• Muhteşem Yüzyıl 91 Episode Trailer TRANSLATION!

    Muhteşem Yüzyıl 91 Episode Trailer English TRANSLATION!

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    VIDEO LINK: http://www.turkweb.tv/izle/74190/muhtesem-yuzyil-91-bolum-1-fragman

    Suleyman: "Shame on you! My siblings have come together and stabbed me in the back!"

    Suleyman: "I've decided to get you married. You will marry one of the Pasha's as soon as possible."

    Rustem: "Fate is pointing towards me... me..."

    Mihrimah: "Don't you see me? Don't you see how I stare at you? Don't you see how my heart burns for you and turns into ashes?"

    Shah Sultan: "I need to protect you... and for this reason, I've decided to marry you to my daughter."


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