and Sumbul enters. Hurrem asks him if he has any news and Sumbul says: "Sultanim, our Shehzadem first went to the Has Bahce (Main Gardens) and there he met with Hassan." Hurrem asks who Hasan is and Sumbul responds: "A student in Enderun (the Palace school). Our Shehzade likes him very much. He is also missing. It is likely they are together." Cihangir says: "Anne (mother)?" Hurrem says to Cihangir: "Aslanim, do not be sad...your brother will come." Cihangir says: "But, but I -" Hurrem interrupts him and tells Gulsum to take him inside. There is a knock and Mercan enters. Cihangir continues to look at his mother, Gulsum tries to get him to stand, which he does but he watches Mercan. Mercan says to Hurrem: "Sultanim, I found our Shehzade's clothes...they were hidden in the ders hane (classroom)." Cihangir suddenly shouts: "Anne!"  Hurrem says: "Cihangir! I told you to go inside!" Cihangir shouts: "Anne, I know where my brother is!" Hurrem surprised turns around to listen.

    Meanwhile, Shah speaks to her daughter. "Esmahan, are you alright, my daughter?" Esmahan says: "Validem, ben..." but then she coughs and they give her water. She speaks again: "My head is hurting a lot." Shah says: "The doctor is preparing some medicine for you, Esmahan. It will pass God Willing..." Hatice says: "You scared us all very much! How did this incident occur? They said you fell? Esmahan's eyes go towards Mihrimah, but then she looks back at her mother and says: "Everything happened in a single moment, Validem, I do not know how it happened..." She looks at Mihrimah again and then looks away and says: "Mihrimaha and I - we were speaking, then my foot slipped, and I fell." Hatice looks suspiciously at Mihrimah, while Mihrimah is relieved...

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is speaking to Cihangir, as everyone stands around. Hurrem says: "Tell me, aslanim, where is your brother?" Cihangir: "You won't be mad at him?" Hurrem gets angry: "Cihangir!' and Cihangir frowns...Hurrem collects herself, reaches her hand out to him, and says: "Fine...I won't be angry..." Cihangir says: "Promise?" Hurrem says: "I promise to you, Shehzadem, but now, say - where is Beyazid?" Cihangir (who looks soooo adorable!!!!!! <3) says: "He went to the Sefer (Campaign)." Hurrem mumbles to herself: "I should have guessed!" She turns to the others and says: "Bring my Shehzade to me, at once!" Mercan and Sumbul rush of...

    Meanwhile, Beyazid sees Selim walking by far away, and he watches from the corner trying not to be seen. The rude guy approaches from behind, startling him, and says: "Who are you hiding from like this?" Beyazid turns around and says: "Get away from me, or else!" The rude guy says: "Or else what? What will you do?!" Hassan motions for Beyazid to be careful not to give himself away. The rude guy meanwhile says: "Don't say things you are not big enough to say (literally, do not say words bigger than your height)."  Beyazid turns around and then suddenly turns back and punches the guy. the guy rushes over and throws Beyazid to the ground. The leader comes and sees what the boys are up to and separates them. The rude guy says that Beyazid started to bother him first, while Beyazid says no, that the rude guy started it. Suddenly, Selim arrives asking the sergeant in charge what is going on. Selim walks over and asks Beyazid to raise his head and recognizes him at once.

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan is in the corridor and tells Hatice that she did not like how Mihrimah was acting...and that she is hiding something...Hatice tells her that she heard Esmahan, it was an accident, but Hatice says this in a voice is as if she does not believe it either...Then Mercan arrives in the corridor. Shah asks him where he was this whole time how her daughter was fighting for her life and he was nowhere to be found and Mercan replies that he just heard and came to ask about her. Shah tells him that Esmahan is better, that they will be taking her back to Hatice's Palace...she asks Mercan where he was and  he tells her that Shehzade Beyazid is missing and that he was looking for him everywhere...Hatice asks what happened and Mercan replies that in order to join the Campaign he ran away from the Palace...he says that he has sent the Imperial guards to get him...Shah shakes her head...

    Meanwhile, Selim is pulling Beyazid aside and says angrily: "Are you crazy? How could you come here, do you not know our father, Hunkar will be furious!" Bayezid tells him not to interfere and Selim says "what do you mean, don't interfere!? Come with me hurry!" Beyazid says: "leave me alone!" and the sergeant who is watching says angrily: "Know your limits soldier! In front of you stands a Shehzade!! Forgive him, Shehzadem, I will give him his punishment at once!" Selim: "You don't interfere sergeant!" Selim turns back to Beyazid and says: "Come with me I said, or else!" Beyazid says: "Don't touch me! I will come on my own!" They walk away...

    In the Sultan's tent, Rustem is telling the Sultan that as the Sultan had ordered, he has sent word to Hadim Suleyman Pasha and "20,000 soldiers, more than 70 ships and galleons, and they are making their way towards India." Suleyman says: "It is apparent that, Hadim Suleyman Pasha is in India. We are in Karabogdan, and Hizr Hayrettin Pasha in Italy - so we are fighting on three separate fronts." Mehmet says: "This is a phenomenal strength, Hunkarim, everyone will see the overwhelming power of our nation" Husrev adds to this, saying: "The world will fall to it's knees in front of your will"  Suleyman says: "With the help of Cenab-i-Hakk (literally, the Majesty of Truth, referring to God). We are carrying the sword of Islam to spread the name of Allah. Our only wish is for our faces to be bright in front of the Lord of the Worlds...Malkocoglu what is the state of our soldiers?" Bali Bey: "Hunkarim, the soldiers have gathered, the army is ready. Whenever you wish, we may leave." Suleyman sits down and says: "Great."  

    Just then, Selim enters the tent, along with a young boy dressed in Janissary uniform with his head bowed. The young boy steps forward and the Sultan recognizes him immediately! Suleyman: "Beyazid?" Selim tells the Sultan that he has run away from the Palace and that he caught him fighting with a soldier. All the Pashas are looking at Beyazid with surprise - but most of all the Sultan is the most shocked!

    Meanwhile, Hurrem speaks to Cihangir. "If you had told me earlier, none of this would have happened..." Cihangir replies very sadly: "My brother is going to be very mad at me..." Hurrem puts her hand on his back and rubs it saying: "Cihangir, you did the right thing, perhaps you saved your brother's life!" She smiles at him and continues: "Outside there are many dangers...let us pray that momentarily they will bring him back to us, hmm?" She pets his head and tries to comfort him, when there is a knock on the door. Shah Sultan enters. Hurrem stands and greets her. Shah says: "Beyazid has escaped from the Palace, Hurrem...is this how you are watch over my Shehzade?" Hurrem replies: "It has been determined where he is...my Aslan is coming back." Shah says: "Pray that it happens... for if a single hair on my Shehzade has been harmed, no one will be able to answer!" Hurrem says: "Do not worry, Sultanim, whoever has been negligent will be punished." Shah says: "The actual negligent one is you, Hurrem...be certain that our Hunkar will not be pleased at all with this..."

    Meanwhile in the Sultan's tent, Suleyman is removing his helmet and then speaking to Beyazid. "How did you come here? Who helped you?" Beyazid, visibly shaken and perhaps crying even says: "No one Hunkarim, I came by myself." Suleyman: "Look at this condition!" Beyazid says: "I also want to be in this campaign, Hunkarim, I prepared in the best way possible for this - I am good at riding, the sword, archery...Bali Bey is here...ask him if you wish..."   

    Suleyman: "All of these virtues are natural for my Shehzade to have. But when they are not brought together with wisdom and intelligence, they are worthless! You say you want to join the campaign, but war is done with an army, and is run by generals. I ordered you to stay at the Pay-i-taht, and you disobeyed my order! What good is a soldier on the field who doesn't listen to orders?" Beyazid: "Do what you want with me Hunkarim, but don't order me to go back." Suleyman: "I am ordering you to go to the palace. You won't be taking part in any campaigns until you learn how to obey commands.... Malkocoglu, I want you to find a way to securely send him back to the palace. Also, I want you to find out who helped him and those who were negligent, and have their heads cut off!" Beyazid: "They weren't at fault! It is all my fault!" Suleyman: "You should've thought of that before!... Look at me... Look at me! You are a Shehzade, and every mistake you make has a consequence, don't ever forget this! You can leave now!" 

    Beyazid stays still, and Malkocoglu escorts him out. Mehmet: "Beyazid, how could you 'escape'? Didn't you think of our mother? She must be so worried right now." Beyazid walks away and Mehmet screams out his name. Rustem: "Shehzadem, let us not disturb him any further right now." Beyazid walks over to Hasan and says: "Run away from here Hasan, if you want to keep your head, don't ever come back to the palace. I order you..."

    Back at the palace, Cihangir says: "My mother promised that she would not punish you..." Beyazid: "Don't be sad. I am not upset with you. Selim saw me anyway, which is how I got caught..." Hurrem walks into the room and tells Gulsum to take Cihangir back to her room. Hurrem: "When will you grow up?" Beyazid: "It is my right to take part. If this happens again I will run away again. Give me any punishment you want." Hurrem: "Because of you your teacher and the Bostanci Basi will be executed. This doesn't make you sad at all??? ... My courageous son... Be aware that everybody knows about your wonderful virtues, but your roughness and stubbornness leaves all of that in the shadows! Sometimes it is better to pause and wait for things. You must learn to have patience, otherwise you will pay for it for the rest of your life! Until you learn, you will stop archery and sword lessons. This is my last warning to you..."

    Meanwhile in Esmahan's room, Shah Sultan asks her how she is feeling. Esmahan: "I am much better, Validem." Shah starts to feed Esmahan and tells her that she needs to be careful about her eating to get better quickly. She then tells her to what really happened in the hamam, and says she doesn't believe the story about her falling. Esmahan: "What else could it be?" Shah: "You tell me... I know that your relationship with her about the Bali Bey issue has soured. Tell me the truth, did Mihrimah do this to you?" Esmahan: "No... it was an accident... I just went there to talk to her, we are still friends, and things like this cannot ruin our friendship."

    In Mihrimah's room, Hurrem walks in. Mihrimah says she was going to see Beyazid and was wondering if he was being punished. Hurrem: "Because of his fault, two people will lose their lives. There can be no worse punishment... I am trying by best to make sure you are all raised in the best way, yet you all continually embarrassed me in front of Hunkarim... Tell me what really happened with Esmahan... Did you guys fight?" Mihrimah: "No. She came to apologize to me, and she said she wanted to be friends again, and I accepted her apology. I swear to you it was an accident, she fell by herself..." Hurrem: "I want you to be careful with her from now on. I don't want any incidents between you two... Now come with me, we are going to go wish them well, since she basically avoided death."
    Back in Hatice's palace, Shah Sultan says Esmahan repeated the same things, and it is obvious that Mihrimah has scared her. Nigar: "It must've been an accident. I could never imagine Mihrimah doing something like this." Shah: "Don't forget who raised her..." Hatice: "She prevented Esmahan from being with Bali Bey and when our Hunkar returns, she (Hurrem) will make sure to marry Bali Bey herself." Shah: "Don't worry. She will be too busy with her own problems... Hurrem will go, Hatice, and she will never come back again." Nigar: "How?? She has rooted herself so well here that only her casket will leave the palace." Shah: "That won't be necessary, but if that's what it takes, then why not?... Dead or alive, she will definitely leave."

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Mustafa visits Gabriella's home, and he starts talking to her about Benito, as he said he explained some things to him about her. Mustafa pushes her to the wall and asks her who she really is.

    In Mahidevran's room, she tells Fidan that something about Gabriella bothers her, and she is concerned about her closeness with Mustafa. Fidan: "After she left, she went to Nergis Shah Sultan's room, and when I got there she left quickly." Mahidevran questions Rumeysa, and she says: "She came to see our Sultana, and I asked her to leave." Mahidevran: "She has some other interests, but I don't know what they are..."

    Back in Gabriella's home, she says: "I swear I didn't have any bad intentions. I never wanted to hurt you." Mustafa: "So you were spying on me for my benefit?" Gabriella: "I am not a spy... I lost my sister; pirates have taken her captive. I have searched for her for years. Benito told me that she is still alive, and he told me if I helped him to secure some type of trade agreement with you, he would tell me her location... I forced him to speak, which is why he approach you about this matter." Mustafa: "Why should I believe you?" Gabriella: "My sister Lucrezia is still alive, she lives in your palace, her name is Rumeysa... She works for Mahidevran Sultan... I beg you, Shehzadem, please give me back my sister..." Mustafa: "You should have been open with me from the start, instead of lying to me." Gabriella: "I swear to you I never did anything to hurt you, and I never would... because... because I came to love you.... and very much!" Mustafa: "Like I said, if she is in my palace, she is part of my harem, and there is no way for her to leave... You should be grateful that I am sparing your life. Pack your things, and go back to your country as soon as possible."

    Meanwhile, Mahidevran asks Rumeysa what is wrong with her, as she seems to be thinking about other things. Rumeysa: "Forgive me... I am a bit tired, that is why..." Shehzade Mustafa enters the room and Rumeysa is told to leave. Mustafa asks her what her real name is, and she says "Lucrezia". Mustafa: "Where were you born? Where is your family?" Rumeysa: "I do not know, Shehzadem... Since I have known myself, I have lived in these lands." Mustafa: "You may leave..." Mahiveran: "What is going on, Mustafam?" Mustafa: "Nothing important... Validem, Gabriella is no longer allowed to come to the palace. If she ever tries, she should not be allowed into the harem under any circumstance... I will tell you the reason for this later... Good night."

    In Hatice Sultan's palace, Shah says: "Our Hunkar will have to end up deciding... This is the only way of getting ride of Hurrem." Hatice: "She will take every precaution." Shah: "We will see... Nigar, your role is important. You will be our arms and legs in the harem." An agha walks in and says Hurrem Sultan has arrived. Hurrem: "We came to visit Esmahan. I hope she is feeling better." Shah: "Yes she is. She is resting in her room... Thankfully Mihrimah was with her at the time. We owe her life to you, isn't that right?" Mihrimah: "I'll go and check on her..." Hatice: "You are so shameless! How dare you come here after the things you did to me??" Shah: "Hatice!! ... Hurrem, come and sit here... Nigar, you can leave now."

    In Esmahan's room, she asks why Mihrimah has arrived, and she responds that she came to visit her to wish her well. Mihrihah: "You look good... You were smart in hiding the matter. I am surprised. But it was all just an accident, right?" Esmahan: "Leave here..." Mihrimah: "I hope you learned your lesson. You should be careful how you speak to me." Esmahan: "Yes I stayed quiet, but I still stand behind what I told you in the hamam... you will never marry Bali Bey."

    In the living room of the palace, Hurrem says Mihrimah got very scared when Esmahan fell. Shah: "I can imagine... she has a sensitive nature, just like you!" Hurrem: "What do you mean??" Hatice: "It means you made her like you... She is clearly lying. I hope you don't expect us to believe that Esmahan just slipped." Hurrem: "You can say whatever you want to me, but be careful when you are speaking about the only daughter of our Hunkar." Hurrem and Mihrimah leave to go back to the palace.

    The next day, in Ebusuud Efendi's home, Hurrem is welcomed inside. She tells Ebusuud's wife that she has visited them to go and speak with the woman who is refusing to sell her home. She tells Ebusuud Efendi that she thought he was also taking part in the campaign. He says he was not feeling too well, and the Hunkar told him to stay and rest; and he also said that it is important to keep an eye on the judges. Hurrem: "If that is the case, then you rest. We will go with Zeynep hatun." Ebusuud: "As you wish... but the woman is definitely defiant, she will not sell her house." Hurrem: "I will try to talk to her, perhaps she may change her mind." Ebusuud: "As you wish, Sultanim..."

    Later, Hurrem is  visiting the woman's house, and she tells her she offered her twice and thrice the amount that her home is worth, and the woman says that money is not the issue, and that her home was left to her, and that she has so many memories here that it would be impossible to sell. Hurrem: "I, too have memories... and none of them are as lovely as your memories... I was 17 years old, they killed my mother, father and sister. I was taken from my family and my home and brought here as a slave (by the Tatars). As you have lived in the Avratpazari neighbourhood for so many years, you must have seen many women who were crying... I too was one of them, not knowing where I would wake up the next day. But they took me and brought me to the palace, and that morning I woke up with the sound of a snow-white pigeon. It was hurt, and all alone, just like me. I took it in my hands and kissed it, and prayed. I prayed that, just like that pigeon, I could fly away and go back home... But I wasn't aware that Allah accepted my prayers, as He made the palace my home. I was fortunate, as Allah blessed me with the love of our Hunkar, and the ability to be his Sultana..." 

    Hurrem: "Kevser hatun... I came here to gain your permission, as I want there to be smiling and happiness in this Avratpazari neighbourhood, which has seen so much sadness and crying. I want people to pray, I want those who are hungry to be fed. I want the homeless to have a home, I want kids to study in a school and for them to have a place to stay..." Kevser: "Sultanim... If I had known that you wanted this so badly, I would have never made you come all this way... You have received my heart, and my permission... My home is yours... May it lawfully be yours..." :'( [We cried here...]

    {PART 2}

    Meanwhile in the war tent, Ayaz Pasha reports on the movements of the soldiers, and says that the latest news of the traitor Raresh will arrive soon. 

    Rustem: "Also, there is no strength at Bogdan that can repel us... We can annex the entire territory." Lutfi: "I believe that this territory will not accept any foreign ruling powers, and they will give us quite a headache." Husrev: "Lutfi Pasha is right. We should bring Raresh down and appoint someone from Bogdan as their leader." Bali Bey enters the tent and announces that Raresh's brother Stephan has arrived. Stephan is allowed to enter the tent and the Sultan says to him: "When your brother Raresh is trying to flee from me, why are you here in front of me?" Stephan: "I came to offer myself as a servant to you, Sultanim."

    Back in the Vatican, the Pope says: "Finally, the children of Jesus have come together... Our large fleet will stop the Turks." Francis: "This is a dream. Nobody has been able to stop them until now." Charles: "If every nation gave enough money and ships, we will destroy the Turks." Pope: "You are right... Malta, what will your support be?" Malta: "We will give 10 galleys." Genoa: "We will be providing 1 galleon and 52 galleys against the Turks." Venice: "We will commit 10 galleons and 70 galleys under the banner of Christ." Charles: "We, alongside the Portuguese are committing 80 galleons with soldiers, cannons and everything necessary." Pope: "The Vatican, and the other principalities in Italy are giving 48 galleons, and 36 galleys." Charles: "Why is the French king not saying anything? How many ships are you committing to the crusader fleet?" Francis: "France will not be taking part in this adventure against the Turks, your holiness..." Charles: "Even without France, we have a fleet of 300 ships. But it is imperative for admiral Andrea Dorea to be at the head of the fleet." Venetian: "When the Venetians are here, a Genoese cannot be at the head of the fleet! Everybody knows our strength in the seas!" Charles: "My condition for this union is that my admiral will be leading the fleet!"

    In the war tent, Suleyman is speaking to Stephan and says: "Your brother has betrayed the door where he was fed from. Despite all my warnings, he did not pay his taxes." Husrev: "The list of Raresh's sins is inexhaustible. He also wanted to annex Poland, whom we have a peace treaty with." Bali Bey: "He also had Alvissa Gritti (who was loyal to the Ottomans) killed, and declared his betrayal to us." Suleyman: "Lutfi Pasha, what is the punishment for those who betray us?" Lutfi: "They will receive the most severe punishment... During the time of the father of conquest, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han, the fate of the traitor Vlad (the impaler) must be a lesson for all of your subjects." Suleyman: "Those who betray us will receive their punishments, and those who are loyal to us will receive their rewards. If indeed you show your loyalty to us, I will then replace your brother with you as the governor of Bogdan." Stephan: "I am always in your service, Hunkarim, with my soldiers who are loyal to me." Stephen then proceeds to kiss Suleyman's throne.

    Meanwhile at Egriboz, Barbarossa is planning with two of his Reis. Barbarossa: "With Allah's permission, all of the islands except Crete and a few other small islands are ours." Turgut Reis: "What is the state of the enemy fleet? We still haven't heard anything from them." Barbarossa: "It doesn't mean that they aren't there, Turgut Reis. They are preparing a large fleet." Sadi Reis: "They will arrive one of these days, soon." Turgut Reis: "I pray that they do... So that all of our preparations were not done in vain." Barbarossa: "Yes... we will turn the Mediterranean into a boiling pot, we will throw the enemy inside and look at them from above."

    Back at the palace, two hatuns are talking about a loan that one of them gave to the other one, when Sumbul scuttles into the room and tells them to get to their classes. Hatun: "Sumbul agha, when will our backlogged salaries be given to us? We are all penniless at this point!" Hatun #2: "It has been more than a month... how long will this last?" Sumbul: "Oh Allah! You are acting like we let you all starve! Nobody's money will be forgotten. You will all receive more than you are owed!" Hatun #3: "That's what you said the other day, agham!" We then see Hurrem walking with Afife hatun in the hallway, and Afife says that "As you know, there is a shortage of currency right now. We have not been able to pay people for weeks..." Hurrem: "I am looking into this matter. I will find a solution as soon as possible." Hurrem then hears the hatuns arguing with Sumbul and she draws closer to their room. Sumbul: "Don't you guys understand what I am saying??? The army is at war, and you are saying these things without being embarrassed at all! Do not get on my nerves!!! Have you guys become bandits?? Are you aware of how many hatuns there are outside who would die to be in your position?" Hurrem: "Sumbul agha, what is going on here??" Hatun #1: "Forgive me Sultana, we do not have money left in our pockets! We would never want to be disrespectful to you, we are just curious..." Hurrem: "Be patient for a few more days, you will receive what you deserve soon." The girls are thanking Hurrem and Hurrem then tells Sumbul to call Mercan agha...she smiles and leaves....

    Meanwhile, Shah, Hatice, Nigar and Mercan are talking in Hatice's palace...Mercan says: "I am executing your commands to the letter, Sultanim. The pot has started to boil in the harem." Shah: "Good. Hurrem will lose her power bit by bit everyday. As she loses, we will gain..." Nigar: "Nobody is happy with the situation. But Hurrem Sultan will definitely quiet them down in some way." Shah: "She may very well do that, but she cannot prevent the fire from burning. If we keep throwing wood under the fire, it will keep growing."

    In the next scene, Seker agha is trying to negotiate for some supplies for the palace kitchen and complains that the merchant is charging too much money. He then walks towards where a crowd is gathered, and sees Sheikh (preacher) Mashuki from Aksaray  giving a speech: 

    "Humanity is quite ancient. As long as a person remains true to themselves, then nothing is forbidden for them. Oh people! Do not take heed to those scholars in the divan who make legal judgements. They tell us not to do this or that, that this is forbidden, etc, yet they do not know that our Lord almighty has allowed us to do whatever we want to do. In actuality, whatever the Shariah forbids us from doing is incorrect, as we are allowed to do whatever we want to do. Additionally, do whatever you are able to do, eat, drink, sleep, these are all a form of worship. Fasting, giving charitable alms, making the hajj pilgrimage were all sent to Yazid as a penalty. I say that none of these are true forms of worship for a true Muslim believer. I say that it is sufficient for a true Muslim to pray the prayers during the two religious festivals of the year (bayram). I say it is sufficient for them to see us and our Lord in prostration."

    A man in the crowd asks if their regular daily prayers are in vain, and Mashuki responds:
    "I cannot speak to that. But I can say that nobody can question the heart of the one who holds Allah near to it (i.e. the one who is constantly worshiping Allah). It is obvious that ibadah (the forms of worship he was describing above) are for lowly people. They have come to keep people busy."
    The scene then focuses on Ebu Suud Efendi, who looks quite perturbed. 

    [Note from the translator: As a note to those who may not be familiar with these concepts, the vast majority of Muslims throughout the generations have believed, and continue to believe in the five pillars of Islam as the mandatory forms of worship and obedience to God: Attesting to His Oneness, praying, giving charity, fasting, and doing the hajj pilgrimage (if they have the means). These forms of worship are clearly cited in the Qur'an. The opinions that Mashuki is preaching in this episode would be considered blasphemy, not just by Muslims today, but also from Muslims back then. Suleyman was a very ardent follower of the laws in the Qur'an, as is evident with his strong association with Ebu Suud Efendi, so this gives you bit of background on why this would be so offensive to a judge who is so well versed in Islamic law and doctrine. Lastly, I would like to point out that Mashuki's opinions that are stated in this episode are quite unorthodox and controversial.]

    Back in Hurrem's room, she is wondering where Mercan agha is. Fahriye says she can call him if she wishes, when suddenly Mercan agha walks into the room. Hurrem: "Where were you? The harem is about to collapse, and you are nowhere to be seen." Mercan: "Forgive me, I was busy with some tasks." Hurrem: "The money owed to the cariye's has still not been paid. When will we receive our allotment of money (from the budget)?" Mercan: "I consulted with Mustafa Pasha about this issue. Unfortunately due to the shortage of currency due to the campaign being waged, we are not sure when the allotment will come... We have no choice but to wait for it to arrive. Or..." Hurrem: "I cannot pay from my pocket, as all my money is being spent on the construction projects." Mercan: "I am aware, Sultanim. I was thinking that you could get a loan from the Jewish merchants." Hurrem: "I understand... you may leave now..." After he leaves, Sumbul says: "You would know best, but I don't think there is a need for that." Hurrem: "You saw the hatuns... they cannot wait another 1-2 months. We wouldn't want a riot, would we? I don't want to give our enemies an opportunity to attack me." Fahriye: "Who would dare? We will silence all of them!"

    We are back in the marketplace in the next scene, and several men are discussing their confusion about the speech they just heard. "This man is insane! He is an unbeliever! He goal is to spread dissension among the people." We then see Ebu Suud approaching Mashuki, and he says: "You have made some large claims, son. Are you not afraid of sinning, or causing dissension among the public?" Mashuki: "I say the truth. Who are you?" Ebu Suud introduces himself and Mashuki bows from respect, and says his father spoke highly of Ebu Suud. Ebu Suud: "I have a lot of respect for your father, Pir Ali. I also heard your speech, and the things you say do not fit into religion, or into logic. It is clear that you are inexperienced. If you keep talking like this, your end will not be very good... Allah forbid, your breath might be cut short (i.e. die)." Mashuki: "If my breath will be cut short from speaking, let it be so. I won't stop saying what I know to be true."

    Meanwhile in the palace, Shah Sultan sees Hurrem in the corridor and says she was coming to see her. Shah: "I heard the harem was starting to become troubled." Hurrem: "Do not worry, I am handling it..." Shah: "These things happen during wartime, let me know the amount and I will pay it." Hurrem: "I am handling it." Shah: "Are you sure? In the end this is our Hunkar's harem. I wouldn't want its reputation to be tarnished." Hurrem: "Be at ease. I have thought about everything."

    In the war tent, Suleyman is chastising the head architect: "How many bridges have collapsed already??? How long will we keep the army here?" Architect: "You are correct, Hunkarim.. but the bottom of the river is a swamp, and our constructions cannot handle the speed of the water. Building a suitable bridge will take a long time. If everything goes well, it will take at least a month." Lutfi: "We do not have that much time. We need to cross it before the rain starts." Matrakci: "The Prut river is quite wild, it is difficult to handle. But there is someone who is very capable. Perhaps he may find a solution to this." Lutfi: "Good idea! Hunkarim, he had quickly built three ships during the Acem war, and it is due to his efforts that we were able to cross the Van sea. Ibrahim Pasha had him appointed as a haseki (bodyguard). If you wish, we can give him this task." Suleyman: "Who is he? Can he build bridges?"
    The next scene cuts to Mimar Sinan, Lutfi Pasha and Matrakci. Sinan says he was working on plans for the bridge to submit to the head architect. They say that they were just coming to speak to him about the bridge. Sinan says if they wish he can explain the concept to them, but Lutfi says  that he will explain it to the Hunkar. Matrakci: "We spoke highly of you. Do not let us down..." 

    Mimar Sinan is brought to the tent, and he bows in respect. Lutfi: "He was already working on plans for the bridge. He says he can have it done within a week." Sinan: "10-15 days... we have to consider the weather conditions as well...... Forgive me Hunkarim..." Suleyman: "The head architect said it would take at least a month. How can you be so sure of yourself?" Sinan then proceeds to demonstrate the concept to him. "The speed of the river is very fast, so we must secure the ropes at the ends very tightly. Then we have to put the logs deep into the ground floor. Then after we tie the ropes, we can tie down the rafts together securely with the ropes. In this way, even if you were to pass the Kaff mountain over this bridge, it would still be secure! We can cross over in peace." Architect: "You forgot about the speed of the water. It is quite fast!" Sinan: "Yes, you are right. If we were to expand the width of the river, we can decrease the speed of the water, and we can cross over comfortably to the other side, Hunkarim..." Suleyman: "What is your name?" Sinan: "Sinan... from Kayseri." Suleyman: "You have 10 days, Sinan. If you are able to get the army to cross over to the other side, then ask of me whatever goes through your heart. Otherwise, I will have your head, Sinan."

    Back at the palace, Fahriye escorts Rakel hatun to see Hurrem Sultan. Rakem: "Forgive me, I was at Genoa for some time. I pray for your health, Sultana... Sumbul agha has informed me of the situation. We are here to help in these types of times, Sultanim..." Hurrem: "We need 50,000 gold. Once our allotment arrives, you will receive more than you gave." Rakel: "As you wish, Sultanim. But the amount is quite large, please give me a few days to secure it for you."

    Nigar is walking in one of the harem corridors by the stairs when she comes across Rakel Hatun. They greet each other and Rakel says she heard that she has married a Pasha and congratulates her and says she is a lucky woman. Nigar tells her to come with her that the "sultana" is waiting and when Rakel remarks that she has already just come from there, Nigar corrects her saying, not Hurrem Sultan, but Shah Sultan is waiting for you, and Rakel follows her...

    Later, Rakel and Nigar have arrived to Hatice Sultan's Palace and meet with Shah. Rakel greets Shah and tells her it is an honour to meet her. Shah says: "I have heard your name quite a bit, Rakel hatun, in my mother's time, you would come and go in the harem..." Then Rakel says that the Sultanas have honoured her...and Shah replies: "Especially, Hurrem Sultan...is that not right, I know?" Rakel mumbles that it is just regular business and Shah asks directly: "How much has she asked from you?" Rakel taken aback, is quiet, and then Nigar tells her to answer the question. Rakel answers that Hurrem has asked for 50,000 gold. Shah Sultan asks when the gold will be deliverd and Rakel answers that in a few days, but then she asks Shah to forgive her curiosty, but why is she asking these questions and Shah says that she will tell her...

    Meanwhile, in the harem hall where the cariye's stay, Fahriye walks in and tells the cariyes to gather around and they hesitate and she gets angry and tells them to do it. They gather around and ask what is going on and  make comments: "What is going on, Fahriye Hatun? Are you giving us our money?" and another one says: "Where are those days..." Fahriye tells them to behave and then she tells them that Hurrem Sultan has arranged for their allowances plus some extra for them, and the girls are so happy. They praise Hurrem and Hurrem watches, pleased, from above. 

    Meanwhile, somewhere outside in Manisa, Mustafa and Yahya are taking a walk and conversing. Yahya says that the army is stationed at the Prut River...today or tomorrow Raresh's head will be taken, and Mustafa replies that Raresh is nothing, and that he believes that they lured the Sultan their on purpose. Yahya says that the Sultan has taken precautions, and Hizr Hayrettin Pasha has docked around Egriboz Island. Mustafa says that they should keep one eye on the Pay-i-taht, in case of any attacks there and that the army should be ready in such a situation if it arises...Just then, Gabriela's carriage approaches. Yahya motions for them to come over, and Gabriela steps out. She walks over to Mustafa and greets him, then Yahya asks her why she is still here, and she says she has sent word over and over to him (Mustafa) and then she starts pleading for his help...she tells him that he must have found out now that she is telling the truth about Rumeysa being her sister. She begs him to help her and she says he has every right to be angry at her, but if he could just try to understand her - she implores him that he also has siblings, and how would he feel if one of them was taken away...She says she does not want to lose her sister again...

    Meanwhile, Fidan enters Mustafa's main harem and asks for Rumeysa and tells her to walk ahead of her...

    Meanwhile, Mahidevran is speaking to Mustafa and says that it was obvious Gabriela was hiding something...Mustafa says that today they met and that she wants her sister returned to her. Mahidevran says that this is impossible. She says: "She is now a part of your harem." 

    Meanwhile, Fidan enters a room where Gabriela is waiting and leaves Rumeysa to talk to her. Gabriela says: "Lucrezia, my sister!"Rumeysa says: "I do not know you. How do I know you are my sister?" Gabriela shows her  a birthmark on her arm and says: "You have one too, is that not right?" She lifts Rumeysa's sleeve  and sees the mark, and Rumeysa pulls her sleeve back down. Gabriela touches her sister's face and says: "Lucrezia, my beautiful angel. Finally, I was able to find you! From this point on, no one will come between us. I am going to take from you here. Don't be afraid! Our Shehzade knows of this - you will come with me. From this point on wards, you will live a free and wealthy life." Rumeysa looks troubled...

    Back in Mahidevran's room, Mustafa is speaking to his mother: "I left the decision up to Rumeysa. If she wants I will free her and she will go with her...Mustafa says: "What was the need for this Mustafa? How can you give this kind of right to a cariye (slave). If this gets to the other cariye's ears, how will we put everyone/everything in order after that?" Mustafa replies that he saw it fit this way. Mahidevran looks troubled, when there is a knock at the door. Fidan and Rumeysa enter. Rumeysa bows and then walks forward. Mahidevran says: "It is apparent you have come to say goodbye..." Rumeysa says: "I am indebted to you, my Shehzade, you have honoured me..." Mustafa says: "May your way be open, hatun." Rumeysa pauses then says: "My Shehzade, if you give your permission, I would like to stay here with you." Mahidevran says: "Now what does this mean? You do not want to go?" Rumeysa shakes her head. Mustafa says: "Or did Gabriela not inform you that I left the decision up to you?" Rumeysa replies: "She did tell me, but-" Mustafa interrupts: "But what, Hatun? You will be free! you will have a home and family! On top of that a wealthy and famous family.." Rumeysa says: "My home is here, Shehzadem, my family is you! I have no complaints, I am happy being with you." Then she falls at Mustafa's feet, kissing his cloak and cries: "Please, do not send me away!"  Mustafa and Mahidevran are shocked by her behaviour. 

    Meanwhile, by the Prut River, the Sultan's men stand around and wait and then the Sultan arrives on his horse with his guards behind him. He dismounts and all bow to him. They watch down below as the army is standing on the bridge, and Lutfi tells the Sultan that they are awaiting the Sultan's order to cross. Suleyman asks for Haseki (in this case, meaning bodyguard) Sinan and Sinan steps forward and bows. The Sultan asks if he has done what he had said and if the army will not fall into the water. Matrakci then says that he (Sinan) has done a great job and that it is as stable as the ground. Sinan smiles and so does the Sultan, who turns to Sinan and then says that he may ask for what he wants. Sinan replies that other than the Sultan's favour and the chance to serve him, what else would he want? The Sultan is pleased and says he will indeed be rewarded, and entrusts Lutfi Pasha with the task of rewarding him. Then, he tells Lutfi Pasha and Malkocoglu to prepare as they will be crossing...everyone around is pleased with Sinan and his work...

    Meanwhile, somewhere on the Italian coast. Barbarossa is in his cabin on the ship poring over one of his maps, when one of his men,  Turgut Reis, arrives to tell him that there is bad news, that the Crusader fleet has left from Preveza coast. Barbarossa replies that "finally, they are gracing us with their presence. Who else is there?" Turgut Reis: "Andrea Doria, the head of the Crusader fleet." Barbarossa says: "This is good news. At least we know the habits of our enemy. You get the preparations ready and move ahead with 20 galleys to scout and we will follow behind you." Also, let our Hunkar know of the situation...

    Meanwhile, on one of the Crusader ships, Andrea Dora is speaking to his advisor: "For certain Barbarossa will come to save Preveza." The advisor says: "Andira Dora, we must get the Turks out in the open seas, it is impossible for them to fight our massive fleet." Andrea says: 'No no, we will squeeze them at the Preveza coast." If they come to the coast, they will for sure not leave."  Andrea tells him not to worry and the advisor says that they should be wary of the wind and Andrea says do not worry about the winds, as I say, it will happen...let us see Barbarossa come...the whole of Blacksea will be full of Crusader flags...

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is reading in her room when Sumbul enters and informs her that Rakel hatun has sent word that the gold is ready. Hurrem tells Sumbul to go at once and deliver it safely.

    In Hatice's Palace, Shah Sultan is waiting impatiently, when Nigar arrives. "Finally you have come" she says and asks if there is word from Rakel hatun, and Nigar says that there is, and that she will be delivering the gold today. 

    Meanwhile, Sumbul arrives at Rakel's villa and thanks Rakel on Hurrem's behalf. Rakel says she is honoured to serve her. Sumbul leaves, and when he does, Rakel prays to God to save her as she is stuck between two fires. 

    Meanwhile, in the harem, the cariyes are looking at a paper and giggling. A cariye watches from the outside and goes to tell Mihrimah. She says "There is something you must know, Sultanim. The cariyes found a letter and it is being passed between there hands...and this letter is written from Bali Bey to you." Mihrimah tells her she may leave, and then rushes over to her drawer, but finds that a letter is missing.

    In the harem, the cariyes are laughing and one of them grabs the letter and starts to read it out loud in a dramatic voice. "Sultanim! Be assured that I do not want to make you sad or upset, this is why I was quiet - but I see that this quiet is becoming a reason for your misunderstanding of me. I do not know who wrote you that letter, but whatever was written in there, is the truth - I am a loyal and faithful soldier of our Hunkar. My life has been spent this way, and will always go on this way. I would never dream of anything else, and even if I did, it would be impossible. Forgive me, Malkocogulu Bali Bey!" Then the girl notices that Mihrimah is watching. Mihrimah enters and says who gave it to you! The cariye says that she has seen it for the first time, someone had placed it on her bed. Mihrimah mumbles...Esmahan!...

    Meanwhile on a road somewhere in Istanbul, bandits ambush a carriage. Inside, Sumbul hears horses and noise and wonders what is going on. A bandit opens the curtain and Sumbul holds out his dagger, but the bandit looks into the chest of coins....Sumbul prays fervently.....

    Meanwhile, Hurrem wonders why Sumbul is taking so long...Fahriye says what could have happened? 

    Later, Sumbul has entered the harem and is mumbling to himself what he should do! What will he say to his Sultana? Then, some cariyes arrive and ask him what happened to their allowances, that Fahriye had told them they would get it today. Sumbul scolds them and tells them to leave him alone! 

    Meanwhile, Hurrem tells Fahriye to go check and see what has happened, when suddenly, Sumbul enters. "Felaket! Felaket! Disaster! Disaster!" he shouts. "I swear by God, I am not at fault, they just came in front of us, by great difficulty I saved my own life!" Hurrem says: "Where is the gold?" Sumbul is shaking and cannot speak and Hurrem says: "Speak, man! What happened?!" Sumbul tells her that bandits took it...they took everything....Hurrem is so angry she shakes...

    The cariye who read out Mihrimah's letter goes and says to the rest of the cariyes that it is obvious they will not get their allowances again. Everyone asks what is happening, and a great commotion sparks up...Afife asks what is going on and they all start up and no matter what she threatens them with (falaka/lashing) they do not quiet until Mercan announces Shah Sultan. Shah enters and says: "Afife hatun..." Meanwhile, Fahriye watches from upstairs balcony...

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is yelling at Sumbul: "So many men, so many guardians! How is it possible that you all could not protect the gold?!" Sumbul says with his eyes lowered: "Sultanim, I swear I do not have fault in this! How did they know about our coming on that path, they were very strong or else.." Hurrem: "Silence!!" She scolds him for his incompetence, and he stands with his head lowered, thoroughly embarrassed and anxious. Fahriye suddenly appears and Hurrem turns to her and says: "What did I tell you, Fahriye? To call Mustafa Pasha to me!"  Fahriye says: "Shah Sultan has arrived, I wanted to tell you about that...she is downstairs..." 

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan is handing out little bags of gold to the cariyes...The cariyes are pleased and praising her and praying for her. Then one of them also sees Hurrem watching from above and bows to her. Shah notices and turns with a smile on her face up at Hurrem who is looking down furiously at her....

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      Thank you for posting the additional note regarding the five pillars of Islam and pointing out that the views of Mashuki in this episode is incorrect and against Islam.

      This helps our fellow viewers to understand the beautiful religion of Islam correctly.

      I would also like to thank you so much for the translations, I really enjoy this series. Without your translations, I would have been lost in understanding the dialogues. You have done an amazing job. Thank you



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