• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 85. Episode - ENGLISH TRANSLATION

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Note: Some newer characters:
    Shah Sultan = Hatice's sister
    Esmahan Sultan = Shah Sultan's daughter
    Lutfi Pasha = Shah Sultan's Husband
    Mercan Agha = Esmahan's/Shah Sultan's/Lutfi Pasha's trusted servant

    Diana kills the remaining servant girl in the hamam and then confronts Hurrem with the knife. Meanwhile, Sumbul looks around and knocks on the hamam door. Sumbul: Sultanim? He wonders what is going on as there is no answer, "Oh God!" Meanwhile, Hurrem to Diana (Fahriye): What are you doing, woman?!" Diana to Hurrem: "I came here for you, sultanim."
    Hurrem: "What is the meaning of this? What does this mean?" In the background we hear Sumbul behind the door hitting it and yelling "sultanim!"

    Sumbul and another woman rush the door. Sumbul shouts "Our Hurrem sultan is inside, go in and check. Diana suddenly yells: Help her! This cariye tried to kill Hurrem Sultan!" Hurrem: "Fahriye Kalfa?" Diana: That is not all, Sultanim, they also killed Amber agha. When I saw that, I came in through the door."

    Sumbul waits outside, and Hurrem exits, visibly shaken. Sumbul: Thank God that I am seeing you healthy and well. Hurrem grabs Sumbul by the throat: Where were you??? If it wasn't for her, they would have killed me!" Meanwhile, Mercan agha peeks from the corner.
    Sumbul: Who could be so brave to try something like this? How could this happen?
    Hurrem: This is also what Ive been wondering! How could this happen? One of my cariye's was going to kill me!! Find out who she is serving and why, immediately! "

    Meanwhile, at Hatice's palace, the ceremony to seal the 40 days of mourning is over, and the women are departing, and giving their condolences to Hatice. Hatice whispers to Gulfem: Still no news? I wonder what happened? Gulfem replies " we will find out soon enough" Shah Sultan approaches, suspicious of them two and says "Hatice, what is going on, are you alright?" Hatice says she is fine and wants to rest. Afife Hatun approaches and says "May God have mercy on our Pasha, with your permission, I should head back to the Palace, I do not want to leave the harem alone for too long. Hatice thanks her for coming, and Shah Sultan says she will also join her, telling Hatice she should get some sleep and rest for a bit.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem enters her room and finds Nazli there. She asks about her children, her worried face disturbs Nazli as she wonders what happened. Hurrem commands that her clothes be brought and asks "Where is Afife Hatun? The harem is being shaken up, and she is still not here!" Nazli replies that she has gone to Hatice's palace for the ceremony. Hurrem: "Her duties are here! She should be here with me in the harem! Its clear they have all come together against me and are setting up a trap against me! How should I know that she is not in on this as well?!"

    Meanwhile, Sumbul asks where the woman is that Diana was referring to earlier. Diana points her out. Sumbul: "Oh god protect us! Shes dead! What were you doing here?"
    Diana: "I was going to go check on Hurrem sultan, to see if she needed anything. As soon as I saw the dead agha I ran to the hamam. Nobody was in front of the door so I went inside. Thank God I got here on time, she was about to kill her!"
    Sumbul: "God sent you to us Fahriye hatun!"

    Hurrem asks to enter Suleyman's chambers. He notices her being distraught and asks her what happened. Hur: "Suleyman, a few minutes ago a cariye tried to kill me..."
    Suleyman: "What are you saying?!?"
    Hurrem: "I was in the hamam... and apparantly one of my cariyes turned out to be a traitor. She killed my closest cariye and the agha at the door... But God protected me and kept me alive for you and our children." Suleyman: "Who did this? If you know anything, tell me!"
    Hurrem: "Who else could it be? Those who wish to take my life are known. I knew this was going to happen; I told you. Everybody is holding me responsible for Ibrahim's death and they are trying to get revenge." Suleyman suddenly yells out for the aghas.

    Meanwhile, Shah Sultan is talking to Afife Hatun. She tells her to keep his eyes on Hatice, as she does not like her current situation. Afife replies by saying "Dont worry sultanim, I sent a kalfa to her whose sole job is to protect Hatice sultan." Suddenly, Mercan appears.
    Mercan to Shah: "Sultanim, I was witness to a scary scenario. A cariye tried to kill Hurrem sultan!"
    Afife: "What are you saying? How is Sultanimiz (our hurrem sultan)?"
    Mercan continues: "Thankfully she escaped... she is doing well. A kalfa reached her just in time and killed the cariye." Afife takes her leave: "I should go check on our sultan..." and leaves.
    Shah to Mercan when they are alone: "Mercan, did you intervene?"
    Mercan: "There was no need for me to intervene... A kalfa named Fahriye saved Hurrem sultan."
    Shah looks very angry: "Oh Hatice... What have you done?"

    Meanwhile, Hatice and Gulfem sit nervously waiting for news Gulfem holds her hand: "Dont worry sultanim. Mahidevran really vouched for this hatun. She must have done her job properly."
    Hatice: "Then why havent we still heard anything yet? Something wrong must have happened. Should we go to the palace?" Gulfem: "No! We will draw suspicion on ourselves."
    Hatice: "I pray that her breath has been cut off!"

    Meanwhile, Hurrem continues to tell Suleyman about what happened. Hurrem: "That cariye has been in my service for a long time and hasnt done anything wrong before. Clearly someone bribed her."
    Suleyman: "You go back to your room. I will deal with this situation myself."
    Hurrem: "Promise me Suleyman that you will bring whoever did this to me to justice!"
    Suleyman: "Is there any other possibility? They will receive their punishment!" Then Afife Hatun arrives.
    Afife: "Hunkarim I just heard about what happened. Sultanim, I hope you are alright."
    Suleyman: "Where have you been?!?" (he yells angrily)
    Afife: "Forgive me... Hatice sultan had called me to her palace to take part in the ceremony of the 40 day mourning period." Shah Sultan enters. Shah: "Hunkarim... Hurrem... So you are here. Thank God! Hurrem how are you doing? And Hukarim, I'm sorry to hear about the news. Who could have done this? Have they been caught yet?"
    Hurrem: "I'm fine thank you, no need to worry."
    Suleyman: "Not yet. But whoever it is will be caught soon and I will punish them with my own hands!"
    Afife: "I will immediately start an investigation."
    Suleyman: "You should have thought of this before! I had warned you about this issue! I asked you to take precautions! Is this how you are protecting my family!" (he yells as he says this)
    Afife: "Whatever you say, you are right, we will find who tried to kill Sultanimiz (our sultana)

    Then, in the harem, Sumbul is telling Diana (Fahriye) that May God be pleased with her, and she says she was only doing her duties, and he tells the rest of the girls to learn from her example. Afife Hatun comes and asks who was there, and she tells him to go take care of Hurrem Sultan and Diana to follow her. They go to a room, and Afife tells Diana/Fahriye to come closer. "You came from the old palace, Gulfem brought you, isn't it true? Seeing as how you recommended her personally, you must have done something in order to get into her good books. Fahriye:: "I have been serving the royal family for years, and Gulfem comes and goes to the old palace, and she likes me, and even though it was not my place, I asked her to bring me to this palace and help me. " Afife asks what her purpose was and Fahirye responds, that it is not anything in particular, but that everyone dreams of coming to this palace.

    Meanwhile, Gulfem tells Hatice that Shah Sultan is coming. Shah tells everyone to leave, and says she wants to speak to her sister, but tells Gulfem to stay. Hatice asks what is happening and Shah says, you know exactly what is wrong. I am talking about the fact that you tried to kill Hurrem. Hatice asks if she died, and Shah says no, it didn't work as usual. Then Gulfem quickly says it has nothing to do with us and asks what Shah Sultan is accusing them of. Then Shah sultan says she can understand why Hatice would do this, but what is happening to you? Instead of preventing this from happening, you have become a tool for this plot! Hatice shouts that Gulfem had nothing to do with it, that she gave the order, and that if Shah wants, she may go and tell the Sultan as she does not care at all. Shah says, "he is very angry, Hatice, if he finds out that you did this, he will give a very heavy punishment!" Hatice says "What else can he do to me? He took away my life already! He took away his own brother! He took away Ibrahim from me! What other decision/punishment can be more heavy than this!" Shah says: "I told you to wait for me, I told you not to do anything without me, but you did not listen! Hurrem won  yet again! " Hatice: "If not today, then tomorrow, if not in this world, then in the next world, she will one day pay the price, she will burn in hell." Shah tells them that Fahriye saved Hurrem and the two of them are surprised. Hatice says "wasn't her job to kill Hurrem?"

    Meanwhile, Afife continues to question Diana. She says you are new here, and you are right away involved in this type of issue! And you are the only witness! If you have anything to say that you have forgotten, you will come and tell me! Do you understand!?"

    Outside, Hurrem's boys are practicing with their swords. Mehmet tells Bali Bey he has lots to learn from him as everyone speaks so highly of him, and Bali Bey responds, by saying "They are exaggerating." Mihrima and Esmahan arrive. They are discussing the issue of Mehmet going to war, and if it is a good thing, and Mihrima says yes it is his first time going on the campaign, and asks Esmahan why she asks, and Esmahan says that no reason, she just wonders as she sees him practising everyday. Mehmet introduces Esmahan to Bali Bey and she asks him how he is doing.

    Mahidevran and Shehzade Mustafa are seen together. Mahidevran tells Mustafa that God is great, and that if not today, Hurrem will get her punishment soon. Mustafa asks her what she means by this and wants to know if she is doing something secretly behind his back. She denis this and changes the subject to Hatice Sultan. She says she is worried about her trying to take her own life again. Mustafa responds by saying that Shah Sultan is with her and tells her not to worry. Mustafa tells Taslicali Yahya  that he wants to attend tomorrow's inspection. Taslicali Yahya's mind is far off and doesn't realize he is being spoken to, and apologizes for this. Mustafa asks him if he has any issues or problems going on in his life, and Taslicali Yahya says "What problems can I have Sehzadem? I just got a bit upset with all the recent things that have been going on."

    Esmahan is speaking to Mehmet and tells him that they will be staying at the palace for a little while longer, and her mother tells her that they will be moving to another palace not too far away. Mehmet says "That is fine. We will still keep in contact often."Esmahan says "Yes, it is nice to be here with you. I was very lonely in Konya."
    Bali Bey and Mihrimah are speaking to each other.
    Bali Bey: How time has come and passed so quickly. Our shehzade's have grown up so much!"
    Mihrimah: "Yes... You didn't even recognize me either... Yet I still remember the day you left from here. I had said goodbye to you."
    Bali Bey: "I am sorry if I was rude to you at that time."
    Mihrimah: "No, of course not. How would you even remember that long ago? Anyway, I should get going now."
    Mihrimah asks Esmahan if they should leave, and she responds by saying "But we just got here." Mihrimah says that they have stayed long enough, and her mother will get worried if she doesn't see her.

    Meanwhile, In Manisa, Mahidevran goes after Yahya in the hallway to speak with him. She tells him that he needs to pick himself up, forget about Mihrima, and the only thing he should be thinking about is the future of the shehzade (prince) and his security. Then in the next scene, Shah sultan tells Hatice that she must be patient, and that she will take care of everything for her, but Hatice replies that she is not going to sit with her hands tied, and that every breath Hurrem takes is an insult to her. Shah says if it was that easy, then Ibrahim would still be alive and by her side today, then she suddenly, apologizes, telling her sister that she does not mean to make her sad, but that Hurrem is like a tree, whose roots are deep inside the harem and as the roots keep growing, they will destroy everything around them. Hatice says - and this is why I wanted to take her life - and Shah responds, telling her she does not understand, and that if anyone can take her life, that will be Hunkarim, and that just like Hurrem took Ibrahim Pasha slowly to his death, we will do the same thing to her. She continues saying : "First, let us get over this current problem. That Kalfa (Fahriye/Diana) is currently with her, which will allow her to get closer to Hurrem, which is good for us, of course, if she is not a traitor." Gulfem says that she does not think so, she must have been forced to do what she did. Shah sultan says, " we will see, keep Mahidevran's name away from this issue, if her name gets involved, then Mustafa might come under suspicion as well. We will dig her grave with a needle, we will cut her branches with a dull blade, without getting tired, we will wait patiently, up until the time our Hunkar gets rid of her in her sleep. "

    Meanwhile, Hurrem asks Afife if she was able to find out anything. Afife tells her about the cariye who Diana has accused and is now dead that she was always loyal, never had a single fault. Hurrem asks if this is why she was chosen and if she spoke to Mercan agha because he came to Hurrem's room and asked Nazli about her. Afife says she spoke to him and that Shah sultan sent him to invite her to the ceremony of mourning at Hatice's palace. But Hurrem wonders how this is possible, when everyone knew she would obviously not attend. Afife says that Shah sultan wanted to bring them together and end hostilities between them. Hurrem tells Afife to call Fahriye kalfa so she can personally thank her, but Afife has some doubts about Fahriye.

    Meanwhile, Fahriye is speaking to Shah and Gulfem. She tells them that Afife might have some doubts, but that Hurrem was so scared, she was shaking. Shah tells her that she is very smart and cunning and that from now on she will serve her, Shah sultan.

    Afife is meanwhile, telling Hurrem that Fahriye is new and that she should not be trusted immediately, because she was the only witness. Hurrem says that she was there too, and that if Fahriye was the killer, why would she not just go ahead and done it since no one else was there. Afife says lets us send her away to the old palace? But Hurrem says just call her I want to speak to her.

    Suleyman is in his room when he suddenly decides to go out into the hallway and he sees Ibrahim. But really, it is Malkocoglu, who tells him he was waiting for him because he heard about the attempt on Hurrem's life and if he wants him to do the investigation, but the sultan says no, he will look after it himself.

    Meanwhile, Fahriye meets Hurrem and Hurrem asks where she is from, if she has family, but Fahriye says she does not know where her family is, that is from Hungary and that, she was very young when she was brought, and then Hurrem feels sorry for her. Then Hurrem tells her that she is thankful and gives her a large gift. Then when Fahriye is gone, Hurrem asks Sumbul if she could be trusted, and Sumbul says he trusts her and likes her, and that Afife hatun is looking for a scape-goat. But she is strong and smart and courageous and she will work for us, and Hurrem says she will employ her in her service and to tell Afife hatun.

    Meanwhile, Shah sultan visits Suleyman on his balcony and he asks about Hatice and she says that she is does not eat or sleep and that although time has passed, it does not look like she will be over it easily, and Suleyman says that is why he called her, that he made a decision about Hatice's future. Shah Sultan asks him why he made a decision about her,  and he says "You know very well, is that not true?"

    In the Vatican, the Pope is talking about how their progress is going slow and that they need to find a more permanent solution. And a cardinal agrees and says that Hizir Hayrettin's ships are starting to go around the Italian coast, and they are resolute and they will get what they want if the Sultan does not die. The Pope asks how they will get rid of the Sultan, and the cardinal says that they sent some men, including Antonio Primaldo, whose grandfather lost his life defending a castle against Sultan Fatih Mehmet. The Pope says that is a good choice, because even though he is dead, people still speak about him. The cardinal says that his grandson will give up his life for Jesus fighting the great Turks.

    Meanwhile in the Bazaar a man named Mikael meets with someone named Alexandro saying that Antonio was sent by the Pope. Meanwhile, in the Palace, the Sultan goes to the Divan. Alexandro tells Antonio that tomorrow an ambassador will be sent into the Divan, and he will go as his assistant. Alexandro wants Antonio to see the Sultan with his own eyes, even if it is from afar. They discuss the fact that the Sultan goes out into the bazaar at least once a month, dressed in different clothing, and that even if they have to wait for months for an opportunity to assassinate the Sultan, they will wait.

    Ayaz Pasha discusses war plans about the Italian campaign, and mentions that the ships will wait for the troops to catch up to them at Edirne, and that within two months, they can reach Italian shores. Lutfi Pasha asks about the Venitians, and Ayaz Pasha says that they are not a threat, and that they shouldn't expand their war plans unnecessarily, especially since they are not being provoked by the Venetians. Lutfi Pasha says that even though the Venetians are not being aggressive, they are also not obeying our Sultan in allying with the French, and that they may be working with the Pope, as reports of this are coming as well. The Sultan says that his ancestors fought the most with the Venetians, and that the Venetians still have very important castles in their possession and asks Lutfi Pasha for his advice. Lutfi Pasha says that they should be ready to go through Venice as well, which the Sultan agrees with, and tells Ayaz Pasha to prepare for.

    Mihrimah calls for Zumrut Agha, and she is told he is not in the Palace. She finds out that Hurrem Sultan has sent Zumrut Agha away from the palace permanently.

    Hatice tells her kids that she will take them to Edirne just as their father promised them. Osman says he does not want to go. Shah Sultan walks in, and tells Hatice that she wanted to see her. Hatice says that "Something has happened. whenever you call me 'My Hatice', there is something bad behind it." Shah Sultan says that she doesn't have a bad intention, but she is worried about her health, as she is not eating or drinking anything. She says that it would be a good idea for her to get away from everything, and maybe she might want to take her kids and go to Manisa. Hatice understands that this idea is coming from the Sultan, and asks Shah Sultan for the truth. Shah Sultan says that the Sultan believes that Hatice was behind everything that happened yesterday, and he made a decision about her, and that she is to go to Manisa with her kids, to which Hatice responds "Is this what he has ordered?... I thought I would be given my life as a mercy, but he has decided to torture me by exiling me away."

    Meanwhile in Hurrem's room, Diana tells Hurrem Sultan that it is a pleasure to be in her service. Hurrem tells her to keep her eyes open, as from now on, Hurrem's life is in her hands. Mihrimah walks in, and Hurrem confirms that she sent Zumrut agha away from the palace. Mihrimah asks how she would send away an agha that is in her service, without even informing her about it. Hurrem says "Do not cross your boundaries. I am not going to debate my decisions with you! Also, you know the reason for this decision very well... It is important for an agha to be loyal to you, but first and foremost, he must be loyal to me. I don't want an agha that carries letters from to and fro for you."
    Gulfem walks in and accuses Hurrem of making the Sultan exile Hatice Sultan away. Hurrem's says that this is the first time she is hearing of this, but she is not saddened by the news, as "every decision has its consequences." Gulfem says that Hatice Sultan is innocent. Hurrem disagrees and says that if it wasn't for Fahriye kalfa, she would have taken my life away. Mihrimah is surprised by this news, and asks Hurrem Sultan what happened. Hurrem says to Gulfem that she hasn't even told her children about the assassination attempt, as she did not want Hatice Sultan to look bad.

    *********PART 2*********

    Gulfem says that she prays that one day Hurrem's children will see her real face. Hurrem tells her to leave and to never come again. Gulfem looks at Mihrima, but Mihrima gives her a face meaning, leave. Meanwhile, Shah continues to try to persuade Hatice that she will have to go. Hatice says she will not go anywhere. She says no one can make her leave - that it is her and Ibrahim's palace, that they lived through good and bad in this palace - then she says no power can remove her from there. Shah tells her that her state is affecting her children, but Hatice continues saying she will not leave. She says go tell him (meaning Suleyman) that only her dead body will leave the palace.

    Time passes, at night, Hurrem tells Suleyman that she heard from Gulfem that Hatice was being sent away, and that she hoped that the Sultan could maybe change his mind, "they will blame me for this as well." she tells him. Suleyman tells her that she should not worry, and that this is the best for Hatice herself. Shah sultan arrives, and as she looks at Hurrem (meaning for Hurrem to leave) but the Sultan wishes for her to stay. Shah sultan says that Hatice will not leave.

    Back in Hatice's palace, Hatice plays the violin, and then notices that Suleyman is watching. She says: "Ibrahim - taught this to me, on our last night, he said we would learn more later, his mother used to play this for me when he would sleep, he missed her always." She turns around and says "I am the one - who wanted to take Hurrem's life - it was me. If I had enough strength I would rip out her heart with my own hands. Maybe then we would be even that way - because you took a life away from me, I wanted to take a life away from you."

    Meanwhile, Hurrem speaks to Shah sultan in the hallway, telling her that she tried to tell the Sultan to keep Hatice here, and Shah says "thank you Hurrem - I am certain the Sultan will hear you and listen to you." Then Hurrem says she hopes all this will not take Shah Sultan on her bad side, as she does not want to lose her as a friend."

    Meanwhile, Suleyman tells Hatice that her stubbornness is futile, and that she must go. "For the past to stay in the past, you must go - for you to heal, you must go, for you to forget, you must go." Hatice says she does not want to heal, does not want to get better. Then she says that he wants to get rid of her because he cannot stand to see her. Because every glance to her, his heart aches, and recalls Ibrahim. "Is  that why you want to be far from me?" Suleyman says that they will come tomorrow morning to get her, and that if she doesn't obey, he will take her children away from her because that means she is not in a state to look after them properly.

    The next morning, Hatice gets ready to leave. She recalls Ibrahim's words to her telling her that her eyes light up the evening, she remembers telling him that she misses him, when he is not there, time stops for her, and he tells her that stars rain onto his evenings , she is like the sun for him, his being runs away from her in shyness. He says he will never make her cry, she will always smile and his love for her is forever.

    Then, Hatice is outside saying goodbye to Gulfem. Gulfem says for Hatice to write to her often, and wishes her a safe journey. Hatice and her children leave.

    Shah sultan meets Hurrem in the hallway. Hurrem says she hopes that this journey will be good for Hatice, and that she will get better, but Shah replies that Hatice is  not ill, and that she will return after getting some rest. Then Hurrem informs Shah Sultan about her palace being almost ready, that it is a little far, but it is beautiful and perfect, and then asks if there is anything specific she needs. Shah sultan is surprised that Hurrem is taking care of it - but Hurrem says that the Sultan wanted her to. Then Shah says she has no need of anything, as she is certain Hurrem did a wonderful job.

    In the next scene Bali Bey is introduced to the Bogdan Ambassador Dimitri Kantakuzen. He enters the Divan. Meanwhile, the scene goes to the Vatican where the Pope asks Signor Giovanni about his latest news. Giovanni tells him that Antonio Primaldo has entered the Palace. The Cardinal says that this is good news and soon the world will shake with the news of the Sultan's death and then the Pope says he hopes the Cardinal is right, otherwise the Sultan will tear down all of Italy.  Meanwhile, the Sultan exits the Divan and Antonio sees him.

    Later, In Manisa, Hatice arrives at Manisa. She meets Mahidevran who says she could not believe the news when she got the news. Hatice says she will go back as soon as she can. Hatice asks to see Mustafa, and Mahidevran says he waits for her. She goes to meet Mustafa who is talking about the campaign with Yahya, and tells him that Ibrahim Pasha was very good as Serasker, and that if he was still alive, the Italian campaign would be much easier. Hatice enters his room and they embrace. He welcomes her and tells her this also her palace and that her and her children are very valuable to him, and that as long as he is alive, nobody can make her sad.

    In the bazaar in Istanbul, Bali Bey looks around suspiciously as the Sultan enters disguised. The Sultan meets Ebu Suud who is telling a merchant that he has to beware of cleanliness and must keep his stall clean. The Sultan meets Ebu Suud and they walk together, with guards behind and Bali Bey looking worried. Behind them, follows Antonio. The Sultan asks someone how the business is, and the merchant complains saying that it is not well, and that it was better with Ibrahim because he always used to defend and help the non-Muslim merchants. Bali Bey hears a lot of noises and is getting more worried. Meanwhile, the Pope prays and asks God to protect the Christians from Suleyman's barbarian army. Back in the bazaar, Ebu Suud says he works on the laws once a week, Suleyman tells him to work faster, and Ebu Suud says that it might be better to transfer this responsibility to the Judge of the Soldiers as they have less work to do, and Suleyman says maybe it would be better if I promoted you to that position. Meanwhile, the assassin Antonio is hiding in the background, Antonio's accomplice creates a distraction,  and then attempts to kill the Sultan, but Bali Bey intervenes.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem enters Shah Sultan's room. She sees her getting ready, and says the palace is not ready yet, why are you packing so soon, and Shah Sultan says who said I was going to the Palace you were preparing, I will be going to Hatice's palace. Then Hurrem says she would have chosen Hatice's palace herself, but it wasn't possible, then she says oh well, good you will be closer to us.

    In the harem, Hurrem asks Sumbul why she didn't hear of the news that Shah Sultan was getting ready to leave to Hatice's palace and Sumbul says he is hearing for the first time, and then Shah Sultan looks down and they stop speaking.

    Meanwhile, Suleyman speaks to Bali Bey, telling him he was right about the assassination plot, that he wishes Bali Bey to stay with him from now on, and Suleyman says he always wants someone loyal and faithful as Bali Bey, and that he makes him his special bodyguard. Bali Bey says he is honoured.

    Months go by, fall, winter and then spring, and the scene shows Selim and Beyazid arguing. Beyazid is angry because he wonders why the Sultan would choose Selim to go to war with him, when he is better than Selim at fighting, and accuses Selim of telling his father lies about him, Selim gets upset and they throw punches. Meanwhile, Diana is with Hurrem when suddenly Selim comes in with bruises on his face. Meanwhile, Mehmet is in his room with Beyazid and asks him why they fought, and he asks why Selim gets to go when he is so much better at everything than him, fighting, riding, etc. and Mehmet says "how many times do I have to tell you, he is older and there is a time for everyone!" Hurrem enters with Selim and says to Beyazid that he will apologize, and Beyazid says why doesn't anyone love me? And Hurrem says say sorry. Hurrem also tells Selim to apologize and Selim says he did not do anything, but Hurrem forces him. She tells  them they will not fight again, or they will regret it. She tells Mehmet to take Selim, and then is alone with Beyazid. She tells him, "My lion cub, do you know know you have a more important duty, if all the men leave, what will Mihrimah and I do?  Who will protect us? Did you think of this? Cihangir is too little, I need a strong Shehzade like you."

    Lutfi Pasha meets Rustem and the other Pashas. Rustem is going to leave with them for the campaign so he has come to Istanbul. Lutfi points out how Rustem got into his position (Hurrem). The Sultan enters and Rustem notices Bali Bey with the Sultan, and is informed by Lutfi that he is now the Sultan's bodyguard (this bothers Rustem).

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Yahya gives a letter to Mustafa. Mustafa reads it and says that the Sultan has asked him not to go on the campaign and that Mustafa pasha will be protecting Istanbul and that Mustafa must stay in Manisa. Mustafa gets angry, saying he has been preparing for this for one year! Yahya says he is surprised too, and Mustafa says it must be that the Sultan is removing him from his eyes as his favourite (he doesn't trust him anymore). Yahya says there must be a perfect explanation for this, and Mustafa says, yes, it is Hurrem Sultan.

    Meanwhile, the Sultan tells his Pashas that they will be leaving tomorrow. The Sultan gives out assignments that they are to do, i.e. Hizr reis is to capture the Italian beaches, Ayaz Pasha will command the army, Mustafa pasha will stay in Istanbul to protect it, the Sultan says: "May God bring our enemies to their knees in front of us. May our path be open, and our swords be sharp."

    Meanwhile, in Manisa, Mustafa informs Hatice and Mahidevran about the Sultan's decision and also that Mehmet and Selim are joining the Sultan, and Hatice says we know who is behind this. She says that you always have to stand with your head high, this is Hurrem's work and that she got into the Sultan's head, she wants to keep you far away and you cannot stay quiet. Mustafa says that he was not even called to Istanbul, so he cannot do anything about it. Hatice says "that throne is your right! You have one choice - you have to draw your own path!"

    Meanwhile Nigar visits Shah sultan, who tells her that they need to get to work, the time has come to get back at Hurrem, especially in the Sultan's absence. Meanwhile, Hurrem meets with Rustem, he tells her don't worry I will look after our Princes. He tells her he heard about Mustafa not joining them, and Hurrem says yes, finally I heard this, he wishes to have Mehmet and Selim though. Rustem mentions Bali Bey, but Hurrem tells him to stop worrying about Bali Bey that he is a loyal servant of the Dynasty and the Empire (he is a good person) leave him alone, the one who is dangerous is Lutfi Pasha. Rustem says he spoke to him earlier accusing her of appointing Rustem, and Hurrem says that it is clear that he did not learn from Ibrahim's mistakes, and that he gets his courage from Shah Sultan. Rustem replies that they must be careful about Shah Sultan, Hurrem responds saying, that if she tries anything, she knows how to send her away, just like Hatice was sent away.

    Mihrima goes to see her horse, when she meets Bali Bey, she says, she hopes her brothers will be safe, and he assures her saying he will look after them, then she says I hope you will be safe as well, and then she gives him an Qur'anic amulet and says this will keep you safe, and he says he will not separate from it. Rustem arrives, looking jealous, and Mihrima asks him how he is and then leaves. Rustem speaks to Bali Bey saying I am congratulating you for your new position and Bali Bey says that is the wish of the Sultan. Rustem says it is a difficult and dangerous position, and to not forget Ibrahim Pasha angering the Sultan. Bali Bey says it is an honour to go on Ibrahim Pasha's way.

    The Sultan greets Hurrem and she says the time for separation is here again, she wishes to spend the night with him and watch him without blinking.

    Suleyman's Poem:

    My Hurrem... The Sultan of my griefs and worries.

    I've become infatuated with a desire for your face,
    You have made me forget my family and my friends.

    Until I saw the wax on your face,
    My heart and soul were burning in your shadow.

    I sipped from your pure drink,
    For this reason, I desire you always.

    I am now unable to see the light of day, and the face of the moon,
    For, day and night, I live in your house of sorrows.

    This Muhibbi has come to your side from a time without beginning,
    I am burning for you, my sultan, I am burning...

    Meanwhile in the Vatican, the Cardinal informs the Pope that the Sultan has started on the campaign and their aim is Rome.

    A month later, Hurrem visits Shah Sultan in Hatice's palace. Hurrem tells her it has been a month since the Sultan left, and she did not see her and Shah Sultan says this is why she invited her. Then Shah asks if there is any news from the Sultan, and Hurrem says no, not as of yet, but hopefully he will write soon. An agha tells Sumbul that there is an agha named Khalil waiting for him, having very important news for Hurrem Sultan. Hurrem meanwhile is having dinner and lets her servant test her food for poison, she says to Shah Sultan, forgive me, it has nothing to do with you, but you know what happened a year ago, with the attempt on my life, so I must be careful especially in the Sultan's absence.

    Meanwhile, Sumbul tells Mercan he has important news for Hurrem Sultan, but Mercan says wait. Hurrem asks Shah Sultan if she was fine in the palace, and she says she thought she would be cautious of living there, since Hatice's pain forced her to leave and of course this Palace is full of Ibrahim Pasha's memories. Shah says that it is Hatice's palace and that as soon as she gets back, she will definitely get her palace back. Mercan arrives and says that Sumbul needs to meet Hurrem Sultan, so Sumbul enters and whispers to Hurrem. Shah asks what is wrong, but Hurrem says it is a personal matter, that she must take leave and that Afife can come later on.

    Hurrem meets the agha and asks him who he is, he says his name is Khalil and he comes from Manisa, he works in Mustafa's stables, and that Rustem pasha personally sent him there, and that he trusted no one so he called for her to tell her directly. Meanwhile, Afife says she must return to the Palace, she is worried, Shah says yes, it might be about the Princes, she should go at once and find out. Mercan suddenly comes with a letter from Hatice Sultan. Shah wonders and opens the letter to read it.

    Meanwhile, Hurrem says "These are heavy accusations, are you sure? If you are wrong, first your head will roll." Khalil says he is absolutely certain. Sumbul tells him he may leave. He asks Hurrem what they will do. Hurrem asks if they can trust Khalil, and Sumbul says Rustem had spoken about him before and that he had sent him there to bring news. Hurrem orders Mustafa pasha to come.

    Shah Sultan is angry after reading the letter, she tells Afife not to ask about the letter, and says Hatice has really gone on the wrong path, instead of getting calm in her exile, she has really gone crazy. She must have gotten to Mustafa!

    In the last scene, Hurrem meets Mustafa pasha.

    Mustafa: "You called for my, Sultanim."
    Hurrem: "Mustafa Pasha, a very important piece of news has reached me... Shehzade Mustafa has seen the absence of our Hunkar as an opportunity and has gathered an army, and they have started to march towards the Pay-i Taht (seat of power/the capital of the nation)."
    Mustafa: Oh God! It is clear that he has received word, Sultanim!"
    Hurrem: "What are you talking about?"
    Mustafa: "We received some information a few days ago... I did not want to inform you about it before confirming the news."
    Hurrem: "What is going on Pasha? Tell me immediately!!!"
    Mustafa: "Our Hunkar was ambushed and has received heavy wounds. Also... it is not clear what has happened to our Shehzade's."

    THE END.

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