• Muhtesem Yuzyil Episode 89 Preview

    Source: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/muhtesemyuzyil

    Hurrem jumps into action to clean her hands from the blood that she has spilled. The fact that Hatice is "missing" hits the palace like a bomb! When Shah Sultan accuses Hurrem for the disappearance, Mihrimah goes crazy. As Suleyman holds himself for the disappearance of Hatice, he becomes extremely upset to hear the news that Malkocoglu brings him. As the suspicion gnaws away at him, he turns to Hurrem to take her to account!

    As Hatice lies in her own blood, Hurrem goes into shock. Hurrem gets back to normal when Sumbul agha screams at her, and they quickly prepare a plan. She is forced to cover up what she did, because if she does not, she will be executed by Suleyman's order!

    The residents of the palace becomes confused as they hear about the disappearance of Hatice. Shah Sultan thinks that Hurrem is behind this issue. Suleyman sends orders for his sister to be found.

    Meanwhile in Manisa, Mahidevran starts to become uncomfortable as Gabriela is constantly spending time with Mustafa. As the closeness between Gabriela and Mustafa increases, her true intentions starts to become clear.

    As Mihrimah keeps her distance from Malkocoglu, he becomes very confused. He learns that somebody has written a note to her on his behalf, and tries to find out who did it.

    As everybody tries to find Hatice, she suddenly shows up at the palace. As she describes everything that happened to her, Suleyman becomes very surprised... He has to now make a very heavy decision about Hurrem!

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