• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 92 Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    {A special thanks to Sylvia for the beautiful collages <3}

     In the first scene, we see Hurrem astonished and staring at Mihrimah. Bali Bey's eyes grow wide with shock! Mihrimah lowers her head: "Validem, give me permission, let me tell you." Hurrem: "Return to the palace at once! Mihrimah!" Mihrimah bows then goes, leaving Hurrem and Bali Bey. Hurrem: "Give me an explanation at once! What is this situation??" Bali Bey tries to find words to speak...

    Meanwhile, in Hatice Sultan's Palace, Hatice is angry with Shah and Gulfem. "Shame on you/what a pity! You have all gotten together and are thinking about getting me married!"  Gulfem pleads with her: "Sultanim, what is our crime in this? It is the Hunkar's decision!" Hatice replies trying to contain her anger: "If that is the case, go to our Hunkar, and tell him I will definitely NOT marry Husreve Pasha!" Shah wearily says: "Hatice..." Hatice shouts at her, without letting her speak: "What did I say to you?! What did I say?! If you force me, I assure you - you will not be coming to my wedding - but to my funeral!"

    Back in the Marble Palace, Bali Bey says to Hurrem: "Mihrimah Sultan wanted to speak to me about a particular matter. And as soon as I got word, I came right away." Hurrem: "It is obvious it was particular/personal - meeting secretly this way." Bali Bey: "Sultanim..." Hurrem says: "I thought you were the Sultan's bodyguard, Bali Bey! While you should be like a shadow around our Hunkar, I am seeing you around our Sultanas." Bali Bey: "Be certain that this is not the truth." Hurrem laughs nervously: "Bali Bey then tell me what is the truth? Are they walking around you? Is this how you will accuse our Sultanas?" Bali Bey: "Never! I..." Hurrem interrupts him: "Malkocoglu be careful. You are making mistake after mistake. I know how you (looked out for) helped our Sultanas in the matter of the treasure. Afterwards, the bad gossip about Esmahan came out...now I see you with my daughter...God Willing all this is not a secret alliance (for a plot)." Bali Bey: " I would never have any alliances with anyone...with anyone...I am only serving our mighty Hunkar."

    In Mustafa's camp, Rustem tells Mustafa: "Shehzade Mustafa, you can be certain of what will happen  once the "honey jar" reaches the Pay-i-taht, right?" [note: "the honey jar" is the large container which has the severed head of an executed person as proof of execution sent to the Sultan. The head is put in a jar filled with honey to preserve it.] Mustafa replies to Rustem: "You be calm - I will explain to our Hunkar the situation -" Rustem: "Forgive me, but, our Hunkar will see this ignoring of his order as treason, and no treason can have any explanation." Mustafa replies: "Since it is treason - then in that case everybody's head will roll...is that not right?" Rustem: "This Rustem, slave of yours, what worth does it have beside your life? May my life be sacrificed for you! I am actually worried for your sake - so many times I tried to give you my advice - but" Mustafa: "In that case, pray Rustem! Pray that our Hunkar should congratulate you on your great efforts! Now return to Diyarbakir at once and continue your duties there." Rustem: "As you command, Shehzadem..." and he leaves. Mustafa: "Start preparations at once Taslicali! The time to go has come." Yahya: "Shehzadem, give me permission to go to the Pay-i-Taht alone..." Mustafa: "It is necessary for me to personally speak to our Hunkar." Yahya: "Shehzadem, no...Rustem Pasha has a point - for your future and safety, we must think of every possibility!" Mustafa: "What are you saying Taslicali!? What "safety"? Who are you trying to protect me from? My own father?!" Yahya: "No! Shehzadem.. this is a chance for our enemies..they could even prevent the Sultan from even listening to you!" Mustafa walks away.

    Meanwhile, Rustem talks to a servant of his. The servant says: "Pasha Hazretleri,  as you wished, I sent word to our Hunkar and Hurrem Sultan." Rustem: "Great! Pack up at once, we are going to Diyarbakir" Servant: Has any word come about Malkocoglu as of yet?" Servant: "No, my Pasha."

    Meanwhile in Istanbul, Matrakci and Bali Bey are walking in the main gardens. Matrakci asks: "Were you able to speak to Mihrimah Sultan?" Bali Bey: "I do not know - the moment I was about to speak - our Sultana arrived...it is obvious someone had a hand in this." Matrakci: "This has become bad, my Bey, Hurrem Sultan will definitely inform the Sultan of the situation." Bali Bey: "I try to save myself, but everything gets worse, Nasuh Effendi - what should I say to our Hunkar now?" Suddenly, the Sultan's guard arrives and informs Bali Bey that the Sultan has called for him at once. Matrakci: "The Sultan loves you, he will listen to you, only don't forget that the Sultan loves Mihrimah Sultan more..."

    Meanwhile, Esmahan is with Mihrimah in Mihrimah's room. Esmahan says: "You mean you let yourself get caught?!" Mihrimah: "Why did you do this then? You did not only get him in trouble and possible punishment, you have burned yourself!" Mihrimah: "What punishment, Esmahan? I have actually done something good for the both of us. Otherwise, Malkocoglu would have gotten away from me..." Esmahan: "That's all fine but, you put his life in the fire - if Hurrem Sultan tells the Sultan about what she saw?" Mihrimah: " That is what I wanted, anyway...God Willing she tells him...Bali Bey will have nothing left to be afraid of then...and...if i am there to help him...no one can harm him!" There is a knock on the door and Hurrem enters. Esmahan leaves after Hurrem asks to be alone with her daughter.

    Meanwhile, Bali Bey enters the Sultan's room. Suleyman: "Where are you Malkocoglu? For how long I am asking where you are - where have you been?" Bali Bey: "i was in the Main Garden with Nasuh Effendi...is there a problem?" Suleyman: "How come there is still no news from Mustafa? He should have already taken Ramazanoglu's head and sent it by now." Bali Bey: "He must be waiting for the neighbouring Sanjak's to meet up with him, Hunkarim. God Willing we will soon get news..." Suleyman says: "The safety of my Shehzade is crucial Malkocoglu. No harm should befall him." Bali Bey: "Hunkarim, Shehzade Hazretleri is a good soldier, with Allah's permission, he will stop this treason, and he will prove once again, to be a worthy son to you."

    Meanwhile, Hurrem is talking to Mihrimah in Mihrima's room. "Mihrimah, I warned you before - but my words went from one ear through and out the other that - I find you in the Marble Palace. Fine, you do not believe in your own honour, but how can you be careless about our Hunkar's honour?!" Mihrimah: "Validem, it is not as you think...only -" Hurrem: "Bali Bey said you called him - is this right?" Mihrimah: "Yes, I called him, because he sent word to me...he wished to see me he said..." Hurrem: "What does this mean?" Mihrimah: "He called me to talk to me about the gossip thing with Esmahan..." Hurrem: "Mihrimah...I remember when you used to walk around saying you would marry Bali Bey...now you are coming in front of me, blaming Bali Bey..." Mihrimah :"No, never! we were only talking...we did not do anything...and we won't.." Hurrem: "From this point on you will not leave the harem...Bali Bey doesn't exist anymore. Forget! You will not meet him again!" Mihrimah: " You had promised me!" Hurrem: "What promise are you talking about?" Hurrem recalls Mihrimah when she was little and Hurrem was saying to her: "As a mother I promise you...whoever you will love, whoever your heart will beat for - that is the person you will marry one day!" Mihrimah as a child says: "Promise?" and Hurrem said: "Promise!" Hurrem: "So you want to get married...that is why you wanted me to catch you..."

    Meanwhile in the Sultan's room. Gulfem enters while the Sultan is going over some papers. Gulfem informs him that Hatice has said she does not want this marriage. Suleyman says that whether she wants or not, this marriage will take place, and when Gulfem tries again to tell him, he tells her she may leave, so she does.

    Later that night, Hatice is in the hamam....she is thinking about Ibrahim's words that he told her when he gave her the ring she wears: " Ibrahim: "According to the legend, this stone was made from the tear drops of two loves who loved each other very much, but were never able to come together. Whoever carries this ring on their hand will feel the heartbeats of those lovers."" Hatice tells the cariyes to leave her alone and when they object, she gives them a look and they leave.

    Meanwhile, Lutfi is talking to Shah Sultan in the sitting area. He says: "By God, there could not have been a better groom found for Hatice Sultan than Husrev Pasha." Shah replies: "Despite that, Hatice is not of the same thinking...our Hunkar himself is thinking of this in order for her to be exiled to Rumeli." Lutfi says: "That is impossible Sultanim, becuase our Hunkar has appointed Husrev as Kubbe Vizier."  Shah Sultan: "When did this happen? How come I did not know of it?" Lutfi: "Today as I was leaving the Palace, I came across Bali Bey, he told me...tomorrow the decision will be announced in the Divan. Thank God, our Hunkar has listened to my advice once again."  Shah: "In that case we must get Hatice and Husrev Pasha together." Lutfi: "God Willing." Shah: "This marriage will be good for all of us..." Ltufi is smiling widely when the cariye arrives and tells Shah that Hatice wished to be alone. Shah gets angry and says how many times did I tell you not to leave her alone. She rushes, expecting to find that Hatice has harmed herself somehow... but finds Hatice sitting peacefully. Hatice says: 'What happened? What is this agitation?" Shah: "I got some good news, and I thought I should tell you..." Hatice: "Hurrem died?" Shah: "Don't say crazy things Hatice! This state of yours is scaring me!" Hatice simply smiles...then she says: "Don't be afraid!" Shah says: "You had thought the Sultan was marrying you off in order to exile you...but that is not the case. He has appointed Husrev Pasha into the Divan." Hatice laughs then says: "How lovely! In that case you can get ready for the wedding!" Then Hatice starts laughing hysterically...Shah understands Hatice was being sarcastic and sighs...

    Meanwhile, Hurrem and Suleyman are having their evening meal together. Hurrem tells him about Beyazid and that he is learning his lesson, and that he is only angry because he does so well at everything, he wishes to have recognition...Suleyman is staring into space...Hurrem says: "Suleyman? What is wrong? it is like you do not even hear me?" The Sultan says: "There is no word from Mustafa yet." Hurrem: "May Allah protect him - but if something bad happened wouldn't you have heard about it already? And do not worry - Rustem Pasha is with him, he will protect and save our Shehzade from every angle."   Suleyman: "God Willing." Hurrem asks: "Have you made a decision about Hatice Sultan? Who will she marry?" Suleyman: "I am going to marry her to Husrev Pasha." Hurrem: "In that case, she will go to Rumeli?" Suleyman: "No, I will let her live in a Palace here... because I have appointed Husrev Pasha as Kubbe Vizier."

    Suleyman: "Husrev Pasha is a courageous servant of mine." Hurrem: "I thought Rustem would be entering into the Divan, but perhaps this way is better. Oh and when is the wedding going to take place, because we need to get started on the preparations." Suleyman: "We will do the preparations before we leave for our campaign in the fall. It is going to be a quick wedding anyway, as Hatice does not approving of it. But this is the only way for her to get better." Hurrem: "Yes you're correct, but we still have to get her approval, she is still sensitive and Allah forbid  she may try to take her own life... I think the wedding should happen after you return from the campaign, and Hatice will have gotten used to this idea by that time. 

    In the next scene, we see Mihrimah speaking with an agha and she asks him to describe what has happened. She asks him where Bali Bey is and he says he has left the palace quite some time ago and she asks him if he was being followed as she wants to know where he goes and who he meets with.

    Back in the meyhane, Bali Bey asks Elena what wedding she is talking about and she says: "I've been waiting for you for such a long time, for so many years! Nobody is able to get near me because they are afraid of you!" Bali Bey: "Since you are complaining so much, then I'll leave you alone." Elena: "No, I am happy, as long as you are with me. But I'm so scared that one day you will get married to someone else..." We then see that an agha is listening to them through the crack in the door.

    Back in the divan, the Sultan says "Everybody should know that my Rumelia governor-general Rusrev Pasha is my Kubbe Vizier from now on." Husrev then kisses the thobe of the Sultan and says "May Allah keep you at the head of the armies of Islam, Hunkarim."

    An agha announces the arrival of Mustafa Pasha, who brings news from Rustem Pasha. According to Rustem, despite his many warnings, Shehzade Mustafa has forgiven Ramazanoglu Piri Pasha, and he has disobeyed orders and has executed Iskender Bey.

    In the next scene, Sumbul agha enters Hurrem's room with a letter from Rustem. Sumbul explains that Mustafa has committed treason by disobeying orders and executing an innocent Bey. Hurrem: "How can this be, are you sure?"

    Back in the divan again, Lutfi Pasha tells the Sultan that Mustafa must have a completely justifiable explanation for his actions. Suleyman: "There is only one explanation for not listening to my orders: Treason!" Barbarossa: "You know how loyal the Shehzade is to you, Hunkarim. He may have made a mistake, but he definitely would never commit treason." Suleyman: "If you inspect the army with the Shehzade, this is what will happen, Barbarossa! Clearly he received confidence from you being there!" Barbarossa: "We cannot know exactly his reasons without speaking to him, but if I am at fault, I am ready to pay the price..." Suleyman: "You may leave now..."

    We see Mihrimah speaking with Cihangir and she asks him if their mother said anything about her. Cihangir: "No... I didn't hear anything." (He is soooo cute!!!) An agha enters the room and he reports that Bali Bey goes to the meyhane at night, and he has been for years, and he also sees a woman there named Elena.
    Shah Sultan enters Esmahan's room and notices that she is happy. Shah: "Tell me the things that are going through your heart. You're not a little girl anymore, we can speak about certain things now... If not today, tomorrow you will be getting married... and who that is is clear, I spoke to Bali Bey..." Lutfi enters the room, and Esmahan seeks permission to leave for her class. After she leaves, Lutfi describes the situation with Mustafa to Shah, he says he doesn't know too many details of what happened, but the Hunkar has ordered for Mustafa to come to Istanbul. Shah: "As Hurrem flies around his head like a vulcher, how can he make such a big mistake at this time?" Lutfi: "That traitor Rustem was with him. Clearly he has something to do with this."

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Mahidevran is speaking with Gabriela, and Gabriela asks where Mustafa is and when he will be back. Mahidevran: "Why are you asking?" Gabriela: "I was just curious...I hope he is doing well." Mahidevran: "Why are you still here (in Manisa), I thought you had a son at Sakiz island?" Gabriela: "Yes I went and saw him, but I have lots of business here, and I thought I would come and see you as well." Mahidevran: "I am going to speak openly with you. There is no need to kid each other any longer. It is obvious that you have some fantasies about my Shehzade. There is no way for anything like this to happen between you two." Gabriela: "Please be assured that I don't have any dreams like that, Sultanim. If I did, then he definitely would not upset me." Mahidevran: "Is that why you follow him like a shadow? There are tens of women like you in this palace. If he wanted, you would have joined them long ago." Fidan enters the room in a hurry, and Gabriela leaves. Gabriela comes across Rumeysa in the hallway and asks for her name, which she tells her, and says she must leave right away. It is clear that Mahidevran has received word about Mustafa's issue from Fidan, who heard from Mustafa's teacher. Mahidevran is frantic and almost falls down! Mahidevran: "Send a scout out immediately! I want to know what is going on!"

    Back in Istanbul, the Sultan recalls his sword bantering with Mustafa, and in his memory, he tells Mustafa to always carry a second weapon, and he says how proud he is to see him grow up to a strong young man. He also says "However when I look at you sometimes, as you grow older, I find that our innocence is slowly disappearing..." We then hear the Sultan's voice: "How sad, is it not?"

    Mustafa is then seen thinking back to a conversation he had with Ibrahim Pasha about how the Hunkar would be suspicious of his loyalty if he decided to go ahead with his intended marriage, and he would think it to be treason against the absolute will of the Sultan.

    In the next scene, a soldier is seen arriving in Manisa; he asks to see Shehzade Mustafa. Sergeant Hasan: "I have brought you a letter from our Hunkar." The letter reads:

    "Oh my son, I am the Sultan of Sultans, the Khan of Khans, the one who bestows crowns to kings, the shadow of Allah on earth, I am the Padishah of the seven seasons, Sultan Suleyman Han. 

    You are my lion, the sanjak bey who I have given Anatolia to take care of, the hope of both of my worlds, my son, my ShehzadeI have heard that you have disrespected your ancestors and me by disobeying my orders, and by standing up against me under my own rule. I order you to immediately return to the center of the world (Istanbul) and stand in front of me, so that you may apologize to me."

    Mustafa: "Let's go, Taslicali. Let us see what fate has in store for us." In the next scene, Shah Sultan says that Mustafa must be innocent, and the Sultan asks her how she could be so sure. Shah: "Because he is your son. If all of the armies in the world kneeled in front of him, he still wouldn't commit treason. I pray for you to have mercy on him..." Suleyman: "What you call mercy has become a veil to my eyes for so many years! Isn't this what is the cause of all my troubles? Mercy! I have wanted/asked for only one thing from my child, from my friends - loyalty - loyalty without fail!"

    We see Hurrem speaking to Ayaz Pasha privately in a room. She is asking him why she wasn't informed of Husrev Pasha's promotion into the divan, and she points out that Ayaz Pasha must not have known as well. Ayaz: "Our Hunkar has decided that this would be the best..." Hurrem: "Why wouldn't he consult with you on such an important promotion, did you ever ask yourself? I will tell you... because you are more involved with your own personal life/business than you are with the well-being of the nation.... Listen to me carefully, you are a Grand Vizier, this is the highest position you will ever reach. If you don't understand the importance of this, you will surely become one with the ground soon (disappear/die)!" Ayaz: "I am trying my best. Shehzade Mustafa's situation is clear." Hurrem: "I also wanted to talk to you about this issue as well...."

    PART 2:

    Ayaz Pasha and Hurrem continue with their conversation. Hurrem says: “Shehzade Mustafa will pay for this treason. In no way whatsoever will anyone come in between - not Lutfi Pasha, nor Bali Bey. Do not let our Hunkar’s anger to rest.” 

    Meanwhile, in Bali Bey’s room, Matrakci is telling Bali Bey that: “This is the work of Rustem. He should have thought first and taken precautions.” Bali Bey replies: “Let us pray that it happens as you say - in that case, whatever the truth is - we will get it out in the open...and in this way, Rustem Pasha will fall into the well that he himself dug.” They pause because there is a knock at the door and Hatice enters. They welcome her and she says: “Bali Bey, you are the Hunkar’s bodyguard - undoubtedly you have information - what is he thinking about our Shehzade?” Bali Bey responds: “You will see, Sultanim, our Hunkar will give the best and most right decision.” Hatice thinks for a moment and then says: “As I predicted, despite undoubtedly being faithful and loyal - our Shehzade is being accused of treason!” Matrakci says to her: “Do not worry, Sultanim, do not be afraid, our Shehzade is our Hunkar’s favourite (literally pupil of his eye/special)” Hatice: “How can I not be afraid Nasuh Effendi? Did you forget what happened in this room? While standing here, diid you forget who he killed in this room?” Matrakci and Bali Bey look uncomfortable, when suddenly, Husrev Pasha arrives to speak to Bali Bey, and Bali Bey tells Hatice: “Do not worry Sultanim, Shehzade Mustafa is the future of the Hanedan...the actual duty of us all, is to protect him.” Hatice says: “God Willing Bali Bey - I have full trust in you...” Then she leaves.

    There is a knock on Mehmet’s door and he tells the person to enter. It is Esmahan. They greet each other. He tells her he was about to leave, and if it isn’t important, they can speak later. Esmahan says: “I am assuming the bad gossip has reached your ears...” Mehmet replies: “What are you talking about?” Esmahan: “Baseless comments have been made about me being involved with Bali Bey. I am very sad. I wanted to let you know, that none of the gossip is true! It is impossible actually.” Mehmet, looking surprised says: “I am hearing it right now from you - Bali Bey is our Hunkar’s precious Bey...being gossiped about him must be terrible. “ Esmahan is sad that he has no clue about her feelings... 

    She exits the room and finds Mihrimah outside. Mihrimah asks he her what happened between them, and if he said something to make her sad and Esmahan says: “No. What could he say to make me sad?” Mihrimah responds: “In order to not see the feelings you have towards him, one would have to be blind.” Esmahan: “It is obvious, only Mehmet does not know....” Mihrimah: “Esmahan, come to your senses. Don’t you know this kind of thing is impossible? Don’t forget that he is a Shehzade. This type of issue cannot even be brought up. Especially with you? Never!” Mihrimah is happy when Esmahan leaves. 

    Meanwhile, in Manisa, Mahidevran is in her room when Lala (Mustafa’s advisor and the one who Suleyman commanded to watch out for his son) enters. Mahidevran asks what is going on. He says that the Sultan has ordered Mustafa to the Pay-i-Taht at once. Mahidevran asks: “What is the truth about this issue, Lala? Does my Shehzade have any fault?” Lala says he is not certain of all the details, but that he did not carry out the Sultan’s order...Mahidevran looks sick with worry...

    Meanwhile, Gabriela and Benito are having a meal together in her villa. Benito tells Gabriela that he has heard that the Shehzade has gone to settle some rebellion and he tells her, that when he returns, she must take care of “the issue” (we do not know yet what it is). Gabriela says she will do as much as he says, but convincing the Shehzade is difficult. Benito says: “denying a woman like you is impossible. Or is that you are not as good being a woman, as you are a merchant...” Gabriela gets up pretends to flirt with him, then she stabs his hand with a knife. He screams in pain then her guard wraps a rope around his neck. She yells out: “Where is my sister?! You will either tell me where my sister is, or I will kill you right here!” He says: “Okay, I will tell you!” The guard loosens the rope a little. Benito says: “I do not know who your sister is, but she is in the harem! Shehzade Mustafa’s harem!” 

    Meanwhile, in Mahidevran’s room Lucrezia is fluffing the pillows...when suddenly Mahidevran enters. She tells them all to leave. When everyone is gone, Mahidevran falls down on the sofa crying. She prays: “Oh Lord! Please save my son’s life to me! Please help him!” Meanwhile at the Vatican, the Pope says: “My sons, we are really unable to stop the Turks... Hundreds of thousands of Christians are under their rule. Last year, we were barely able to save Rome from falling to the same fate as Constantinople.” Cardinal: “You are right, my dear Pope, the people in the towns are wondering when their turn to be conquered will come.” Pope: “Charles V and the French king must make peace with each other as soon as possible. We need to bring their forces together, because if we do this, then the rest of the Christian armies and kingdoms will join us too.” Other Cardinal: “You are correct... Which is why I have called the two of them to come and make peace in front of you.” Cardinal: “I doubt they will come...” Pope: “Do not lose hope. Either they will make peace, or the great Turks will overrun everybody. 

    Meanwhile in the Sultan’s room, Barbarossa and Bali Bey are standing before the Sultan. Bali Bey tells the Sultan that the news is not good, that the Pope is trying to get Francois and Charles together. Barbarossa says it is true, and that he has called them to the Vatican, to get to an understanding....Suleyman says that how easy to forget when Francois asked help from Suleyman against Charles...Barbarossa replies that they cannot trust the unbelievers. Suleyman says this is true, and that they must stop this type of “meeting to understand each other” between Francois and Charles. Suleyman tells Bali Bey to send word “reminding” Francois of the “past”. There is a knock at the door and then Mercan arrives telling Suleyman that Mustafa has arrived. 

    Mercan announces Mustafa as he enters the hall outside the Divan and Lutfi, Mustafa Pasha and Ayaz greet him. Ayaz Pasha tells him the Sultan is waiting in his room for him. Mustafa goes, but Mutfi walks over to him. “Shehzadem, our Hunkar is very angry - forgive me, for my unasked for advice but - whatever he says, accept it,” Mustafa tells Lutfi Pasha not to worry, then he walks off... 

    Sumbul enters Hurrem’s room. “Sultanim, Shehzade Mustafa has arrived.” Cihangir: “My Abi has come?” Sumbul: “Yes, my Shehzade, he has gone to meet the Sultan.” Hurrem: “Fahriye, you take Cihangir inside...” Cihangir: “I want to see my Abi..” Hurrem: “Cihangirim, not right now, but later you may visit him..hmm?” When Cihangir is gone, Hurrem says: “For days we are waiting for him..I thought Mustafa would get up and revolt...but it is obvious he did not prove so bold - he has come to fall at the Sultan’s feet to apologize.” Sumbul says that the Sultan will forgive him. Hurrem says, “And if he does, so what? He has fallen in the Sultan’s eyes...” 

    Meanwhile, Mustafa arrives in the hallway outside the Sultan’s room, and there he finds Shah Sultan and Hatice. Hatice: “Shehzadem, how did you fall into such an error! Don’t you know, other than you we have no other hope.” Shah Sultan says: “Mustafa, do not in anyway, be a revolter! Accept your mistake...kiss the blessed hands of our Hunkar and ask for pardon.” Mustafa: “What is this agitation Sultanim...what is going through your mind? Or are you thinking that the Sultan will kill me?” Hatice: “Nothing is like it was in the past, Mustafa, I have told you this many times - do not give Hurrem what she wants! - apologize!” Bali Bey approaches signalling that the Sultan is ready. Mustafa says to Shah and Hatice: “I have not done anything to apologize for!” The two sisters are left worried and Mustafa goes inside.

    Mustafa enters his fathers room “Hunkarim?” Suleyman turns around and Mustafa steps forward, but the Sultan raises his hand then motions for him to move back. Suleyman says: “Do you remember the day when you were going to go for Sanjak, what I said to you? The words you said, are they still in your mind?” There is a flashback:

    Shehzadem! The time to separate has come! Before going on your way - give heed to my words...

    Mustafa then repeats the words he had said then in the present: “I am going to represent your justice and power...your ideals and thoughts, will always be with me. I said that they would brighten up my path...” Suleyman replies: “In that case then tell me - what is causing my son to fall on these dark paths? "Who have you befriended, and who are your enemies that you have enough courage to defy my orders??”

    Mustafa replies: “I have not retracted on my words, Hunkarim. I would never go back on my words!” Suleyman: “So then are you denying you took Tekke Bey Iskender’s head then?!” Mustafa: “No! I personally took his head!” Mustafa: “I sent his head to you mighty, Hunkar’s feet.” Suleyman (I cannot even describe his anger, but he is shouting loudly!) moves closer and shouts : “What insolence! Are you joking with me?!!!!” He is face to face with Mustafa. Mustafa says: “Never! Hunkarim! I would never dare! You are my mighty Hunkar, my exalted Sultan, my great father! Let me a chance, so I may explain the situation.” Suleyman: “Instead of seeking my forgiveness, you are trying to justify yourself?! Don’t claim you don’t have faults, at least repent!!!!” [Wow he got really mad here :) ]

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Mahidevran is crying as she worries for her son. Suddenly, a hand reaches out to her to comfort her, and we see that it is Rumeysa. She says: “Do not worry, Sultanim, everything will fall back into place and our Shehzade will return back.” Mahidevran pats her hand and smiles..

    Back in the Sultan’s room, Mustafa says “I am not going to defend myself, Hunkarim. For whatever reason I chose to do what I did, I was incorrect. However, I have not betrayed you, and I have not committed treason.” Suleyman: “Don’t you know that my orders are followed without question? Not only can you go against me, but you aren’t allowed to even debate with me about them, and the punishment for this is clear!” Mustafa: “You used to always tell me to seek out the truth, to not get tired in this cause, to find the truth no matter what! This is what I have done... With your permission...” Mustafa brings some documents into the room and presents them to the Sultan and says: “As soon as your orders reached me I wrote a letter to the governor-general of Egypt, and he looked into the matter and told me that the actual traitor was Tekke Bey Iskender, and that he actually besmeared Ramazanoglu and his family.” Suleyman: “I hope you have proof of this!” Mustafa presents him with some documents and says: “Iskender was clearly colluding with Tahmasp and the Mamluk Emirs. The letters between them have reached me. If you take a look at them, you will know that I am telling the truth.”

    Suleyman: “Then why has he accused Ramazanoglu?” Mustafa: “One of Iskender’s men got close to them, and he proposed an alliance with them, but because Ramazanoglu and his family are loyal to you, they denied this proposal. Ramazanoglu couldn’t inform you of this because he had no solid proof. He was in the middle of trying to collect proof when Iskender spread lies about him. And I couldn’t send word to you about this either, as I had to quickly go after him, otherwise Iskender might have gotten away from me. I had to make a choice.” Suleyman: “Why didn’t you tell Rustem Pasha? He was with you...” Mustafa: “I was already on the way back here when you called for me. because the matter is sensitive, I preferred to talk to you in person.” Suleyman sits down and reviews the documents in-depth and says: “Now I know what really happened... Your explanation has taken me from burning fires to cool waters... Mustafam, my lion! I am so proud to see that you have grown to a courageous and determined Shehzade... but never forget, everything that is evil has some goodness within, and everything that is good has some evil inside as well. Whatever the case was, according to our customs, you should have consulted with me. From now on, be careful. Do not fall into the same trap again. This is a lesson for the both of us.” They both hug each other and Mustafa says: “You have granted me kindness with your great heart, Sultanim...”

    At night in Hatice Sultan’s Palace, Mustafa is visiting his aunts. Hatice says to him: “Mustafam, I have make so many prayers for you! Thank God you are buried this calamity!  May the Mighty Lord protect you from those who are jealous/those who have envious eyes.” Lutfi: “Ameen, your courage is to be congratulated, MashaAllah! (literally, God Willed it, how wonderful!)” Mustafa: “I only did my duty, Pasha.” Shah: “Still, do not be this bold, Mustafa, how can you put your future in trouble for a slave of yours, a bey?” Mustafa: “Sultanim, it is my duty to protect and help those who serve us and sacrifice their lives in our service! Because, without justice - you cannot hope for loyalty.” They all look at him proudly, when his siblings enter. Mustafa hugs Cihangir, who tells him he really missed him. Mehmet says he is so happy to meet him and Mustafa hugs Mihrimah when she welcomes him “the world’s most beautiful! thank you!” Shah tells them to come sit as the meal is ready...

    Meanwhile, Suleyman and Hurrem are in Suleyman’s room sitting and talking. Hurrem says: “Shehzade Mustafa had me very surprised too...it is apparent that he is very experienced! I have all the faith in him..by going against your order, and doing the right thing, he showed us his courage!” Suleyman: “There will be errors of course - they will happen so one can know right from wrong - but the important thing is the decision making with justice and mercy, Hurrem. Otherwise, how will he rule the Devlet-i Aliyye after I am gone?” Hurrem is unsettled to hear this. She says: “You are right, Suleyman...this is very important for a prince carrying the flag of the throne. The fact that he solved this matter so tactfully has gained him much appreciation from everyone...everyone is talking about this...God willing, he will always be spoken about this way with respect and high regard.

    Meanwhile in Hatice Sultan’s palace, Mustafa is sitting with his siblings. He says: “Mihrimah how is Beyazid doing?” Mihrimah: “As usual, they are arguing with each other. Now they have fallen to arguing about the upcoming campaign.” Mehmet laughs: “You need to see their situation, Abi, they are working so hard trying to get the Sultan’s attention.” Mustafa: Especially, Bayezit - he is becoming a very capable Shehzade - he also wants to join this time in the campaign.” Cihangir (Cihangir the cutie-pie hazretleri :)) looks up and says: ‘I am also going to join!” Everyone smiles. Mihrimah says: ‘Only you were left?!” They all smile. Mustafa notices Esmahan is quiet. He asks her what is wrong.  Mihrimah asks her “what is wrong? Your face is like this and you do not even come to visit me for so long, or are you angry with Mehmet?” Mustafa asks what happened and Mihrimah says: “Mehmet should tell us, he is the cause of her trouble” Esmahan gets uncomfortable and leaves. Mehmet says: “Speak properly Mihrimah - what kind of words are these?” Mihrimah says: “I was just saying? Come Cihangir let’s go, our mother will be waiting for us.” They bow and leave.

    Meanwhile, in Ibrahim’s old office where Hatice now sleeps, Hatice is saying to Shah: “Hurrem did not succeed, but she will try again. This is her biggest fear that is why. If something were to happen to our Hunkar right now, Mustafa would take the throne...the end will come for her and her children.” Shah: “May Allah keep our Hunkar safe.” Hatice: “I wanted to say Ameen, but it isn’t coming from inside.” Shah: “Hatice! Hurrem wants to make our hanedan (family) go against each other. No one, is more precious than family. If you do something/make a mistake against the Sultan - you will find me standing against you.” Hatice: “Anyway it is not like you are on my side...”  Suddenly, Esmahan enters. Shah asks her how she can enter without Destur (permission). Esmahan says: “You had wanted a decision from me? You know, in regards to Bali Bey.  I have made my decision Validem. I am willing to marry Malkocoglu Bali Bey.” Hatice and Shah are pleased and surprised.  

    As Mihrimah is leaving, she comes across Taslicali waiting in the hallway. She sees him at first, and tries to ignore, but he says “Sultanim” She tells her cariyes to take Cihangir and go to the carriage and she will come immediately. Yahya says: “Sultanim, I - from that day...happiness has become forbidden for me..sleeping peacefully has become forbidden...” Mihrimah: “What day are you talking about?” Yahya: “The day of separation from you...be certain, it was not easy at all...I am still in pain and suffering...no matter what I do, I cannot think of anyone but you -” Mihrimah: “What insolence! You must have forgotten that in front of you stands a Sultana!” Taslicali is shocked and is clearly in pain...

    In the Vatican, the Pope says: “France is like the oldest daughter of the Church, and Francis is the most pious Christian king. Charles represents Rome. It is time for the two large empires of Christ to come together now.” Charles: “Yes you are right. However, Charles, just like he does not accept the legitimacy of my crown, also does not accept the legality of my rule lands in Italy.” Francis: “How can I give away the lands of my ancestors?” Charles: “Hah! It is more honourable than hiding underneath the thobe of Suleyman!” Francis: “Is an emperor who hides under his bed at the sight of Suleyman saying this?” Pope: “My sons, please be calm. If the Christian kings had united when Constantinople was under siege, it would have still been a Christian city now! My sons, let us not fall in this trap twice.” The two kings admit that they are not here to fight. Charles: “But Milan must stay ours!” Pope: “Be calm... do you want to throw away all of the Christian lands for one city? Make a peace agreement for 10 years, and figure these issues out during that time.” Charles: “This is fine with me. If we have peace, we can also take on those Godless Germans too!” Francis: “I too will agree to a ceasefire if Milan is not occupied by one of the Habsburg's.” Pope: “God has accepted my prayers. Now we can turn all of the weapons in the Christian lands towards the Turks...”

    In the Sultan’s room, Mehmet and Mustafa enter. Mustafa tells him he is there to say goodbye as it is time to go. The Sultan hugs him and sends greetings to Mahidevran. Mustafa says he will make preparations to go for the campaign, but the Sultan says, yes, but not to go on the campaign - you will be assigned to protect Anadolu. (the Sultan is punishing him). Mustafa looks disappointed but doesn’t let it show. Mehmet says he wishes that Mustafa should have been coming with them since he would provide them strength... but both the Sultan and Mustafa look strangely at Mehmet...they are wondering how he could say that when the Sultan distinctively said otherwise...

    Meanwhile in the Vatican, the Pope is saying that today is a big day and that the two biggest Christian kings have buried their weapons in the ground (as in they will no longer fight each other). Francis: “If Spain protects our laws, the peace will last.” Charles: “We must save the Christians in the East.” Pope: “Yes, now that we have peace, we can also put together a crusader force... Inform the Christian kings that our big day has arrived.” Francis: “Let us not hurry too much, we need much preparation for big plans such as this.” Charles: “We aren’t hurrying! We are already very late!”

    Outside the Sultan’s room in the hallway, Mustafa scolds Mehmet “Learn what to say and not say, you are not a child anymore!” Mehmet says he only did it for his sake...Mustafa says he realizes that and Mehmet apologizes and they hug. Hurrem meanwhile approaches and comments on how it such a nice scene to see them this way and hopefully they will always be friendly and loving to each other this way.  Mustafa replies that Mehmet is his brother, and she should have no doubt of the fact that she will always see them this way.  Hurrem says that is excellent and wonders why he is leaving so soon.  Mustafa says that he must go and continue his duties and that Rustem Pasha sent his greetings to her, and that he did what he could to help him (mustafa). Hurrem replies that Rustem is indeed a very precious Pasha - that he will continue of course to serve him always..then she says that she has not spoken to him (Mustafa) at all and asks how Mahidevran is, and is she happy in Manisa, Mustafa replies yes, very happy, much happier than her life in Topkapi and Hurrem says, when you go to the campaign (war) perhaps she can come here so as to not be all by herself in Manisa. Mustafa smiles and says that he will relay her greetings to his mother...Then Mehmet and Mustafa leave and Hurrem is left sighing.

    Meanwhile. in Hatice Sultan’s palace, Shah Sultan, Hatice and Lutfi are sitting and enjoying some refreshments. Shah says: “Esmahan is a young Sultana now, soon we can find someone fitting and have her married.” Lutfi says: “Where is this coming from all of a sudden?  Why the rush?”

    Shah Sultan says: “I would like to at least announce an engagement.” Lutfi: “According to the way you are speaking - then you have a groom in mind?” Shah Sultan is about to speak when Hatice speaks up: “Malkocoglu Bali Bey - this is who we want to get Esmahan married to. Lutfi says after smiling: “It is apparent that this is a political marriage.” Shah says: “I do not see any problem. Indeed, Bali Bey is a loyal and powerful Bey to our Hanedan. He will also provide strength to us against Hurrem.” Lutfi Pasha says: “Husrev Pasha is also the same...however, our Hatice Sultan does not want to marry him.” Hatice says: “It is not the same Pasha.”  There is a knock and Husrev Pasha is  announced that he has arrived. Lutfi comments that how coincidental they mention him and he has arrived. He gets up to go. Hatice says to Shah: “What does this mean? Why did you call him here?!” Shah replies: “Hatice, be calm. He has only come to visit - and - also this way you can meet each other...talk to each other...” Hatice looks angry...

    Later, in Beyazid’s room, Beyazid is reading when his brother Selim enters. Selim says: “Beyazid? So you are here...” Beyazid asks: “What happened Selim?” Selim replies: “I just came from being with the Sultan - he was saying who will go with him on the campaign (war). I am sad - but you will stay here. Mehmet and I will be going.” Beyazid angrily leaves and Selim is left smiling...

    Meanwhile, Hatice is sitting with Husrev Pasha - they sit awkwardly and quiet and finally he speaks: “Forgive my boldness Sultanim, but, it has been a long time I wished to see you - it was destined for today - although you do not wish to see me...” Hatice: “This has nothing to do with you personally, my Pasha.” Husrev says: “I have come to know, Sultanim, our Hunkar has decided to do the wedding after he returns from the campaign...but...be rest assured, without you wanting this marriage, I will not be a part of this marriage. ” He leaves...

    Meanwhile, Beyazid enters the Sultan’s room where the Sultan is reading documents. Beyazid is visibly upset. “Hunkarim, Selim! Why is he going again? I am not a child. Do you not trust me?” Suleyman: “Beyazid - my cengaver Shehzadem (Heroic Shehzadem). Of course you are not a child! You are now quite a big young man - it is for this reason that you will stay here. Would it be right if all the Shehzades went to the campaign? If that happened who would stay and be responsible for the Pay-i-Taht?” Beyazid: “My mother says the same things...if this is the case why doesn’t Selim stay here... why am I only the one staying?” Suleyman: ” You should not ask this from me, you should ask this of yourself. Where did you make a mistake - think of that. Now go return to your room.” Beyazid obediently leaves although sad. He sees Shah outside she says “Beyazid?” and he says: “Sultanim” but she notices he is visibly upset.

    Meanwhile, In Mihrimah’s room Mihrimah is combing her hair when Esmahan enters. “Esmahan? Finally you came. Seeing your face is like heaven!” Esmahan: “It is obvious you have not heard yet.” Mihrimah says: “What are you talking about?” Esmahan: “What are you talking about?  I have decided to marry Bali Bey. My mother in right now meeting with our Hunkar about this. Mihrimah say: ‘What are you saying?!” Esmahan says: “What I said is obvious Sultanim - I will marry Malkocoglu!” Mihrimah is left in shock.....

    Meanwhile, Shah is speaking to the Sultan, who asks what is wrong, what is the problem, but Shah says it is a good matter. Shah says: “ After the incident I did not have a chance to meet with you - I wish to marry off Esmahan.” Suleyman is happy about this and asks who Shah has in mind. Shah says: “If you permit of course, I want her to marry your personal guard, Bali Bey.” The Sultan is surprised but also amused....

    Meanwhile in Ebu Suud’s home, his wife Zeynep rushes and informs Ebu Suud when all of a sudden Hurrem enters. Ebu Suud gets up and rushes over: “Welcome, welcome!!! Sultanim!! Forgive me I did not know you were coming!” Hurrem: “It is not important.” Zaynep hatun insists Hurrem to sit. Hurrem says: “I wished to come visit - because I was curious about the preparations for the Mosque to be built.” Ebu Suud says that he has been meeting with the owners of the houses and they are selling..only two of the houses he is waiting for word on them, but do not worry - soon we will hear word from them too.” Hurrem: “Great! This project is very important for me, Ebu Suud Effendi, if it is necessary you can pay more for the land...” Ebu Suud says: “You do not worry Sultanim”  Then Ebu Suud turns to his wife and says “hurry Hatun, get something for our Sultana!” and his wife goes off...

    Later in the Palace, the Sultan is in his room when Bali Bey arrives. He tells the Sultan that Suleyman Pasha has some news from the Egyptian governor-general, and Suleyman asks him to read it to him. Bali Bey reads out the letter which says:

    As the Portuguese have attacked the coasts of India, our trade with them have significantly decreased. I am trying to bring the levels of trade back to normal. I have prepared a fleet of 70 ships, and have equipped them with cannons, as waters are starting to heat up here. The administrator of Gujurat, Bahadir Shah has sent his harem and treasure to Makkah, upon seeing the aggression of the Portuguese. When he sent one of his men to the Ottoman Empire for assistance, the Portuguese learned about this and killed Bahadir. If we do not take precautions soon, India will fall to the Portuguese soon!

    The Sultan tells him to inform Ayaz Pasha of the matter to be discussed in the divan. He also asks if the Pope was able to make peace between Francis and Charles and Bali Bey says they have no news yet, but they are looking into the matter.

    The Sultan tells Bali Bey to sit. Meanwhile, Mihrimah arrives at the Sultan’s room, but the agha says that the Sultan is with Bali Bey. Mihrimah is worried. Inside the room, Suleyman asks Bali Bey: ‘It has been a long time that you look as though something is bothering you, if there is something, say it.” Bali Bey: “What could be bothering me, Hunkarim? I am simply busy with the campaign preparations.” Suleyman: “Time is passing quickly - Hasn’t the time to have a family arrived yet?” Bali: “It hasn’t happened so far, Hunkarim,” Suleyman: “They say/it is a saying, that one who does not look to pray will not keep an ear out for the call to prayer.” Bali Bey smiles. Suleyman: “Now that you are with me - you should have a family, you should have some happiness.” Bali Bey: “God Willing...God Willing Hunkarim...” Suleyman: “Shah-i-huban came to me...” Bali Bey looks uncomfortable when the Sultan mentions this... Suleyman continues: “We spoke about you...she has found you suitable for her daughter, I have also found this a suitable arrangement. What do you say?” Bali Bey says: “Our Sultana has honoured me. I am honoured.” Suleyman says: “Tell me what is going through your heart...” Bali Bey looks at him...

    Meanwhile, outside, Mihrimah meets her mother. She says she had come to visit her father, but Bali Bey is inside, then she tells her mother that Esmahan came to her telling her that Shah Sultan was going to speak to the Sultan earlier, and that clearly the Sultan is talking about this to Bali Bey. Then Bali Bey comes outside and Hurrem asks her to follow her....

    Once inside the Sultan’s room, Hurrem and Mihrimah greet the Sultan and he tells them to sit. Hurrem says: “Today I met Zeynep Hatun and Ebu Suud - we spoke about the complex of buildings adjacent to the mosque...” Suleyman says: “I am also working on it.” Hurrem says: “I just saw Bali Bey..he looked very worried did something happen?” Suleyman: “Shah-i-Huban spoke to me about marrying him to Esmahan..” Hurrem says “How nice, may it be for the good...” Suleyman: “But it is apparent that Malkocoglu does not want to get married.” Mihrimah is happy to hear this  and Suleyman continues: “It is apparent he has someone else in his heart...”

    Later in Manisa, Mustafa arrives...he is announced and meets Fidan and Ayse with his child, Nergis Shah...Fidan informs him that Mahidevran is waiting in her room.. and he goes off with Fidan. Mahidevran is crying and she hugs him. “Mustafam! Aslanim! Peice of my soul! Shehzadem! You were not here, and I died! What was the need Mustafa? How could you put yourself in trouble this way?! Did you not think of me at all?” He says: “I am here now, do not worry...”She tells him to tell her what happened. He explains that the Sultan had told him to be just - but when he did just that - he has punished him...I will not go on the campaign...: Then Rumeysa gives him a drink then smiles....

    Time passes and it is time for Suleyman to leave for the campaign. He comes to say goodbye to everyone in his chamber. He asks where Hatice is, but Afife says she does not feel well...Suleyman wishes her better...he goes to greet Shah Sultan who wishes him a victory and says she will pray for him...He meets Hurrem who says she will wait impatiently for his return and not to leave her without writing to her and he says he will write of course and she says she will also write to him, and that he will know about everything that takes place while he is gone. Shah Sultan looks at her knowingly. Suleyman greets Cihangir....

    In the next scene, Nigar is packing and Rustem is pensive. She says to him: “Are you sure Hurrem Sultan is not behind it, my Pasha?” Rustem asks her what she means? and she replies that instead of him, Husrev will entered the Divan and then after the campaign he will marry Hatice Sultan. I have never seen Hurrem Sultan not achieve what she wants...it is obvious she has changed her hopes in you...” He tells her to leave talking about such things and that he heard about some rumours about Esmahan...that she had some involvement with Bali Bey. He asks her if she knows anything. Nigar says that Shah Sultan wished her to marry Bali Bey - but the Sultan did not think it suitable. Then he says, it is obvious Hurrem interfered...then she says, actually, to be correct, Mihrimah Sultan.” Rustem  gets lost in thought and Nigar asks if he is sad...then Rustem says: “Why should I be sad, hatun?  It has nothing to do with me.” Nigar says: “I have seen how you look at Mihrimah Sultan - but don’t dream - it won’t happen.” Rustem comes close to her and says to her do not say words that are bigger than you.”

    Bali Bey is in his room packing when Mihrimah enters. “Were you going to leave without me?” She says. “You did not want to marry Esmahan - because someone else is in your heart. It is me, right? Why are you still hiding it?” Bali Bey: ‘Sultanim - I do not hide anything - there is no one in my heart - no one. It is not because I am afraid or I am shy - it has nothing to do with what I have gone through in the past. I have no feelings towards you Sultanim...”

    Meanwhile Beyazid is packing some things...and Cihangir sees him. “Abi? he asks. “Where are you going?” Beyazid: “I am also going to campaign. While I am not here, our mother and Mihrimah are in your safe keeping....and do not tell anyone okay? Do not be afraid. I will not go alone.”

    Beyazid leaves...outside Beyazit tells some aghas to wait then he comes across a classmate. The classmate tells him he has his clothes ready and then Beyazid says that they will wear the clothes and they will go together...and that by time they (the aghas) suspect anything they will long be gone...Then they leave....

    Look at Cihangir's ADORABLE FACE!!!! :)

    Lutfi says to Husrev in the next scene: “Stay happy, Pasha. God willing we will return from the campaign, and we will take care of your wedding.” Husrev: “Let us first bring the enemy to their knees. Didn’t you hear? Francis has forgotten about the past and has agreed to a peace agreement.” Lutfi: “This is the doing of the Pope. He is doing this to protect himself... Look at the effect of our great nation!” Lutfi Pasha approaches and congratulates Husrev on his new position. Husrev ascribes this to the Hunkar’s generosity and leaves the scene. Lutfi: “Things are looking bad for you... I hope you don’t lose the position you already have by trying to reach too high.” Rustem: “Don’t worry. I got here with my teeth and nails, I wasn’t dropped here from the sky.” Someone announces the arrival of the Sultan and everybody bows. The Sultan asks if all of the preparations are ready, and Ayaz confirms. Suleyman: “Good, the time has come to go and put Charles and his helper Francis in their place!... The Pay-i-taht is under your protection, Mustafa Pasha.”

    Back in the Vatican, Charles says: “Suleyman is about to leave Istanbul to conquer Bogdan. My brother Ferdinand and the governor of Bogdan will keep Suleyman busy. From the other side, our collective fleet of ships will destroy Barbarossa’s ships. While Suleyman is at Bogdan, our fleet will attack Istanbul and we will get back our innocent city! History will write about us!” Francis: “You are dreaming... The Turks are not an easy enemy to overcome. Their armies are stronger than ours, and their fleet is much bigger than before! Barbarossa is a great sailor!” Charles: “You saw what I did in Tunisia. Why did he not intervene then? Does France not want to be part of this alliance?” Francis: “Pope, I do not want to fully commit without returning to my country and speaking with my people.” Charles: “I am always ready to fight the Turks, your Holiness. With your help, I have been chosen to demolish the Turks.”

    In the next scene, Gabriela is seen walking through the Manisa palace when an agha stops her and he says he has found out who her sister is. She gives him a pouch of gold as a reward and he takes her to see Lucrezia. Gabriela confronts Lucrezia and checks her arm for a birthmark. Suddenly Mahidevran walks into the room and asks why Gabriela is here, and she says she was waiting for her.

    We then see two guards bring Benito to see Mustafa outside, who says he is here to speak to him about Gabriela, and he has some information about her.

    Back in Istanbul, Ebu Suud says there is a woman in the Avratpazari neighbourhood who is refusing to sell her house, and Hurrem tells him to double the price. Ebu Suud: “It is not about money... She does not want to sell, I could not convince her. Her house is in the middle of Avratpazari and it is large. I spoke to the head architect and he said that if that house is not purchased, the construction cannot move forward.” Hurrem: “We will go see her together, and I will speak to her.”

    We see Hatice speaking to Shah Sultan, and she informs her that Hurrem is building her complex at Avratpazari and Shah says: “I know, she has already spent a fortune!” Hatice: “Our Hunkar is gone... She is in the harem all alone. You kept idly talking all this time. Let’s see you get this done. What are you going to do to get rid of her?” Shah: “I thought about everything. You sit in a corner and just watch me.”

    In the hamam, Mihrimah is relaxing and see Esmahan walk in the room, she asks her why she came, and she says she thought Esmahan hated her. Esmahan: “Try anything you want, Malkocoglu is going to return and I will marry him.” Mihrimah: “These are big dreams for someone like you...” Esmahan: “What about you?? You made yourself get caught just to force him to marry you. You should have seen his face when I told him about this...”

    Meanwhile in Hurrem’s room, she tells Sumbul and Fahriye to be cautious, as “Shah and Hatice Sultans have been waiting for this moment for quite some time. They will take this opportunity to try to get rid of me as the Hunkar is away.” Fahriye: “Do not worry, Sultanim, nobody can harm you.” Sumbul: “Sultanim... Shehzade Beyazid is gone...! He is lost! We looked for him everywhere!!!”

    Back in the hamam, Mihrimah tells Esmahan to leave her alone, and to never come near her again. Esmahan: “I am not your cariye... you can’t talk to me like that...” Mihrimah: “Get out of here!!” Esmahan: “Your situation is worse than mine... Bali Bey didn’t want to marry you... This must have been hard for the daughter of the Sultan of the world to handle...” Mihrimah: “Don’t push my patience...” Esmahan: “Do you know the reason, why he didn’t want you? I’ll tell you, I overheard it when he was speaking to Nasuh Efendi.. Bali Bey said you are still just a child!”

    Mihrimah slaps Esmahan and she falls down, hitting her head against the marble, being rendered unconscious....

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